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DungeonmasterCal's page

2,603 posts (2,625 including aliases). 10 reviews. 3 lists. 1 wishlist. 7 aliases.


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equinoxmaster wrote:
the F word was not a bad word until around the 17th century

Lousy ****ing Puritans.

Mark Hoover wrote:
The PCs parted company in the town square and I asked what he was doing; he just shrugged. The other players gave a detailed account of interactions with friends, family and such but this player didn't give me anything. As a result his dwarf just stopped doing anything and stood in the middle of the square for 3 days. He was generally ignored after a while by the townsfolk, exposed to the elements and eventually collapsed from exhaustion.

Mark, you made my day. I know this guy was a problem for you, but I can't stop laughing. I just see him standing outside with pigeon poop on his head until he falls over in a heap.

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Dennis Baker wrote:

I honestly could care less if my character is the most powerful guy at the table. The only question I care about "Is it fun to play?"/QUOTE]

This is exactly the way I look at it. I don't care if the number crunching seems to indicate one class is more or less powerful than another. For me it's about fun and flavor. Play a rogue? Sure! Play an arcanist? You bet! I don't care how under powered some people believe the rogue to be, or how over powered some people think the arcanist to be. I don't give a fig about the math; I play for fun.

I've been playing with some of these guys almost 30 years and we are all good friends, though I don't hang out much with most of them. Before kids and and such we used to organize big movie nights, but now we're doing good to even all get together anymore.

Having said that, we do have a big Christmas party every year, where all those who are able to make it do so. It's the big social event on all our calendars, and while there's no gaming that night, it's always a blast.

I keep up with everyone via telephone, email, and Facebook. I guess those media have cut into our face to face socializing. And Mark, I completely understand the "Hang in there, the game's fine" sorts of responses, if I get one at all. That aggravates me to no end.

It's a howling shame we don't live closer. I'd pay hard money to play in one of your games.

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To Hit vs AC or CMB vs CMD. Pick one. There's no need for both.

Arcanist exploits and Slayer Talents.

I'm currently playing the cleric in one of my games and I've already decided that if she bites the dust I'm going arcanist. That would make three full casters in the party, but hey, you can never blow up enough stuff!

I had a player who was the ship's cook once. He used a cleaver as his weapon, and we treated it like a handaxe.

Thanks. I *thought* that's what it meant, but it just wasn't clicking for me.

I'm having trouble understanding this bit.

"An arcanist casts arcane spells drawn from the sorcerer/wizard spell list. An arcanist must prepare her spells ahead of time, but unlike a wizard, her spells are not expended when they're cast. Instead, she can cast any spell that she has prepared consuming a spell slot of the appropriate level, assuming she hasn't yet used up her spell slots per day for that level."

Perhaps it's because I've been awake 24 hours but for some reason this rule isn't making sense to me. Explain it like you're talking to a 6 year old... lol

There just doesn't seem to be a lot of distributor support for 3PP publications. That really bugs me, because I've tried to get things from my FLGS, too.

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You can find some really decent artists' galleries on

One of my favorites is this guy sinammonite. He concentrates mostly on extinct mammals and dinosaurs, but he does really good work. I populate my homebrew with a lot of extinct mammals as replacement for more modern ones for flavor, and his work inspires a lot of that.

No, a thousand times no.

The Bludgeoner feat will do fine, since unarmed strikes are considered bludgeoning. I guess I forgot this feat existed. Thanks, Lemeres.

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Sniggevert wrote: is kind of hard to skewer someone non-lethally ;)

But if you did it with luv....

I was hoping to be able to use a feat instead of investing in a magic weapon. Looks like I'll be making up a feat later on today.. lol

Is there a feat somewhere that negates this penalty?

I've come dangerously close to not allowing any race but Human in my homebrew setting. And I'm still right on the edge where that is concerned.

Kiraya TiDrekan wrote:

DM: "Make an attack roll."

Most Annoying Player: "What die do I roll for that?"

After playing for several years, this player still can't be bothered to learn how to actually play the game.

I have one of these guys.

As soon as he's introduced to you he starts off on a rant about TSR ripped off his ideas and artwork (never mind that he would've been 8 at the time)and how he actually designed most of the mechs used in Riftwar. Again, he'd have been about 8. I actually encountered this guy in a bookstore many years ago. He also insisted he be called by his "D&D name", the "Black Unicorn".

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But that would make too much sense.

I always try to that very thing, and if I do happen to overlook a damage bonus I just let it slide. The players don't know any different. I just make sure to remember it next time.

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Randarak wrote:
"I do 34 points... No wait... 38 points... No wait... 40 points... No, no... 42. Yea, 42." (you move on) "Wait, I forgot to add the extra damage that my weapon does..."

There's at least one person in every session who does this throughout the game. And it's not always the same guy.

There's a 3PP who's published a book about gargoyles as a playable race, but the name escapes me at the moment. Anyone out there remember what I'm talking about?

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A series of games strung together in a story arc is my preferred method of play, with a fairly equal balance of roleplaying and action. The roleplaying should be focused on the plot, not wandering around buying rope for the next dungeon crawl. That can be handwaved unless absolutely necessary, though players should still have the freedom to develop the personalities and goals of their characters.

I really miss the days when my group could get together every week, or even every two weeks. We would get into some serious roleplaying, character development, and story development. Now we're doing good to gather once a month and our sessions don't last as long as they used to (because we're old) so none of those things really take place anymore. We used to have whole sessions where it was nothing but roleplaying without a single die being cast.

I've begun a weeknight group of early 20 somethings (friends of my son) so they have a lot of enthusiasm that my primary group (we've been at this nearly 30 years) seems to have lost. Up till now these sessions have been rather short as we usually wait for all the players to arrive (some don't get off work until 8 or 9) so our sessions tend to be a bit short for their liking. We're hoping to change that by the next game. I have high hopes for putting some of the stuff I've missed back into the game.

Be just and fear not.

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Lincoln Hills wrote:

DM* says: You see mind flayers.

DM means: You are already dead.

* Technically only DMs, not GMs, are supposed to use these monsters.

Yeah, but with a little tweaking to skills and their powers a GM can slot them into PF. I do. :)

Sorry for the thread necromancy, but I just remembered a story about the first time I met one of the guys in my group. This was about 25 years ago.

We're gathering for our weekly AD&D game and a new guy was brought in by a couple of the other players. He seemed nice enough, a little socially awkward and nerdy (even by our standards). We didn't always order food or get takeout, and this was one of those nights where folks just ate beforehand or brought something of their own. We were probably an hour into the game when New Guy asked if I had anything to eat. I was a bit surprised by this, but I told him all there was in the pantry was a can of corn (that was the truth. I was single and ate out most of the time). He then actually asked if he could have it. Too shocked to think clearly, I poured it into a bowl and microwaved it and he ate it. A regular can of corn.

Today he's one of my best friends and a staunch attendee of our games. He still has some quirks like this (like an uncanny ability to show up after the pizza has been delivered and the cost divvied up), but he's a pretty good guy.

There were some really outrageous creature "designs" in the Cambrian Explosion.

But the title of a book or movie isn't a personal name, yet it's capitalized. Perhaps it's personal bias, but it bugs the snot out of me. Hence, I capitalize.. lol

This has bugged me for nearly 30 years. It goes against everything I was taught about writing a proper name for something.

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Occult Adventures is the only one that holds any interest for me. I look forward to this one quite a bit.

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My gaming dollars are precious and few. I wouldn't invest in a 2.0 at all. I'd just keep the current iteration and continue to use it until I'm in the Old Gamers Home.

Spooky music played in the background helps. Also describe flickering shadows and figures in their peripheral vision (nothing's there, of course, but it'll keep them on their toes and demanding Perception checks).

From the barbarian/druid in my game last night: "For the trees!"

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1. I love that my hospital stay for chest pains turned out fine.
2. I love that I have many, many friends who offered prayers, good vibes, and phone calls to check on me.

FYI, there's already another thread here with battle cries.

I'd hazard a guess that the "Ultimate" in the title means no.

At least they had cable and it was Shark Week on

Arikiel wrote:
Names are always the hardest part for me to come up with. Even just in making characters that's the last part I come up with. Usually takes me as long to come up with a name as it does for the entire rest of the process. I'm going to have to mark this post for ideas for my campaign world. :)

Here are a couple of great sites for looking up names:

20,000 Names

Encyclopedia Mythica

And the much delayed overview of the religions in my setting. I realize this thread has derailed and evolved from simply the names of places in your campaigns, but I'm enjoying reading everyone's posts and the imagination and details of their homebrew settings.

20 odd years ago when I first set up my campaign world, I decided I didn’t want actual deities, because to my knowledge at the time no campaign had ever been run w/out them. So I came up with the idea that clerics could choose their own “spheres” (2e mechanic similar to domains) rather than have them dictated by a deity’s portfolio. The two spheres chosen reflected a philosophy, or “path”, that the priest (and others, of course) traveled to find their own personal enlightenment or salvation. Adherents to this philosophy are called “The Travelers of 10,000 Paths). And to be honest we didn’t worry about the afterlife too much, leaving the domains of the outsiders to outsiders and not the souls of the damned or blessed. After death the individual continued to walk his or her path and, if well known enough to others, became “Guides” that could be petitioned for advice or aid for those who shared the same philosophy. We almost did away with alignment as a result of this, but decided to keep them for the sake of certain spells, items, and classes.

I carried this idea over into 3.x and now Pathfinder. It’s worked well enough long enough I saw no reason to ditch it. However, I decided that in a campaign that is full of possibilities, why NOT reintroduce some deities? So I went back to my roots where the characters worshiped Egyptian deities (1e) and decided that in the Egyptian equivalent in my setting (using the Hamunaptra setting from Green Ronin) they still worshiped them, for the most part, though the 10,000 Paths is making a foothold there.

I also expanded the religion of the Ransoori (the once rulers of my setting) to include not only their worship of Lovecraft’s (and his friends’) mythos but to add Demon and Devil worship (or other strong entities of the Underworld). The Lovecraftian deities are known as the Unnamable Gods and were worshiped by the higher castes, with the lower castes (servitor and subjugated races as well as lower rank Ransoori) were seen as unworthy to worship them, though it wasn’t unheard of for lower caste citizens to be elevated in status and inducted into the ranks of those who worshiped them. Currently, the nation of Sesnakhar is the strongest center for these beliefs, which also has the largest (though still a tiny minority) of Ransoori living in poorer or outlying areas of the country. Overview of Religions in my setting.

As I listed before, here are four of the major cities in my campaign setting:

Unkhoor: also known as "The Painted City" or "The City of Bridges" is the largest city known on the continent of Nehlas. It is a huge island that sits in the middle of the Pelo River and is the capitol of the nation of Kelvesiin. It is joined to the east and west banks by six immense bridges, three to a side. It is called the Painted City because all the buildings are painted in bright, garish colors. The island rises to a peak of sorts where the Palace of the Veiled Queen is located, and the rest of the island is divided into five socio-economic tiers, with each one descending being a bit less affluent than the ones above.

Dar-Shalul: Another large city in the nation of Kusoonoor, Dar-Shalul is a city in decline. Once the heart of a great kingdom, its fortunes have faded and many sections of the city are nearly abandoned (save for less savory individuals and organizations) because the populace has either moved into the heart of the city and making it more crowded or have moved away to other towns and cities.

Damul: The capitol of the nation of H'Nakva, a paranoid military theocracy that has largely shut itself off from its neighbors. Marikan is a dark, dirty city whose citizens live in constant fear of the secret police and being reported by their neighbors for things both real and fabricated. Military service is mandatory for both men and women, with each gender serving side by side from the age of 16 to 20.

Qarikan: The capitol of Sesnakhar, Qarikan is the City of Temples. Much more a theocracy than its neighbor, it still worships many of the darker and more dangerous gods of the old ways, which for the most part have been abandoned in the other of the Four Great Nations. Rumors of humanoid sacrifice abound, and there is evidence to support these reports. Citizens who try to flee are turned back at the borders and sent to prison or worse.

Peet wrote:
DungeonmasterCal wrote:

The primary city in my setting is Unkhoor, the largest city on the continent and scene of most of the "domestic" games. Other cities include Marikam, Dar-Shalul, Damul, and Qarikan.

Tell me some of your place names!

The ones listed above are a start. I just got back from a 3 day stay in the hospital so I'll post some more when I get back into the swing of things.

Cintra Bristol wrote:
another possible cause to consider is panic attacks

So do I. I had one on Saturday that was very intense, and I actually think Sunday's was just a carry over from that. But my chest was hurting more and more and my breathing was becoming more difficult by the minute so I figured it was better to be safe than sorry.

Just got home from a three night stay in the local hospital. I was having chest pains on Sunday and went to the ER where they decided I should stay for some tests, all of which could've been done in one day. But, all the tests came back negative except to confirm that I do, indeed, have a heart.

What did I miss?

Dotting to remind me to write something later.

Can you elaborate on the advantage/disadvantage system, please?

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Can we switch the tracks back to the original topic, please?

Athaleon wrote:
With the sheer number of classes, archetypes, and class-features-via-feats that now exist, I wonder if a classless system isn't the way to go for rules-heavy systems.

I'd love a classless system whereby you could just build your character from a list or lists of choices. I had really hoped there would be this option as part of the ACG, just like the race builder in ARG. But having said that, I'm liking what I read and hear from the ACG so far.

As someone who is the DM 90% of the time I rarely get to be on the wrong side of the screen. So this goes back a bit.

Tasmit, 3rd level Human cleric of Ra and Isis

Prof. Clark Howard Philips, Human archaeologist and now vampire in our homebrew d20 Call of Cthulhu and Vampire: The Masquerade mashup

...Wow. I can only recall two. That tells me I don't get to be a player often enough. At. All.

I really like this, Mark. I'll post up some of the religion bits for my campaign either late tonight or tomorrow, for those interested. I have a high school class reunion to get ready for (no, not nervous at all... :/ )

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