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Hardcover Unavailable

All the Creativity that went into classic Star Wars Toys


Ever wonder what went into creating your Star Wars toys? Want to see some original unproduced SW Toys? Love Star Wars toys? Then this book is for you - it has incredible photos of prototypes of the toys as well as their molds, artwork, packaging and other items that went into the creation of what became the biggest movie related toy line ever. See the original rocket firing Boba Fett, marvel at the details that went into every toy and be amazed by the toys that were considered but never produced for the original SW line. All shown in beautiful color photographs with clever descriptions to inform and entertain. This is the best book to demonstrate all the creativity, artistic talent and detail that went into your favorite Star Wars toys.

This book is great on your coffee table to share with friends who likely also had a favorite Star Wars figure too. Presented with such appealing style and thought from expert collectors.

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