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Krome wrote:

Dionisus77, I use an iPad at my games now and everything I use is now PDFs. I don't carry a single hardback book to play anymore and even gave away my hardbacks to friends to get them into playing.

If you have any kind of tablet or even a smart phone you can get away with PDFs only until you are in a better place to buy the books.

As much as I enjoy reading on my iPad, when it comes to reference materials such as RPG books, I find that I enjoy reading more hard copies. For me, it just makes rummaging through them when playing much easier. But I may pick up the PDFs just to have them in the fall.

Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for all the advice. I got lucky last night and found a Core book used on Amazon, 5th printing. Now I will get the Bestiary books and the Gamemastery sometime soon.

Thanks all!

Gauss wrote:

First: *TWITCH!* sorry, you reffering to Pathfinder as a Table-top MMO just...OUCH MAN!!!

Second: those tables can be printed off as there arent that many. The general rule of thumb I have is, I only need books I will actually reference at the table. All else should be PDF. Unfortunately, that rule of thumb was made AFTER I bought most of my PF books. I was slow to upgrade to the new reality of PDFs rocking.

Gamemastery Guide can be read as a PDF, the few elements that need to be at the gametable can be printed off beforehand.

Note: most of the rest of the books I prefer to have hardcopies. However, there are many that use PDFs exclusively at the table. For me, I need the 'place memory' of the hardcopies.

- Gauss

Lol, yeah sorry. It's finals week and I am going through my last paper of the semester. So the 'MMO' gaffe stems from my research on MMOs and for the reason that I am writing it while I'm posting here.

BTW, thanks for the advice. It is greatly appreciated. I will probably purchase the PDF version of the Gamemastery Guide. Btw, did you do the same with the Bestiary or any other PFRPG books?

Gauss wrote:
Dyonisus77, I would suggest getting the Gamemastery Guide as a PDF rather than hardcover. Most of the information in there is not useful for the majority of game sessions. While I cannot say I regret owning it. I do regret buying a hardcopy. - Gauss

As a newbie to table-top MMOs, I see that it helps with generating random treasure and random encounters. It also gives advice on how to create plot-lines and such. So as a newbie is it worth it?

Vic Wertz wrote:

We've been shipping the 5th printing since November, so I'd think there's a pretty good chance that's what you'd get... but Amazon does have a lot of warehouses, and they may or may not have older printings kicking around in any number of them, so there's definitely no guarantee.

I *can* guarantee that if you buy it (or any other Pathfinder RPG book) from, you'll get the current printing, though.

Thanks for the response. As a newbie trying to graduate from the Beginner's Box, it means a lot to get a response from one Paizo's own.

Nevertheless, as a poor grad student, the $20 I'd saved by purchasing through Amazon is very appealing -- especially seeing that I also want to buy the Gamemastery Guide and the Bestiary books with my purchase of the Core book. So any money I save helps.

Thanks for the response. I just may take the plunge ;)

I've been hearing mix results. I guess it depends on the warehouse. I'm not sure if I should take the risk. Thanks for posting.

Just wondering if anyone has recently purchased the PRPG core rulebook and which printing you received. I know earlier this year it was still the 4th printing, so before purchasing it I wanted to know if they finally started shipping the new one.

It's so much cheaper there I'd like to purchase it. But alas I want the recent printing so I don't have to shuffle through the errata. Thanks in advance.