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DungeonmasterCal's page

7,240 posts (7,309 including aliases). 14 reviews. 3 lists. 1 wishlist. 8 aliases.


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Your character? Hell, I'd have laughed and peed myself in person.

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Kileanna wrote:

*Comes back and finds Rysky still patting, that's patience*

Nigel Uth Berner, former knight of Solamnia, now best known as The Man in Steel and Ice.

That's really great!

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Chuck Mount wrote:
I must be getting old. What's rocket tag?

I'm glad you asked that question. I didn't know either. Kids and their new fangled way of talking. GET OFF MY LAWN! (throws d20s at them)

Vidmaster7 wrote:

This didn't happen to my group specifically but was told to me.

Basically the whole party thought a sphere of annihilation was a portal. TPK.

Guilty. I lost a paladin that way.

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This popped up in my son's Facebook Memories window this morning. It was from a game I ran him and some of his friends on in 2013. The player, who can a really, really funny guy because he just blurts out the first thing that pops into his head, was the PC.

NPC: "What of the warlord's enforcer? He strikes without being seen."
My son's friend: "I strike without seeing."

I kinda doubted they would... LOL

Thanks for the information!

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Well, poop.

That is AWESOME!

If you could hold of that creature's stats from your GM it would be an incredible creature to run on my Halloween game!

I guess it's different with my group. We've been together decades, so mutual feelings that everyone should have fun is just natural for us.

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GMs are not trained monkeys for your amusement. I disagree with a lot of what's been posted. As I said before, the GM should have a good time, and the players should aid in this. Helping us have a good time includes knowing what your character can do at the level it's at, having at least a decent handle on the rules, be prepared when it's your turn rather than make people wait while you decide what your character is going to do, along with a list of other things.

Sure, it's the GM's job to see that the players are having fun. But given the amount of prep work a lot of GMs put into their adventures (especially homebrewers) the players should make sure he or she is having fun, as well.

In fact, I sent out an email to all of my players (including the ones who don't get to be here often) about this, and they unanimously agreed that the GM should be having fun, as well. Otherwise the whole game suffers.

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You need to be punished for that.

The only place I find it is in the Martial Traditions section under the Lens Maker Society. I may have overlooked it, but certain Martial Traditions favor one Discipline over the others. So the character you want to play may possibly have to be a member of that Martial Tradition. I personally don't enforce that rule, allowing all disciplines to be available to my players, but that's just me.

Lens Maker Society

Be careful to not overdo it! Get some rest before updates!

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Purple Dragon Knight wrote:
My most sincere albeit belated sympathies. Speed of the Bunny!

Belated or not, thank you very much!

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I'm generally against using dinosaurs in my games, but this is great! - classic metal and hard rock

Making a greater version of the spell is actually a pretty good idea.

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Didn't earlier editions of the game allow you to pull the rope up into the extra dimensional space? Or am I hallucinating that?

I generally have a good time, and I think my players know it. I did have to tell a player to be quiet and me have my moment once while describing a scene when he said, "This is taking too long. Hurry up". Sure, I can be a little wordy when describing something, but it's usually because something important is in the works. But I looked at him and said, "It's my game, too, you know. If I'm not having fun, then you're not having fun. And if you're having fun you can leave." He stayed, but I could tell he wasn't really thrilled with the exchange.

But players should be considerate of whether or not the GM is enjoying him/herself. I'm just not always sure they are.

Excellent! Thanks, folks!

Am I just making this up or what? I seem to recall a rule that magic weapons of a certain bonus to hit can act as a special weapon vs creatures that have DR against everything except a certain weapon enhancement. For example, I *think* I recall seeing that a +2 weapon is the equivalent of a silver weapon for overcoming a werewolf's DR. Help me, Paizonians! You're my only hope!

Hurray for Wilbur!!!

Wheldrake wrote:

Illusion! Heh!

Like preparing a nice little dungeon, but waiting to actually place it in the wilderness until the PCs decide where they're going. Or having them meet a given NPC in a place convenient to the flow of the evening session, rather than not having them meet the key NPC just because they didn't go to the place you'd intended him to be lurking. Or having an ingenious trap that could potentially be in several different corridors.

Would that make it Schrödinger's trap?

I do this all the time, and in nearly every game. We've always joked that my players usually ignore options A, B, or C and choose option Q instead. So if they don't go where I expect them to, I just move the encounters I really want them to have to Q. And they never know that I've done it.

Yeah, true. In a 2e campaign there was one tavern, and only one (they had an exclusive deal with a local Dwarven community to sell their ale) that was called "Tuja". In Common it meant "Mule Piss". Non Dwarves had to make a saving throw vs poison the first time they drank it to not get totally drunk off their gourds.

Patrick Curtin wrote:
My pooch is at the vets for the day. I try not to worry, but it is hard.

I know precisely what you mean. I'd be worried, too.

Awesome. For years we had an inn called "The Sandy Jackboot" somewhere in every game we played, from AD&D to TORG.

The trick is to mix the two. I think I'm pretty good at that. At least my players say so, so my ego demands I believe it.


Used to play TORG with a guy who only ran the modules. If we went off track (or off script, as he called it) he would just vapor lock and shut down, unable to think on his feet and we'd have to make ourselves give up on what might have been an interesting side quest.

I completely agree.

Oh no! I hope and pray things turn out well!

Rawr! wrote:
There’s no escaping the CR 16 Ineluctable Quarryhound

I like it a lot, though the name reminds me of the titles of 2e Forgotten Realms spells. Personally, I think "Quarryhound" alone works. But aside from my minor quibble, it's a great monster!

Those sound wonderful.

Drejk wrote:
Also, I am out of kotlets and sznycels my mother made when she was visiting. I have to actually cook something! *gasp*

What are kotlets and sznycels? I love to try new food.

Naps are good.

And welcome back! I hope things are going ok!

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Heh... pretty cool.

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Thomas Seitz wrote:
No new horror can be more terrible than the daily torture of never having cake.

My sweet tooth has been nagging at me all day and you mention cake! How dare you! AAAGGGHHH!!

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Yeah, he does good work!

Klorox wrote:
He said, to go for warlock because psionics are so self centered there's no way to send them adventuring...

That's the dumbest thing I've heard today. But, it's only noon here so there's still time to top it.

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Yeah, central Arkansas is a bit of a stretch even for avid gamers.. lol. But thanks for the thought!

Oh, I see. I'm in the opposite place. I'm the GM ALL the time except for about 3, maybe 4 times a year when one of my group gets the urge to run a one off Call of Cthulhu d20/Vampire: The Masquerade mashup. It's fun, but it's not enough. I want to be a player in a game pretty badly. But my anxiety issues keep me from going to one of the FLGS' in and around my home town to try and join something. Plus I can't trust my dogs to be alone for very long before the start destroying stuff... lol. If someone in my group would run PF I'd be in at least 6 of the 7 heavens.

Thomas Seitz wrote:
Game shops and I live in a college town. Sadly it's a very disjointed thing here in Morgantown...

That's too bad. I hate that you can't find a group in a place that should be a good environment for gaming.

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Thomas Seitz wrote:
I can't help you with that John but I can say I'm sorry about your brother.

I echo Thomas' sentiments about your brother, but I suggest you go. You're not dishonoring his memory by going and doing something you enjoy. He still lives in your heart. At least that's how I see it.

Oh. No colleges or game shops within a short drive?

LOL...nah. I can see black bikinis anywhere.

Thomas Seitz wrote:
I wish I was running some games....

Are you in a place where players are scarce and hard to find?

I think it's always been the strength of her convictions and willingness to answer the call to duty.

In fact, just listen to several of 2 Steps' tracks. So many are very heroic and epic it's hard to choose sometimes.

Did I really? Dang. I really didn't remember it.

And I didn't think of Cavalier. That's a good choice, though I can also see a Paladin sacrificing herself for the greater good. In fact I had a player who did the very thing once while playing a Paladin. Died holding back a horde of giant spiders in a flaming temple to Lolth back in the 2e days.

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