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Dracala's page

Organized Play Member. 58 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 1 Organized Play character.


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I know mechanically its not a bug, hence why I said Bug/Pseudobug, pseudo meaning false >.>

I also think that they missed a chance for Flygon to be a Bug/Dragon.... Then again its typing and ability combo does give it 2 immunities.

And Just Now I Learn that Scyther is caught in Poni Plains not Poni Wilds >.< I Definitely Derped, Poni Plains is Post Game, so I would have to get an egg from Sun and level up the Scyther if I wanted to get it up to snuff before the League (and I don't like having traded pokemon on my teams, hence eggs). Either that or I could stick with Vikavolt who I was gonna trade out for Scyther....

As for Trapinch, only gonna get him as of Haina Desert, and Larvesta(able to be caught in Lush Jungle alongside Fomantis) like you said won't evolve till 59.

And I know, my friend beat his copy way before I did(since I got mine late), so he caught a Drapion asked if I wanted it, and of course I said yes, cuz it sets me up to have it in my second run.

3.5 Campaign, we went through a temporal anomaly all ended up outside of town earlier in the day than when we had Just started the game. I tell everyone Not to interact with their past selves, could Blow up the Universe..... So I go tell my past self Not to upset the Barbarian in the bar later....

Needless to say the universe broke, and some Draconic God of Time destroyed my past self..... SOOOOOO basically I got killed Before the Campaign Technically began >.>

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I finally completed the main story in my Ultra Sun, and the entire game I was using a team that were, or would become Dark Types. I started with Litten soon after caught Rattatta, Inkay, Grimer, Zorua, & Murk. When I got to Diglett's Tunnel I finally let Cheeky evolve (I don't like the look of Alolan Raticate) and caught me a Larvitar to replace him. I then took her and the rest up through the Pokemon League! We were unstoppable even at times I really thought we wouldn't be (like with Guzma and Mina) They weren't easy battles, but we couldn't be stopped (heck Incineroar soloed Totem Mimikyu). Have Not beaten Team Rainbow Rocket Yet though....

I think I can thank Inkay and Murkrow for being strong vs Fighting types, Murkrow, Litten, and Larvitar being strong vs Bugs, and Litten and Grimer being strong vs Fairies (also gave Murkrow Steel Wing early) aka the three weaknesses of Dark Types.

In my Ultra Moon run I think I'm just gonna use pokemon I find cute, and not let them fully evolve till after the Pokemon League (plan so far is for Brionne, Rockruff, Buneary, Noibat, Quilava, and Pikachu, might switch Buneary out for Fomantis later). Maybe evolve them right before the Pokemon League.....

Then again there's still the option for a Bug/Pseudobug Run..... Which I think the final team for would be Drapion(got one from a friend, thinking of Breeding it and giving the egg to my Ultra Moon), Flygon, Lurantis, Ribombee, Scizor(can get the Metal Coat from my Ultra Sun), and Volcarona.

Which team do you guys think would be better?

Add on Antagonize and their next attack would have to be against him, with Come and Get Me, Combat Reflexes, Reckless Abandon, and 20/- DR(offsetting the Standard Action with Combat Expertise), that would be Absolutely Hilarious XD

Actually, with Armored Juggernaut, since Viking takes away Heavy Armor Proficiency, its only 2/- >.> unless you take Heavy Armor Proficiency.

Armored Juggernaut wrote:
When wearing heavy armor, the fighter gains DR 1/—. At 7th level, the fighter gains DR 1/— when wearing medium armor, and DR 2/— when wearing heavy armor. At 11th level, the fighter gains DR 1/— when wearing light armor, DR 2/— when wearing medium armor, and DR 3/— when wearing heavy armor.
Viking wrote:

Weapon Proficiency

A viking is not proficient with heavy armor or tower shields.

Sorry for continuing to be a party pooper. Good News is it's still 9/-, or 11/- if you get Heavy Armor proficiency <.<

DeathlessOne wrote:

I have something I came up for before for a 'Flubber' award. Upwards of 700+ health, or 1000+ if you take max HP instead of average. They end up dying around -50 hp

Alt Racial Traits:
Shaman's Apprentice (Endurance feat, replaces Intimidating)
Draconic Heritage (replaces Skilled, which replaces Darkvision. Gain darkvision 10ft, low-light vision, ignores CHA for Eldritch Heritage)
Fey Thoughts (gain two skills as class skills, replaces weapon familiarity)
Ability scores:
STR 14, Dex 12, Con 20 (18+2), Int 10, Wis 10, CHA 7
Put all points into Con, +6 belt, +5 tome, +12 rage

Class: Fighter (Viking)
Favored class bonus: +1 HP/Lvl (+40, see Unbreakable)

Draconic Destiny (... Con +2 higher to determine death)

B) Endurance
1) Diehard
F1) Ferocious Tenacity (spend rage rounds 1/day to reduce damage of an attack that kill you)
F2) Armor Focus (Mountain Pattern Armor, acts as armor training class feature)
3) Toughness (+20 hp)
F4) Advanced Armor Training (Armored Juggernaut)
5) Unbreakable (+2 hp each time you select +1FCB for fighter instead, Con +4 higher to determine death)
F6) Rage Power (Guarded Life)
7) skill focus (perception)
F8) Rage Power (Renewed Vigor)
9) Eldritch Heritage (Draconic; Bloodline Familiar, Protector archetype)
F10) Rage Power (Greater Guarded Life)
11) Ferocious Action (not staggered using diehard)
F12) Rage Power (Regenerative Vigor)
13) Raging Vitality (+2 Con in Rage)
F14) Rage Power (improved damage reduction) 1/-)
15) Blood Vengeance (+2 STR & CON in rage when ally drops)
F16) Rage Power (improved damage reduction 2/-)
17) Amplified Rage (+4 STR & CON in rage while adjacent to someone raging)
F18) Rage Power (improved damage reduction 3/-)
19) ????????
F20) Advanced Armor Training (Armored Sacrifice)

Question, Armored Juggernaut says that other than DR from Adamantine Armor and Armor Mastery, it doesn't stack with any other Damage Reduction...

Armored juggernaut wrote:
If the fighter is 19th level and has the armor mastery class feature, these DR values increase by 5. The DR from this ability stacks with that provided by adamantine armor, but not with other forms of damage reduction.

So does it actually work with the Increased Damage Reduction Rage Power?

ummm Ciaran, for your #4 there, there are currently three of those, the Paladin/Antipaladin, the Ranger, and the Bloodrager. Could you maybe be a little more specific? >.>

Douglas Muir 406 wrote:

There are three chests in the room. They are labeled "Silver", "Gold", and "Silver and Gold". You are told that (1) yes, that's what the chests really contain, but (2) the labels are scrambled so that all three chests are mislabeled.

You can open a single chest, no more. Which chest should you open in order to correctly determine what's in each chest?

Recognized it, and thus got it, in under 5 seconds x3

Guessing the 7 on the second side is supposed to be a 3, but good puzzles.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

What I would do to fix the underpoweredness of the Shifter is to A) make their Minor Aspects permanent but chooseable between like a Feral Hunter's, B) give them more uses of Wild Shape to start with and At Will as a Capstone, C) give them some Bonus Feats

A) Makes some of the options not redundant or useless like the Ability Uppers or the Initiative Bonus respectively.

B) Gives them the ability to shift more often and doesn't gib their uses for shifting during battle. Could switch hours and uses around so that its uses per level and giving more hours every other level. (Sure that makes it so that you only get 8 hrs a day per form if you wanted, but it also gives you 20 shifts a day at max, and 5 uses for 1 hr each at minimum. I'd say its a MORE than decent trade, and one that seems perfect for the class' Limited Wild Shape.)

C) Would just be a nice additional bonus that almost all other Martials already get use of.

Yeps did my research. Was originally gonna complain about Unchained Rogues being treated like Unchained Monks. But, I went looking around the forums a bit, saw something that peaked my interest, went to look in my copy of ultimate Intrigue, and saw those lines(and that it was from there). I then went to check the PFS AR for further proofing. ^-^

Slyme wrote:
**EDIT** If you are doing it via the Stalker advanced talent, that is a Core Rogue ability, and not available to Unchained Rogues (which it appears you are an Unchained rogue with Finesse Training and Debilitating Injury in there)

Actually From Ultimate Intrigue where the talent is from:

Rogue Talents: The following rogue talents are appropriate for unchained rogues (Pathfinder RPG Pathfinder Unchained 20) with an interest in intrigue. Consider allowing them for normal rogues, but they aren’t available to other classes or alternate classes that can choose rogue talents (such as ninja).
Advanced Talents: The following advanced talents follow the same rules as the rogue talents above, and they require a rogue to be at least 10th level before she can select them.

And from the Additional Resources Page for Pathfinder Society, under Ultimate Intrigue:
Misc.: The inquisitions, oracle mystery, ranger combat style, rogue talents, and wild talents in this book are legal for play. The rogue talents are available to both rogues and unchained rogues.

Ah good point

I did not realize that about Dhelmise

well from the list I'm seeing, other than Bisharp the rest are based on artificial stuff x3

Magnezone is based on magnets/a UFO (and I mean man shaped magnets, not just natural ones)
Palossand is a sand castle
Rotom is the ghost of a bunch of different appliances (his original form even came out of a TV the first time we see it in a game)
Dhelmise is an anchor
Metagross is a super computer, but has a form reminiscent of landers, UFO's, and robots... >.>
Muk is sludge
Xurkitree is a bunch of electrical wires
Kartana is origami
Celesteela is a rocket
Klefki is a key ring
Probopass is a maoi head/wooly willy
Drifblim is a hot air balloon
Golurk is a robot
Claydol is a shakōki-dogū(a clay doll)
lil Trubbish is a bag of garbage

I vote Prankster x3

To clarify my headache wasn't coming from the player who is more inexperienced than I am, it was coming from me not wanting to have to deal with her pet (as its an NPC) on top of everything else I have to do. The Int and Linguistics ruling made it more of an extension of her character, than something she needed to Handle.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I'm thinking maybe.... a Bug-like Run, so I can include Lurantis, Drapion, and Flygon (three of my favs even though the three of them don't have the Bug Type, and I'd trade in a Skorupi egg to be my "starter")

And then maybe try out an Artifice team, in honor of That kid from that region, or maybe a Fairy/Nature Team as an Antithesis x3

Baval wrote:

good dm.

"this is your concept, lets see what we can do to make it work in the rules and if it doesnt exist we'll bend them a little"

thats what youre supposed to do. Its about fun before anything else

Thankies ^__^

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I very much agree with Baval, Lady-J, and BNW. In my home game I specifically suggested our Hunter/Samurai to put her Tiger's first stat point increase in Int, and a skill point in Linguistics when she could, cuz it saves me a headache (since I'm inexperienced as a DM)...

Then again I also allowed her to take Beast Rider (at 1st level) in exchange for Mounted Archer, and suggested Hunter and specifically Pack Master when she found a second animal she wanted to add as a pet (a hyena, that she intimidated cuz it was working for the enemy). She now has found a Roc egg she wants to hatch as well x3

3 people marked this as a favorite.

There are 3 things that specifically made me upset (not angry, just disappointed) when reading this class(that I was Really REAALLY Looking forward to). First was that the minor Aspects for what they are, weren't A) just passive effects and B) had Minutes per day time limits....

Second was that Chimeric Aspect doesn't affect the Major Shapes (I wanted to be an ACTUAL Chimera, not just a humanoid with different minor abilities)....

And Lastly that Wild Shape At-Will isn't given at 20th like with the Druid....

Another thing I am Just now realizing, why isn't there an ability between Final Aspect and Greater Chimeric Aspect(which would then be renamed to Improved) for Four Aspects at the same time.... This could even cause Chimeric and Greater Chimeric to be pushed down in level, perhaps. Like 8th, 12th, 16th, 20th. Though... that is if it is left at being Minor Aspects, if Major, I would have no care at all about this last thing.

Welp can't edit my last post anymore, but I just realized I replied to the wrong post >.<

I am Loving the exploits of That kid from that region!

Also I've never done themed pokemon teams, think I should for when I get Ultra Moon & Sun in 2 days?

The Sideromancer wrote:

Customizability aside,

I like my megas

Sounds good to me :3

Also yeah the universes started being in lorewise separate in Unova, with the White Tree and Black Tower being in the Exact Same Space. Then with ORAS being shown to be a separate dimension from RSE that meant that X&Y were as well, cuz X&Y were obviously set in the same universe as ORAS.

As for Giratina, it was created WITHIN the Pokemon universe by Arceus, Giratina like Palkia and Dialga is a god. None of them are as powerful as Arceus but still, they are gods.

Also fine, fine I concede on habitability, but I do stand by the belief that all the UB Spaces being Between dimensions.

The Sideromancer wrote:

** spoiler omitted **

Would you have preferred I linked Magnezone?

I probably would have accepted that more fully, but I'm sure it could still be done, I mean there are plant and vermin companions, I'm sure there could be construct companions. The real reason I suggested companions in the first place is because besides the magic (which I talked about with Improved Familiars upthread) the level advancements make for pokemon evolution better than eidolons do.

and yes I know about branching pokemon evolutions (eevee is actually one of my favorite pokemon) and 3 stage evolutions, who wouldn't know about those things? they were even in Gen 1. But, its nothing like the modular evolution of Digimon, which Eidolons could so much more easily represent.

As for Pokemon cosmology

The ultra beasts specifically come from places between dimensions, that are alien to the main universes and not naturally habitable for non UBs..... As for Pokemon like Solgaleo, Necrozma, and Lunara, the similarities are not unintentional, they're meant to blur the lines between what's a Pokemon and what's not. Also there's been diverging universes since Gen 5 because of Cyrus messing with time and space.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
The Sideromancer wrote:
I think of pokemon as full eidolons as well. This is not an animal companion.

But that's not a pokemon, that's an Ultra Beast :p

(Lorewise, they are specifically different than pokemon, mechanically they're the same)

While Pokemon may be able to be done with Improved Familiars (though this is only due to the magical properties of both, pokemon's combat roles are more akin to Animal Companions though...) Digimon with their many twisting and branching digivolution paths, are definitely more akin to Eidolons >.> just my opinion.

Cavall wrote:
Gisher wrote:
Cavall wrote:
Justification to self of actions in order to take them is practically the definition of evil.
That's a weird definition of evil. That would mean that a person who justifies risking their own life to save a child has now made that an evil act.

To self. To self.

"If I don't take his food, then I'll be hungry and I'm more useful."

"His money is just sitting there in a bank when I could make better use of it."

"I owe it to myself to be happy, and burning things brings me the most joy."

"If I kill him, it's more convenient. The law would just let him get away with it. Probably."

"I was only following orders. The ones giving the orders are bad, I just carried them out."

None of those compare to "someone is on trouble I should help them not die." You don't need to try to justify actions that are already justifiable.

What you are describing is Far different than what I was speaking of, that is Personal justification, I was speaking of Cultural Justification. Which is far more of an External Taught Belief than an Internal Self-only Belief.

Also, when I first mentioned it, I meant a RL justification for RP purposes, rather than an in game one. Because the character if it is a part of their culture to eat parts of their dearly departed loved ones, isn't going to see it as them needing a justification....

Cavall wrote:

Justification to self of actions in order to take them is practically the definition of evil.

Nice try, "Dracala"

XD sure, its totally evil to them, uh huh.... You go tell that to the people who believe in it, just because its evil to you, doesn't mean its evil to everyone. Its a difference in culture.

There are people out there who eat parts of family members out of respect for their passing. Honestly, cannibalism, is Not necessarily evil, if you can justify it properly. :3

zomfox wrote:

Hi Dracala, You can use the site from the URL I posted. Make a new character (or delete old characters) from the menu in to the top right (the hamburger menu).

What you see when landing on the site are sample characters. All characters are stored locally on your device. You don't have to worry about messing up the demo characters. You can add more or clear them all, it's up to you. Users don't have to use Github to use this web app.

Thank you very much Zomfox, this is exactly what I wanted to know about, I'm very sorry that I got scared, confused, and then sidetracked by RL....

Kiesman I was kinda meaning from the GitHub stuff.... cuz I didn't wanna mess with the webpage (had kinda messed with the first sample char.... and well... it stayed when I had left and come back but I fixed it as best I could)... so I got scared and wanted to use it offline.... >.>

My Life Is In Ruins wrote:
those are some expensive fries! and you assume the peasants can read or are interested in tossed tubers. Probably they'd just grab their halberds and come down to see who tossed the dredel taters down the hall...

If they can read then boom, if not, why would they care that a random potato just showed up? >.>

*Now is actually envisioning a grand ding dong ditch type of situation, eventually the guards will either try to read the potatoes, or just give up chasing whoever it is, when they can't find them and instead find potatoes at their post* x3

How do I use this? *doesn't know how to program, but from the looks of the sample sheets, Totally wants to use it*

Update: I have figured it out....... I think...

Update 2: Nope still don't know.... *has the program open, don't know how to create a character sheet*

DeathlessOne wrote:
Garion Beckett wrote:
I do 't have access so if someone can send it that would be cool
It is an archetype for the Shifter class from the Ultimate Wilderness. I suggest getting a pdf copy (only $9.99). It is well worth it, even without the Shifter class. New races, archetypes for other classes... Some really good feats, too.

Don't forget all the collected and New stuff for Animal Companions & Familiars.

See to be honest (and you can go read the what do you play thread, my post is on the first page) I don't do Optimized characters, I play what I find fun... I also usually play Chaotic characters... I'm no munchkin by any throw of the imagination, and I honestly was advocating for the CG Paladin Liberator without even knowing about this Desnan Starknife stuff (which to be honest I still don't care about). I would just like to play a Chaotic Good Paladin for flavor reasons, because fun...

Daw wrote:
Actually, I would love to see a Liberator as you have described. I would like to see its powers focused more on countering and defeating physical, cultural and magical bondage. Definitely some divine tricksterish, make-you-think kind of undertones would be appropriate. I rather hope that Paizo or a 3PP will put out a well done version of it.

I would Prefer if Paizo did it to a 3PP, because it would be more likely to be Allowed at tables... And Ya, I could see some of the Paladin's Aura's being switched out for stuff like defeating Physical and Magical bondage (Cultural would be about Fluff and actions though, not necessarily mechanics), Divine Tricksterism could definitely be used as a Divine Bond option!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Daw what you're saying specifically, while Yes I said that earlier, I honestly don't care if its that way, it was only a suggestion, honestly I wouldn't mind if the CG Paladin was just an Archetype, heck I WOULD Prefer that. People Obviously don't care if there's an Archetype that changes alignment as they don't mind the Antipaladin, Tyrant, and Gray Paladin....

All I'm asking for is a CG Liberator Type Paladin of Freedom. Which Honestly shouldn't be watered down like the Gray Paladin cuz they're Not Neutral, They're taking a stand on their convictions to an Extreme same as the Paladin, the Tyrant, and the Antipaladin. And AGAIN Other than The Code that the Paladin needs to live by, the Fluff behind them, and a Few Select Spells there is NOTHING Mechanically about the Paladin that is LAWFUL.... All of It is about being Good! Same reason that the Tyrant didn't change much about the Antipaladin (though I agree that the spell list should have been altered to include Lawful Spells from the Paladin and Evil Spells from the Antipaladin, and maybe some Deviously Lawful Evil Spells, ONLY).

graystone wrote:
If that's so, then the game is ALREADY worse... CE, NG and LN all use the same basic framework as the LG paladin.

Don't forget LE!


Ryan Freire wrote:

Antipaladin is already a weaker version of paladin.

positive energy and a swift action self heal > negative energy
Having a class based unique weapon>not

A) Negative Energy Damages, I don't see your Positive Energy Hurting the Living Antipaladin

B) Mercies being greater than Cruelties only Works if the Antipaladin doesn't get off a condition you wanna get rid of with Mercies, without using a Cruelty, then it becomes a battle of conservation of Mercies vs Cruelties
C) The Antipaladin DOES get a Unique Class Weapon just the Same as the Paladin's, Go Look at Fiendish Boon!

2 people marked this as a favorite.
HWalsh wrote:
They don't get Divine Grace. That stays on the LG Paladin only. Why? It's the main reason people dip Paladin.

Then I guess you're also saying that its Not ok for the Antipaladin (and Apparently Tyrants, YaY for Lawful Evil Inclusion!) to have Unholy Resilience, which does the exact same thing as Divine Grace. And if not, then you're saying its ok to have it if you're LE or CE but not CG? That seems really rather strange.

Ryan Freire wrote:
Paladin is by its nature and history an exclusive class. Making it more alignment inclusive makes the game worse for at least as many people as it makes it better for. Houserule it instead of expecting the game itself to change so y'all can make your cha only paladins of desna.

Then I guess you're saying that Antipaladin should Have NEVER been made a thing, cuz it is Literally built on the Paladin chassis as an Inversion.... They're called an Alternate rather than a Base Class for a REASON.

Alternate Classes: Alternate classes are standalone classes whose basic ideas are very close to established base classes, yet whose required alterations would be too expansive for an archetype. An alternate class operates exactly as a base class, save that a character who takes a level in an alternate class can never take a level in its associated class — a samurai cannot also be a cavalier, and vice versa.

They say Standalone, yet its very Heavily implied to be the same class, just so differentiated that it couldn't just be made an Archetype (like the Tyrant is to the regular Antipaladin)

The link 404ed, What does the Strengths and Weaknesses mean?, Why do the benefits from Centaur Blooded and Centaur Bodied seem like they should be switched (I'd expect the quadruped benefit from having a centaur body rather than bloodline), and I Totally NEED a Vanara/Tiefling.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Ryan Freire wrote:
Uh, actually paladins are required to respect lawful authority. Which is what makes them lawful, not the code itself.

Code of Conduct

"Additionally, a paladin’s code requires that she respect legitimate authority"

Which is Literally just a part of their code... Yet as has been stated multiple times in this thread Cheliax's Gov't is a Legitimate Authority in Cheliax(a good portion of their population like their government), yet there is an entire Adventure Path about Paladins going into Cheliax to "Fight the Good Fight".

By the way I just realized that the Antipaladin has A Code..... Which honestly, being the one and only thing that Definitively makes the Paladin Lawful... should be making the Antipaladin Lawful Evil... Yet the Antipaladin is Chaotic Evil. Hell! the very Antipaladin code itself screams of Lawful Evil to me..... Especially this part: "as well as impose tyranny" I don't know about you, but Tyrants have as far as I know always been Lawful Evil, imposing their rules over those they rule over. Chaotic Evils are the kind of people who don't rule they destroy(the exception is the Drow, but really they're Lawful Evil in all but alignment.....)

Slim Jim wrote:
"I would like to have a paladin, provided it weren't lawful-good." = "I would like to have a cat, provided it barked!"

Here you go! Yes cats can bark, they just don't tend to do so, they can also chitter, squeak, and say No.

P.S. seems I was beaten to the link x3

Honestly I don't see any reason why a Paladin should Have to be locked to Lawful, Good Yes, they are paragons of Virtue that's what Good is about.... Lawful though.... There's Lawful Evil for a reason. Heck other than having A Code (which changes per the God you worship), the Paladin isn't Even About Law, just Good. Aura of Good, Detect Evil, Smite Evil, Channel Positive Energy, Aura of Faith makes your weapons Good-Aligned and Aura of Righteousness gives you DR/Evil. There's even the fact that their Divine bonded Mount becomes Celestial and that you can take Agathion-Bond (Agathions being Neutral Good Outsiders) instead.

This also goes vice versa on my views of the Antipaladin, why can't you have a Lawful Evil Antipaladin? They seem like just the kind of people who would train up an army of them to fight Paladin orders.

Then you could have the Gray Paladin representing the neutral road, and because they are morally neutral their powers are not "as strong".

Also, I find it funny that Enhanced Health mentions Poison and gives a Resistance to it, when Divine Health, does not give Immunity or even resistance to poison, just Immunity to Disease.
Divine Health (Ex)
At 3rd level, a paladin is immune to all diseases, including supernatural and magical diseases, including mummy rot.

P.S. I just realized also that Gray Paladins can only be LG, LN, or NG so I don't see how Gray Paladin can lead to a CE Antipaladin.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

I tend to play female characters of various races, particularly beasty ones. I tend to play chaotic neutral characters and go with more Martial options.

My Scaleheart was a Hunter/Fighter w/ a croc companion
My Ratfolk was an Alchemist(Vivisectionist)/Unchained Rogue
My Half-Orc is a Bloodrager(Abyssal Bloodline, Bloodrider (w/ Beast Rider feat), & a Bloodline/Mauler Familiar)
My Kitsune is a Vigilante(Teisatsu)/Slayer
My Vanara will be an Unchained Monk/Brawler(Shield Champion)
I also can't wait to make a Vine Leshy Shifter x3

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Vidmaster7 wrote:
Yeah I'm a firm believer that businesses jack up prices for adventurers.

Because adventurers are a bunch of Murderhobos who can cover the jacked up prices x3 (I've found that word here and I absolutely Love it. Murderhobos!)

XD Randalfin, that's awesome! And hilarious, awesomely hilarious?

Also if we're going off of fursonas and allowing 3PP now, I claim being a Catfolk! 2 of the three reasons for Lasunta still apply, and I have a decent amount of natural grace and agility, then there's the Cat's Luck racial.... I was born on Friday the 13th and everyone who knew my parents said I'd be really lucky because of it. x3

I honestly think I would prolly be Themeless, because I don't really have a direction in life...

I have a natural strength that has given me feats of strength without ever being "in shape"... I have a quirky charisma about me (I know noone who actually hates or even dislikes me because of it) and make fast friends easily, and with a lack of any True common sense. I think I can fairly easily put myself as a Korasha Lashunta.

Meanwhile, my Class I'd have to say that it'd prolly be Mechanic, I spend near all my life on the computer, having an Exocortex doesn't seem too different. I've also been learning the hardware of computers thanks to my roommate. Then again I'd prolly have at least some levels in Mystic, because of my need to be around animals. (I actually don't have a career, but I do volunteer regularly at my local animal shelter.)

I'm thinking Themeless Korasha Lashunta Mystic(Xenodruid) 3/Mechanic X.

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