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Dr Simon's page

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A Curate's Egg

****( )

This adventure is effectively five sub-adventures connected by a slender thread of campaign arc. The hostile NPCs are well drawn and fun to GM, the helpful NPCs are generally weak by comparison, and the impression becomes one of a mostly unpleasant city not worth saving.
Of the five subadventures, Old Fishery is good, although set up for day and most parties will raid at night. All the World's Meat is fairly average, with a plot thread that is not adequately followed. Eel's End is a good setting but potentially much of the cool stuff will be missed. The Shingle Chase is a fun parcour chase sequence. The Dead Warrens are a fairly standard dungeon crawl, albeit with a sick twist to the "rescue".
Each one is competently presented, but with a big city setting, more of a 'sand-box' feel would have been nice, particularly as a reasonable amount of time is needed between each sub-adventure.The rumbles of discontent seem a little forced as well.
The Harrowing mechanism is a great addition, though, giving a nice bit of flavour, with possible bonuses to the PCs.

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