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Kech Hunter

Ed Girallon Poe's page

226 posts. Alias of Erik Herrin.


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Simeon wrote:

An undulation of neothelids

A ________ of siyokoy.

A Paaralan of siyokoy.

A _________ of puzzle dungeons.

Starry Grace lets you add dex to damage instead of str with a starknife. That should help shore up any melee/ranged attack disparities.

Andrew Mullen wrote:
There's the Aegis focus power for an Occultist's Abjuration implement, but that ain't exactly universally accessible.

That's good, but I'm hoping to find something that doesn't require such dedication (that's a lot of occultist levels...). Thanks, though.

My bad... I did indeed mean Magic Vestment. The problem I'm having is I have a character who can make temporary masterwork armor, but can't enchant it and has no spell casting. As a last resort, I could stock up on scrolls of the aforementioned spell, but I'd prefer something ... else. I was thinking something akin to armor crystals from 3.5 but with an enhancement bonus. I just wondered if they already existed.

Is there any way , other than Magic Weapon spells, to gain an enhancement bonus to armor that can't be enchanted?

Thread Necromancy! I am curious if anything was ever found for this question. I have a character who would like to combine Ascetic Style and Vicious Stomp; being able to put a fauchard in the monk weapon group would be quite pleasing. Anything (abilities, feats, etc...) added since 2013 that might facilitate this?

Chess Pwn wrote:
If weapon master's handbook becomes PFS legal you can pick up the trait, Aldori Caution combat-trait, which increases your fighting defensively AC bonus by 1. Giving you the full 5 with crane style.

I LOVE YOU! You are a brilliant individual and a pinnacle of your species! This trait was exactly what I was looking for. With Crane Riposte, 3 ranks in acrobatics, and this beautiful trait it will be -1 attack for +5 AC or +10/- DR. Now I don't have to wield the stupid rod or take combat expertise. You (v)rock!

A Misspelling of cithulus

A __________ of Half-Giants.

How would one go about maximizing the potential for the stalwart & Improved stalwart feats? I have a character coming up who is looking to be one hell of a tank, and I'd like to get the most bang for my buck.

Is it better to use combat expertise or fight defensively (or both)?

How can we mitigate the penalties (particularly because I would like to use power attack as well)?

I'm already aware of some options, including: Aldori swordlord (archetype), Crane style tree (feats), Cautious fighter (feat), Threatening defender (trait), Rod of balance (magic item), Madu (mundane weapon). Is there anything else?

For those interested in the character, I will be messing with a bunch of Dreamscarred press stuff, playing a Half-Giant Aegis (War Hulk) // Warder (Sworn Protector, Zweihander Sentinel). Thanks in advance!

Took some finagling, but I got it. Thanks for the help! it was definitely this bug.

I'm getting all the way to the "What Will Happen When You Place Your Order" page, but when I click "place your order" it only seems to refresh the page. I checked my email and nothing has been sent. Please help!

Staff of the Master for metamagic shenanigans.

Found something interesting...

OG_slinger @ wrote:

It's like an itch I can't scratch...

They didn't know what to call it even in 1945. Stars & Stripes published a booklet called "The WAC", which covered the Women's Army Corp. in the ETO:

The WAC wrote:
Typical drama lived by Wacs took place one day in January, 1944, at 9th Bombardment Division -- just 15 minutes by Messerschmitt from Germany.

"There's an enemy flight coming out of France," calmly announced Pvt. Bassie Moseley, Houston, Tex., as she adjusted her earphones. Before her was an interceptor board, a 12-foot square table marked with German and Allied air fields. Pvt. Moseley was stationed at a Marauder headquarters where she and other Wacs helped plot the movements of all aircraft in the area.

Next, she picked up a metal strip on which she began placing magnetized discs identifying the planes winging over the Channel. With a croupier-like stick, she pushed the marker and an arrow to indicate direction of flight into the Channel section of the map. Seconds passed. Pvt. Moseley moved the red arrow closer -- closer to the coast. She nudged the red arrow to point northward, then quickly swung it back; the Germans had feinted a change of course. Now they were coming straight in.

Pfc Lola McCoy, Rensselaer, Ind., leaned forward to move her RAF markers -- RAF night fighters rising to tackle the invaders. Sirens wailed. Enemy aircraft roared overhead. The tenseness in the flight control boom was broken by a dull boom.

Pfc McCoy moved her RAF marker. "One Kraut had a fighter after him," she said. Pvt. Moseley pushed the enemy marker out over the Channel. Those in the room relaxed, laughed nervously.

"Tomorrow, you'll read in the papers that enemy raiders dropped a few bombs on the coastal area," Pvt. Moseley said.
I struck out with oral histories, as well. This interview of a WAAF calls them "long sticks, like billiard cues."

Even the BBC's collection of WWII stories doesn't name them. It does, however, tell an interesting story of how they evolved over the course of the war:

BBC WW2 People's War wrote:
We quickly got quite proficient at throwing the arrows down and pushing them in place with a long wooden pole with a flat piece of wood on the end. Some time later, much later, the bone arrows were changed to metal ones and the poles had a metal end with a magnet in it so the arrows be picked up and place instead of being pushed around.
I, for one, am terribly disappointed that the nation that invented Cockney Rhyming couldn't come up with a better name than "rake". For shame.

Other than that, there's always The Command Stick..

A Plague of Demonic Vermin.

A _______ of Calistrian Prostitutes.

A White-Wolf-LARP of Ustalavians

A __________ of thanatotic titans.

Please and Thank you!

A disputation of phistophilus devils.

A _______ of rogue sentient A.I.

A tussle of tatzlwyrms.

A ______ of Worms that Walk.

LoreKeeper wrote:
Can a pinned character be coup de grace'd?

Yes, but you need the throat slicer feat

CWheezy wrote:
What if he used to be a level 20 wizard that yolo mages disjunctioned an artifact and lost all his spellcasting.

CWheezy has the right idea. He could have even used a scroll of it.

Mages Disjunction wrote:

All magical effects and magic items within the radius of the spell, except for those that you carry or touch, are disjoined. That is, spells and spell-like effects are unraveled and destroyed completely (ending the effect as a dispel magic spell does), and each permanent magic item must make a successful Will save or be turned into a normal item for the duration of this spell. An item in a creature's possession uses its own Will save bonus or its possessor's Will save bonus, whichever is higher. If an item's saving throw results in a natural 1 on the die, the item is destroyed instead of being suppressed.

You also have a 1% chance per caster level of destroying an antimagic field. If the antimagic field survives the disjunction, no items within it are disjoined.

You can also use this spell to target a single item. The item gets a Will save at a -5 penalty to avoid being permanently destroyed. Even artifacts are subject to mage's disjunction, though there is only a 1% chance per caster level of actually affecting such powerful items. If successful, the artifact's power unravels, and it is destroyed (with no save). If an artifact is destroyed, you must make a DC 25 Will save or permanently lose all spellcasting abilities. These abilities cannot be recovered by mortal magic, not even miracle or wish. Destroying artifacts is a dangerous business, and it is 95% likely to attract the attention of some powerful being who has an interest in or connection with the device.

Cool. Thanks.

Ultimate Equipment Pg. 49 wrote:
Weapons made of cold iron cost twice as much to make as their normal counterparts. Also, adding any magical enhancements to a cold iron weapon increases its price by 2,000 gp. This increase is applied the first time the item is enhanced, not once per ability added.

Is the additional 2,000 GP cost for cold iron reduced by half when crafting it yourself?

I second all the hubbub about inquisitor, but with that said, does your gaming group allow or have you read into dreamscarred press' psionics?

The Marksman can make an insane archery build in gestalt, especially with zen archer, and there is surprisingly little overlap.

Full Bab, Wisdom synergy, and the option of The Shroud archetype can make you even more of a tactical espionage beast.

Just a thought.

Isonaroc wrote:
Do you have a reference for that? Not saying you're wrong, but most interpretations I've seen went the other way.

No problem.

Core Rulebook, Pg. 12 under heading "Multipling" wrote:
When you are asked to apply more than one multiplier to a roll, the multipliers are not multiplied by one another. Instead, you combine them into a single multiplier, with each extra multiple adding 1 less than its value to the first multiple. For example, if you are asked to apply a ×2 multiplier twice, the result would be ×3, not ×4.

Bold is mine. The rule only ever specifies what to do with multipliers on rolls, making an an acceptation altering normal math for the game balance. If a roll is not involved, normal math takes precedence.

Thank you very much!

Let's just go ahead and ship them on their own, please.

I've followed the advice in the FAQ and I can't seem to find a way into my sidecart to make adjustments. What am I missing?

If at all possible, I need someone to remove all of the Star Wars miniatures from my sidecart, as I no longer have a need for them. I would still like to purchase the bank, medallion, and Pale Tower guard miniature, however. Thanks in advance.

seebs wrote:
What happens if you combine these? The obvious answer would be that if you double something twice, in 3e/3.5e/PF, you triple it, so you can make 3,000gp per day. The one counterargument I could see is that one of these is halving the time taken to produce 1000gp, not doubling the value per day, and the other is doubling the value per day, which would let you make 4k per day.

The rules on multiplying being added percentages (x2 = +100%) only applies to numbers and variables involved in die rolls. For static game numbers, such as carrying capacity, overland movement, and hours spent crafting, normal multiplication applies.

Lessah wrote:

The Spriggan does not follow the Monster Advancement Size Chart. If it did, it would lose 4 Dex upon going Small -> Large.

Giant Crab, Goblin Dog, Llama, Giant Leech, Monitor Lizard, Panda, Stag & Thylacine are all animal (or vermin) companions that goes Small -> Medium and does not follow the Monster Advancement Size Chart.

There are plenty of animals that goes Medium -> Large and gain different stats then the Monster Advancement Size Chart claims.

Granted, Animal companions could probably have just been worded as 'follow the normal rules for monster advancement', but instead each and every one was given their own listed stat bonus. Just like the Spiggan : )

There is one part of the monster advancement section you are forgetting. "These values are not absolute." When the developers and editors look over the final product for those creatures, they skewed them for their intended role. That does not mean that the other numbers do not fall within the charts capabilities.

The spriggan and animal companions stat modifications for size follow monster advancement, with the stated variation, and most certainly do not follow the polymorph size chart.

21 months...
I't seems like only yesterday...




The big eye opener for me: All my characters need to be self sufficient. If they have to rely on a party member for something, it's not an option for very long.

As a fighter, I will let the caster "fly" me once or twice, but if it becomes apparent that it will continue, I will spend an enormous chunk of change so I can fly by myself.

If I'm the caster I will still, somehow, find a way to have the highest AC in the party, cause I don't trust the front-lines to always be there.

And I think teamwork feats are a waste of a slot unless I'm playing both characters.

I love the idea of rogues, but I will not play one on the assumption of flanking being how I get sneak attack.

..I, Apparently, have trust issues... ('_')

Lessah wrote:
Nothing in game that I can think of uses the first table, except during Monster Creation.

The spriggan is the only monster I can find with an (SU) size altering ability and its stat boosts are in line with the monster advancement table. Likewise, EVERY animal companion uses that table to determine their bonuses upon size increase. In fact, I've only ever seen the Polymorph size table used for spell and spell-like effects. Maybe the editors use the ability type as a rule of thumb for which table to use; polymorph for (SP) & spells and Monster Advancement for (SU) & (EX).

Just a thought.

Arachnofiend wrote:
The Spriggan is from Tome of Horrors Complete, a third party supplement. As denoted by the big "This product was created by a 3rd party publisher" tag on the top right of the page.

..and has a similar stat block in Bestiary 2, pg. 257.

Edit* altered previous link to more appropriate one.

Ravingdork wrote:
Protoman wrote:
Issac Daneil wrote:

The fox is a tiny creature, and the size increases in the universal size chart for monsters has it gain 8 points of strength when it goes from Tiny to Small to Medium. Then, the Battle form gives it 2 Str. I was using a Human with Eye for Talent to give him +2 to Str at creation, and at lvl 3, the Mauler Familiar gains +1 to str

So, it's 9 (Base) + 8 (Size related, but not called a Size bonus) + 1 (Mauler's lvl) + 2 (Battle Form increase) + 2 (Eye for Talent) = 22

Mark Seifter clarified that Battle Form follows the polymorph rules so there isn't a benefit from small to medium.

So a fox would be:
9 base + 4 size + 1 mauler level + 2 battle form = 16. 18 with Eye for Talent.

And Mark Seifter would be wrong. Not only is there is nothing in the rules that support his interpretation whatsoever, but his clarification in this case actually creates more problems and gray areas.

I don't know if this helps or hurts the argument, but the Spriggan has a non-polymorph supernatural size alteration that has bonuses that vaguely resemble the stat changes from the monster advancements table, not the polymorph table.

So the feat should have said "Non-mythic creatures that could take damage from your channel energy...". Got it.

Bradley Mickle wrote:
Damage isn't done until they roll a save. If they succeed at a will save, they take half damage. It's like a fireball, make a reflex save. If you succeed, you take half damage. Channel Energy is similar except that its a will save.

Then you see my problem. As written, mythic improved channel doesn't cause anyone to roll twice until AFTER they're damaged.

Improved Channel (Mythic), pg.66 wrote:

As a divine conduit for energy, you're unmatched.

Prerequisite: Improved Channel.

Benefit: Non-mythic creatures that take damage from
your channel energy must roll their saving throws twice
and take the lower result.

But how do they roll a save twice after they were damaged by it when damage is determined by a successful or failed save?

What is the duration? How long after a creatures is damaged by your channel do they have to roll saving throws twice?

Or is this feat worded wrong? Are they supposed to make two saves before they're damaged?

(1) It looks as though once its created, it's set. Your GM may be nice, however, and let you gain another 20-foot cube's worth of customization when your tier raises.

(2) "Conjuring the door automatically dismisses any other active door." Before you create another door, the first one would dismiss instantly, shunting out all creatures (save familiar) inside.

(3) As the object becomes a construct creature, I would say yes.

(4) Yes, Sanctum doesn't remove the food clause, Bon Appétit!. As for the amount, my guess is 32 people per tier (20' cube per tier is 33% more than 6 10' cubes per 2 levels, ergo, 12 people x 2 levels per tier x 33% increase = 32 people. Sanctum does not change the description of the unseen servants, so they are most likely visible.

(5) Unseen servants would most likely be able to repair any object created by the mansion, given time. However, if you furnished your Sanctum with elaborate mechanical apparatuses or expensive crystal everything, I might require outside help.

(6) As the rules would allow you to 'furnish' your Sanctum with a solid gold couch, I'm inclined to believe mundane traps would be fine.

(Bonus from Ultimate2099) Yes. It is not location based. It's your own hermit crab pocket dimension.

Also, though it's not in the rules, I would allow a character to cast a Mage's Magnificent Mansion spell on the sanctum to rearrange it's floor plan and fix any broken furniture (Imagine how bummed a player might feel if he accidentally left the oven on or something and burned his Mythic Sanctum to a crisp and the GM just said, "Too bad. Enjoy the desolate rathole you wasted a mythic path ability on." I would also let a player use a spell such as Dimensional Anchor, Dimensional Lock or Binding during the creation of a construct to bind it to the Sanctum, but it would have to remain inside.

I don't have abandonment issues!
I don't have abandonment issues!
I don't have abandonment issues!

...i swear...:(

As all maneuverability does is give you a modifier on (all) fly checks, I would say it's answer B.

Quick list of what I could find:

Damned; story feat - completion grants a +2 to stat of choice and a +2 to caster level checks.

All-seeing eye, wondrous item - +1 to dispel vs. divination.

Deep Magic, Duergar alternate racial trait - +2 to overcome spell resistance and on dispel checks.

Strength of the Land, Dwarven (magic) trait - +1 trait bonus on caster level checks while touching the ground.

Unusual Heritage, Changeling teamwork feat - +2 to concentration checks and dispel checks within 30ft of 2 other changelings; +4 if one of them also has this feat.

Innocent Blood; story feat - +1 unnamed bonus on caster level checks for 1 min after you kill an intelligent creature.

Mage of the Wild; Elf feat - +2 to caster level checks in chosen terrain.

Scepter of Heaven; magic rod - +2 sacred bonus on caster level checks to dispel magic against evil descriptor or effects by evil outsiders. must be good to use.

Otherworldly Kimono; wondrous item - +4 on caster level checks, +6 if someone is trapped inside it. Best option

Pipes of Dissolution; wondrous item - +2 on caster level checks in 30ft while played.

Good to know; thank you!

Can I stop using acrobatics in the middle of my movement?

Specifically, can I use acrobatics to avoid attacks of opportunity in a creature's extended reach (10' and beyond) but stop using acrobatics when adjacent to provoke for the purposes of Panther Style and Snake Fang?

My guess is there should be a part that says ", or monk level 12th." at the end.

Would a Polymorph Any Object spell be able to turn you into a quickling? Base speed 120 could be a good starting point.

Look into pummeling style. There is currently debate on it's rules as intended, but as written it works with all weapons and balls all their attacks into one shot. Clear with your DM how it will work with your critical fumbles rule. I have a zen archer that, after applying pummeling style, lets him deal 36d6+324 (when all attacks hit and at least one crits successfully; he crits approx. 46.8559% of the time) with a longbow.

Do the people who advocate an "only punches work" side of the argument also require only hand attacks when using the following feats: Crusader's Fist, Dispelling Fist, Elemental Fist, Gorgon's Fist, Nightmare Fist, One Finger, Stunning Fist, Unblinking Flame Fist?

What about feet attacks and Punishing Kick or Vicious Stomp?

The way I believe the critical pummeling style full attack would work is each attack crits for itself then adds together. Lets say we are doing the kukri / heavy pick combo:
Attack with heavy pick - success; add 1d6+bonuses to pool
Attack with kukri - critical threat; add 1d4+offhandbonuses to pool
Roll conformation - success; add 3d6+3x(bonuses) for pick
and add 1d4+offhandbonuses for kukri

Total for 2 attacks, one with each weapon is 4d6+4x(bonuses)+2d4+2x(offhandbonuses)

This feat does seem a little powerful, but I selfishly hope it stays with flurry-able weapons because I have a zen archer who would love this.

I really like that I can finally make One-Punch Man, though!

have the PCs already cleared out the Old Light?

If so did they destroy the sinspawn-pool-thingy? *Edit* Runeforge was the word!

Maybe Nualia decides to make one last kamikaze run at Sandpoint with some sinspawn from the caverns in tow? Some patron of the hagfish alerts the authorities (the PCs) that something is going on down the beach near the old light. PCs arrive to find the remainder of Nualia's entourage plus some sinspawn/mutated goblin fodder.

For extra epic points have the combat be on the beach at night.

Extra style points are awarded for increasing the size and scope of the battle on both sides, higher CR baddies and reinforcements for goodies (like Sherif Hemlock, Shelalu, and Ameiko).

4 people marked this as a favorite.

Last I remember, Pathfinders iconic wizard, Ezren, was an atheist. His philosophy (if I remember correctly) was that if gods can be born, can be killed, and any mortal could become one, what's so special?

Just because this player doesn't believe Pelor is a god doesn't mean Pelor does not exist. It sounds more like he is either anti-theist or anti-religious; he doesn't believe (or trust) in god or religions, respectively. You should clear up whether this character is atheist, anti-theist, or merely anti-religious by informing him of how those concepts would interact with the populous. Have him describe his philosophy and reasoning, which should help you determine how future events may unfold (and whether he's just trying to dick you around).

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