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DungeonmasterCal's page

5,132 posts (5,198 including aliases). 14 reviews. 3 lists. 1 wishlist. 8 aliases.

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I'm going to save mine for Bestiary 6!

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Kileanna wrote:

The last story I completed as a GM was a Dragonlance Price of Courage game and I've always thought of this song as the song for both the group of players and the end of the story, which was epic. Maybe a bit too mainstream but I love it.

I also pick songs for most of my characters, some NPCs, locations and events.

I LOVE Rhapsody of Fire!

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Mine appeared. It's a Mikazemas miracle! Thanks, Paul! Happy Holidays!

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Paul Watson wrote:
DungeonmasterCal wrote:
Dangit! I missed it by 1 post! Again!
There are only 7 people ahead of you, Cal.

Oh! I thought it was full up. I'd like to receive one. Thanks for your generosity.

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Dammit! I missed it by 1 post! Again!

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I get art of mine done for free by a friend. :)

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My question is at what point to you become a grognard? I've been playing since 1985 and am 53 years old. I started with AD&D 1e. Does this qualify me for grognard-ship? Do I have to wait another 10 years? I'm so confused.

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My players don't trade out their magic items. They save them if they get a better one, or pay to have an existing one upgraded. I'm kinda proud of 'em for that. Plus it helps there are no magic marts in my campaign world. The magic they have is found in loot piles of BBEGs or other powerful opponents. And even then they're pretty rare.

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I collect dice. I have nearly 700 individual dice, divided into two sets. One set is made up of individual dice or incomplete sets, and the other is made up of dice that are in complete sets of certain colors or manufacturers.

I only play Humans.

I can say with nearly 100% certainty I've only actually lost 8 dice. I've given away sets as gifts to people who really like them, but my dice are the only things I'm somewhat OCD about.

I don't allow the "furry races" in my homebrew world.

I altered the official PF Hobgoblins to resemble Klingons. I've done this since I first began playing in 1985.

There are no Half Orcs in my campaign. They are a full race of primitive and savage humanoids.

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Dire Elf wrote:
But I hate looking at my character sheet on my tablet. I don't like having to scroll up and down. I have a binder for each of my characters, with the sheets in page protectors. When my characters level up I print a new copy of the sheet because I despise eraser marks and whiteout. A friend created a character sheet in Microsoft Word and I modified it to my taste, so all my characters are printed out on my personal customized sheets. I also have specific dice that I use for each character.

I do, too. I use a binder for my only 2 player characters (I'm the GM 98% of the time) and I hate keeping my character sheet on the computer. I also have a Microsoft Word created character sheet that I customized to my own tastes (I hate the official sheets and I lack the Excel knowledge to use one of those). When I level up, I update the character on the computer then print it out. Maybe there's some mind-sharing going on between us.. lol

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Pan wrote:
Ithsay the Unseen wrote:
Heh. My current group all use laptops, except for me; I've kept to pencil and paper, because a folder with several sheets of paper (character sheet+scratch paper) is SO much easier to haul around and set up, imo.
I go P&P when im playing. I however must have a laptop/tablet when I am the GM. Its just too useful a tool not to have for a game master.

My characters and NPCs are on paper. But as a GM or player I use the laptop when I play both roles, in order to quickly look up rules, and in particular spells. Rather than write out the entire spell for my character sheets I can quickly look up the spell and its stats as both player and GM a lot faster than digging through the books. We always play at my house and I have my own little table where I set my things up, so I can keep the lap top handy without it cluttering up the rest of the area.

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Tacticslion wrote:

The succubus in a grapple thread er, uh, Imean... the people. Yeah, that's it.


I never read a single word in the Succubus Grapple saga. By the time I discovered it the number of posts was higher than I cared to read. And it just kept growing and growing.

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Hitdice wrote:
It's important to keep in mind that niche doesn't mean dying so much as "not the multimillion dollar industry it was at its peak." I think the comparison to model trains is very apt, mostly because model trains, however niche their market, aren't going anywhere, you know?

Well, they do kinda go around in circles or ovals or something. :D

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I don't know about him, but I've been very concerned about Mark Hoover, who used to be a frequent poster here. He and I corresponded person to person quite a bit for awhile and I know he's got some serious things going on his life right now, but I'd like to hear from him.

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I've seen people saying this since 3.0 came out. It's mostly grognards who have the money to attend cons, but I know the 5e community is alive and well among the kids in my area.

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While you can't just walk into any city in my homebrew world and buy any magic item you can think of, I do feel I've given out too much magic to my players in this campaign and they've come to expect like rats that push a button and get a piece of food. When we finish this campaign (probably a year from now as they want to reach level 20) I plan to change that and use the rules PF Unchained.

3 people marked this as FAQ candidate. 1 person marked this as a favorite.

The purpose of this, or any game, is to have fun. If you're not having fun, then you shouldn't play it and look for a game or activity that IS more enjoyable to you.

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Aberzombie wrote:
Mariel Hemingway is the granddaughter of Ernest Hemingway and Elizabeth Hadley Richardson. She is the younger sister of Margaux Hemingway, born in 1955, and Joan Hemingway ("Muffet"), born in 1950.

And in the 80s I had the Playboy Magazine issue with her in it. Rowr rowr.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Without Pathfinder we might have actually stopped gaming as my players were losing interest in 3.5. So thanks to everyone at Paizo from the top to the bottom for all the hard work and great products.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Dire Elf wrote:
You've got to do what works best for you. But I would like to offer that should you ever want to use minis, when we play around the coffee table the people who are seated closest to it take care of moving things so the other players don't have to get up every time it's their turn. Of course, that only works if you have players who are comfortable with letting someone else handle their minis.

No one has any issues in my group with handling each others' dice or minis. To us that's one of the silliest things imaginable.

As far as a coffee table goes, our set up is 3 couches and a very wide easy chair in a circle in the living room. There's a table for me and my set up, a table for the snacks, and a table for a couple of the other players who bring laptops. I don't think we'd have room for anything else, so that's another reason we don't use the mat. The mat is handy, don't get me wrong, and it certainly has its place in the game. We just haven't found an effective way to use it.

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I took two mint condition Planescape box sets plus all the supplements to my favorite FLGS here in my hometown and got $65 for them. A month later I took some mint condition 2e books (extras that I'd acquired from retired gamers over the years) and got $1 apiece for them. I didn't go outside and hurl them across the parking lot.

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I'm really glad I discovered MMCJawa is a paleontologist. I've been an armchair paleontologist all my life and it's great to talk to an actual expert in the field. If you're into the field at all, check out this thread.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I used to play regularly at a really large and very nice FLGS about 25 miles from where I live (until my anxiety issues got to the point I had to quit). That's where I saw the Chinese kids break out into a physical fight and get banned from the store. I saw a woman (a gf or wife) of a player come in and knock all his WH40K figures (and those of others) off the table because she was wanting to go out that night with friends and he'd apparently sneaked off to play Warhammer without telling her so she was stuck at home with the kid (who she'd dragged into the store to watch all this), and of course the awkward kids who didn't quite know how to act in public (getting angry over rulings, CRYING over rulings, etc).

But these are just a tiny handful of incidents. My ratio of good experiences far outweigh the bad ones when it comes to FLGS'. Of course, it also depends on the stores themselves and how well they're run, but I've been lucky to have played at a couple of really good stores when I was able to get out more.

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Roleplaying-to-combat ratios
We're about half and half, with some games having more of one than the other depending on the session's objectives.

Rules vs. flavor
We stick to the rules as much as possible, but the rule of cool and the rule of common sense still play a powerful role in what we do. We recently had a CoCd20 game where the fun quickly deflated because the GM couldn't find a rule that perfectly fit what the PC was trying to do, so rather than wing it or use common sense he ruled it couldn't be done. There were some bad feelings after that.

Powerful and flavorful builds
We tend toward more flavorful builds. In fact, I'm not sure that even as long as we've played most of my party would know how to Min/Max a character as they play more for flavor and interesting characters rather than to see who can do the most damage per round.

Evil parties vs. noble parties vs. slightly sketchy parties
I personally don't have a problem with evil parties. The very first campaign I ever played in back in the mid 80s was evil and I learned that evil can get along as long as there is a motivation for them do do so. You don't have to kill your party mate "just because you're evil". I really like noble parties, where the PCs are actual heroes, but the slightly sketchy party has a special place in my gaming heart, as well, as it often opens up great roleplaying opportunities about what should or could happen.

"Sandbox" (open route, open destination) vs. "railroad" (set route, set destination) vs. "freeway" (open route, set destination)
I've always played a mix of Sandbox and Freeway options. Sometimes I just let the players do whatever they want and let them choose everything, even how the session ends. But I tend to prefer the Freeway method, with an open route and a set destination point. The trick is to let the PCs think they've arrived at the destination point on their own while on the Freeway. If they don't take Exit 1 where the Owlbear is, I simply move the encounter to another exit point and they think that's where it was supposed to happen all the time. I let them have their side adventures while gently coaxing them along in the general direction of where they need to be, with them setting the speed on the cruise control and enjoying the scenery along the way.

Silly vs. serious
More serious than silly, though you have to have at least one silly thing per game to keep things fun (not that we're not having fun already) but a bad decision can make for some hilarious results and sometimes the PCs just play off that and still manage to accomplish the game's goals. I guess it also asks the question "What do you consider silly or serious"? We've had some very serious games lately as they players are rising in power and becoming noticed by the more powerful entities of the game world and not in good lights in some cases. So there's seriousness there. But every three or four games ike those demand something more lighthearted, so we have them attend a duke's wedding or something where the punchbowl is spiked and silliness ensues.

Genre choices
I'm not sure what you mean by Genre Choices. Are you talking Homebrew vs Published Setting, or Sci Fi vs Fantasy or what? I'll answer with this, and if necessary you can better explain the question and I'll change my answer. I prefer Homebrew over published any day. I've only ever played or created Homebrew games, though I've cherry picked from published settings if something struck my interest.

Whew. That took awhile. I need a Mtn Dew and a Hostess cupcake now.

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David M Mallon wrote:

Billy Ray Cyrus' multi-platinum hit single "Achy Breaky Heart" was originally written by Nashville songwriter Don Von Tress 1990 as a single for The Oak Ridge Boys. However, Oak Ridge Boys lead singer Duane Allen thought that the lyrics were too silly and passed the song off to California country band The Marcy Brothers, who changed a few lyrics (for example, "achy breaky" became "achy breakin'") and released it in 1991 as "Don't Tell My Heart."

That same year, Billy Ray Cyrus heard Von Tress's original version of the song, and chose to include it on his debut album Some Gave All in 1992. "Achy Breaky Heart" is written in the key of A major and possesses only two chords: A and E. The song is considered by some as one of the worst songs of all time, featuring at number two in VH1 and Blender's list of the "50 Most Awesomely Bad Songs Ever."

I was the lighting tech for a country band that covered a lot of songs during that time period. It got the point people were requesting the song 5 or more times a night. We finally put up a sign in front of the stage that said we would walk out if the song was asked for me than three times. We did, twice.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I've heard a lot of theories, but what's your take on the position and function of the tusks of the Deinotherium line of elephant relatives?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Being an armchair paleontologist since I could read, I'm sure I'll have a few questions for you.

1 person marked this as a favorite.


I remember the early 90s when here in Arkansas people were buying emus like they were going out of style. Of course they did, and people were stuck with very large flocks of them.

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Rednal wrote:
Things like this are why I try to be nice to folks in retail - smile at them, wait patiently while they do their job, figure that any problems probably aren't their fault, and generally try to be either forgotten or remembered as a good customer instead of a bad one. ^^

I do the same. It costs nothing to be nice to over worked and under paid retail employees, some of whom go home and cry after particularly stressful days (I know lots of folks in retail still and they've told me this happens).

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Michelle A.J. wrote:

A minor grievance, but it is a bit disheartening when no one at my LGS is willing to run the sort of games I want to play in. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind playing through AP's or the occasional homebrew, but every now and then I want to try something new. And it's not that I'm the only person who wants to do it - our group is rather adventurous when it comes to trying new things. But whenever I suggest another system or third party campaign, the response is almost always a chorus of "I'll play that if you GM it."

I'd love to try new games, or even play some of the older ones we used to play, but my group now only wants to play PF. We OCCASIONALLY dip into d20 Call of Cthulhu, but that's maybe 3 times a year at most. One of my friends (and occasional "guest star" player is a massive board game enthusiast and collector and would love to bring some of his games to play but I'm the only one willing to try them. I don't want to find a new group because of my anxiety issues, but dammit I'd like to play something besides PF once in awhile.

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Rysky wrote:
*offers hugs*


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I only get to be a player very rarely, and so I rolled up the party cleric. Her name is Tasmit, which is ancient Assyrian for "She Who Listens". She ended up being the party face until....

....she drew a bad Harrow card and is now permanently deaf. Only a Wish or Miracle spell can heal her. So "She Who Listens" is deaf as a post, with all its attendant penalties to Perception, spellcasting, and communication. She can read lips (a little) thanks to the Linguistics skill. But overall she is never privy to the rest of what the party is saying.

The irony.

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PK the Dragon wrote:
I'm stealing that idea, if you don't mind. Gnolls are one of my favorite races, I've been trying to think of ways to turn them into memorable foes and not "just another war-like monster species". Little things like that are great!

Steal away! I don't mind sharing my ideas as I've borrowed ideas from multiple posters over the years.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Not so much, really. I didn't really have "real world" analogies in that setting. In fact, the current PF campaign I'm running has more than any other setting I've ever run before.

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Java Man wrote:
Thaks! Was trying to remember this in my earlier post, clearly my recall was way off.

You're very welcome!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

In my 2e homebrew setting, Gnoll wizards (called magic users back then) used a quipu for storing spells. For anyone not familiar with the quipu, here's a link.


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Playing Boothill, the wild west game from the back of the 1e DM's Guide. My character was a famous outlaw and had been tracked down by a bounty hunter. The bounty hunter had placed his shotgun against my face and said, "Clem, you're worth 10,000 dollars alive and 5,000 dollars dead. I'm not a greedy man." Then he pulled the trigger and fumbled. The DM ruled the gun jammed and my character yanked it from his hands and beat him to death with his own shotgun.

3 people marked this as a favorite.

I love putting up my Christmas tree early. The lights cheer me up when my depression is heavy. The only lights I had that worked this year were purple and orange, so it's a fairly unusual looking tree, but like I said it makes me smile.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I love that after an extremely unseasonably warm Autumn it was 29 degrees when I woke up this morning. Our trees are still green here in central Arkansas; almost no fall colors at all. But this morning felt great!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Leonard Cohen.

Rest in Peace.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

I love the fact my son has finally recognized he needs help with his depression and is getting it. He's done nearly a completely 180 and is a completely different person than he was just 6 months ago. He still has a long way to go, but he's so much better than he was before.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I appreciate when my gaming group remembers to bring me a Mt. Dew on game night.

6 people marked this as a favorite.

Not voting is not rebellion. It's surrender.

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David M Mallon wrote:
Confused yet?

Being a fan a huge Dio fan and having many of his albums from many of his different bands, I already knew that one. So nope, not confused!

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Skeld wrote:

Let's rename the book to "Non-Generic Guide About People Who Go On Adventures, But Are Members of Golarion-Specific Organizations That Have Been Discused In Print Before, But Have Updated Game Rule and Campaign Flavor Information That Can Be Easily Customized For Non-Golarion Settings."


Yep. I'll cherry pick and customize the various organizations to fit my homebrew then add most if not all of the spells, feats, and magic items to it.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I was listening to a vintage radio production of "Dracula". Think I'll watch "Nosferatu" now.

5 people marked this as a favorite.

Wow. Australians look just like us. Anyone I know could be an Australian in disguise. *looks around suspiciously*

6 people marked this as a favorite.

When my son was 9, he dressed as Death. The costume was store bought, but it came with a ragged cloak and hood with black mesh that could be seen through from the inside, so it looked like the hood was empty. He had a scythe and a skull shaped bucket.

The women's dorms at one of the local colleges gave out candy so kids wouldn't have to wander around town and kids usually got a huge haul of candy from there. My son, of his own accord and with no coaching from me, practiced a gliding "walk" to perfect how Death would move down the hallways. When he knocked on the doors, instead of saying trick or treat, he'd simply hold up his skull bucket and when they put in candy he would intone "You have been spared" and then glide to the next door down the hall. We had to empty his bucket three times into the back seat of the car.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I'd love to trace my roots. I know a little about my dad's side of the family but almost nothing about my mom's. She didn't care at all about her genealogy so she never talked about it. Are there free alternatives to one could use?

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