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Rayhan Xobhadi

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Adam Daigle wrote:

Hey folks! I was going to send emails to a bunch of my freelancers to see who was coming to Seattle for PaizoCon, but I figured it'd be easier if I just made a thread. I also thought it'd be neat for folks to see who of their favorite Pathfinder authors will be at the show.

So, sound off, freelancers! Who's with me!?

Douglas Lloyd I have written for Blackbyrne Publishing and a few other third party publishers.

I will be at the convention with Zombie Bit Me (her Internet-facebook name) she will be in costume.

I bought the Kraken Tentacle and Plant Vine they have been very useful in games I have run. Both are durable and I’m very pleased with the minis. I also have the Giant Ant, Raven and Wooden Coffin from the companies Omens line which are also good quality minis.

I’m considering doing a photo shoot with a professional model to promote a third party publisher’s books. She is not a gamer so I don’t want to do pictures in the convention. Who should I talk to get permission to take pictures at the hotel?

I'm looking forward to attending thanks for the update on the guests.

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