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Priestess of Pharasma

EileenProphetofIstus's page

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Full Name

Eileen of Greyhawk, Prophet of Istus, Messenger of the Gods


Human, Suloise and Baklunish descent


Cleric, 11th level




5'4, 105 lbs.



Special Abilities

see below


Lawful Neutral




Greyhawk City


Common, Ancient Baklunish, Celestial


Prophet of Istus

Strength 8
Dexterity 13
Constitution 12
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 20
Charisma 18

About EileenProphetofIstus

My name is Eileen of Greyhawk, Prophet of Istus, Messenger of the Gods. I am a 11th level cleric of Istus, with an alignment of Lawful Neutral. I am a human, female of Baklunish/Suloise mix. I have long blonde hair with an pair of eagle feathers worn in the back. I have a dark blue tattoo which circles my left eye and then dips down my cheek. I have another tattoo around my left wrist along with a bracelet I wear. I have a Star of Istus (a magical jewel) imbedded into the top of my left hand. There is a portrait of me drawn by Larry Elmore entitled "The Enchantress" which was printed in Dragon magazine issue #114 (see the Witch NPC class). I was born Fireseek 16, 572 CY.

My purpose in life is to tell others that people need to go back to the ancestral ways of worship. Each person should have a patron god they worship and seeks guidance from rather than praying to many gods. I am a confident person who understands the importance of her place within the Flanaess. I am here to instruct the citizens of the Flanaess that the gods will throw down their judgments should they reject the ancient ways any further.

People who know me would say that I am confident, polite, well educated, wealthy, and enjoy the spot light. Some see me as a pampered, spoiled and a bit arrogant, I prefer the term privelaged. I almost always get what I want because I know how to influence others. My influential approach is to make others feel good about themselves and be open and honest rather than being secretive and manipulative.

I am very loyal to my friends providing they treat me with the respect and kindness I deserve. If I make a promise, it is always kept. I look out for the welfare of others before myself primarily because I realize that my purpose in life is to guide others rather than simply live a life of existence.

As a Prophet of Istus, my responsibilities take me beyond the church in Greyhawk City to the far reaches of the Flanaess. Much to my regret, this means I have to explore dungeons, which I find very dirty, cold, wet, and unpleasant. I don't like sleeping outside and prefer to travel with a caravan in order to have many tents and wagons with armed guards rather than being a so called "adventurer". I hate fighting as I see killing a useless waste of life. In my opinion, diplomacy can solve nearly all issues. I over react to the slaughtering of creatures both good and evil and have many times cried at night praying for forgiveness concerning my actions reguired in these many dungeons I had no choice but to explore to further my position within the Flanaess. My favorite meal is roasted duck and I scream frequently when monsters attack or we see giant bugs.

I have visted places such as Ghost Tower of Inverness, White Plume Mountain, Lost Cavarns of Tsjocanth, Forgotten Temple of Tharizdun, Temple of Elemental Evil, and Ravenloft. As a result of a horrible death by troglodytes in White Plume Mountain, I greatly fear these creatures.

My ancetral home is located on a small hill overlooking Zagyg's bridge. My father inherited the home and it has been in the family for generations. I visit the home every few weeks. Both of my parents live there. My mother is a wizard (7th level), while my father is a high ranking official in the Greyhawk militia (12th level fighter). He is positioned at the Citadel within the city proper.

I was born in Greyhawk City and entered the Church of Istus as a young child when I showed the ability to give accurate prophecies. I witnessed the attack of Rary the Traitor prior to the signing of the Pact of Greyhawkat the age of 12. An assassination attempt was made upon me by Lord Othwaite (a death knight of Hextor) two days later in Greyhawk City. It was foiled by an adventurer. The leader of the Church of Istus feared me and my dedication to Istus and as a result, drew further from his faith, declaring me a heretic and a demon in disguise before the congregation. I spoke back at him and called upon Istus to reveal the truth. At that moment the floor beneath him turned to blood and he experienced complete pain and agony as he was reduced to nothing but bones and flesh, with his blood completely spilling out on to the floor. He was destroyed by the goddess he forsake. This solidified my importance to the religion. At the age of 19 I completed my doctrines, was given the Star of istus and placed in charge of the temple. I then began my adventuring career to serve my goddess.

My prophecies and adventuring have brought about many enemies, specifically, Hextor, Tharizdun, and Lord Othwaite. I have also incurred the wrath of those who cast arcane magic as a result of my prophesies and religious influence throughout the Flanaess. Someone or something has created Pillars of Spiritual Corruption in order to lay low many religions throughout the Flanaess in order to issue forth a war between arcane and divine magic. I know not whom this is, and as a result of it, all of my divine abilities (spells, turning undead, etc) have been cut off from my goddess while adventuring in Ravenloft. Istus is the first of many religions to be affected, Heironeous will be second, followed by others. Once I complete Ravenloft I will seek out restoring this imbalance and thwarting those responsibile

Domains: Luck and Oracle
Feats: Mounted Combat, Horselore, Exotic Weapon Prof. (net), Ride By Attack, Spirited Charge, Domain Spontaneity (Oracle), Create Divine Ability (home campaign feat)
Traits/Flaws: Polite, Saddleborn, Frail, Non-combatant

Skills/#Ranks: Diplomacy 14, Concentration 3, Handle Animal 1, Heal 2, Hide 2, Knowledge (Geography) 1, Knowledge (History) 2, Knowledge (planes) 1, Knowledge (religion) 14, Move Silently 2, Perform (dance) 2, Perform (Satyr Pipes) 1, Ride (horses) 7, Swim 1

Magical Items: +3 mithral chain shirt, +1 ring of protection, +1 dagger, wand of deific vengeance, carpet of flying (with word of recall to the Church of Istus in Greyhawk City), cloak of elvinkind, star of Istus (home campaign item, casts omen of peril 1/day) cast one divination school spell per level, 100% accuracy to augury and divination spells, candle of invocation, belt of many pouches, incense of meditation, various clerical scrolls,

Other items of Interest: Standard adventuring gear, chess board, satyr pipes (musical instrument)

Oh, I'm also really cute!

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