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Doug's Workshop's page

RPG Superstar 6 Season Star Voter. 881 posts. 2 reviews. 2 lists. 1 wishlist.

Full Name

You may call me Mr. Workshop


Human (American)


Middle Class / 14


With an avatar like that, do you think I'm female?


Big enough


Old enough to know better

Special Abilities

Too many to list.


varies. No sugar brings out Evil. Feed me pizza and Good emerges


Disciple of the Dark Gods of Chemistry.


Midwest, United States


Swearing in other languages is fun. Unless a listener knows those languages. I'll never swear in Spanish again.


Sciencey stuff, computery stuff. Smart person stuff.

Homepage URL

About Doug's Workshop

Doug's Workshop came about because Doug needed a workshop in which to paint his miniatures. For a long time Doug's Workshop was Doug's Dance Studio, but a series of drunken binges and lots of money spent on dance competitions meant that Doug couldn't continue his competitive dance career.

I know, a gamer who dances. Next you'll expect to see flying porcine creatures. But it's true. He's taught couples dancing, he's competed, and when he watches "Dancing With The Stars" he knows where all the missed leads and follows were. Yes, he can dance the girl's part too (that's "following" for the uninitiated).

These days, Doug's Workshop squeezes out a few miniatures a year, but more and more of his time is eaten up by his sons, his wife, and his homestead. Side note: poison ivy is the most tenacious weed on the planet.

Warning: Do not visit his blog. Your head might explode. You've been warned.

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