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Edan Crosier's page

161 posts. Alias of Me'mori.


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Unless we figure out how to gestalt....

Edan looked away from the copse of trees with a confused and somewhat dazed expression. He did not understand what he had seen, and wondered what it was. Shaking his head to clear it, Edan took a step back and sighed. Everything in this town was so frustrating!

Curious, he let his friends keep talking, and focused more on the the auras, trying to make sense of what he was noticing. This sense was still a very new thing to him, so he tried to be as nonchalant as he could about trying to sense things. Reacting hastily could land them in a worse position.
Bluff: 1d20 ⇒ 12

Edan was simply watching the exchanges quietly, finding it curious indeed that there clearly was a concern, though the Druid's reluctance was another puzzle. 'Inheritor, how many things were going on in this town?' Still, while he would have gone away at the druid's behest, his friends were doing their level best to coax a reply out of him.

Considering what may make a druid uncertain, Edan looked around while they talked. Realizing something, he looked around with his sense of magic, wondering if they might be watched.
Perception: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (16) + 6 = 22

Edan frowns in confusion, hearing 'Shari's comment about something and wondering what was going on, noting the druid's robes. Dust on his robes here? Had he been in mud or something, perhaps? Still, he did not speak, since Lanten and 'Lina had drawn him out, not wanting to spook him. That he was obviously bothered by something seemed odd.

An approving look was on Edan's face-- not that Godelina could immediately see it, as he let her take the fore when she began speaking-- at the way she summarized their situation. The report would have a whole lot more weight coming from her mouth, and hopefully her appearance would lend yet more weight to her words. So he stood back and let her speak, looking around at their surroundings. He had never seen a park of this nature, so it certainly was interesting.

Once 'Lina concludes her explanation, his attention is back onto the Druid, curious about what his response was going to be.

Edan stepped carefully, though he was no stranger to dirty feet. The marshy park was.. Interesting. He had almost gotten used to the breezes that carried the smell of saltwater or the rotting vegetation scent that came when the wind came from inland. Since they were looking for the druid, he hoped they were not interrupting anything.

"Ferrin!", he called, looking around. "Druid Kastilar, Druid Tolivar sent me to you!" Knowing little about druids and their practices, he hoped that they would not accidentally antagonize him. He could recall stories told about Druids that shifted into great and fearsome forms. Edan looked around carefully, but headed further into the park with confidence, looking for a dry(er) trail like Lanten was.

Perception:1d20 + 6 ⇒ (11) + 6 = 17

Edan gave a half grin, finishing a couple strokes on the page before he glanced over at Lanten with an amused smile. "Just because I have not commented, does not mean that I am not listening, Sir Tiberiu."

Then, just to do it in spite of his statement, Edan pointedly took a bite of the last of his breakfast, giving a "so there" look to Lanten. Belatedly, he remembered that the other were also watching that particular exchange, and looked at 'Shari and 'Lina with an embarrassed smile. "Um, sorry.." Pushing his plate away, he put the charcoal stick back behind his ear and closed the sketchbook. The sketch he had been working on looked a bit like a certain familiarly armored figure leading a charge with the rising sun at her back.

"Druid, then figure a way for the orphanage.. I doubt the matron would take well to less than a legitimate attempt.." lapsing into silence as he thought about ways to manage that, he sipped his tea before rising.

Godelina Evelyn wrote:
"You...drawn anyone with the charcoal before?" she asks in a attempt to find a topic to talk about besides last night.

It was a bit too early to answer a question like that and have to deal with the resulting train of thought (and questions) that it would generate, so Edan only responded with an enigmatic look and then pretended to be distracted by the sights of the town in the morning. Taking a deep breath of the morning air, he yawned once more, and then looked over to 'Lina. "I wonder what breakfast is at the Boat today.. Are you hungry?", he idly asked before heading towards their daily routine.

'Shari Velnokal wrote:
"Well anyway I think Edan wanted to see someone in town, what was his name again?"

Edan had his sketchbook open and was working on the outlines for something, more a standing figure against some sort of background, with his cup of tea near his other hand, and nodded at 'Shari thoughtfully. "The Druid of Frog Park was one of the things we had planned.. There was also the orphanage to inquire in, and the Lizardfolk. The Temple of Gorum was a possibility, and the museum contest are what I remember us mentioning in passing.

Putting the charcoal stick down, he picked up the tea and took a sip, looking towards the kitchen of the Boat, wondering what breakfast might be.

Edan came out of his room with a yawn, and was headed into a stretch when he was startled, realizing that 'Lina was leaning against the wall by his door, jumping slightly. His sharp intake of breath ruined his yawn, but he gave her a sleepy smile, once he recognized her. It was always nice to see 'Lina in the morning. It was something that he was growing used to.

"Mornin'" he mumbled, rubbing one eye and passing his hands through his hair. Surprisingly, his hair obeyed, and he let his arms drop, wearing what he usually did since he had discarded his armor. The linen shirt was clean, as were the breeches, his feet in the boots that they had arrived here in. There was a whole day ahead of them, and he hoped that there would be some clues somewhere in it. He said nothing of the night before, not wanting to spoil the morning with complex talk, and looking forward to breakfast at the Lizard Boat rather than here at the temple.

Remembering something, he went back into his cell and grabbed his sketchbook, tucking the charcoal stick behind his ear. He did not know why, but perhaps because he was pleased at the morning, Edan offered his arm to 'Lina in a imitation of the more polite manners that they had seen the night before.

Edan only rolled his eyes at the pair of jokesters as they walked, but was thankful that it was dark, otherwise they would see how red his face was getting. 'It was certainly a novel experience', he thought to himself, reflecting on the night. The Dryad was someplace that he had no desire to revisit as any sort of entertainment.. There was nothing there that he was interested in experiencing. The mission that they were dispatched on still hung over his head, and he was still at a loss as to how they might proceed.

When they reached the temple, he was never more relieved to see familiar walls. The hug from 'Shari was returned, as well as Lanten's nod of parting, thoughts of his bed growing stronger the closer he got to his room. Even so, as he walked, he could not help glancing over at 'Lina, trying not to get caught admiring. She did look amazing in that dress, but that was something that one did not need eyes to know. When they reached their rooms, what she said surprised him. It took a couple of seconds for him to get it as he looked away for a moment, uncertain of how to respond, but any response he would have given was lost when he was distracted by her hasty retreat.

Shaking his head, he entered his room, and removed the clothing as carefully as he could, the small spell that he had memorized proving surprisingly useful in a number of situations, cleaning it. After a moment of thought, he applied it to himself as well, figuring that if it could clean clothes, why not a person.. Or people?

Well, it worked on him, at least. Maybe 'Lina would be willing to be a test subject tomorrow. As he stretched out on his cot with a relieved sigh, he drifted off before he knew it, his head full of too many thoughts to sort them out.

Edan managed an awkward smile, and glanced over at Ushari, trying to not look uncomfortable at the question. "I-- That is, I did not fare so well at dancing as you did", he said neutrally as he turned to make for the exit of the Dryad with some relief. Figuring out how things were being influenced around here was proving to be a greater challenge than he anticipated.. Maybe the druid would prove more beneficial when they went to talk to him?

Edan smiled at the work ethic that 'Lina had instilled in her, but did turn to the others with a shrug. "I have realized that we are not entirely out of options." Turning his head to look around the room as if looking for something, he was gauging the space that the Dryad took up, and was trying to figure how big of a circle they would have to make to reliably canvas the area. That his eyes kept straying over her in that dress and those shoes.. Well, he was still human, by Arshea.

"You can detect evil at about thirty paces, right?" Edan asked her, glancing over '--eyes up!'. "..because I suspect I can sense magic at about the same range." Raising his eyebrows at her. he paused to see if she picked up what he was implying. Lanten and 'Shari got a glance from him as well, but he did not want to intrude on their night more than he already had-- he was decidedly grateful for the rescue, though.

Edan was not paying attention to his expression, so what was going through his mind was evident on his face. The dance and whirl of those that were dancing was impressive, as Edan did not know those dances all that well. That they had come here to search for information was something he was aware of, but he still watched the interaction between 'Lina and her dance partner closely. While he was not frowning, he was not pleased. This place held no interest for him, and he was out of his element, not having the faintest idea of how to go about things.

Sighing, he looked for and got a serving girl's attention over the general clamor of the conversation and music going on all around them, asking for a glass of juice, if they had it, feeling less than clean about the whole night. Remembering Lanten and 'Shari, he did essay a smile in their direction and instead distracted himself with studying the sense of magic that he could detect around them, wandering a few steps away. Perhaps he would at least get to see this "Dryad"?

Eyes wide, Edan was surprised at the shift in moods. Though he was grateful at 'Shari for saving him, he did feel a pang of compassion for the woman and sighed softly. Reaching out to lay a hand on her arm, he gave her a smile. "I am not averse to having friends, however. You can visit me at the temple of Iomedae, and I will be happy to talk with you when I can." Still, to prevent being clung to again, Edan swept a bow that was not quite graceful, but trained, and left the immediate area with Ushari, relief written large on his face.

"Thanks 'Shari. You have no idea how much I appreciate that. How are things going?" Turning his head, he looked around for Lanten and nodded at him, expecting that he was going to be the target of humor for a bit after this. Curiously, he thought of something, and while he was escorting her back to Lanten, he cast a tiny spell, something that still thrilled him that he was able to do.
Casting Detect Magic as a general feeler

While Edan couldn't miss the others he came in with once he attempted to calm down and look, he was fervently trying to figure an upside to the situation that had currently decided to "follow him to the ends of the earth". Granted, he was not comfortable at all, but that was par for this evening. Hopefully, they might find something out and be able to leave soon, but given how engaged 'Shari and Lanten were, that was unlikely.

He did feel for the man that was with 'Lina, however. If he said one thing to anger her, the results would not be pretty, but they would be noticeable. Waving to a waitress, he ordered a pair of stronger drinks, and hoped that the tales he had heard of a trickster getting away from his captors by getting them drunk would work in this situation as well.

That his companion was clinging to him like she was not going to let go was slightly disheartening. Nevertheless, Edan did his best to keep a pleasant expression on his face as he went in search of drinks. He paid little attention to his surroundings, instead focused inwards on ways to possibly escape. She could not possibly cling the entire night, could she? Idly, he wondered how the others were doing, and he began to look around for them, hoping to run into none of them directly.

"So, how often do you frequent the dryad? I'm Edan, by the way", he asked innocently, forcing a slight smile. It was entirely possible that this night was not going to be so bad, provided she did not try to make any overt advance on him again. He did not come to the Dryad to be handled. Still, he could at least try to learn as much as he could.
Diplomacy:1d20 + 7 ⇒ (8) + 7 = 15

Edan was unhappy at the situation that he had been literally pulled into, all while trying to not make it look so much like he was being dragged around the dance floor. When the song ended, he pulled back and stuck a smile on his face, giving her a courteous nod. "Thank you for the dance.. Shall I get a drink for the both of us?"

He was out of ideas after that, and simply fleeing was quickly rising to the top of his list of ideas, just under 'Avoid the dance floor'. There had to be a better thing to do in this place, and gambling was not on the list of considerations. If he could manage to escape, perhaps he could find a table a little out of the way to see if he could regain his bearings.

Diplomacy:1d20 + 5 ⇒ (2) + 5 = 7, K.(local) 10: 16
Edan's current location, and the woman's.. [i]Affectionate[/b] behavior was unsettling, and somewhat disturbing for him. While he was aware that some people had decided to act differently while here, this was.. not to his liking. At the kiss on the neck, he jumped, unable to help himself. Exerting some of his strength if he had to, he raised himself to at least a proper posture for this dance that he was partially distracted by. "Madam, while your actions are a compliment, are you not worried that such a display may be a bit... Overt?"

Inheritor, he hoped that 'Lina was nowhere near to see this.

Edan was.. Uncertain about being here. Just the type of place that the Dryad was did not appeal to him. That, and he had no idea about how he should be acting, so he was fairly certain that he was a bit awkward here. Still, they were here with a mission, and to do that, he had to be social and speak. So, he spoke to a passing waitress in requesting a drink, something light and fruity he hoped, since he knew nothing about drinks. He was also trying not to blush at some of the things that he was seeing, surprised that some people would do what they were doing in a place like this.

To try to at least find some place to gather his somewhat scattered wits, Edan moved over to the edge of the dance floor, studying the dancing that was going on, to see if he knew any of it, and perhaps join in for a dance. They had a goal, and he had to remember that. So he could at least keep his ears open while he was here.

After discovering that memorizing spells was not as hard as he thought it might have been, Edan took the dime to get ready as well, cleaning up as best he was able. It turned out that magic could help a lot of things, so he exited his room looking like he was freshly scrubbed and cleaned, despite not having many implements for doing so. His hair was neatly combed, and the clothes that he had purchased fit him admirably.

He walked out, looked at 'Shari and smiled, then completely ruined the image by fidgeting in his clothing. While the shirt and vest fit well, it was the new boots that made him fidget. They were new and not worn, so there was a bit of tapping either toe or heel on the wood, and bouncing on his toes as he tried to find a comfortable fit.

Then he realized what she was wearing. It was something akin to wonder, the expression on his face, and his mouth even dropped open slightly, before a throat clearing from Lanten brought him back to himself. "Ooh.. Wow 'Shari. You look.. Wow--Imean, good-- Imean.." Sighing, he turned around and regained his composure.

Able to at least keep the smile that showed at 'Shari's display of affection, Edan looked to 'Lina with a nod and a raised eyebrow over a slight smirk. The glance he shot the two was slightly amused, but approving for her being happy. 'Shari's question made him frown slightly, remembering the information that they had gathered, as well as where they would be going tonight.

He excused himself from the group, carrying his paper-wrapped parcel that contained his clothing to go put into his room. "Going to see how well memorizing spells go", he said to 'Lina in passing, the smell of ale remaining on his breath, despite the small amount that he had consumed. Now, he wanted a bit of a nap, something slight to eat, and to figure out what trouble they might run into, so he could plan accordingly.

Edan looked a bit sheepish at Lanten's accurate observation of what he was thinking in the Urchin. "If we are going into the Dryad, I will need an hour with the spellbook.." It was not that he was expecting trouble, but more like, he knew who he was going to be accompanying, and wanted to prepare. "..just in case", he added with a slight grin.

"If they are not.. shopping", he said the word with some hesitance, mostly dreading the thought of being seen by them and then roped into accompanying them during which he would be laden down with things he had no idea of and barely knew what they did. The minimal amount of shopping that they had needed to do was all he cared to do.

Grudgingly, he nodded. "We should try to find 'Lina and 'Shari." There were things that were still unfinished, but they had done enough for the day, he thought.

This was an unfamiliar place to Edan, and while he was not fearful, he had learned to keep his mouth shut in places where he was unfamiliar. Still, he knew enough of social interactions to know that he had to separate himself from under Lanten's shadow to keep himself from being immediately associated with him in any future dealing with this place. However, he could really not think of any particular way to do so, not here. He was an agent of the church, anyway. Deception was not something that came natural to him, and he did not want to make it part of his character.

When Lanten suggested they move on, he nodded, considering the taste of the ale that he had purchased perfunctorily, uncertain about whether or not he liked the taste of it. A couple of copper went onto the bar to tip the barman for the service, and he rose, uncertain about how best to proceed.

Once they were out of the bar, Edan was thoughtful. "Where to now?"

Edan could not fake his reactions any more than he would be inclined to lie, so when Lanten got shouted at, he jumped and looked between the two men, both eyebrows raised. He probably took a step back also, but that may have been an unconscious gesture. Part of him wanted to be glib, and offer Lanten a humorous comment in reference to his reception, but the words did not come, and the moment passed. He did turn and look behind them, though. It would be particularly unfortunate if they did attempt to turn and run, only to be met with more men that had decided that hostility was the most practical course of action.

While accurate, Lanten's words made him realize that while outside of the church, there were social graces to be observed, and the written and unwritten rules of society were going to be held against them and they would be judged appropriately. Those thoughts then led him to consider just how he wanted to present himself, both to 'Lina, and the world that they would be encountering. There was a slight blush on his face as he considered his relationship to the golden-haired paladin of their goddess.

This was going to require some discussion. Discussion and Thought. Thought and Planning and Discussion. So lost was Edan in his thoughts that he missed Lanten's words at about the time he picked up the dark red jerkin, and looked up to see Lanten looking towards the tailor.

Fischer the Tailor wrote:

The tailor was a slim man, thin of build, with deft hands of long fingers and a knowledgeable look in his eye. His short hair was dark and thinning, combed backwards and induced to remain that way with some oil, perhaps. There was a piece of sturdy twine that was knotted at regular intervals draped around his neck, while his manner was controlled with a stiffness to his posture. It was uncertain whether that may have suggested either military training, or a deep regard for his craft that might be able to be summed up with the word "dedicated". His steps were crisp and precise, as he came around the counter, the working vest he wore having several pockets more than the norm, over a tan shirt that was-- while elegantly stitched-- more practical than decorative.

"Sirs. Of service I can indeed be", The tailor said coming to stand a respectful distance from Edan and Lanten, looking them both over circumspectly. "A fitting for this young man?", he said with a hint of an accent. Taldan? With his tone and manner, it would seem like he would have brushed shoulders with nobles.

Sizing up Edan, a look of recognition came over his face and he looked to Lanten with a slight smile. "Ah, I recognize this young man.. You accompany the golden-haired lass, the paladin!" The smile grew a bit, possibly in appreciation as he looked back to Lanten, courteously ignoring Edan's fidget at being positively recognized. "Would this happen to be the 'lass of incredible charms'?"

Uncertain about how to delineate NPC fluffery with Edan's actions, so I quoted.

Seeing a tailor was a somewhat foreign concept to Edan. Not quit a "I have never done this" experience, rather than a "I'm doing this for clothes that are not church-related" experience. So he looked a little out of his element, letting Lanten do all of the talking. He was also certain that he was going to be shocked at the price that got quoted once they selected their clothing-- his shirt had seen better days, though.

Actually, if he was to be completely honest with himself, all of his clothes had seen better days. The ones that he was wearing were from a little before his growth spurt ended. While they were not small exactly, there was a reason that he was careful with his movements. "These are... Nice." he said, looking with slight longing at the fine fabrics of the clothes. "Do we need to get any specific colors?"

While he was looking at the clothing, his stomach growled, the smell of a nearby pastry stall selling meat pies serving to distract him, aided by the salt breeze. Granted, he could not quite place which type of meat it was, but he was also not especially picky.

Edan looked blindsided by Lanten's summary of the information that they had acquired. "That's what I was missing!", he exclaimed, throwing his hands up before he remembered where he was, looking around sheepishly. Clearing his throat with slight chagrin (never mind the tinge of red on his face), he continued in a lower tone, filling Lanten in on some of his speculations, specifically with the church of Gorum, and Nethys. "However, your mention of a noble would not only provide a location for the others to meet-- I doubt they all have personal shrines-- but will also provide a defense against any cursory inquiries, at least."

The mention of the wizard gave him pause and he sighed, deflated. "Still too many threads.. I would ask if we would rather check on the individuals before checking on the locales?" There was color lingering on Edan's cheeks, but he was quiet following his question.

"..I think I need better clothes, if we are going to visit the Dryad", he grudged.

The more he read, the more Edan was frowning, a "hmm" followed by the shuffling of the books and scrolls as he compared points with other records, looking back and forth at the numbers indicating the decline. The Temple of Nethys, he could understand, as well as the Church of Gorum, ans those offered services or entertainment beyond worship. This was worrying, though.

While the decline in church attendance may not have been much in some cases, when viewed as a total number, it was dismaying. There was roughly enough people to make a small church of their own.. Not good news, but at least he had more to report to Priestess Ivessa. Sighing, Edan put the scroll down and ran his hands through his hair, looking away from the papers and just up at the ceiling, focusing on nothing in particular. He was sure 'Lina was probably learning to enjoy herself more with 'Shari urging her on, and as far as he was concerned, they could shop all they liked.

Sitting up with a look of realization on his face, the thought that he did not have clothes properly "dressy" enough made him hope that they were not planning on going to the Dryad tonight. He looked over to Lanten, whose few scrolls were dwarfed by the amount that he had, and began rolling up ones he did not need anymore. "Any luck?"

Lanten could hear a sigh of relief from Edan once they arrived and entered the Hall of Records. There was definitely a pleased smile on his face and a spring to his step that was not there before. Entirely buoyed by confidence, he found a table and claimed it, looking to Lantan and gesturing to the opposite chair. As this was a hall of records, Edan accorded it the same rules as a Library, and spoke in a hushed tone. "As you are accompanying me, your concern should be addressed first. I would suggest finding any of the guard's records of wanted individuals first, there may be pictures included in their records, and if they are sealed to the public, you should still be able to access them. I will be looking for what information I can on enrollment in the various churches, and their tax information going back a year."

Edan sounded like he did not know that he was going to be buried up to his ears in paper that was most likely to be covered in a series of names and numbers, given the light in his eyes and the anticipatory smile on his face. "I may have to check the records of the Council's votes as well.. Actually, I might start there, and see if anything stands out. If we get nothing then..." There was a calculating look on his face as his mind chased down the various threads of possibilities and even he looked a little bit distasteful at the prospect. "..Things might have to get a bit dirty."

Straightening, Edan cast his eyes around the Hall as he rolled up the sleeves on his shirt, then stopped when he realized that he could do it with magic. A snap of his fingers, and a spoken word, his sleeves rolled themselves up neatly to his elbows, and he cracked his knuckles with a grin. "Shall we?", he invited, gesturing to the shelves and shelves of paper around them.
I am making a few assumptions here.
One: They passed by the temple of Iomedae, letting Edan drop off the money. While there, Edan purchased a silver holy symbol to go around his neck, and it will become his Bonded Item.
Two: Edan amidst all of that, got Lanten the scrolls he wanted. The gems may require asking the abbot.
(Edan will cast Guidance on himself and Lanten before they begin)
Knowledge(Local):1d20 + 6 + 1 ⇒ (6) + 6 + 1 = 13
Knowledge(Religion):1d20 + 7 ⇒ (7) + 7 = 14
Knowledge(Arcana):1d20 + 7 ⇒ (6) + 7 = 13

Edan couldn't help the slight smile as he realized that he was finally able to get to the Hall of Records, and with any luck, at least a quarter of the day to do it in. The rest of the smile came from the thought of him having a man-servant. "That works well, then. I have the scrolls-- They are beneficial magic, regardless of the hand, or the source. I have to return to the temple anyway, to donate some of this.." He gestured with the bag that was holding the money that they gained from the curio shop, " well as purchase two things, neither of which would require something so grandiose as a manservant." The idea of him with a manservant was pretty far out in the realm of ideas.

Honestly, he was uncomfortable holding so much money in one place, and would rather have it safe within a building rather than be carrying it out in the open where he could be mugged. Trying to look casual, he glanced around again, and tried to look like he was carrying nothing of importance. To keep from thinking about it, he ran over the things that needed doing still.

"Records, Dryad, Lizardfolk, Orphanage, Temples, Museum", he said aloud, hoping that if he missed anything, Lanten would remind him. The list was shrinking, but if they found anything else that was related to the cult, he would start worrying more. Reminding himself that he should not be trying to borrow trouble, he looked around at what he could see of the town, closing his eyes slightly at the breeze that hinted of warmer days still before winter would arrive.

Items? Psh, Edan's mostly a country bumpkin at heart-- or a church country bumpkin. As long as he's busy, he's happy.

Once 'Lina and 'Shari had gone about their business for now, Edan gave Lanten an appreciative nod. "I appreciate the company and apologize that I have not been..", looking thoughtful, he settled on the most diplomatic word. " available as the others have been. Things are.. well, hectic." As with most things, Edan was being diplomatic about it. After all, though Lanten was a half-elf, he was likely older than Edan was, and a member of the town guard to boot.

Even still, Edan was glancing around, not necessarily noting each individual person, but more like watching the flow of things. He suspected there were people out there that were keeping track of them, and he felt like they were under a timer. "What do you need to do today?" It would not do for him to be selfish, after all.

Thinking of the items that he needed, Edan realized that he was in a position to be able to find better prices elsewhere, most notably a silver amulet from his church, and a scroll of the magic that he was considering would be helpful from the Temple of Nethys. There were just too many things to do in this day, and he was pretty certain that with the killing of the cleric and the apprehension of his wife, the cultists were not being idle. "Thank you. Once we do find out something, it is very likely that one of us will let you know."

Once business was concluded, Edan collected the money, and resigned himself to go clothes shopping.

Godelina Evelyn wrote:
"Okey boys I've decided. Let's go clothes shopping!"

Edan almost dropped the armor that he was holding, his head turning to look at Godelina as if she had suddenly grown a second head, but had to scramble to keep the scale mail in his hands.

Lanten Tiberiu wrote:
"Eagles into swans, wha...," he starts to utter and he gives 'Shari a look of amused curiosity. "Why do I have the feeling you two have a plan of your own."

Lanten speaking up eased Edan's not-quite-panic, and allayed some of his concern, since the only time that Edan had thought to hear Godelina say those exact words with that tone was if she was being mind controlled. He had been unfortunate enough to have to go along with Sister Cassie several times when she went out to do the bargaining for things that the church did not get delivered. While the Sister was a legendary haggler (within church gossip circles, none would dare mention that aloud), those days usually ended with him returning to the church almost late enough to miss supper, loaded down as if he were a mule.

Needless to say, since he was the one often chosen do help, his opinion of "shopping" was less than stellar. He hefted the armor up onto the counter carefully, and indicated the things that they were carrying. "I'm looking to sell all of this", he said, indicating the spare armor and weapons that they were carrying, trusting their reputation and the others to make sure he was not shorted too much on the prices.

Carrying everything there was not the easiest thing, so Edan was certain that their arrival was met with some wariness, and given the way her eyes narrowed, that was all the proof that he needed. Putting on a sheepish smile, definitely apologetic for their manner of the last meeting-- he glanced over at Godelina, remembering-- Edan continued onwards. "Directly, resale and purchase, provided you have an interest in any of these items." It was likely that they would be redirected towards a blacksmith first, now that he thought about it, but they were here now.

"My interest is in defensive magic, primarily, though any involving life magic would not be passed up." He had to remember to inquire about the price of quality holy symbol as well. The wooden one he had was good, but did not quite do justice to the level of commitment that he was investing. From there, he proceeded to make what passed as "small talk" for a minute or so, all complimentary, but not excessively.
Diplomacy: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (1) + 5 = 6
Welp, guess he's still too distracted.

Lanten Tiberiu wrote:
Lanten touched his chest for a moment - having forgotten that he wasn't wearing the armor. "It's a well-worn suit of scale armor - been with me since I started my training. What's on your mind?" he asks with a slight tilt of his head.

Edan smiled, glancing between Lanten and Godelina, comparing sizes. "'Lina has given me her armor to sell, but I believe that bettering our companions would be more prudent than gaining the cash, seeing as how the Temple of Nethys has provided for me immediately." The other side to that statement was that he was unsure about how much dues would be for the temple, but he was fairly certain that it would be manageable with the things he had yet to sell.

"So, I would trade you the chain mail for your scale mail, if there is no objection." That would also give him some time to start studying the spellbook that he did have, and get some of the spell patterns memorized.

Godelina Evelyn wrote:
"I'l like to check out the orphanage too. After what's just been revealed to us then there could indeed be something sinister going on in that basement." she states, sharing her thoughts with everyone else. "And whatever it is, I shall bring judgement to it."

"Is the plan to simply head over to the orphanage and inquire or expect something along the lines of what occurred at the couple's house?" Edan didn't want to seem harsh, but it was a valid question in his head. "While I do not disagree that it is a course of action that we could take, please do not forget the other threads we have yet to check here in town. I still need to access the City Records, we have not yet spoken to the druid, nor have we spoken to the mage, or investigated the Dryad, or spoken to the Lizardmen."

Edan thought that was all, but he would not have been surprised if he missed something. Another day would allow him to get the items sold, and a couple more things acquired that he was thinking may be possible.

Thoughtful, Edan walked out with the group, but looked at Lanten with a bit of consideration. "It is true I might need a short span of time to commit the magic to memory, perhaps no more than an hour.. However, given the danger we've just started to uncover.." He looked to Godelina for a moment, then back to Lanten. "What manner of armor do you possess?"

It was almost an unrelated question, save that he realized that he still needed to sell the things he would be unable to use, and 'Lina's chainmail was one of the things that he did have in his possession-- provided there was no objection from its previous owner, of course. He was also going to have to visit the Temple of Nethys again tomorrow, to ask a question that had just popped into his mind. He did not know enough about magic to make the decision for himself, but he was sure speaking with the Head Mage again would quickly answer that question. He just hoped he was not going to sound ungrateful.

Godelina Evelyn wrote:
"No evil can stop the power of the Inheritor and if such a creature appears you can take shelter behind me. I refuse to allow my friends get harmed. That goes for you two, too." she states as she looks from Lanten to Edan.

Edan's words are simple, and was looking directly at 'Lina when he met her look with one of his own, as well as a slight smile. "At your side, Paladin." Given his tone, it was more than just a statement of reassurance, but that was to be expected, as it was their mission that they were still on.

Lanten's explanation surprised him, but he smiled, knowing that one so set against devils and those who would ally themselves with them was a good fit for this group.

His story was known by all but Lanten, however, he thought it was fairly obvious, so Edan turned to the chest and sighed. "Well, better see what is in this, and take inventory before we leave." Looking over his shoulder at Lanten, he shrugged. "Mine is pretty simple. I serve the church, and keep her--" teasing slightly, he motioned his head towards 'Lina with a mischievous grin. --out of trouble and grounded." Kneeling down, he opened the chest, expecting to find the items laid out by the Head Mage.

As he scanned the scrolls, Edan explained to the others. "They're written in Infernal--" pausing, he looked up at 'Lina. "--yes, I can read it--" He looked back down to the scrolls and picked out the various spells on them, figuring that any magic that he had access to could at least be analyzed as far as he could manage. "--these are scrolls of divine magic, though if you want to know what the magic can do, I would have to read more..." He continued skimming the scrolls with a frown. "There was at least an hour invested for every spell, at least.. but--"

It was the other scroll that made him pause. "This is.. conjuring-- too involved to be 'simple'.. A.. Ritual? Or, part of one, at least." Knowing the origin of the scrolls as well as the language involved, he rolled up the scroll and returned it to its case with a look of distaste. "This is intended to help summon something, and a fairly strong something, if this is a Ritual summoning. Definitely evidence."
Were any of the spells useful to a non-evil aligned caster? If so, Edan will keep them, and work on transcribing them into Celestial just in case.

"I'm pretty sure I was the subject of at least two spells, 'Lina," Edan replied with a wry smile. "Maybe a third, depending on how you count them, but I am fine. It is just rather... different seeing a table walk, even if it was an illusion." The smile became his usual grin, and he ran a hand through his hair, shaking his head. "I'm just glad to have a direction for my magic."

Looking thoughtful as he came over to the case that held the scrolls, Edan tried to explain as he picked the two of them up and set them on the lid of the chest. "It is like knowing you were capable of smiting, and detecting evil, but only being able to do it on mostly accident." Calmly, Edan picked up the first scroll and looked at it without magic, trying to determine the language used for it, before invoking a small prayer and tapping the center of his forehead.
Casting Read Magic

With a bit of a bemused smile, Edan was finishing up his recounting the story of his "adventures" in the Temple of Nethys, smiling sheepishly for a moment as he shrugged at the somewhat haphazard state of his room. While there were no clothes on the floor, a sword, two sets of armor, a shield and his pack sat on his cot, and what clothes that he did have removed, he had hanging over various objects.

"..and there you were once I was.. Teleported? Out of the.. Head Mage's office... I did not think it would take as long as it did..." he blushed a bit as he pulled the clothing off of the various objects that he had hung them on. "You can set the chest over there," he said, smiling at 'Lina and Lantan, gesturing to the corner. Slightly to himself, he mused aloud, "The Head Mage said it contained 'everything I needed'..."

Still obviously bemused at his day, he looked to Godelina. "You said something about scrolls? That came from that case? --nice work, by the way, 'Shari", he complimented.

Definitely a bit... frazzled, still trying to process it all, Edan nodded at the girl behind the counter, and then looked down at the chest that he was going to have to carry, and then up at 'Lina, 'Shari, and Lanten, blinking a couple of times.. "Um, sure.. The Temple sounds fine. Sir.. Lanten, would you mind giving me a hand with this chest?" Clearly not all here, as he was still processing things, and that was quite a bit slower than he normally was.

"It's been an... interesting morning."

@The Temple of Nethys

Narrator of the lost Tomes wrote:
"Very good, very good." The old man mumbles writing something down. "I am Zeduicious, Head Mage at this fine establishment. We can get you started right away, here are your apprentice robes, your books, a beginners spell book, writing implements, your class schedule, and anything else you may need. Will you be moving into the temple? As he is saying all this items are appearing in the chair next to your chair and falling into a chest that was not there a moment ago. Before you can answer he begins again. "You will be expected to be here at least 1 hr a day to participate in a group lecture, everything else is up to you to study. You will be expected to pay at the end of every month for classes and supplies used. Any questions?"

As the things appeared, Edan jumped slightly, and looked on with wide eyes. Realizing that there was a couple of questions in the wizard's explanation he looked up, slightly lost as he tried to recall them. "I.. suspect the hour to be present is dictated by the lecturer, which I have yet to meet, correct? I will not require lodgings in the temple, however... " Thinking, he frowned slightly, chasing down that last question that he wanted to ask. "..Ah! How much is the cost per month average?"

There were going to be a lot of demands on his time, it seemed, and Edan wondered how this was going to work out with the ongoing investigation that they were in town for..

@Temple of Nethys

Edan wanted to slap himself for not realizing it sooner. He was pretty sure his mouth moved once or twice with nothing coming out of it before he flamed red with embarrassment, annoyed with himself for not thinking of the most obvious of solutions. "..Inheritor, I'm slow-- Abjuration. It seems the most appropriate, given my calling. I am not seeking to mislead or bewitch, so resisting and denying seems the most appropriate." The embarrassment had faded by the time he finished his sentence, and he was wearing a grin, able to see the test for what it was, as well as appreciating the amusement at his reactions.

Shifting in the chair-- which really was quite comfortable-- Edan looked at the old man, and wondered if he could get two things taken care of while he was here. "I apologize for my manners.. I am Edan Crosier, as I suspect you already knew. You are...?"

@Temple of Nethys

For some reason, Edan felt the urge to pinch the bridge of his nose, and momentarily contemplated some sort of retribution against the girl that sent him through this door. It had to be some sort of prank... Question was, what did she have against him? He did not even know her name! Sighing, Edan hung his head and then looked up to the old man. He was leading the.. "Test", it could be called.. Maybe. So it was him that had to be convinced. Though their blatant and repeated dismissals were bothering him, there was perhaps something that he was overlooking?

A thoughtful, quizzical expression was on Edan's face as he raised an eyebrow, looked around, and then scrunched his eyes shut, passing a hand across his face as he cast one of the few minor tricks that he had figured out, that of being able to sense magic. For him, it was not so much "seeing", as it was a "feeling", like one would get when standing close to a fire, or near a sunbeam that was coming through a window, or standing next to cold stone that was in the shade while you were standing in sunlight..

With the spell cast, he cautiously opened his eyes, extending that "sense" of magic. If the feel of divine energy washing over them did not lend credence to his case-- 'I am not swamp gas'-- then he would see if he was not being misled.
Cast Detect Magic

@Temple of Nethys

'..There goes reality..', came Edan's thought in watching the table walk away, his jaw hanging. Confused, flustered, and feeling the inklings of annoyance, he frowned, not quite comprehending the man's words. Was he saying that he did not exist in this space, or that his entrance was inaccurate? He closed his mouth, and realized that he was quickly running out of things to say, as this discussion was getting more and more... Whatever this was.

"Confliction relies on doubt, and there is none", he replied resolutely, his hand going to the holy symbol atop his shirt. Closing his eyes, he reached for a portion of energy that Iomedae instilled in him, and let that energy wash outwards in that room amongst the books and people that he was not so certain were. Opening his eyes, he looked directly at the old man. "Is my claim to being here still doubtful?" His eyes went to the others that he saw, thinking that he was being tested, but not certain how.

@Temple of Nethys

Narrator of the lost Tomes wrote:

"Hum? It speaks? What do you want, where did you come from? The old man asks while looking at a page of information in front of him on a desk that was not there a moment ago.

That was a good question.. He had not expected normal sentences from the old man, and trying not to let his confusion get the better of him in this situation. Edan was certain that the desk was not there before, or the paper, but this was a temple to a deity of magic... 'Just have to stay focused..'

"Instruction is what I was directed here for. I came through the.. unused.. new applicant entrance?" Even trying to remain on task, this situation was a bit unbelievable for Edan. He knew how some magic worked, but what these people were capable of only made a little bit of sense to him. "I am Edan Crosier of the Temple of Iomedae." So what if his eyes were a little wide, there was a lot to take in here that he was not sure did or did not bend the rules of reality as he knew them.
Sorry, had a 10hr at work today

@Temple of Nethys

Narrator of the lost Tomes wrote:
With that, a flurry of activity happens, but no one actually seems to be doing anything that you can make out. "25 likes, 30 dislikes. The hypothesis is rejected. We may then conclude that a fall-like event may have occurred, no further claims can be credibly made." The old man finishes. With that everyone seems to loose interest in you and begin to start talking or moving about the room again.

Currently being upside down made the conversation that Edan overheard even more surreal, and flurry of speaking made his eyes want to cross, but much to his surprise, he followed it-- that is, he understood the words, but their usage was on a level that he was barely familiar with.

He also had the suspicion that he was being tested.

Righting himself caused the falling of more books, and the pausing of their resumed conversations in a language that he knew, but did not have more than a scant familiarity with. Some of the books were in a language that he did not understand, and others were on topics that he never thought even could be topics. Thinking momentarily, he interjected himself into the quiet.

"..Request to.. deliver.. introduction?" The frown on his face was very indicative of his confusion, as well as his uncertainty. One hand ran through his hair, pushing it out of his face again, though it just fell back. Choosing one of them, he looked at the wise old man to pose his question towards.

@Temple of Nethys

His eyes widened as he made the connection, and smiled in appreciation, coloring slightly at the compliment. He lifted his hand in a wave of parting and turned to the door that was indicated, feeling better about the day now. That did remind him that there was still that competition that was coming up, and he had not really given much thought to what he was going to paint, beyond that he wanted it to benefit the church. Putting that thought away for now, he knocked politely on the door and then opened it.

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