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DrGames's page

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Full Name

Dr. Rich Staats




Definitely Male




My eyes have seen centuries


Lawful Good


Where my combat boots are


English, German, some Italian, smatterings of Arabic and Korean

Homepage URL

About DrGames

Rich Staats Bio

Rich ("Dr. Games") has been actively involved in gaming and game design since the mid to late 1970s. He has authored a number of articles on RPGs and world-design and co-authored an RPG (Khymir) with his friend, Mark E. Rogers. He taught a for credit course at MIT on World Design and frequently attends Origins and GENCON to present seminars on topics of interest to gamers, game designers, and fantasy and science fiction authors.

He has had a WWW presence in the gaming world since 1993. (At that time it was one of the top 8,000 sites - of course, that was before the advent of the steamier side of the Internet - now the site is rate in the top one billion WWW sites.) ;-)

Visit the Dr. Games site and download some fun materials The Original Dr. Games Site.

Rich enjoys visiting gaming and writing conventions and participating in presentations and panel discussions. Just ask!

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