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Danse Macabre

DrDeth's page

4,814 posts. 18 reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist.

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8 people marked this as a favorite.
Hawktitan wrote:
There needs to be a Drizzt in Golarion.

Sarenrae, no!

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Well, it depends. A single drow not hurting anyone? Then it's best to detain and question.

A drow warparty? Attack on sight before they attack you.

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Dynas wrote:

Then later he rolled a natural one on a grapple check and I added the disease again. ( i normally dont do this b/c of the stack effect) However i added it this time b/c we have a house rule that "bad" stuff happens on a natural one. you drop your weapon, your bow string breaks, etc... seeing as he had no weapon this is what i thought of.

This is your problem right there. Critical fumble rules are a abomination, and this is a great example.

I can't blame the guy for dumping since they were rolled. (PS, we have a rule that if you do roll, 1's are 2's.).

Just ask him- would he rather bring in a new PC, or just have him saved by DM fiat? "Shillelu wanders by: Oh, I see you have Goblin Dog rot, here', I have a herb that can fix it."

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Scavion wrote:

Meh. Traps are two dice rolls and some damage that only 1 player can participate in besides setting off the trap through magic or other means.

I think they're a poor game mechanic at best.

Ah then my friend, you haven't run in the classic days with dungeon chock full or deadly and fun Gygaxian traps, such as Tomb of Horrors. Ah those were the days. You guys have been spoiled by Pathfinder APs, where indeed traps are mostly "weak sauce". "Just take the hit" doesn't work if "the hit" teleports the PC nude into a pit full of nasties.

I am a proponent of the Rogue class*, but with those tanks (who need boosting) and no arcane caster, then yes, go for the Archaeologist bard.

While it true that things like summoned critters can find a few traps (and are even the best way to disarm a few) and diabolical DM worth his salt can easily design traps that will foil that idea.

For example, a chest full of scrolls soaked in oil with a explosive runes spell.

* of course!

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Ssalarn wrote:

That could go on for a while, but long story short, if skills had the kind of quadratic growth that we've seen in a lot of fantasy culture and that spells have by default, a lot of the discrepancies would be resolved.

Right. While I don't buy into the whole martial/caster disparity issue (at least at commonly played levels) I 100% agree I'd like to see skills scale better. The Skill tricks from 3.5 would be nice as well as stuff like the Lorecall spells (but make them feats).

I want to see something very special kick in at 10 ranks. Hmm, to make them mix with PF as written how about when you get 10 ranks in a skill you get a Ki point and free access to a related Ki talent? Gliding Steps* with Acrobatics.

Spider Step with Climb.

* the qinggong monk Ki ability here, which yes, grants the feat if you burn a Ki point.

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Chyrone wrote:

Carnival of tears, my fighter crits a brownie and got the privilege to describe in detail what it looked like.

I crited a brownie just a while ago, it was served with vanilla ice cream and delicious. ;-)

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Kajehase wrote:
Could be Polish or Czech too.

But not Hawaiian. ;-)

You know, we should get the Welsh and Hawaiians together!

It's so sad seeing Welsh children sing "Old MacDonald" and get to the E-I-E-I-O part....

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zylphryx wrote:
Conman the Bardbarian wrote:
zylphryx wrote:
TOZ wrote:
That Gruumash is pretty awesome, I hear.

Gruumash ., TOZ. Gruumash ..

Why do I feel like I am typing out some weird variant on Morse code?

Too many vowels for you?

Where have I seen you before?

Vowels are a figment of your imagination ... they serve no purpose other than to make words pronounceable.

You're Welsh!?! ;-)

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Secret Wizard wrote:

4. ALIGNMENT RESTRICTION Biggest turn-off there is. All deities want their champion, why are there just LG paladins?

There' are plenty of them: Inquisitors can be any alignment. Some Cavaliers. Some Rangers. Warrior-priests. Some clerics. Some oracles. The Anti-paladin.

Why does a holy warrior have to be NAMED Paladin? Paladin is the name for the LG Holy Warrior.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Many great posters here, even if I often disagree.

First the Staff:
James Jacobs
Sean K. Reynolds & Ross Byers (they still post even tho not working FT with Paizo)
Jessica Price
Mark Seifter & the PDT.

I hope I didn't miss anyone?

Treatmonk (Great guides, but I wish he wouldn't dump so much!)
Tacticslion (long winded but fun)
Deathquaker (a voice of reason)
Cheapy (super helpful)
Mark Hoover
RavingDork ...well, sometimes ;-)
Experiment 626 (Stitch!)
Thomas Long
Captain K
Peter Stewart
Joe M.
Bob Loblaw

There are also a few posters who have moments of genius but get too personal when disagreed with. You guys know who you are. So, I respect your useful posts and brilliance, but wish you wouldn't make so much work for Chris, Liz & Sara. Not going to name names here.

Mind you, I often argue too strenuously, so mea culpa and get off my lawn!!

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swifthunter420 wrote:
that is a good question im not sure what im gonna take yet i might jump human for bonus feat and take point blank shot. how many do you get its none right unless you get bonus by class or race right?

Right. It's kind a toss up. With Human you get two feats. With Half-elf you get one feat and one other which is fixed as either Skill Focus (meh) or +2 to Will saves (slightly better that Iron will since it stacks)

But Half-elf gets Low light vision. That could be very nice as a scout.

Also these:"Elven Immunities: Half-elves are immune to magic sleep effects and get a +2 racial saving throw bonus against enchantment spells and effects.

Keen Senses: Half-elves receive a +2 racial bonus on Perception skill checks."

Aren't bad at all. Yes, Humans get one extra SkP per level, but that +2 to perception is better for the first few levels.

And that +2 vs enchantments and Dual Minded will make up for poor Will saves for a while.

Do take PB shot. Then PA, then Precise shot.

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swifthunter420 wrote:

and stats are

str 13
we are using 15 point buil

Hmm, that's only 14 pts (I assume you start with 14 in DEX then bump it to 16 with your racial bonus) and Rangers can get by with only a 10 in INT.

str 14

str 14

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Well, then you have either Bard, magus or Sorcerer.

I like the Starsoul bloodline, since you dont need a blaster.

The Magician Bard could be fun.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I want a druidic caster a little like the 3.5 Spirit Shaman who cast druid spells, but does't shape shift or have a animal companion.

Maybe a oracle subtype?

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Artanthos wrote:
Have fun spending days at a time sitting in town after every fight.

Yep. Maybe find another game?

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Thomas Long 175 wrote:

Except if he leaves now without making the promise then they die when its completely within his power to stop it and if he comes back later and attacks after making the promise then he lied.

It's not within his power. It's the orc's choice, not the paladins.

And since the orc is clearly crazy and evil, there's no saying the the orc won;t kill them anyway.

Look "Do something evil or I kill this puppy" doesn't make a Paladin fall, it never has.

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Orthos wrote:

Players say: "....."

Players mean: "None of all of us put ranks in social skills. We're all playing brooding loners."

In a group.

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LazarX wrote:

IF a PFS Paladin falls, it's due to either a lousy GM or more likely, a willful Player.

In forty years I have never had a Paladin fall, unless it was something I wanted.

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Blackvial wrote:
Marroar Gellantara wrote:
People are just pointing out how the code doesn't actually work.
the code works fine as long as you don't play with a literalist dm

The code works fine as long as you don't play with a Dick DM.

Don't play with Dicks. Don't be a Dick.

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Thomas Long 175 wrote:
DrDeth wrote:
Lord Twig wrote:
After some very good arguments it does appear to me that by RAW there are indeed situations where rigidly following the paladin code would be Evil and therefore cause a paladin to fall, but breaking the code in order to not do Evil would also cause the paladin to fall.
Nothing has come even close to convincing me of that. There is no time where "rigidly following the paladin code would be Evil". As Evil is defined in PF.
Yeah, but we all know you're a stubborn old codger DD. :P You wouldn't accept something that goes against your nostalgia if it was written in bold print right on the first page of the core rulebook :P

I resemble that remark! ;-)

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Ashiel wrote:
Lord Twig wrote:
I am being something of a devil's advocate, but not entirely. In the Book of Exalted Deeds (for 3.5 admittedly)
3.0 actually, not 3.5. Likewise, the Book of Exalted Deeds is one of the worst books ever published. ... It and its sister, the Book of Vile Darkness

You have it backwards. BoED is 3.5 BoVD is 3.0 - but supposedly compatible.

And, personally, I like the BoED.

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Ashiel wrote:

A Paladin finds some innocent refugees in a cave that the party was exploring. Later, he encounters some soldiers of a rival seeking said refugees and they ask him if he has seen any.

He can now...
Not say anything about the refugees while knowing they are there, which is a lie of omission. Or he can say "I haven't seen anyone like that," which is also a lie. Or he could do something really awesome and say, "I wish I'd seen refugees. The only thing I've had the misfortune of crossing today was a nest of ankhegs in a nearby cave; and let me tell you sir, running in this armor is not an easy task!"

In all three cases the Paladin falls, even though he's keeping up with the spirit of the code.

In the first one, he does NOT fall. "act with honor (not lying..) does not mean "Being a blabbermouth."

He can change the subject, he can refuse to answer.

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LazarX wrote:

But as a result the Anti-Paladin winds up being more party friendly than the Paladin.


Party with Paladin= Don't be evil murderhoboes.

Which no mature adult wants to do anyway, except maybe as a change of pace.

Antipaladin: Wake up dead as he has sacrificed you in your sleep.

Which is more party friendly again?

2 people marked this as a favorite.

I have found that a PC tank can beat a Eidolon, but it's darn close.

But a eidolon can beat a animal companion just about every time.

Showing builds won't prove anything unless you can show every possible combo.

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Lifat wrote:
DrDeth wrote:
Nefreet wrote:
Sadly there is no trait that can give thread necromancers Perception as a class skill.

There's no need for the snark.

This question has been asked many times.

Don't think it was intended as a snark as much as a joke, granted at your expense but still.

Well, I suppose, I am Doktor Deth after all.... ;-)

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Anzyr wrote:
If you can't find a summon on your list with Restoration, or your party cleric can't be trusted, I think you have bigger problems. I absolutely have ways to mitigate the 50 STR damage I take when I cast free Wishes,

Doe your DM really allow you to get Unlimited Free wishes from Blood Money? If so, I think you have bigger problems than I.

6 people marked this as a favorite.

There's been a number of threads on this.

The Summoner is not Over powered, but the Master Summoner may be.

The Summoner is a huge spotlight hog, and takes a lot of table time. This can be reduced by rules such as you must have the summoned monster ready to go, etc. Still, extra work for the DM, takes table time from the other players. "Not cricket, wot?"

The Eidolon is very easy to mis-calculate, almost every build I have seen is wrong, and 90% of the time wrong in favor of being over-powered. More work for the DM.

The class gets some of the best spells a level early, which hugely offsets it's "only" 6 level casting.

The synthesist is a rule nitemare, more FAQ & errata than any similar class. Not for beginners, and a lot of extra work for the DM.

And I agree with James Jacobs in that it's flavor is off. It should not have been a "build your own monster' so much.

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Zhayne wrote:

I'm a big, huge, giant fan of letting players play whatever they want. To me, the answer is obviously 'tailor the adventures to their limitations', as well as tailoring the rules to their limitations (for example, making self-healing more efficient if they have no healer) if necessary.

This strikes me as a complete no-brainer. A GM is supposed to challenge a party, which mandates that the challenges be appropriate to the party's abilities. This is called being fair, one of the most important things a GM can do.

The DM has done everything reasonable in this case. He has encouraged casters, etc, and even offered quests which the party is better suited for.

The party has refused.

They need to learn some elementary tactics and not be coddled.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Let them play their game.

The only way they will learn is by doing.

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Lemmy wrote:
While I'm glad to see this spell nerfed (It was broken as hell!), this FAQ is the last nail on the Sorcerer's coffin. I doubt I'll ever see one being played again.

Yeah, 'cause the Sorcerer was never played before that book came out.

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MartialMadness wrote:

There is only one term that is tanking. It's origins are based in MUDs and is supported by searching the etymology. If it existed before this the etymology would say as much.

Umm, no. Like I said, I was around back then, and heavily armored fighters were called tanks back in OD&D days, I even remember one named Sherman.

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Imbicatus wrote:
On the "No Evil" thing... Lawful Evil can work quite well with a good group, as long as you make it abundantly clear that no PvP will be tolerated.

Sure, but again, not something a new DM should try.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
MartialMadness wrote:


Tanking does not exist in worlds with sentient beings. It's a mechanism of video games where the system doesn't allow free thought.

Publius Horatius Cocles would disagree. So would Leonidas.

The Viking who held Stamford Bridge would disagree.

Look, all you have to do when "tanking" in D&D is force the enemy to come thru *YOU* *IF* they want to attack.

Yes, I know the MUD mechanism where a "tank" actually makes all the foes come to him doesn't exist much in D&D.

So? The term "tanking" existed long before there were any MUD's. It's been used since OD&D. You put a heavy armored fighting man in a narrow corridor and the foe has to get past him in order to get to the wizard who is laying down the hurt. No narrow corridor? The wizard uses battlefield control spells so there IS a choke point. See "The God Wizard"

So yeah "MUD Tanking" doesn't work in D&D much. Nor does Panzer tanking like in WWII.

But D&D tanking works just fine, and since we're playing D&D, not Panzers or MUD's, that's what we're talking about.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

1. Don't allow Evil (or CN that are really evil) alignments.

2. No "murderhoboes"- tell your players you want heroes.

3. Allow only limited books to start- Core, RPG, then allow more as the games goes on.

4. Allow limited number of figures per Player.

5. Railroading is Bad- showing a clearly marked trail is Good.

6. D&D is a Game, the object of a Game is to have Fun.

7. Don't split the party, this leads to half the fun and twice the work for you, the DM.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Player does the build, DM has editing and veto power.

Two things to watch out for- the cohort should not be a "crafting machine". Dont allow the cohort to just be a tool to make mgaic items cheap for the PC's. Potions, sure, why not?

And, did you actually mean ALL four PC's are gonna get Leadership?!?

You need to control the number of figures on the board during battles or they will bog down like crazy.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Well, Ok, OP, if your alchemist fell into the pit, would you think it's OK for the DM to rule all your bombs & alchemical stuff to go off, your potions smash, etc?

No. I think that the rules indicate that such stuff must be triggered, which is part of the attack action.

Thus, just dropping them doesn't necessarily set them off.

You just have to take attack options, but of course dropping them would give a bonus to hit.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Always, off to Monty Python land....

4 people marked this as a favorite.
Sissyl wrote:

DM says: "She comes up close and whispers to you 'why don't we go somewhere more... private'"

DM means: "You've been hitting on everything vaguely female with a pulse (and in one case, without), here's a succubus for you to play with."

DM sez: "You see a beautiful scantily clad woman chained to the dungeon wall"

DM means: "More succubus!"

(This is where genre savvy is valuable)

DM sez: "I want to run a super low magic E6 campaign."
DM means: "Stuff like teleport hurts my brain, I can only think linearly. Besides if I let you guys have too much power you might escape from the railroad I have set up. So suck it, I am entirely in control."

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I increased point buy, but I do not allow any points back from dumping. This solves most issues.

I have considered a Max 16 in Casting stat pre-racial. Hmm, maybe a max 16 post racial.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Hospitally Pally can heal and tank. It's really good.

But the best Healer is the Life oracle. You can also combine the two into a "Oradin".

The best tactics for a "healer' is to buff more than heal, but be the BEST healer when you need to heal.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Zardnaar wrote:

1. The natural spell feat.
2. Scaling buff spells and quantity/stacking of buff spells.
3. Wand of cure light wounds/knock etc in particular.
4. Cheap/easy magic item creation and/or purchasing power.
5. Number bloat/complexity.
6/ +16/+11/+6/+1, 4 attacks at +16 is fine by me.
7. Bonus strength damage via power attack/two handed weapons.
8. Large gaps in fort/ref/will saves.
9. Spell DCs over 20.
10. Unlimited ability score progression.
11. Fighters with only 2 skill points (house ruled to 4 IMC).

None of those are iconic.

Iconic is Alignments, Vancian casting (at least for some classes), levels, and such like.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
blackbloodtroll wrote:


Are you saying those that struggle with Rogues are those that are not "playing right" because they don't have extensive system mastery, and min-max the crap out of them, but straight up complain if any other build, comparing itself to the Rogue, is even min-maxed at all?

Look, love it, or hate it, there is not a single role, effect, or skill, that the Rogue can do better than anyone else.


Not even Sneak Attack.

I don't see many threads where (in actual play) folks "struggle" with rogues.

Of course, some level of system mastery helps every build. Heck, many call out the Wizard as the most powerful class in the game, but dayammm you can make a worthless wizard really easy. Rogues are practically foolproof in comparison.

So? Oracles can beat clerics and sorcs can beat wizards.

And, it's rather hard to build a better trapfinder.

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