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They have different timing. Penetrating Attack reduces Resistance and DR by 5. If that removed all of the Resistance, then there is no further effect. If they still have Resistance after that, then you reduce by 5/10 more.

Armor is extremely versatile in Starfinder. You can even get armor that allows you to use chameleon skin.

I don't think that wearing armor prevents anyone else from using class abilities; seems reasonable that it wouldn't uniquely punish exocortex mechanics.

Ridiculon wrote:
Huh, this makes me want to multiclass Mechanic and Technomancer to get Recalibrate, Overcharge, Supercharge, and Empowered weapon all on one shot. Seems like it'd be a great Sniper shot thing, could put a hole in the side of a starship hah

Empowered Weapon and Overcharge are not great together on the same character; Empowered Weapon buffs based on spell level; Overcharge buffs based on trick tier... you're going to lose out on one if you go for the other. Ideally a Technomancer and a Mechanic would be friends; the Mechanic has Technomantic Dabbler with Supercharge Weapon, as well as Overcharge and Recalibrate Weapon. The Technomancer has Empowered Weapon and Supercharge Weapon.

First round, both cast Supercharge.

Second round, the Mechanic takes a Move action to Overcharge the Technomancer's gun and then takes a Standard Overcharge shot herself. The Technomancer uses their highest level spell slot (let's say 2nd). Both of them do their gun dice +6d6 damage.

One of my SFS characters was initially going to be a Ysoki Sharpshooter Soldier 3/Mechanic X that used the Diaspora sniper rifle; I planned to have a lot of overcharging shenanigans; recalibrate works even better with sniper rifles, methinks, because their range is so long.

Pooterbuck wrote:
Makes sense. I’m thinking of abandoning the overcharge tricks in my build. It will free up three truck slots and I didn’t realize how much ammo it consumed.

Overcharge is still really good. And your Technomancer (or you yourself if you take Technomantic Dabbler at 5th) can vampire down batteries that you find on enemies with Transfer Charge in order to top off your battery, so the extra charge usage isn't as important.

And the fact that it stacks with Recalibrate Weapon means that it's a huge benefit to mechanics. Those laser weapons most folks use have a huge range, so it doesn't matter so much if you lower it.

Sam Hatch wrote:

To me it seems like Igniters (Armory p. 17) as a ranged energy weapon are just asking to be Overcharged (Mechanic Trick) and/or the target of the spell Supercharge Weapon (Technomancer). I mention both since they share some wording, adding additional damage “of the same type the weapon normally deals.”

However, an igniter’s profile deals no damage, instead relying on the Ignite (Armory p. 29) special property. But they are clearly listed as a flame weapon which deals fire damage to light targets on fire. So two part question…

Does weapon specialization work with igniters? Do you get to add specialization with longarms to it's “-” damage?

Can igniters be the target of Overcharge and Supercharge Weapon? If so, does it add to the base "0+Specialization+AdditionalDamage" or somehow effect the ignite special property?

1. No. It doesn't do "0" damage, it doesn't do damage. There's nothing to add Specialization onto.

2. You can overcharge them or supercharge them like any energy or powered weapon, but it's a waste of charges: since the weapon doesn't have a normal damage component, there is, again, nothing to add the damage to. The Burn effect is separate.

A GM could theoretically make a ruling that added some damage to the burn effect to compensate for this, but according to RAW, neither example applies. If you could add damage to a non-damaging attack, all of a sudden Graviton Pistols and Shield Projectors would start doing damage, too.

VampByDay wrote:

So, yeah, that seems like a big problem. Haven't run it yet, but the second-to-last bit of the game just is the mechanic turning off the nodes while everyone else just sits and waits? Seems . . . unengaging.

Like . . . could the soldier smash them? Could I say it was a hybrid system to the mystic could use mysticism? How are some other ways we could get the other guys involved?

What I did was let everyone search for the nodes, and then com over to the mechanic(s) so they don't have to keep looking. Then I let Nako "help" by kicking the node with Athletics, Gazigaz by encouraging Quonx with Diplomacy, and Dakoyo by channeling mystic forces with Mysticism... they don't turn off the nodes themselves, but they can give +2 bonuses with Aid Another.

You could also let the others be able to deal with the traps somehow.

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I ran this for Charli Poshkettle and her team on Wednesday!

Hmm insisted on singing a Starfinder song. So here's another one (to the tune of the Teen Titans theme).

When there's trouble, you know who to call (Starfinders!)
From Lorespire, they can see it all (Starfinders!)
When there's evil on the attack
You can rest knowing they got your back
Cause when Pact Worlds need heroes on patrol...

Starfinders, go!
Starfinders, go!

With their Venture Captains, they unite (Starfinders!)
Never met a villain that they liked (Starfinders!)
They got the Conspiracy on the run
They never stop until the job gets done
Cause when Absolom loses all control...

Starfinders, go!
Starfinders, go!

If your heart is black, you better watch out
You cannot escape the team
When they catch you, there won't be any doubt
You've been beaten by Exploration Extreme!
Beaten by Exploration Extreme!

S-t-a-r-f-i-n-d-e-r-s! Starfinders! Let's go!
S-t-a-r-f-i-n-d-e-r-s! Starfinders! Let's go!
S-t-a-r-f-i-n-d-e-r-s! Starfinders! Let's go!
S-t-a-r-f-i-n-d-e-r-s! Starfinders! Let's go!

When there's evil on the attack
You can rest knowing they got your back
Cause when Pact Worlds needs heroes on patrol

Starfinders, go!
Starfinders, go!

One, two, three, four, go!
Starfinders, go!

GM_Starson wrote:
Okay, so the cred value that's listed isn't actually a cred value, it's just a rep of getting the Heartfriends boon. Wish they wouldn't include it if it's not actually a sale value, especially since the amount changes by subtier but you get the same boon either way, that's the part that was confusing me. Makes it seem like I should either add or subtract that value if they do or don't complete it.

I think it's mostly for those that play the scenario in non-SFS play. All of the scenarios have elements of that. I think it's good overall because it lets people who run non-society home games have a wider choice of adventures to run, and less to have to come up with on their own.

Glen Parnell wrote:
You can only be filling out one at a time, though.

Hmm, you're right. Hadn't read that part. Good thing I haven't run anything since Skitter Shot...

I don't think that works.

You already got credit for that scenario; you can't get more credit.

What you CAN do is both play and run Skitter Shot, resulting in two boon sheets. You can mark scenarios played on one (for one check each), and scenarios run on the other (for up to three checks each).

It is a good incentive to both play and run the adventure.

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thecursor wrote:

*looks at cover, see's Obozaya getting air time against a cyborg dragon, goes through nearly fifty years of fantasy art of a variety of other fantasy heros doing the exact same thing*

Murder hoboing.
Murder hoboing never changes...

Yes, but how many of those air time heroes have been female lizard people?

Murder hobos are still murder hobos, but the clubhouse no longer has the "no lizard girls" sign on the door.

The Ragi wrote:
Bocklin wrote:
On our way back the undead Elf was not dominated anymore and all friendly. He thanked us for freeing him of the cultist‘s leader control and helped us a bit.

I don't think that was supposed to happen.

Once the spell was successfully cast, and it doesn't require concentration to maintain, I believe it should have lasted its whole duration.

It's an old story trope that you can end a magic spell by killing the person who cast it. It is pretty reasonable that the GM let it slide. I assume the elf didn't let the PCs ransack the temple afterwards, so they're already missing out on some loot.

You may want to think twice about including a Large race, because it can make logistics difficult in some of the tight quarters that the PCs will have to fight in.

Mechanically, though, I wouldn't worry about it much. They're all pretty well balanced.

JetSetRadio wrote:
Ravingdork wrote:
I'm just wondering what is stopping a vesk from attacking like a human, and benefiting from Raw Lethality.
You are focusing on the 1d8 bleed instead of looking at Unarmed Mauler which does the same thing and more. Take Unarmed Mauler and rip someone's arm off.

"Those of you lucky enough to have your lives, take them with you. However, leave the limbs you've lost. They belong to me now."

Beating punks with my vesk's bare claws is one of life's perfect joys.

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Ravingdork wrote:
If that's the case, then it sure seems like the Starfinder Armory is turning a lot of racial traits into drawbacks. This is but one example I've come across lately.


It's not a drawback for the vesk. They already don't get a penalty for their unarmed attacks. They can still use other archaic weapons without penalty.

Just because other races get more from this particular gear boost doesn't mean that the vesk get screwed. They can already get Unarmed Mauler for a pretty badass crit effect.

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Jim Sharples wrote:

Basically I brought my kids into role playing after a long hiatus from it myself (old AD&D player) with the pathfinder beginner box.

We played through the entirety of Rise of the Runelords, started Kingmaker, and the finished with Wrath of the Righteous where my son “broke” the system and we stopped PF1.

My kids have learnt and played D&D 5e, Iron Kingdoms RPG, fantasy flights Star Wars RPG, Cypher system, and even a couple of OSR games.

We are currently on book 5 of Curse of the Crimson Throne, which I convert on the fly to D&D5e.

My kids were excited to play in the Playtest and see if we could come back to their first game, pathfinder.

My daughter and I sat down last night with a printed character sheet and she decided to make a paladin.

It went well at first, taking her through the various ability bits, the choosing feats for ancestry (elf). Despite the annoyances of jumping back and forth for the feats and overview, then off to spells to learn lay on hands (rather than be written in the class), working out the weapon property options for righteous ally, we were going well until we got to one of the class feat choices, which stated something along the lines of “lay of hands loses the manipulate trait”.

She looked at me and asked “what the hell does that even mean?”. No idea, probably something related to attacks of opportunity was my guess. I wasn’t even sure where to go looking.

She lost interest immediately.

We spent nearly an hour trying to do this, jumping around to look things up, using the PDF (our books haven’t arrived).

We discussed the whole thing with my son, and he basically rolled his eyes. This is the one who breaks the game with clever, essentially min maxing, so he loves systems and he said “sounds like too much work for the fun after”.

We are bowing out. Good luck Paizo, we love your APs and will keep playing them for years to come, but PF is not for us.


Bear with me here.

What is a "hit point?" What about that term indicates that it is the amount of damage that you can take before collapsing to the ground? If I were looking at it from a fresh perspective, I might think it was something related to a sports game, where I got points for making a strike. Maybe it's how many points I inflict when I make a successful attack.

If we're talking about your ability to take strikes, why not call it "Health" or "Sturdiness?"

No. We call them "hit points" because that's the jargon that Dave Arneson and Gary Gygax came up with in the 1970s.

And every game has jargon. I remember back in 4th grade when I was reading through the 1E D&D Dungeon Master's Guide, and I read about the "Elemental Plane of Fire" and thought, "they made an airplane OUT OF FIRE? Awesome!"

But when I was a little older and my reading comprehension was a little better, I figured it out in context (and by reading the appendix).

I have no idea as to whether or not your daughter would enjoy Pathfinder 2E, but dropping it because of jargon in the playtest seems a little silly and arbitrary. The playtest is not a finished product, by definition, so it's not entirely surprising that it's hard to parse certain segments.

I would suggest perhaps revisiting it when it's out of playtest, and a more cohesive index can be expected to be available.

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I like the box art. Good to see Obozaya get some air time instead of Altronus for once.

Vesk soldiers who want a crit effect on their natural weapons can take the Unarmed Mauler gear boost.

The Starknife is a one-handed weapon that does piercing damage.

@Jasque, check the Powered weapon property.

Unless there's something special about the Polarity Gauntlets, I don't think that they actually use 10% of the battery per hit. Melee weapon charges last 1 minute, or 10 combat rounds. So you pay that charge cost and you can make quad attacks 10 times before you have to spend more charges. Melee weapons are really efficient that way.

I think that one of the crafting rules is that you can use 10% of an item's cost as components for crafting a similar item instead of UPBs (basically the same as just selling an item and getting 10% of the credits as a downpayment on the upgrade). I'm not sure if there is an upper limit to that process (could you dismantle fifteen 1000 credit swords to make one 1500 credit sword?).

If there is an upper limit, I'd let you spend up to that with the raw Noqual (not 10% of it since it's a trade good) and, if the end product is lighter than that much Noqual, then say that the process refined and purified the metal, effectively using a greater bulk than what actually went into the item.

Not necessarily. Part of that 2000 could be a price in special crafting techniques from a specialist (or a specifically tooled factory).

It's time & materials, not just materials.

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whew wrote:

The Armory has them. #BadWrong

Is the game as badly trashed by this as I think?

EDIT: I don't know what's in the rest of the book. I couldn't read any more.

Send me your book. I'll make sure it finds a good home.

But seriously, why is this bad? As long as the damage is not out of line, I'm not sure it is a problem. Operatives shouldn't be penalized for taking proficiency in other weapons. I have a Dwarf Operative and was having a crisis about her Advanced Melee Proficiency because her attack bonus was 5 less with an advanced weapon than just a basic operative weapon.

PMSchulz wrote:
Thanks for the ideas. Character just hit second, so I still have the option to tweak him. I mostly went arcane assault for the "bonded weapon" paladin ability. I had thought about taking Connection Inkling when I get to 3rd. His theme is Mercenary, but that will probably change. I also have the Divine Blessing feat, for the ignoring DR/resistance for evil outsiders/dragons. I hope in the next few books they bring out an improved version of Connection Inkling. He's also primarily a swordsman (Long sword, and shield as soon as I can get one.) I will say he is more of an avenging paladin type. Fusions will probably be Holy, axiomatic. But first up is his armor, and maybe a small-arm when he can't carry the hunting rifle (All I could afford. :( )

1. Connection Inkling has a 5th level minimum.

2. The only shields right now are armor upgrades, the Phase Shield at 6th level (+1 EAC) and the Titan Shield at 14th (acts as mobile cover, powered armor only)
3. If you are a melee soldier, ditch the guns. Get a Called Starknife for 230 credits instead. You can use your strength modifier to attack with it, and you get strength to damage.
4. Maybe check out the Solar Disciple theme for a champion of Iomedae? At 12th level you can dish out extra damage when you get hit with fire, like a holy supercharge.
5. I'm really not that impressed with Arcane Assailant, because fusions aren't that expensive, and you're likely to have a good weapon anyway. Guard or Armor Storm are probably superior for a paladin-type.

Sounds like a winner to me!

Telok wrote:
SirShua wrote:

Don't have armory, but it's mentioned on automatic fire that you expend 2 uses per creature in the automatic cone.

At a first glance I'd say you keep the shots from there particular miss.

Automatic fire expends all amunition in the weapon in exchange for making an attack against each creature in the first range increment of the weapon. You may make a maximum number of attacks equal to half of the current ammo in the weapon, but only one attack per target.

In other words, you only get ammo back if you miss every target.

Owen K. C. Stephens wrote:

A line is not a 5-foot wide, 5 foot tall perfect square beam that fully fills every square of its area.

I kinda want a gun that does do that now, though.

The Gelatinous Cube of plasma weapons.

ograx wrote:
Where are the rules for weaknesses and immunities locates? Or are these listings in the stat blocks for future reference? I haven’t been able to locate this info in any of the books.

Back of the Alien Archive has all the creature feature listings.

Exocortex Mechanics already get Neural Shunt, one of the better tricks, and their Overclocking series I find to be a lot tastier than the Drone version.

As long as some of the mods can be used by Exocortex mechanics, I'll be happy.

GM_Starson wrote:

But what I'm saying is that your pawning it TO BurgundyBear for a listed cred value that is not part of the adventure, and can only be gotten if you have the boon (And thus, shouldn't be part of the adventure creds anyways since nobody can pawn the boon to them if they don't have the boon to pawn.)

So why are the characters not getting the creds listed for trading in the boon to BurgundyBear? That's the part that's confusing me.

The Society takes the creds like they take everything else you earn on assignment.

They put it towards the Heart Friend Forever boon, which can have a considerable credit value, if I'm remembering correctly.

Arc Riley wrote:
Dracomicron wrote:
I find games with unbalanced classes and power creep to be significantly less fun

We already have a serious imbalanced class issue.

Whenever a player shows up with an operative, they've exposed themselves as a player who wants to be the best at everything.

I have an operative, and she isn't close to the best at everything. She didn't even have Computers until level 2. Mechanics and Technomancers routinely do better at Engineering. Envoys and some Solarians do better at socials. She's a great pilot and handy with a gun, and passable with everything else so she can shore up any party she finds herself in with SFS.

I doubt I'm unique about this. So I think you have an unfair assessment. Operatives are very good in some very obvious ways, but I think that, when you look more closely, they aren't overwhelming.

Regardless, class balance is a very complicated calculation and, while it may be impossible to achieve without power creep in the long term, striving for it is not a bad thing.

I've had some trouble getting to play some of the older scenarios, because people in my town mostly want to play the new games, especially since Paizo switched to a 2-per-month schedule for SFS.

Like, by this Sunday, three different stores will have run Save the Renkrodas, but only one ran an older scenario (Solar Sortie) because there was player overflow. Most stores still just run Pathfinder, or Starfinder once per fortnight.

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Bill Baldwin wrote:
I suspect, 'No Power Creep,' is similar to 'balanced classes.' It's something that gamers scream for and looks good on paper, but when it gets implemented, they find out it actually makes the game less fun.

I find games with unbalanced classes and power creep to be significantly less fun, even if it happens to benefit my characters. I don't want to contribute more than the other players, I just want to do my share and make sure everyone has a good time.

The kind of players who want certain classes to be more powerful than others, and for each book to have more powerful stuff than the last book, are a big part of the reason the hobby is toxic at times.

If your GM wants to include True Names into the setting, it is perfectly reasonable to say that you're summoning the same lil' angel cherub each time.

As long as the game effects are the same as summoning a tiny elemental with the "angel" graft, I see no reason to dictate how the GM roleplays it out.

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I do see your point, but I think that tight math can go a long way towards making the unintended power combos not as bad as they could be.

I haven't played Pathfinder, but everything I've seen suggests that its math got... pretty out of control after awhile.

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pithica42 wrote:

Well, the alternative to power creep is stagnation.

Once you've played the characters you want to play/told the stories you want to tell with the initial material, you're likely done with the game unless there's a steady influx of new stuff to be excited/inspired by.

Nah. You can have new stuff but limit the power creep, with a bit of creativity. The Shock & Awe Soldier style seems like an example. Probably not more powerful than, say, Armor Storm or Blitz, but leaning into status effects to control the battlefield in a different way.

Metaphysician wrote:
You know, part of the "complete from ground up" revamping I am slowly pondering for the Solarian, would have their primary ability score switched to *Constitution*. Setting logic would be "Solarians channel cosmic forces, this requires physical rigor". It would give them a somewhat distinct niche as a combatant, while also not simply making them Soldier Mk 2.

I was thinking about Constitution as the primary attribute of a theoretical ranged solarian-type, but because it involved techno-organic weapons and one's health was required to make powerful ranged attacks with the bone needles or thorns or whatnot.

The improvements are lateral, not horizontal. Yes, you can find your way better past a particular problem, but the actual numbers don't go up significantly.

Starfinder might someday get to be a bloated mess of bonuses and ill-thought-out options, but I'm not sure I'm expecting that day to be soon.

They're basically cops, so I use police ranks.

Deputy Commissioner

Sometimes they have side-grades like Detective, Detective Sergeant, etc. My Nuar Technomancer Steward is a Forensics Officer.

Xeall wrote:

However, say they stayed in the null space for the entire dungeon and one PC simply had to make Skull checks to skip, say 10 encounters, until the boss, I don’t feel they should get the same XP as having defeated them all.

It’s boring for everyone involved, GM and the players that get to do nothing while one PC rolls skill checks for 45 minutes of exploration.

If it's boring, then why are the players doing it? Why did the GM let it happen? The GM's job is to make sure everyone has fun. If the PCs thinking of something that would invalidate the fun of the whole group, the GM should think of a way to get them back on track.

Maybe something goes wrong in the null space, and they have to get out. Maybe the stealthy character steps through an area that automatically detects extradimensional activity and creates an alarm. There's a lot of complications the GM can throw at the party without invalidating any character's contribution or docking them XP.

The Ragi wrote:
Metaphysician wrote:
The proper word to describe those GMs is "terrible". "Seriously mistaken" or "Flat out wrong" would also work. The rules need not try to fix problems produced by bad GM or Player behavior.

Yeah, how dare they play outside the norm. The nerve of those people.

Back in topic, more or less, this could also be exploited by the players hiring high level NPCs to carry them around, earning free xp from inside their pocket dimensions.

Not handling out xp for characters that aren't playing fixes that.

Then it's only a strategy for the GM to use against the party.

...wh...wh...why is the GM using strategies against the party?

Like, if nobody in the party does anything, then they wouldn't get XP anyway. The only inequity comes when some of the PCs show up and do stuff and get XP but others can't make it and fall behind. Who cares if an NPC gets XP? That has nothing to do with the party.

Plus, why would high level characters hire themselves out to do the kind of dangerous stuff that PCs do? Like, they probably have better things to do! And PCs have better things to spend their WBL on!

Now, if the PCs strike a deal with an NPC that has access that they don't have, say in the Bluerise Tower or an enemy base, and they sneak a null-space chamber with the PCs inside past the guards, then that should be celebrated! That's clever! XP for everyone!

The most notorious instance of the writers not understanding fusion seals is, in fact, in an AP. In Incident at Absolom Station,

you get a Distruptive Seal on the Acreon, presumably to deal with the Drift Dead on the asteroid, but, unless you cool your heels for a day on the Acreon (which many people do after being infected with Void Death), you can't attach it to a weapon, but even if you do, the only weapon that it could attach to at that point was the Level 5 Tactical Swoop Hammer (which nobody would have been able to purchase by that point, not being at least level 3).

But yes, not written for society play.

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Metaphysician wrote:

. . . how are either of those "mistakes and ambiguity"?

Even so, there are quite a number of mistakes and ambiguous sections of the CRB.

Like "does an unarmed attack using Natural Weapons require a hand free as suggested by the "Normal" entry of Improved Unarmed Strike?"

John Compton wrote:
Arc Riley wrote:
I always expected the tier+1 rule for the CRB was to compensate for later resources being more powerful and in a few books (eg necrografts in AP3) that makes sense - but Armory seems pretty well balanced with the CRB.

I want to nip this idea in the bud.

Contents in the Starfinder Core Rulebook are accessible at Level+1 because they are the core mechanics of the game, not because we expected later publications to introduce increasingly powerful options. The Starfinder team continues to outline, create, and develop new character options balanced against the Core Rulebook. If Starfinder Armory seems balanced agains the core, then that's working as intended.

Yeah... power creep is a blight on modern roleplaying games. I don't want more powerful stuff from supplements, I want more options to evoke my creativity when creating characters.

If I want weapons or armor at Level+1 from the Armory, there's an Exo-Guardians boon for that.

Hiruma Kai wrote:

If you want to pull a Power Armor down from your ship, is it as simple as putting a control module on the power armor (which has its own movement speed), and ordering it jump out the airlock? Perhaps add decent thrusters from Pact Worlds to slow its decent once it gets near the ground if it doesn't have a flight speed?

I wonder how much item damage it would take in re-entry.

Also, unless your ship is geo-synchronous or the armor can fly, it would likely not hit the ground where you want it.

It is a funny image, though.

You could argue that Adaptive Biochains versions of implants would maintain all other aspects of the subject's vision traits since they're tailored to the subject's DNA, while the simple cybernetic versions would not.

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Paizo could change the rule to one that says that fusion seals activate immediately, but a weapon can only receive one fusion seal in a 24 hour period, and that would solve the problem entirely.

Pantshandshake wrote:
Dracomicron wrote:

Clearly, because I want the drop pod to squish an enemy when it lands.
Strike from the sky, brother!

Emperor guide my hand!

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