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DrJonesDk's page

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James Jacobs wrote:
Hobo wrote:
Kvantum wrote:
OK, I just did a quick overlay of the old Campaign Setting map and the new world map. They don't line up exactly because... well, they don't. I couldn't figure out how to stretch or squash them to make them match up. Avistan needed to shrink by about 25% while northern Garund stayed the same size in order to make it all fit.
Could be projection issues too... the global map would have more skewing the closer you get to the poles, assuming a map centered on the equator. Since both maps have corners and a rectangular shape, I assume it's a Mercator-like projection.
It started out as a Mercator projection in my original, more highly-detailed version I drew for Lazzazretti, which is why Arcadia and Tian Xia seem to curve the way they do.

The size of the global map and the Inner Sea map suggests that Golarion is about the same size as Earth?

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