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Drovya Gregorovitch's page

807 posts. Alias of psychicmachinery.

Full Name

Drovysta Gregorovitch


Init +4; Perception +10 (+12); hp: 72 (72); AC 20/12/19; F+9, R+4, W+7; CMB +10, CMD: 22; Arcane Pool 4/8; Conditions: Drovya is wearing Talon's cloak, +1 to all saves.


Male Half Elf Bladebound Magus 8




27 years




Abadar, Gorum, Nethys, Pharasma, Sarenrae, Torag




Common, Elven, Draconic, Abyssal, Infernal

Strength 18
Dexterity 12
Constitution 14
Intelligence 18
Wisdom 10
Charisma 9

About Drovya Gregorovitch


Drovya stands an even 6 feet tall and weighs 200lbs. His glossy black hair hangs to his shoulders in a wild mane, and his light blue eyes seem to pierce those the fix on. He usually wears well cut clothes in somber greys and blacks under his bright, golden cloak.
Drovya has a dark scar on his cheek that is also his arcane mark. He does not discuss it and will ignore attempts to discuss it or questions about it.
He carries a strange, two-bladed sword with cruel hooks at the tips in a scabbard at his side

Spells Prepared:

0: Arcane Mark, Detect Magic, Mage Hand, Prestidigitation, Read Magic
1: Chill Touch, Shield, Shocking Grasp, True Strike, xVanishx
2: xBladed Dashx, xBull's Strengthx, Frigid Touch, Glitterdust, Mirror Image
3: Fly, Vampiric Touch, 1 Open

Male Half-elf Magus (Bladebound) 8

Masterwork Composite Strength Shortbow +8/+3 1d6+4 /x3 (70')

Rhoka +13/+8 (1d8+6 18-20/x2 S)
Cestus +10/+5 (1d4+4 19-20/x2 PoB)


Arcane Mark: Rhoka +11 1d8+6 DC 16
Shocking Grasp: Rhoka +11 (+14) 1d8+6, 5d6 elec, DC 17
Frigid Touch: Rhoka +11 1d8+6, 4d6 cold + staggered DC 19
Vampiric Touch: Rhoka +11 1d8+6, 4d6 negative + temp hp DC 21

BAB: +6/+1
Fort +9, Ref +4, Will +7
CMB: +10, CMD: 22
Init: +4
Senses: Perception +10 (+12 when wielding Black Ivan), low-light vision
AC: 20, 12 touch, 19 flat footed
Armor Check Penalty: 0
hp: 72 (8d8 +30)(Toughness + 6 Favored Class HP)
Spells per day
Hero Points: 1
Concentration: +14 (+16 w/ISC), +18 (+20 w/ISC) to cast defensively/grappled
Caster Check: +8, +10 vs.SR

Arcane Pool: 8/day

Special Abilities: Spell Combat, Spellstrike, Black Blade, Spell Recall, Magus Arcana, Knowledge Pool, Medium Armor, Improved Spell Combat

Black Blade:

Black Ivan, +2 Mithral Rhoka, Int: 13, Enhancement Bonus +2, Wisdom/Charisma: 9, Ego: 10
Arcane Pool: 2
Alertness, Black Blade Strike, Telepathy, Unbreakable, Energy Attunement
Skills: Knowledge(Arcana) +2
Languages: Common & Infernal & Abyssal
Black Ivan is a two-bladed Rhoka. The blades are made of silvery Mithral, but covered in a greasy, black patina that will not come off now matter how much the blades are cleaned. On the pommell is a raised mark, identical to the scar on Drovya's cheek.


(1) Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Half-elf racial) (Rhoka)
(1) Toughness
(3) Extra Arcane Pool
(5) Combat Casting
(5) Weapon Focus (Rhoka)
(7) Spell Penetration
(7) Medium Armor Proficiency

Achievement Feats
One-hit-wonder: One shot a daemon of your HD or higher: +2 unnamed bonus to intimidate checks made against evil outsiders.

Magus Arcana

Empowered Magic:

Su: The magus can cast one spell per day as if it were modified by the Empower Spell feat. This does not increase the casting time or level of the spell.

Traits: Elven Reflexes (+2 init), Focused mind (+2 concentration)


Acrobatics +1 (+1 Dex, 0ACP), Appraise +4 (+4 Int), Bluff -1 (-1 Cha), Climb +8 (+4 Str, 1 Rank, 3 Class, 0ACP), Craft(weapons) +8 (+4 Int, 1 Rank, 3 Class), Diplomacy -1 (-1 Cha), Disguise -1 (-1 Cha), Escape Artist +1 (+1 Dex, 0ACP), Fly +9(+1 Dex, 5 Ranks, 3 Class, 0ACP), Heal +0 (+0 Wis), Intimidate +3(+5) (-1 Cha, 1 Rank, 3 Class (+2 vs. Evil Outsiders Ach)), Knowledge(Arcana) +15 (+4 Int, 8 Ranks, 3 Class), Knowledge(Dungeoneering) +10 (+4 Int, 3 Ranks, 3 Class), Knowledge(Engineering) +12 (+4 Int, 8 Ranks (Headband)), Knowledge(Planes) +15 (+4 Int, 8 Ranks, 3 Class), Linguistics +5 (+4 Int, 1 Rank), Perception +10(+12) (+0 Wis, 8 Ranks, 2 Race (+2 Alertness)), Perform(Sing) +0 (-1 Cha, +1 Bonus Skill Point), Ride +1 (+1 Dex, 0ACP), Sense Motive +0(+2) (+0 Wis,(+2 Alertness)), Spellcraft +15 (+4 Int, 8 Ranks, 3 Class), Stealth +1 (+1 Dex, 0ACP), Survival +0 (+0 Wis), Swim +8 (+4 Str, 1 Rank, 3 Class, 0ACP), Use Magic Device +5 (-1 Cha, 3 Ranks, 3 Class)

Spells in Spellbook:

0: Acid Splash, Arcane Mark, Create Water, Dancing Lights, Daze, Detect Magic, Disrupt Undead, Flare, Ghost Sound, Light, Mage Hand, Open/Close, Prestidigitation, Ray of Frost, Read Magic, Sift, Spark
1: Color Spray, Corrosive Touch, Chill Touch, Enlarge Person, Expeditious Retreat, Grease, Mount, Obscuring Mist, Reduce Person, Shield, Shocking Grasp, Silent Image, True Strike, Unseen Servant, Vanish
2: Bear's Endurance, Bull's Strength, Bladed Dash, Cat's Grace, Frigid Touch, Glitterdust, Mirror Image, Pyrotechnics, Spider Climb, Vomit Swarm (Celestial?)
3: Ash Storm, Daylight, Fly, Force Hook Charge, Slow, Vampiric Touch, Witness


Mithral Rhoka, Black Ivan (1,505 gp) 1.5 lbs
Mithral Breastplate +1 (5,200 gp) 15 lbs
Headband of Vast Intelligence +2 (4,000 gp) 1lb
Amulet of Natural Armor +1 (2,000 gp)
Ring of Protection +1 (2,000 gp)
Cloak of resistance +1 (1,000 gp) worn
1st level Pearl of Power (1,000 gp) -
4th level Pearl of Power (16,000 gp) -
Cracked Dusty Rose Prism ioun stone (+1 Init) (500 gp) -
+2 Longbow
Masterwork Composite strength (+4) shortbow (675 gp) 2 lbs
73 arrows (4g) 12 lbs (33 have been treated with Silver weapon blanch (20 gp)
20 blunt arrows, 3 lbs, 2gp
Ioun torch (75 gp) -
Cestus (5g) 1 lb
Masterwork backpack (50g) 4 lbs
Spellbook (15 gp) - kept in a bank vault in Absalom
Spellbook (15 gp) 1 lb - in waterproof bag
3 pieces of chalk (red, yellow, blue) (3 cp)
Hot weather outfit & kaftan (8 gp) - worn
Explorer's outfit (free) 8 lbs
Earplugs (3 cp)
Flint & steel (1 gp)
5 days trail rations (2.5 gp) 2 lbs
Small steel mirror (10 gp) .5 lbs
Belt pouch (1 gp) .5 lbs
Spell component pouch x2 (10 gp) 4 lbs
50 ft silk rope (10 gp) 5 lbs
50' twine (1 cp) -
Scroll case (1 gp) .5 lbs
Soap (1 cp) -
6 iron spikes (3 sp) 6 lbs
2 waterskins (2 gp) 8 lbs
Waterproof bag (5 sp) .5 lbs
Whetstone (2 cp)
Weapon cord (1 sp) - attached to Black Ivan
Dagger (2 gp) 1 lb
Scrolls: obscuring mist (CL 1), expeditious retreat (CL 1), mount (CL 1), unseen servant (CL 1), haste (CL 5)

Bag of Holding I (15lbs)


+1 Rhoka
3 vial Antitoxin (50 gp each) -
3 vial Antiplague (50 gp each)
3 vial Alchemist's Fire (20 gp each) 1 lb x3 = 3 lbs
2 vial Elemental Breath (80 gp each) .5 lbs x2 = 1 lbs
3 vial Ambrosia (100 gp each) 1 lb x 3 = 3 lbs
20 Tindertwigs (1 gp) -
5 vial Lamp Oil (5 sp) 1 lb x 5 = 5 lbs
1 Grappling arrow (1 gp) .5 lbs
Crowbar (2 gp) 5 lbs
Hammer (5 sp) 2 lbs
Shovel (2 cp) 3 lbs
Block & Tackle (5 gp) 5 lbs
Bedroll (1 sp) 5 lbs
Common blanket (2 sp) 1 lb
Healer's Kit (50GP - 1lb)
Holy Water x 5 (125GP - 5lb)
Compass (10GP - 1/2lb)
Flint and Steel (1GP)
Ink (8GP)
Ink Pen (1SP)
Paper, 10 sheets (4GP)
Lantern, Bullseye (12GP - 3lb)
Rope 50ft, Silk (10GP - 5lb)
Tent, Small (10GP - 20lb)
Waterskin (10GP - 4lb)
6 servings wandermeal (6 cp) 3 lbs
10 sheets parchment (2 gp) -
1 oz ink (8 gp)
Ink pen (8 sp)
Coins (see wealth) approximately 30lbs
Various spellbooks containing

Spells not normally on wizard spell lists in here (in a book in which the handwriting is clean and filled with drawings of angels):
0-Create water, Sift
2-Vomit Swarm (which the writer swears are celestial, but you can't be certain. Suggested intake of pepper before casting)

Spells of normal magus kind which can be learned:
1-Reduce person
A spellbook with an animated eye on the cover.

Total Weight: 106 of 250 lbs

Weight carried: 90.5 lbs

Encumbrance 0-116 (light); 117-233 (medium); 234-350 (heavy)

Wealth: 73 pp, 561 gp, 23 sp, 20 cp

planned level progression:

Level 9
Feat: Intensified Spell
Arcana: Accurate Strike
Spells: Haste, Ray of Exhaustion

Level 10
Spells: Paragon Surge, Black Tentacles

Level 11
Feat: Piercing Spell
Bonus Feat: Power Attack
Spells:Stoneskin, Dimension Door

Level 12
Arcana: Critical Strike
Spells: Monstrous Physique II, Greater Invisibility

Level 13
Feat: Quicken Spell

Level 14

Level 15:
Feat: Spell Perfection
Arcana:Quickened Magic or Spell Blending


300 years ago, the Gregorovitches were respected swordsmiths in Ardis, boasting blades as artistic as any sculpture. One day, Ivan Gregorovitch, patriarch and master smith was retained by a wealthy but secretive patron to craft a weapon to strange and exacting specifics. Ivan labored for two years on the sword, forsaking all other work. More than once he came close to bankruptcy in his fevered craft, for the blade had become his obsession.
When the patron finally returned to claim his prize, he heaped praise and wealth on the smith, but these things no longer meant anything to Ivan. Before the mysterious man could take the blade from him, Ivan struck him down and then went on a brutal rampage through the family home. Finally, covered in the blood of his wife and children, Ivan's eldest son killed him in self defense. And so, ‘Black Ivan’ has been passed from Gregorovitch to Gregorovitch ever since. Most caretakers of the weapon are wise enough to lock it away, and not so much as gaze upon it, for fear that it might take their minds like it did its creator’s.
Young Drovya however, was not as wise as his elders. From the first moment he found the blade hidden in the vault under his father's forge, the sword became his obsession. In an effort to prove that he should be the caretaker of his family's shame, he abandoned the family trade and spent all his time studying combat and the arcane arts. His elven mother encouraged his study of magic, hoping that in time he would come to embrace it wholly as his eleven forebears had, but the sword had the young man in its grip.
One balmy spring night, he returned home to the gruesome scene of his slaughtered family. Someone had killed them all in a search for Black Ivan. In a rage, Drovya took up the sword and hunted down his family's slayers, but they were only thieves, hired to do a job by an anonymous patron. Drovya left the lone survivor for the local gendarmes and began his long search.
The search for his quarry and for the truth of the blade he carries have lead Drovya all over the Inner Sea and he has gained a limited mastery over Black Ivan. The price for his dream has been sleepless nights and consuming guilt as the trail grows colder. These days, the only humor that Drovya knows is as black as his blade, and only time will tell if his long sought vengeance will bring him peace.

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