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Dragon78's page

RPG Superstar 6 Season Star Voter, 7 Season Star Voter, 8 Season Star Voter. Pathfinder Adventure Path, Companion Subscriber. 9,859 posts. 34 reviews. No lists. No wishlists.

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More Like Evil Adventures

***( )( )

This book feels more like Pathfinder's version of the Book of Vile Darkness then horror themed adventures. Also this is a very DM heavy book though I thought it would be 70% player 30% DM but is actually the other way around.

The Good
-I loved the Dread Lord, Hive, Trompe L'Oeil, Unknown, and Waxwork Creature.
-I like the Corruptions.
-I like the reprint/expanding of madness rules.
-I like some of the magic items like mantle of life, monster almanac, and elder sign.
-I liked a few archetypes like the two for witches.

The Bad
-Too many evil archetypes, spells, etc.
-Do not like the sanity rules.
-Do not like the fleshwarping rules for characters.
-Most of archetypes were lacking or unusable for players.
-Very few interesting spells that are player friendly.
-Very few interesting feats.
-Not enough character options related to specific class features like wild talents, bloodlines, rogue talents, oracle curses/mysteries, etc.

I feel this book was a missed opportunity for same great horror based player character options. Such as expanded options for void kineticist like fear effects, controlling/creating undead, etc. new psychic disciplines, sorcerer/bloodrager bloodlines, oracle curses/mysteries, hexes, phantom emotion focuses, etc. I could even see some interesting ideas for rogue talents, rage powers, slayer talents, etc. I would have been fine with reprints like the pestilence sorcerer bloodline, kineticist void element, and other fitting options from past books.

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There Be Dragons!!!


I really love this book, there are so many interesting options.

The good.
-First I have to mention the rules for drake companions, I love this and hope to one day see rules for other types of dragons.
-The alternate bloodline rules for the esoteric, imperial, primal, and outer dragons was awesome. I do wish they kept the sonic and force damage types and just made them d4s instead of d6s.
-There are several dragon related archetypes but the one that stands out is the Dragonheir Scion for fighters. We could use more like that one for other creature types. I also like the cha based monk archetype as well.
-Cool dragon related feats one for dragon bloodlines and another for everyone.
-Dragon oracle mystery and hording curse.
-More improved dragon familiars.
-The Wyvaran gets some love in this book as well.
-And more.

The bad
-The only thing bad I can say about this book is that is too short. I Would have loved a 65+ page book like this one.

All in all I love this book and hope to see more like it especially a fey focused one.

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Very Disapointed

**( )( )( )

I have to say that I haven't been this disappointed since Ultimate Magic. I will list the things I did like and the things I didn't.

The Good
-Section on various problem spells like divinations, enchantments, etc. The only thing missing was true seeing.
-Section on many skills was useful.
-A few good spells, feats, magic items, and archetypes.
-The Vigilante is a interesting concept.
-A Paladin archetype with some alignment flexibility.
-The artwork.

The Bad
-I like the idea of the Vigilante class but taking most of the options out of the base and making them prestige classes was a mistake. If we had most those options in the base class you get really interesting concepts. Plus making some abilities avenger or stalker only limited the choices of those prestige classes.
-Disappointed in many of the archetypes I was excited about. Especially the druid one that was originally going to be a spontaneous caster.
-Many archetypes seemed to be giving up more then they were getting.
-The design of the magical child didn't give it anything stereotypical of a magical girl except for transformation and a magical pet/guide. There is no way to get anything else like holy, healing, or purifying based powers or at will energy blast. Plus the loss of perception puzzles and annoys me very much.
-No feats that give extra skill points
-To many feats had a lot requirements.
-Still no polymorph spells to change into fey, oozes, constructs, and outsider subtypes other then elementals.
-The weird dislike of dex to damage feats continue with a slightly nerfed reprint and another specialty feat. Why not just a feat that lets you choose one weapon that is weapon finesse friendly.
-Wasn't impressed with most of the spells or feats.
-No archetype should lower classes skill points.
-I didn't care much for any of the optional rules but then again Pathfinder Unchained is the only book that there are stuff like that I like.
-No new racial feats, even one that adds +2 to one or two racial skill bonuses would have been nice.

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Psychic and Occult style Critters Abound


I love bestiaries and Paizo doesn't disappoint in quality and variety when it comes to there monsters.
The Good
-A new Aeon, Azata, Azura and Rakshasa.
-New 0HD races.
-New fey(Boggart and Fear Eater)
-Some alien life forms like the Shotalashu.
-Alternate/more powerful versions of many creatures.
-Psychoplasmic creatures! and other interesting templates.
-New type of Naga(Dream).
The Bad
-A lot of alternate versions of existing creatures.
-No new elementals.
-Almost half the book are outsiders.

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Grim Reapers, Deep Ones, and Greys Oh My!


I have always loved Bestiaries and Paizo has yet to disappoint in department. Now with a 5th hardcover bestiary they continue with quality and variety. I will list the good and the bad of this fine product.
The Good
-Dragons, 5 great new true dragons, along with a variety of "lesser" dragons such as jungle drake, rope dragon, vishap, and awesome shen.
-Fey, a variety of ranging from low to high CR such as the house spirits and the glaistag.
-Giants, we finally get the Firbolg, been waiting to see this one for a long time.
-New 0HD races like the Astomi, Caligni, and Reptoid.
-Aliens such as greys and the Anunnaki.
-Elementals such as aether, the wysps and the awesome anemos.
-Interesting oozes such as animate hair, apallie, and living mirage.
-New clestials and aeons.
-Creatures from mythology.
-Old school monster such as moon dogs, muckdwellers, brain moles, and thought eaters.
-Some interesting undead like bone ship and death coach.

The Bad
-Some minor design issues.
-Some art issues.
-The Sahkil, another evil outsider group, could have used this space for Oni, Azura, or Rakshasa.
-Continued use of the mythic rules that to me should be a completely optional rule.

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