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DungeonmasterCal's page

4,461 posts (4,525 including aliases). 12 reviews. 3 lists. 1 wishlist. 8 aliases.


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Generally I start my campaigns at level 3, to reflect some experience in the adventuring world and to give the players a slight edge. I did, however, start my current city based campaign at level 1 and most of the players are nearly level 13 now, with everyone committed to going all the way to 20th.

I love playing martial characters. I don't find them boring at all. Being on the front lines in combat is exciting to me and knowing that my death could come at any time makes the combat scenes far more interesting.

Excellent. Thank you!

Here's the part that's concerning my player, who uses a light crossbow:

"Benefit: The time required for you to reload your chosen type of weapon is reduced to a free action (for a hand or light crossbow)..."

Does this mean she gets to load and fire the number of Iterative Attacks allowed at her level (2 at the moment) or simply reload the crossbow then make a full move to reposition herself for her next shot?

Heh, that's true! Thanks!

Ok, here's another question. If a divine spellcaster begins to follow the Mythic hero, does he or she have to give up the former deity followed, or does the Mythic hero's spells and domains simply stack with the old ones?

Ok, here's my take on the Revised Trickster. I even edited my original review with the following text.

The Trickster (Revised)

Ok, at first glance I didn't care for it that much (but I was on painkillers for a bad knee at the moment). I've had a chance to read it over again and I like pretty much everything they've done, with the exception of cutting back Skill Points to 4 per level. I love Skills and having my players use them, so I'll probably house rule it that they still get 6. The new Shadow Forte is a good addition, and the Dual Forte Archetype is a nice addition.

Changing the magic schools to exclude Evocation and Necromancy is something I'm on the fence about. I personally think the Trickster should be able to choose which two schools he excludes himself, but it's a minor quibble and one I'm sure won't be shared by everyone who uses the revised version.

Overall I like the revisions, and it may be the one I offer any players who might like to give the class a try. And like I said, I like skilly characters, so I may keep the 6 per level option from the original version. Good job Marc and Kobold Press!

The text for this ability reads:

"You can grant divine spells to those who follow your cause, allowing them to select you as their deity for the purposes of determining their spells and domains. Select two domains upon taking this ability. These domains must be alignment domains matching your alignment if possible, unless your alignment is neutral. You grant access to these domains as if you were a deity. Creatures that gain spells from you don't receive any spells per day of levels higher than your tier; they lose those spell slots. In addition, you can cast spells from domains you grant as long as their level is equal to or less than your tier. Each day as a spell-like ability, you can cast one spell of each level equal to or less than your tier (selecting from those available to you from your divine source domains). If you're a cleric or you venerate a deity, you may change your spell domains to those you grant others. At 6th tier and 9th tier, you can select this ability again, adding one domain and two subdomains to your list each time and adding their spells to the list of those that you can cast."

I'm assuming only a divine caster can cast spells granted by the user of this ability. What do you guys think?

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I never liked their cover of "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida". Of course, not being a Slayer fan probably has something to do with that. Though I do love me some Iron Butterfly.

Most of my RPG writing is done on sketched out notes and half filled pages. I rarely write long game works now. My writing problems stem from the fact that despite everyone telling me I could write great fiction, I've discovered that after 40 years of trying to write things (I'm 52) I hate writing. It could be my own Clinical Depression or something else, but while I DO think I'm a fairly good fiction writer, I just can't stand the process so I get about 6 pages into something and quit.

The "Stormcrow" album by Cain's Offering.

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Thanks for your service. Now game on!

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I miss beer. sigh...

The Pathfinder Forums on Paizo, The Pathfinder Forum on Reddit, and Kobold Press' website. Before D&D 4e and before I discovered Pathfinder I was on ENWorld a lot, too.

A Post Modern Jukebox playlist I put together on Youtube.

I wish all questions were this easy to answer. :)

Irontruth wrote:
Krensky wrote:
Each side rolled once per round, and there were no modifiers and combat in earlier editions was significantly faster.
The major reason combat was faster pre-3.0, there wasn't a tactical grid. The grid is the biggest time sink in combat. And it's not just the physical presence of the gird, but all the rules associated with it. Back in the day you might count, but often as not you just "eyeballed" it and the DM would say "yeah, you can make it that far" or "no, he's just out of reach".

Theater of the mind. That's how we still roll.

It's not something we worry about. My players might declare and action and then I tell them to roll initiative or they might declare it after. It doesn't matter to us.

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I would rule that if the druid had never seen a polar bear, terror bird, or megaraptor he couldn't change into one. Now if the druid was from a region where these existed, they'd definitely be on the list. It's a houserule, but one I stick by.

2. I only get to play about once every 3 weeks, so most of my time is spent in pleasant solitude.

A Youtube playlist I created of 70s soft rock. Currently "Chevy Van" is playing. Reminds me of being an early teen and just discovering music. I quickly progressed to heavier stuff, but these songs are special to me.

A friend of mine got to meet her at the Dallas Comic Expo (or whatever it was called) a couple of weeks back and she said her people were in talks with another network about the possibility of picking up "Agent Carter" as a series. And the hoopla about her opinion on Cap kissing her niece was just that, hoopla. She laughed about it during the Q&A session. The media made it seem like she was really upset about it, when she thought it was actually kinda funny.

Virtually nothing. There aren't any classes that can craft anything magical except for the Bard, and it honestly would never occur to the player to do so.

My Post Modern Jukebox playlist on Youtube.

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The weight of a standard gold bar is 27.33732 pounds. However, gold is one of the most malleable of metals, and you can have gold plated armor by having gold hammered and shaped over your regular plate for significantly less weight.

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DrainSTH's album "Horror Wrestling".

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captain yesterday wrote:
Do people here not have internet. Certainly I'm not the only cow tipping cheese drinker. Am I?

The cheese drinker stands alone.

You have to use the hallway chase scenes where they're being pursued and the different parties come out different doors each time they exit a room.

In fits and starts. I don't have the capacity to absorb and retain information like I once did, so I often have to read and re-read some sections to get the information from them.

This is only distantly related to the original post, but I have one player who Skypes in for sessions because she moved away for work. I run the audio through my home theater system. We tend to get pretty noisy when we play, and this way everyone can hear her contributions, as opposed to using the tinny laptop (yes, now I have a laptop) speakers.

It's a beautiful weapon though.

LizardMage wrote:

I like them all. As a GM I very it up, even the most serious of adventures can have some levity every now and then. Plus, it keeps things fresh.

As a player, all are equally fun.

I echo LizardMage's thoughts. I like to GM and play in every such scenarios. Right now in my campaign things are taking a dark turn but someone in the party will inevitably do something hilarious at just the right moment to boost party morale and break the tension in the room when things are at their darkest.

Dang it. I've been wanting something like this and I spent the last of my money on something frivolous today. Groceries.

I have a player notorious for not updating his character sheets. He's been as much as 2 levels behind before and no one knew it.

We've used different candies for the same purpose at times over the years.

I would hazard a guess that not everyone wants to use .pdfs. I know I don't like them.

Thanks, ya'll. I'm currently working on an adventure I'm calling "The Black Psalms of Azathoth" and a Bronze Giant is one of the obstacles the players will need to overcome.

If a creature has reach, does it get an AoO every round or only the first round of combat before its opponent "gets inside" its reach? I'm having a bad mental health day and things are not computing and I can't focus enough to find the answer.

Thanks in advance.


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Limeylongears wrote:

Read HP Lovecraft or Clark Ashton Smith with an inadequate light source.


This happened to me at a radio station I once worked at. I worked the over night shift and was reading Lovecraft for the first time and a storm knocked out the power. Every creak and bump and moaning of the wind kept me very, very alert.

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I enjoy the silence and darkness. I'm something of a nyctophiliac and love the night and darkness, so it's actually quite relaxing for me. I have LED flashlights at different places in my house, so I just use the cellphone to find and keep one of those handy so that I don't use up cellphone battery lighting the area if necessary.

Bipolar type 2 was described to me as "all of the down, none of the up", so I don't have the manic episodes, just really depressive ones. It's kind of a bummer.

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I suffer from major social anxiety, bipolar depression type 2, and treatment resistant clinical depression. All of this started only a few years ago, and it's made me unable to hold a job (so I draw a gubment check) and do Pathfinder stuff all the time.

I'm ok around my friends (most of the time) but can no longer go to cons or large gatherings. I can manage a concert if I'm so tranked up on Xanax it would stop a rhino, and even going to the movies is hard (usually a lesser dose of Xanax). It helps that at a concert or a movie there is some singular thing to concentrate on, like the band or the movie. But something like a con, with so many people moving about and bumping into me, would send me into either a panic or a rage. There's a small con near my home town in a couple of weeks and I was asked to run a game there, but had to decline. I felt bad turning my friend down but it would really be for the best.

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Have them all wear puffy shirts, a la "Seinfeld"?

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Sorry about his arm! Hope it gets better soon!

Ah, thanks.

I don't even know what E6 is.

Oh my. I have a couple of friends who lost infants due to SIDS. I can't imagine the grief they felt and even still do to this day.

I think it's how they'll tie Supergirl into the same universe as the rest of the CW shows. I'm not sure how, but that's my feeling.

KenderKin wrote:
I read one recently about things to find in an owlbears cave....

I think that was a Raging Swan list.

Use the stuff published by Raging Swan Press. They have list after list after list and at least one or two complete books on what to stuff into a dungeon, forest, old temple, or a dead rogue's pockets for players to find and and add flavor to a plain old dungeon romp.

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