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The Skinsaw Man

El Cid Vicious, AnarkoPaladin's page

74 posts. Alias of Heathansson.


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I have been that player.

My only defense is "it needed killin."

I'm usually CN. So I can do whatever I want.

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Irontruth wrote:
Nothing good will come of this thread.

It's chaotic neutral.

This thread will be driving in 8 years, dude!!!

I love chaotic neutral. I get to do what I want.

This thread needs an enema.

TriOmegaZero wrote:
Spanky the Leprechaun wrote:
Stop lying.
I always lie.

Me too!

Honey badgers, according to the rules, are "neutral."

I rest my case.

So,....."neutral" wink wink....nod....nod.....paladins can't smite......continue with the dismemberments at will......

The purest thing in the cosmos......chaotic neutral.

I like to change gods every few months or so.

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This happened to a friend of mine, Duke Doom.

Six simple words.......the love of a good woman.

Man, he donated his spiked full plate to a museum, beat his sword into a plowshare, put his destrier of doom out to pasture, was lame. He started a toy business. He'd give money to the poor instead of kicking them like in the good old days.

So, I did the job on her........he got so freakin' mad, he burned 5 gnome villages to the ground. He tracked me down, and showed up at this bar I was passed out in, and although he initially meant to murder me in my stupor, instead he woke me up, thanked me for showing him the light, and got me drunk enough to pass out again. He said he was trying to kill me by alcohol poisoning, but,.....well, I know he has a reputation to uphold, and the whole "the love of a good woman" thing is pretty hard for our kind to live down. I know he was grateful.

So, anyway, I think that when we fall, what we're really doing is looking for inspiration. I mean, it's easy to lose your creative spark, you know?

I guess I'm the only one.

Well, as long as your brother's chaotic nuetral, I guess its okay.

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Are your characters paladins?

I didn't create this drek.

I'm in f$!#ing hell.

That's what I'd do.

Paladins are so lame.

They like spraypaint butterflys on the evil altar, and draw smiley faces everywhere.

If you do it right it is.

Did anybody ever just try giving him a toy?

I think they're usually tightasses.
I mean, they're "funny" as in "they change their underwear four times a day," but........being a comedian? Naaaaah.

That thing has a minigun on it, just incase, right?

It's.....this simple. I'm not answering this question or like defending it in any way, so anybody who tries to challenge it to gain internet street cred can just bite me. So here goes; your untrollable thread just hit the iceberg, baby.......

Can paladins torture a tide down troll by repeatedly pulling it's liver out? Or is that evil.

Sharoth wrote:
I need to find out if torturing intelligent undead is evil. ~looks around~ Is Aberzombie around? I can test it out on him.

It's just chaotic neutral.

I like infusing kobolds with holy saline and feeding them to ghouls.
heh heh...
it's like the ole cheesecake/fork heated with a propane torch trick.

Yes I can.

It's the glowing aura that I drink from the vanquished non gingers.
Tastes like Pina Coladas.

TOZ wrote:
My heart is made of cold iron. I was unmoved.

translation: Gingers have no soul.

TriOmegaZero wrote:
No, because one Evil act does not make you Evil.

If it doesn't than your not doing it right.

If the dungeonmaster does it it's not cheating.
Purely by definition.

You ever dungeonmaster let some npc keep going past the point of no return, like, totally cheating, just to see how long it'd take them to notice?

You should try it, just to work on your bs'ing skillz.

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I'm chaotic neutral; I don't have to lie to myself. I just do stuff because I want to.

Riddick wins, due to his chaotic neutrality.

I'm chaotic neutral!

The next poster found a paladin thread caught in his wife's earring.

Aberzombie wrote:
Aberzombie wrote:
WRT PaizoCon and my Crypt of Illusions adventure: I've decided to try it with 6 players, 8th level characters. I use minis in my game, so bring one if you can. If you can't I'll try to bring some extra generic minis.

Almost forgot - no evil PCs.

And, oh yeah, Patrick automatically gets one of the spots.

I recommend chaotic neutral for these situations.

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Bill Mahar is a psionic pteradactyl from Pellucidar. I don't trust him, or his atheist servitors.

TriOmegaZero wrote:
The idea is to REDUCE arguments, man, not INCREASE them...



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MyTThor wrote:
El Cid Vicious, AnarkoPaladin wrote:
I like chaotic neutral. Because I can do whatever I want to do.
Any alignment can do whatever they want to do. It may not be consistent with their alignment, but they can do it.

I know. That's why I'm lawful good.

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I like chaotic neutral. Because I can do whatever I want to do.

sright. heed the invertebrate.

I sacrifice a freakin goat for some lousy flippin rain, and all they do is complain about it.....

I sacrificed a goat.


well, it was a really a@!#+$$ of a goat....
he needed killin.

Any good paladin threads today?

I think he wanted the Holy Grail so's he could win teh interwebz.

Deleted some posts.

Everything in moderation!!!!

I seen it on Southpark.

Don't cry, lil byoch!

Spicy Nacho Slaad wrote:

I have nothing to say, honestly....


Teams are for chumps.

Or spunging off of for lunch.

any good pally/LG threads lately?

It's all evil. They're just trying to make it sound all nice.

PR campaign for the ghoulish bastards.

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I think a good 1/2 hour should be spent on how not to look like a dickweed when you're yapping about what a great roleplayer you are to the only person in the room who even cares.

This is why I like warforged.....they don't need to sleep, so they can pull guard duty and wait until everybody is in REM sleep and waste the whole party if it suits them.

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