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Danse Macabre

DrDeth's page

4,814 posts. 18 reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist.


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HenshinFanatic wrote:
DrDeth wrote:

Kender should be killed on sight, along with their players. ;-)

Tinker Gnomes aren't much better.

Agreed on Kender, but extremely disagree on Tinker Gnomes. Gnomes were already cool, Tinker Gnomes took them to the level of awesome.

The authors made bad jokes of ALL the demi-human races - except of course the glorious, brave and beautiful elves. (rolleyes) It was racial stereotyping of the worst sort.

Lacdannan wrote:
DrDeth wrote:
I disagree. The minuses should not be geometric like the pluses.

Meh. At that point it's personal preference I guess. My method makes his effective point buy a 22. Yours makes his effective point buy a 32. Knowing the stats of the other characters in the party would make the determination of which is more fair easier to make.

Either way, he may decide not to trade in his high value stats to raise his low one. In that case, don’t pull any punches as it is no longer a product of bad luck and now a conscious decision.

I agree on both of these points, even tho we disagree with the numbers.

It does make a lot of difference how the other players rolled. If a 32 pt buy is 10 pts below the lowest, then it's different than he got the highest set- other than the 3.

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Hawktitan wrote:
There needs to be a Drizzt in Golarion.

Sarenrae, no!

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Well, it depends. A single drow not hurting anyone? Then it's best to detain and question.

A drow warparty? Attack on sight before they attack you.

Lacdannan wrote:

This is a very elegant solution to the problem and I'd favor it.
6 = -6 pts
5 = -9 pts
4 = -12 pts
3 = -16 pts

I disagree. The minuses should not be geometric like the pluses.

How about
6 = -5 pts
5 = -6 pts
4 = -6 pts
3 = -6 pts

This gives our Player a chance to buck his CHA back to 8 by spending only 6 points, which means 17-16, 15-14 and 13-12. Thus, he still has basically the same PC. Still low CHA, etc.

Melkiador wrote:
Zahir ibn Mahmoud ibn Jothan wrote:

If there was no intent to permit a character to actually play with a 3 in a stat, then don't use 3d6 or 4d6 as a rolling method.

Try 2d6+6, or maybe Focus & Foible?

On the high end of things, I've done 4d6 drop lowest and reroll 1s.

But I've since decided that if I'm running the campaign, I'm going with point buy. It gives the player a lot more control over the most permanent part of their character. Rolling for stats is like having to roll for race and gender. It should be in the player's hands. If I want people stronger, then I just increase the point buy pool.

I suggest strongly giving a higher PB, but not giving any points back from dumping.

Jiggy wrote:
I cast disintegrate pet! It functions like disintegrate except it can only target animals, vermin, or outsiders. And it's 1st-level.

Are you aware that you're in the Society section of the boards?

Dynas wrote:

I will look into the critical fumble aspect, but we all really enjoy them. I also play this with the monsters as well. So if a goblin rolls a 1 (since it was early) i ruled he burned himself with his torch and died. Granted this is extreme but this was the first encounter just introducing the adventure. So it goes both ways. I have played it where my bosses have rolled 1's on attacks or spells and severely damaged themselves.

I can try without it and see how it goes.

But you see- the PC's have to deal with stuff from criticals even after the battle, whilst the NPC's dont. Unless you roll a few hundred times for each NPC to see if anything permanent occurred to them in the last few years?

"It's all fun and games until somebody puts an eye out!"

Nykrat wrote:



Kender should be killed on sight, along with their players. ;-)

Tinker Gnomes aren't much better.

Haladir wrote:

Here's a possibility: None of the PCs actually died-- they were just dropped to negative hit points. Nualia and her crew rescued them and healed them back to consciousness-- but only as prisoners to be used as living sacrifices to Lamashtu.

The PCs wake up imprisoned in Thistletop, without their gear. Go!

It will require some work on your part to figure out where they're being held, and how they can reasonably extricate themselves from that position, but it could be a really fun "jailbreak" adventure.

I REALLY hate that sort of thing.

Better yet, just have the Sorc come back with a new group of guys for revenge. They had a poorly built group and used poor tactics.

andreww wrote:
DrDeth wrote:

So, let us say 4 magic traps. 50/50 to Dispel. That's EIGHT Dispel magics- one more than even a Sorc gets. That means no Haste, no Fireball, no Fly, etc.

Any smart trap setter sets up a few cheapo alarm or similar spells or anything that will LOOK like a magic trap.

And "any chump" means someone with the skill pretty well maxed out.

So that is one of the 8 skill points the Int primary spellcaster is getting from the start. And as they gain levels they will gain more as they will be increasing their Int with level ups, something the rogue wont be doing. And they will also be investing in an Int headband so if traps do become an issue they can simply gain a maxxed out skill immediately.

Also the ability to disable magical traps is a simple level 2 spell so you don't have to bother messing around with dispel magic.

Finally if your smart trap setter is scattering around alarm spells then your rogue is completely screwed as they are not traps, cannot be detected with perception and cannot be disabled with disable device. Your advance rogue scout just alerted the enemy and engages the encounter on his own. That isn't likely to go well for him.

Well, DD is not a class skill for spellcasters, and it's DEX based, not INT based.

Waht "simple level 2 spell" is that?

Sez who? Looks like a trap to me. Besides, like I said "or similar spells". And a Rogue can easily have Detect Magic, not to mention Bards get it.

Tiny Coffee Golem wrote:
Get a wand of mount.

How do mounts open chests or doors?

What happens when the trap is set to blow up where the party is?

What happens if the trap is set to destroy the goods if set off?

And if it's a alarm type trap, you have done exactly what they wanted- congratulations!

This is creative thinking and should work once.

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Dynas wrote:

Then later he rolled a natural one on a grapple check and I added the disease again. ( i normally dont do this b/c of the stack effect) However i added it this time b/c we have a house rule that "bad" stuff happens on a natural one. you drop your weapon, your bow string breaks, etc... seeing as he had no weapon this is what i thought of.

This is your problem right there. Critical fumble rules are a abomination, and this is a great example.

I can't blame the guy for dumping since they were rolled. (PS, we have a rule that if you do roll, 1's are 2's.).

Just ask him- would he rather bring in a new PC, or just have him saved by DM fiat? "Shillelu wanders by: Oh, I see you have Goblin Dog rot, here', I have a herb that can fix it."

thegreenteagamer wrote:
Abraham spalding wrote:
thegreenteagamer wrote:

I second the wand of mount/SM1/etc.

Every time I throw traps at the party in my games, they, despite having no rogue, archaeologist, urban ranger, etc., find a way to disable it. They get creative. And that's just when it's mechanical.

When it's magical, they just hit it with dispel.

in some cases the mechanical ones are harder as you cannot just dispel them.
Yep. But they're the ones that don't require trapfinding. Thus, any spellcaster will fill the role of "trapfinding" rather easily. Any chump with ranks in disable device can handle the rest.

So, let us say 4 magic traps. 50/50 to Dispel. That's EIGHT Dispel magics- one more than even a Sorc gets. That means no Haste, no Fireball, no Fly, etc.

Any smart trap setter sets up a few cheapo alarm or similar spells or anything that will LOOK like a magic trap.

And "any chump" means someone with the skill pretty well maxed out.

SteelDraco wrote:

Pathfinder money doesn't make a bit of sense, really. Fundamentally, there are two economies going on in a game of Pathfinder.

1. Real people money, where most things are priced in copper and silver. A gold piece is a decent pile of money (roughly speaking a day's labor, based on the Profession skill with one rank in it making you 7 gp/week), and platinum are quite rare. Beer costs a few coppers, a nice dinner a few silvers,...

2. Adventurer money, where all of that is completely irrelevant. Copper and silver coins are essentially meaningless, used only for bribing peasants. Even meager 1st level hauls will value in the dozens of gold, weeks worth of work for a common laborer. Of course, you may die bleeding in a ditch with a goblin arrow sticking out of your neck, but if you don't, you live like a king in comparison to the other guy from your village that took over his father's pig-slop business.

And if you look at Spain during the Conquistador period, that makes sense. The colonies and ports were swimming in gold, with triple digit inflation, etc. Same as The Yukon, etc.

Some people just love this trivia, they would far rather collect and write down things like "slightly flawed agate carved into square worth 2gp" than "2gp".

It's harmless and they have fun.

What I do is have my PC collect little bags full of copper & silver, then drop these if pursued or for bribes or gifts or for beggars. Great RP thing.

Michael Smith 978 wrote:
DrDeth wrote:
Michael Smith 978 wrote:

With that many points, the only way I could make a character that was battle effective in my designated role as party tank and that was to take a hit to one of those stats.

Here's your build:

STR- 16 (14+2 human)
DEX- 10
CON- 15
INT- 10
WIS- 8
CHA- 16

Simple, that 15 in CON is useless. Take those two points, and you can have your WIS back to 10.

CON 15 is useless at level 1, yes, but my plan was to boost it to 16 when I got a new attribute point at level 4. That way, by level 20 I'd have an 18 in STR and CHA, and a 16 in CON. Serious question, then: Can I get by with a CON of 14 all the way until level 20, or am I better off getting it up to 16?

14 is just fine. Of course, you'll get a few magic items that boost it later.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Scavion wrote:

Meh. Traps are two dice rolls and some damage that only 1 player can participate in besides setting off the trap through magic or other means.

I think they're a poor game mechanic at best.

Ah then my friend, you haven't run in the classic days with dungeon chock full or deadly and fun Gygaxian traps, such as Tomb of Horrors. Ah those were the days. You guys have been spoiled by Pathfinder APs, where indeed traps are mostly "weak sauce". "Just take the hit" doesn't work if "the hit" teleports the PC nude into a pit full of nasties.

I am a proponent of the Rogue class*, but with those tanks (who need boosting) and no arcane caster, then yes, go for the Archaeologist bard.

While it true that things like summoned critters can find a few traps (and are even the best way to disarm a few) and diabolical DM worth his salt can easily design traps that will foil that idea.

For example, a chest full of scrolls soaked in oil with a explosive runes spell.

* of course!

Coriat wrote:
andreww wrote:

I have to wonder what all these buff spells that you are casting during combat are which are worth the standard action?

Our party bard left a bit ago so there's going to be some reshuffling, but previously the most common buff spells cast on another PC or the group using an actual in-combat action were (in rough order of frequency as far as I can remember):

good hope, gallant inspiration, saving finale, haste, heal, heroic finale.

I would say about half those are of notable concern to a superstitious barbarian. Now, 2/3 of them are bard-only, you may note, so perhaps of much less concern to a barbarian in a different party. I think it would certainly be fair to say that a bard in the party changes the Superstitious question in a way that no other class does.

Right. Also Tport or DD for when you have to beat a emergency retreat.BLESSING OF FERVOR. DELAY POISON. AIR BUBBLE. RESIST ENERGY, COMMUNAL (which is often cast in combat once you learn they have a nasty elemental attack)

The various Cure & healing spells.

But yes, I agree, we have Bards. Bards change things.

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Ssalarn wrote:

That could go on for a while, but long story short, if skills had the kind of quadratic growth that we've seen in a lot of fantasy culture and that spells have by default, a lot of the discrepancies would be resolved.

Right. While I don't buy into the whole martial/caster disparity issue (at least at commonly played levels) I 100% agree I'd like to see skills scale better. The Skill tricks from 3.5 would be nice as well as stuff like the Lorecall spells (but make them feats).

I want to see something very special kick in at 10 ranks. Hmm, to make them mix with PF as written how about when you get 10 ranks in a skill you get a Ki point and free access to a related Ki talent? Gliding Steps* with Acrobatics.

Spider Step with Climb.

* the qinggong monk Ki ability here, which yes, grants the feat if you burn a Ki point.

Fromper wrote:

I min/max stats a little more than the OP, even going so far as probably going angelkin aasimar *hangs head in shame*. I know, I know - I feel a little cheesy doing it. But it does fit well, both mechanically and for fluff. Here's what I'm thinking for stats:

Str: 18 (10, +2 racial)
Dex: 10
Con: 14 (5)
Int: 12 (2)
Wis: 7 (-4)
Cha: 17 (7, +2 racial)

Please read back and note that several of us have argued strongly that dumping WIS is a very bad idea.

Yep, perception.

OP, you make a point- Escape Artist is a skill where you either MAX it like heck or skip it.

But Dual Minded is likely better than adaptability. It's even better than Iron Will.

voska66 wrote:

Paladin's dump stat is Wisdom. They have a Good Wil save and Divine Grace at 2nd level. At an 8 he have a +5 will save at 2nd level. That's not too shabby for 2nd level and it just goes up from there. I'd be more worried about the 10 dex and poor reflex save.

Meh. Paladins have plenty of HP. Failing a Reflex save just means burning a LOH. Failing a Will save means you either sit out the combat or attack your own party.

Until you make every Will save on a 2, there's no such thing as a "too high" Will save.

I don't see a question here. Other than the rare mix of Bbn and bard it makes no difference. We all agree that it doesn't matter in many cases what your Performance skill # is, right? That a higher skill doesn;t help, right?

We agree that you must be "performing" i.e. making noise or dancing or something, right? Must be audible or visible, right?

Lemmy wrote:

But Fighter is a deeply flawed and extremely limited class. .

In your opinion.

I have several issues with this comparo, and one is Superstition. It's highly situational and varies by group. If a group likes to use lots of in combat buff spells, and has longer combats where healing will be necessary, Superstition is a trap.

In any case, Superstition has bad stuff to go along with the good. Just counted the Good is not fair.

We run it exactly like that, so yeah, no problemo. RAW does not say, but RAI seems to go with what you say, otherwise what use would it be?

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Chyrone wrote:

Carnival of tears, my fighter crits a brownie and got the privilege to describe in detail what it looked like.

I crited a brownie just a while ago, it was served with vanilla ice cream and delicious. ;-)

Demoyn wrote:

So you've NEVER had a rogue, or a sorcerer with bluff, or a barbarian that uses intimidate (torture) as a means to extract information from prisoners, or a diviner that figures out the enemy before you have the proof to break into his house, or..... any NUMBER of other prototypical character concepts that don't mesh with a paladin's code? Congratulations. You have an atypical gaming group. That makes your statement completely unhelpful for a vast majority of gaming groups, and downright offensive for a PFS discussion.

Rogues are fine, Bards can bluff and lie all they want to (But my Paladin can't), Intimidate is not an issue until you actually start torturing (which is Evil), and Divination spells are certainly no issue.

And, your last statement is rather egocentric.

So, let me tell you this (other than a couple of one shots where we actually had a evil guy in the party with a paladin for a quick one day quest) no, not in my forty years of gaming has the party had to conceal things from the Paladin. And that's been with dozens of groups, not just one. And TOZ is a very experienced gamer, who is one of the most respected posters on this board (altho sure, we disagree sometimes). So there's two of us- who is "atypical" then? "Vast Majority"? Really?

Michael Smith 978 wrote:

With that many points, the only way I could make a character that was battle effective in my designated role as party tank and that was to take a hit to one of those stats.

Here's your build:

STR- 16 (14+2 human)
DEX- 10
CON- 15
INT- 10
WIS- 8
CHA- 16

Simple, that 15 in CON is useless. Take those two points, and you can have your WIS back to 10.

Demoyn wrote:

On top of that, you're still not giving respect to the fact that a typical party needs to be able to trick the paladin so they can accomplish goals without being hindered by his paladin code. That ALONE is reason to dump wisdom into the dirt.

"Typical" party? Nope, we don't play that way.

David Bowles wrote:
Well, from examining the thread carefully, it appears that summoner is the hands down favorite, with gunslinger number two. I understand the reasoning behind the summoner, I just don't understand why animal companions get a free pass from the posting community.

You have ONE companion, which is not infinitely customizable. Eidolons are also way more powerful than animal companions.

But let's not say "a free pass"- in games with 6+ players, some rule no companions, and every experienced DM sez that if you have one, you must know it's stats and don't drag out your turn.

A Druid also doesn't get bonus standard action summonings. It doesn't seem like a big deal- Std action vs one round, but it is. After the Eidolon is dead, a Summoner can & will spam Monster Summoning like crazy.

Good blog, Tark.

This point: "The Caster-Martial Partnership

Martials do not so much protect and screen for their casters as simply exist as living battlefield control capable of finishing a fight. These same martials make excellent targets for buffs that increase their capacity to control the field and destroy the opponent."

is what I have been saying all along. Actually, I'll say it stronger- there is no real Caster-Martial disparity in a team that understands this point.

Yes, no doubt that a Wizard with Fly has more options- but one of the best options is to cast Fly on the martial PC. 4 wizards with Fly are not more useful than one wizard with Fly.

Blaster-casters are one of the worst caster options. Battlefield control and buffing are much better. Let the martial kill the bad guy- you're better than that.

Sure for some players, playing the martial is boring, no doubt. But other players hate playing casters and want to do DPR. This is the great thing about PF & D&D- so many options.

Ssalarn wrote:
DrDeth wrote:
archmagi1 wrote:

Ranger: MADDEST of the MAD classes (Pal's too, but they're funner). CLR is bad with 3 MAD's, but ranger needs 4 if he's gonna be ranged!

Well, nigh everyone needs CON, and yes, Rangers need Dex & STR. Wis, yes, you can't dump, I'd want a 12.

You can dump CHA and Int only needs a 10.

But the same could be said of just about any martial class, except the Paladin, who can't dump CHA, and only needs a 10 in Wis.

Cleric to me has only two - WIS & CHA. (Other than Con, which nearly every class needs).

I always thought Ranger and Paladin were two of the least MAD of the martial classes. Paladin gets heavy armor, swift action self-healing, and adds CHA to saves so he really only needs STR and CHA, and the Ranger's ability to skip prereqs can be really helpful in reducing the important of either STR or DEX to his build.

Cleric is the one that I always think of as MAD because I always want them to have enough STR and CON to wear medium armor and swing a weapon, as well as good CHA and WIS, but I suppose they're really just one of those classes where they can do so much you need to take a deep breath, pick two, and focus on that.

True, but we were talking archer builds, some folks like pally archers, and then they need DEX, and some str.

But yeah, a basic Pally can max out CHA, put a decent # (14? 16? later 18) in STR, and a 12 in CON, not dump others and is good to go. I suppose a 12 DEX and maybe Dodge is good in games where you might face a lot of touch attacks.

Right about clerics, you have casters, channelers and melee. Caster & Channelers are a different cleric than melee.

In find that as soon as the cleric can cast mid- level spells, the caster is best. Leave the melee to the BBn.

blackbloodtroll wrote:

Same here with the Warlock.

Nothing was easier to pass to the newer player who wanted to "blast it magic", than the Warlock.

You can do this now with the Thundercaller Bard.

archmagi1 wrote:

Ranger: MADDEST of the MAD classes (Pal's too, but they're funner). CLR is bad with 3 MAD's, but ranger needs 4 if he's gonna be ranged!

Well, nigh everyone needs CON, and yes, Rangers need Dex & STR. Wis, yes, you can't dump, I'd want a 12.

You can dump CHA and Int only needs a 10.

But the same could be said of just about any martial class, except the Paladin, who can't dump CHA, and only needs a 10 in Wis.

Cleric to me has only two - WIS & CHA. (Other than Con, which nearly every class needs).

Summoners, hands down.

I personally don't care for guns in a Fantasy setting but the Gunslinger class is OK.

Rûmlin, Dwarven Barrister wrote: have a special ability to automatically make a Will save to avoid posting something you know is going to be contentious and post something a Wisdom check tells you might be funny instead.

Not to say that the Wisdom check will be successful and that it actually will be funny (or less contentious than what you avoided posting), but still, you *tried*.

I seem to always fail that Will save....

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Kajehase wrote:
Could be Polish or Czech too.

But not Hawaiian. ;-)

You know, we should get the Welsh and Hawaiians together!

It's so sad seeing Welsh children sing "Old MacDonald" and get to the E-I-E-I-O part....

Lenthalia wrote:

I've got a 5 intelligence Demon-Spawn Tiefling I'm going to be using in PFS. Now, since it's PFS, I could in most cases simply ignore my intelligence, as it has no effect in PFS outside of skill points and other direct numerical things.

However, I don't want to do this, and would actually like to make something fun out of the fact that my character is mentally challenged.

Now, if we assume that the majority of the common folk are generated via 3d6 methods, that means that he's dumber than 96.7% of the populace.


For Golarion, this is incorrect. About one NPC in six has a Int of 8, other than a few set-pieces, that's the lowest. In other words, folks in Golarion are NOT rolled 3d6 but use the standard array (13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8) or Elite array.

Now, as far as acting stupid, this gets very old, very quick. Suitable for a Toon! game, but not D&D.

Also, they may be folks at your table that will be offended by this.

Well, we had excellent luck with the Zen archer.

The Qinggong monk really works well. Take a few things to boost your ki.

25 pts should give you a decent monk.

Who else is in the party? The Sensei (for example) can replace a Bard on some levels.

2 people marked this as a favorite.
zylphryx wrote:
Conman the Bardbarian wrote:
zylphryx wrote:
TOZ wrote:
That Gruumash is pretty awesome, I hear.

Gruumash ., TOZ. Gruumash ..

Why do I feel like I am typing out some weird variant on Morse code?

Too many vowels for you?

Where have I seen you before?

Vowels are a figment of your imagination ... they serve no purpose other than to make words pronounceable.

You're Welsh!?! ;-)

3 people marked this as a favorite.
Secret Wizard wrote:

4. ALIGNMENT RESTRICTION Biggest turn-off there is. All deities want their champion, why are there just LG paladins?

There' are plenty of them: Inquisitors can be any alignment. Some Cavaliers. Some Rangers. Warrior-priests. Some clerics. Some oracles. The Anti-paladin.

Why does a holy warrior have to be NAMED Paladin? Paladin is the name for the LG Holy Warrior.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Many great posters here, even if I often disagree.

First the Staff:
James Jacobs
Sean K. Reynolds & Ross Byers (they still post even tho not working FT with Paizo)
Jessica Price
Mark Seifter & the PDT.

I hope I didn't miss anyone?

Treatmonk (Great guides, but I wish he wouldn't dump so much!)
Tacticslion (long winded but fun)
Deathquaker (a voice of reason)
Cheapy (super helpful)
Mark Hoover
RavingDork ...well, sometimes ;-)
Experiment 626 (Stitch!)
Thomas Long
Captain K
Peter Stewart
Joe M.
Bob Loblaw

There are also a few posters who have moments of genius but get too personal when disagreed with. You guys know who you are. So, I respect your useful posts and brilliance, but wish you wouldn't make so much work for Chris, Liz & Sara. Not going to name names here.

Mind you, I often argue too strenuously, so mea culpa and get off my lawn!!

Hmm, the Hexblade was a rather cool idea. This could be done by a Magus with hexes instead of spells.

Zhayne wrote:


4e's Warlord was my most favorite class ever. I could literally play one of those every game for the rest of my life and love every second of it.

Cool class indeed. So was the Invoker.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
swifthunter420 wrote:
that is a good question im not sure what im gonna take yet i might jump human for bonus feat and take point blank shot. how many do you get its none right unless you get bonus by class or race right?

Right. It's kind a toss up. With Human you get two feats. With Half-elf you get one feat and one other which is fixed as either Skill Focus (meh) or +2 to Will saves (slightly better that Iron will since it stacks)

But Half-elf gets Low light vision. That could be very nice as a scout.

Also these:"Elven Immunities: Half-elves are immune to magic sleep effects and get a +2 racial saving throw bonus against enchantment spells and effects.

Keen Senses: Half-elves receive a +2 racial bonus on Perception skill checks."

Aren't bad at all. Yes, Humans get one extra SkP per level, but that +2 to perception is better for the first few levels.

And that +2 vs enchantments and Dual Minded will make up for poor Will saves for a while.

Do take PB shot. Then PA, then Precise shot.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
swifthunter420 wrote:

and stats are

str 13
we are using 15 point buil

Hmm, that's only 14 pts (I assume you start with 14 in DEX then bump it to 16 with your racial bonus) and Rangers can get by with only a 10 in INT.

str 14

str 14

swifthunter420 wrote:
i got 7 point i took survival perception stealth knowledge nature i put in each nature

Good choices.

Remember you also get one extra pt for favored class, but I'd suggest putting that in Hit points.

You get adaptability racial trait= skill focus as a half-elf, put that in Perception. Unless-
However, "Dual Minded: The mixed ancestry of some half-elves makes them resistant to mental attacks. Half-elves with this racial trait get a +2 bonus on all Will saving throws. This racial trait replaces the adaptability racial trait."

That would be better. Will Saves are weak in Rangers.

Will you get Traits?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Well, then you have either Bard, magus or Sorcerer.

I like the Starsoul bloodline, since you dont need a blaster.

The Magician Bard could be fun.

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