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Oliver Grape

Doug OBrien's page

339 posts (350 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 4 aliases.


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Spastic Puma wrote:
This thread causes me physical pain.

It's a bit of a boondoggle, eh?

HarbinNick wrote:
It's April 1st guys...


Oceanshieldwolf wrote:
Not sure if this helps but I'm using app to download from the Paizo store/DrivethruRPG onto my iPhone/iPad.

^ iZip does the job just fine for me, as well. I think I am using a sample version I downloaded from the istore directly. you just use it to open directly into your ibooks reader.

Wanted to start outlining a new campaign as a means to try out Realm Works, but I am very much in the mood to incorporate sandbox elements that would allow players to world build and put some roots a powerbase etc. That said, are there any campaign hooks integral to or opportunities that would allow for that sort of thing in this AP?

Just wanted to get some input. I fully expect to do extra work with this sort of take on a campaign and wouldn't expect too many details in this respect fom a campaign that seemingly has so many other aspects to focus on and didn't want to invest in the AP if I my get more fun out of playing through it some day, as opposed to owning it and never running it.

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What Do You Hope to See in PF 2e?

A 2045 release date.

I am fairly open on the point of the colony, as I figure my character didn't have much of a choice and has to make do as best he can in the given circumstances.

If it's a group of religious zealots or missionaries, he won't be too pleased at first, but will roll with it and probably see it as a good chance to make headway among what he sees as otherwise distracted religious-types. If it's a company for exploration and the setting up of new trade routes and uncovering of resources, he'll be happy for the lucrative opportunities. He will just try and fall in with a dependable group he can benefit from and seem valuable to while looking for an opportunity to leverage his situation to better his circumstances.

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Going to dig into this tomorrow...but it looks awesome!

Looks like The Carol Danvers treatment to me!

My condolences.

Doug OBrien wrote:

Great premise, by the way!

Just to clarify, I meant great campaign premise :p


My premise is... human monk, probably LE.

He'll have a very specific reason(s) for traveling to this new world, but they will probably be fairly base in nature...running away, for example. Having grown up an effete noble he came under the tutelage of a traveling warrior who came to court. So he took up training under a monk, but sought greater and deeper knowledge than his tutor was willing to impart, which led to a heated discussion that seemingly ended in death for my caracter's teacher.

His family couldn't openly aid him, so they arranged for last minute passage to the new world. Perhaps some day his discoveries in these new lands will secure him an invitation home...or maybe he can start his own 'school' of combat in the New World and build a place for himself there...a place of power and privilege.

His one connection on the ship heading to the new world, is probably a mate of some sort who was able to get him on the ship last minute. The guy knows his past and may be more trouble for my character down the line.

I don't foresee the alignment being a major issue...he's a bit like a self-important, selfish Kane, but not so foolish as to burn bridges with any longtime compatriots, plus he values his "honor" (such as it is), which is more or less a ay of saying he's a man of his word.

Let me know if that sounds reasonable.

Great premise, by the way!

Somebody campaigning across the forums for nerfs? >.>

Detect Magic wrote:
Here's my take.

That's balanced and appropriate, I think.

MurphysParadox wrote:

I've tried email and message boards but, yeah, as was indicated by some here, they require a fair bit of focus by the players on the game outside the game sessions. I suspect two would be able to maintain interest, but they are also the 'core' gamers with whom I do other gaming. The others are far more busy (one does 60-70 hour work weeks, another has two kids and a job and is getting his doctorate).

I kind of wish we used hero points because stuff like the journals would be great but I'm honest enough to know I'd have to bribe them to do it, heh. I'll keep it in mind for the next game we do.

Yeah, it's a format I love, but there needs to be a fair amount of desire for a deeper connection to the campaign for most players to invest. If you're lucky you might get buy-in from a player here or there if you've snagged their attention due to an otherwise active group of players for the campaign, but generally, per my above recommendation, you really need a group who want "more" out of the game.

It only works with the right group and players, but something I've seen used to good effect is having an online landing pad for one's campaign where people can role play, divvy up treasure, make any policy/sand box related decisions, get their XP and you can list a brief after action report of the last session and link to online notes about clues found and NPCs met.

This is extra work, but has the side benefit of forcing the DM to keep on top of the campaign. That said, it all hinges on the players and if they love having an aspect of the campaign they can connect with that allows for forward momentum whenever they want in their free time.

I'm definitely thinking of going this way if I ever get my next local campaign off the ground.

Booting up my hero lab.

Ravingdork wrote:

If you've gone through the trouble of setting up your own magic shop in a metropolis, can you sell your magic items at full value?

Why or why not? If not, how do you reconcile this with the rest of the world that clearly can.

Overhead, spoilage/theft etc. I can see better than a 50% return if the PCs really invested time and effort, but not 100% with no effort...hell, not even 100% with full effort.

I may have to check this out, but from a quick glance at their Kickstarter (which is what prompted me to do a forum search here), it looks as though they may have priced themselves out of a successful kickstarter campaign.

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What I read is:

Marthkus wrote:

I know people like the barbar because of how it actually competes with classes that can cast spells, but surely there is a better way to do that than just adding a +6-12 to all d20 rolls actually allowing them to be competitive.

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It bothers me so that spears are borked in PF. I was just looking into making a well-rounded spear specialist last week, but what you have to give up to use a spear flexibly and realistically, to say the least.

Under the Pyramids / Entombed wit the Pharaohs. It's in the public domain, so go forth and give it a look.

Also, Bloch's Fane of the Black Pharaoh.

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Adam Daigle wrote:

(One of the first questions I was asked in the interview was asking why I didn't complete my degree.)

It was that double secret probation, wasn't it!?

Out of curiosity, do rapiers also bug you?

Be Spock-like, perhaps?

You have the personality of a house plant, but all heed your wisdom due to its logic and accord you proper respect for it.

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Considering throwing my hat into the ring, so it's only fair to warn any other potential candidates that I am proficient in Windows 95 and Windows 98.

Okay, consider looking into the Masks of Nyarlathotep for Call of Cthulhu. Even if just for raiding it for the Egyptian chapter. Heck, the game as a whole has lots of interesting 1920s details for pulp adventures. Also, download the fan-made Masks of Nyharlathotep Companion Beta...yummy 1920s Egyptian details and nice bits about Cairo there as well.

Also, searches using such details can turn up a lot of great imagery that can be useful for framing scenes or generating props.

Communication is key and if you know you're not comfortable running something for rules or thematic reasons, best to let people know at the outset before any other discussion occurs, before people invest time and imagination shaping a prospective character, before they get to the 1st session, before they spend money on new books/PDFs etc.

You will save yourself and everyone else so much time and angst by being proactive and communicating with prospective players.

For someone to assume 3rd party stuff is allowed is beyond the pale, but again it is always good to let people know at the outset if 3rd party material is not allowed or subject to DM approval.

Kolokotroni wrote:

Totaly agree. In the one homebrew campaign in my group (we have 3 active games but only one is homebrew), the dm has created a frame work, but players have created organizations for him, helped him flesh out the pantheon, taken his hand sketched maps and polished them up in illustrator. Its a group effort, and we are all more invested for it, then we would if he just emailed us 200 pages of background to read through.

There are potential downsides to this for certain play-styles, but the upside is pretty much unbeatable. Anything that sucks away apathy and brings people to the table excited is a win-win.

Otherwise, you get resurrected by the rest of your party just so you can tell them where they're supposed to be going next and why.

Don't be the guy who gets resurrected by the rest of his party just to tell them where they're supposed to be going next and why.

J-Gal wrote:
-Sigh-. Does anyone else feel similarly?

Boy, the way my memories fade. But I swear we was content with a +1blade.

Roleplayers like us, we had it made. Those were the days.

Didn't need 1,000 splatbooks shipped by freight. All the classes pulled their weight.
Gee, those red box rules ran great. Those were the days.

And you knew who you were then, elves were elves and men were men.
Mister, we could use a man like Gary Gygax again.

People seemed to be content. Fifty gold pieces paid the rent.
Special snowflakes were in the circus tent. Those were the days.

I tend to ask for motivations from characters if they are not present in a character write up and plan/alter the circumstances of the group's origin to at least provide some semblance of reason for them starting out. If you have reasonably constructive players they can play even pretty evil characters and still get along and push the plot forward.

Sometimes laying out a hook and conditions at the beginning can be helpful. "All characters must have a reason (personal or professional) for heeding the call by _________ to investigate ________" or something of that sort.

Hello All!

I'm Apocalypso/Drispeera's friend, Doug. I just wanted to drop a quick note introducing myself and assure you all I've been hard at work milling through character concepts.

I think I've settled on something workable and will do my best to quickly finalize a character outline for GM Nel's clearance.

Hope to be joining you all soon!

What complete and utter horse s&~!.

Just reviewing the November updated Codex today and wanted to thank you again, Jr. Annalist, for all the work to date on this.

Happy New Year!

Nezzarine Shadowmantle wrote:
How do I download it?!?

I'm going to go ahead and guess that you can't download the Beta anymore. I don't see the beta available in the store upon search and I believe this product was already successfully funded and for sale as a finished product.

I did a quick search for the final product in the Paizo store and drivethrurpg but didn't see it (both online stores do not return searches for the beta anymore), but I know it's available for sale at

Finlanderboy wrote:
So they should sacrifice for themselves something you find annoying? Well realize you are living in a glass house and are throwing stones.

With common courtesy there is going to be give and take on both sides. In a public game with strangers and the possibility of playing with minors, I think some form of social contract that hinges on erring on the side of caution is a reasonable expectation for all parties.

Obviously the reality is that reading social cues and knowing your regular players allows for a lot more flexibility than playing with strangers.

Mikaze wrote:
Orthos wrote:
Ambrosia Slaad wrote:
Mikaze wrote:
HolmesandWatson wrote:

A KS space campaign that seems to be moving towards publication:

Conquest of the Universe

AUGH! Too late! D:

How could this happen to meeeeeeeee...

AUGH! I missed it too. Rats.
+1 so much sad ;_;

This so much.

Please say this will be available in print to non-Kickstarters.

Oh man, that techno-fairy armor picture fits Verces like a glove...

I find out about Two missed kickstarter opportunities in one of them I missed by 2 hours (Cthulhu Britannica London Boxed Set).

Sad, sad day...

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I was going to negatively comment on this thread, but it has turned out to be a damned interesting read.

tkul wrote:

The biggest problem is you're only getting the warlock's side of the story which is immediately biased.

Oh, completely agree. We never really know in these situations.

The important fact is that three of the four people he's mentioned are at the table are against his concept. For whatever reason either the player or the character has rubbed 75% of the group the wrong way, the vast majority would indicate the problem is probably associated around the warlock.

This is why I say it needs to be discussed out of character and not something that can really be settled in-character.

Bave wrote:

I find it amusing when a player says that it is another characters fault for playing a class (Paladin) that is required to be Paragon-Good when they make a character whose entire foundation is shady at best.

Nevermind everyone else in the group is on one page and you are not.

Pretty clear who the douche in this one is.

Choosing to play a paragon of good and using it as a means to negatively escalate character conflict and have a go at another player's character who isn't evil is what exactly? Adult and considerate behavior?

I get that the OP made a square peg, but there are so many more productive ways to approach 'shady' characters.

Arcutiys wrote:

Discussywhatnow? Mmm. I don't knooow. Crossbows solve most my diplomatist problems just fine.

Not saying that wouldn't be a satisfying way to go, at least until the campaign imploded. :)

Arcutiys wrote:

Sounds like you should kill the Cleric and Paladin in their sleep. It's not evil if they attacked you first! Just dishonorable. And that fits fine with chaotic neutral

I think he needs to have a discussion with his DM and, most likely, his fellow players. Call them on their use of metagaming as a passive aggressive, shoulder-shrugging seal of approval for their douchebaggery, but you so diplomatically.

Zhayne wrote:

1. Who cares what he looks like? Books and covers.

2. Entropic Shield isn't an evil spell.
3. Rats are not evil, neither are the bolts.
4. Depends on what he's using that power to do.

I know...sounds like lawful stupid.

What a great opportunity the Paladin and Cleric have to roleplay, and what a s*~!ty way they've instead (seemingly) chosen to toss a fellow player under the bus.

But don't forget, alignment is a cudgel with which we must bash!

Not a straitjacket!

Thalin wrote:
Why? Players do it; catching people perfectly in cutout of spells or planning movements and such based on each other's (in-game) abilities. You have to fiat that all players/monsters tend to have an understanding of how the mechanics of the world affect them. If someone is getting knocked over each time they try to punch a guy, there's a good chance that people start to realize that it's a bad idea and the guy is taunting them on purpose; one may even make the relatively low DC to realize Panther Style.

I can see it being done sometimes, especially to challenge a player and differ how they face combat, but metagaming as a matter of course to intentionally marginalize a character concept in an already gimped class is pretty cheap DMing.

lemeres wrote:

If the GM ignores you anyway and goes chasing after the casters, then you could hardly get those flurries off anyway since you have to chase after the enemies.

This game needs a certain degree of engagement between the GM and players to work. Talk with the GM, come to an understanding of how this will work out. Probably best not to be the first person relying on such tactics. Work with people whose GM style you are familiar with.

I agree. I kind of find the idea that NPCs and monsters will look deeply into the cause and effect of game mechanics to make a decision that *may* be otherwise counter-intuitive as a bit off-putting and heavily meta in a negative context.

Best to talk it out with a GM before hand or, in PFS roll your dice and take your chances.

Kolokotroni wrote:
this. Fixes bab issues, fixes divided focus issues. Fixes weapon limitations. Leaves in as much of the cool monk abilities as you want.

Damn, this keeps getting good press on this site...

*Adds to cart*

3 people marked this as a favorite.

An awesome, attainable and flavorful option for melee characters...let's nerf it!


Would like to try my hand at this, as to think of a character...

I'll review the player's guide and come up with something.

Oh, wow! Definitely checking the PDF out ASAP.

I've been a Midgard tear lately trying to figure out 'what is what' on the map, so anything that fills out the world knowledge and feel for the world is helpful.

Hero Lab support will definitely get my dollar!

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