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DungeonmasterCal's page

3,605 posts (3,631 including aliases). 11 reviews. 3 lists. 1 wishlist. 8 aliases.


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No, I didn't say I let folks run them out of the book, but meant that it was fine for those who wanted to in their games.

For me I thought a +4 to the save was a tad high, and the ability to sustain themselves by psionic points also seemed a bit over the top for the concept I had in mind. Those are the only two things I changed, and I feel they're minor changes at that. It's not a thing I expect everyone to understand or care about, but it works for me and my group. There's only one player in my group who plays a psionicist, and it's a Human, at that.

In my setting they're a race called Ransoori, which goes back as far as 1991. They've always been a "race of former conquerors, now defeated and exiled to far away places", so they were really an NPC race for most of the years. With the Elan, I was able to make them the way I envisioned them.

I'm also a pretty flexible GM. IF, and that is IF, someone wanted to play an Elan as it comes from the book, I MIGHT let them. Since no one has ever mentioned playing either an Elan or the homebrew Ransoori, it's not been a big issue. Again, it's really a flavor thing over mechanical, and it works for us.

chbgraphicarts wrote:

Social Identity is given a massive overhaul and made a useful aspect of the class.

Wait and see what comes before killing off the class - it'd probably be just easier to disallow the entire class as a whole, anyway, for being massively underpowered, honestly, especially if the current "Not-Slayer", "Not-Rogue", "Not-Magus" and "Not-Inquisitor" setup of Specializations still stand.

Maybe I should've said "Social Identity as it currently stands".

RCM wrote:

To the OP, if your interested in the Elan, Jon Brazer Enterprises will be releasing Book of Heroic Races: Advanced Elan this month I believe.

As to DungeonmasterCal, what problem do see with the Repletion ability?
Or Resistance for that matter?

There's not really a problem with them if someone wants to run an Elan straight out of the book. I just lowered them a little to better fit my concept of a psionic human race. In my homebrew they're not created aberrations, but are born and die like any other race. It's a concept that goes back over 20 years in my setting, and the Elan, with a few minor tweaks, just seemed to be the perfect solution.

And do I totally misunderstand this part-the vigilante can't use her powers (or all of them, anyway) while in the socialite identity?

It just seems like a clunky add on that doesn't really do anything for the character except mask her alignment. Just a progressing save vs scrying or some such would be fine, and the taking 5 minutes to change from one to the other would be prohibitive if caught off guard. Any group of adventurers would eventually catch on to Tamela the Socialite if she suddenly disappeared and 5 minutes later Red Vengeance appeared, then after the fight she reappeared as Tamela. The bad guys would catch on eventually, as well, I think.

It just seems to me, and I will freely admit that I don't process information as well as I used to (I won't go into why) so I may be missing something. But it just seems like unnecessary baggage that hinders more than it helps.

captain yesterday wrote:
I'm too cheap to go to a movie unless it's at the budget cinema, but in my defense we have an awesome budget cinema at a third the cost, I just gotta wait an extra four months to see it :-)

They closed down the budget theater near my hometown because of crime.

captain yesterday wrote:
Blossom however was awesome!

Shun shun shun!

5 people marked this as a favorite.

Runs about in futility, waving his arms and shunning willy nilly.

4 people marked this as a favorite.

Wistfully remembers a thread about shunning.

I'm looking for a hardcopy of DC Adventures, too. I don't like to use PDFs because I don't have a laptop or tablet device to take them to the table and can't afford to have them printed off at the local print shop. Plus I just prefer to have a hard copy of a book.

Thanks, though!

The Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack.

My rarely used PC (I'm the GM 95% or more of the time) just sits on my hard drive or in a notebook, waiting and waiting for another chance to play. The GM doesn't give a rat's butt if we do anything during downtime.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I can't stand the Sammy Hagar years of Van Halen.

I've said it before, but I'll say it again. If the social persona element makes it to the final version I'm still ditching it and just having my players, if any bother to roll up a vigilante, choose one of the four types and go from there.

The glow of your shunning keeps me warm at night.

My game tonight did not go as I'd foreseen, and I even jumped past something I'd planned to originally happen before they ended up in the savage inner world, but after some carefully concealed railroading, I got them to a point where I feel comfortable picking up the game next weekend with a larger group. And it's now 5:31 am and I can't sleep because this new twist in the plan has my head so full of ideas I can't sleep. I've not written anything down yet, as I'm too jumbled for any notes to make sense. After some (eventual) sleep I'll fill up pages in my notebook later today.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Could we get back to shunning for real reasons, like gaming? This line of conversation will only end in tears or maybe threadlock.

Thanks for the input. It seems the hardest thing will be finding a copy of the 3e book if that's where we end up going. It's evidently out of print or something, according to various game stores I've spoken with. So I guess we'll go with 2e for the time being.

Thanks again!

I played some of the Original Gamma world stuff back in the 80s. Great fun!

Are there significant differences? I have the 2e core books and only the Game Master's guide for 3e (it was gifted to me) and finding a Hero's Handbook is next to impossible (at least on a site that takes Paypal). I know portions of 3e are available as Open Gaming on d20pfsrd, but as I have the necessary 2e stuff I was thinking of using it unless there are significant issues with it.

Any advice?

67. Old puns told by new people.

I can't stand to be around smokers OR vapers.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I'm not as prolific a writer when it comes to putting together encounters and adventures as I used to be, but I still go from a simple idea to three more slightly less complicated to six "HOLY CRAP which do I use next?" games. Then I go through a phase where I couldn't write Orc and Pie w/out help.

I recently had an idea for a game involving "red pearls". What started as a simple "Here, keep these safe for me for a week and I'll pay you 1,000 gold to the now named "Sanguine Pearls" to being an important part of the religious rituals of a tribe of Ettercaps. Then they evolved into a cursed item that if whoever holds them becomes compelled to return to them to the temple or slowly transform into an Ettercap himself. This in turn led to an idea that I've wanted to explore for a long time (a psionic setting based on Green Ronin's old Mindshadows setting). This in turn led to the possibility of the players discovering a portal to a savage inner world populated by Stone Age cultures and dinosaurs. After cleaning up the notes, I realized that a jumble of ideas that loosely hung together has turned into a 3 or 4 adventure campaign arc.

Just enjoy the creative output, no matter how convoluted and expansive it gets. Your own notes can be the best source to mine for more information later.

No, and for this we are thankful. Amen.

Looting and the occasional treasure hoard. I don't have magic marts in my setting and I don't follow the wealth by level rules. They get what I decide they'll need for future games and only one player has ever had anything crafted for him from the money he'd gained over the course of adventuring.

I couldn't get 5 minutes into my first Archer episode OR Bob's Burgers.

thegreenteagamer wrote:
As for the 2-liter of Mt Dew a day - That's REALLY bad for you. The calories alone are like an extra two pounds of fat a week. That can add up REALLY fast. Not to mention the havoc that much sugar will wreak on your pancreas. Just plain awful for many many reasons.

Oh yeah, I'm aware. But it's a habit that's tough to break, like any addiction, and I do believe it's an addiction. Not as bad as crack or meth, obviously, but I get cranky as hell if I go more than a day w/out at least a small amount of the wonderful, yellow-green elixir.

TheAlicornSage wrote:
Reminds me of an old friend who used to drink several 2-liters of Dew every day.

I'll admit I could do that if I didn't really try hard to police myself on it. It's not unusual for me to drink a 2 liter a day if I have it, though. I admit it; I'm an addict.

I lowered the Resistance ability from +4 to +2 and dropped the Repletion ability completely in my modification from the original to fit my homebrew.

66. New puns.

I don't share my Mt. Dew with the other people at the table. It's mine, mine, all mine.

In 30 years of GMing I've had one TPK. The party encountered a beholder. The End.

Otherwhere wrote:
Man, I hear you on that! I had an account on Obsidian Portal and would spend hours posting information, pics, histories, back story information on main NPC's, i.e. tons of work, and show up for gaming with people looking at me blankly when I'd reference something I had put up. The first few times, okay - but when it became apparent people were not availing themselves of it, I was both hurt and annoyed. I finally cancelled my account and stopped doing all the recording and recounting what transpired for them.

My group had an Obsidian Portal account, too. No one used it but me. I quit bothering with it years ago.

I've never played Magic, though when my son was younger I played Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh some with him.

If only Paizo took Paypal....

3 people marked this as a favorite.

Back to shunning; I love dungeon crawls.

Dorian 'Grey' wrote:

I would like to be sitting at your table, as a player, to experience this tale.

Good luck...DM!

I totally agree with Dorian. This would be a great game starter and I think you'd do a wonderful job going forward from there.

Simon Legrande wrote:

I'll second this. One thing you can usually count on is players avoiding content that you've prepared. You have to make important chunks modular so you can set them in regardless of which direction the party wanders off in.

I personally don't tend to actually design city/town layouts. I'll just describe what's there and ask the players what they'd like to accomplish.

I do this very thing.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I once worked as the manager of a video store and I never watched movies. In the year I worked there I took home 3 videos. I'm just not a huge movie fan and I'm pretty picky about what I watch (not snobby, mind you. I watch some pretty awful movies). But customers and my coworkers alike thought I was really strange for not watching more.

Bravo, sir. Bravo!

1 person marked this as a favorite.
The Green Tea Gamer wrote:

I wonder if this is the appropriate place to ask this, but is anyone else annoyed when they, as a GM, spend a lot of their personal time preparing for game day, and a player (or four) shows up having done absolutely, positively, diddly squat in the intervening time, especially if they gained enough exp for a level and were supposed to level up between sessions, or go shopping between sessions, or make a major decision between sessions, and now you have to wait while they get all that done during table time?

That annoys the living crap out of me, especially when I'm a GM, but even as a player, I look at the others like, "Dude, that guy works his butt off to let us have fun, and you can't even level up in a week's time, you lazy bastard? Oh, but you had time to post on Facebook about how you were out at the bar until 4am pumping drinks into a skank that walked out with another dude? I hate you."

You just described the three main players in my group. One of them leads a very busy life and I can see where he might not have time sometimes. The other two do not. But I put up with it because we've been friends over 25 years.

I played in a 12 year long DCH campaign from 1988 to 2000 and that remains my favorite cammpaign out of all the ones I've either played in or even run. We were the Justice League of Canada. Sadly the GM for that campaign no longer games, and in fact we're not even friends anymore. Sad, that.

I played two characters. The first was a sorcerer named Stormbringer (an obvious Elric ripoff) and the second was a guy named Diehard, who's whole schtick was that he couldn't be harmed by anything. No super strength, nothing. Had great times with both characters.

A friend of mine inherited everything the former GM had after he quit gaming, and it's kinda funny you bring this up as I'll be using it soon to run my son and his friends on adventures.

I loved the system, though combat could be slow at times. But character creation was simple and pretty fast and allowed for nearly any type of campaign you could think of, from high powered supers to X-Files type of games. I'm really missing that game.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Tormsskull wrote:
  • I think younger players and players that started on 3.x have a much different play style than gamers that started earlier.
  • I greatly agree with this. I think it has a lot to do with the big changes in mechanics from earlier editions.

    1 person marked this as a favorite.

    60. You want to add to your jar of random lost dice.

    That's kinda what I was referring to.. lol..

    *watches the thread sail off the rails*

    Just bought it. Love it.

    Kthulhu wrote:
    I guess part of the problem is I have no f~@@ing clue what "trigger warnings" are.

    I'm as in the dark as you.

    Excellent. Thanks, Duiker!

    Goth Guru wrote:
    Rock n' Roll Troll wrote:
    I know, imagine a world without Ronnie James Dio, not a pretty place is it.
    You could make a character based on this..

    I've been working up a campaign arc based on several of the songs from the different bands Dio was in over his career (except for his very early rockabilly and doowop stuff).

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