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Dreadmyst's page

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Shadow Lodge

Redneckdevil wrote:

Okay I need some suggestions in what to do when someone rolls a 20 and then a 1 to confirm. Something fun and something with consequence but jot game breaking.

I used to go with that set of rolling as a critical miss and have something zany happen but rolling with a grp of dms and need some advice or suggestions in how to go with the rolling 20 and then a 1.

Preciate in advance the suggestions.

What we do at our table for a 20 then 1 or vice versa is it treated a confirmed crit but they suffer a ill consequence as well such as the attack hitting them as well or it attacks an ally.

Shadow Lodge

...i agree. simple traps only take hours to make.....not days. i would say its up to the GM to decide how long it takes based on trap complexity.

pit trap would have take longer than a snare trap as you have to dig a hole and conceal it. i personaly say have them roll and as long as they didnt roll bad have them complete it in a couple hours. if they rolled bad then make it take 2-3 times longer.

unleess its mechanical i would say base them on craft dc's and ignore cost..... it costs nothing to take a branch sharpen it and it only takes time, a shovel, a rope/grapple hook and maybe a str check to dig a hole....

snare trap would be able to set up in a lot less time.

Shadow Lodge

an option that i just thought of. requires a wizard of 15th level for a few hours

Purchase a carriage (100G before gm markups)
have mage cast Mage's Magnificent mansion on the carriage door. (1050GP)
have same mage cast permanency on spell. (750GP)

Mages magnificent mansion allows you customize how the mansion is built so you could have one of the rooms be a workshop area.

Another option would be to have a 20th lvl wizard make a pair of teleportation circle's with permanency on them. have one inside your carriage to teleport you to your estate and have one in the estate to teleport you back to the carriage. even though the carriage is moving you know the inside of the carriage and it stays the same so it should work in that manner.

Shadow Lodge

IMO they should call it resistance or something along those lines to make it more clear lol

Shadow Lodge

Thats the thing we converted the Jovian from the D&D book Bastards and Bloodlines to play in Pathfinder. I havn't been able to find Jovian for Pathfinder online anywhere myself.

Shadow Lodge

So the next character im thinking of playing is wizard/fighter and what I'm wondering is if after 5 levels of wizard i multi-class into fighter do i get 2 feats for going into fighter since its my 1st level of fighter or would i only get the fighters bonus feat?

Shadow Lodge

thanks for the all suggestions guys.

Shadow Lodge

Im in need of a name for a assassins guild. have came up with a few but im not very good with coming up with names for these things. here are some that i have came up with.

Crimson dagger/blade
Shadow Strikers

Shadow Lodge

Bruunwald wrote:

As a veteran groomsman of many friends' weddings, and as a man who has just hit his 12th Anniversary (yesterday, as a matter of fact), I feel I must caution you against this.

I have to ask, does the bride-to-be like dwarves? Is she a player? Will her parents/family/friends/bridesmaids understand what is happening? How about the groom's grandmother?

Think about these things, then ask yourself if this is still a good idea. If the answer is "yes, it is a total gamer wedding," then have at it.

Otherwise... I would say keep this for the bachelor party.

Thanks for the advice. I decided to end my toast with "down the hatch for a perfect match"

Shadow Lodge

So my best friend is getting married and I would like to give him a dwarven wedding toast since he loves dwarves but idk dwarves too well so I thought I would ask the RP community on some advice for one.

Shadow Lodge

Thanks guys that helps a lot. Made things a little more clear since I couldn't find anything out about that from looking though the core rulebook.

Shadow Lodge

I was wondering if a weapon has a +2 enhancement bonus does it mean it gets a +2 to attack and damage rolls and if an armor piece has a +3 enhancement bonus does it get a +3 to AC?

I'm asking because i cant find any data on this in the books and when I was playing DDO the other day i noticed that a +2 weapon i got said it gave a +2 to attack and damage rolls.

Shadow Lodge

prototype00 wrote:

It says in the description of the sleight of hand skill:

If you try to take something from a creature, you must make a DC 20 Sleight of Hand check. The opponent makes a Perception check to detect the attempt, opposed by the Sleight of Hand check result you achieved when you tried to grab the item. An opponent who succeeds on this check notices the attempt, regardless of whether you got the item. You cannot use this skill to take an object from another creature during combat if the creature is aware of your presence.

Now my question is does invisibility and successfully using stealth to be undetected count as an opponent not being aware of your presence? At that point, could you lift an opponents spell component pouch?

Now without invisibility, the answer is easy, use the steal combat maneuver, because the enemy is definitely aware of you. But what if you went invisible in the middle of a melee, and successfully used stealth to evade an enemy's perception?

How about if you were invisible before combat started, and lifted the item in secret while the enemy was concentrated on your allies?

Does it count as an attack if you do this? )(i.e. does it break invisibility?)


I'm sure that would break Invisibility but not Greater Invisibility

Shadow Lodge

Necromancer wrote:
What's the group he's joining like? Classes, races, alignment (if you're using alignment)? What race is he using?

theres a dwarven fighter and cleric, a human monk, Vulpanal rogue and a human paladin. none of them are of evil alignment. the monk has taken many vows to include silence. He is a custom race from the bestiary 2, Axiomite(was a headache trying to balance that for a pc lol)

Shadow Lodge

Hi I'm a new GM and the problem I'm having is my brother has decided he wants to play in my campaign I started a few weeks ago as a Ninja. The party is level 3 so I'm allowing his character to start at 3 as well but IDK how I should introduce his Ninja to the group. the group currently finished up the module, Crypt of the Ever-Flame and are in town. Any help would be nice and greatly appreciated

Some notes about his characters background is he doesn't drink, has a hatred of tigers, and a hard childhood.

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