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DungeonmasterCal's page

4,388 posts (4,452 including aliases). 12 reviews. 3 lists. 1 wishlist. 8 aliases.


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Chemlak wrote:
Don't be afraid to let players break the rules if they think of something cool to do. Precisely locking into whether the rules cover a situation is a waste of time, and detrimental to fun. Make a judgement call, and run with it.

I can't agree with this enough.

MuertoXSky wrote:

Dont play a fighter, is dumb, boring and uninteresting ...

Should have received that advice long ago before starting a homebrew campaign two years ago.

Fighters are my favorite class to play.

Ricardo Bolas wrote:
As a GM: Being fluent in the setting and knowing your players is worth more than several hours of prep per session. With enough of the aforementioned, you can run a session with no more prep than a five word plotseed.

Exactly how I run most of my games.

Leslie West and Mountain's first LP "Climbing".

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When I finish this current campaign, I'm really thinking about a classic "European" style campaign world. But even now I don't allow anthropomorphic animal races, so I'm already partially there. Of course, it'll be at least another year before this current campaign ends, so I have time to think about it.

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Because I wouldn't want to slow down the pace of the game too much, I'd just have the player make a Survival check. You succeed, you have a fish on a stick.

Trying to plow my way through "Ultimate Intrigue". I don't process information as well as I used to, so it's not been easy.

Though it's been done before, I'd like to see "Dune" adapted by Peter Jackson.

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We had no games from early March until this past Saturday April 30th. I feel your pain.

There was one several years ago nearby where the guy who owned was just a rude bastard. I went in more than once and had to wait for him to stop farting around on AOL chat before he'd pay me or any of the other customers any attention. When "The Book of Vile Darkness" came out I went in to buy 2 copies (one for me and a friend). He didn't even look up from his chat and told me the boxes had just arrived and I could open them myself and look for the books on my own. I left and never went back.

Bwang wrote:

I've had the good fortune of players who half write the evening's action for me. A misplaced or ill delivered clue on my part has more than once derailed the pedestrian plot I had and plunged the table into a hunt for goblins in January, a rooftop chase in a burning town in February, a political power play over three sessions in March and April, hopefully ending in June. None of these did I plan or expect, and the first two set up the last in ways I still am baffled by.

I look at GMing as watching a show, my players being the actors and writers.

My old group had a rule that you had to play between GM duties, a frequently broken thing, but one that helped on fatigue.

Sounds like so many of my games!

Molten Dragon wrote:
Ack, that's terrible Cal. I feel your pain. I have a ton of stuff on my DVR. That would suck to lose. Anything AT&T can do to help?

No, there's nothing they can do. I even called them this morning, spoke with a guy who had a barely legible Eastern European accent, and the end result is they're sending me a new set top box. But Sundakan has a good idea. Hulu Plus free trial, here I come!

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I enjoy the story telling and world building. I do homebrew campaigns only, and along with the help of my players we build wonderful, imaginative worlds.

I don't always care for the game prep, as I've been the GM/DM for 95% of the time for 30 years now, but it turns out to be worth it if my players have a good time and look forward to the next session. Sure, I'd love to be a player much more often, but as long as we keep having fun I'll keep doing what I'm doing.

Maybe ALL the threads about this could be merged. And is "Mythic Adventures" not epic enough? smh.

My DVR went belly up last night and when I got it working again this morning I'd discovered I'd lost over 30 hours of recordings. "Arrow", "Agents of SHIELD", "Legends of Tomorrow", "Jurassic World" and other movies...all gone. I am NOT happy with AT&T Uverse and their diabolic devices at the moment.

I post regularly on my FB page something I call "The Cerebral Jukebox". It's usually a song that's been stuck in my head all day and I decide to share it with my friends, whether they want me to or

Today's is Grand Funk Railroad's "Walk Like A Man".

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Ah, thanks. I did miss that.

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I've noticed the OP hasn't reappeared. I wonder if we're too friendly.....

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mmmmmm chocolate chip shurikens.....

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Tacticslion wrote:
DungeonmasterCal wrote:
Don't pay attention to anything I say.

Ah - ah-hah~! You've been caught in your own trap, trapped by your own trick, inveigled by your own sleight of hand, hoist by your own petard! A double negative is proof positive! We must now pay attention to everything you say!




"Curses! Foiled again!", he babbled.

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Welcome to the boards! Don't pay attention to anything I say. I babble. Unless of course you don't mind babbling. In which case, stick around. I could babble on and on about babbling, but I won't, because that would just be babble.

I agree a few more Fortes would be interesting, maybe as many as a half dozen to be better able to create more varied Tricksters. Imagine a party of mostly or all Tricksters, each with different Fortes. *drifts away in a pleasant daydream*.

I'm a big fan of Rogue Genius Games' classes, as well, especially the Talented line of classes. But yeah, Dreamscarred Press and Kobold Publishing are definitely welcome at my table.

I'm running a semi mythic game with characters the same level and tiers as yours. I say semi mythic because not every game session is mythic level. So far it's been a challenge because of the jump in power level, but the players are really enjoying it. And when they're happy, I'm happy.

Calybos1 wrote:

Rule One: The GM gets the comfy chair.

EVERY time.

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I have to say the two FLGS' I frequent are nothing like this. The owners and staff are right there for the customers as soon as they walk in the door. The other two that I know of but haven't visited have the same level of customer service from what I've been told by friends who patronize them. I guess we just got lucky in that department.

Awesome. Thanks!

Thanks. I thought I had been, but this player was adamant about it and we didn't have time to look up the rule as it was getting really late and some folks had a long drive home.

Ok, here's the deal. On double damage (or triple, etc) we've rolled the dice the requisite number of times and added the usual bonuses (STR and Magic bonuses to weapon damage, though not counting the extra damage such as from Bane weapons) the same number of times equal to the number of dice rolled. Have I been doing this wrong all these years? As I understand the rule that is what happens. A player and I got into a discussion about it and I was wondering if I could get some clarification. Thanks.

Here's the rule as written:

"A critical hit means that you roll your damage more than once, with all your usual bonuses, and add the rolls together. "

Andostre wrote:
DungeonmasterCal wrote:
My chase rules. I divide a creature's speed by 5. Thus 30 becomes +6. I then add this to a d20 roll and the other creature gets the same treatment. So chases become opposed d20 rolls rather than the standard rules presented by Paizo.
Have you ever seen these chase rules? They are similar to what you've described, but they allow for skill checks to come into play. For example, if the person being chased pushes a barrel down the stairs behind him, the chaser(s) have to succeed at an acrobatics check to keep up. If the person being chased passes his check to climb over a wall, the chaser has to do the same thing or she falls behind. It factors in other things such as the cost of stopping to shoot at the runner. And it's all simplified by a 6 position "chase track" that instead of tracking distance each person has traveled, tracks how far the chaser is from the person running. I've tried it before, and it worked pretty well.

That sounds interesting. I'll check it out. Thanks!

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Heaven's Thunder Hammer wrote:
Critical hits are always confirmed, no second roll necessary. Saves time during combats.

We do the same thing. Another reason is failure to confirm a crit takes away the joy that shouting "natural 20!" instills in a player.

You adventure in your yard? Awesome! :)

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My chase rules. I divide a creature's speed by 5. Thus 30 becomes +6. I then add this to a d20 roll and the other creature gets the same treatment. So chases become opposed d20 rolls rather than the standard rules presented by Paizo.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

And "classic rock" radio has made me hate the song "Tom Sawyer" with the fury of a 1,000 suns.

I concur. I have the book and the Spell-less Ranger is the bomb diggity. Yeah, I said that.

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Hitdice wrote:
Freehold, you know about Star Trek: Phase II and Star Continues, right? I am very curious about your opinion, and will provide links if necessary. :)

I'm a huge fan of Star Trek Continues, but Phase II hasn't really lived up to its reputation. They'll throw continuity out an airlock in favor of what they hope will be a good story (I won't spoil anything in case someone is interested in watching it). But ST:C is far and away my favorite, despite the guy play Spock. He does a good job, but his voice grates on my every nerve.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

I feel your pain, M.D. I love playing dungeon crawls. That's how I started out and would love to play in one again. My players aren't fond of them, however. I've also been the primary DM/GM for 30 years now, and get to be a player maybe 4 times a year, though that has picked up a *little* this year.

So shake your fist and rail at the heavens. I'm right there with you in solidarity.

Marc Radle wrote:

Yeah ...

I'm a HUGE Star Trek fan, and I would love to see a new Star Trek Series on TV. But not on yet another freaking pay network! Put this on actual network television and I will happily watch every episode.

But, not CBS All Access. Not another pay service! No thanks!

It's a shame too, because otherwise, I'd be SUPER excited out this ..

Oh well

I feel the same way. I'm barely affording what I have now, and adding another pay service is something I just can't put in my budget. Looks like I'll be missing this one.

If I had a laptop or tablet I'd use more .pdfs. But I don't, so hardcover books and are it for me.

We've never worried about encumbrance. It just seems like more bookkeeping and like Meraki said we usually have a bag of holding or some such, anyway.

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DungeonmasterCal wrote:
I "resurrected" the Glassteel spell for my PF games. There's a nation that awards glassteel weapons to its elite warriors. They don't have any special qualities save their rareness and the honor they bestow upon the bearer.

Ya know, it just occurred to me they should at least be masterwork weapons so the user could have them enchanted if he/she wanted to. Sometimes my thought processes run pretty slowly.

We keep track of charges on wands really well, and ammo reasonably so. We just assume you stock up on it again before the next adventure, though we rarely deduct the money for it. That's something I need to keep better track of in my group.

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Does this include depression and anxiety issues? Because I am disabled and unable to work anymore as they are part of the disabilities I have (the others are physical).

2 people marked this as a favorite.

I "resurrected" the Glassteel spell for my PF games. There's a nation that awards glassteel weapons to its elite warriors. They don't have any special qualities save their rareness and the honor they bestow upon the bearer.

3 people marked this as a favorite.

I didn't realize this thread was supposed to be taken seriously.

4 people marked this as a favorite.

Melon Head: Successfully score a critical hit and instant kill on an opponent by throwing a pumpkin at his head. This happened in a 2e game once.

Dexitroboper sounds like a fascinating career. Wonder what all it entails?

I did run a game once with the cliched chase back and forth across a hallway with multiple doors where the villains and heroes would come out different doors each time (rolled randomly). When they finally came out directly across from each other the fight was on!

I guess I'll have to study them more closely. I've had the book a couple of weeks now and still haven't been able to really sit down and dig into it.

I'll play.

Strength 8
(Used to be much higher, given that I grew up on a working farm. But years of sedentary jobs and now disability has taken that edge away from me.

Dexterity 10
(Again, was once higher. I was a fencer in college and had really, really good reflexes. My mentor, another student, would throw silverware at me in the cafeteria and I'd always manage to duck, deflect, or catch it.

Constitution 12
(With the exception of stomach bugs, I'm immune to pretty much anything else. I seldom get a cold, the flu, or anything else)

Intelligence 14
(Had my IQ tested more than once. It comes out in the 142 to 146 range)

Wisdom 8
(I'm known for being really smart, but not always making the best decisions where life, the universe, and everything are concerned. But I think I have several adds in Perception, because I notice a lot of what goes on around me that others miss).

Charisma 20
(Not to brag but people like me. They really, really like me. I'm friendly, honest, always polite to strangers, kids, and pets, and even though I suffer from sometimes crippling anxiety, I can usually manage to put on a smiley face long enough to get by).

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