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630 posts. Alias of Arcmagik.


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The Blue Crystal Staff (or equivalent) will begin in play and will be the catalyst for divine magic at the beginning, functioning only while you are holding it until such a time that the Disk of Mishakal (or equivalent) come into play.

For some reason I thought Ren was setup for the Leader role, that is my mistake I will note him in the mentor role in the next update.

I am also going to add that I will close submissions on Sunday at 7 PM EST. Where I will look over everything again and chose. Only complete submission will be considered.

A quick note... everything that says Gold should be rewritten as Steel. On Krynn gold is considered worthless because it is to soft to mold into weaponry during times of war. So just take gp and replace it with stl.

The Prophet
?Dennis Harry - Torbin Juventus, Human Cleric of Kiri Jolith

The Leader
*The Pale King - Galahad, Human Paladin
*Sacraz - Renagir Onselmin, Human Fighter

The Rogue
*tribeof1 - Marik Irondale, Human Rogue

The Sage
Gambit - Qualinesti White Robe

The Ranger
&tribeof1 - Marik Irondale, Human Rogue

The Mentor
*Broot Hammerfight - Vaddon Bluegauntlet, Hill Dwarf Cleric of Mishakal

The Protector
*Daniel Stewart - No Name Given, Human Fighter
*Doomguide - Theran Silverman, Human Fighter
*The Wondering Monster - Omar Greybird, Half-Elf Druid

The Idealist
&Doomguide - Theran Silverman, Human Fighter
&The Wondering Monster - Omar Greybird, Half-Elf Druid

The Ingenue

The Hawk
*PrismaticMonk - Salmoryn Starpeak, Half Elf Fighter

No Role
?Broot Hammerfight - Kender Wizard (Possible Sage?)

*Submitted character sheets
&Other possible roles
?Work in Progress

Had a super busy day yesterday. Work half a day today so I will look over everything and post later. Keep the questions and submissions coming!

Current submissions and their roles are as follows:


The Prophet
Dennis Harry - Torbin Juventus, Cleric of Kiri Jolith

The Leader
The Pale King - Galahad, Human Paladin

The Rogue
tribeof1 - Human Rogue

The Sage
Gambit - Qualinesti White Robe

The Ranger
tribeof1 - Human Rogue

The Mentor
Broot Hammerfight, Hill Dwarf Cleric

The Protector
Daniel Stewart - Human Fighter
Doomguide - Theran Silverman, Human Fighter

The Idealist
Doomguide - Theran Silverman, Human Fighter

The Ingenue

The Hawk
PrismaticMonk - Salmoryn Starpeak, Half Elf Fighter

Now to answer some questions...

Prismatic Monk
You do choose one from each bullet point.

Dennis Harry
Correct. There is rumors of war in the north, and the Blodeheim region (Langtree and Vandel) would know that the Ogres of Blode have become more active.

Yes. I will consider allowing a spot for a retraining since I am offer the limited feats.

Dennis Harry
A Cleric of Kiri Jolith is fine, especially for the role of Prophet.

Completely new ones, but I am trying to keep the same roles as the originals.

The Pale King
Having experience with 13th Age and Fate made me realize fairly quickly that the traits, ideals, bonds, and flaws are not hard-coded, but mostly starting points for people that need them. You are certainly welcome to come up with your own as long as they seem to fit with the theme of your background.

As long as I can easily access the character sheet with a few clicks without having to dig through an entire thread for it I am fine with it being posted externally.

Prismatic Monk
Disappointing, but one the other note a Fighter type is a great hawk. If I remember correctly Gilthanas was a Fighter/Mage anyways. Half-Elf Archer can fill this role. So the choice would certainly be up to you. I can offer some help with character options beyond what is available in the Basic Rules downloadable on the Wizards site. Just message me.

Wizards are certainly in their own group through... the Order of High Sorcery puts the bonds of Wizards and magic before individual nations. If the character captures my attention then you are certainly free to offer up a Qualinesti White Robe. Your knowledge of Dragonlance seems high, I consider that an asset. And yeah, Cam, did a great job with the role descriptions for creating your own Heroes of the Lance!

You have my attention.

Daniel Stewart
Sounds like a superb concept and already fitting for the set-up with connections to Langtree.

Originally I was just going to band the Great Old One Warlock, but I ended up restricting the entire class due to the fact that the Infernal Pact would be tied closely to the abyss and the evil Gods (being almost like an anti-cleric... I read an article that suggested the leader of the Dragonarmies during the War of the Lance could have been one and the Knights of Thorn were Warlocks) which is problematic for the storyline, and the Fey ones I am unsure about how I would truly connect them to the world of Krynn.

War of the Lance Evolved

1 person marked this as a favorite.

“Gather around and let me tell you a story... this one is about the War of the Lance... no, not that one. This isn't your father's story, this isn't about the Innfellows from Solace, no... this story is different... certainly you will see some similarities if you look closely, but there won't be any Majere twins, or Sturm, or Tanis, or... well you get the picture. This story doesn't even begin in Solace... it begins about two hundred miles to the east in the town of Langtree.”


With the release of Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition or Next, or just Dungeons & Dragons, whatever you want to call it, I have found a renewed love for the old settings... like Dragonlance. After some consideration and a short interest thread I have decided to run a modern re-imaging of the Dragonlance Classic, War of the Lance... You won't be finding the Innfellow here or even all the elements of the classic storyline. The overall theme, the thread of Takhisis, and the epic-storyline to determine the fate of Ansalon, nay... all of Krynn.

This game will begin in the town of Langtree. The following information is provided for your viewing pleasure (gathered off the Dragonlance Nexus Lexicon)


Along the southwestern coastline of Blödehelm, lies the town of Langtree, or even Langtree on the Green. Following the Cataclysm, a Knight of Solamnia called John of Langtree fled from Solamnia with his family and journeyed to Blödehelm. Stopping on the western shores on an inlet of New Sea, he built a wooden stockade that would serve as their new home. Over time other refugees and exiles passed by the stockade and took up residence, and soon a small town had been built around the stockade. Eventually a fortress replaced the stockade and the town of Langtree was born.

In later years, one of the rulers of Langtree declared the town and it's surrounding lands to be the independent Barony of Langtree, and the ruler to be the Baron of Langtree. The town became filled with mercenaries and refugees and the Langtree barons (being a military-minded family) were renowned for their private armies of mercenaries. Governed by the patriarch of the Langtree line, the town formed an alliance with the city of Vantal several years before the War of the Lance, to protect the Blödehelm region from the fearsome ogres of Blöde.

Langtree Castle was built to replace the wooden stockade that was the first dwelling in what would become the town of Langtree. The castle became the home of the Langtree family, who are the rulers of the town. The castle is maintained to the highest order, everything clean and orderly. Stables are set to the side, and a vast courtyard dominates the area beyond the castle entrance. A spartan and orderly barracks is where the soldiers of Langtree are housed, and the castle itself had a laboratory set below ground level, where the baron's war wizards practiced their art and research.

Located on the outskirts of Langtree is the large hill nicknamed "Heave-Your-Guts" where the Army of the Mad Baron was trained, by sending the recruits running up and down the hill in full battle regiment.

The Army of the Mad Baron is the name for the various mercenary forces that united under the banner of Ivor of Langtree. Ivor, also known as the Mad Baron, was considered to have one of the finest small armies in all of Ansalon during the Age of Despair, as his forces were extremely well trained and disciplined. He often had requests from people asking to use his services, but would only allow his army to undertake requests that were good and seemingly honorable.

Ivor of Langtree was the ruler of the town of Langtree in the years prior to the War of the Lance. Known as a wise tactician and strategist, Ivor signed a treaty with the king of Vantal, in order to maintain a joint alliance against the ogres of Blöde and any other enemies that would rise against either Vantal or Langtree. Ivor was also known to openly worship the god Kiri-Jolith, a practice which earned him the nickname "The Mad Baron", as most folk considered the gods to be gone from the world at this point. Ivor was known to be good at a game called Knight's Jump, and his favorite mount that he rode into battle was Jet.

Born as a second son, Ivor never expected to rule and spent his young days living by the sword, hiring companies of men, which he led into battle. With the untimely death of his brother however, he inherited rule of the town of Langtree. Described as a small and slender man who stood at five feet and two inches, with a dark complexion, long black hair and brown eyes, he could almost be mistaken for a kender. However he was also reputed to have the courage of a much larger man. He was known to love fighting, gambling, ale and women, in that particular order.

Whilst he did continue to serve as the ruler of Langtree, Ivor also continued to train and build his own private army of mercenaries, who were much sought after for many causes. However Ivor would only allow his troops to engage in causes he deemed honorable and just.

Character Generation:

Standard rules apply except as follows:

Appropriate Races: Humans (use Variant Human Traits), Half-Elves, Hill Dwarf (Neidar), Kender (Lightfoot Halfling), Half-Ogre (Half-Orc)
Other Races are available but require explanation: Mountain Dwarf (Why are you not in Thorbardin?), Elves (any nation) and Rock Gnomes (Tinker Gnomes) (Why are you not at home with your people?)

Appropriate Classes: Everything except Sorcerer and Warlock. Divine Classes will find themselves under some restrictions in the beginning, remember this is the end of the Age of Despair. The True Gods have not returned yet and that is part of the story of the War of the Lance.

Ability Scores: Use the standard set (15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8)

Background: Choose your Background then choose your traits, ideals, bonds, flaws.

I will not be using the optional Feats rule, if you wish to play with the Feats then you will need to be Human (which you get one Feat).

Character Roles:

The following eight roles were filled by the “classic” Heroes of the Lance and these are the roles I will looking for in characters. Ignore the information that seems strange (aka referring to d20 rules or talking about chapters because I copied it from Volume I Dragons of Autumn as I got into a bit of a rush.)

The Prophet
This Archetype’s Role in the Adventure
The Prophet is chosen by the gods of Light to hear Mishakal’s calling. She obtains the Blue Crystal Staffand, using it, retrieves the Disks of Mishakal—the holy scripture that will return knowledge of the gods to the people.

The Classic Character
The plainswoman Goldmoon was chosen by the goddess Mishakal to bear the ancient artifact known as the Blue Crystal Staff. As the Prophet, Goldmoon is fated to bring the knowledge of the true gods back into the world. While she does not fully comprehend how to accomplish this, she has accepted the responsibility of this task. Although her possession of the Blue Crystal Staffplaces her in great danger from those who desire or fear its powers, Goldmoon stands resolute and bold in the face of that threat. Raised as royalty among her people, Goldmoon is not afraid to take a commanding role when one is needed, but she also has the wisdom to allow others to lead when necessary. She is soft-spoken but always maintains an air of confidence and dependability.

What Could Replace the Character
This adventure requires a cleric, for healing during and after combat if nothing else. If Goldmoon is not used, another character with a spiritual outlook (whose player is willing to take at least one level of cleric after retrieving the Disks of Mishakalfrom Xak Tsaroth) should be created. The NPC Elistan is intended to become the shepherd of the people, so the player taking on the role of Prophet need not be purely devoted to taking levels of cleric. This character must be of good moral alignment.

The Leader
This Archetype’s Role in the Adventure
The Leader is the face of the group. He does the talking in delicate social situations; he negotiates with friends and enemies when appropriate. He is trusted to make many decisions on behalf of the entire party.

The Classic Character
Among the original Innfellows, Tanis Half-Elven reluctantly takes on the role of the Leader archetype. Although he often doubts himself, his companions frequently look to him for guidance and direction. Being a half-elf, Tanis has a unique outlook on life. He understands being a victim of prejudice and is never quick to judge or underestimate a person he meets. His long life and wanderings have made him one of the more worldly and experienced of the companions. Tanis often broods over internal conflicts, but he is careful to conceal his true emotions. He doubts his leadership abilities. He struggles over his love for both the human Kitiara and the elf maid Laurana, and he is at odds with his mixed heritage. In his leadership role, Tanis understands the strengths and weaknesses of his companions; he works to bring out their best in any situation. If there is a diplomatic solution to a situation, Tanis will usually be the first to take advantage of it.

What Could Replace the Character
Any charismatic character with a sense of responsibility can fill this role. The other characters should like and trust him, even if he doesn’t trust himself. It’s unlikely a wizard can fill this role, but many other classes can; a noble or a charismatic fighter would be ideal.

The Rogue
This Archetype’s Role in the Adventure
The Rogue is usually the jack-of-all-trades. This archetype has a wide array of skills at his disposal. He regularly uses these skills to his own advantage, but he also often uses them to assist the other members of his party.

The Classic Character
The irrepressible kender Tasslehoff Burrfoot plays the Rogue archetype among the Innfellows. Being a kender, Tasslehoff grew up perfecting a number of skills that come naturally to those of his race; moving silently, hiding in shadows, and picking locks and pockets are all second nature to him. Tasslehoff’s role as the Rogue presents him with challenges that other party members rely on him to overcome. He is employed as a scout to range ahead and find enemies before they find him or his companions. He is also known for acquiring items the party may need (and more than a few they don’t). When the party is trapped, it is often Tasslehoff who finds a way out. Tasslehoff is energetic, intensely curious, and entirely fearless.

What Could Replace the Character
There are certainly times when a character who knows how to sneak, pick locks, and get into places he’s not supposed to be can be very handy. Rogues (of course) and rangers can fit role very well; a mariner might also work, or even a master with suitable specializations.

The Sage
This Archetype’s Role in the Adventure
The Sage is a central character in many fantasy tales. In this adventure, most of the heroes are ignorant of Ansalon’s history, but it is through uncovering and understanding the past that the heroes prevail in particular tasks. The Sage is extremely important to the group’s success throughout the adventure.

The Classic Character
The red-robed mage Raistlin Majere fills the role of the Sage archetype for the Innfellows. He is highly intelligent and has a thirst for knowledge. Raistlin is physically weak, his body broken by the Test of High Sorcery; therefore, Raistlin draws strength from his knowledge. He jealously guards it, doling it out in small portions. Raistlin has an air of mystery about him, and when he speaks, he is often biting and sarcastic. He keeps many things to himself and only reveals his knowledge if he believes it will further his own goals or will prove to others he is not as weak and helpless as they believe. He gains a measure of satisfaction in seeing others put his knowledge to use, especially when he uses knowledge to manipulate them to do his bidding.

What Could Replace the Character
A wizard, though not required for Dragons of Autumn, is certainly useful. Spell support for the party is always extremely helpful, but the role of a Sage could be filled by a master with the sage focus or a rogue with a number of skill points dedicated to various knowledge checks. However, selecting those classes over wizard will lessen the overall combat effectiveness of the group.

Additional Archetypes
These are some additional archetypes that can be included in the adventure. Although they are not necessary, you may find that you have a more balanced party if the players in your group select one of each kind instead of doubling up.

The Ranger
This Archetype’s Role in the Adventure
The Ranger is often seen as a dark and stoic warrior. The party relies on the Ranger for his combat abilities and his knowledge of wilderness and nature when traveling to distant lands. The Ranger archetype is not usually suited to take a leadership role as most rangers prefer not to deal with people in general.

The Classic Character
Riverwind fills the archetype of the Ranger for the Innfellows. He rarely speaks; when he does, it is short and to the point. Riverwind is content to follow Goldmoon on whatever path she may take, and he will serve and protect her with his dying breath. He will do the same for any of the companions he feels he can trust. The rest of the Innfellows depend on Riverwind for his skills in battle and wilderness survival. Since he is more of a follower than a leader, he is uncomfortable with giving orders and would prefer to perform missions on his own (or with
Goldmoon) rather than take on any kind of leadership position.

What Could Replace the Character
Any character with good fighting abilities and survival skills could fill this role. Player characters with the barbarian, fighter, or ranger classes are the most likely candidates to fill this archetype. Monks or nobles with skill points in survival would also make an interesting choice.

The Mentor
This Archetype’s Role in the Adventure
The Mentor archetype is a character who teaches by example, is a steadfast friend, and counsels the others using his life experience.

The Classic Character
The dwarven blacksmith Flint Fireforge plays the role of the Mentor for the Innfellows. He is not the strongest, most intelligent, or most skilled of the heroes, but Flint’s wisdom and levelheaded outlook helps prevent the companions from making rash decisions. He works to keep the more chaotic members of the party in line and gives his council to the Leader when he feels it’s necessary. Flint tends to grumble and complain, but he does it in a good-natured manner. When Flint perceives an injustice, he speaks up and doesn’t dance around the subject. He
speaks plainly and directly to the point. A Mentor must prove he is reliable, and there is no other character more reliable and loyal than Flint Fireforge.

What Could Replace the Character
The most important aspects of filling this role are loyalty and friendship. Wisdom and old age would also seem to be a requirement, but they are not entirely necessary. Since these are roleplaying attributes, it does not matter what class a person plays. Any player who is willing to support the party as a whole, rather than looking out only for himself, would do well in this role.

The Protector
This Archetype’s Role in the Adventure
The Protector is the archetype who is always willing to put himself in harm’s way for the good of the party. He will step into any fight to shield the ones he loves.

The Classic Character
Among the Innfellows, Caramon Majere fills the role of the Protector. Caramon is a good-looking, strapping young man with a big heart. He cares deeply for all the companions and is always willing to place himself between them and any threat that may come their way. Caramon is protective of anyone who is physically weaker than himself, which is just about everyone. This is especially so for his twin brother Raistlin who is often sick. Caramon and Raistlin often fight back to back, combining their strengths and ensuring that Caramon can defend the wizard.

Riverwind, companion and defender of Goldmoon, also qualifies as a Protector.

What Could Replace the Character
The role of the Protector will most likely be served best by a skilled warrior who can stand at the front of the party in any battle and is able to take a beating. Knights and fighters make the best protectors, although a barbarian could also fill the role.

The Idealist
This Archetype’s Role in the Adventure
The Idealist archetype is that of the beautiful, gifted, and doomed. This character in the story is fated to fulfill some destiny during the adventure and is willing to give up his life to accomplish this task.

The Classic Character
Sturm Brightblade has chosen to dedicate his life to the tenets of the Knights of Solamnia. In all aspects of his life, he tries to embody the ideals and principles of his knightly training. He would not willingly do anything to mar that image. As the Idealist archetype, Sturm is fated to a tragic end in order to pull together the crumbling organization of the Knights of Solamnia. He is a skilled warrior, willing to defend his friends at any cost.

Among the Innfellows, Sturm is not always understood. The rules by which he governs his life sometimes are at odds with the rest of the party. Tanis seems to have an uncanny ability to make Sturm realize that sometimes even the most rigid rules can be interpreted in different ways. As the story progresses, Sturm grows to realize that the world is not as black and white as he once thought.

What Could Replace the Character
The character who takes this role should have some affinity with the noble ideals of the Knights of Solamnia. It will take a huge sacrifice to bring the Knights back together and rally them against the invading Dragonarmies. A knight or warrior affiliated with the Knights would be the most likely candidate for this role, though even a nonknightly character may prove to have the commitment and conviction to rise above the darkness and inspire others at great risk to himself.

The Ingénue
This Archetype’s Role in the Adventure
The Ingénue archetype is that of a sweet and beautiful maiden in distress. This character in the story shows a progression from an innocent girl to a strong, worldly woman.

The Classic Character
Tika Waylan serves as the Ingénue archetype in the story. She begins as an acquaintance of the Innfellows who knew her as a small child. But since that time, she has grown into a young woman. The invasion of the Red Dragonarmy forces her to flee Solace with the Innfellows; her love for Caramon keeps her with them. Tika is a freckled-faced redhead who is as beautiful as she is fiery. While she seems to maintain an air of confidence, she is the least experienced of the companions. As the damsel in distress, the companions always have to keep an eye out for her in any dangerous situation.

Laurana, Princess of Qualinost, also begins as an Ingénue, but later develops into a strong and inspirational leader of the Solamnic armies.

What Could Replace the Character
The Ingénue archetype has no ties to any particular character class; rogues, nobles, and even monks could take this part in the story. Tika and Laurana begin as NPCs because the innocent and vulnerable character is often not as interesting to play until character growth begins. While both characters later become available as PCs (Tika in Chapter 2: Flame, Laurana in Dragons of Winter), any player who wants to assume this role for her character should be afforded the opportunity.

The Hawk
This Archetype’s Role in the Adventure
The Hawk archetype is related to aggressive impulses. Driven by frustration or despair, this character often seeks a foe upon which to focus his aggression, although as the story develops he may begin to understand the need for peace and stability.

The Classic Character
Gilthanas-Kanan fills this niche in the story. For an elf, he is quick to anger and quick to react against the threat of the Dragonarmies. The fate of his people weighs heavily on his shoulders, and Gilthanas lets his concern for his people fuel his anger. This weight is lifted somewhat once the elves flee into the west, but Gilthanas continues to struggle until the threat of the Dragonarmies is eliminated.

What Could Replace the Character
Any warrior character with levels in fighter, barbarian, or ranger could fill the role of Hawk. Nobles, especially among the nonhuman races, are likely to possess the required emotional drive. Gilthanas begins as an NPC because, in addition to coming from a different set of circumstances than the rest of the Innfellows, his initial aggression and suspicion can be disruptive to the party.

Although Gilthanas later becomes available as a PC (after Laurana is kidnapped in Chapter 2: Flame), any player who wishes to assume this role for his character should be given the opportunity to do so.

Any questions? I probably over looked several things in my rush to post this recruitment thread.

Ladies and gentlemen, and Kender of all ages... tonight I will attempt to draft a recruitment thread for this.

Hmm. Definitely looks like enough interest! I'll see what happens today since the PHB releases tomorrow and then put up a recruitment thread!

If you don't have the Player's Handbook I would suggest the Basic Rules atleast... It has a limited write up of the Fighter, Wizard, Rogue, and Cleric from level 1-20.

Basic Rules V2

I also got the Player's Handbook so I am certainly open to helping with characters.

And finally the Player's Handbook releases officially in 2 days which means... everyone should be free to get one by the time the interest check could be translated in an actual recruitment thread.

I have always loved Dragonlance, and only got to run a few short things in it. However I am greatly enjoying the new 5E ruleset, and seen a few other 5E games that seemed to fill up quickly so now I propose the following concept for an Interest Check...

A modern re-imaging of the War of the Lance with the new Dungeons & Dragons ruleset. There has been a great many things that have come out since the early ages of D&D and Dragonlance, and that is why I am calling it a modern re-telling because A) You will be your own heroes. B) I have no plans on using the actual War of the Lance modules (maybe a few elements here and there), but I feel like there are better versions of the Evil Dragon Goddess invades with her armies and the heroes have to save the world from her machinations now.

So I purpose the following line-up with some of my own custom alterations to the storylines...

A) Keep on the Borderlands (or Return to the Keep on the Borderlands) in Dragonlance, set in the New Coast area just a few days from Solace (not set on that yet, but I've been reading around it would be a good area for it).


B) Red Hand of Doom (set across the whole of Krynn where Takhisis' invasion happens as opposed to the Vale in the book). This module has tons of dragon elements, and Evil Dragon Goddess elements that can be altered to Takhisis.


C) Something epic to end the machinations of Takhisis on Krynn and send her fleeing back into the abyss.

I will continue to investigate this concept while I await to see how much interest it would generate.

I am fairly certain that doesn't have to mean the end of the campaign. The bandits are thugs, but they have bosses... and those bosses want more men. Plus who knows how many more of them are out there? Oleg's is likely to pay a heavy price for their "defiance" but that doesn't mean the PCs are murdered by the bandits.

Left for dead with most of their valuables taken... probably, but Oleg has more equipment. If something happened to him his wife may just replace their gear if they promise to get revenge.

Or... the bandits take their gear, rope them, and take them off to the bandit encampment. Now they have a chance to live and flee.

Even a total party wipe-out does not have to mean the end of a campaign.

1) I've always considered the Stolen Lands as something of a Frontier. Most of the characters I have created for Kingmaker games are Sheriff-type Gunslingers. This is a pretty neat idea, and maybe something I use in the future.

2) I had a short-lived game that I knew far ahead of time that the group was going to split into multiple kingdoms... lucky or unlucky the game folded... but I also started that game out with an alternate adventure where I was blending several adventures with Curse of the Crimson Throne and Kingmaker together in a giant Act.

3) I've not really considered this route before... but that does seem interesting. I wouldn't mind giving that a try too.

I am here btw... I actually got quite stuck on what Kesten would say in response! Plus things have been busy as we got a little busy at work for the Easter vacation that started Friday.


"Varn is a barbarian. Born and raised. A man that grabbed his title with strength. Even... Ioseph... expected he wouldn't hold any true power." She gave a soft sigh when mentioning the former Swordlord, before continuing her words. She moved to a small chest as she drew a key from her person and slide it into the lock. It opened with a turn and she pulled another scroll from the chest. "He drafted... suggestions... to Varn, Kesten, or anyone that earned the command of the Council." She held the scroll to her chest as she lost her voice a moment, "I am afraid this is the last of his help."

Morley, Teyran, Antha:

Kesten nods, "Speaking of exploration, there are some gnomes that came to rest in the keep before your return which had been an expedition of sorts that were mapping the region for their cartography guild or something. They may have detailed information about the Greenbelt." He offered to the party as he looked back towards the tent where the Council had begun to fill once again. "We still have to deal with them. Someone will attempt to rise in the vacuum left by Varn if we don't." He shrugged, "I am not really the commanding type. Not like Master Sellemius was, even if he tried to mentor me in leadership. I prefer a good fight, a good woman, and a good drink... not necessarily in that order."


You will find your sister in the midst of her entourage inside of her pitched tent for the evening. Consider her knowledge of the usual lengths of the Sword Council meetings, she is surprised to see you.

Kesten listens quietly as Teyran speaks, and gives only a nod of agreement. "Truth is there. I already have word that Falgrim is among the bandits. However if I am at an impasse, to offer the duel for his honor then kill him while he leads the bandits would throw the fragile alliance into disarray. If they can prove trustworthy, and Falgrim leads them befitting an exiled Swordlord then his honor could be restore in service." Kesten moves into a tangent of thoughts that spill out of his mouth, partially because he seems interested in Teyran's opinion.

Not that I care for Twilight, but there are plenty of other examples in fiction long before the Twilight series where some demonspawn/other nasty supernatural spawn kills is born rapidly and kills the mother.

Maybe the problem is they attempted to connect to the most recently "popular" instance of this.

Between Teyran and Kesten's words there was little the Swordlords that were solidly behind Maegar Varn could do, even Varn himself felt outmaneuvered so they cleared the center of the room that had been repaired as a meeting hall for the duelist to dispute their claims. Maegar Varn took his place as Teyran approached from the opposite side of the make-shift dueling ring.

"I will show no mercy to you, Paladin." Maegar Varn hissed out as he drew his blade. The fury was already in his eyes as his face flushed and his neck turned bright red as the blood began to pumping faster through him in his enraged state of mind.

Teyran drew his blade, and the two stared at each other as the seconds crept forward without movements from the two opponents. It was an instantaneous explosion of motion as Teyran tensed to strike and Varn sprung upon him with a solid blow from the dueling sword that he gripped in two hands. [To Hit: 20, Damage: 12]

It was a solid blow that bit into his adorned chain mail managing to bring blow from the aged paladin, but Teyran was not felled by the blow as he deflected the Swordlords' blade away from him as he twisted the greatsword expertly into an overhead blow that reigned down hard against Varn. The apparent-heir to be Sword Baron barely managing to not be cut in two by the blow with a last minute parry that didn't save him from a solid wound. [To Hit: 25, Damage: 17]

The blow did appear to wind the enraged Maegar though as he came upon Teyran again but couldn't break through his defenses for another wound. [To Hit: 10, Missed]

It was the next blow that sent a gasp through Varn's supporters and whispers through the Swordlords that were on the fence or sided against him. Teyran even though he had been blooded was fueled by his own righteousness as he twisted the greatsword with surprising ease and struck another blow against Maegar which crushed through his armor into his chest. There was sufficient blood flow for concern that came pouring out of his chest spilling through the links in his armor as glazed down for a moment than collapsed in a heap. [To Hit: 21, Damage: 18]

TEYRAN is victorious.


Teyran Rilskel: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (5) + 1 = 6
Maegar Varn: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (14) + 1 = 15

Pre-Rolled Attacks for Maegar Varn:

Attack: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (13) + 7 = 20
Damage: 1d8 + 9 ⇒ (3) + 9 = 12

Attack: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (3) + 7 = 10
Damage: 1d8 + 9 ⇒ (6) + 9 = 15

Attack: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (14) + 7 = 21
Damage: 1d8 + 9 ⇒ (3) + 9 = 12

Attack: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (7) + 7 = 14
Damage: 1d8 + 9 ⇒ (8) + 9 = 17

Attack: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (17) + 7 = 24
Damage: 1d8 + 9 ⇒ (7) + 9 = 16

Attack: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (20) + 7 = 27
Damage: 1d8 + 9 ⇒ (8) + 9 = 17

Attack: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (16) + 7 = 23
Damage: 1d8 + 9 ⇒ (2) + 9 = 11

Attack: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (3) + 7 = 10
Damage: 1d8 + 9 ⇒ (8) + 9 = 17

Attack: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (12) + 7 = 19
Damage: 1d8 + 9 ⇒ (5) + 9 = 14

Attack: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (10) + 7 = 17
Damage: 1d8 + 9 ⇒ (8) + 9 = 17

Alright, give me 15 attack / damage rolls, and if something breaks I will break the action for responses, and see how many of those it takes to win or lose against Varn.

That is pretty good. I like it!

I personally played up the fact that Surtova was more a warrior than politician. He doesn't really understand why the other houses haven't fallen in behind him. His sister was the real schemer and managed to push him the way she wanted to go... right until talks about him needing to marry started to get serious. She offed him and seduced Lord Orlovsky (who I played up as the uber politician) with promises of more power. He was named Regent after he succeeded a coup d'tout on the Restov after marrying his daughter to the Lord Mayor.

Now the exiled Sword Council has taken up residence in the Stolen Lands trying to wrestle power so they can use it as a staging point to rally and go to war against the Surtova and take back Restov!

Pretty good times!

Once Varn goes into rage, there will be little more than attacking from him, but I will interrupt the action if need be, unless you would prefer to go round by round. I can find another way to engage the other party members.

Very good idea!

I apologize as I've been suffering from melancholy which made it hard to bring myself to do anything. I am going to try to work up a post to begin the duel tomorrow. I want to do some research for it to see how to involve the rest of the party as well, if nothing else we will get some council on party role-play while Teyran and Maegar beat on each other.

Maegar Varn look towards Kesten with fury in his eyes as his face began to redden under the rage. This must be his doing. He loses nothing if the outsider fails to defeat me, but if I am defeated than I lose my position. You trained him better than I suspected Ioseph. It was written on his face the distrust for the younger Swordlord.

He began to speak through clenched teeth. "It appears I underestimated you, Garess. I will accept the challenge of the outsider."

The convoy of bandits, refugees, soldiers, and swordlords found the remaining journey to the once-derelict keep uneventful. Master Garess continued to push those that remained behind when he sent his men to defend the convoy hard to complete the repairs. It did not long for rumors of a Sword Council to get through the camp as the evening deepened. Master Garess had met with Lady Orlovsky privately when the convoy first arrived before he found himself busy with hosting the other Swordlords as getting ready a location for the Sword Council. He did not neglect to send a message to Teyran and company with an invitation to attend Lady Orlovsky at the Sword Council.

As the group approached they could hear Lord Varn's voice booming, "We have bandits in the midst of our remaining stronghold. We have an aggressive enemy to the north in the Surtova forces, and our city is occupied by them. Our baron is dead, and we must elect another one. I am the first blade, and I am the strongest, therefore, the most fit to lead. Who would challenge me in claiming the right of Sword Baron?" He roared the last part as a challenge.

And the Con Crud got me and laid me out. I am feeling better again. Working on getting a post together now.

I made plans for Hargulka's council to be missing some titles as to apply a bit of a hindrance to the Kingdom. Maybe over time if the PCs don'f react than he will recruit enough monsters to fill out the Council and be a grave threat to the stability of the PC Kingdom.

Sorry about the sudden absence I got so busy between work and preparing for a convention that I went too that didn't even have time to turn my computer on and the hotel internet was crap too, so I couldn't even use my computer there.

I hear not your words. Holy Gun is supreme. Okay, maybe not. I now plan on trying this Gunslinger/Divine Hunter combo... but my main love of the Holy Gun is literally the ability to smite evil with a gun.

No suspects the Black Powder Inquisition!

I have added a bit of content, but the game is still based off the Kingmaker AP, which given the sandboxy-nature of the AP almost requires a certain proactive approach from the players. Things are going well and we are making progress. I just didn't want it to putt out. I will post tonight after work.

It is your campaign. If you can connect the dots than so be it. Other than Aroden being dead and gone, there isn't a lot of information for Aroden's death. It is the grand mystery of Golarion. No one saw it coming, not even the gods, not even the God of Death and Prophecy until Aroden's soul appeared in the line of people awaiting judgment. Maybe his physical body was tainted and transformed into the Storm King. It is your Golarion, and your story to tell.

Frankly I like the idea, now I am considering using it (tweaked maybe, more research to make certain connections) since I always thought the Worldwound was caused from the resulting energies that was unleashed by the death of a god on the material plane.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

My group just began a finally wrap-up of the Stolen Lands. There is a lot of political stuff happening right now in my game but...


Noleski Surtova (a Warrior-King, part of the reason it has been so hard to get others to recognize him as King, his diplomacy skills are not overly sharp, and most of his schemes were spurred by his sister) was poisoned at the betrothal ceremony in Restov for Ioseph Sellemius (not just the Lord Mayor but the Sword Baron in my campaign as well) and Lady Alexis Orlovsky (daughter of Lord Poul Orlovsky, who is the epitome of a politician in all ways). While the party was out in the Stolen Lands, the King/Lord Regent died which sparked a violent retaliation by the Surtovas blaming Restov, and Lord Orlovsky met with Natala Surtova, switched sides and was named Lord Regent.

The remaining Swordlords fled to the Stolen Lands, trying to rally around an old border keep (replacement for Oleg's Trading Post), the current man poised to become Sword Baron who wants to strike back at the Surtova is none other than Maegar Varn (a non-aldori trained Swordlord, basically an Urban Barbarian, that challenged and killed another Swordlord inheriting his position). Unknown to Lord Varn, the Lady Alexis Orlovsky carried with her the charter (last will and testament of the Lord Mayor/Sword Baron Ioseph Sellemius) passing part of his estate and the authority of the Stolen Lands to the party.

We will see how they deal with Lord Varn... but the Stag Fort was never dealt with; a large army of bandits (the Stag Bandits were far more organized and larger influence in the Greenbelt) appeared charging for the convoy, only for the group to realize that they were being chased by an army of wolves. The PC poised to be the new ruler, managed to convince them to turn on the wolves and lead the convoy forces into a flank attack. The surviving bandits (lead by Falgrim Sneed, who is a disgraced and exiled Swordlord form rival of Kesten Garess, who is a young Swordlord) were given amnesty and joined the "expedition" after the battle.

The group just learned that a monstrous troll has been self-styled the Troll King and is trying to smash out a monstrous kingdom in the southern Greenbelt, he chased the bandits out of the Stag Fort by ripping off the heads of their current leaders (a vile druid that keeps talking about his "Green Goddess" and Dovan of Nisroch) and fed them to a two-headed monstrosity. Thus the party has been introduced to this storyline as they begin Rivers Run Red+ (or Act II: There Will Be Blood of my campaign).


Ironically they keep trying to make Sense Motive checks against Falgrim, as they think the whole thing is made up!

Thank you, Dudemeister!

I want to narrate the last bits of wrap up for the first part of the game. I am currently rebuilding the description of the game for the second act (Rivers Run Red module + additions).

The following issues have to be resolved:

The Sword Council and Lord Maegar Varn which can be attempted with diplomacy, using the Sword Pact against Varn by challenging him, revealing the charter and trying to force the Sword Council to recognize the new ruler, or staying neutral while the Sword Council resolves their own issues.

The Creation of the New "Nation" including establishing a new settlement location. Several locations that are currently ideal would be the Border Keep, the Temple of the Elk, or the now abandoned, but apparently scary close to a new enemy former Stag Fort on the Tuskwater. To ease into the next act so we are lagging on the wrap up on this module, a group of gnome explorers have come to the border keep with detailed maps of the northside of the greenbelt. Other adventurers can be hired to deal with some of the "threats" that need to be wrapped up while the party focuses on moving to "Act 2".

The Recruitment of the Council of the "Nation" (including recruiting two new "adventurers" to the game)

We are transitioning from one module to another one which means there are several loose ends and some wrap-up, but if we don't push forward I fear we could lag out again on our progress.

Two words: Holy Gun

Lady Orlovsky nodded, "It seems that what Master Varn can not achieve with words, he can be achieved with rage. It may not be as simple as them following such a man, but more to do with who can challenge such a man." She holds her hands apart, "You may want to think about that. Master Garess can contest him, but that will likely result in a challenge anyways. The Sword Council tonight will likely hold a number of gambles, and determine what happens to the expedition, the soldiers, and even these refugees. "

Lady Orlovsky moves over to her brother, Thadeuzs, "I am sorry, brother, but it appears I remember far more of father's teaching than I meant too."

It may be great to combine this with some of the Legacy of Fire stuff. Especially replaci nth the first part of the module with the first part of Legacy of Fire!

Falgrim nods, "So be it. I will spur the men forward to lead the convoy." He goes to turn away but stops as he turns back to Teyran, "Oh, will there be anything else?"

Lady Orlovsky waits anixously for Falgrim to depart, before she approaches Teyran. "You did well to convince Master Varn without a fight to spare the bandits, but how are you doing to address it to the Sword Council tonight? Even though you represent Master Garess, your words will not necessarily carry the same weight as his own, being an outsider. The Sword Council is a prideful bunch and it will not be easy to sway them against Master Varn who is best situated to become the next Sword Baron. I don't envy you." She frowns, and manages to squeak out in a final burst of thought, "Maybe you should have challenged Master Varn, and taken his authority as a Swordlord." She puts her hands to her mouth in surprise, "Though peace is always desirable over fighting. May the Dawnflower shine light on your path." She quickly recovers from her outburst.

"If I had to wager a guess, I would say they came from the south. If the druid was to be believed they came from his green goddess." Falgrim offered with uncertainty. He looked to Antha, but his attention was drawn back to Teyran

A mummer began through the remains of the bandit army, but even though the columns shifted the men remained. Falgrim glanced back once to the bandits and looked back at Teyran, "It seems no one is interested in out running arrows at this time. Where are we to go? There is a convoy headed for keep, should we join it? Lead from the front? Bring up the rear?"

Alright, than we will remain with E6! Has everyone gotten their characters worked up to level 3 yet?

2 people marked this as a favorite.

First off... is the party new to playing?

If so than this is a valuable lesson for them. You do not continue to "trigger" rooms while you are in the middle of fights! Also some dungeons you just have to find a "resting" spot so you can go back to come back fresh.

If they are not, while it is their own damn faults for treating a dungeon like disneyland!

I don't think you overdid anything, and the fault is not yours here. I mean if they were new, I would have asked several times, are you sure you want to do that? Explaining to them the dangers... if they weren't new I would shake my head and gleefully slaughter them as they made such newbie mistakes... much like when they split the party... hint you never split the party.

On the other side of things, if I remember correctly the five families were meant to balance each other (and likely represent the "Five Elements" or whatever that are popular in things that use Japanese influences) so that something like the Teitoku Shogunate didn't repeat itself which makes them important background-wise as well.

(Mind you that I am just going on complete memory here and do not have the information onhand)

@Chris Kenney
That final escape hatch is not necessary since the Amatatsu Seal can actually turn people into Amatatsu Scions, giving them the ability of divine rule if no other heir is present/alive. Which basically means that the backlash for Amatatsu Scions dying isn't as great as one would believe.


This is why the Jade Regent wanted the Amatatsu Seal because he can't rule if there is an Amatatsu scion, so he wanted to kill the last one, invest one of his own as an Amatatsu scion and destroy the seal which can only be destroyed by an Amatatsu scion, than likely chuck the remaining scion into the Well of Demons...

I agree that the Five Families are not necessary for the storyline, except for the Teitoku line, which is important only that they predate Minkai nation as rulers of the Teitoku Shogunate nation so essentially it is just background information, and has nothing to do with the Imperial Regelia of Minkai if you are going for that.

You can also change the Jade Regent to a high ranking general of the Amatatsu family that conveniently stepped in after the rest of them fled, which explains why his rule is already on shaky grounds, but for whatever reason (likely bribery, murder, and blackmail) the "nobles" supported him.

My personal choice would be to keep the game E6, and add in some "Mythic" stuff (a rank or two) to keep the character power level in line with the later parts of the "Kingmaker" campaign.

Of course we are only half way there to the E6 "level cap" but I figured getting the decision in place before I recruit two additional players would be for the best.

Teyran, Antha, Morley, and Tad if you can update your characters to level 3 when possible I would appreciate it. Which brings me to my next question as I plan to recruit two players I want your opinions on whether I should drop the E6 rules and continue with standard Pathfinder leveling or if I should continue to use the E6 rules and tact on the Mythic rules for post level 6 play (something I have been considering/wanting to experiment with since they were released.)

^^ Epic.

I am looking to tap the collective knowledge of the vast BrainTrust that is the paizo forums for the name of all the modules and scenarios that resolve around the Thassilon ruins, the Runelords, and 'artifacts'. I am planning an epic campaign that resolves around the ancient Thassilon, the Runelords, the Swords of Sin, and the First King Xin.

The following are the ones that I am most aware of...

Rise of the Runelords AP (Karzoug)
Shattered Star AP (Xin, Shards of Sin, and the Sihedron. Also possible Sorshen Clone?)
Book 6 of Curse of the Crimson Throne AP (Sorshen)

I would ultimate like the name of the module, or season/scenario, as well as the topic that it deals with aka which Runelord or artifact or Thassilon topic.

Thanks in advance.

For the Curious about my evil plans - Definite Spoilers - Info Dump:

I am planning a massive mash-up campaign that resolves around the Runelords, influences from Carrion Crown (/Age of Worms), and Wrath of the Righteous. I am tapping into both Wrath of the Righteous and Carrion Crown for massive events/conspiracies leading to the awakening of the Runelords and the First King Xin.

As a mash-up I plan on replacing quite a bit of locale and I am turning Xin into a God-Emperor (replace the Whispering Tyrant) and adding a sense of overwhelming evil to the Runelords (Carrior Crown/Age of Worm influences) and having a prophecy about blanketing the world in an eternal night that begins with a demonic invasion and ends with the rise of the ancient evils of the Runelords (Wrath of the Righteous connections). I am working out all the details but the above list is important to the planning of the campaign.

I believe the Shattered Star ends with an awakening of Xin, which I have not yet read all of the Shattered Star. The Carrion Crown influences may not be necessary at all, but I have a man-crush on AA as an antagonist especially with the addition of the letters to the PCs from these forums. Also I am a huge fan of Frankenstein influence of Module 2 and the fact that suddenly the Gods are not the sole creators of life, etc etc).

And well... The Wrath of the Righteous is just badass. I am running this campaign as a sort of continuation to another campaign from a long time ago where a player character had become an Immortal (long before Mythic Adventure rules using the old Wrath of the Immortals boxset rules), and will be replacing Terendelave as well Professor Lorrimors as a mentor.

The current plan is for them to have some experience with the character beforehand (not knowing of his true nature) like Runelords 1 or Shattered Star 1 or even as simple as him sending them into the Crypt of the Everflame possibly several adventures, than run Wrath 1, former PC turned NPC goes down in a fight with a Demon Lord while saving the PCs (possibly using a massive unknown rune of protection on them, still in development), followed up by his funeral as per Carrion Crown 1 and the characters having to pick up where their mentor left off (stopping a demonic invasion, the rise of Thassilon, and the second coming of the God-Emperor Xin, again still a work in progress, I am open to suggestions!. Experience/Treasure are not an issue. I plan on detailing this campaign on these forums including the planning of the mash-up and the campaign journal itself.)

Note: Several of the players were part of the former campaign so it is kind of a homage campaign for them to see their former characters as important NPCs. Which was basically a retooled Red Hand of Doom, followed by some home-made stuff including one of the PCs fathers becoming a Fallen Paladin/Deathknight which he had to defeat in solo combat, and a lich trying to corrupt an Immortal whom the PCs had to defeat and one of them had to take on the Immortals portfolio to keep balance... I have no qualms with breaking and tweaking Golarion! or throwing it out completely *shifty eyes*

Falgrim frowns and nods, "The short of it... An army of trolls are slowly making their way up from the south forcing the other monsters to join them and eating everything that doesn't... and some that do. That is why we fled the Tuskwater. That vile druid..." Falgrim spit as if just describing the man left a bitter taste in his mouth. "claimed they were allies sent to aid us from his goddess to bring the Stolen Lands to heel... the massive troll that called himself the Troll King ripped him apart along with his lapdog, Dovan, in sight of the walls of the fort. He threw the remains to a two-headed monstrosity to devour. The effect was immediate... we fled before the army of monsters."

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