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Dungeon Master Zack's page

142 posts. Alias of lordzack.


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TriOmegaZero wrote:
I can't agree with that. Getting stabbed hurts, regardless of how many hitpoints you lose. I don't know anyone that enjoys getting stabbed, and neither does my character.

Remember hp loss does not always indicate a solid hit, it can sometimes be a glancing blow or near miss. But getting stabbed definitely does hurt.

sunbeam wrote:

As someone said Wolverine's claws.

Adamantite is Adamantium (or Inertron it does the same stuff and looks the same) by another name.

Not sure what edition it came out in (3.x?), but I dare the devs who put it in to tell me with a straight face they didn't read comics.

"Adamant" as a type of mineral is a concept that long, long predates Wolverine.

Angry Cat Traps Family In Bedroom, Forces 911 Call

Maybe the d20 stats for cats aren't that far off after all.

Well the reason why the monarchy is so stable is that no one in it is powerful enough to depose the monarch. Presumably that's why the traditions are so strong as well, they are imposed from on high. It's similar with demons, they might not want to follow their leaders, but they have no choice.

I am thinking of running a game where there are two sets of players, each representing a different faction. Not to say that the game will be all about PvP, it's more about seeing how the efforts of the different players will effect the overall conflict between their factions. The PCs might never directly interact, but they exist in the same world and there actions have an impact on the other.

I am also thinking of running this as a hybrid virtual tabletop/play-by-post. The most involved adventures will be running using the virtual tabletop to speed things up, more simple/quick adventures and stuff like downtime will be handled through posts.

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Given the description given with it's stats I am going to say Super Alloy Z.

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Playing odd races is as old as the game itself. In the original Blackmoor campaign player characters included a vampire and a balrog. In fact, the only reason the "classic" races made it into the game is that people wanted to play them. Gary Gygax originally see the point in including the "classic" Tolkien races in the published game.

Pixies? I thought they were a British thing, like from the Cornwall area.

Even if they didn't share the same alignment wouldn't mean that the fey couldn't be forced into a deal by Hell.

This thread has given me the idea to create a race of fey-like fiends, similar to the Azata...

Ross Byers wrote:

It kind of sounds like Hel wants to control the Snarl for herself. Controlling the snarl requires a divine and arcane caster.

She has access to Durkon/Durkula, a powerful divine caster.

The fiendish trio have access to Varsuvius, a powerful arcane caster.

If Hel and the three fiends are aligned, this could end poorly.

Unfortunately (for them) the ritual apparently takes weeks to complete.

I wonder if people are going to start forgetting about Laurin now. Especially considering that Haley now says that she never forgot Blackwing to begin with.

Tangent101 wrote:
Easy. Back in 1st edition AD&D, monsters sat on treasure. If there was a +1 short sword, the goblins would keep it in a chest because That Was How It Was Done (and the webcomic Goblins made fun of that theme).

There was nothing inherent about old school D&D that made this so. This is more likely a result of the dungeon masters you've known getting better over time.

Actually I'm pretty sure each character can only fill one leadership role.

Pepsi is for people with good taste.

There's not anything wrong with autistic people, they are just different. Hey, how about make everyone autistic, it'll have about the same results. Heck, in many ways society would be better off. Or we could just change society to make it work better for autistic people, instead of just trying to get rid of us because we're difficult to deal with.

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Unfortunately for you, you're so far away from the line, on the insane side, that you couldn't even see it with the Hubble Telescope.

Also even if they win he just kills them anyway.

I'm looking for players for a game set on Golarion, on Looking for players listing is here.

I would like to assemble a list of rumors for a campaign I am planning to run in Varisia. It's supposed to be a sort of sandbox, so I want to give each player some rumors to spur them into seeking adventure. The campaign will begin in Magnimar, so some of the rumors should be local to that city. Any suggestions?

The Hypertext d20 SRD

Edit: Whoops, I didn't notice the "3" at the end there. Well I hope my link helps somebody at least.

Are you... having a conversation with yourself?

Well you're assuming the ion cannon actually destroyed the Star Destroyer in question. It did not. An ion cannon merely disables a ship, it does not do any actually damage to it.

Demon Lords and Empyreal Lords are supposed to be equivalent in power to demigods and are stated in Bestiary 5.

That's because the PRD only contains open game content.

We're not talking about a pointy stick, we're talking about weapons and magic that can fell demigods.

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Does the Skill Ranks per Level include a human's Skilled bonus? If you had, say, a half-elf daredevil would they have 6 skill points per level or 7?

At the moment I'm thinking that for this campaign I'm not going to worry too much about money, if I end up going with the assumption that the PCs are members of Department 7. The organization will probably provide them with whatever gear they need. That would include magical gear.

Cardboard Hero wrote:

If you cant have cake, bread will do.

But neither cake nor bread are on my diet...

For those of you who have used the rules, have you used the normal Pathfinder rules for firearms or the Anachronistic Adventurers alternative?

Obsidian Portal site page

I would like to run a game using the Anachronistic Adventurers classes. This game will be about being part of Department 7, which in this game will be a group that deals with the supernatural (but not aliens, that's Department 8...). It will be played on

Characters will be 3rd level, with abilty scores generated by rolling 2d6+6 three times and 4d6 drop the lowest three times. A character gets 3000 gp worth of gear and is assumed to have an average lifestyle. Their gear is provided for by Department 7, which means that there is certain restrictions on it's use.

As for deeper thematic considerations beyond that which is stated above, I would like to discuss that with the players.

Whoops, forgot to resolve, Bois's attack. Neither of his attacks hit.

Jubal Breakbottle wrote:
Dungeon Master Zack wrote:
Alright, let's take a poll on who is interested in what.

Can you focus our options? Interest in which plotline? Or interest in which character type?

It sounds like you wanted to start a campaign where players ran barons and now you're on to special ops. Please let us know what you want to run.


That's not going to happen, because I don't really have any preferences as to what to run. That's why I'm asking the potential players.

Alright, let's take a poll on who is interested in what.

Are you going to use you're held action, Valerie?

I am interested in running a Pathfinder campaign in which the characters begin at fifth level. That is only one short of the highest level which a character has ever reached in any of my campaigns. I am interested in experiencing a higher level campaign.

I have been considering various ideas. One is that the players would play the newly ascended heirs to a throne of an established barony or other land (perhaps a bisphoric), using the Kingmaker rules for Kingdom Building. The problem is that it might be a bit difficult to set up.

Another idea is that there might be two teams of good and evil, based on the fact that there was such an arrangement in the Blackmoor campaign run by Dave Arneson. Yes, this would likely involve PVP, an element that many dislike in their campaigns. However, the fact that these are two teams should result in less of the problems that result from this. The two teams will be expected to get along, though.

If any one has any other ideas feel free to share them. I hope I can find some interested players.

Map of Battle

I didn't make a map before, as I didn't think it was needed before this point. However, I have created one for more clarity. Summer, you should know that if you attempt your stated action, there is not enough room in the alley to avoid an AoO. Knowing this, do you still wish to procede?

1d20 + 0 ⇒ (19) + 0 = 191d6 + 1 ⇒ (6) + 1 = 7 (nonlethal damage)

1d4 ⇒ 3 (Second Tiefling Frightened)

The tiefling attempts to strike Bois again. This time he hits and dealing a stinging blow. The other tiefling flees down the alley as fast as he can.

Fortis and Aishara are on there way back to the group. Since they're making no actions other than moving, but have no reason for excessive speed, but have no reason to go any slower either, they are likely hustling and thus moving 40 ft. per round. However, as long as the combat is still going on the two will have the opportunity to make a Perception check each round. If they hear the battle they can move more quickly in order to get there faster.

1d20 + 0 ⇒ (2) + 0 = 2

The tiefling cries out in fear as Valerie's spell takes effect.

1d20 + 0 ⇒ (1) + 0 = 11d6 + 1 ⇒ (4) + 1 = 5

1d20 + 5 ⇒ (17) + 5 = 221d3 + 1d6 + 1 ⇒ (3) + (1) + 1 = 5

The Tielfing fighting Bois strikes out with the flat of his blade, but misses just as badly as Bois did him. Then another Tielfing comes out of another alley on the other side of the street and strikes Summer in the back of his head with his fist. The second dice expression is his, so he does five points of non-lethal damage. The Tieflings' initative is twelve.

Bois rushes like lightning into the alley from which the voice came from and sees a tiefing hiding behind a pile of boxes. He strikes at him with his fist, but misjudges the distance between him and the tiefling and his fist does not reach the tiefling.

No fumbles. Valerie is next.

Alright, Bois is first up.

Also, those who went with Fortis, including Fortis, should roll a Perception check.

"Looks like we're going to have to teach you stubborn folk a lesson."

Roll for initative.

"Really? What makes this group of supplicants better than any other?"

"Hmmm... well you won't find Pyros that way. We only go to the palace on special occasions."

Aishara cannot see anything out of the ordinary.

Fortis finds a street leading to another parallel street and follows it. He finds that the next street is similar to the first, but with a lot less people. The buildings seem to be mostly deserted, with a few being boarded up and some being in disrepair.

As Summer follows the Pyrosite group he sees them walking down the street. After a moment, he hears a voice from a nearby alley.

"Why are you following the adept of Pyros?

"Sorry, that's all the information I'm giving you." The leader says as he and he men start to go back in the direction they came from.

With a nasty smile, he points in both directions (towards each side of the street) and says "That way."

The leader of the group does not have an evil aura. He considers Valerie's words and says "Perhaps you are right. However, our master created this dimensional warp to keep those unworthy of his presence away. If you want an audience with him, you must find you're own path. However, I can tell you one thing. You're looking on the wrong street."

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