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Magma Dragon

Dragonborn3's page

RPG Superstar 6 Season Star Voter, 8 Season Star Voter. Pathfinder Society Member. 7,863 posts (27,858 including aliases). 3 reviews. 3 lists. 2 wishlists. 1 Pathfinder Society character. 102 aliases.

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Male Human Wilder(Blast WIlder Archetype)


Shadow Lodge

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You guys are amazing. Just saying.

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Erik Mona wrote:
Azten wrote:
Kinda sad we might find out what happened to Aroden now. Where will the fun be, the conspiracy theories?


I just wrote thousands of words on Aroden for Pathfinder #100.

"What happened to Aroden" is exactly none of them. ;)

I feared for a minute the 100th(!!!!) Pathfinder would explain what happened to him because, you know, 100 is an awesome milestone! Congrats to all of Paizo.

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While I don't have anything in particular to add to the thread, I will say I agree we need new counterspell rules. It's sad when readying an action to cast magic missle on a caster when they start casting is better.

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Provolone goes great on hamburgers.

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As much as I like that theory, murder conspiracy is still my favorite.

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Male Human Wilder(Blast WIlder Archetype)

A momentary lapse of reading comprehension?

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A party I was a part of was saved from a total party kill as my familiar used aid another to help the Psychic Warrior hit that stupid basilisk.

Then it made the knowledge check to remember basilisk blood turns people back from stone.

MVF: Most Valuable Familiar.

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Fencing Grace still works with Spell Combat. It wasn't hit with the nerf bat that added wording/restrictions that weren't a thing before.

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Well, since it uses your level -2 as the Wizard level, and Wizard is an Arcane class, I'd rule you have an arcane caster level for the purposes of familiars and Improved Familiars only.

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Nefreet wrote:

I don't see it as much different from the decades of home games I've played in (or GMed).

If a GM creates their own Pantheon, telling them you'd prefer to play an atheist shows you have little interest in their campaign setting.

Unless you're Paizo's Iconic Wizard, Ezren, or want the roleplay aspect of being an Atheist in such a setting, or have interest in a myriad of other things about said setting. :)

Shadow Lodge

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You guys just made "Genius" a much bigger part of my PDF collection.

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Male Human Wilder(Blast WIlder Archetype)

Deciding to change things up a bit, Ramiel let's his power surge in a way he doesn't usually employ and fires off a small jet of fire before adding a bigger blast to follow. Both are aimed at the glassman that attacked Ammon.

Manifesting Energy Splash while Wild Surging(changing my active energy type to fire) expending my Psionic FOcus to use my Surge Blast as a free action.

Fire Splash, ranged touch: 1d20 + 5 - 4 ⇒ (1) + 5 - 4 = 2 vs it's AC + cover bonuses. -4 for shooting into melee. Deals 2 fire damage if it hits.

Surge Blast, ranged touch: 1d20 + 5 - 4 ⇒ (10) + 5 - 4 = 11
Fire Damage: 2d6 + 2 ⇒ (2, 4) + 2 = 8

Psychic Enervation Chance %15: 1d100 ⇒ 47

"Stupid fire..."

Shadow Lodge

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See, you say that...

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It really bites when I go for a pbp game where third party is allowed and either I don't get picked or I do and it dies. Pretty much only way I get to play 3rd party. Still, the chance to build amazing characters takes some sting out.

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Magister, Spellweaver, and Artisan are all amazing and well worth playing. I'm in the same boat as Orthos, though as a player. The GMs don't want to even try third party stuff. :(

Shadow Lodge

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"You've been selected to test a new virtual reality MMO! Do you wish to explore a wondrous world?"


A message every gamer wants to see at some point or another. With VRMMOs on the rise around the world, everyone's competing for an account in their genre of choice and keeping tabs on new developments, you haven't heard anything about Golarion Online. No one seems to know anything about it, and dismiss it as a hoax. Still, something made you click Yes and put on the headgear...

House Rules:
Character Creation Rules for “Golarion Online, Beta Testers”

20 point buy
Max HP at level one, roll every level after.

Paizo Classes: Core, Base, Hybrid. No Summoners(Monster Trainers, below, take their place), Unchained, or Occult.
3rd Party Classes: Artisan, Spell-less Ranger and it's Variant, Monster Trainer if you have the pdf/book from Northwinter press(sold on Paizo and a few other places), Scholar,
Tactician, and the Vitalist.

Two Traits, but no drawbacks.
Favored Class Bonuses: Only +1 hit point or skill point.

Melee Feats: Feat trees are consolidated into the first feat, but you must pick a “path” to go when you take the feat and you gain the next feats when you qualify for them. Talk to me about the path if it's unclear. This is to help melee martials compete a bit more with their ranged counterparts.
Example: a character selects Combat Expertise and picks the Dirty Trick path. When he qualifies to take the feats Improved Dirty Trick, Greater Dirty Trick, etc they gain it as a bonus feat.

Magic Item Creation: Dynamic Magic Item Creation from Pathfinder Unchained will be used, with the exception that the time is cut down immensely. When you start creating the magic item you make all the checks one after the other until the item is either finished, destroyed, or you simply failed. I'll roll for the events after we find out how many checks are needed.

Other Variant Rules: Ask and we'll see. Called shots are in.

Video Game stuff: HP and level display for allies, along with names. You can sends messages to your fellow players as well, as the spell sending. Items are stored in your Inventory, and while they aren't visible, they still count against encumbrance and can be stolen as normal. Think Sword Art Online, since that's part of the inspiration for me to try and run a game again.

Thanks to Jaster Kite, I'm going to try and run a game of my own, inspired by his. You'll be taking part as people controlling online avatars and exploring a new game world by taking part in a starting quest called The Dragon's Demand. Of course, that's the same name as the module made by Paizo, and the game I'll be running. :)

I will say there are going to be times I won't post for a few days though, so the game probably won't move as fast as it could. I apologize in advance.

One last thing. Don't talk about your characters here. Send me a private message. It's a test run made up of strangers, not a group of people getting together to plan out who plays what in the new game. Any questions you may have can be asked here though.

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FCBs were a mistake for the simple reason that that paizo tried to get away from favored classes when converting over to 3.5 . The playtest was years ago, but I remember that reasoning.

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I might, maybe, run a game. I don't want to get anyone,s hopes up, but I'm tossing around house rule ideas for a 'golarian online' type game.

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Dave Justus wrote:
When a mommy android and a daddy android love each other very much they have a special hug

"Mommy, why is Daddy's USB downloading data to you?"

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Male Human Wilder(Blast WIlder Archetype)

Anyone else thinking we don't have to worry about lighting at all now, since mirrors reflect light? Given that mirror houses usually have mirrors at angles, I'd hazard a guess that the entire place is kinda bright. ^^

"You owe me a bandanna." Ramiel says as he takes his neckpiece off and hands it over to Moment. "Or owe me a wash for it at least. And thanks for the light, Ammon."

Taking a few seconds for himself, Ramiel closes his eyes and concentrates on focusing his mind again. Full Round Action: gain Psionic Focus.

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Most people will think of Lycanthropes and Skinwalkers as bloodthirsty monsters, but their is room for mixing myth and faith together in fun ways.

Is it stereotypical for a Werewolf to worship the moon? Yes. But what about when that very worship gives the Werewolf power of something the moon itself controls?

And thus a cabal of Werewolf Hydrokineticists rise each night to practice their art with the moon. :)

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Rust Monsters.
Rust Monster swarms.

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Delving a little further, I'm kinda disappointed that medium sized characters can't pilot an Aerial Mech until 11th level at this point. There's no way for a Medium character to fly on/in something at all at lv1 as a class feature.

The fact you can pilot a mech of your own size seems more Iron Man than Gundam too, but that's not going bother me any. I'll toy around with a Aerial character and see what I can come up with.

EDIT: What is the maneuverability of the Aerial Mech? It has a fly speed, but nothing to indicate if it's clumsy, average, good, etc.

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Stile was a human paladin and my first character ever. He wore scale mail(it sounded really cool to me), and had a short sword as his backup, a glaive as his main, and a warhammer if he had to break something open.

He lost some of his appeal to my 15 year old self when that dang squirrel attacked him for no reason...

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You know, more and more game and anime influenced ideas are forming. I might make a second submission at this rate. >.>

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Why must you, again, catch my interest?

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tchrman35 wrote:
tchrman35 wrote:
She just might strip, leave the garment in the center of the room, and sneak quietly away! (Edit: at the very least she'd move.)
And since she gets invisibility at will, she'd naturally cast it on the garment after stripping but before dropping! There's no VSM component, so who's to know?

And that's when see invisibilty became a bad idea...

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Secret Wizard wrote:
Because you can combine it with Monk of the Iron Mountain to sit on top of an enemy indefinitely.

Oh my sweet kobold pantheon this is amazing....

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Male Human Wilder(Blast WIlder Archetype)
Geralt Snacko wrote:
How would you create say, a sword with motor in it?

Spend about 30gp/credits.

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I have to agree with Davor. A character is spending a lot of money on a wand, a lot of skill points to use the wand reliably, and a standard action instead of attack to activate said wand.

Sneak Attack is precision damage. Shoot three things at the same time and see how precise you are. Smite Evil only cares about hitting your target.

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Male Human Wilder(Blast WIlder Archetype)

They have a nice aluminum hat that'll fix that...

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Male Human Wilder(Blast WIlder Archetype)'re gonna break the clock.

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Green Smashomancer wrote:
Guess it depends how long you want to keep us guessing. I built a Kitsune that the party could not figure out was not human for weeks.

Not as impressive as the months it took one group is realize my half-Orc was a half-fiend too. >.>

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Just realized this would've been a great game for a concept I never considered for modern. That would've been a fun witch.

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"Looks like it's conductive."

Pew pew zap!

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Jaster Kite wrote:

Just looked it up, too. Wow, those are big numbers.

Thanks for giving me the ideas, Azten ;)
(Evil laughter ensues)

"Don't worry, guys, it's just one goblin." -Famous Last Words.

Replace goblin and suddenly the entire village in under siege by but a single hungry dog...

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You're twentieth level. Someone in the part is going to be to bring you back. Like yourself. Limited Wish or Wish for Raise Dead.

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And then at Lv5, a wizard throws out an Empowered Fireball. Blasting isn't hard to do by any means.

At level 6 a Wordcasting Sorcerer(crossblooded Orc/Draconic) adds +1 damage per die rolled for damage spells, or +2 for fire spells. 5d4+10 electricity and 5d4+10 fire in a cone, line, burst, single target(which means no saving throw), or brief barrier. As a third level spell. It gets better at lv10 when they spend the round to Intensify to the spell and it becomes 10d4+20 fire and 10d4+20 electricity.

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So the note said there was a traitor, and then the cleric started betraying you. That's the only funny bit about that story.

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Still waiting for that much locked down and weakened Unchained Wizard.

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And even if it was, there are minerals in water. Why could a Hydro draw water from the air but a Geo couldn't draw minerals from water? DOesn't make sense.

Just like the electric blast ruling upthread. Magical electricity does not conduct through water.

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Can we stop calling it Unchained? It's got way more shackles than a fully stocked dungeon.

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blackbloodtroll wrote:

Sorry, it might not be known where to find the Urban Bloodrager.

It's on page 24 of the Pathfinder Player Companion: Heroes of the Street.

The important part, is it's Controlled Rage:

Urban Bloodrager wrote:

Controlled Bloodrage:

When an urban bloodrager rages, she does not gain the normal benefits. Instead, she can apply a +4 morale bonus to her Constitution, Dexterity, or Strength. This bonus increases to +6 when she gains greater bloodrage and to +8 when she gains mighty bloodrage. She can apply the full bonus to one ability score or split the bonus between several scores in increments of 2. When using a controlled bloodrage, an urban bloodrager gains no bonus on Will saves, takes no penalties to AC, and can still use Charisma-, Dexterity-, and Intelligence-based skills. A controlled bloodrage still counts as a bloodrage for the purposes of any spells, feats, and other effects. This ability alters bloodrage.

And there goes my love of Urbar Barbarian. XD Barbarian gets to keep nothing and still has to be non-lawful...

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Schrodinger's Vitalist? Cool.

Nimoot: Elan make good vitalist with their reconstruction alternate ability, but you could also take two levels in Alchemist and take the Tumor Familiar, add it to your collective, and spread it's Fast Healing 5 around as you see fit. :)

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SomethingRandom wrote:
I use rubber.

And NPC in Rise of the Runelords was asked how many children he had from all his dalliances. His answer(at least as the GM put it) was "I'm on the lamb", meaning he used a medieval 'rubber'.

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captain yesterday wrote:
That was meant for Orcs.

That really doesn't matter now that the cool part of the archetype is dead.

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And the Half-Orc Scarred Wich Doctor(that poor, poor, archetype got hit with the nerf flavor bat...).

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Words. Of. Power!

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