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Dr. Johnny Fever's page

Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber. 509 posts. 1 review. No lists. No wishlists.


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Pathfinder Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Personally? I'd remove the eidolon altogether, leave the summon SLA as is, give summoners strong fort and will saves, and let them quicken self buffs like a warpriest...make them a magus that summons instead of blasts...

Pathfinder Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I'm mostly stoked to see the monk (love what I'm hearing about full BAB and d10 hp) and summoner rewrites (please don't nerf the spell list...nerf the eidolon if you must but not the spell list!) and I'm mildly curious about the rogue reboot. The barbarian is already playing out really well in our group as is so I don't think we'd jump on a new version of that, but who knows...

Pathfinder Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I was wondering...has anyone statted up STAP conversions using Hero Lab?

Pathfinder Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Aren't we only like 6 weeks from the pdf dropping for PU? Some weekly previews of the new class redesigns would be nice. At least give the people who play summoners that long to enjoy their class before the hammer drops.

The Doomsday Clock is ticking louder and louder...

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Pathfinder Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber
Greg A. Vaughan wrote:

Thanks, Doc!

City of Brass...Mythic just made my head hurt. :-)

You can even tell Skeeter I promise not to b$&@h and moan for Hero Lab files if City of Brass got the conversion go ahead heh heh heh

Pathfinder Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

This book seems like a pretty big deal, a la The Advanced Class Guide, and we're only two months out from its (scheduled) release. Will we see previews soon?

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Pathfinder Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Greg, the list of upcoming FGG stuff for 2015 looks really good; I'll be backing/purchasing almost everything you've listed. I've said it plenty of times before but it bears repeating: FGG really is a credit to the RPG industry. Content, maps, customer support...just good stuff all around.

Now about 2016 and a PF conversion w/mythic rules for City of Brass... ;-)

Pathfinder Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Once upon a time in the halcyon days of yore, I owned the paper copies of the Savage Tide Adventure Path, and life was good.

Now, years (and several moves around the country) later, the paper copies are gone and I find myself trying to purchase PDFs of the issues.

However, when I went to the product pages in order to purchase the PDFs, most of the issues seem to only offer the paper copy and some, not even that.

Because I now play PF online, a PDF version is MUCH preferable to the dead tree version.

How can I purchase PDF versions of these issues? Am I not looking in the right place on the site?

Thanks in advance!

Pathfinder Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Good to know...thanks!

Pathfinder Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I'm gonna show my ignorance here...what book has this archetype? A board search on it was negative for me.

Pathfinder Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

@Claxon: Very nice, sir. Though i do own the Monster Codex I had glossed over the Hurtful feat.

Thanks for the reminder!

Pathfinder Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I'm inclined to agree with everyone that's posted so far; it makes sense that a second hit is required (and successful intimidate from CS) before the sickened condition would be applied. I might have to do a search on any ways to perform intimidate as a swift or free action without requiring a successful attack.

Pathfinder Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

What is the order of operations when applying the effects of Cornugan Smash and a Cruel weapon? Does the first swing inflict both the shaken and sickened conditions (assuming a successful intimidate check) or does it only apply the shaken condition, and then a successful second swing on the now shaken target causes the Cruel weapon's ability to trigger (target is then also sickened)?


Pathfinder Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber
Nefreet wrote:

They do stack. One is an enhancement bonus on the weapon, the other is an enhancement bonus on your attack rolls.

Similar to how a Barbarian can benefit from both Rage and Bless (despite them both being morale bonuses).

Probably dragging this thread off-topic, but I don't think your reasoning is correct. Both the blessing bonus and a magic weapon bonus are enhancement type to attack rolls; I don't believe that they stack.

A morale bonus to attack rolls is different than a morale bonus to strength which results in an increase to attack rolls, that's why they work together in your rage example. I wish the blessing DID stack with a magic weapon (I have a ranger with the strength blessing from the divine tracker archetype) but I really don't think they do.

Pathfinder Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber
Jeffrey Palmer wrote:
Dr. Johnny Fever wrote:
The back of the Cyclopean Deeps HC has the 'powered by Hero Lab' logo...are there HL files available for CD? If so, I'm all over them!

You know I read the same thing and wondered this too! Bring on the files, it'll make the d20Pro conversion less of a headache!

I'm actually doing the exact same thing (d20Pro conversions).

<off topic>now I just have to hope the d20Pro Unlimited Kickstarter fixes the outdated Hero Lab export/import utility</off topic>

Pathfinder Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

The back of the Cyclopean Deeps HC has the 'powered by Hero Lab' logo...are there HL files available for CD? If so, I'm all over them!

Pathfinder Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Any new oracle curses? The current list is getting kind of stale...

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Pathfinder Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

If you listen closely to your cable modem you can hear people clicking Refresh on their email inbox, praying for the download links email to appear :-)

Pathfinder Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber


Any idea when those who are NOT doing the Gen Con pick up might start seeing shipping emails (and, more importantly, PDF download green lights)? Fingers crossed for Friday or sooner (got a big gaming weekend coming up)...

Regardless, good luck with what has GOT to be one of the craziest times of year for you (if not THE craziest)!

Pathfinder Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Semi off topic...does PF even have an official half giant race that's not 3rd party or a 3.5 conversion?

Pathfinder Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I gotta ask, how are the LCoB HeroLab files coming along for those of us who purchased the add-on?

The LCoB PF conversion is really a great product, btw. This is coming from someone who DM'd it in 3.5 as well as played through it once...a great conversion of a classic adventure/setting.

Pathfinder Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

If a creature has Spell Immunity (or Greater SI) cast upon them, can the caster choose to have them immune to a divination spell? Personally, I don't think they can since what Spell Immunity does is effectively gives the recipient unbeatable SR against the chosen spells, and most divination spells (See Invisible, Analyze Dweomer, etc) do not check SR.

Lol even as I'm writing this I'm convincing myself even further that I'm right. Has anybody got a good counter argument? I suspect this will come up in my WotR campaign relatively quickly (Analyze Dweomer is basically a big 'F U' to the DM's buffs on the BBEG) so I want to be able to have a cogent (and ultimately succesful :P ) debate when that moment arrives.

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Pathfinder Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

So this morning I wake up (always a good thing) and I'm like 'hmmm....I feel like I'm forgetting something. Whatever could it SON OF A BISCUIT I STILL HAVEN'T PLEDGED FOR THE LOST CITY OF BARAKUS YET!!!'
Whew. That was a close one.
Pledged 55$ for the 40$ reward tier + 15$ bucks for the Hero Lab files. That is how the add-ons work, right? This is my first add-on to a KS...

Anyway, now to get back to my master plot of subversion and deception in order to convince FGG to do a mythic conversion/update to City of Brass :)

Pathfinder Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

The 6th level sorcerer/wizard spell Analyze Dweomer states:

'In the case of an object or creature with active spells cast upon it, you learn each spell, its effect, and its caster level.'

My question is, if my sorcerer casts this spell on a creature that has spells active upon it whose exact parameters are chosen at the time of casting (spell immunity, resist energy, etc.) how specific does Analyze Dweomer get with its information?

In the above example, would it tell me 'the target has up spell immunity(magic missile, hold person and suggestion) and resist energy (cold) and resist energy (fire)'...or would it say 'the target has spell immunity (the effects of which can be read directly from the SRD) and resist energy twice'?

Pathfinder Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber


That is GREAT news about the LCoB revamp via Kickstarter! I've GM'd that mega adventure once and been a player on it once...both times it was tremendous fun. I'm really pleased that FGG is still touching up some of the older classics with some present day shine while still turning out newer properties also. Please keep up the mix!

P.S. Just because I haven't busted Skeeter's chestnuts in awhile, I'm gonna take this opportunity to zing him on his favorite topic: don't forget to add Hero Lab files to the LCoB Kickstarter, buddy! Bonus points for adding d20Pro maps...

Keep up the great work guys!

Pathfinder Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I would love to see this book become reality. My gaming group is going through Wrath of the Righteous right now and really enjoying the quick-play mass combat rules. A slightly revised set of rules that added more options and pulled the whole thing just a hair closer to tabletop war gaming in Golarion would be very cool.

Back in 1980 TSR released the World of Greyhawk Folio, which not only provided a massive map of most of the known world overlaid with a hex grid (a must for Armies of Golarion IMO) but it also broke out each nation/principality/etc with its number of troops and, just as importantly, valuable resources that that place controlled. This gave potential conquerors a REASON to build up an army and attack the Kingdom of Celene (or wherever) since it had a resource that a) your kingdom wanted or lacked or b) that you just wanted to deny access to your fellow rulers.

Now imagine this: a big hardcover that had each area of Golarion described in terms of its armies and valuable resources as well as having a big hex overlaid map of Golarion that could, possibly, show per grid, what valuable resources that map grid contained. Now this last part could be done in separate follow up products that gave more geographic detail on each region of Golarion.

This big hardcover would (hopefully) have more expanded rules for mass combat than the current rules-lite/narrative heavy system that we have now. Don't get me wrong, I like the system for those times when mass combat isn't meant to be the bread and butter of the game time, but it would be nice to have the option to run something closer to table top battles between armies when we want to.

Pathfinder Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

If any HeroLab users stat up Lolth using some of the GREAT suggestions in this thread, please let us know because I'd love to have you email me a copy of the .por file for a ToEE (T1-4), Against the Giants, Descent into the Depths of the Earth, Vault of the Drow and Queen of the Demonweb Pits PF conversion that I've been contemplating, using the Mythic rules for certain uber encounters like Lolth.... since I run games using D20Pro and HL, it all comes down to getting as many of the HL files for the unique and named encounters as I can.

...and if anyone knows of an existing collection of HL files for the modules I mentioned, that would be uber also.

....apologies in advance for that minor thread derailment only tangentially related to a Lolth PF conversion.

Pathfinder Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I'm sad. When you mentioned updated for AP 76 I thought you meant here. I'm hoping the AP gets the HL stats treatment on d20Pfsrd soon, like the other APs. They are a HUGE boon to GMs considering running an AP.

But, not to sound unappreciative. The site is literally the most important resource that my gaming group uses at the table. It's simply fantastic for cutting down on time spent page flipping. Those who maintain it deserve the utmost respect from us PF gamers.

Pathfinder Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber
blackbloodtroll wrote:

My DM has a hyper-sensitive sense of smell, that he actually doesn't like to talk about too much.

He can smell if a woman is menstruating. It would be kind of a dick move if he banned all menstruating women.

But, it attracts bears. BEARS!

Great, just great, BBT. Now you're endangering the whole TV station!

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Pathfinder Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

A giant yes to more epic stuff IF:

You publish adventures that give us the opportunity to see and handle the rules in actual encounters.. I know adventures don't usually sell as well as rules material (only the GM needs to buy a copy) but having an adventure, written by the authors of the rules, that showcases all the cool legendary monsters, feats, magic items, etc makes ALL the difference in the world. Otherwise it starts to feel like DnD 3.5 Epic where there was this one book and then....nothing.

Ideally, if there was a linked series of adventures that a) took characters from 20 level to their transformation to legendary levels and then b) took those characters up through the lofty heights of 21-???....well you would accomplish something that has NEVER been done (to my knowledge) for the PF system EVER.

So, that's my two bits. Epic adventures. Give us a reason to play epic characters and use all of those cool rules!

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Pathfinder Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I might bust Skeeter and FGG's coconuts occasionally, almost always about Hero Lab files, but make no mistake, they are, in my opinion, the finest overall producer of RPG material in the business with the exception of Paizo itself. When I think about the level of effort required to run their business, it's pretty incredible.

Half a dozen or less people are performing content creation, play testing, art procurement, editing, layout, project and schedule management, order packing and product distribution, customer support, advertising, invoicing and financials and probably fifty other things that we'll never know about.

...and they do it in their spare time.

In the future, if something does slip through the cracks, either from scheduling problems or less communication about an issue than I'd like to see, or whatever, I think I'm gonna remind myself about all the really great things that they have accomplished, and just either send a private message to Chuck, Skeeter or Bill about my problem or use the support link on their website, instead of going all board warrior with it.

But, that's just me.

Pathfinder Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

The updated versions of CoF and ToA are very well done, made even more so by the delicious availability of the Hero Lab files! The only way it could better is if there were HL files for Slumbering Tsar so I could roll my VTT-based group right onto that after Tomb of Abysthor :-)

You didn't really think I was gonna comment on an FGG product and not pick at that particular scab, did ya Skeeter!?!

But really, FGG did a great job on the PF update to the CoF and ToA. Hopefully at least 1 product a year from FGG will be a similar update to one of the classic NG products. There are some real gems still out there like Lost City of Barakus, Vault of Larin Karr, Trouble at Durbenford, City of Brass (please o please o please), etc.

Pathfinder Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Skeeter, Skeeter, after I read the KS update and finally stopped chuckling about the good news (HL files when the KS funds), I knew there was no way I could let my commitment stop at the 110$ mark.

So yeah, DJF JR. is gonna have to pay for his school lunches by back room 5th grade Fight Club matches in November, because I went all out and pledged at the 200$ level.

You, Chuck, Bill, Greg and everybody else working at FGG really do set the bar for not only great PF products but also just plain excellent customer service.

Anyway, it's Saturday night and there's episodes of Hell on Wheels calling out to me from the DVR, so here's hoping for mega funding on this thing!

Pathfinder Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber


A. When I told my wife that you called me rational her response was, and I qoute: "Oh HELL no!"

B. One day I'm gonna make a point of going to a gaming convention so that I can meet you face-to-face, buy you an adult beverage or two, and give you the opportunity to tell me to quit #@$!*ing about the %^#$ing Hero Lab files all the time! :)

I know FGG isn't a big operation and it isn't really realistic or even fair for me to expect you guys to provide HL support every time for every product and I would never expect any HL files to be done for free.

I suppose part my group's frustration is that there's not just some site, or service, that specializes in kicking out HL files for a fee. DriveThruHLFiles, if you will. Click here for Temple of Elemental Evil PF Hero Lab files, 50$ USD, click here for Slumbering Tsar PF Hero Lab files, 75$ USD, etc. Since that, to my knowledge, doesn't exist, we sometimes get antsy when a product that we really do want to use, like ST or SoA, comes along with no HL support or with it only as a stretch goal.

I should apologize for sounding as though it's just expected that HL files will be offered somehow as an option, and that FGG is somehow less of a company if they aren't. That's just not the case and I'm sorry if that was how the post came off sounding.

...but I'm not gonna stop #$%@#ing and moaning for my Hero Lab files :)


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Pathfinder Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Skeets, your point is understandable.

...but it's also a matter of perspective. Offer the HL files as a for sure thing and I'll do my part of the heavy lifting, right here. Right now. At an increased cost to cover your risk of adding the HL files up front as a given. Maybe the 110$ tier goes up... Maybe it doesn't but the HL files are added as an add-on for separate purchase.

I'm certainly not holding out on the KS out of spite...the literally thousands of dollars that I've spent on NG and FGG products over the years will attest that I'll put my money where I see something that I want and can use.

The hard lesson that I've learned over the years is that my group ends up not using content that we don't have HL stuff for because we're located between Texas and Michigan so everything we do is virtual. Myself and the other GM are husbands and fathers so, time being limited, we don't run content that we don't ready have HL files for.

Slumbering Tsar was a particularly expensive learning lesson for us. We kept thinking 'somebody will eventually have to create HL files for this thing, right?' Well, it never happened, we never ran it and now we're gun shy of it happening again.

So, let me propose what I think what would be a solution...remove Hero Lab from the KS concept altogether from Sword of Air and everything else FGG does or will do and make it a part of the core business model.

Is the content proof read? Check.
Is the art in? Check.
Has it been play tested? Check.
Have the Hero Lab files been generated? Check.

At this point, check the hours spent at cost for HL file creation, markup with your desired profit percentage, and post for purchase on the website.

Here's another option: build the original PF content using HL from the start. You have enough experience with it to know it speeds up the process the encounters with it at the beginning and there is no additional effort beyond the content creation that had to happen regardless.

Anyway, I've traded enough posts and emails with you over the past couple years that I'm not gonna take personally your idea that I somehow want others to shoulder a burden I don't want to bear.

What I want is Hero Lab files for everything that ever has been or ever will be written for the Pathfinder system, by any company. Since I'll never quite achieve that goal, the task on my part is to spend my really finite funds on investments that have the highest chance of meeting both of my requirements (SoA adventure and SoA HL files) while at the same time minimizing the risk of the money being spent (the KS funds successfully) but it doesn't meet my requirements (HL files not created).

Anyway hoss I hope you know I have nothing but good intentions towards FGG and it's future. This isn't the first time you and I have gone a couple rounds over HL files and I don't suspect it'll be the last.

Que tenga buen dia, mi amigo

Pathfinder Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Meh sadly my gaming group and I may have to pass on this one. As much as I love FGG's stuff, we've got some serious concerns about the Hero Lab files not being available unless the KS hits 140k. We aren't going to use the book unless we've got the HL files, so it's hard to justify a 110$ (or higher) investment that could end up unused on a bookshelf.

Hate to be that group, but we're gonna have to wait to invest until the KS hits 140k. It would have been nice to have the creation of the HL files included as part of the base release along with the book itself and to have d20Pro maps included as a 140k stretch goal instead.

Or to just know that the Hero Lab files will have to get created regardless of funding level, and then charge appropriately for them on the FGG site.

Anyway, here's hoping for mega levels of funding!

Pathfinder Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber
Kthulhu wrote:
Who needs wussy mythic content when you have monsters with CRs that go well past 30?

I could live w/o Mythic content if we had a high level (11-20) campaign instead...Mythic seems like the natural way to stat a creature like the Sultan of the efreet or Tsathogga, but I'm flexible. I just could really use some content that challenges, levels and motivates characters from 16-20.

Pathfinder Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber
Technotrooper wrote:
I would love to see a pre-adventure written for Slumber Tsar that goes from levels 1-6.

I'm going to use Crucible of Freya and Abysthor for this (if ST ever gets HL file support). If Lost City of Barakus or Vault of Larin Karr was PF converted I'd consider those too.

On the subject of ST, recognizing how heavy a lift the HL and d20Pro support would be, I'd even pledge to a Kickstarter that was dedicated to that project. Of course, convincing Greg to work up a couple new, preferably high level Mythic rules-centric, ST levels, specifically for such a KS, would sweeten the deal all around... they could even be digital content only, just to streamline final product distribution and avoid any late night box packing/shipping sessions by the Frogs...

Just a thought...

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Pathfinder Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Since FGG is pretty much my favorite adventure creation RPG company (even edging out Paizo for fun adventures, and tied with Fire Mountain Games, but FMG has a pretty rotten track record for sticking to promised release dates, a subject for a different thread...) I found myself recently thinking about the sorts of content I'd like to see from FGG over the next 12-24 months.

Note: My group runs campaigns totally online using d20Pro and Hero Lab files, so a lot of this revolves around electronic HL and d20Pro product support, which FGG has done better than any other RPG IMHO.

1. Pathfinder conversion of the City of Brass using the new Mythic rules: I recently started another thread on this topic here. 'Nuff said.

2. Slumbering Tsar Hero Lab files: I was HUGELY disappointed to see that the recent MindGene d20Pro Kickstarter for adding FGG content didn't include Slumbering Tsar somewhere (base reward, stretch goal, etc). Guys, I get it. ST is a MASSIVE adventure requiring a MASSIVE amount of effort to generate d20Pro maps and HL files. That's exactly why we need it. I'd pay 20$-25$ for the ST HL files, approximately twice what I paid for the Stoneheart Valley files. PLEASE figure out some way to do this. It's just too big for individual GMs to tackle ourselves. The dang book is gathering dust on my bookshelf until I can find some HL files for it. a bonus, I'd love to see some more high level stuff added to ST to help fill out the level 16-20 range content...maybe some Mythic stuff here too? Which leads me to #3...

3. A high level campaign, like for levels 11 - 20. Between City of Brass, Rappan Athuk and Slumbering Tsar, FGG has proven it has the chops to create some high quality high level content. A campaign based based around high level play would be the cat's meow. I didn't include Fane of the Fallen in that list because, even though it is listed as being for levels 13 - 18, it is probably my least favorite FGG product. Sorry, but there it is. Not every product is going to be everyone's cup of tea, and that one just left me cold.

4. The Sword of Air: You've already announced this one is in the works and I couldn't be happier about it. I'll be pledging on day 1 of the Kickstarter. All I ask, and you'll see a consistent theme here, please include a significant amount of high level content....trying to fill in gaps in content for levels 16-20 can be a *!%#^.

5. Conversions of 3.5 material: I already mentioned City of Brass but there are still some real classics to tackle after Crucible of Freya and Tomb of Abysthor (and hopefully CoB). My personal choices would be Lost City of Barakus, Trouble at Durbenford and Bard's Gate. I'm a big believer in a nice balance of new material from FGG and Pathfinder touch ups of the 3.5 classics.

Anyhoo, I'll end this like I started it: with praise. FGG is my favorite RPG company because a) you guys make great adventures that really do feel old school and b) you provide excellent electronic product support in the form of HL and d20Pro files. Whether or not you do indeed produce any of the products mentioned above (although at least the SoA is a done deal it sounds like) I am sure I will greatly enjoy whatever you guys do end up releasing!


Pathfinder Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I would tack 5$ easy onto my planned Kickstarter pledge if you included a pledge level that had a 3 hole-punched UNBOUND version of the hard copy. Sweet Baba Yaga in a Bikini it makes life SO much easier to be able to lay an adventure down flat in a 3 ring binder as opposed to destroying a bound copy by trying to push it flat.

...even though I run adventures purely online using d20Pro it still is a huge help to have a paper copy laid flat in front of me while I'm running the game through d20Pro and Ventrilo/Mumble.

Just to head this one off: yes I could print and hole-punch the pdf myself. I'd rather offer up additional dinero and have someone else's printer cartridge scream in agony, after which they get to slave over a hot 3 hole punch.


Pathfinder Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

@ Digitalelf:

Thanks for the heads up about those other products! I actually owned 'Secrets of the Lamp' but sold it quite awhile ago during a move from Michigan to Texas. Now that you've reminded me, I recall it being very good, like pretty much everything else that Wolfgang Baur produces. I did not know about the Hackmaster product.

Regardless, thanks for the info!

Pathfinder Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Bill your description of this mega-adventure/campaign really sounds amazing. You can absolutely count me in. Hopefully you can squeeze in some higher level stuff to round out the journey through the ever-troublesome 16-20 range.


Pathfinder Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Take a ride with me, my friends, on Doctor Johnny Fever's mysterious Way Back Machine! It was the summer of 2007 (or thereabouts, the Doctor's memory starts to get fuzzy after the 3rd 7&7), the housing market was getting ready to go belly up, the twin wars of Iraq and Afghanistan were raging full force, and RPGer's were only starting to come to grips with the end of Dungeon and Dragon magazines. It was pretty sad times.

There was, however, a bright spot of hope in all that doom and gloom. Necromancer Games released the amazing City of Brass boxed set at Gen Con that year, and it was good. Really good. It finally fleshed out the mythic (hold onto that word, you'll need it later) city at which the cover of the 1st edition Dungeon Master's Guide had only hinted.

Not only did it provide a massive overview of the city itself, the surrounding environs, and the many incredible beings that could be encountered there, it also presented a full campaign that could, possibly, result in an encounter between the PCs and the Sultan of the Efreet himself!!! DUHN DUHN DUHN!

Needless to say, that campaign ended up being pretty epic. Not just in the traditional 'holy smokes, it's the Avengers vs. the Justice League!' epic, either. It was epic in the DnD 3.5 level 21+ sense also.

You see, the Sultan and many in his court were such powerful beings that, in order to really stand a chance against them, ordinary PCs just weren't going to cut it...not even level 20 PCs. So, add in a dash of the DnD 3.5 Epic Level Handbook (yes, let's be honest, even with all of its warts...I'm looking at you, epic level spells) and you had PCs that finally had at least a glimmer of a wisp of a trace of a hope of living through the end of the CoB campaign (I won't go into any deeper specifics so as to avoid spoilers).

Fast forward to the summer of 2013 (such is the Doctor's power!). The DnD 3.5 rule set has been, largely but not completely, replaced by the Pathfinder rules. Necromancer Games has been, well I won't say replaced, but its niche (third edition rules, first edition feel) has been filled by Frog God Games. And now, following Gen Con 2013, Pathfinder Mythic rules have supplanted what we used to call Epic rules.

But Doctor, you say, all I'm hearing is a lot of jaw jacking and chin music! I've got new episodes of Dexter and Hell on Wheels on the DVR! Get to the point, sir!

Very well. The point, dear reader (which you already knew because you read the thread title, oh astute one), is that the time has come for the City of Brass to rise again, reborn in all of its shiny new Pathfinder Mythic rules splendor.

So, what say you, FGG? Is there hope for a City of Brass revival? Or did I spill my adult beverage all over my Bermuda shorts while typing this for naught?


Pathfinder Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber
Dark Sasha wrote:
Dr. Johnny Fever wrote:
I'm really just trying to butter Skeeter up so that he'll sweet talk Bill into green lighting a PF conversion of City of Brass now that Paizo has released Mythic rules ;-)
If Skeeter doesn't, I'll have to do my own conversions. My party will find their way into the City of Brass by hook or by crook. :)


I don't want to derail this thread too much so I'll probably start a new thread specifically begging FGG to do a PF City of Brass conversion using the Paizo Mythic rules; the CR 35 Sultan of the Efreet is basically the poster child for why Mythic rules were needed in the first place!


Pathfinder Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I'm gonna guess that this is the vehicle that they'll use to finally release a "monk 2.0" class update. We shall what we shall see...


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Pathfinder Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I'm really just trying to butter Skeeter up so that he'll sweet talk Bill into green lighting a PF conversion of City of Brass now that Paizo has released Mythic rules ;-)

Pathfinder Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I just wanted to poke my head in long enough to say thanks to the Deep Cave Frogs for knocking these files out and to FGG for caring enough to see that they got done to a high level of quality.

To put things in perspective, the two GMs for my gaming group (me and another guy) won't run adventures that don't have Hero Lab support (re: NPC stat files). We run online campaigns through d20Pro and we simply don't have enough time to do everything up from scratch.

We finished Rappan Athuk a little while ago and now we're on module 2 of Way of the Wicked only because we were able to get HL files for both campaigns. Thankfully has a great repository of HL files of nearly all Paizo adventures and a few of the really popular non-Paizo ones.

My point is that I know we're not the only group that waits to buy stuff until HL support is available. I hope that more companies show the absolutely phenomenal levels of customer support that FGG and a select few others have as well.


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Claxon wrote:

I would think that the easiest way to avoid this is since Litany of Weakness lasts for for only one round you rage for 2 rounds. Litany of Weakness ends and you're not fatigued from it. Then you end your rage and are fatigued for 4 rounds.

Claxon, you've hit the answer (to the Litany of Weakness) on the head and I'm feeling pretty dumb for not thinking of that myself. Thanks!

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Glutton wrote:

I believe Calm Emotions is one of the few things that ends rage.

edit: appears to just suppress it now for the duration.

Thread necromancy, I know, but I'm about to start Way of the Wicked with a barbarian, so I feel obligated to point out that Calm Emotions has 'Will negates' for the effects of a successful saving throw which should, I believe, trump the use of the word 'automatically' in the spell description concerning the effects of the spell on rage.

I and others have FAQ'd and FAQ'd this one but, to my knowledge, have never gotten a definitive Paizo answer. I think one time we actually got 'No response necessary' which was actually worse than not getting any response at all.

So, in the absence of a final ruling, it's hard to argue against the 'Will negates' in the save description of Calm Emotions. I can only hope that future printings or rule revisions will either a) remove the word 'automatically' from the spell description or add the text 'A barbarian failing his Will save automatically has his rage suppressed for the duration of the spell'.

I think a bigger question is, to me, what happens when a spell or effect causes a barbarian to become fatigued while raging. The rules seem pretty clear that it doesn't bring him out of rage, he just can't start a new rage if he does stop raging (until he has removed the fatigued condition). But what condition is a barbarian in when he is already fatigued and then stops raging? By RAW I think I know the answer and, quite frankly, it's pretty discouraging. I'm pretty sure the barbarian ends up being exhausted.

Situation: A level 15 barbarian, raging, is attacked by a 1st level inquisitor. The inquisitor casts Litany of Weakness on the barbarian, automatically giving him the fatigued condition, no save. The barbarian continues raging and, of course, completely destroys the inquisitor, at which point the barbarian stops raging. The fatigue caused by him ending his rage pushes the fatigue from Litany of Weakness into the exhausted condition. Hopefully the poor guy has two potions of lesser restoration on him or that 1st level inquisitor just ruined his day with a swift action, no save.

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I guess, for me, this question can be broadened to ask: "Do bite and gore attacks become secondary attacks if the primary attacks are also natural weapons (e.g. claws)?"

While I know that, in many cases, claws (and other natural weapons for that matter), do indeed count as "weapons" (thereby causing the bite/gore to become secondary attacks) there are many cases of animals that have claw/claw/bite routines where the bite remains a primary attack with no attack penalties.

Another example would be the summoner's eidolon which, IIRC, does not have attack penalties when it has both the claws and the bite evolutions. I might be wrong about that one.

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