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Blue Dragon

Doug Greer's page

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Well my party that I'm DMing finally made it through. As I've noted in other threads, there are six in my party. We've had more then one close call, almost losing just about every member of the party.

We've had a ton of laughs and many good times in the last couple of months that it has taken us to get through it. I'd like to thank everyone envolved with bringing us the Age of Worms adventure path, and everyone here on the messageboard for the great ideas and help. My group looks forward to the next segment of the path, although with some trepidation (I've hinted at some of the horror stoies that I've read here). I have no doubt that they will come through it, they are a resouceful bunch, sometimes.

I have been trying to keep a log of what goes on each session, due to the fact that not every member of the group can make it each session, due to real life interruptus. Due to the larger then normal party size, and as a help to me remembering what happened, I have offered to each of my players extra XP if they write up an in character summary of what happened that session. From this have come the stories of: The Yo-Yo Paladin, The Daring Rogue, and The Bouncing Paladin.

Once again thanks to everyone, and on we go to TFoE.


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