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Dragon78's page

RPG Superstar 6 Season Star Voter, 7 Season Star Voter, 8 Season Star Voter. Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion Subscriber. 11,273 posts. 43 reviews. No lists. No wishlists.

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Sometimes Less is Just Less.

***( )( )

While this is a good bestiary, it is not nearly as good as the others.

The good
-Kaiju, love these guys, wish there was more.
-Some cool new 0HD races such as the naiad and rougarou.
-Some interesting fey like the alp, boggle, and wild hunt.
-Some interesting plant creatures like the green man, giant sundew, and crypt flower.
-A lot of cool new oozes especially the oblivion.
-Several new proteans.
-Finally the nekomata.
-A lot of cool new vermin especially the giant starfish.
-Some really cool constructs including clockworks, golems, and the charnel god.

The bad
-Not enough types of dragons, giants, and 0HD races.
-No elementals (but I already new that).
-Way too many evil outsiders.
-Wasn't impressed with most of the monstrous humanoids.
-Disappointed with the new true dragons.
-Very few interesting undead and once again most are humanoid in form.
-I knew there would be much less monsters this time but still a little disappointed.

-Was disappointed that the mountain giant wasn't colossal CR20 giant but at least we finally have it.
-Would have liked Krampus to have been a lower CR.

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Not Very Heroic or Interesting

**( )( )( )

I didn't really have much expectations for this one and yet I am still disappointed.

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Psychic Fun Time

****( )

Overall a good book with lots of options for all 6 six psychic based classes.

The Good
-A lot of wild talents for kineticist.
-The kindness phantom emotional focus.
-Some awesome prestige classes for the spiritualist.
-Cool feats for the mesmerist.
-Outsider spirits for the medium.
-Some great new spells and magic items.

The Bad
-The kinetic Invocation feat.
-Some other design issues with the kineticist options.
-No new psychic disciplines and/or phrenic amplifications.

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Elemental Power

****( )

I really enjoyed this book though not as much the First World one or Distant Worlds.

The Good
-Interesting information about the four elemental planes, it's denizens, and it's rulers(current and old).
-Some cool monsters including stats for one of the elemental lords.
-Some useful equipment/character options.

The Bad
-10 pages just isn't enough to cover a single plane.
-Wished we got stats for all 4 elemental lords.

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Healing Can Be Fun

****( )

Some interesting options for healing and curative related spells, powers, etc.

The good
-New kineticist wild talents, oracle mystery, witch hexes and patron, paladin divine bonds and mercies, bardic masterpieces, alchemist discoveries, warpriest blessings, and druid nature bond.
-New feats that allow you to heal yourself.
-Some interesting new archetypes.

The bad
-No new channeling, lay on hands, or healing enhancing feats.
-No healing focused archetypes for non-casters(except one monk and one ranger).

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