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DungeonmasterCal's page

2,662 posts (2,684 including aliases). 10 reviews. 3 lists. 1 wishlist. 7 aliases.


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snickersimba wrote:
I try to bring food for everyone, my gran bakes lots, but everyone at the table has food already, that doesn't stop me from offering! Note to self:mail cal four boxes of homeade sweets

Perks up.

Whatever the people bring for themselves. It tends to be the same for most of them, though sometimes they stop at a fast food place on the way. One guy always brings hickory smoked peanuts in the shell for me, so I can always rely on that.. lol.

We only occasionally order a pizza. I have to really, really watch my budget so I'm seldom able pitch in, nor do I mooch off them. I usually eat before the game and snack on the peanuts throughout.

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jemstone wrote:


Ha ha!









I LOVE that cartoon.

Orthos wrote:
Tiny fey pranksters. They don't mean harm or anything, but they're bored. And they can fly, become invisible for free, and have tricksy magic.

I've used that one a few times.

Huh! Good Gawd!

I'm Hiding In Your Closet wrote:
A little toy gallows with a box of Scrabble-like wooden letters beneath it; if a PC investigates, they find themselves inextricably transfixed into playing a game of hangman; you then actually play hangman with them - if the PC wins, they get an awesome reward, and if they lose, they turn into a little wooden figurine of themselves hanging from the little gallows.

I just stole the hell out of this.

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A portal to the Plane Where All Lost Things Go, a strange dimension where loose change, lost car keys, and the missing socks that disappear in the dryer fall from the sky.

2e game; The good guys are besieged in a small, abandoned fortress by an army of gnolls. Finding a crate of some sort of highly volatile liquid, they devise a plan to use arrows to shoot the small vials of the explosive at the gnolls in an effort to make them think they have a high level mage among them.

Affixing the first vial to an arrow, the Ranger draws back and...rolls a 1. The vial falls into the crate, exploding and killing half the party as well as creating a breach in the wall. The remaining heroes manage to escape via a secret passage in the nick of time. But no thanks to the Ranger.

Are asploded weenies made in microwave ovens?

Traskus wrote:

Questions for the curious:

Question #1:
The Present does not interest me,
only of the past I write.
Stony words they claw in me,
I fill the young with fright
Look at me and feel sad,
Then slowly turn your head
Well meet again when times are bad
I'll crown you when you're dead.

** spoiler omitted **

Question #2:
The commonest of soldiers found where rival armies meet;
He'll charge or hold the line, and never will retreat.

** spoiler omitted **


I just stole these (runs away, laughing maniacally)

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Early 3.0 Campaign:

The party (a motley lot of non-good alignments, save for one guy) had been interrogating a captured Lizardman and were getting nowhere with him, so they decided to let him think about things overnight before they executed him the next day.

The only good aligned member of the party, the Cleric, taking a measure of pity on him, wanted to use Alchemy to create a drink that would help calm him and deaden the pain of the upcoming execution. I made the roll and failed miserably. So, because of my roll (the result of which I kept secret) the Lizardman died a horrible twitching and foaming death by poison instead. The Cleric picked up the nicknames "Pastor of Disaster" and "The Sinister Minister", despite his protests that he was only trying to help.

I'd like to see an Ultimate Equipment reissue with better art, especially for the illustrations of weapons. Some of that stuff is pure crap. I know it won't happen, but a guy can dream.

I don't have a cat. :(

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And the character was still a BABY when he did all this. Wow.. just.. wow.

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In the 80s my brother played a lot of Dwarves and they all spoke with a faux Scottish accent. When LoTR hit the theaters we looked at each other and said, "Wow! Who knew?"

A friend played an animated hand in TORG named Dexter.

A Star Wars character I rolled up named "Sibayshus Sist".

And cool Arkansas mornings!

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"Weeboo"? Gawd, I'm old. You kids today with your clothes and your music and your fuzzy people...

I think the GM was totally in the right to do this. Not harsh at all. I'd have done it, anyway.

I completely forgot I posted this.

Urban adventures are the toughest for me by far.

Taliesin Hoyle wrote:

"My character is a beautiful blonde with big t@@&.

.She's a lesbian."

If this player is a woman, does her first name start with a "D"? If so, I probably dated her in the 80s. Her character description fits every character she ever rolled up.

This link might help

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Succubi orgy.

Even as a 30 year veteran of D&D some of its iterations I'm still not a human rule book or even a rules lawyer. I have a good handle on most anything (though some spells or feats still have to be referenced) and my players are about the same. But since my players and I have been together for nearly as long as I've been playing it's not a hassle for us. If I were to join a new group of players it might be, I guess.

Mythic Evil Lincoln wrote:
GM: "I knew you were going to do this, so I also prepped the minotaur labyrinth. *throws cultist shrine notes over shoulder revealing minotaur labyrinth notes* "PROCEED."

I could sure have used this insight a few weeks ago when my carefully planned adventure was thrown out the window by the players who wanted to do something completely different instead. I used to be able to wing adventures right and left, but no more. I managed to give them a decent game, but by gosh from now on I'm having a backup.

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Wow, I have nothing to add except that it's refreshing to see a thread that is NOT bashing the ACG.

Scythia wrote:
if face to face isn't possible, I'd prefer not to game at all.

I'm the same way. I've tried it a couple of times but just didn't enjoy it (partly because of my Luddite ways). But I greatly prefer face to face for a variety of reasons. I've been invited to play in a roll20 5e game, and I agreed to give it a try. But that was 3 weeks ago and I've yet to hear a word from the guy who invited me.

Just create the spell gem shape.

I think it's pretty good.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

I'm the one who derails most of our games with useless banter.. lol. I need to stop that.

3 people marked this as a favorite.

I've run both, and I much prefer the heroic gaming style. I love the reckless, daring acts, the close calls, the edge of your seat brushes with death. Man, that's fun stuff.

Mine arrived day earlier this week. Very grateful to Mr. Geddes!

Mark Hoover wrote:
I never really did fit into the game though and the campaign ended prematurely. Still one of my own personal faves though.

That's absolutely brilliant.

I get the reference... lol.. Still you have to give the guy credit for trying!

Ah...Gamma World.

Hmm...turns out I've been running sandbox games my whole GMing career..

You let someone else use them. If they roll well for them, snatch your dice back before the luck evaporates.

Minor derail, but what exactly is a "sandbox adventure"?

anlashok wrote:
Simon Legrande wrote:

It always warms the heart to see the community gather together and tell one person how they're playing wrong. Good job, guys!
Heaven forbid someone have a different opinion I guess.

Differing opinions are fine, but telling someone they're playing wrong? I think that crosses a line. But then again, that's just my opinion.

Auxmalous makes some very good points. I really can't think how I could have said anything better.

And like him, Game Management, even after all these years, is still my weak point.

Malwing wrote:
In a western I'd play a bard as an archeologist or a guy with a red and white striped shirt, handlebar mustache and straw hat that sings like Tom Lehrar and sells you snake oil for a night with your daughters. probably perform oratory to get my enemies to mess up rather than raise the spirits of my team mates.

Tom Lehrar for the win!

I do my best to encourage my players to choose from a wide variety of classes, both Pathfinder and 3PP. The only ones I've found that just don't have a place in my homebrew setting are Samurai, Ninjas, Gunslingers, and Dragonriders.

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Dragnmoon wrote:

I'm sure there are a few of you out there...

I can't stand any back story that includes coming through a portal from a different setting... That drives me nuts for some odd reason.

Same here. I spend a lot of time creating a homebrew setting that I hope is interesting enough for players to want to "be from" rather than some other place. I do allow portals from one place in my homebrew to another, but not other worlds or dimensions.

In the 20something group I GM for there are only a couple of players who get that Diplomacy is more than just a number on a character sheet. The others try to just, and this is a quote, "I try to Diplomacy him".

I guess I'm out of some loop. Geek Girl vs Fake Geek Girl? If this is a taboo topic just delete my entry here.

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Mark Hoover wrote:
Needless to say I constantly wondered why this guy sat down to play a "Fantasy RPG" if he disliked both pretending in fantasies and RP.

He did it to meet women..

Weirdo wrote:
DungeonmasterCal wrote:

"Gorram purple prose"?

Not computing.


purple prose

Purple Prose I got. Never heard of "gorram", but then I didn't watch "Firefly".

"Gorram purple prose"?

Not computing.

Mine arrived today, in perfect condition. Thanks, Steve!

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