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Bronze Dragon

Dragios's page

FullStarFullStarFullStarFullStarFullStar Venture-Captain, Canada-Alberta. 117 posts (119 including aliases). 1 review. No lists. No wishlists. 15 Pathfinder Society characters.


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Under the arcane archery feature, an arrowsong ministrel picks a number of spells equal to her Cha modifier and adds it to the her bards spell list. She then gains a new spell added to the list at 4th lvl and every 4 lvls afterwards.

What happens if the Cha mod is raised? Does she get spells retroactively, like Int and skill points? Not sure about this.

***** Venture-Captain, Canada-Alberta aka Dragios

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Ran it for the first time tonight.

The Good:
Great story Linda! I like how it gives a taste of the Raginori, hope I spelled that right, storyline especially since we are running 8-00 tomorrow.
Captains. Awesome role playing encounters. My group chose the djinn with the fancy airship.

The Bad:
The only thing I really had a problem with was the airship encounters with the Wyrds. Trying to track 8 different things at once withsubjectional Gravity was a nightmare especially with the distances in the hundreds of feet. I used three d10s to get the distances right and even then it fell short.

The Funny:
One PC was playing the aristocrat. She gave the wyrd her dagger and said because it was from her that it was a noble dagger, making the wyrd noble. It failed it's sense motive check. There is now a wyrd flying around on the plane of air thinking that it's a noble.

Thanks everyone for not letting the idea die!!

If a PC has a +1 shocking and flaming longsword and used the mastery feat would the PC get 1d4 for each energy damage?

***** Venture-Captain, Canada-Alberta aka Dragios

So if if inventory sheets are no longer mandatory why are they included at the back of the guide?

***** Venture-Captain, Canada-Alberta aka Dragios

I'm running this for a group who wants to get their eyes of their 10 pcs up there, just like you Steve. I've already started the prep and I'm going to use Comcast for the maps. That should help with the large encounters. My question is this:

Are the Pale Ones evil? It doesn't say and because my PCs will use Prot from Evil if possession is involved, I'd like to make sure.

***** Venture-Captain, Canada-Alberta aka Dragios

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I think this is going to come up soon...

If an elemental race, Ifrit, oread, and so on, and they take the associated bloodrager blood line, do they get the listed bonus? As in their cha is +2 higher for bloodrager powers?

They allowed the bloodline to count for other requirements such as draconic bloodrager to dragon disciple.

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This looks like a great module! A low lvl adventure but it allows players to get to sixth lvl. This and dragons demand allows players to really sink their teeth into the Pathfinder system without having to worry about an adventure path.

I hope this is sanctioned as well. Of course, with hated Aspis Consortium about, why wouldn't it?

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Good day James Jacobs, Owen Stephens, Rob McCreary, Adam Daigle, Mark Moreland (anybody else I missed, I apologize) and to all the other die hard dragon fans out there.

I am writing today to correct a grave error. In over 100 issues of the Pathfinder Adventure Path series, there has not been a dragon themed AP as yet published. While dragons generally do make an appearance in every AP, in fact I don't know one that doesn't, they haven't had their own focused AP totally devoted to the fantastic race that they are. I have read the boards, and I have heard the reasons of why now is not the time for a dragon themed AP. "It would be too repetitive to kill dragons at the end of every book" "If it's just a dragon at the end of AP than it's not a dragon themed book" "We don't want to rehash or ripoff somebody else's work" "There is no champion currently at Paizo willing to take it on" Those are to name a few. I'm sure others could find more. But I will address these points.

"It would be too repetitive to kill dragons at the end of every book" That part I do agree with. However, with the WEALTH of dragon inspired lore that is already in the Pathfinder universe such as sorcerer bloodlines, Dragons Revisited, other APs, the beastiaries, half-dragons, and the new Legacy of Dragons coming out in July, there are other options. Dragons generally do have minions.

"If it's just a dragon at the end of the AP than it's not a dragon themed book" Neither was Rise of Runelords! Was there a runelord at the end of every book? No! You had me quaking in fear, and had the one Runelord hiding in the shadows!! It was great!!! I loved it!! I fought minions, and apprentices, and plot after plot before I finally hit the point where the Runelords plans were clear! And I loved you for presenting the AP this way. A dragon themed AP could do so much. A red dragon cleric of Rovagug is aiming to destroy Varisia!! Or an umbral dragon is working from the plane of shadow to conquer Cheliax. It doesn't even have to have the dragon as the main antagonist. A twice cursed bronze dragon oracle becomes the PCs patron. And that's just the ones I thought of while sitting here typing this. I'm sure others could easily chime in if you gave them 5 min.

"We don't want to rehash or ripoff someone else's work." Paizo doesn't "ripoff" others. A great example was carrion crown. You took the classic gothic horror that we all grew up with and loved, and made interesting and exciting stories of your own! You did a great job! You could do the same with a dragon themed one as well.

"There is nobody at Paizo willing to champion this as yet." Unfortunately, there I can't offer anything beyond the fact that whoever from Paizo would pick up the torch for this project would have the FULL backing of myself, plus a lot of others who have been screaming for this.

I can only speak for myself. Paizo as a company has done an outstanding job in it's lifetime. You took a game that I love, tweaked it, and put it out there. And not only did Pathfinder do well, IT OUTSOLD ITS PREDECESSOR!!! Why? You guys have a great staff and your authors are top notch!! You work as a team and it shows. I believe it would be a great AP once you guys finally do it.

And so this is where I plead for help. If I am wrong, than I will pipe down, put my tail between my legs, and not mention this again. But for the rest of you dragon fans out there, I'm asking for your assistance. If you do believe, as I do, that Paizo could put out a GREAT AP, than please comment below. No negative comments please. If you think that I am wrong, and must express it than send me a Private Message.

I don't think I am wrong though. You have a great staff and great authors at your disposal, Paizo. You could do a dragon themed AP that would be epic. If you truly want somebody to encourage you, than let me be the first. I don't think I will be the last.

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Please Mr Owen Stephens, developer from on high, master of the printed page....

PLEASE put out a dragon themed AP.


So there's a couple of reasons o choose psychic and people can debate my choice f they want. (That's what these boards are for!)

I've never played a psychic before
I've always had preference for spontaneous casters vs prepared.
I get more skill points than with a sorcerer seeing how psychics use their Int for spellcasting
Focused Force for obvious reasons
With the faith discipline I get spiritual weapon as a bonus spell
I'm not impeded by silence or hold person
Pathfinder savant for the esoteric magic feature that allows me to pick up spiritual ally among other spells

Another spell that is useful with this PC is force sword. Though not legal yet in PFS, it allows the caster to cast a longsword that can be given to other PCs. Couple that with toppling spell!

I haven't looked at the shaman combo above. I tried playing a shaman but didn't like their flavour. But I haven't really given the one I made a chance so will look into it.

Imbicatus wrote:
Dragios wrote:
I think the demoralize action was a gray area as psychic magic said you have to be under a spell with an emotion or fear descriptor. I think it was flagged for an FAQ by a bunch of people in a different thread.
There was a FAQ confirming Intimidate shuts down emotion components.

Thank you!! le#1

Here's the link where they are discussing it.

I think the demoralize action was a gray area as psychic magic said you have to be under a spell with an emotion or fear descriptor. I think it was flagged for an FAQ by a bunch of people in a different thread.

Reading the rules of psychic magic, I'm wondering if this is correct:

A psychic caster can operate with impunity in an area affected by silence, but a regular caster such as arcane or divine, would be hampered without the silent spell feat?

Because if this is true, that seems a touch overpowered.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

So I think I've done it. A good force Mage build, but always looking for improvements.

5 levels of psychic. I took the faith based one. And I'm using an aasimar build so it fits theme wise. Took the magical lineage trait for the casting of magic missile. Took spell specialization for magic missile. One of the amplifications for the psychic was focused force which increase damage dice by 1 step. Does not increase casting time. And the psychic has more skill points than a typical sorcerer.

Than take the rest in Pathfinder Savant. Where I use the esoteric magic feature to get the spells I need. But the psychic spell list is impressive, and there's a lot of force spells on it already, such as twilight knife.

With this build, he can be a very good party buffer, backup healer thanks to the faith psychic, and can still do dmg.

Weaknesses: Spell Focus feat. I have to take that to qualify for Savant. The problem is, I'm playing him with no saving throws, which makes spell focus kinda useless. Any ideas what I could do with this?

Because of spells, Int based, Faith amplifications, wis based, and because UMD is such a big part of is build, all of my physical stats took a dive. Str -7, Dex 10, con 12. So invisibility is a must for survival! Any other suggestions?

But a white Mage arcanist does allow me to qualify for a mystic Theurge.

4lvls of archanist to qualify
1 lvl of oracle to build off of
And then the rest mystic Theurge.

Ok. New question: anything else that allows divine and arcane casting?

Yeah, somebody abused it somewhere.

Well that sucks. I wonder why they changed it.

So I have a GM aasimar race boon. I'm building the above because I miss the 3.5 force Mage. But since so many force spells are divine, and because I wanted to build a USEFUL MT here goes:

Race: Classic aasimar

Str: 8
Dex: 12
Con: 14
Int: 14
Wis: 18
Cha: 12

1st lvl: Empyreal sorcerer, spells Magic Missile and Shield, feats Spell specialization (MM) traits magical knack and reactionary.
2nd lvl: cleric of Desna domains luck and good for the domain abilities and early domain spells.
3rd-4th lvls: lvls in cleric get access to spiritual weapon. Feat channel force
5th through 12 lvl mystic theurge.

Thoughts anyone? I think in the end, it's a great buffing and force dmg build.

I want a dragon themed AP but based off of Runelords. IE Sorsha charmed an elder dragon and their children are wrecking havoc in Varisia.

Or Lastwall!!

Kalindlara wrote:

Let's see... lot to unpack here.

15 PB, mostly Core only is OK.

I would strongly recommend against random chance in power use (1d2 per turn/10% chance of not working). It's unlikely to result in more fun.

If you're dead set on a version of this, maybe have something that happens after they've used a certain amount of mythic power in one fight - that way they can spend responsibly and enjoy their mythic nature, but if they nova, it burns them out. If there are consequences:

-No random chance of power failure. Even if the results aren't always predictable, like a little table of Mythic Overload effects, have the results be something they can understand and plan around once they happen.

-Something detrimental, but not completely punishing. Incurable fatigue/exhaustion or a penalty to caster level, at least until they recover their power.

That said, the better approach is probably to restrict options. I don't have a list of all the problem powers, but there's more than a few that need to be addressed.

Questions so far?

Thanks for the feedback. You're the second person to warn me against the random effects with mythic so I'll scrap that idea. I like your mythic overload table idea. I'll have to come up with one.

The reason I say staggered is because I found restricting action economy is the best chance to make fights more challenging. But I don't want the characters to die either. What about a curse effect? Too many mythic surges and they get affected by bestow curse no save. Or confusion effect? Get the party to use some of their mythic power on each other.

For the avatar with no name. What CR rating was your mooks as compared to the PCs?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

So this might be a reactivation of the thread, but this is my take:

Character creation

15 point buy core characters only with the exception of Oracles (as they are really just divine sorcerers), and urban ranger archetype.

Core races + aasimars and tieflings.

4 players. I'm actually taking this group through Dragon's Demand first to see how they work together (good module! Mike did very good work, but I digress)

Mythic stuff (everybody's favorite talking point)

Mortal creatures, demons, cultists, and so forth are not meant to be mythic, hence why they are rare. The bodies of these creatures are not adapted to this power and so periodically it can fail as the power is incompatible with their bodies.

Limit of 1d2 mythic powers per turn

Every time (this includes mythic feats or tiered powers that do not require mythic power to activate) must make a mythic check. 10% chance of not working for tier 1 powers and all feats. 15% chance of not working for tier 3 powers. 25% chance of not working for tier 6 powers.

Mythic spellcasting = mythic concentration check. DC = 20 (or 15?) + double the mythic points you put into it. Mythic surge can not be used with this.

If you fail these checks you do not lose the mythic power.

Mythic crash. Sometimes the power is too much. Every time a mythic power is used, a roll a FORT save DC = 10 +previous mythic powers used. On a fail, you become staggered for 1d4 rounds and the fort save reverts back to the base save. After 8 hours of rest the save also resets to the base save.

This also applies to all mythic bad guys as well. Except Baphomet and Deskari.

At tier 10 the heroes are fully adapted to their new status and the penalties no longer apply as they have now become True Mythic. Just so they can really bring it to the final fight.

The point is to impress on the players that mythic power is a gift best spent wisely. Not every round. And to use a system that everyone is familiar with such as arcane armor checks and concentration checks. Yes it's more dice to roll, but if you don't like that, I doubt you are reading this thread. I think with this system, mythic power works most of the time, but bad things happen when you rely on it too much.

So comments? Feedback? Let me know.

***** Venture-Captain, Canada-Alberta aka Dragios

I'm glad everyone from Paris is safe and sound.

As for myself, it was nerve wracking gming for Tonya. I was nervous! But I did do it in the end and everyone had fun so it all worked out. Online gaming is so different than what I'm used to, but I branched out of my comfort zone so we will have to see in the future.

Congrats Preston on the charity success!!

***** Venture-Captain, Canada-Alberta aka Dragios

How are people eating in area B while they are doing research? Are we assuming they're allowed to come out after 8 hours?

***** Venture-Captain, Canada-Alberta aka Dragios

How is the nightmare curse from the animate dream supposed to work? Like a poison?

This is specific for PFS:

I have a lvl 5 elemental bloodlined sorcerer. I wish to make him an archetype. I want to make him crossblooded to the Red Dragon bloodline as well.

According to pg 189 of Ult. Camp. It's 5 days of retraining for every class feature that I wish to change.

By my way of thinking, that's 5 days for getting access to the bloodlined arcana, plus 5 days of getting the class skill, it would take 10 days of retraining.

The GM that is signing off on this agrees with the math above but says that I would also have to spend 10 days more days of retraining because I would now have access to the bloodline powers and bonus spells for a total of 20 days.

Because I am not choosing new spells or new bloodline powers I don't believe I need to spend this amount of time. Since we can't agree, I'm putting this on the boards to see what the majority says.

Thanks for the guide though!


So I've wanted to play a challenging character for a while now. So this is what I've got:

A Sylph Staff Magus Hexcrafter. (Yes I have the boon that allows me to play that)

I'm kinda waffling on the stats though. Not sure where the best placement of a 20 point buy is. I can dump Cha but not sure where else to put in stats.

Basically what I hope to do with this guy is:

1st round: Use Misfortune, move up to BBEG
2nd round: cackle to keep the misfortune up, spell strike with curse (blindness or bestow curse)

The staff is for the killer shield bonuses I'm going to get. That with Mithral Chain and windy escape, I should be pretty hard to hit.

Pros, Cons, advice? I'm all ears!

At 4th level, the hexcrafter magus gains access to a small number of witch’s hexes. The hexcrafter magus picks one hex from the witch’s hex class feature. He gains the benefit of or uses that hex as if he were a witch of a level equal to his magus level.

This feature replaces spell recall.

Does this mean at 6th lvl and every 2nd lvl after the Hexcrafter gets another hex? The wording is a little vague.

***** Venture-Captain, Canada-Alberta aka Dragios

Good day! On behalf of the Edmonton, Alberta PFS group, I would like to invite people to our season 7 special, 7-00, that will be held on September 19th. We would love to have other players attend! If you or your group, wish to attend, please send me a private message on here or look for Edmonton PFS on Facebook so we can include you in our planning!

May your dice always roll 20s

VL Edmonton.

***** Venture-Captain, Canada-Alberta aka Dragios

Rules question here:

None of the dark stalkers are listed as having the see in darkness ability. I think that's just an oversight. The dark stalkers are all going to use deeper darkness on their weapons, what happens if a PC uses one daylight spell. I know it will cancel out one deeper darkness but what about all of them? Not sure.

And with creative story telling, and a little bit of extra info from the VC about what has happened before, I think this could be a great scenario. Running it tomorrow.

I'm running Carrion Crown right now. It's a very good AP. it's very much investigation driven and the characters can make numerous choices that can affect the outcome.

But Shattered Star is the sequel to RotRL so if they really liked Varisia you could go back there.

My two copper.

Yayyyyy! Back to Ustalav!

***** Venture-Captain, Canada-Alberta aka Dragios

For the people who are wondering how to impart "You better move your Pathfinder behinds" message to the group, a simple thing is to have the praetor mention they suspect the kobolds will sacrifice the miners as a gift to Lamashatu. That should get most parties moving.

***** Venture-Captain, Canada-Alberta aka Dragios

Has this happened to anybody?

The party encounters the last of the bandits in B2. But it's only when party enters B3 does the level get cut off. Why wouldn't the party pick up the survivors and lead them out before entering? Nothing's stopping them. I'm running this tonight and I'm going to give them perception checks to show them something shiny in B3 (the plasma skeletons), but I'm just wondering if this has come up at all.

The animal companion could do one trick per round UNLESS the PC gives up a move or standard action to make it progress further. Either way the AC is still limited in the number of uses per day as his one half his HD plus his wisdom mod.

Would that work for most people?

***** Venture-Captain, Canada-Alberta aka Dragios

Matt Haddix wrote:
roll4initiative wrote:
What is the CMB of the wrecking ball trap? Same as it's attack bonus?

From the way it's written, I think you compare the same attack role to the victim's CMD.

Does anyone else find it funny that a necromancer who runs a shop selling undead and wears a skull on his face feels the need to cast undetectable alignment every day?

It's called the City of Strangers for a reason. If they have Trolls that slit their bellies and can do augeries, I don't think a man in a skull mask is really going to make much of an impression.

How are people letting their players know that there are 3 possible sources. All it says in the scenario is to make a check. If you pass, you find a contact in 1d4 hours. Should it say you found 3 possible contacts in 1d4? Or should they make 3 checks at the beginning for the 3 contacts?

Has anybody given thought about increasing the DC of Vorel's Phage for characters who get infected multiple times? For poison the DC increases with multiple doses, just curious if it would work the same with multiple infections.

I would put the DC of haunts at 10+CR. Just like an uncommon creature.

Just a suggestion when you run it: tell all your players to roll 40 Perception checks and 40 initiative checks. For each haunt, use their rolls that they write down for you at the beginning. If they make the perception check, they act in the surprise round. And then the initiative check will determine if they beat the haunt. About half way through, if they made a knowledge religion check, I would give them a +2 bonus on the save.

This way, they still get to make the rolls, but without knowing something's "up" when you ask for perception checks.

Tried to see if this has been mentioned somewhere else in this thread, but I couldn't find it. My apologies if this has been mentioned before. Has anyone noticed that the Skinsaw Man has a listed alignment of CN? I would have thought because of the fact that he's a ghast he would be CE.

***** Venture-Captain, Canada-Alberta aka Dragios

Welcome and congrats on your new position!

If you like runelords, than go for shattered star. Good story, with some good Roleplaying opportunities at the same time.

Ok situation:

The PCs, two humans, an elf, and a dwarf, are in the middle of a 120ft radius cavern that has normal light because of a daylight spell. A shadow demon casts deeper darkness in the middle of the party. This is how I view and others can tell me if I'm right or wrong.

Cavern was dark with no natural light sources. Therefore only the dwarf can see.

With the daylight spell, the light raises by one additional level becoming dim light. But daylight automatically gives normal light conditions regardless. So everyone can see.

Shadow demon casts deeper darkness, light drops to magical darkness. Nobody in the party can see. Can the shadow demon?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

For myself, I would love to see another sequel to Runelords and Shattered Star.

Imagine if two runelords came back, IE Necromancy, and Wrath. They're waking up, and set their agents against each other and the PCs must defeat them both.

***** Venture-Captain, Canada-Alberta aka Dragios

So I ran this cold last night for a party of 7. Not exactly the best situation. The party consisted of a fighter, shaman, bloodrager, warpriest, barbarian, another fighter, and pregen Harsk. We were firmly in the lower tier.

First of all I love the feel of the whole scenario. The influence checks were appropriate for the tiers. Even with my party geared towards combat, they still did a marvellous job at Roleplaying it out. That combined with some lucky dice rolls in the influence stage got them a lot of influence. And they seemed to have fun at that point.

My problems came later:


All fights were ridiculously easy for my group. True they were all combat driven as PCs but I still think they could have been a little tougher. The mummy at the lower tier could have benefitted from a lower version of mummy rot. Such as a 1d4 Con dmg with a DC 11 fort save.

The chase scene was a nightmare. My players took 5 rounds just to get off the first square. It's been a while since I've read in depth the chase rules but shouldn't one check for the square have a lower DC than the other? And of course by the time they got there the assassin killed the dwarf. Was her AC listed anywhere? Don't even get me started on swimming the door. I had to start giving my players handouts just to get the scenario moving.

And as mentioned above, the party saw right through the ploy of the fake. They killed her before she even acted. All she got was a free action to call her skeletons. Now that I think of it I should have used dim light rules for the 20% miss chance and difficult terrain from the disturbed mass graves. Does anybody think this section would have benefited from a haunt? A haunt that caused blindness or slow for 1d4+1 rounds would have helped.

And finally how is the party supposed to find out about the debt of the Andoran or Rafella? It doesn't clearly mention that.

Overall good and I intend to read it very thoroughly later on so I can see if some of my questions are answered. I still think my players had fun, even with my less than stellar prep job.

***** Venture-Captain, Canada-Alberta aka Dragios

Lady Ophelia wrote:
talbanus wrote:
I *think* that maybe one of the problems with attracting and keeping females in our hobbies is highlighted by this very thread. That problem being that the GUYS are the ones doing the most talking. We need to shut our yaps and LISTEN to what the female gamers say on this subject -- both here and at the table. It's not to say that in being male, you cannot have a valid opinion on this subject. It's more to say, "hush, let the ladies talk and TELL US how to attract more female people to the cooperative tabletop roleplaying hobby".

So here is Lady Ophelia's: Guide to Getting More Ladies into the Hobby..

1) Bros, it's really simple to get ladies into the hobby: Don't be a jerk. Be awesome.

What does this mean? Well it means a lot of what you guys have been saying in this thread:

-Please keep the hygiene on the up and up. There is a saying us girls get told all the time, and perhaps bros should consider it: "Always step outside of your home, dressed as if you are going to meet the love of your life." No this is not to say, we as gamers are always on the hunt during games, but it does mean take the time to shower and groom. I know many of us are coming from work/other places before games so by default we are already got that in our minds, but if you have been home all day before game.. Take the shower and change clothes before you go out.

-Yes we are ladies. Don't be frightened. We aren't going to break into a thousand pieces if you talk to us. We aren't going to wilter away if you tell a joke. But if you don't like being called an a-hole or other male derogatory name, don't call girls hoes and b-------.

-Yes ladies are/can be GM's. They are awesome. Encourage it and welcome it. If you can't roll with it, go home. No hard feelings.

-If you have a beef with us or something we do, come talk to us privately. Don't go hide in your lairs and whisper things. I have seen many lady players do something not cool, no one say anything and then ask for the...

Thank you Lady Ophelia. This is what I wanted. I'm not trying to BAIT women or treat anybody differently. I'm trying to balance my group to make it better.

I have talked with the few women in my group and I think they're great. They add something great to the game. And all I'm trying to do is add more of the greatness.

***** Venture-Captain, Canada-Alberta aka Dragios

2 people marked this as a favorite.

One of my favourite authors posted a story on his Facebook and it struck a cord with me and so I thought I would post something similar here. In the article, it was mentioned that the gaming community is predominantly male. And that is correct. There are very few women who actually come out to sessions. The ones that do are brought out by their significant others. I have seen only 4 women come out on their own to play.

So I asked 4 women from my work, their ages range from 24-30, to see if they would be willing to come out and try PFS. Three said no and the last said she would think about it. I've asked other women, my wife, and my sister about this issue and I have summarized their comments down below:

1) Women are intimidated by the heaviness of the rules. This came from my wife. She feels that when she comes out to games that because she doesn't know the rules, she feels stupid in front of the other players
2) Women are intimidated by the other players. This is from a women who went to a con. She sat down at a table, and was promptly made to feel unwelcome by 3 of the 6 players. The few times she comes out now is with her boyfriend as she feels that the antagonism toward her is less.
3) Hygene. This one comes from my sister. This one I can relate to. Sitting next to a guy who has yet to take his yearly bath is not a good first impression.
4) Not enough other women. This is from a woman who plays PFS with her husband. She has told me that she feels more comfortable at the table when other women are present. And I agree with her. When I'm forced to go clothes shopping with my wife for her clothing, man do I feel awkward as I feel like everyone is staring at me.

So how do we encourage women to try PFS? Because let's face it, with more women who come, more men will follow. Here are my suggestions:

Event coordinators, try and sit them at the table with other women, or barring that somebody who won't alienate them. You have the best knowledge of your players.

GMs, assign someone at your table, again preferably a woman, to help them through the scenario. Do not overwhelm them with rules. Give them Valerous, or Kyra as a pregen.

Now unfortunately, this is for women who have already made the decision to try it. I have no idea on how to get them to walk through that gaming store door. Suggestions?

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