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DungeonmasterCal's page

3,071 posts (3,095 including aliases). 10 reviews. 3 lists. 1 wishlist. 8 aliases.


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Mystic_Snowfang wrote:
I've been told I'm a good GM. I'm not quite sure why though.

Are your players challenged, entertained, inspired, and perhaps even enlightened a bit after your sessions? Those would be good indicators.

Perhaps spells with the Acidic descriptor get a bonus of some sort when in places sacred to Mordalith and his followers?

chbgraphicarts wrote:

So, working on some art and prints for an upcoming convention, I drew the Pathfinder character of one of the main characters of a comic I draw.

Then I thought "hey, I can make characters sheets with this!"

I had to design a custom character sheet to work with this idea, and figured "y'know, people might like this", so I removed my own IP stuff (gotta love layers), and left the rest.

Anyway, I made a Character Sheet with space for a full-body portrait of a character!

Wow... that's a beautiful sheet. Make a Psionic version of the second page (maybe as an optional 3rd page?) and I'd use this puppy in a heart beat. I should say I'd use it anyway, but I would love the option to use it for a psionic character.

TarkXT wrote:

You see you forgot the #1 rule of every Star Trek ever: The reason you can't solve this problem with a teleporter is because *insert nonsensical sciency stuff here*.

Player: "Well we'll just pop a hole in the cave and beam them out."

GM: "Sure, but as your science officer will tell you the cavern is made out of unstable stewartanium isotope number 43. A mineral that detonates into an atomic explosion when hit with a high energy beam like a phaser."

LOL I could've done that, and nearly did. But they clearly out-witted me and I wasn't going to take it away from them. Besides, we were more in the mood for food at the time, I think.. lol

Mark Hoover wrote:
I think a great DM is the guy that rolls with what the players do.

I agree with Mark. Over the nearly 30 years I've been playing this game I've learned to never rely on the players to follow the map or the plan you have in mind for them and to be able to improvise on the spot.

Playing a Star Trek rpg with rules we created--the set up was the players would have to beam down and rescue the survivors of a crashed survey ship, but the mission was going to be extremely dangerous. Their solution? Locate them in the caverns where they'd taken shelter with the ship's sensors, phaser a hole in the roof, then beam them out. Entire game was over in 20 minutes and we all left to go have Chinese buffet.

OH, and Mark Hoover. Corresponding with him has helped my game a lot, even after 30 years of playing.

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Fairness, objectivity, intelligence, and creativity.

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Usual Suspect wrote:
183. Put on a belt that somebody has told them is magical, then immediately check their bust size to make sure nothing changed.

When I first began playing D&D back in the 1e days, my 18 CHA Antipaladin put on a belt that changed him to a woman. My DM, who was a classic male chauvinist pig, thought this would make me angry. I laughed and said, "Cool. Hot evil women always get their way." He was disappointed and changed me back.

Professionalism, whether they be professional or not. Someone who really puts their heart into the work.

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He lived long and prospered. He will be missed.

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He lived long and prospered.

LazarX wrote:
The Libertarian freakout has already begun.

I have a friend who's hardcore Libertarian. He's freaking out.

Can someone explain to me the pros and cons of the today's FCC net neutrality decision? I'm kinda fuzzed about it.

A Maury Povich Show "Lie Detector Test" episode that's playing in the living room.

*stares in wonder at what his simple question has wrought*

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I get tired of the "This is too powerful this is too weak threads" and the dire warnings of class, spell, feat, ability, etc bloat threads.

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In a 1e game my Antipaladin had a prisoner turned into a daisy and then plucked the petals in a game of "She loves me, she loves me not".

In a 3.0 game, a botched attempt at mercy resulted in a concoction that was designed to sedate and numb a prisoner before interrogation and execution resulted in his dying a foaming, twitching death. The Cleric responsible was then "affectionately" known by the party as the Sinister Minister and the Pastor of Disaster.

Thanks, Kudaku. Right after I looked at your link I found a link on Archives of Nethys. Looks like I'll be adding to the religion in my homebrew, now.

Thanks, all!

Cuuniyevo wrote:
Here's the information you're looking for. Inner Sea Gods is also good, but it doesn't focus on the Empyreal Lords specifically.

Thanks. Now to scrape up the cash... lol

Hmm.. as demigod level entities, do they grant spells all the way to 9th level, or do they, as in 1e I believe, only grant up to 3rd?

Are they good analogs to fiends? I don't own the "Inner Sea Gods" sourcebook so I'm really in the dark about them.

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I used to DM a group called "The Committee for Public Safety".

You swim in lava, you die. No save. See Cheapy's link above.

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If we banned humor there'd be no quotes like "I was bitten by a radioactive Jesus. That's why I'm the cleric."

I only agree with items 7 and 4.

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If it weren't for the humor on the part of the player/PC I think it would be pretty dull. Humor has its place, as does a more serious tone.

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DM Under The Bridge wrote:
Adventurer thinks about it, and pulls the lever.

They seldom think about it. They just pull the lever.

I sure as hell hope it's worth the money I spent. Not having the means to view it on a laptop or tablet for actual game play I bought the soft cover (it did come with the pdf so I can at least peruse it while I wait for the print version to arrive).

I should probably have sought advice BEFORE buying it, but it was an impulse/retail therapy purchase, and for me it was a huge expenditure. So, thoughts on it by those who've used the system? Did I waste my money?

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Rynjin wrote:
The main gripe about magic items is that your character needs to be decked out like Mr. T to challenge CR appropriate enemies.


DungeonmasterCal wrote:
What is everyone's thoughts on things? How are your groups unique and what house rules do you have that you think stand out?
Sounds like you and I would really game well together.

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This thread makes me happy. Growing up, Styx was my favorite band.

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Slayer is the way to go, IMO. And the Stygian archetype is mighty cool. If you don't have access to the Advanced Class Guide, you can find all the information here:


Archetypes here:

Slayer Archetypes

Resurrection and Reincarnation are both very difficult to come by in my setting, and cost more than an expensive diamond or whatever. It usually involves a favor in the form of a quest by the surviving party members. Plus, any PC class higher than 5th level, unless specifically designed as an adversary of the PCs (who can progress as high as possible) is an extreme rarity.

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The only time I ever saw Styx in concert was this tour. Man, I'm old.

No Ninjas or Samurai, as there is no "Oriental" setting in my homebrew and no Gunslingers.

My group has voted to toss out the confirmation roll for critical hits, for one reason that it just bogs combat down and the other being it takes away from the excitement of seeing that crit number appear if it doesn't successful confirm. I know this negates a few feats and changes the the feat trees for some things, but has anyone else tried this? How did it work?

It could go either way, depending on the individual player and the alignments he chooses. I'd allow it, but under a watchful eye.

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The seeds of the sandbox tree explode and and can reach speeds of 150 mph over a distance of about 120 feet.

Freehold DM wrote:
I LOVE liver and onions. Always have!

raises hammer and stake

Amby, hold him down.

This made my whole day!

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Tigers, though their skulls are slightly smaller than a lion's, have the largest cranial capacity of any of the big cats.

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Freehold DM wrote:
Ambrosia Slaad wrote:
Randarak wrote:
The liver is the only human internal organ capable of natural regeneration of lost tissue; as little as 25% of a liver can regenerate into a whole liver.
I wish I'd had this excuse as a kid for why the fried liver & onions on my dinner plate never seemed to disappear.
Why parents insist on feeding their children liver and onions, I will never know....

I LOVE liver and onions. Always have!


I very much look forward to seeing this.


Tinkering with a Vizier build. Nothing crazy, just hoping to make something solid and fun. I may have overlooked it, but does the Vizier get extra essence for having a high Intelligence score?

Also, since a Vizier cannot weave a Veil that opposes his alignment, where does this leave Neutral Viziers?

You're quite welcome. I like what I saw on your page. I personally don't use dinosaurs in my homebrew, though there are many extinct species from our world that live there (mostly mammals). I also love the workup you did for the Ropen. I'd love to see more cryptids statted out. Keep up the good work!

I struggle with this, too. I hate to give out a crap ton of treasure for every encounter, and as such, I dial it back quite a bit. And I'm going to restrict it even further when it comes to magic items. The players in my homebrew have plenty of magic goodies that I've begrudgingly doled out because the books suggest it, and it really galls me to do it. From now on, they'll find minor magic at most and if they want better they're going to have to pay to have it crafted specifically. It's hard to separate my views as a player from my views as a GM anymore. As a player, I don't care if I get a penny in an adventure; I play for the XP and the fun of it.

Your attitude toward them already seems set in stone. Why bother with one if that's how you feel? I'm not trying to be snarky about it; I'm just curious. I've never built a character for DPR, but for flavor and fun, instead.

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