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DungeonmasterCal's page

3,143 posts (3,167 including aliases). 10 reviews. 3 lists. 1 wishlist. 8 aliases.


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Well, we got started 2 hours late and for reasons they couldn't avoid half the players had to bow out at the last minute, but the remaining three and I did have a good time. I really thought about cancelling because of the lateness and suddenly smaller party, but I managed to shuffle things around so the encounters were less deadly to a smaller group and we had a good time. At some point we all reverted to the fifth grade because of a derail about poop and testicles (my sides still ache) so things worked out fine.

Thanks for the good vibes!! (And no, we were listening to 2 Steps From Hell, instead!... lol)

Thanks, Hama. I think storytelling may be the reason I love this game the most.

Whew...some of you know I suffer from pretty severe anxiety attacks and today has seen one coming and going all day. I have a game to GM tonight (our first get together since the first week of January) and I could use some positive vibes.

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All this brings me closer and closer to creating a "Land of Death" in my homebrew. So close..

I sometimes let a player rebuild his character after the first session, sometimes two if it's just not exactly what he had mapped out. I don't do it often, though.

Ivan Rûski wrote:
It should also be noted that I'm not a big fan of supremely intelligent dragons or spellcasting dragons either, so take that as you will. They're already flying death machines that breathe fire or acid or what have you and have scales as strong as/stronger than steel. Spellcasting is overkill.

Do you remove the spellcasting? If so, how does this affect CR?

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I also give players max hitpoints for levels one and two before rolling the rest normally.

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I'm Hiding In Your Closet wrote:
DungeonmasterCal wrote:
I give all classes that receive only 2 Skill Points 4.
I was thinking they could do the same with skill points that they did with Hit Dice, bumping all classes up by 2 (I'd prefer that to upping the bottom level alone).

I've given that some serious thought. I may do it, now. I'm a big fan of skills and using them in game.

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I give all classes that receive only 2 Skill Points 4.

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I've always tried to maintain that they are extremely rare and their appearance is wondrous or disastrous depending on the type. In 30 years of game mastering I've probably thrown less than a dozen dragons at my players.

In another thread someone said they only have one representative dragon of the chromatic and metallic "true" dragons, using drakes and wyverns as more common encounters. I really like this idea, and think I'll adopt it for my homebrew. The 10 classic dragons are near mythical and haven't been seen in centuries. No one knows if they even truly exist anymore or if they do, where they are or what their agendas are.

So how do you treat dragons in your campaigns? Are they common or rare? Do they interact with the lesser races, either benignly or malignantly? What are their agendas, if any? I'd love to hear about them.

I'll say. They stink on ice!

Here's mine:

I ran a 10 year long 2e campaign that ended in 2000. One of the major characters was my friend Tam's ranger, Diana Brownsparrow. Her backstory included leaving her homeland to escape her abusive lover, another ranger.

At one point I ran a couple of adventures where he showed up and joined the party. The roleplaying was awesome between her and "him". But soon he showed his true colors and turned on her again, so she told him to leave under threat of death.

A year later (in real time) I'd run a few adventures that made them think he was somewhere still around. Sure enough he was, as he showed up in the nick of time to save Diana and the rest of the group from a pack of ghouls. He sacrificed his life so they could escape.

6 more real time months go by, with lots of gaming. At the end of a particularly harrowing adventure, they faced off against a wight, who they discovered was her former lover. He told her he that, "I swore I would love you until I die, and now we'll be together forever!" He attacked, and after a really good combat segment, she killed him for good. Tam, the ranger's player, actually broke down and cried because she was imagining the emotional agony Diana would be going through after it was all over.

Yeah. Pretty proud of that one.

There are no moose walking the streets in SD. At least, I assume so.

Gloves of Storing, maybe?

The Magus and archetypes, I think. And traits.

I edited mine, hopefully making it clearer. I'm in a pretty frazzled state of mind at the moment; not much is making sense.. lol

I've always felt that I was pretty much squarely in the Neutral Good territory. I can be pretty curmudgeonly, too, but genuinely try to be a nice guy whenever possible. Laws and rules are there for a reason, but they need to be flexible enough to even be broken sometimes.

I never really thought about what your alignment might be. The impressions I always get from Green Tea Gamer's posts are that he's a pretty thoughtful and intelligent person, probably leaning toward a more neutral with good tendencies.

I'm afraid I'm not that familiar with Bookrat's posts to make a guess.

I have no idea what people think of me. I rarely contribute much to a conversation aside from a silly comment, though I do try to make sense when I need to.

And the session ended early and we all went for Chinese.. wait..that's what happens when my players outwit me...

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I grew up on a farm and have seen the domestic turkey hens fly short distances and roost in low branches. I've never seen a tom (male) fly, though.

I meant to add this earlier, but the phone rang and I was taken away for awhile. The only problem I see with the 3PP Priest from Adamant Entertainment is it might be *too* spell heavy. Then, allowing for spontaneous casting of either domain or cure/harm spells and light armor makes it pretty iffy regarding it's power curve, at least to me. I'm not a numbers guy, so I might be totally off in this, but that's how it "feels" to me.

Faron Reedbottom wrote:
I'm just getting back into PnP RPG's after about a 15-year hiatus, and the rogue bashing seems weird to me. Seems like every other thread I read has someone claim "rogues suck" or some variation thereof, and everyone just kind of nods sagely as if simply staying the obvious. Do adventuring parties not need a "face" guy anymore? Are adventures so combat-focused now that there's no room for a technical guy? I don't see much in the way of published material, but is adventure design that different now?

Like you, I don't get the rogue hate. I'm not a number cruncher and never have been, but that seems to be where the dislike comes from. I play for fun and the cool factor. I just don't get it. As far as party faces go I think most go with a paladin, sorcerer, or bard for that these days. At least that's the impression I get.

1. The Asopao looks good to me.

2. I'd order because I love good gumbo and I'd be curious to try a new take on it.

3. I think I'd be least likely to order the Pollo Guisado

4. It doesn't seem exotic enough. When I try a new restaurant I like something that's a little familiar at first (the gumbo) but still interesting. This would seem to me to be a bit plain.

Azten wrote:
It doesn't have the Wis AC, but there is a third party Priest that's pretty good.

I think this is a great class. One of my "occasional" players has one when she gets a chance to sit in on my games.

I didn't know they even made this movie.

A system for creating classes like the one they use for creating races.

Though no one has ever played a Gnome in my homebrew, I did alter the fluff for them just a tad by replacing the Defensive Training and Hatred traits with the Eternal Hope trait.

The players have yet to explore any tropical regions and find any Elves for that to come up (whew! Quick thinking, Cal!)

Seriously, in my the fluff I wrote

"There are no physical changes from those found in the Core Rulebook, with two exceptions; in spring their eyes are a brilliant green, summer a deep blue, autumn golden, and in winter dark grey. Most believe this is somehow tied to whatever faraway land they originated in, as the changes occur even to Elves who live in regions where there is little to no seasonal difference."

The other exception is they don't have ridiculously long donkey like ears that many illustrators like to tack on to the sides of their heads.

After trying to write for 35 years, I've come to the conclusion that while I may be good at it (and people have told me I am) my writer's block is because I hate it. I'll never write the novel or short stories in my head because I have such a hard time making myself enjoy writing them.

Like Artemis, I can sit down with a million ideas and in 5 minutes I've walked away with a headache and a bad disposition. I used to long hand write elaborate back grounds for my adventures, but as I get older I find I dislike that more and more. Now, my adventure notes are about a page if that much and computer printed copies of the monsters and major NPCs and bad guys.

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The only fluff I added to the "standard" Elf description in PF is their eyes change color with the seasons; blue for summer, golden or brown for fall, grey for winter, and green for spring.

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Freehold DM wrote:
I love sex in game.

I don't allow it, except to handwave it and fade to black. The last thing I want to hear is two players in their mid 40s who've collectively had 1 date between them (I'm not kidding) ask me to describe how the hooker is gettin' it on with them.


Using as my info, I noticed that the The Black Seraph Discipline isn't listed as available to any of the three classes. Personally, I think it would be a good choice for the Stalker class, but what about the others?

I have a guy that only plays unarmed fighter types; Monk, Pugilist (3PP class), etc. His last three characters were pretty much all the same.

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My son again - (I only have the one child) - was playing with the adults one night when he was about 9 or 10. Granted, by now he knew about the birds and the bees but not all the terminology. Just as the BBEG fight starts, his mom calls and wants to talk to him. I tell him to hurry because we're at the climax of the game. He takes the phone and says, "Can't talk now. We're climaxing!". Cue dead silence among the players for about 2 seconds before everyone collapses in hysterics. His mom then has to explain to him what he said could mean.

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I at first read that as "flawless fish".

I really need to clean my glasses from time to time...

That made my whole day.

Coltron wrote:

This is my Girlfriend, My Girlfriends Amazing

deusvult wrote:
6. Flumph Skates. (one for each foot)

Beaten to the punch.

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DM Under The Bridge wrote:
DungeonmasterCal wrote:
I treat Centaurs as my equivalent to the Mongol hordes.

I did the same!

It makes them much cooler, and a very serious threat. For you:

Awesome pic! Thanks!

I remember the first time the PCs encountered them. They were told to be wary of the bands of "horsemen" on the plains they had to cross. They never suspected they would encounter "horse men". I was pelted with dice and garbage for that little pun.. lol

DM Under The Bridge wrote:
DungeonmasterCal wrote:
I made Half Orcs a full race of their own, as Orcs and Humans don't interbreed in my setting. Nor are they green. They are modeled after a Human ancestor, Homo heidelbergensis.
Cool, did they get past handaxe tech? How do they culturally compare to the humans?

They use "modern" metal weapons, usually bartered for or taken in battle from fallen foes, and some tribes have mastered metallurgy, having learned it from other races. The more remote tribes can and do still make stone tools.

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I treat Centaurs as my equivalent to the Mongol hordes.

I suffer from depression as well, and it's cost me my last job (2007), dignity, and friends. Like a lot of people I may have a novel in me, but I am utterly unable to write it.

I don't want to take away from your thread with my own problems, but if you need someone to talk with who understands feel free to email me here.


Similar to Mark, I have tons of small binders with different things in each. Alternate rules from 3PPs, stock NPCs I can draw from, and for things like the house rules I simply print them out and give them to the players. I have a Google drive chock full of gaming goodness, and like Obsidian Portal and Yahoo! Groups before that setting it up was a waste of time because no one uses it.

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I began playing Hobgoblins like that back in the 80s and the theme just stayed true all the way to today.

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I made Half Orcs a full race of their own, as Orcs and Humans don't interbreed in my setting. Nor are they green. They are modeled after a Human ancestor, Homo heidelbergensis.

Ok. Thanks!

Right, I got that. But could the poison be neutralized before the next save is called for with a Cure spell? For instance, the fork tailed wyvern does 1d6+5 points of damage with the sting, which would be healed by a Cure spell. The poison last 6 rounds and requires 2 consecutive saves. Would the Cure spell eliminated the need for the second save?

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I use Google Drive, though my players don't seem to get that they can access it, too. No matter how many times I tell them. So I just have to print stuff out and hand it to them the old fashioned way. Or scream at them in a scarcely coherent tone.

So, this is something I should know the answer to but it escapes me at the moment. A Cure (insert type here) doesn't neutralize poison, just heals the damage the bite or sting does, correct?

Thanks, everyone!

Sushi is good for that.

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