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Green Dragon

DracoDruid's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 1,058 posts (1,059 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 1 alias.

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Oh man! Where to start?

- Drop ability scores, just use modifiers


- Split DEXTERITY into DEXTERITY (hand-eye) and AGILITY (overall body)

- make attack rolls and AC depent on several abilities (STR+DEX /2, or something similar)

- make BAB a skill

- base AC of BAB

- base crits on attack roll vs. AC

- armor as DR

- armor does not reduce speed/max.DEX/ACP but encumbrance does

- medium/heavy load reduces your DEX (and therefore your AC)

- more realistic encumbrance thresholds

- Make feats actually mean something! (Feat: A specialized action the character can perform, not a simple bonus on a roll)

- Maybe a feat per level or a mechanic to acquire feats out of the line (pay EXP or something)

- drop spell slots use mana/fatigue/whatever

- Merge all spell lists

- Rebalance all schools (Healing -> Necromancy, Protective spells (mage armor, any wall, ...) -> Abjuration, Creation -> Transmutation, ...)

- More size categories, maybe even a size score instead


Haters gonna hate.

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Hey everyone.

I am currently looking into all Paladin options and stumbled upon a strange wording from the oathbound paladin:

Ultimate Magic wrote:

Oath Spells: A paladin’s oath influences what magic she can perform. An oathbound paladin adds one spell to the paladin spell list at each paladin spell level she can cast (including spell levels for which she would only gain spells per day if her Charisma were high enough to grant bonus spells of that level). Her oath determines what spell is added to the spell list. If the paladin has multiple oaths, the spells from each oath are added to her spell list.

If an oathbound paladin has more than one oath, she may prepare any one of her oath’s spells in that slot (similar to a cleric choosing one of her two domain spells to prepare in a domain spell slot).

This seems as if the Paladin would get an additional domain SLOT.

But the wording before only speaks about "adding to the LIST".
But since the Paladin is a divine prepare caster his "List" is the WHOLE Paladin spell list, isn't it?

I guess he actually gets these spells "automatically and additionally" prepared, but the wording really should be cleared up.

Thoughts anyone?

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Here is my altered "Don't be so sour!" contest.
I juiced it up a little:

A Pixie’s Kiss! (1 sp to play)
One of Kaye Tesarani's workers starts by pouring a “very special” fruit brandy labeled “Pixie Punch” into the belly button of one of her half-naked and artfully painted colleagues and then places a slice of lemon halfway into her mouth.

“But beware! A pixie’s kiss can bring the strongest man to his knees!”

The objective of the game is to suck the alcohol from her belly, pick up the slice of lemon (using only your teeth and resulting in a slight but no less erotic kiss!) and drop it into a bowl. The more lemons you drop into the bowl, the more points (and kisses!) you get. 1 lemon = 1 point. Each kiss is usually accompanied by the pixie girls’ and the crowds counting shouts: “One! ... Two! ... Three! ...”

The difficulty however is that Kaye spiked the fruit brandy with a special substance called “Pixie Dust” (a courtesy of Nisk Tander) which is normally used to spike the drinks of unwanted customers (those who become aggressive or too demanding). Only the strong alcohol and the small dosage prevent the contestants from being knocked out cold from the very first sip.

If used to its full intent, the victim must make a Fort save after every sip of the spiked drink. If he fails his save, he is knocked out cold and – once conscious again – must succeed on a second save to prevent the secondary effect (or rightaway if he succeeded on the first save). A dump in the river (or any large amount of cold water) usually ends the unconsciousness immediately.

Since the “Dust” is heavily watered-down, the contestant receives a +4 bonus to his saves and a failed save does not cause immediate unconsciousness. Instead, a failed save results in a cumulative –2 penalty to all further saves and is accompanied by a strong feel of “drunkenness”. The contestant falls unconscious if any one Fort save fails by 10 or more (a modified 5 or less), but only for half the duration.

When knocked out cold, the contestant is usually laughed at by all bystanders and gets a bucket of water over his head, bringing him back from the dreamlands and getting some humorous but cheerful comments. Finally, he must make one last Fort save (using the last final modifier) to prevent the poison’s secondary effect.

Type poison, ingested; Save Fortitude DC 15
Onset 1d4 rounds
Initial Effect unconsciousness for d6 x 20 minutes
Secondary Effect sickened for d6 x 10 minutes

Usually, the kisses are the prices of this game, but if any contestant actually manages to get 20 or more points, he most probably will be given some sort of price and receive the admiration of the crowd.

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BTW: How can you use a construct as armor?!

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I am mature enough to admit when I am wrong so:

Damn You! ;)

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I already did! ;)
And since "Weapon Finesse" is a "free feat" in my campaign too, those goblins can be REALLY nasty!

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Why are there always some people who can't restrain themselves from bringing judgement to a discussion?

I ordered via, since I live in germany and the german prices are ridiculous and I am not even sure paizo delivers to europe.

Besides, I am neither stupid nor lazy in preparation, I simply wanted to know if I got screwed somehow (aka missing handouts).

Okay. I didn't. So far so good. Or whatever.

Of course I will get my players those handouts, but I don't own a scanner nor a fancy printer, and I can't copy those at work, at least not in color which would be the way I want it to.

So I'll either get my hands on this handout-pdf and print it, or I'll have no choice but to get to the nearest copy-house, which I would like to avoid.

Simple as that.

Though, I really don't understand why Paizo isn't giving this handout pdf for free. Map Folio, I can understand (sort of), but some simple handouts to flash out the game...

Finally: Thanks to douglasiv for the link.

Consider this thread closed.

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Hero/Action Points.

Giving out feats should be considered very carefully. Something like weapon proficiency might work, but feats with bigger in-game impact probably should be avoided.

Traits are probably okay, as long as you don't give them too often (2 traits ~= 1 feat)

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Take him to the side and talk to him calm and seriously.

Look him in the eye when you ask him if he either played or read the AP.

If he actually did, ask him why he never mentioned it and that this would be reason enough to kick him out.

Look how he reacts and either do kick him out or ask him how much he already knows and alter these parts.


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Absolutely nothin'!

Sorry. Couldn't resist.

But the bard is one of my least favorite concepts and I would also like to see if they are good at anything which wouldn't be retarded in RL.

Seriously singing in the heat of battle. As if THAT's gonna be heard...

Or the famous songs of compentence, such as:

"Sneak, sneak, sneak! Sneak past the lazy guard!"

"Bluff, Bluff, Bluff! Bluff the stupid oger!"

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World of Warriorcraft aka Kirthfinder is probably something for you.

But you may also check out my "Improved Fighter" (WIP)

I would certainly appreciate any input on this.

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Good idea, but I would prefer:

Command (Fort/Ref/Will, DC 20)

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The problem you are talking about actually has nothing to do with swords or whatever weapon.

It's simply a fact, that the d20 critical mechanic is pretty fuzzy.

IMO, the chances for critical hits (with any weapon!) should increase with the skill of the combatant and not on the weapon used.

Basically, a critical threat should occur if your attack roll supercedes the enemy's AC by a certain number of points (I'd say 10).

So, for every 10 points above the enemy's AC you inflict the weapon's damage one additional time.

Feats like "Improved Crit" could simply lower this threshold by 2 points or something like that.

Bottom line of this rule, the bigger the difference between two combatants, the bigger the chance of critical hits (by the better combatant of course).

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Greetings everyone.

I had this idea for quite some time now and finally wrote them down.

The aim of these rules is to give players a simple way to wield whatever kind of weapon they want their character to wield without thinking about whether the chosen weapon is "good" or "bad" or "unefficient".

If you want your character to wield a falchion instead of a greatsword because it just fits his background, than do so.

These rules DO NOT intend to be able to recreate all weapons 1-to-1.

And remember: These rules are still in beta.

DracoDruid's Generic Weapon Rules

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This is the fighter as he should be, at least in my opinion.
Maybe he now is a bit overpowered, so that's where you guys (and gals) are come into play.

However, I believe that the main concept is solid and only some of the fighter training abilities (you'll see what I mean) are to powerful (or maybe to weak).

Thank you all for your time and interest.

DracoDruid's Improved Fighter

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Hey everyone.

I just started a new (and my first) wiki, in an effort to have a place where we could collect and discuss all the different takes on the Eberron to Pathfinder conversions, since there will almost definitley never be an official version.

I hope there are many of you who like to participate by sharing their conversions, ideas or simply constructive critic.

As I said, it is my very first wiki, so if you have tips and tricks to help me manage it, you are very much welcome.

Click here to go there

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Okay. It boils down to philosophy then.

I'm okay with that.

But if I would like my druid's to have the option of DragonForm, what would be appropriate?

My idea:

Magical Shape (Shapeshift Feat)
Preq: Wildshape (Beastshape III), Knowledge (Arcane) 5 ranks
Benefit: Use Wildshape to assume the form of small or medium magical beast as described in Beast Shape III.

Dragon Shape (Shapeshift Feat)
Preq: Magical Shape, Wildshape (Large Elemental), Knowledge (Arcane) 10 ranks
Benefit: Use Wildshape to assume the form of a medium dragon, as described in Form of the Dragon I.
With Wildshape (Huge Elemental): Large Dragon, as described in Form of the Dragon II.
???: Huge Dragon, as described in Form of the Dragon III.

Would one of this be to powerful for a feat?

2 people marked this as a favorite.

And an Elemental is what?

Yeah yeah not an animal, but magical as well.

I read the wild shape again.

Okay, the druid can't use it to shape into a magical beast.

But then again: Why not?

I my oppionion it's equally fitting, that a Druid can shapechange into a Dragon than a wizard or sorcerer does.

And he CAN but only with the 9th level spell Shapechange.

Same weirdness:

A druid can use wild shape to shape into Animal, Plant, Elemental,
but NOT cast the spells?

Seems strange to me...

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