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Dracon's page

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Starts off well but lacking at the end

***( )( )

This adventure starts very well with the environmental settings of each part really setting the scene and driving the immersion of the characters. There are some nice parts where encounters seem well thought out.

However it falls apart at the end in its homage to a DC character. Not only is the encounter setting lethal to nearly all groups before you even get to the end, unfortunately it appears that either the author enjoys writing encounters that are not balanced in order to cause the beloved TPKs or simply does not test the encounters against a party of the appropriate level. If this was forgotten realms where characters had a lot of gear from previous adventures it would be easier, but this AP is very gear and money light early on and so encounters should take this on board. Unbelieveably high saves and silly one shots make this a nightmare and it caused us to fight to a standstill after losing a character before bugging out.

Please balance more in future as these sort of encounters ruin brilliant settings and environments. It should obviously be a challenge but not a guaranteed TPK unless GMs tone it down. Ours played as written and luckily our group were experienced enough to have a go and still get out alive.

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