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Eikl's page

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**( )( )( )

I've played through every Paizo Adventure Path so far, and this was mediocre.

That's not saying much.

Savage Tide was great, if you don't mind all the poorly written plot and badly balanced encounters.

Rise of the Runelords was fun because I accidentally played a character who was identical in both temperament and career path to the final boss, which resulted in Pure Plot Magic; it's maybe not supposed to be that good.

This wasn't quite as good as those because there wasn't really any character motivation other than "there's this awful city you're stuck in that's filled with horrible people and something bad is happening to them and it's up to you to stop it instead of just leaving like a reasonable, thinking person would." Also; a plethora of unkillable monsters you have to kill (yay for immersion killing metagame cheese!), repeated nonmagical fires that you can't put out even a tiny bit of for a few seconds with the equivalent of a firehose, and a chapter about disease and suffering that was ripped off from the video game Pathologic right down to the creepy dudes with beak masks.

It's between Savage Tide and Shackled City in purity of stupid because it had a castle in a volcano this time, which is size wise between Savage Tide's volcano homed prison and Shackled City's volcano homed entire campaign. Someone, apparently, has a thing.

At least it's a million times better than the festering squalor that was Age of Worms, the module that failed entirely because it didn't come with a "DON'T PLAY A ROGUE YOU POOR FOOL" sticker on the front.

Add PDF $13.99

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***( )( )

Second best of the adventure paths, only slightly less fun that Savage Tide.

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