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DungeonmasterCal's page

4,423 posts (4,487 including aliases). 12 reviews. 3 lists. 1 wishlist. 8 aliases.


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Limeylongears wrote:

Read HP Lovecraft or Clark Ashton Smith with an inadequate light source.


This happened to me at a radio station I once worked at. I worked the over night shift and was reading Lovecraft for the first time and a storm knocked out the power. Every creak and bump and moaning of the wind kept me very, very alert.

I enjoy the silence and darkness. I'm something of a nyctophiliac and love the night and darkness, so it's actually quite relaxing for me. I have LED flashlights at different places in my house, so I just use the cellphone to find and keep one of those handy so that I don't use up cellphone battery lighting the area if necessary.

Bipolar type 2 was described to me as "all of the down, none of the up", so I don't have the manic episodes, just really depressive ones. It's kind of a bummer.

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I suffer from major social anxiety, bipolar depression type 2, and treatment resistant clinical depression. All of this started only a few years ago, and it's made me unable to hold a job (so I draw a gubment check) and do Pathfinder stuff all the time.

I'm ok around my friends (most of the time) but can no longer go to cons or large gatherings. I can manage a concert if I'm so tranked up on Xanax it would stop a rhino, and even going to the movies is hard (usually a lesser dose of Xanax). It helps that at a concert or a movie there is some singular thing to concentrate on, like the band or the movie. But something like a con, with so many people moving about and bumping into me, would send me into either a panic or a rage. There's a small con near my home town in a couple of weeks and I was asked to run a game there, but had to decline. I felt bad turning my friend down but it would really be for the best.

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Have them all wear puffy shirts, a la "Seinfeld"?

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Sorry about his arm! Hope it gets better soon!

Ah, thanks.

I don't even know what E6 is.

Oh my. I have a couple of friends who lost infants due to SIDS. I can't imagine the grief they felt and even still do to this day.

I think it's how they'll tie Supergirl into the same universe as the rest of the CW shows. I'm not sure how, but that's my feeling.

KenderKin wrote:
I read one recently about things to find in an owlbears cave....

I think that was a Raging Swan list.

Use the stuff published by Raging Swan Press. They have list after list after list and at least one or two complete books on what to stuff into a dungeon, forest, old temple, or a dead rogue's pockets for players to find and and add flavor to a plain old dungeon romp.

My group usually plays it pretty sharp, but the last session they just turned off the light bulb. They were fighting a group of Blast Shadows, which explode for 5d6 points of fire damage upon being slain. After the second one exploded, that left 3 more and instead of retreating they just kept fighting them. No one died, but they were brought down so low in hitpoints that Cleric couldn't bring them back up to a decent amount so they had to leave the lich's lair, rest up a day, then come back.

After reading this most recent post, it appears I run a combination of Scythia's and Headfirst's games. There are good elements to each of their posts, and I find myself using some from each in my games.

Sounds a lot like the way I run games.

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More great stuff from Raging Swan!!!!

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I'm just copy pasting what I thought was an interesting article. Don't kill the messenger

Did the Flail actually exist as a military weapon?

I grew up on a farm. I've used them. I know how effective they can

All I'm missing is the cattle prod.

There's a huge landfill a few miles from where I live that people call Vulture Mountain because the smell attracts flocks of them. Or alternately you could call it Otyugh Hill.

So many good ideas and suggestions in this thread.

AC and To Hit and CMB and CMD. I don't believe there is a need for two systems that do essentially the same thing.

Green Ronin had one called "Dragonfist". I'm not sure if they still sell it anymore, though. I have a copy, and it's pretty cool.

Dreamscarred Press' "Path of War" is also really good for simulating Wuxia combat.

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I heartily recommend "Ultimate Psionics".

Holy cow! Do you live in Tornado Alley? I'm in Arkansas, and we get some pretty good sized hail, too. But I've never seen it that big.

WOW...that's quite a list! Thanks!

I guess I should've been more specific. I knew casters and such could, but I was looking for monsters. I forgot about ghosts. Thanks!

Besides demons, what other creatures can possess a character?

Dang! That must have been a hell of a storm. I'm not in much condition to help, but I'll try to do what I can.

Haladir wrote:
(That show was WAY smarter than it appeared to be at first glance!)

That's for sure. I recently received the series on DVD as a gift and after watching it again there is some real science going on in some of the episodes. Many of the episodes were well written, and head and shoulders above the other Sid and Marty Krofft kids' shows.

I don't really have any suggestions for you along the lines you're looking for, but Nox Arcana makes some really creepy music. I have every one of their albums, and the only one that's not creep inducing is the winter themed one, and even that one's not that cheery.

Haladir wrote:
DungeonmasterCal wrote:
Lemmy wrote:

3- Learn to Improvise and Be Willing to Adapt. Your players will often surprise you with completely unexpected ideas. Learn to accept them and mold the story around their choices instead of forcing their choices to match your preconceived script.

This is my Number One rule.
That's the essence of GMing.

Too bad more GMs don't get that.

I've seen a few people hating on the Trickster in comments about it in other threads, but it all seemed to me that they'd not even given the class a chance, but were just trolling to be trolling.

Lemmy wrote:

3- Learn to Improvise and Be Willing to Adapt. Your players will often surprise you with completely unexpected ideas. Learn to accept them and mold the story around their choices instead of forcing their choices to match your preconceived script.

This is my Number One rule.

JuanAdriel wrote:

Count another one from Spain (EspaƱa), from Sabadell city.

You know, the midday-nap masters. We are different.

That's a custom I support daily here in the USA.

Chemlak wrote:
Don't be afraid to let players break the rules if they think of something cool to do. Precisely locking into whether the rules cover a situation is a waste of time, and detrimental to fun. Make a judgement call, and run with it.

I can't agree with this enough.

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MuertoXSky wrote:

Dont play a fighter, is dumb, boring and uninteresting ...

Should have received that advice long ago before starting a homebrew campaign two years ago.

Fighters are my favorite class to play.

Ricardo Bolas wrote:
As a GM: Being fluent in the setting and knowing your players is worth more than several hours of prep per session. With enough of the aforementioned, you can run a session with no more prep than a five word plotseed.

Exactly how I run most of my games.

Leslie West and Mountain's first LP "Climbing".

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When I finish this current campaign, I'm really thinking about a classic "European" style campaign world. But even now I don't allow anthropomorphic animal races, so I'm already partially there. Of course, it'll be at least another year before this current campaign ends, so I have time to think about it.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Because I wouldn't want to slow down the pace of the game too much, I'd just have the player make a Survival check. You succeed, you have a fish on a stick.

Trying to plow my way through "Ultimate Intrigue". I don't process information as well as I used to, so it's not been easy.

Though it's been done before, I'd like to see "Dune" adapted by Peter Jackson.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

We had no games from early March until this past Saturday April 30th. I feel your pain.

There was one several years ago nearby where the guy who owned was just a rude bastard. I went in more than once and had to wait for him to stop farting around on AOL chat before he'd pay me or any of the other customers any attention. When "The Book of Vile Darkness" came out I went in to buy 2 copies (one for me and a friend). He didn't even look up from his chat and told me the boxes had just arrived and I could open them myself and look for the books on my own. I left and never went back.

Bwang wrote:

I've had the good fortune of players who half write the evening's action for me. A misplaced or ill delivered clue on my part has more than once derailed the pedestrian plot I had and plunged the table into a hunt for goblins in January, a rooftop chase in a burning town in February, a political power play over three sessions in March and April, hopefully ending in June. None of these did I plan or expect, and the first two set up the last in ways I still am baffled by.

I look at GMing as watching a show, my players being the actors and writers.

My old group had a rule that you had to play between GM duties, a frequently broken thing, but one that helped on fatigue.

Sounds like so many of my games!

Molten Dragon wrote:
Ack, that's terrible Cal. I feel your pain. I have a ton of stuff on my DVR. That would suck to lose. Anything AT&T can do to help?

No, there's nothing they can do. I even called them this morning, spoke with a guy who had a barely legible Eastern European accent, and the end result is they're sending me a new set top box. But Sundakan has a good idea. Hulu Plus free trial, here I come!

3 people marked this as a favorite.

I enjoy the story telling and world building. I do homebrew campaigns only, and along with the help of my players we build wonderful, imaginative worlds.

I don't always care for the game prep, as I've been the GM/DM for 95% of the time for 30 years now, but it turns out to be worth it if my players have a good time and look forward to the next session. Sure, I'd love to be a player much more often, but as long as we keep having fun I'll keep doing what I'm doing.

Maybe ALL the threads about this could be merged. And is "Mythic Adventures" not epic enough? smh.

My DVR went belly up last night and when I got it working again this morning I'd discovered I'd lost over 30 hours of recordings. "Arrow", "Agents of SHIELD", "Legends of Tomorrow", "Jurassic World" and other movies...all gone. I am NOT happy with AT&T Uverse and their diabolic devices at the moment.

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