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DungeonmasterCal's page

2,214 posts (2,235 including aliases). 8 reviews. 3 lists. 1 wishlist. 6 aliases.


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Ordered my hard copy and got the pdf yesterday. Absolutely amazing work!

Thanks, Wrong John. You really hit it, I think.

I have the same type of d5, and my players all scoff at it until they roll it, then they are amazed... lol

Nox Arcana's "Grimm Tales".

I ordered mine today! Woot!

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Just downloaded the 4th part of PoW. PoW = WoW!!!! This may be my favorite product from DSP to come down the pike, and that's saying something since I love me some psionics! I can't wait to see how Incarna turns out!

I just ordered mine! Wooha!

I play a blade bound Magus that is currently at 7th level. With the right selection of spells and feats it's been great fun to play.

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I gotta get this book!

Horatio Hornblower.

By far my most played alignment is Neutral Good, with Lawful Neutral as my back up.

Humans are the victims of a genocidal war being waged against them by the Elves.

Of the APG's base classes the Inquisitor is my favorite. And my favorite variant is the spell-less version from Rogue Genius Games. It gets a full attack advancement and more judgments to make up for the lack of spells.

I'd be changing printers.

In my setting, silver is the standard of exchange. This much gold would keep that little village solvent for years, but they cannot touch it and are forced to march by it every day to look at it, knowing it is only inches from their starving hands.

These numbers work just fine. Thanks, everyone!!! One of the legends of Vlad the Impaler was the he kept a chalice filled with gold coins on a stump in the center of the impoverished village below his castle. If any of the villagers were to take so much as one coin, he would have executed every single citizen. I'm going to run an adventure based on this legend and was needing an estimate about the number of coins it might contain.

Paizonians for the win!

Ok, I'm a smart guy, but math is where is stops. I need the help of a numbers wizard here. In my setting coins are roughly the size of a US 25 cent piece (Diameter 24.26 mm and Thickness 1.75 mm). Approximately how many of these would fit in a chalice of, let's say, two litres in volume?

Well, my sale plans are slightly curtailed. I went to get the Dragon Mags from storage and my ex has lost the key to the building. Fortunately it's on her property so we can get a locksmith to get into it, but they were the trump card in the sale/trade in deal. I'll take the other stuff I have and see what I'm offered for them, but the Dragons will have to wait.

Dang it.

Not a fan of glossy paper, anyway. That works for me!

Rogue Genius Games "House Rule Handbook: Spellpoints" is the way to go.

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Introduced me to RPGs. Now I'm poor.

The eye color of elves in my setting change color with the seasons; blue for summer, green for spring, golden for autumn, and grey for winter.

Will do.

I have every issue from 114 on, and a fair number from before that. One of the modules I have is "Ghost Tower of Inverness". That's the one that springs to mind. I'll look through them.

And thanks for the interest, everyone. The guy who owns the FLGS in my hometown (one of them, anyway) gets first crack at them, as that was the agreement we made.

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I found some EARLY 1e modules in mint condition that I didn't even know I had. A lot of this stuff came from a friend who would prowl flea markets and think, "Cal would like this" and then by it. I've never used the vast bulk of it. I even have a small box of pewter miniatures that have never been painted and are still in the foam holding material. Hell, they may be actual lead.

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Go here.

Weapons and Armor: A +2 What, Sir? (Part 1 of 2)

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I've also been a roadie for local bands (ie bands that never got beyond the bar stage). We made out own lighting system out of coffee cans, 200 watt bulbs, and automobile light switches. And I made it RAWK!

No thanks. I used to work with a house band in a Moose Lodge. No Buckle Bunnies for me, thanks.

Yeah, I don't figure I'll get much. I watched what people are trying to sell them for on ebay and I figure I'll take half that but no less. Chances are I'll get a combo of cash and store credit. As long as the cash outweighs the credit I'll be happy. I just need to make some space and we only play Pathfinder now (and occasionally d20 CoC) so my beloved collection should go to someone else. The Dragons are the hardest to get rid of, let me tell ya. I loved that magazine in the 80s and 90s.

I'll try to get to those this week. They're in storage. I've never even looked at them, myself. A friend decided he was finished with gaming altogether a few years back and gave away everything. EVERYthing. We're keeping the Torg stuff... lol

I grew up on a farm. Until you've had your arm shoulder deep in a cow's private parts trying to turn a calf around so it would be born properly and not die, taking its mother along with it, you don't know strange.

Andrew Turner wrote:
DungeonmasterCal wrote:
Another summer I worked in a video arcade. In 1983.
This job probably blew massive chunks, but it's a dream job in my imagination...ahhh, Flynn Lives!

It wasn't that bad, really. The boss was an idiot, but mostly left me alone. The cool thing was that after closing my friends would show up and we'd play video games for free until dawn... lol

Indagare wrote:

Your ballad makes them sound like good things, but your description under it make it sound like bad. I suppose like any primordial force they can be both creative and destructive, but I hope they are at least neutral.

Here's my two cents:

Arkesh, the Beast of Black Blood. Arkesh has a serpentine form that can vary from completely legless to something similar to an eastern dragon. The subterranean realms were formed by Arkesh's constant burrowing, and Arkesh has strong ties to earth, rock, and metal.

Radosh, the Beast of Blue Blood. Radosh has a piscean form that is usually shark-like but can be that of any aquatic creature, including semi-aquatic ones like frogs. Though they all have some affinity with water, Radosh has the strongest tie to it as well as steam and ice.

Dakish, the Beast of Green Blood. Dakish has a strange, plant-like form that is comparable to a shambling mound, though it can be more defined like that of a treant. Sometimes Dakish takes on forms of insects and arachnids as well. Dakish has strong ties to plant-life of all sorts.

Adrush, the Beast of Yellow Blood. Adrush has an avian form that can look like any particular bird to that of a bat, a pterodactyl, or even a winged insect. Adrush has strong ties to air, clouds, and lightning.

Karvesh, the Beast of White Blood. Karvesh's innate form has varied from age to age depending on the dominant land animals at the time. Karvesh can take the form of any land animal. Karvesh has strong ties to fire, light, and magic.

I just stole this whole thing. Yoink!

I personally like your very first choice best, but among the two you offer as candidates I like Sheshardak. It has a very old feel to it, like something from old Hebrew or Akkadian.

My university had a really good counseling system, where it was one on one. Of course, this was back when university consisted of learning how to make flint spear points and not get killed by cave bears....

I have very little experience with the non-core classes, simply because most of my players play either core or 3PP. I play a blade bound magus in a friend's game and love it, however.

"Lone Survivors: How We Came to Be the Only Humans on Earth" by Chris Stringer. Finally, someone I can agree with (mostly).

Thanks. I've got some duplicate copies of the 1e DMG, PHB, Wilderness Survival Guide, Oriental Adventures, and Unearthed Arcana, all in very good to near mint condition. I have two copies of the Deities and Demigods with the Elric and Lovecraft mythos, but my son refuses to let me sell those. Also in mint condition... lol I already promised my FLGS first look, but if he's not interested and if anything here catches your eye let me know.

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Maybe thats' why she was the last one. They all stank on ice when it came to fighting.....

Has anyone had much luck selling off old gaming stuff? I've got a tentative sight unseen offer for over 250 Dragon Mags, and that's not even counting the duplicate 1e, 2e, and 3.0 stuff I'm going to liquidate along with huge box of vintage Rolemaster stuff, all in good to very good and even mint condition in some instances. If the FLGS guy doesn't pan out, I was thinking of going world wide with the offers.

So, how have you fared in selling off your old or excess materials?

Will we see these new "advanced classes" on the srd or d20pfsrd sites anytime soon?

I had two nights in a row of relatively normal sleep, and here I am again, wide awake yet unable to focus on anything worthwhile. I've got three things I could/should be doing, but can't concentrate on them. So here I am, trollin' along...

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Face it. She was just an excuse to rotoscope another naked model and play a kick ass Black Sabbath song.

The 30 series has so far been my favorite.

6 people marked this as a favorite.

Why are you so awesome? I just tallied up $50 of your stuff and then sat and stared as the moth in my wallet mocked me with its tinny laughter. I gotta say, you guys make some of the greatest books of lists out there. Absolutely terrific! **now to roll the dogs for cash**

You could also called them the Ora. That's the Indonesian word for them.

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robert best 549 wrote:
DungeonmasterCal wrote:
robert best 549 wrote:
I can't remember the page I got this from but it is an excelent rendition from what I can tell.
That is a really good work up! Thanks!!

Agreed though in the movie I question her skill as a actual combatant. She repeatedly gets whooped, and saved by her chickendactl. The whole the reincarnation thing is actually a really well thought out thing for the Taarakian race though.

edit: I personally would never allow a player to play this race, but I could see it as a prime enemy in a evil campaign or as a NPC that is story centric.

I wasn't going to allow her as a PC race, but as an NPC (if I ever used her at all. I saw HM recently and it just sparked the idea). The idea was that the PCs had to step in when the people summoning the Taarakian failed to successfully do so, for whatever reason. Perhaps there are no more reincarnation phases, or maybe she gets bad cell reception. Or she's through being cool. Of find out where she is and let her know she's needed. Or something. But the PCs have to be the ones to take her job and save the day.

As I said earlier, my group are the ones who are reluctant to allow new players into the circle. As far as bringing someone to my house right off the bat, no. My worsening social anxiety and general distrust of strangers says meet them at the FLGS and game with them a couple of times there.

robert best 549 wrote:
I can't remember the page I got this from but it is an excelent rendition from what I can tell.

That is a really good work up! Thanks!!

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