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DungeonmasterCal's page

4,996 posts (5,062 including aliases). 14 reviews. 3 lists. 1 wishlist. 8 aliases.


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Oh, another grievance: I love dice. I especially love my dice. They're about the only thing I'm remotely OCD about and I can tell you with near 100% truth I've only lost 6 dice in 30 years of gaming. Until I moved my dice to a larger box today, that is, and noticed 2 more missing. I'm losing my mind over this tiny little incident. On the other hand, I got a GREAT new treasure chest looking box for my dice and with all the dice I own it's already nearly half full. So there's some sunshine in the loss of dice from two of my favorite sets.

sigh... wurrah wurrah wurrah...

I've got two big .pdfs to review and I've had near constant pain from a microfracture in my tibia for months now and I just can't seem to concentrate on them from the pain. Sure, some days are better than others but those are the days I have to clean the house and wash the ever funkier dishes, as well as do my shopping. I feel kinda bad for taking so long after getting the items and I hope the publisher understands that I will get to them. Just not as quickly as I'd hoped.

I've mentioned it before, but a 2e PF wouldn't sell to my group. We've decided to stick with Pathfinder until we "retire" someday, so we'd just keep on truckin' with what we have. My only worry is that a 2e would cause the SRD and d20pfsrd to change and that would be a real tragedy for me and my group.

NobodysHome wrote:
I don't do PbPs because I run 3 live campaigns (yes, 3!!!) and play in a fourth. Time is not my ally.

Wow... being disabled and unable to work, I have all the time in the world. But I can barely keep a regular schedule with the one campaign I run!

REO Speedwagon's "Live-You Get What You Play For".

Monte Cooke, for those of you who don't know, co-wrote D&D 3.0, as well as being a successful publisher and designer of other games. The best advice I ever read for creating a game world was "never create more than you need at the time". Sure, the players might ask about a neighboring country, so having a line of notes about it would be handy as the question could spark a quest into that nation. But don't worry about building a whole world at once. I used to do it that way and it's a lot of work, worry, and sometimes players never see more than a quarter of it, anyway.

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I've mentioned this before, but while playing D&D in my friend's dorm room in late 1985 or early 1986 someone slid a copy of "Dark Dungeons" under the door and took off running down the hall. We never knew who did it. We'd also never heard of Jack Chick before and found the tract to be kinda funny. We'd planned to have an adventure where Black Leaf was actually rescued from hanging herself and then went on to save herself from being turned into a "real witch", but we never played it.

It truly is. I rolled one up as an NPC adversary to my party in a recent game and things went really well. It completely lived up to all the reviews (even mine) and held its own (with support from its goons, of course. I had 7 players). It even escaped to fight my players another day. So again, kudos on a great class.

Now, how about that Chronomancer I mentioned the other day? :)

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It takes a special constitution to be able to watch some of the cinematic atrocities we've come across.

No, it's not a trick question. I was confusing two different sources. You're right, there are no torture rules in HA. The ones I was thinking of came from "Villains: Rebirth", Copyright 2003, Bastion Press, Inc. Author: James Jacobs. The rules are added as an appendix to the Heal skill on the page.

Are the torture rules posted anywhere on the official SRD or I have a friend who doesn't have the book yet wanting to look at them and I can't seem to find them anywhere.


I thought I'd necro this thread because I liked it a lot when I first posted it and there have been numerous new folks who've joined the boards. So tell me something that makes you distinctly "You".

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Drahliana Moonrunner wrote:
....That the set of TV Show "Hogan's Heroes" was used and met it's fiery end in the Naziploitation movie. "Ilsa: She Wolf of the SS"?

I need to see this movie. It sounds like something my Bad Movie Night Group would enjoy.

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During last night's game, going on the information we had, we thought we were going to be fighting a medusa. The party sorcerer thinks for a moment and says, "We really need a mirror just in case. Is there a narcissist in the group?"

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I'd use the stone passed down to you. That's what we did for my wedding several years ago; I used my deceased father's wedding ring, my wife used a great aunt's engagement ring and a great grandmother's wedding ring. The sentimental value is worth the monetary cost, in my opinion.

The 2 Steps from Hell supermix I made for game nights.

My best player (and the one who's been with me the longest - 30 years) is thinking of "retiring" from gaming once the current campaign we're running ends. His goal is to reach 20th level. Right now he's close to 14th with 3 Mythic Tiers. I'd hate to lose him after so many years, so I hope he changes his mind when that time comes.

Excellent. Thanks for the reply!

I have a question about the Know Thy Enemy archetype's ability. The text of the ability reads thusly:

At 7th level, a lore warden can take a standard action to study a specific target in sight. He must make a Knowledge check to determine the target’s abilities and weaknesses as part of this standard action. If successful, the lore warden not only notes the appropriate abilities and weaknesses, as detailed under the Knowledge skill, but also gains a +2 competence bonus on all attack rolls and weapon damage rolls made against that enemy. Note that this bonus on attack and damage rolls applies only to that specific creature. This bonus lasts for the duration of an encounter, or until the lore warden attempts a new Knowledge check to use this ability on a different target.

My question is what is the Knowledge check's DC to learn the opponent's weaknesses?

"Guilty" from Bonnie Raitt's first album was covered by Nazareth and released on a recent CD re-release of "Hair of the Dog". They do a great version and stay true to its bluesy roots.

I'm sorry I started this thread.

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Klorox wrote:
In Ad&D there was the wand of force (from 1st edition Unearthed Arcana), one function of which literally functioned like a lightsaber, giving you in effect a +5 bastard sword with no proficiency requirement... I had a magic user that was particularly fond of using it in combination with a (Tenser's) Transformation spell...

Goes and digs out his copy of 1e Unearthed Arcana...

I didn't leave him out on purpose. There are just so many people on the boards I'd like to roll dice with it's hard to remember them all. And you're right, Claxon would be a fun person to game with.

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I love Honey Crisp apples.

I'm really honored to be included in lists of so many people. I'm just a goofy guy who rolls dice and makes stuff up on the fly most of the But seriously, thanks to everyone that mentioned me.

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I love creating and expanding my homebrew setting.

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Klorox wrote:
DungeonmasterCal wrote:
Well, I don't play PFS, so I'm ruling it a martial weapon myself. I'd made up my mind to do so, but just wanted someone else's opinion on it. Thanks!
I'd do the same, but I don't DM that often, and the tetsubo (and oriental weapons and armors in general) rarely appears in my campaigns, since I usually play in a Western setting, and when I have oriental areas, my players rarely go there.

My homebrew is in a setting roughly based on Constantinople right around the beginning of the Renaissance in Europe. There is no strictly "Eastern setting" such as found in many fantasy game worlds. The closest in my setting are the Six Kingdoms ruled by Hobgoblins (my homebrew version of them that I've used since 1e). In the 1e Monster Manual they are illustrated as wearing far eastern style armor, so they're the closest I come to have a setting like that, but only certain weapons, such as the tetsubo, make the cut for my setting.

Like you it's character options. I even made the "official" class skills optional by allowing players to choose whatever skills they choose if they want to.

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Well, I don't play PFS, so I'm ruling it a martial weapon myself. I'd made up my mind to do so, but just wanted someone else's opinion on it. Thanks!

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So, why is this an exotic weapon? Isn't it really just a great club with brass or iron studs on it?

Thanks, ya'll!

So, a couple of my players have Rings of Invisibility. When they attack someone, do they become visible until they activate the ring again? And is reactivating the ring a standard action, like casting the spell?

MMCJawa wrote:

I'll need a lot more from a streaming service than a single show for me to invest in it.

I am actually just increasingly annoyed at how spread out everything is. It's one thing when it's channels: at least if I have a cable subscription I get a ton of them. But now that more and more original stuff is going on the streaming services, I find myself needing to purchase effectively individual channels for just one or two shows.

Nicholas Meyer made a statement regarding fans of Star Trek who are not really thrilled by the new show and praising shows like "Star Trek: Continues" saying "Fans don't know what's best for them." That really rubbed me the wrong way and it makes me almost not want to watch it. They're also seriously "reimagining the alien races, changing their appearances drastically" according to one source working on the show.

I can usually manage if someone or even two people miss a game. We just say they wandered off into another area. The running joke is that they have jury duty.

But that's the fun part of adventuring! Not knowing anything about the area you're in, with unknown dangers and undreamed of rewards!

Netflix has its issues, but it has more wildlife shows than Hulu, so I stick with it.

Yeah, CBS took away the CW shows to make them available on their on streaming service. I'll probably subscribe to it in May just to watch the new Star Trek series then drop it. Though from what I'm hearing about the new ST series I'm a little iffy on even 6 bux a month.

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June Cleaver wrote:
Leandro Garvel wrote:
So are you a cleaver of kobolds or a cleaver made of kobold?

There are three possibilities:

1. Cleaver of kobolds

2. Cleaver made of kobold

3. A tragic reminder of the night 21 years ago that I got drunk and f@~#ed an iguana.

I leave it to you gentle readers to decide.

That lizard is still in therapy, by the way. And it never quite got over its addiction to cheap gin.

Yeah, I was pretty amazed at his age. I'd have sworn he was a grizzled veteran of the polyhedral wars!

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I may have "grievanced" this before, but if you wanna play a Jedi, play Star Wars. If you wanna play a Sith, play Star Wars. Grievance over.

Unless I've miscounted, the unnumbered ones bring us up to 41.

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Drow Fleshwarping Charts.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I'd go with the Expert NPC class, using high scores for CHA and WIS, and building up good scores in Bluff, Sense Motive, Diplomacy, and maybe even Intimidation. Good scores in Knowledge History and Nobility would be handy, too.

I think Madds does. I'm not sure about Forrest Whitaker's character.

And some of the camera shots of the ships in flight, and especially that Star Destroyer hovering in place above the village are epic!

To answer the topic question, I'm gonna say "No, there is not too much stuff in Pathfinder". There is only what you are willing to spend your money on or not.

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Aberzombie wrote:
I love left-over Red Beans and Rice, even if it is Zatarains from a box.

I eat a lot of Zatarains... lol

Aberzombie wrote:

Well, this just makes no f+~&ing sense whatsoever....

Despite Flashpoint, Supergirl will stay in a separate reality from the Arrow-verse

I think it's a bad idea, since they're supposed to do crossovers with the Dominators on all 4 series.

Rogue One Final Trailer


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