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DungeonmasterCal's page

2,673 posts (2,695 including aliases). 10 reviews. 3 lists. 1 wishlist. 7 aliases.

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427. Watching sadly as all his torture chamber equipment is being repossessed for missing payments on it.

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I knew it. Math is sinful.

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186. "I was cuttin' the rug at a place called The Jug with a girl named Linda Lou...."

Gimme Three Steps--Lynyrd Skynyrd

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jemstone wrote:


Ha ha!









I LOVE that cartoon.

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I'm Hiding In Your Closet wrote:
A little toy gallows with a box of Scrabble-like wooden letters beneath it; if a PC investigates, they find themselves inextricably transfixed into playing a game of hangman; you then actually play hangman with them - if the PC wins, they get an awesome reward, and if they lose, they turn into a little wooden figurine of themselves hanging from the little gallows.

I just stole the hell out of this.

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A portal to the Plane Where All Lost Things Go, a strange dimension where loose change, lost car keys, and the missing socks that disappear in the dryer fall from the sky.

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Early 3.0 Campaign:

The party (a motley lot of non-good alignments, save for one guy) had been interrogating a captured Lizardman and were getting nowhere with him, so they decided to let him think about things overnight before they executed him the next day.

The only good aligned member of the party, the Cleric, taking a measure of pity on him, wanted to use Alchemy to create a drink that would help calm him and deaden the pain of the upcoming execution. I made the roll and failed miserably. So, because of my roll (the result of which I kept secret) the Lizardman died a horrible twitching and foaming death by poison instead. The Cleric picked up the nicknames "Pastor of Disaster" and "The Sinister Minister", despite his protests that he was only trying to help.

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And the character was still a BABY when he did all this. Wow.. just.. wow.

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In the 80s my brother played a lot of Dwarves and they all spoke with a faux Scottish accent. When LoTR hit the theaters we looked at each other and said, "Wow! Who knew?"

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"Weeboo"? Gawd, I'm old. You kids today with your clothes and your music and your fuzzy people...

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Succubi orgy.

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Wow, I have nothing to add except that it's refreshing to see a thread that is NOT bashing the ACG.

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I'm the one who derails most of our games with useless banter.. lol. I need to stop that.

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I've run both, and I much prefer the heroic gaming style. I love the reckless, daring acts, the close calls, the edge of your seat brushes with death. Man, that's fun stuff.

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Ah...Gamma World.

Hmm...turns out I've been running sandbox games my whole GMing career..

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Dragnmoon wrote:

I'm sure there are a few of you out there...

I can't stand any back story that includes coming through a portal from a different setting... That drives me nuts for some odd reason.

Same here. I spend a lot of time creating a homebrew setting that I hope is interesting enough for players to want to "be from" rather than some other place. I do allow portals from one place in my homebrew to another, but not other worlds or dimensions.

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In the 20something group I GM for there are only a couple of players who get that Diplomacy is more than just a number on a character sheet. The others try to just, and this is a quote, "I try to Diplomacy him".

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Mark Hoover wrote:
Needless to say I constantly wondered why this guy sat down to play a "Fantasy RPG" if he disliked both pretending in fantasies and RP.

He did it to meet women..

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Probably not the worst, but possibly the most overused. I played with a guy back 1e days whose every character was seeking revenge for the murder of his father/sensei/mother/chartered accountant/you name it. EVERY character. But what made it even funnier (and he does it to this day) is how he uses the wrong words to mean something else. For instance, his back stories all centered around (in his words) the character's personal bandanna. What he meant was "vendetta". But he didn't know the right word so he picked one that sounded a little like it.

Now, 30 years on, this has become part of our gaming lexicon and whenever anyone seeks revenge it's a "personal bandanna". We even made up our personalized bandannas once. Just because.

Sorry for the thread derail, but what it boils down to is the worst character background was always the best he could come up with; revenge for the death of someone.

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The_Superior_Dudemeister wrote:
I tie the names of the various classes to some snails, then attach tiny flails to their eyestalks and let them battle to the death. The survivors remain in my campaign.

I'd love to all loaded up on vodka and pain pills and watch this.

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equinoxmaster wrote:
the F word was not a bad word until around the 17th century

Lousy ****ing Puritans.

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Dennis Baker wrote:

I honestly could care less if my character is the most powerful guy at the table. The only question I care about "Is it fun to play?"/QUOTE]

This is exactly the way I look at it. I don't care if the number crunching seems to indicate one class is more or less powerful than another. For me it's about fun and flavor. Play a rogue? Sure! Play an arcanist? You bet! I don't care how under powered some people believe the rogue to be, or how over powered some people think the arcanist to be. I don't give a fig about the math; I play for fun.

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To Hit vs AC or CMB vs CMD. Pick one. There's no need for both.

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You can find some really decent artists' galleries on

One of my favorites is this guy sinammonite. He concentrates mostly on extinct mammals and dinosaurs, but he does really good work. I populate my homebrew with a lot of extinct mammals as replacement for more modern ones for flavor, and his work inspires a lot of that.

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Sniggevert wrote: is kind of hard to skewer someone non-lethally ;)

But if you did it with luv....

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But that would make too much sense.

I always try to that very thing, and if I do happen to overlook a damage bonus I just let it slide. The players don't know any different. I just make sure to remember it next time.

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Randarak wrote:
"I do 34 points... No wait... 38 points... No wait... 40 points... No, no... 42. Yea, 42." (you move on) "Wait, I forgot to add the extra damage that my weapon does..."

There's at least one person in every session who does this throughout the game. And it's not always the same guy.

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A series of games strung together in a story arc is my preferred method of play, with a fairly equal balance of roleplaying and action. The roleplaying should be focused on the plot, not wandering around buying rope for the next dungeon crawl. That can be handwaved unless absolutely necessary, though players should still have the freedom to develop the personalities and goals of their characters.

I really miss the days when my group could get together every week, or even every two weeks. We would get into some serious roleplaying, character development, and story development. Now we're doing good to gather once a month and our sessions don't last as long as they used to (because we're old) so none of those things really take place anymore. We used to have whole sessions where it was nothing but roleplaying without a single die being cast.

I've begun a weeknight group of early 20 somethings (friends of my son) so they have a lot of enthusiasm that my primary group (we've been at this nearly 30 years) seems to have lost. Up till now these sessions have been rather short as we usually wait for all the players to arrive (some don't get off work until 8 or 9) so our sessions tend to be a bit short for their liking. We're hoping to change that by the next game. I have high hopes for putting some of the stuff I've missed back into the game.

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Lincoln Hills wrote:

DM* says: You see mind flayers.

DM means: You are already dead.

* Technically only DMs, not GMs, are supposed to use these monsters.

Yeah, but with a little tweaking to skills and their powers a GM can slot them into PF. I do. :)

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Occult Adventures is the only one that holds any interest for me. I look forward to this one quite a bit.

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My gaming dollars are precious and few. I wouldn't invest in a 2.0 at all. I'd just keep the current iteration and continue to use it until I'm in the Old Gamers Home.

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1. I love that my hospital stay for chest pains turned out fine.
2. I love that I have many, many friends who offered prayers, good vibes, and phone calls to check on me.

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Can we switch the tracks back to the original topic, please?

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Don't think of it as necrophilia. Think of it as post-mortem love.

Alice Cooper "I Love The Dead"

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I meant to edit my earlier post and add this, but got taken away from the computer by other circumstances. I want to add that you've done exactly what I've been trying to do with one of the religions in my setting. I may steal your idea... lol.. Seriously, though I really won't. That's yours, Orthos, and it's great!

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That's awesome stuff!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I've never done so, but I would LOVE to run an all rogue campaign, or at least a short story arc. I've wanted to do this ever since my son was little and we watched "The Road to El Dorado".

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Everyone has written something to expand on just the names of places, so I'll give it a shot.

Unkhoor: also known as "The Painted City" or "The City of Bridges" is the largest city known on the continent of Nehlas. It is a huge island that sits in the middle of the Pelo River and is the capitol of the nation of Kelvesiin. It is joined to the east and west banks by six immense bridges, three to a side. It is called the Painted City because all the buildings are painted in bright, garish colors. The island rises to a peak of sorts where the Palace of the Veiled Queen is located, and the rest of the island is divided into five socio-economic tiers, with each one descending being a bit less affluent than the ones above.

Dar-Shalul: Another large city in the nation of Kusoonoor, Dar-Shalul is a city in decline. Once the heart of a great kingdom, its fortunes have faded and many sections of the city are nearly abandoned (save for less savory individuals and organizations) because the populace has either moved into the heart of the city and making it more crowded or have moved away to other towns and cities.

Damul: The capitol of the nation of H'Nakva, a paranoid military theocracy that has largely shut itself off from its neighbors. Marikan is a dark, dirty city whose citizens live in constant fear of the secret police and being reported by their neighbors for things both real and fabricated. Military service is mandatory for both men and women, with each gender serving side by side from the age of 16 to 20.

Qarikan: The capitol of Sesnakhar, Qarikan is the City of Temples. Much more a theocracy than its neighbor, it still worships many of the darker and more dangerous gods of the old ways, which for the most part have been abandoned in the other of the Four Great Nations. Rumors of humanoid sacrifice abound, and there is evidence to support these reports. Citizens who try to flee are turned back at the borders and sent to prison or worse.

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Talented Bestiary? I really need to keep up with this thread better. I'm very excited about this.

I really, really like the Talented series and hope that eventually all the classes get some love.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

the PRD and are your friends. I've banged my head on my desk a thousand times because my group just refuses to use or even look at them.

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The "Autumn Sky" cd from Blackmore's Night.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Anything this one guy in my game plays. Anything.

....wait, maybe it's him.

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The majority of the time we play without a map, mostly because that's how we "came up" playing. We usually don't even have a central table; just people on couches rolling on the end table or coffee table. I've used maps when playing in a space that allowed them, and they're very handy. But we manage without them.

Sorry for the derail. Carry on.

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I wish I could lay hands on the 3.5 hardback supermodule "Expedition to Ravenloft".

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At GenCon I saw a girl dressed as a cat on the floor playing with a ball of yarn while her (I assume) her boyfriend held onto her leash.

All kinds, man. All kinds.

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This is all I'm concerned about. I dont' give a fig about redesigned classes... LOL

"Delve into a new system for resolving player actions designed to speed play and dispel confusion."

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Tinkergoth wrote:
DungeonmasterCal wrote:
Oooooh, seconded. I'd forgtotten about Ghostwalk, but now I want to try and get a group together. I remember reading it and going "Daaaaaaaaaaaamn, this is fantastic".

I've been wanting to run it for years. I got the book 10 years ago as a bday gift, but no one seemed interested in it but me. :(

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1 person marked this as a favorite.

I love naps. I'll be taking one today, as a matter of fact!

Sidebar: Does anyone find Frank the Mime's quotes as funny as I do? I actually laugh out loud sometimes.

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Magical means aside, my campaigns always used messenger hawks and falcons. Yeah, I know. Not as smart as crows. But I didn't think of them first... lol.

The Aztecs (or the Mayans) used a foot relay throughout their empire whereby long distance runners would carry messages, either written or verbal, to other runners until the message reached its destination.

There was a Dragon Magazine article on this very topic back in the mid 80s sometime, too.

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