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Ghlaunder (Symbol)

Edward Thorn's page

10 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists.


I came here thinking of "Rolling Release" as it will be released to another 5000 players each month,
but I seeing the Delta Launch suggestion, I immediately preferred that.

wraithstrike wrote:

That means that for every 6 favored class points they get one extra talent. This build has an extra talent at levels 4, 6, 8, and 12.

I check the knifemaster, and the scout archetypes, and unless I missed something neither one gives out bonus talents.

At level 4 and 8 he marked the replacements for Uncanny Dodge and Improved Uncanny Dodge as Scout talents. Those are not actually talents.

The bonus talents at 6 and 12 are from the favored class, that's fine.

Ogre, the Traits listed are only options. He can only take two of them anyway, and the ones you listed are mutually exclusive. So it's River Rat and one of the three you listed.

The Iconic Witch, even though the picture is a bit too blurry to make out the awesome details.

Braer wrote:
hedgehogs are cool.

But cool enough to get +19 in Stealth?

In Stealth? A hedgehog is one of the unstealthiest ground-dwelling diminutive animals there is. They keep wheezing and snuffling and alerting every other non-deaf creature in about 15' around them of their existence, just because they know they can't be hurt due to their spines.

So what made them give hedgehogs +19 in Stealth?

You could also have a look at Super Genius Games Archetypes books. They include the option of taking spellcasting away from Paladins/Rangers/Bards and switching it out for a whole bevy of alternate features.

I was kinda hoping to see something along the lines of the Physical Exemplar in here, only for mental stats.

Maybe offer some non-combat feats (or even just General, Item Creation or Metamagic ones), an option for extra skill points or bonus spells, something along these lines.

Is there anything planned like this? Inquiring minds want to know.

Or at least mine does...

Wow, amazing. I have never seen a Paladin played that way. Really good stuff.

There seems to be a difference between the given wage of 3sp/level for skilled labor and the wage listed for the guide and steward. They both are listed as 2sp/day and are 2nd level.

Which value is correct?

I wish I could subscribe to *just* the PDFs. Living in Europe means I'd have to pay way too much shipping costs otherwise.

And no, I don't mean, I just want the free PDFs, more somthing like a discount on the PDFs and getting them added to my subscriptions automatically (and at the same time the other subscribers get theirs).

Dark_Mistress wrote:
The kingdom sheet looks cool and has me jazzed for this AP. This is going to cover something I have wanted for years. How to let the PC's get, control and build a kingdom of their own.

Looks like the kind of thing that the old-school AD&D Birthright campaign setting offered, only with a decent ruleset behind it this time. Looking forward to learning more about it.

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