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Must away -- more in a few hours. Feel free to discuss, but again, surprise round... no actions yet.

This is a surprise round. Tiadora cannot act except to release the hounds (swift action), because she already acted to teleport the others in. The other can all act, though, and will do so. You guys cannot act, unless you have something that lets you go on a surprise round. Ranged touch attacks to entangle: three each on Dren, Edmin and Jax.


1d20 + 17 ⇒ (4) + 17 = 21
1d20 + 17 ⇒ (2) + 17 = 19
1d20 + 17 ⇒ (18) + 17 = 35


1d20 + 17 ⇒ (6) + 17 = 23
1d20 + 17 ⇒ (4) + 17 = 21
1d20 + 17 ⇒ (12) + 17 = 29


1d20 + 17 ⇒ (19) + 17 = 36
1d20 + 17 ⇒ (5) + 17 = 22
1d20 + 17 ⇒ (17) + 17 = 34

Tiadora has shed her human guise -- she now appears in her true form, a Gyllou Devil. (Which is to say, beautiful but terrible human female above; writhing nest of tentacles below.)

On a chain she holds two immense hounds. They appear to be Nessian Hell Hounds, except that they have immense bat wings. As soon as she appears, she will drop the chains and point at the Judge: "Hai!" The Hounds will immediately charge the Judge.

With her are nine erinyes devils -- the Sisters. The Sisters all immediately hurl their ropes at Edmin, Dren and Jax, seeking to entangle you.

Several minutes pass while Ulp concentrates. Presumably the rest of you wander about sorting through treasure, poking into odd corners and continuing your conversation with the (not terribly talkative) skull. And then...


Tiadora and nine other devils appear in a blast of flame.

-- Ah, Balacertar, I see what you did with Initiative. Hm! I think I'll use that going forward. Thanks!

So Round 2 Initiative is now Nurrah, Takka, Sir Constantine, Haruka, Cringing Robed Guy, Bale, Kyami, Torg, Lewis, Osei, the Dwarf, Demon, and Don. (Torg and Don will run after Nurrah.)

Cringing Robed Guy scuttles backwards away from you, then stands up. (Moving away from you while prone would normally trigger an AoO, but you're unarmed.) That's his entire action. Well, and screaming: "One... one of the prisoners got loose! They're getting loose!"

"So? They're mooks, you dimwit. Just fireball them." The dwarf is whirling his glaive in a shining arc of steel. "Put your hands to good use, traitor, or I'll cut them off and feed them to you."

So while we wait for Takka to tell us what he's doing, here's the current Round 2 Initiative:

Nurrah, Takka, Sir Constantine, Haruka, Cringing Robed Guy, Bale, Kyami, Torg, Lewis, Osei, the Dwarf, Demon, and Don.

But I think we can skip ahead a little. Haruka rolled to break free... and rolled a Nat 20! She is free. (I'd say you've been very carefully studying the webs for a while now, and have figured out a way to wriggle loose.) That's your standard for this round.

No enemies are adjacent to you except for Cringing Robed Guy. As it happens, his initiative is next...

Balacertar wrote:

Have Kyami spells triggered on 1st round or are they triggering now? I can guess when is she acting but wanted to note you forgot her in the initiative list.

Wait, I forgot her? [checks] Blah, I'm sorry -- my bad. She's between Bale and Torg.

I use maps only occasionally, for large complex encounters. (Part of this is my own lack of skill, absolutely.) This encounter has a lot of characters, but the board is pretty small -- it's a simple 40' x 20' room without much furniture (a table, a couple of benches) and no difficult terrain or other complications.

If there's a player who really wants to use a map for this, I have no objection to that player setting one up.

However, Sleek does nothave reach. So if he is going to get close enough to bite, then the two of you will be exposed to an AoO. If you want to take that chance, let me know. If yes, then you can use Sleek's attack roll above (23, for 13 damage if that hits). If no, then you stay 10' away from the dwarf.

Additional wrinkle: Sir Constantine is next in initiative, and he's attacking against the dwarf's reach weapon. If you eat the AoO first, then Sir Constantine won't suffer one. (Unless the dwarf has Combat Reflexes, of course.)

Hm, wait: Takka has a lance, which is also a reach weapon. Does a Small sized lance still have reach? I did not know that. (Can someone confirm?) But, okay: Takka's lance attack can proceed. Unfortunately, he rolled a 12, which is not nearly enough to hit.

Takka's lance-tip bounces harmlessly off the dwarf's green armor.

Balek Nine-fingered wrote:
(Please tell me the dwarf is twirling his mustaches! Unless, of course, he voluntarily had himself depilated to be more like his locust-demon master...)

Alas, no. (Or not yet, anyway.) His transformation has only just begun -- he's still human enough to be proud of his beard.

Okay. As noted, it's going to take the normal casting time (ten minutes) for the spell to take effect. So during this time, Ulp sits invisible in a corner, mumbling to himself, as his spirit reaches ever further into the Great Beyond.

"It is no ordinary slurk, villain! It is your doom!" Mount and rider leap forward...

Of course, a glaive is a reach weapon. So the dwarf gets an attack of opportunity.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Sleek charges into action! The mighty toad and his valiant kobold rider surge forward into the room with a mighty hop!

The green-armored dwarf turns to face his attacker... and blinks in astonishment. "What is this, I don't even... Is that a slurk?"

The door is already partially open, so opening it all the way is a swift action. I assume that Kyami does this. Note that this means Kyami can't take any other swift actions this round -- you can of course otherwise act normally, taking a move and standard action etc.

Nurrah rushes forward. "Don, Torg... come on!" She runs down the passageway and throws herself down the ladder. 1d20 ⇒ 9 Tumbling nimbly through the air, she lands at the bottom of the passage with a grunt, taking 1d6 ⇒ 1 of nonlethal damage but otherwise fine.

Round 2 Initiative

Nurrah, Taka, Sir Constantine, Haruka, Cringing Robed Guy, Bale, Torg, Lewis, Osei, the Dwarf, Demon, and Don. Nobody is flat-footed.

^This is how I do initiative. As characters take their actions, I'll indicate this by de-bolding their names... see below.

Rolling for Kyami and the NPCs.

Kyami 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (11) + 3 = 14
Nurrah 1d20 ⇒ 18
Torg 1d20 ⇒ 13
Don 1d20 ⇒ 5
Dwarf 1d20 ⇒ 8
Lewis 1d20 ⇒ 9
Cringing Robed Guy 1d20 ⇒ 19
Demon 1d20 ⇒ 6

No init for the other two NPCs of Red Team, as they are caught by surprise this round. Note that I don't give the modifiers for NPC's dice, because you don't know them. I'll do the same on attack dice and saves -- you can see what the NPC rolled, but you usually won't know the modifier (though you'll sometimes be able to guess).

BTW, my life will be easier if you put the following information in your character's tagline:

Hp / current hp

Other information that is optional but could be useful: the character's race, class, saving throws, and any buffs or conditions that are currently active.

Osei Otieno wrote:


Osei will continue writing until either finished with the full, five-round message, or he is in immediate danger. He believes following protocol by sending the full message, in this case, is the most important action he could take.

Okay. That means you'll be out of action for the next little while, though you may (should) comment and kibitz.

Balek Nine-fingered wrote:

Question: can I touch the people next to me even if I'm stuck in the web? Or are we so far apart that I'd have to break free before being able to do that? Might be better to use domain powers on them instead of me.

You can touch the people next to you. Note the rules on casting while grappling, though.

Also, if I wake up tomorrow morning and find that some kindly person has set up an initiative tracker (or at least collected everyone's init)? I will be a happy DM.

Huh. Is anyone else having trouble keeping track of who's saying what?

-- I'd be interested to hear what you all think of the dialogue so far. Is it working for you, or is it "TLDR, can we just skip to rolling combat dice"?

Status at the beginning of the round: Takka, Sir Constantine and Kyami are standing at the bottom of the stairs by the partially opened door; the rest of Blue Team is upstairs. Red Team, you're stuck to the wall as per.

Consider discussing and coordinating your actions with each other instead of just randomly attacking and/or throwing spells.

Bedtime in Beirut. Go ahead and roll initiatives. You can state actions, including conditional actions. I'll start resolving in the morning.

"Now, these mooks killed my minions --"

"Speaking of which," interrupts Lewis, "what exactly were you planning to do with them?"

"Take one on Vrexel with us and tell the rest to walk to Drezen. If they made it, the trip would toughen them up. If not, they weren't very good minions anyway."

"Makes sense. Okay, so what does that have to do with these mooks?"

"Well, now there's a space open on Vrexel. Gets a little cozy, but he manages just fine. And if you run into real trouble, it's always good to have a minion to throw overboard."

"A little cozy, you say." Lewis strolls along the row of captives, looking thoughtful. He stops at the end, and gives Laurine a long, appraising stare. "Hello, my dear. What would you say to a romantic flight to an exotic distant -- "

Others approach. They stand outside the southern door. The demon's buzzing voice cuts across the conversation like a knife.

Lewis spins to face the door. The dwarf jumps to his feet, glaive in hand.

A note on Stealth: using it slows you to half speed normally. Not going to make a big deal of it this time, but remember it going forward. Meanwhile, let's try an untrained Stealth check for Sir Constantine: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (14) + 2 = 16

Nice. -- Okay, end Round 1: kobold is downstairs, paladin is going downstairs, Osei has started writing.

Nurrah turns to Don and Torg. "Follow me, then! And try to be quiet!"

Osei Otieno wrote:

As Don starts describing the situation,Osei listens intently and reaches to open his scroll case, and to retrieve a quill and inkwell from his pack. After hearing the full report, the wizard looks to Nurrah.

"I assume I should report our situation and status of the safehouse immediately. Do you agree, Corporal Nurrah?"

"Oh, you fools -- you're going to get us --" Nurrah turns to you. "Yes! Report our situation. Do it NOW!"

Do you? If yes, note that this will make it impossible to further interrogate Don. Also, it's five words per round, maximum 25.

Okay, just making sure it's clear. Note that you're both disobeying direct orders here. Just sayin'.

Okay, the kobold and the paladin both charge ahead. When you reach the ladder, the toad simply crawls over the edge and climbs down, sticking to the walls with its gluey, pad-like forelimbs. In a single round you're at the bottom of the ladder, standing next to Kyami. In fact, that's just a move action, so you could still take a standard this round if you wanted to.

The paladin is slower, as he must climb down the ladder. It's a double move for you to get down the ladder and to stand beside Kyami and the kobold, so you can't do anything else. Note that you can have sword or shield out, but not both -- you needed a hand for the ladder -- so you'll have to draw next round.

Takka of the Toad wrote:
Sorry, but Takka is moving ahead. The panic and the fright in Don's eyes is enough to say some bad s**t is ahead, and he's about ready to rumble on in.

So, just to confirm: Takka is DEFINITELY disobeying Nurrah and going in. We can use those rolls from before to move you down the stairs. Correct?

Takka turns back ahead and waves to Kyami to nudge the door open and then step to the side, so he and Sleek can charge in and launch their assault.

Hang on -- let's resolve the rest of Blue Team.

Haruka Shiraboshi wrote:
how obvious is using judgement anyway, the description of the abilty doens't say anything about it?

It is a swift action and it's not obvious. You can yell or gesture if you like -- many do -- but you can also just close your eyes and concentrate for a moment.

do I need to have my Fokus to use Magic Fang (granted by touched by divinity)?

It's an SLA, not a spell -- so no you don't.

Osei only:

That's a near-miss; in fact, you only miss it because of the -2. So I'll say Don's babbled description sounds familiar, but... agh, you can't quite remember. Something described in a footnote? Mentioned in passing? Something bad, you remember that. Of course, all demons are bad, but... you have a bad feeling about this. His description makes you very uneasy.

Plausible next actions might include "want to calm Don down and get a clearer description from him", or "want to go and see for yourself", or "want to run away".

(I haven't forgotten your action with the scroll; waiting to see if the paladin stops or not.)

Spoilers are on the honor system, gang. If you're really curious, you can go back and look after an encounter is over.

Osei Otieno wrote:

As Don starts describing the situation,Osei listens intently and reaches to open his scroll case, and to retrieve a quill and inkwell from his pack. After hearing the full report, the wizard looks to Nurrah.

"I assume I should report our situation and status of the safehouse immediately. Do you agree, Corporal Nurrah?"

Will give Nurrah's response once we know who (if anyone) is rushing ahead.


@DMDM: Can I make a Knowledge (Planes) check based on the description from Don?

Yes you can, but at -2 because you're hearing the description at second hand, from a guy who is rushed and half-panicked.

(Don has finished his prayer to Desna and has started one to Shelyn: "Beautiful lady, I will make a song for you. Three white doves will I buy, and release to fly free. Let me live to look upon the glory of the world again, and I will --")

Sir Constantine Godalming wrote:

"Our fellows are helpless against an enemy, no time to hear everything, Go for help in case Takka and I fall as well!"

Headed down nearly immediately.

Nurrah: "Stop, you fool! We need a plan!"

Obey her, or charge ahead?

Lewis says, "Was that..."

The dwarf grins. "Yup. Little surprise, for the next time Sergeant here is being particularly miserable and big-eyed. Give our Eagle Girl a lesson about petting sad puppies. You never know where a stray dog has been, yeah?"

"Nice. But won't he remember?"

"Nope. Sissy wipes his memory of the last five minutes."

Lewis raises one elegant eyebrow. "She can do that?"

"She can do that."

Lewis turns and waves a hand languidly in your direction. "But what about the mooks? Won't they remember?"

"Ah yes, the mooks. About them..."

Takka of the Toad wrote:
Can we hear the yell from where we are down the hall?

Reasonable question. I'd say "hear a yell" is DC 0, +6 for distance +2 for a half-closed door. So, a DC 8 Perception check.

There's a pause. Then the tongue seems to pulse -- once, twice, three times.

There's another pause. Then, with a horrible slick sound, the tongue withdraws. There's a surprisingly tiny wound in Sergeant Kir's forehead; as you watch, a trickle of blood comes out of his nose and one ear. He seems to be still alive, though unconscious.

It'll take Don about three rounds to describe what he has seen: Red Team captured and disarmed but mostly still alive, layout of room, dwarf (brief description), other guys (description), demondemondemon. (He's pretty freaked.)

You can wait until he stops talking (well, he doesn't stop, but after three rounds he starts to repeat himself and Corporal Nurrah cuts him off) or do something else.

It won't usually be a problem, but if you see you've been ninja'd a fast edit is always good.

The swaying tongue suddenly shoots forward, 1d20 ⇒ 17 hitting Sergeant Kir directly in the forehead. He yells in pain and tries to struggle, then suddenly goes stiff. His eyes roll back in his head.

Corporal Nurrah is going to object to anyone going down until she's heard Don's report. "Stop, you fools! Don't charge in until we hear what he has to say!" She turns to Don. "Well? Spit it out quickly, man! What's going on down there?"

Do you obey Corporal Nurrah, ignore her and head inside, or do something else?

Takka, did our posts cross? Or do you still want to descend even as Don is coming out? (Note that you'll keep those rolls regardless.)

From the writhing flesh of the demon's face, something emerges. It's a long, slender tongue or proboscis. It comes out... and out, and out, until it's longer than a man's arm. The tip of the thing's tongue sways like a cobra in front of Sergeant Kir's face.

There are times when I will force isolated players to take their actions alone. But the default is to allow table talk -- and in some cases (like now) to positively encourage it.

Jax Naismith wrote:

Does Jax, or anyone with a better sense motive, think the skull is lying?

"Assuming we free you, how do we do so?"

Simply smash the vessel. Physically, it is not strong.

Don is coming slowly and carefully, tiptoeing down the passage. When he steps outside the door, he bends over and puts his hands on his knees. He is trembling.

"Desna. Sweet Desna, Lady of the Way, thank you for guiding my steps to safety. Show me light in the darkness -- " He is frantically rubbing his lucky coin.

"Don! What's happening down there? Report!"

Final point: if you make it clear that you want to take a particular action, it will happen. I'll never tell you that you shouldn't or can't do something. This is not "don't do that", but rather "are you sure you want to do that?" If you say yes, boom -- it's done.

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