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DungeonmasterCal's page

2,901 posts (2,924 including aliases). 10 reviews. 3 lists. 1 wishlist. 8 aliases.


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watchmanx wrote:
its been really tight here since my wife passed away so i dident get anything this year...

I'm sorry for your loss.

A squinja?

We almost never use hexes, squares, circles, anything.. just an eraseable whiteboard.

In a 1e game where one of my friends absolutely hated the Bounty Hunter character I played. I never knew why. Anyway, I told him I'd stop running him alongside his character and introduced a new PC, a fighter into the game.

After a few game sessions where they adventured together quite successfully my character knocked his out cold, trussed him up, and revealed that it'd been my old character in disguise the whole time (the DM gave plenty of chances to see through it but he was never able to do so).

I turned him in for the bounty and let him sit in the caliph's dungeon a few days before turning up and breaking him out and sharing the reward with him. I told him that like me or not, I just saved his butt and we were both 5,000 gp richer. He was really pissed at ME for a long time but eventually got over it.

Good times.

I have so many, but this one is my favorite.

I ran a 10 year long 2e campaign that ended in 2000. One of the major characters was my friend Tam's ranger, Diana Brownsparrow. Her backstory included leaving her homeland to escape her abusive lover, another ranger.

At one point I ran a couple of adventures where he showed up and joined the party. The roleplaying was awesome between her and "him". But soon he showed his true colors and turned on her again, so she told him to leave under threat of death.

A year and a half later (in real time) I'd run a few adventures that made them think he was somewhere still around. Sure enough he was, as he showed up in the nick of time to save Diana and the rest of the group from a pack of ghouls. He sacrificed his life so they could escape.

6 more real time months go by, with lots of gaming. At the end of a particularly harrowing adventure, they faced off against a wight, who they discovered was her former lover. He told her he that, "I swore I would love you until I die, and now we'll be together forever!" He attacked, and after a really good combat segment, she killed him for good. Tam, the ranger's player, actually broke down and cried because she was imagining the emotional agony Diana would be going through after it was all over.

Hmm wrote:

Most interesting gift: a keepsake from times past. My ancestors made their money selling booze to the miners in the California gold rush. My kids and their father found a website selling antique liquor bottles, and found an intact bottle bearing the glass engraving of the logo of my great grandfather's liquor business. It's got to be over 100 years old -- and it's something that my great grandfather, or perhaps his father, handled personally.

Is that cool, or what?


That is most definitely cool!!!!

A Blu-ray player
Cash money (that I'll use to buy a new Core Rulebook to replace the one eaten by the dogs. Oh, and new brakes for my vehicle)
A Cthulhu tree ornament
Four of the Iron Maiden singles reissues
The original Battlestar: Galactica pilot movie
Lots of candy
Fruitcake (yes, on purpose because I love the stuff)
A bottle of Black Kraken spiced rum
The Psionic Bestiary
Cerulean Seas "Beasts of the Boundless Blue"
And last but far from least, time with family and friends

I'll know in 12 hours!

Merry Christmas! Be safe and be blessed!

Chris Mortika wrote:

As long as you mean "Voltron the 5 lions" as opposed to "Voltron the fifteen-car pile-up" I agree.

I admit to being a fan of the Star Trek animated series, and of SeaLab 2020.

Forgot all about "SeaLab 2020"!

Star Trek: The Animated Series
Land of the Lost (Not a cartoon but was on Saturday mornings)
Thundarr The Barbarian
Dungeons and Dragons
Scooby Doo (the original!)
The Jetsons :)
Valley of the Dinosaurs

People... *shakes head*

Yep. I'll be watching this thread.. lol

Aberzombie wrote:
DungeonmasterCal wrote:
I love that it's the first day of winter!
It is? I would never have known, down here in the great city of Houston.

It wasn't really cold here today in central Arkansas, either. But it's still winter and that's what matters! Wooha!

I love that it's the first day of winter!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

It's no longer in the family, but the farm where I grew up.

Living on a disability income that is less that $1000/month.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

My magus has a burro named Donkey Hody.

Bravo! I bought my first ones tonight from

Congrats! I love this book so bad!

I love Christmas lights.

The decade long DC Heroes game I was a part of was Justice League: Canada. Now I hear there's an actual comic called this. We were pioneers, I tell ya.

Wooha! The Psionic Bestiary arrived today! Thank you and Merry Christmas!

I'm much more a flavor type of player and GM than one who is interested greatly in balance and power. If a 3PP sounds cool, I'll go with it. That said, I am pretty picky about the 3PP publishers I allow. Currently it's mostly Rite Publishing, Dreamscarred Press, Kobold Press, and Rogue Genius Games.

*sits down to eagerly watch email box*

My group is known alternately as The Old Ones or Der Klüsterphüchen.

After 29 years of D&D editions I still get things wrong, forget to mention things in game that might be important, forget key abilities that adversaries have, etc. And I always manage to skip this one guy in the initiative order. The same guy every time. And I have notes in front of me so that shouldn't happen, but it does. And we still have fun.

Had a paladin in my ancient 1e game name his horse "Calgon". At the end of the adventure, he would shout, "Calgon! Take me away!".

For those who don't know, Calgon was a bubble bath soap, and that was their slogan.

*wishes Santa would bring him all the Cerulean books*


Thanks, everyone!

He is also credited by many to be the creator of the communications satellite.

I prefer to play in and GM for mid level groups.

Bigfoot stole my UFO.

How do you treat magic/psionic transparency in your games?

Non-transparent, semi-, or fully transparent?

How has your choice played out?

thegreenteagamer wrote:

Paladin, for tanking, healing, and most importantly, allowing me as the GM an excuse ban evil characters. Also covers str, con or cha related stuff, like say kingdom roles.

Arcanist, cause it's all the wizardly control fun, but much more flexible. Int and kinda cha.

Druid, for backup healing, backup control, backup tanking...pretty much can take over for any role the party needs, and also, someone has gotta have wisdom. Situationally very useful when you need him for nature stuff.

Bard or investigator for that skill monkey and buffer niche. Both tend to have high dex, one cha and the other int.

Covers all the bases from multiple angles.

This is a pretty good looking array.

TriOmegaZero wrote:
I replay alternate universe versions of my characters. So their classes, feats, generally any mechanical options are subject to change, while their personalities tend to stay the same.

It's rare when I get to be an actual player, but I do a similar thing.

Gonna steal the houserule that AoO's only occur if the maneuver misses. I dig it.

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Queen Moragan wrote:

I guess the dice manufacturers will no have to include:

> Best if used by dates.
> Expiration dates.
> Tamper Resistant & Freshness seals.
> Dice interaction information.
> Emergency information if taken internally.
> First Aid information if stepped upon.
> Warning list of possible side effects of using bad dice.
> Information on the proper disposal of old/contaminated dice.
> National Dice Information Hotline Number.
> Information on whether dice need to be refrigerated or stored out of direct sunlight.

All of this will need to be included on all dice packages and the dies themselves, perhaps using microdots.

I would definitely feel safer knowing that my dice came with such important information.

Do not taunt Happy Fun Dice.

I have a rather large collection of dice, mostly Chessex. But I buy them for personal aesthetics. They roll randomly enough for me.

Midweek? That'll work. I have a game this weekend and I'd love to try a new psionic beastie on 'em!

O Brother, Where Art Thou?


3 people marked this as a favorite.

It's a Christmas miracle!

I'm not complaining a bit! And thank you very much!

Wow, after reading the reviews on "Beasts of the Boundless Blue" I kinda wish I'd spoken up for it!

Dear lord how I want the Psionic Bestiary!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Don't get me wrong, I liked the character in the Rings movies. But I just didn't see a need for him in this trilogy.

There's always too much Legolas.

GreyWolfLord wrote:

I finally watched the trailers via YouTube. I was actually somewhat impressed to tell the truth. Fan Films have changed in quality quite a bit recently it seems.

(The websites don't load all that well for me, so youtube was what I had to see the trailers on finally).

From youtube...


prelude to axanar

The opening scene of "Horizon" is available, as well. It's about 6 minutes long.

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