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Dustin Ashe's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 765 posts (766 including aliases). 4 reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 1 Pathfinder Society character. 1 alias.

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Near Essential to run Brinewall Legacy


There's a gaping hole in the middle of Jade Regent's Brinewall Legacy. I suppose you could fill it with random monster encounters so PCs have leveled enough to survive Brinewall Castle. Or you could buy this excellent plug-in, seeded with plot-relevant encounters and interesting characters and scenarios.

The villain at the end is an odd one and a can't match the paranoia my PCs felt about him when they first started hearing his name. There were a few editing issues as well and the artwork varies between good and silly.

But more importantly, some of the most memorable scenes from our early days of Jade Regent came from this plug-in, not to mention the story seeds that drive PCs onward. Would recommend. Would buy it all over again.

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Best PF Module I've Run



This one is a lot of fun to play. That is, it's fun if you're into the backwoods creepy variety. I had more fun as a DM running this module than just about anything else I've run. Plenty of golden roleplaying moments, like the town festival, the boy searching for his missing giant mosquito, the simple weaver woman who's really a [redacted]. By the end, none of my players knew who to trust. In fact, that mistrust encouraged roleplaying as they put together clues to true to figure out exactly what was wrong with Ravenmoor.

The final scene is a lot of fun and quite challenging to boot.

As a testament to its memorability, my players still crack up whenever anybody calls out with backwoods twang, 'Applesauce!'

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Favorite Player Companion to date


I bought the PDF a while back and opened it again last night just to refresh my memory. There is a lot crammed into this very compact volume and at almost every page I think, 'oh, hey, that's cool.'

Just one example is the familiar and animal companion archetypes. They're the logical next step in archetypes but the type I might not necessarily have thought of. At last we can customize what otherwise is a very generic animal ally. The Mad Dog barbarian archetype is another flavorful, of-course! option. Why wouldn't we have companions who rage alongside their masters?

Everything is flavorful, organized, options-heavy, and superbly illustrated (I especially love the cover art). This one is a keeper.

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Hit the sweet spot


I don't quite know what it is but this is one of my favorite Paizo products to date. Maybe it's the way the book is organized with each race with its own section. Maybe it's the swappable racial traits akin to class archetypes. Maybe it's the artwork, showing two to three examples of each race to demonstrate the variety within each species. Maybe it's the archetypes, favored class bonus options, notes on society and appearance, spells, feats. It just felt like icing on the cake to include a race builder at the end.

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