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Darl Quethos

DungeonCrawler_greyhaze's page

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I have and use pre-painted plastic minis. Durable, and no work involved (no pile of unpainted figures sitting around either). :)

Very cool. :D

Hi Folks,
We will be launching our Storm Riders Kickstarter (Dungeon Crawler) September 7th!
Six of the sculpts and renders have been shown off already.  We're finalizing the finishing steps on our first DCM Kickstarter, but we stuck with it and will persevere!  We believe we've ironed out the kinks in our production process, and as this will be our second project with the same factory, we should be able to excel on delivery.
The behemoth stands on a monstrous 8" diameter base to rival our Kraken.
Our Storm Riders have a great feature where the mounts and riders are interchangeable whose usefulness only grows as new mounts and riders are added to the series!

What about this figure? It'd be unpainted metal or resin (it's undetermined at this time). ters/posts/1158303

Maybe a Dragonne, minus the wings.

Impact games? Do you mean Chibis?

Now the wagons come with 2 horses (or cattle) and 2 bases for those horses/cattle.

Pre-painted Krakens are almost ready.


We'll do our best. :)

Apologies, the KS is cancelled at this time while we resolve issues with our first KS.

We go live tomorrow @ 9am!


It feels like forever since we started the Kraken initiative (krakstarter), but we finally have them available for order and are delivering them as I type this (since the beginning of the week).

I know you all are interested in pre-painted readily attainable figures, you can find them at

We're on the cusp of launching our 2nd kickstarter, the Behemoth. This central pieces is 8x8, and is a beast (see link below). But wait there's more!

It launches Sept 29th, and we hope you'll check us out - always good to have more options for your armies, and I think you'll really like what we're pitching this time around.

RIDERS! And they can be swapped in play.

Check out our tracking page for everything we've announced so far -

- and thanks for checking us out!

Absolutely agree two different markets, however, I'm still going to hold that it is deceptive. Yes, they do put that *notation in there, yes it helps show off the piece much better than if you just took a pic of the sprue that you get - and it certainly does help sell those figures! But, it's the difference between pitching this:

actual image of the mini

and this CG render

and this master paint

It's a world of difference, and the likeliness of you getting that master paint in your collection is slim without lots of extra steps, purchases and practice or just paying someone with skill to do it for you.

I think the OP had it right, it's a "be aware" kind of thing that new people get caught up on.

It is VERY deceptive to the buyer I find. You are shown 1 thing and sent something completely different.

For instance while running a kickstarter, our minis (Dungeon Crawler) come as both Unpainted and Painted miniatures, but we show the production quality of those painted minis - while other kickstarter projects show off MASTER paints done by incredible artists.

So, while they have sprue cutting, filing, assembly, priming, painting, shading, washing and flocking still left to do by the buyer to get them looking remotely that good, that's NOT what they're actually selling you.

We sell finished products, but don't show you master paints when we do, and they just don't compare.

Also, PPMs (pre-painted plastic minis) are far more durable, they can be stored in a drawer or bag, while metal will chip, break and bend if treated like that.

I'm on on these, we want a second set as we have 2 gaming locations. I've used them for around a decade and use them pretty much every session.

The spider is 2x2 (large), the goblin is small.

We're not sure about the shield, we trust that James knows what he's doing when sculpting for the moulds, so the mould might require the arm to be out - we will check in to this when we go to manufacturing though.

I'm getting pics on the link, so might be something to do with your Mac? You can also see the images on our forum which might work dungeon crawler

There will be a Dungeon Crawler kickstarter in 2014, we estimate by Sept we will have fulfilled our current 2013 Kraken KS and should be able to launch at that time.

We've revealed a few planned releases, and hope everyone will check it out!

These will pre-painted plastic, and unpainted plastic as usual with 2 paint jobs to decide between (PPM = standard, KSX = kickstarter exclusive).

Goblin Spider Rider

Orc Shaman

The Reward Figures are from our first KS and are; Fireborne Skeleton, Hoarfrost Skeleton, Shockwave Skeleton, Stormcloud Skeleton, Angel Mermaid, Koi Mermaid, Midnight Peryton and Winter/Snowy Peryton.

Thanks for checking these out. :)

Nice work. :)

I like the ranger one best. :D

Auggies Online

In a few months we (Dungeon Crawler) are releasing our Combat Clips system which has 2 "light sources" (an orb and a torch) and 2 flags. They attach to our combat bases, which you could move across the board to where you need them if you don't want to switch out your minis bases for our combat bases.

The 2nd image/goal listed here

This will be available in July/August (after we ship to our KS backers).

the Dungeon Crawler Kraken, on an 8x8 base.

I have a couple of these, they're great for moving stuff around too (not cheap). html

@DonKeebals, you're comparing retailer prices to the publisher's price. Publisher's have to sell at MSRP so that they can sell through distribution.

I'm glad to see DDMs again, but wish it was the old formula of plastics.

Circular. I was originally going to do square like the wotc dragon with our larger bases so that it filled out the squares on the map perfectly, BUT I was convinced to do circular to allow for easier facing. :)

giovze wrote:
The base has a diameter of 6 inch (the same of the wotc colossal red dragon, only this is circular).

Actually the wotc colossal red is 8x8, you can see it here on an 8x8 grid.

WotC Colossal Red Dragon vs DCM Kraken

Very nice work, very much looks like the D&D tarrasque.

Just wanted to say that those are very awesome. :)

It is a pretty cool set. :)


Alien Queen available for $7


There's a warpriest of moradin

A dual wielding inquisitor sounds really specific, what about moding one?

That's sweeeet.

So you have those? What're 2 demons door worth in bookshelves? :D

Cool, do you have bookshelves?

What're thomarillion stuffs?

Floor pieces I could use or upper floor pieces. I got 2 main DF sets, which I believe leaves me with 2 demon doors. You likey?

I'd be looking to get rid of some demon doors... what's on the table?

Yeh, I think it's going to start next week.

I guess I needed clarification to show how very utterly limited this Feat is.

I was facing 4 Ogre Anti-Paladins. I got toe-to-toe with 1 of them, they were smiting yadda yadda. Fell 1, then needed to move on to the next one. This was requiring me to only get 1 attack on my turn - I figured with Strikeback at least the odds were "ok".

Not so much.

I'd say this Feat is junk because it's too isolated. Even, in those isolated situations (as you can not move, and are able to waste a turn readying an action), misunderstanding how it works vs how it ideally works is a big let down.


Thanks guys for your input though, you're time is appreciated.

Yes, the letter of the rule does say that.

Logically speaking, it would make sense to be able to do this since movement doesn't affect the action and I stop moving once I make the attack. After all can you not move and ready an action in the same turn?

Basically, I'm moving, then I'm readying my action to attack - "oh, I have Strikeback which allows me to attack someone with Reach when they attempt to attack me."


So, my question in short, when does the Strikeback occur? Before the enemy rolls or after?

I've been using this feat with my paladin, and I haz questions.

What I've been doing is readying the action and moving at my opponent, when they swing with an AoO, I use strikeback.

Since I readied my attack (strikeback), do I swing first? He declares his attack, I interrupt him and swing, he then resumes his attack - or does he have to actually finish the attack for me to strikeback.

If the target gets to attack first, it almost seems useless as I can just move in, get hit and resume my turn normally any ways. At least if I get to attack it first, then I have a chance of dropping them on my turn before getting hit.

I'm having a really hard time justifying the use of the feat without getting the "initiative" on the target.

If they do not swing, I should be able to just get my normal attack as I'm readied to attack... (assumption).

In the same breath, if I were to ready Strikeback and hold my ground, when an enemy charges me (or moves in to hit me), I assume I would interrupt their attack when it is declared, then their attack strikes as usual assuming they've survived my Strikeback.

And if in the case where I do not get initiative, it would seem a readied action would do the same thing except when you can not actually move in closer to the larger figure at all (like with flying creatures or melee creatures behind barred gates).

Aldern Foxglove from Rise of the Runelords might work with a little repainting. r-Alert

There's a new Kenku in the Pathfinder set Skull and Shackles too. kaw&_nkw=jakaw&_sacat=0&_from=R40

Shifty wrote:

Whats the story with bases?

most seem to be 25mm, do you need 1" or 28mm? And whats a good source for cheap square bases in 1x1 2x2 3x3? Any ebay offerings?

DeathQuaker pretty much said it all.

28mm and 25mm figures are the height, but most gaming mats are based off of 1" (25mm) grids. So the size of the bases relates to the space that the figure occupies on the board.

We are offering some bases from our KickStarter if you are interested, you can see them here

Note that the Vampire Bundle is not available, that was for KS backers, and as mentioned above we have a 8x8 single base available as well. All our bases (except Small/20mm) have a pip and slot system for Combat Clips.

Speaking of re-basing.

We have 8x8 round bases that we are going to print extras of for our Kraken (so the bottom will say "Kraken" and have the icon).

As I understand it I can not list prices here, so if anyone is interested in picking some of these extras up, feel free to PM me. We will accept paypal.


Although unpainted, Reaper Bones had 1 or 2 women with sword and staff too. I can't find it on their site, but it's in their KS.

There's these two in Skull and Shackles.

Got my bones. :)

Caineach wrote:

Companies across the world who need to update subscribers about a single product usually give one person that job. My fiance does this for a company bigger than Reaper (AFAIK) and she just gets them reviewed by somoeone senior if they have legal implications.

Otherwise, not bugging senior people about this is what she is paid for. Otherwise they could just do that themselves.
Except it isn't just updating subscribers. It is a very public release statement.

Not sure if you know this, but as a KS campaigner you can set your updates to message backers only OR make it public.

IMHO, posting an answer to the comments section is just as liable/public/permanent as posting to an update - only it's very hard to find and reference for those that do not scour the internet for information as it's hidden in a sub-section which you must expand and sift through.

Having it in an update is much easier to find and logical.

I think the subtle difference is between posting/replying in the comments section and doing an update. Not everyone reads the comments, but everyone gets the updates.

KS does not notify you of new posts or posts by the campaigner OR even replies to a post you have made, you have to read through everything to see if there's important and relevant information you are looking for.

When I went to the KS page updates to see what the latest news was, because I thought it was there, I couldn't find it in the updates. It did not occur to me to scour the comments for important details like delays in shipping and new scheduling.

That IS actually having to chase down important information and is not appealing as a backer. I spend a large amount of time online, and I'm informed because of this. I can understand why backers that are not online all the time are upset.

Why does this sound like a Masters of the Universe character? ;)

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