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Druj Grognard's page

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I remember when Necro and I first started talking about this adventure. It is absolutely stunning to see how large it has grown. I also love seeing people's reaction to the adventure at cons. And now to see our Kickstarter doing so well, AND to get Mr. Mentzer?! This ol' boy is on cloud nine! I can't wait to hear how horribly your PC's die!

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Ischadra is one of the few RPG products that actually creeped me out. I was born on Halloween, and have a serious love of monsters and creepy things in general, but I actually shivered while reading this. To the bone creepy, to be sure.

I really, really want to play in this adventure. Hope it wins...

Has Pathfinder ever considered going with prepainted minis using the Reaper Pathfinder models? Perhaps if they were as high quality as the Confrontation prepainted minis (and priced to sell), there would be a huge buy in.

NaeAnath’Mai wrote:

..... Also, check out the 3.0 Ravenloft from Sword And Sorcery. Lots of fey creatures their.

...there. Not their. sheesh.

Sorry didn't proof read.

Hello GP. I was pointed toward this thread as I am a huge Celtic flavored DND fan and my friend mentioned that it looked like "something up my alley" was brewing.
I must say, I really like what I have been reading. Since you have been actively looking for feedback, please allow me to say these things:

1. Do not be afraid to deviate from the norm. You may not want the extra work, but using classes such as the oracle and witch instead of wizards is especially cool. Perhaps you could state right up front that your preferred classes are such and such, but if you absolutely wanted to play a wizard - this is the alternative (tattoo or iron mage). Take Heavy Armor Proficiency and Tower Shield Prof away from the Fighter and let him choose another feat. Not broken at all. You could also make the wizard and druid into prestige classes. The more unique, the better. I must say that I have the most fun playing in campaigns that are unique - such as the Midnight setting from Fantasy Flight Games. The satisfaction that you have made something unique is high enough reward, but when you get people clamoring to buy your stuff (as I did midnight errata), then well, the reward is monetary, and that is icing on the cake.

2. Do not be afraid to deviate from the norm. Absolutely go with the Iron Age Fey. Do not be afraid to think outside of the box either. What if ALL creatures other than humans were fey. The Seelie Court admires and encourages the growth of mankind. The Unseelie Court (now held by the Winter Hag) wishes to wipe them from the last true free realm of the fey - the celtic isles. Just thoughts. Also, check out the 3.0 Ravenloft from Sword And Sorcery. Lots of fey creatures their. What if Ogres had the regenerative powers of the trolls? What about aquatic Ogres? Do not be afraid. I have some fey d20 books, I will look up titles and print them here later.

3. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO DEVIATE FROM THE NORM. Perhaps the Sacrifice is indeed tribute to the Winter Hag, and she uses the unfortunate's souls in nasty rituals. Each Village is expected to cough up a sacrifice, in fact these could be your PC's, and they allow themselves to be taken to the Winter Hag's lair, and must escape to strike the blow. Or they escape the slave train while en route to the lair, and now must avoid not only the troubles of the environment, roaming monsters, but also the Slave Hunters of the Winter Hag, and the Village Redeemers who prefer to keep things as they are - which means a select few in power, and perhaps not following the ways of the people.

Please forgive my rant, and the over use of the word unique. I hope this gives you something to chew on. I look forward to hearing what you have to say, and in the future, purchasing your product.

I recently submitted a new thread about a Ranger variant, and cannot find it. I even went to my account and looked at my recent postings list. Not there. It was fairly lengthy, but really some of my better stuff. I would hate to think it was lost to the internet twighlight. Is there a chance it was recieved, but does not show?
Deeply distraught.

toyrobots wrote:
NaeAnath’Mai wrote:
hello all. please forgive my typing. my keyboard is dying - no shift available, so no caps available. i have been playing dnd for about 28 years, not an a poster, but a reader. i would like to know how i could submit a variant ranger for jason to consider for final publication. it is very close to the existing pathfinder ranger.
Make a thread called "Ranger Variant." Then pray.

Thanks for the input. I seem to be having trouble creating a thread. Must be my age... I suppose I should do proper introductions: I began playing BEFORE the red basic box, at least the one most people remember, it didn't even have the Keep on the Borderlands adventure with it - it had the women sorcerer and the warrior with the winged helm in that Iconic bad 70's art. I can't say we really knew what we were doing, but we were 8 yrs old and teaching ourselves. We had recently seen the Hobbit cartoon on TV (at the time, pretty cool to an 8yr old), and were sold on the idea of going on an adventure. We turned 10 and the Lord of the Rings cartoon came out. Between that and Star Wars (yes I saw both in the theaters), I was hooked on Fantasy forever. I managed to digest Tolkiens LOTR by the time I was twelve, and once again by the time I turned 14, all the while playing DnD. I read Tolkien again at 16 and 18, while also getting in a lot of Michael Moorecock and other Fantasy mainstays - and a myriad of other literature as well. DnD took a haitus in my twenties as beer, heavy metal, and girls took over. But eventually one turns 28 and comes home. And DnD was waiting patiently. I was blessed to run into a very large gaming community in my area and some of those that I met then are still my good friends today, of whom I still play this most beloved game with.

Needless to say we are all rules tinkerers with many homebrew rules and campaign worlds. I discovered Paizo through Dungeon and Dragon Magazine, subscribing to their weekly email for their tremendous support of RPG's in general. I must say this, Paizo and "3.75" are saviours of DnD, to say the least. I breifly had a foray into 4 edition, and I must say, it is not DnD, at least not like I grew up playing.
I am disturbed by reading in other news and threads that "the d20 liscence is running out soon..." and I am not sure that I understand what is going on. Will Paizo continue to publish 3.5 material forever? That is my hope.
Well, I have rambled on quite a bit. To all at Paizo and those posting, thank you for your politeness, this is a great message board, and I enjoy reading here.
And if Jason reads this (or anyone at Paizo) I really do have a Ranger that you must read...
Thanks everybody. Talk to you soon.

hello all. please forgive my typing. my keyboard is dying - no shift available, so no caps available. i have been playing dnd for about 28 years, not an a poster, but a reader. i would like to know how i could submit a variant ranger for jason to consider for final publication. it is very close to the existing pathfinder ranger.

this is necessarily the same thread thought, but here is an alternative ranger that does not stray far from the pf ranger but still gives the player choices [like he does with the rogue].

The wildlander from Midnight is what I based my home brew ranger on. The versatility is fantastic and it does not "do away with" favored enemy, it simply modified it to make it more useful. I am talking about the combination of master hunter and hunter's strike ability.

And I want Pathfinder/Paizo to consider it for the final version! Help me get this out there / to them!

I am not an avid poster (or a poster at all), but I read these forums frequently. I have this to say about the ranger: he is the quintessential combatant. Awesome BAB and good skill points. To that, I must add that no one has gotten the class right. Pathfinder has done a good job, but I agree with some of you that the Ranger should not be a caster, and that Favored Enemy is stoic and largely unuseful.
I personally think the Ranger should be designed like the Pathfinder Rogue, where you get to choose your abilities. I have been working this over for years - litteraly, and I think I have a design that works. I will say this, a lot of the material is from other published works and I do not want to get into trouble for posting. In fact I have no idea if I would get into trouble for posting it, nor do I know how to post a file.

I sincerely hopes that someone replies, and helps this fool out.

And if I must have a post name, I will go by Bob the three legged cat...

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