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Edward Wehrenberg's page

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On page 167 of the Beastiary 2, the Inevitable Zelekhut is CR9.

That seems too low to me.

There is nothing this guy is not good at. Excellent AC, DR10/Chaotic; SR20; they're Constructed (immune to a bucketload of effects); Can cast Fear and Hold Person at will; Constant True Seeing; 10' Reach; Speed 50' Fly 60'; Dodge, Mobility, Vital Strike; and two excellent Melee attacks that trip.

Does that seem like a CR9 guy to you?

I'm a *little* confused on Vordakai. I didn't see any upgrades. Do you just insert the Champion to fight alongside him? Seems awfully tough, but I guess it's supposed to be tough, huh?

Thanks guys!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Hi Guys,

My group has finished Rivers Run Red, and we'll be starting The Varnhold Vanishing this weekend.

I've been prepping ahead, but for the life of me I can't find stats for the Dread Zombie Cyclops.

I've got the Beastiary, but the page they give is just for the Cyclops. I don't have the Advanced Beastiary.

Can somebody share the stat block for these?

Thanks in advance

Or is it just for the next month?

Hi guys, it seems I'm missing something.

My group has jacked up their taxes all the way, (with Loyalty getting a hit), but it hasn't seemed to hurt them a bit.

I don't even know if I can remember them having to roll a Loyalty Check.

How often do your players roll Loyalty Checks?

(Thanks in advance)

Awesome, thanks guys. I just found a Pathfinder Random Potion Generator program on the SRD link too!


Bumpity Bump Bump Bump.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I see the chart shows Low, Medium and High Level Potions, but it doesn't list actual potion types. (Cure Light, potion of speed, potion of fly, potion of invisibility, etc).

Is there a chart for that somewhere that I'm missing, or is it purely GM's discretion?


I noticed #6 is for 13th level PCs. Does this AP not get into high level play? (Level 18-20)

I think that's cool - no problem with it, I just want to make sure I'm figuring this correctly.

Thanks in advance,


Wow! Thanks for posting this - really awesome and inspirational for my young campaign.

I borrowed an approach from George RR Martin: They use Ravens.

They keep in contact with Brevoy with Ravens, and if they're out on the road for more than a couple/few weeks they bring Ravens.

Oh, okay - thanks guys. I am stuck in a boardgame mentality, I was tyring to find hexes on the map with Resource symbols! LOL

I see that resource hex provide bonuses... But what makes a Hex a "Resource Hex" ?

(thanks in advance)

This may be the greatest thing ever Tauric! Wow! Thanks for this.

Thanks again for all the great info guys, I really appreciate it.

This is great, thanks guys. Just the kind of information I was looking for.

How is the City running mechanic? Have your players ran their city for a long time?

Would you have any advice for me and my players who have just completed the first Adventure Path of Kingmaker?

Thanks in advance!

Thanks for the quick response guys!

I'm gonna check out Fortress of Scarwall.

What's your opinion?

Is Carrion Crown better than Castle Ravenloft?

Are they even comparable? Or are they too different?

The art quality!

I really appreciate the look of the books, the layouts, the designs. It's a real pleasure to hold and use.

I love it!

Edward Wehrenberg wrote:

Okay - I'm running a One Shot Adventure with some buddies during one of the night's we're at Gencon, and I'm trying to decide exactly what to run. It will likely be an Adventure out of Dungeon Magazine - but which one?

Any suggestions?

Oops!! Just saw the thread below about a one-night adventure - nevermind this one!

Okay - I'm running a One Shot Adventure with some buddies during one of the night's we're at Gencon, and I'm trying to decide exactly what to run. It will likely be an Adventure out of Dungeon Magazine - but which one?

Any suggestions?

Why would WOTC do this?

Well, I'm old enough to know what when everyone's wondering why, the answer is: Money.

Not sure how this translates directly here though. I'm thinking WOTC was envious of all the advertising $$$$ that Paizo was earning and decided to try and make their own money off the content.

I also think that it was an idiotic decision.

Granted, all this is speculation, since I am not privvy to WOTCs baord rooms, but what we know is:

- WOTC decided NOT to renew the license.
- Online content sucks.
- WOTC F'd up.

Like someone else had mentioned, I'm following the talent. I'm sticking with Paizo and will be buying Pathfinder products.

The Outlaw Josey Wales when the Indian Chief "Ten Bears" says some poetic line about, "It is good that Warriors such as we can meet on the battlefield as friends, and not get fooled by the Double-Tongues."

And Josey Wales spits, looks him in the eye and says, "I reckon so."

I don't understand the need for "conversions". Just run the adventure, and when the particular encounters occur, simply use an appropriate CR creature of the same type.

It's easy enough to upgrade or downgrade the individual monsters if they're off. Basically, you're "converting" as you go.

The real beauty of a good adventure is a story and encounter settings anyway, right? :)

David Gehring wrote:

Is there any chance that "Kingdom of the Ghouls"

by Wolfgang Baur would be given the 3.5 treatment anytime in
the pages of Dungeon ? One of the few underground adventures with
something other then Drow as opponents.

Gemmell does indeed rock. My favorite would be "Heroes in the Shadows." What a great book. Yu Yu Ling. :)

Anybody notice that Waylander is basically the Outlaw Josey Wales? Nothing wrong with that, mind you, he is my favorite Gemmell character.

Have any of you read "Troy: Lord of the Silver Bow" by him?

It's a nice twist on not only history, but Gemmell as well. Something different.

If you haven't read any Gemmell, go get some, it's well worth it.

S.Baldrick wrote:
I think that he may have peaked at "Sword in the Storm" and its sequel "Midnight Falcon." I liked those even more than "Legend" and the Waylander series (which is actually saying a lot).

Peruhain of Brithondy wrote:
"Corsair"? Is this a new waterborne adventures book? Who publishes it?

It's written by the same folks that made "Skull & Bones". (Adamant Entertainment) It's an excellent sourcebook for when it comes to the ship crunchy stuff (wind, ship types, etc).

My personal opinion is that it's the best of that, but when it comes to a Sea-based campaign, as a whole though, "Skull & Bones" is better simply because it's seems to have a lot more flavor.

However (comma), In my Forgotten Realms based Pirate campaign, we've come to learn that ship-to-ship battles (in our humble opinions) just don't work in D&D. It's MUCH better to simply have the DM describe it as the ships crash together to do battle.

EVERY single "Sea" encounter ended up sucking the life out of our sessions as they players maneuvered the little ships around the hexes, checking wind, counting, etc. Ugh. Painful to remember, frankly.

Along those lines, I got one of the cardboard, build-it-yourself ships from Gameworks? I think it was; and it works BEAUTIFULLY for the on-ship fights! We've fought Zhent Pirates, undead rising from shipwrecks, Giant SeaHawks, Chulls.... Man, that's a blast!

PS - Lillith, you post rocked! SOunds like an awesome game!

Yep, looks like a great time. I can't wait to run it. It'll take some tweaks but converting it shouldn't be too hard.

James Jacobs wrote:

I remember running that adventure for some friends back in high school and had a blast! I particularly remember the sequence where the tough party of stone-cold heroes were chased up trees when a rogue hippopotomus barrreled into their camp; they did nothing but watch as it crushed their tents and gear, too afraid to mess with it.

We didn't finish the adventure, on account of it ending in a TPK. Something to do with a greater basilisk... Still, great fun!

If you're out there reading these boards, David: Thanks for the awesome adventure!

Just got through reading through Elephant Graveyard during lunch (it's an old one from like issue 15 or so), and it sure looks awesome!

Has anybody here played it? Does it play as well as it reads?

Also - has anybody converted it to 3.5?

I love this adventure!!!

We (party of six adventurers) didn't have too much trouble with the bulk of it.

We killed a bunch of bad guys and got the box. THEN all hell broke loose when the Giant Squid attacked! We scrambled out and jumped in our waiting rowbot (manned by four Dwarf sailors) and paddled like heck to get out of there!!!

The DM decided to roll a D20 to see if the Squid would chase us (only on a 1-4) and of course, he rolls a 3!!!

Our main ship was 200' away, and we figured the fully loaded rowboat would make 30' per round.

Well, the Squid started chasing us in the second round so it easily caught up to us! Each time the DM would roll randomly to see who got attacked, and then roll randomly to see if the Squid just hit him, or tried to Grapple.

Well, miracle of miracles, an actual PC only got targetted once, and just for a hit. But we DID lose one of our Redshirts along the way (May Cuthbert Bless his drowned soul).

We also had 4 archers on the main ship firing at the squid the whole way. Once, the squid caught up, the Barbarian PC (mine) decided to be heroic and leap from the boat, 5' across open water onto the Squid to lay into him with his Great Axe. Jump Check: Rolled a 1.

Then we realized, HE had the box!!! Luckily, we were JUST able to chase off the squid and rescue our downed PC. All in all a GREAT time and we loved the adventure!

LOL!!! That was a great laugh!!! heee heee!!!
(Size 9 US here)

drunken_nomad wrote:
10 1/2 gene simmons demon boots

Thanks Guys!

Sebastian wrote:

Depths of Rage from Dungeon 83 is a solid adventure. It's a goblin lair, but all the goblins have barbarian levels. Plus, halfway through, there is an earthquake that rearranges the whole dungeon.


Heh... I read a similar thread on a different message board about: "What kind of car do you drive?"

It was amazing how many "average" people on the board had Mercedes, and Lexuses, and Denalis, and Escalades... blah blah blah.

Methinks not everyone is going to reveal their "true" income.

Tensor wrote:

(this is based on the average age thread)

I make $55K a year.

I think I could (could have) made more, but I spend too much time gaming.

Hey folks, My friend and I run a little campaign where we take turns DMing, using small adventures. We each have two PCs and the DM runs his like NPCs on his turn.

There's no plot continuity, just adventuring. Almost more of an exercise. But it's fun and a good way to spend a long lunch hour once a week.

I'm up next on Monday and the party is third level.

Any favorite 3rd level adventures from Dungeon Magazine you'd recommend? I have most of the issues since D&D went to 3.0 and even a lot of older ones. If it's easily converted, I'd run an older adventure.

What do you suggest?

No where did I say they are bad writers, or that they are bad adventures. Come on, anybody willing to submit something for public consumption has to be ready to suffer the slings and arrows of maybe somebody not digging it.

They're big boys (and girls), they can handle that. No need to baby them. The fact that it gets published is testamant alone to their skills.

I appreciate very much all the cool adventures in Dungeon Magazine. That said, some just don't appeal to me (or my campaign.) And that's okay. (Lord of the Scarlet Tide is one that didn't work for me. Too many like encounters - there, see, that wasn't so bad.)

I was just curious to see if others feel the same way. Where better to do that than the "Dungeon Magazine" messageboards.

Ultradan wrote:
Dryder wrote:

As long as I haven't done better (which I haven't), I dare not say officially which adventure(s) in Dungeon I don't like!

It's a hell of work to get published...
Just because I didn't like a theme doesn't mean it wouldn't work for me.
When it's published, it's also technically ok!
So, it's just about the "theme" (sorry, maybe I lack the right word for what I mean) of an adventure which might not suit a personal campaign/taste, but this doesn't say anything about a quality of an adventure.

Oh, and in case anyone is getting this wrong - I had no intention of offending the thread-starter. I would like to read about those adventures. The above is correct for me - and not written in stone!

I totally agree with you on this. I think your thoughts on this matter are the way to go. There is no need to say which published adventure we did't like. So continue writting in, boys and girls, I look forward to (at least) reading ALL your adventures!


LOL!! How funny! I just ran that the other day! It wasn't too bad. I took out the part about it being the guy's Pet because only an idiot would hear about his missing pig and the "monster" showing up (being the same size) and not figure that out.

And the Elvis guys put a hurtin' on the PCs and got away, so they'll no doubt show up again later as recurring villains. (I didn't show the players the pic though!) Not a bad little adventure.

Cold Steel wrote:
About the only adventure i did not like and don't use is the one that had a giant pet pig dressed up as a warthog(go figure)and a gang of halfling bandits with Elvis Presely sideburns. THe Nodwick cartoon illustrating the only possible end of the scenario was way better.

Okay - we've all seen the Favorite Dungeon adventures threads. How bout your least favorite? Which ones have you played that just didn't do it for you?

Have you played any and didn't really like them? Which ones? Why?

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