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Bronze Dragon

Dragios's page

FullStarFullStarFullStarFullStar RPG Venture-Lieutenant, Canada—Edmonton. 80 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 8 Pathfinder Society characters.


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**** RPG Venture-Lieutenant, Canada—Edmonton aka Dragios

Has this happened to anybody?

The party encounters the last of the bandits in B2. But it's only when party enters B3 does the level get cut off. Why wouldn't the party pick up the survivors and lead them out before entering? Nothing's stopping them. I'm running this tonight and I'm going to give them perception checks to show them something shiny in B3 (the plasma skeletons), but I'm just wondering if this has come up at all.

The animal companion could do one trick per round UNLESS the PC gives up a move or standard action to make it progress further. Either way the AC is still limited in the number of uses per day as his one half his HD plus his wisdom mod.

Would that work for most people?

**** RPG Venture-Lieutenant, Canada—Edmonton aka Dragios

Matt Haddix wrote:
roll4initiative wrote:
What is the CMB of the wrecking ball trap? Same as it's attack bonus?

From the way it's written, I think you compare the same attack role to the victim's CMD.

Does anyone else find it funny that a necromancer who runs a shop selling undead and wears a skull on his face feels the need to cast undetectable alignment every day?

It's called the City of Strangers for a reason. If they have Trolls that slit their bellies and can do augeries, I don't think a man in a skull mask is really going to make much of an impression.

How are people letting their players know that there are 3 possible sources. All it says in the scenario is to make a check. If you pass, you find a contact in 1d4 hours. Should it say you found 3 possible contacts in 1d4? Or should they make 3 checks at the beginning for the 3 contacts?

Has anybody given thought about increasing the DC of Vorel's Phage for characters who get infected multiple times? For poison the DC increases with multiple doses, just curious if it would work the same with multiple infections.

I would put the DC of haunts at 10+CR. Just like an uncommon creature.

Just a suggestion when you run it: tell all your players to roll 40 Perception checks and 40 initiative checks. For each haunt, use their rolls that they write down for you at the beginning. If they make the perception check, they act in the surprise round. And then the initiative check will determine if they beat the haunt. About half way through, if they made a knowledge religion check, I would give them a +2 bonus on the save.

This way, they still get to make the rolls, but without knowing something's "up" when you ask for perception checks.

Tried to see if this has been mentioned somewhere else in this thread, but I couldn't find it. My apologies if this has been mentioned before. Has anyone noticed that the Skinsaw Man has a listed alignment of CN? I would have thought because of the fact that he's a ghast he would be CE.

**** RPG Venture-Lieutenant, Canada—Edmonton aka Dragios

Welcome and congrats on your new position!

If you like runelords, than go for shattered star. Good story, with some good Roleplaying opportunities at the same time.

Ok situation:

The PCs, two humans, an elf, and a dwarf, are in the middle of a 120ft radius cavern that has normal light because of a daylight spell. A shadow demon casts deeper darkness in the middle of the party. This is how I view and others can tell me if I'm right or wrong.

Cavern was dark with no natural light sources. Therefore only the dwarf can see.

With the daylight spell, the light raises by one additional level becoming dim light. But daylight automatically gives normal light conditions regardless. So everyone can see.

Shadow demon casts deeper darkness, light drops to magical darkness. Nobody in the party can see. Can the shadow demon?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

For myself, I would love to see another sequel to Runelords and Shattered Star.

Imagine if two runelords came back, IE Necromancy, and Wrath. They're waking up, and set their agents against each other and the PCs must defeat them both.

**** RPG Venture-Lieutenant, Canada—Edmonton aka Dragios

So I ran this cold last night for a party of 7. Not exactly the best situation. The party consisted of a fighter, shaman, bloodrager, warpriest, barbarian, another fighter, and pregen Harsk. We were firmly in the lower tier.

First of all I love the feel of the whole scenario. The influence checks were appropriate for the tiers. Even with my party geared towards combat, they still did a marvellous job at Roleplaying it out. That combined with some lucky dice rolls in the influence stage got them a lot of influence. And they seemed to have fun at that point.

My problems came later:


All fights were ridiculously easy for my group. True they were all combat driven as PCs but I still think they could have been a little tougher. The mummy at the lower tier could have benefitted from a lower version of mummy rot. Such as a 1d4 Con dmg with a DC 11 fort save.

The chase scene was a nightmare. My players took 5 rounds just to get off the first square. It's been a while since I've read in depth the chase rules but shouldn't one check for the square have a lower DC than the other? And of course by the time they got there the assassin killed the dwarf. Was her AC listed anywhere? Don't even get me started on swimming the door. I had to start giving my players handouts just to get the scenario moving.

And as mentioned above, the party saw right through the ploy of the fake. They killed her before she even acted. All she got was a free action to call her skeletons. Now that I think of it I should have used dim light rules for the 20% miss chance and difficult terrain from the disturbed mass graves. Does anybody think this section would have benefited from a haunt? A haunt that caused blindness or slow for 1d4+1 rounds would have helped.

And finally how is the party supposed to find out about the debt of the Andoran or Rafella? It doesn't clearly mention that.

Overall good and I intend to read it very thoroughly later on so I can see if some of my questions are answered. I still think my players had fun, even with my less than stellar prep job.

**** RPG Venture-Lieutenant, Canada—Edmonton aka Dragios

Lady Ophelia wrote:
talbanus wrote:
I *think* that maybe one of the problems with attracting and keeping females in our hobbies is highlighted by this very thread. That problem being that the GUYS are the ones doing the most talking. We need to shut our yaps and LISTEN to what the female gamers say on this subject -- both here and at the table. It's not to say that in being male, you cannot have a valid opinion on this subject. It's more to say, "hush, let the ladies talk and TELL US how to attract more female people to the cooperative tabletop roleplaying hobby".

So here is Lady Ophelia's: Guide to Getting More Ladies into the Hobby..

1) Bros, it's really simple to get ladies into the hobby: Don't be a jerk. Be awesome.

What does this mean? Well it means a lot of what you guys have been saying in this thread:

-Please keep the hygiene on the up and up. There is a saying us girls get told all the time, and perhaps bros should consider it: "Always step outside of your home, dressed as if you are going to meet the love of your life." No this is not to say, we as gamers are always on the hunt during games, but it does mean take the time to shower and groom. I know many of us are coming from work/other places before games so by default we are already got that in our minds, but if you have been home all day before game.. Take the shower and change clothes before you go out.

-Yes we are ladies. Don't be frightened. We aren't going to break into a thousand pieces if you talk to us. We aren't going to wilter away if you tell a joke. But if you don't like being called an a-hole or other male derogatory name, don't call girls hoes and b-------.

-Yes ladies are/can be GM's. They are awesome. Encourage it and welcome it. If you can't roll with it, go home. No hard feelings.

-If you have a beef with us or something we do, come talk to us privately. Don't go hide in your lairs and whisper things. I have seen many lady players do something not cool, no one say anything and then ask for the...

Thank you Lady Ophelia. This is what I wanted. I'm not trying to BAIT women or treat anybody differently. I'm trying to balance my group to make it better.

I have talked with the few women in my group and I think they're great. They add something great to the game. And all I'm trying to do is add more of the greatness.

**** RPG Venture-Lieutenant, Canada—Edmonton aka Dragios

2 people marked this as a favorite.

One of my favourite authors posted a story on his Facebook and it struck a cord with me and so I thought I would post something similar here. In the article, it was mentioned that the gaming community is predominantly male. And that is correct. There are very few women who actually come out to sessions. The ones that do are brought out by their significant others. I have seen only 4 women come out on their own to play.

So I asked 4 women from my work, their ages range from 24-30, to see if they would be willing to come out and try PFS. Three said no and the last said she would think about it. I've asked other women, my wife, and my sister about this issue and I have summarized their comments down below:

1) Women are intimidated by the heaviness of the rules. This came from my wife. She feels that when she comes out to games that because she doesn't know the rules, she feels stupid in front of the other players
2) Women are intimidated by the other players. This is from a women who went to a con. She sat down at a table, and was promptly made to feel unwelcome by 3 of the 6 players. The few times she comes out now is with her boyfriend as she feels that the antagonism toward her is less.
3) Hygene. This one comes from my sister. This one I can relate to. Sitting next to a guy who has yet to take his yearly bath is not a good first impression.
4) Not enough other women. This is from a woman who plays PFS with her husband. She has told me that she feels more comfortable at the table when other women are present. And I agree with her. When I'm forced to go clothes shopping with my wife for her clothing, man do I feel awkward as I feel like everyone is staring at me.

So how do we encourage women to try PFS? Because let's face it, with more women who come, more men will follow. Here are my suggestions:

Event coordinators, try and sit them at the table with other women, or barring that somebody who won't alienate them. You have the best knowledge of your players.

GMs, assign someone at your table, again preferably a woman, to help them through the scenario. Do not overwhelm them with rules. Give them Valerous, or Kyra as a pregen.

Now unfortunately, this is for women who have already made the decision to try it. I have no idea on how to get them to walk through that gaming store door. Suggestions?

**** RPG Venture-Lieutenant, Canada—Edmonton aka Dragios

As you all know, most scenarios run 4-5 hours, sometimes longer. There's a guy at the lodge who wants to leave 3 hours in so he doesn't have to walk home at 11:30 at night. Now I want to accommodate him, but as far as chronicle sheets are concerned, it's going to be a real pain for any GM to stop halfway through, and fill out a chronicle sheet for one guy, calculate the gold so far earned, and so on. There's also how much prestige he earned. How much?

Any thoughts on this? I want to be fair but this and the fact he would be leaving his party would make it so no one would want him at their table.

**** RPG Venture-Lieutenant, Canada—Edmonton aka Dragios

Mike Tuholski wrote:
Belafon wrote:
Is anyone else still unable to download the chronicle? (Tuesday 1200 UTC)
I can't access it either.

Me either

Skeld wrote:
Dragios wrote:
Can anybody give me the link to what's supposed to be in a complete set? Wrath of the Righteous gallery.

Thank you very much! And yes I got a full set!

What a great set! I'm happy to report that I had no breakages! At least until my wife snapped off the dominion invader off the base. But that's not your fault Paizo. Lol. I was kind of disappointed that I got 3 Vescavor Queens, 3 Alain on horseback, and not enough blood demons. I warn to make the Ascension moment memorable.

Can anybody give me the link to what's supposed to be in a complete set?

I haven't got my copy yet. Does Radiance grow in power anymore?

Are we ever going to find out why when the Wardstone was shattered the PCs weren't hurt and neither were there allies? Or why the PCs ascended and not Irabeth?

**** RPG Venture-Lieutenant, Canada—Edmonton aka Dragios

What did people do with the random texts that were used by PCs? Return them to the deck to get used again or did you rule them as 1 use items?

Magnus, you seem to have the most experience with "non-standard groups". I'm going to have 6 players, 3 relative newbies, 2 players with decent experience, and 1 with some experience. To try and make things challenging, would full hp for all monsters and an extra +2 for all d20 rolls be too much? I'm limiting the players to the core rules, but they can choose an oracle, inquisitor, or aasimar if they want. Thoughts? Anybody can jump in on this one if they wish.

How much time are the PCs expected to be underground? A day? A week? Are people using the starvation rules? It's probably not that big of a deal as they can restock in Neatholm and they're probably only in War-torn Kenabres for a maximum of 1 day. But I am curious. I read it as two-three days underground and a day before they hit Defenders inn. But when you add in random encounters, set encounters and general exploring, that's a lot to do in 1 day.

And has anybody had a group that has gotten to the Devotion Point awards yet? And if so how many did you give out?

Why would it do that? It needs to be bonded to a mythic paladin before it can regain its power.

It would seem like a terrible waste but if a non-paladin used radiance it would function as a masterwork cold iron longsword correct?

Tangent101 wrote:
Have them find a Scroll of Raise Dead.

And the simplest option is usually the preferred method. If the player really wants to create a new PC,, have the party witness the mythic power being transferred from the old character to the new one.

Mawgrim wrote:

I think that the main reason for this is because, unlike the Paladin which has the Holy Avenger, there's not really a single item that is strictly for Fighters, or Wizards, or Rogues, or Oracles, or Magi, or whatever else have you.

My plan was to actually take a bit of a leaf through the old 3.5 resource Weapons of Legacy, and use that as inspiration for a signature weapon or armour for each of my other non-Paladin PCs (for me, personally, I have an Oracle, a likely Ranger, and either a Wizard or Druid - the last player hasn't quite decided yet). I'll then seed these items through the first adventure and like Radiance these too will grow over time into weapons and armor worthy of the Mythic legends that wield and wear them.

I'm actually going to wait until the end of the AP comes out. That way ill know whether that will unbalance the game or not.

Lochar wrote:
magnuskn wrote:
Only in the first module and there still in the ruins of Kenabres. It's all still a long ways off. ^^

My group should be coming out of the Kenabres underground Thursday. I'm tailoring 'random' encounters for them. Hello, one fiendish giant vulture carrying a little boy to become a meal.

They're entirely too far off as well, even though I'm already building out book 3 in roll20 for them. LOL

I'm moving to a new city so I can't start this AP yet. I guess it's a good thing because I can get some cool ideas of these boards, ill know the full story before I start and be able to get the minis but I REALLY want to run this. So I'm jealous.

magnuskn wrote:
James Jacobs wrote:

There's a lot of things that make using troops tricky... not the least of which is that there needs to be a large area for them to be encountered in.

But yeah... the rest of the AP is really more focused on the PCs and smaller-scale battles for the most part. Turns out... the more mythic things get, the more work it is to keep that all in control; adding newer stuff like troop rules would cause lots of problems on the time we have to develop things and the like, and wouldn't really add much in my opinion to the plot as it has always been planned out.

To say nothing of not being sure how we'd cram the troop rules in there again in a high level adventure that's already very tight on space...

Ah, yes. I can definitely see your point there. You know well that one of my mayor concerns for this AP is if the high-level fights will be sufficently challenging for mythic characters, so introducing additional sub-systems would of course make the whole process even more problematic. Well, I'm looking forward to what you guys came up with. :D

How far into this AP is your group, Magnus? I'm curious how groups do with combat against the chimera vs the role playing aspect of discovering the traitor and redeeming.

Going through the Mythic Rules and Items is it possible for Radiance to become a Sacred Avenger?

Lochar wrote:

Radiance is special because it is tied to in game lore, not a mythic trait.

Mythic gives you the option of making a legendary item of your own. Think for a while if you want to hand off more freebies that they can pick up if they want to.

Good point. Thanks

Here's a question for everyone to give thoughts on. Obviously this adventure gives a paladin some REALLY cool stuff. I think it was an inspired idea to have Radiance grow the way it does throughout the AP. But other PCs may feel left out that the paladin gets all the goodies. What about a magic item that grows with each individual PC as the AP goes on. For example, a staff of life that becomes legendary for an oracle with the touch of divinity trait or a headband of mental superiority that can counter summon demons or get past demonic resistances for a Riftwarden Orphan sorcerer? Basically have a legendary item keyed to 1 campaign trait. Do you think if EVERY PC had an item like that it would make the AP too easy. I haven't started running this AP yet so I would like some feedback before I do that.

James Jacobs wrote:
Dragios wrote:

LOL Back on topic...

Character Traits

To be clear:
** spoiler omitted **

As for the suit of the Pious vs. the +3 mithril armor, I'd say leave them where they are for the time being. The reason I say that is because I'm sure more about Yaniel will be revealed and there might be a good reason why that armor is there.

Regarding the spoiler topic...

** spoiler omitted **

As for Yaniel... ** spoiler omitted **

Thanks Mr. Jacobs

LOL Back on topic...

Character Traits

To be clear:


So for the character with the Exposed to Awfulness trait, does the PC and Marhevok share a bloodline with Jerribeth? And all it took was an attack by a demon to bring it to the forefront? If that's the case, then I hope it's explained a little more in the fourth book. My players will want to know.

For the campaigns without a PC who has taken Child of the Crusade trait, are people ignoring that particular trait quest? I'm thinking that Irabeth just sends them out to investigate a site where some mighty champions of previous crusades fell.

And Jerribeth herself counts as a mythic trial for a PC who does NOT have any campaign traits? Is that correct?

As for the suit of the Pious vs. the +3 mithril armor, I'd say leave them where they are for the time being. The reason I say that is because I'm sure more about Yaniel will be revealed and there might be a good reason why that armor is there.

Speaking of Radiance, I'm looking over what the AP says about it in the 1st book. It says the weapon has two uses of legendary power but does not currently have any. Is that still true still up to and including this book? Or did I miss it somewhere?

I was going to have Radiance glow for a minute as a daylight spell to clue in the Paladin that this is HIS/HER suit of armor.

There's a suit of armor in the Ivory Sanctum that's +3 mithril full plate. If a pally claims the armor or donates it, Radiance becomes a +3 holy cold iron long sword in the hands of a pally.

So besides the obvious succubus, are there any other NPCs in this adventure that have the potential to be redeemed? And James, was the original purpose of the redemption supposed to be just limited to the main NPCs like the bard from SoV? The reason I ask is because there a lot of people who could be redeemed and im afraid it will really slow the game if PCs try to redeem EVERYONE.

And this AP practically assumes you are starting with a group that is more knowledgable than a starting party. As has been mentioned in other threads, this is not an AP to start with a bunch of newbies because of mythic and downtime rules as well as the regular rules. Adjust the AP to your group as needed. If JJ and Paizo had to create an AP that covered every single group out there, they'd still be on RotRl: Book 3.

A question about this AP. I've run RotRl:AE and when the PCs go up a level but they're in the middle of an encounter area, I give them a "positive level: +1 to attack, +1 to all skill checks and saves and 5 hps". Then when they rest for 8 hours they receive they're actual levels, class features, feats and such. With mythic, they can get full benefits after 1 hour rest sometimes. How are people handling lvling up here? And are there any problems associated with the fact that the entire AP is not out yet?

I'm jealous. I have to wait until Oct 30.

I would let it happen. They actually spent time trying to redeem the gargoyle and since redemption is part of the overall theme of this AP I would say it might even give them some relevant information about Drezen itself. Reward creative role playing and creative problem solving is something I believe should be encouraged.

Is the mythic Chimera supposed to have spell resistance? It says in the text that it does, but it's not in the stats.

I'm not critizing I'm just making sure I run it correctly. In SoV:


...there are 3 Mythic Trials:
Soltengrebbe #1
Staunton Vhane#2
Eustoyriax #3

That would put the PCs at 4th tier. Is that correct?

Thank you Neil. Good work by the way.

In the beginning when listing off the NPCs and their specialties, it lists Aron Kir as the cleric of Shelyn and Sosiel Vaenic as the expert on siege weapons tactics and the like. I'm assuming that's just a typo. But it also mentions that the cleric is knowledgeable about demons, yet neither Aron nor Sosiel have Knowledge (planes). Should that skill be added to one or the other?


Can a paladin upgrade Radience with her holy bond ability? IE: after the chapel, make it a holy +2 longsword?

Krinn wrote:

I did 8 hours, and the party barricated inside the inner room while all manner of random encounter spawned outside... As soon as the temple was sanctified again, a blast of holy light surrounded the PCs and the noise of the critters vanished, as they fled the area.

The PCs were increasingly frightened as they heard 2 bat swarms, 4 giant maggots and 5 dire rats waiting outside to feast on them...
It was then clear that the place was a safe one to rest and the players were very happy to acknowledge what I said them before the start "good deeds earn *very* good rewards".

That's an awesome idea!! I'm going to use it with my players.

If you want to increase the difficulty of the chapel encounter without adjusting the ghouls simply put a recurring negative energy trap with a will save of DC 17. If a 3d6 burst goes off every round for 6 rounds that's really going to keep the party on its toes plus healing the ghouls at the same time. When the 6 rounds are up, then, nulkineth joins the fight. Harder for the party but not unwinnable.

Should the NPCs that "costar" in the AP gain levels as well? If Irabeth helps the party at the end, she's going to be REALLY out of her league.

James Jacobs wrote:
Dragios wrote:
So I've read The Worldwound Incursion and the Sword of Valor cover to cover. In the player's guide, it stated that arcane casters with a talent for summoning will have moments to shine in the AP. I don't see a real place where they could really stand out as of yet. Will it be in the next volumes that these talents really come to the forefront?

There's nothing really in Wrath of the Righteous that makes summoning characters a super excellent choice as written, other than the fact that some creatures are really good against demons when you summon them.

It's more of a thematic thing, I guess... summoning characters will fit the themes of the AP well, since there's a lot of outsider stuff going on.

Sorry for the confusion. This is, I suppose, a good thing for us to work on... shoring up the player's guides to be more and more accurate representations of our Adventure Paths.

It's ok Mr Jacobs. I'm just partial to playing sorcerers and I wanted to know what would REALLY work well. Direct damage is sketchy with all the demonic resistances, but maybe a Celestial Bloodlined caster would do well. Thanks for the clarification.

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