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Eir Haakonen's page

500 posts. Alias of Kruelaid.

About Eir Haakonen

Pathfinder RPG Build
RACE: Human
CLASSES/LEVELS: Rogue 1/Cleric 2 (Favoured)
OCCUPATION: Harlot, Troubleshooter
LANGUAGES: Common, Celestial, Abyssal


STRENGTH: 12 (+1)
DEXTERITY: 16 (+3)
WISDOM: 14 (+2)
CHARISMA: 16 (+3)


Initiative modifier: +3
Speed: 30

Armor Class: 17
Touch AC: 13
Flat-footed: 14
Hit Points: 23

Fortitude save: +2
Reflex save: +5
Will save: +4

BAB: +2, BRAB: +4, CMB +2
Attack (Saber): +6 (1d8+1)
Attack (TWF Sabers or Whip/Saber): +4/+4 (1d8+1/1d8+1) or+3/+4 (1d3+1 NL/1d8+1)
Attack (Dagger): +5 (1d4-1)
Attack (Shortbow): +5 (1d6+1)


Dagger, Silver (1d4-1) || x2 19-20 || 10 ft || piercing or slashing
Whip, Masterwork: (1d3) || x2 || slashing
Cold Iron Sawtooth Saber, Masterwork: (1d8) || x2 19-20 || slashing
Composite Shortbow, Masterwork: (1d6+1) || x3 || RNG: 70' || piercing


Armor Proficiency: heavy, light, medium
Shield Proficiency
Weapon Proficiency: simple, rapier, hand x-bow, sap, shortbow, sawtooth saber (exotic), whip
Weapon Finesse
Weapon Focus: Sawtooth Saber
Two Weapon Fighting

Whip: A whip deals nonlethal damage. It deals no damage to any creature with an armor bonus of +1 or higher or a natural armor bonus of +3 or higher. The whip is treated as a melee weapon with 15-foot reach, though you don’t threaten the area into which you can make an attack. In addition, unlike most other weapons with reach, you can use it against foes anywhere within your reach (including adjacent foes).

Using a whip provokes an attack of opportunity, just as if you had used a ranged weapon.

You can make trip attacks with a whip. If you are tripped during your own trip attempt, you can drop the whip to avoid being tripped.

When using a whip, you get a +2 bonus on opposed attack rolls made to disarm an opponent (including the roll to keep from being disarmed if the attack fails).

You can use the Weapon Finesse feat to apply your Dexterity modifier instead of your Strength modifier to attack rolls with a whip sized for you, even though it isn’t a light weapon for you.


Sneak Attack: 1d6
Spells (4/3)
Domain Powers


Luck: Bit of Luck, True Strike
Charm: Dazing Touch, Charm Person


Charm Person
Dazing Touch
Bit of Luck
True Strike


4 x Zero - Light, Purify Food and Drink, Read Magic, Stabilize
3 x First - Command, Entropic Shield, Magic Weapon.



Acrobatics, DEX: 9*
Appraise, INT: 7
Climb, STR: 0*
Deception: 9
Diplomacy, CHA: 9
Disguise, CHA: 9
Disable device: INT: 7
Knowledge (The Planes), INT: 7
Knowledge (Sigil), INT: 7
Perception: WIS: 8
Perform: WIS: 3
Ride, DEX: 3*
Spellcraft, INT: 7
Stealth: DEX: 9*
Swim, STR: 0*
Theft: DEX: 9*
Use Magic Device: CHA: 9
* Subtract current armor penalty: 0


25.00 Masterwork Plated Leather Armor (+4/+5/0/15%/30) (375 gp)
04.00 2 Sawtooth Sabers, Cold Iron, Masterwork (670 gp)
02.00 +2 Sawtooth Saber
02.00 Masterwork Whip (301 gp)
01.00 Dagger, Alchemical Silver, Masterwork (322 gp)
03.00 Composite Shortbow, Masterwork (375 gp)
03.00 Quiver, 20 Arrows, (1 gp)
03.00 Quiver, 10 Silver Arrows/10 Cold Iron Arrows (21 gp)
00.00 Clothes
41.00 lbs total (2065 gp)

Light load: < 43 lbs
Medium load: 44-86 lbs
Heavy load: 87-130 lbs
Lift over head: 120 lbs
Lift off ground: 240 lbs
Push or drag: 600 lbs


Sex: Female
Age: 20
Skin: Fair
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Straight Blond
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 115 lbs

Lithe, graceful, and possessed of a stern beauty. Eir is attractive but not in a way that would make someone want to dress her up in gowns, shower her with flowers, or dedicate love poems. Her beauty is, on the contrary, more like that of a well forged masterwork weapon.

Eir tells everyone her parents are dead, but truth be told they left her in the care of the midwife, a servant of Eir, the Ysgardian goddess of healing, who named her after her divine master. As the story goes, they did this for the ignoble purpose of walking the planes and breathing in the glories of the great wheel--they never looked back--or so Eir Haakonen tells it. Not long after, the death of her custodian cast her into the careless hand of chaos and this little fair haired burden was shifted from person to person until she was finally able to care for herself. Sadly, everyone she has loved has either died or given her up for one reason or another.

This has bred in her a sense of independence the likes of which are rarely seen even in the planes--to the extent that Eir finds it a struggle to cooperate with her team-mates. By necessity, this consummate pessimist has forged herself a cold, bitter, manipulative edge and developed an irresistible persuasiveness that has without fail kept her afloat since childhood, and although this may be an asset, it more often interferes with her relationships than benefits her survival. You see, Eir is a girl who neither falls in love nor tremulously sinks into the embrace of a hero—this is a girl who finds what she wants or needs, then efficiently and ruthlessly gets it.

As for her allegiances: Eir has fallen in with worshipers of Calistra. This affiliation has left her quite unwelcome in the lands of her birth, and she has taken to wandering the great wheel, which is, much to her deepening bitterness toward fate, rather like her parents.





Marion Therweddis: Marion runs the Snail Exploration Outfitters, a shop dedicated to the little items that make traveling in rough areas all the easier. Marion is a tall skinny woman of late middle age, who carries an air of expertise around her like a shawl. She keeps Arborean Giant Snails as pets, and there are often several of these brutes wandering her shop at any time of the day. The snails are harmless, they have teeth but you'd need to be paralyzed to sit still long enough for them to do damage to you. The shop lies off the Great Bazaar, and is very clean and ordered (except for the 3' tall blue iridescent shelled snails). Items like silk rope, pitons, adventuring clothes, backpacks and other miscellaneous items that have to do with travel over rough area can be found here. Marion is assisted by her husband Ferenk, who is tall, skinny and wiry like his wife. Ferenk isn't a talker, and he rarely shows his beezer in the main shop area unless there is a crush of people.

Shactal: Sigil librarian and Eir's research blood. Shac has the chant and keeps a bead on the local dark, not to mention the fact that he knows where to find the apocryphal tomes in Sigil’s library.

Elvin Boogler (Male Expert/Fighter): A dwarf weaponsmith and drinking buddy who hails from the hills near Irongate in Greyhawk, also a good contact on all things lawful in Sigil. Elvin takes care of her equipment and plays a mean game of cards. They regard each other as adopted siblings, she calls him big brother, he calls her little sister.

Iarn Kal’Mintaka (Female Cleric): Eir’s teacher and contact in the following of Golarion Goddess Calistra. Iarn wields frightening power but respects the free will of Calistra’s children on the planes… she can be vengefully protective.

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