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Doodlebug Anklebiter's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 6,299 posts (17,433 including aliases). 1 review. No lists. No wishlists. 2 Pathfinder Society characters. 27 aliases.

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CNN isn't a leftist organization.

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Male Goblin Druid 4

Seeing that no one else appears to be interested in his (invisible?) unconscious gnome, Cricket slaps him around.

Hey, freak, where are your spellbooks?

When the Burgomeister arrives, Cricket accepts his gracious hospitality and sez:

I love festivals. Anywhere in this town I can take a bath?

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Bitey Tinygob wrote:
Bitey surprisingly eloquent for age.

You tell 'em, Bitey! Goblins know all kinds of words!

[Beams with pride]

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Never having read a Zelazny book myself, all I have to offer is a

Musical Interlude

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Kingpinmaker, Game N+3, Part One

So, the party makes friends with "George" and the Red-Banned Band, prepare funerary rites for poor Toby Poodlecock, etc. The party was pretty concerned that all of the strix tribes had been united under the leadership of a cult of Pazuzu, but then Barbie Ragnarock's player said, "Wait a minute, we're not in Sandpoint anymore, we're in Cheliax, we should just go tell the Hellknights!" but, of course, later, when they were in a position to inform authority figures about the impending winged devil apocalypse, they didn't.

Anyway, more roleplaying (there actually was hardly any combat this game as the loyal reader shall see), Jillian Poodlecock is inconsolate, blah blah blah. With a little prodding from the Dungeon Master, Genny realizes that the strix-and-stirge poo collected at the bottom of Devil's Tor just might be chemically identical to bat guano, and makes arrangements to come back and collect it all to turn into gunpowder. "George" tells the party how he and his Red-Banned braves are going to go gather other members of their tribe and arrange a series of signals ("if you find a pile of white rocks with a black one on top, that means the Devil's Tor is no longer safe; if you find a purple one in the middle of all white ones, that means..." etc.)

The party spends the night in the Devil's Tor and when they wake up the next morning, all of the strix are gone. So they say their last goodbyes to Toby (he was cremated) and resume their journey to Foxglove Manor.

When they arrive at Foxglove Manor, they espy a light on in the upper story and discover three little kids hiding in the wreckage of the stables. Sneaking up on them, they discover that a gang of juvenile delinquents have come up here to drink beer and commit acts of antisocial vandalism. The party decides to teach them a lesson.

They cast euphoric cloud (fog?) on the three hiding in the ruins and start tormenting them with ghost sounds and suggestion. As they were doing that, they noticed that a larger light is coming from the Manor itself, and Giles climbs up the outer face of the Manor and peeks in a window where he discovers Beavis, Butthead and Eric Cartman busy defecating, setting tapestries on fire and spray-painting "Satin Rulez!" in the hallway. More shenanigans involving Giles using prestidigitation to make a suit of armor rattle and impersonating the ghost of Aldern Foxglove, Symoreel flying about casting showy spells and Barbie Ragnarock displaying her prehensile hair to good effect. Beavis and Butthead wet themselves and ran away, put poor Eric Cartman stumbled down the staircase and broke his neck. Thankfully, Buck Rogers was there to save the obese adolescent, and they put a blindfold on him and scared him some more.

Hee hee! Good times.

Anyway, the it might not look like a whole lot on paper (or on screen), but the Haunting of Foxglove Manor was by far the most exciting part of the gaming session, so I will leave off at there for now.

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"Vive le Galt!"

"Goblins do it in the street!"

"Voting is for ninnies!"

"Goblins have short attention spans!"

"For international proletarian soc-"

[Loses interest and wanders off to yell at other threads]

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People from Denmark are called Danes, not Dutch.

The minimum wage and the Danish Big Mac

Googling indicates that the national median wage for McDonald's employees of 5 to 8 years is $9.15.

According to the article linked, $20 is the base wage for adults as negotiated by the unions (apparently there is no minimum wage in Denmark?) plus five weeks paid vacation. I don't know what the wage goes up to after 5 to 8 years.

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There's a pretty good book I'd like to recommend which argues--pretty convincingly, I thought--that the present American racial caste system was intentionally designed to non-racist-ly appeal to the Rule of Law.

The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness

Good book. I liked it.

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Also, I've worked with a lot of Spanish-speakers and the only time I ever caught hell for calling a Puerto Rican a Mexican or vice versa (mostly because I'd ask the Spanish-speakers where they were from before referring to them as either a Puerto Rican or a Mexican) was when I was working at the airport with Toro.

He had a tattoo of Tweetie Bird and one time he was flirting with one of the cleaning ladies when we were supposed to be working. "Hey, c'mon, Toro, the plane's here." He made a dismissive hand gesture. "Hey, Toro, Arriba! Arriba! Andele! Andele!"

He got up in my face, poking his hand at me with the pinkie and pointer extended (horns of the bull, he did that a lot, his name was Toro after all).

"Hey, man, I'm not Mexican, I'm Puerto Rican. Don't ever f!*!ing call me Mexican." He then went on a racist rant against Mexicans. Then he smiled. "Ha, ha, El Pussygato!* I'm just f!*#in' with you!"

*I'd explain why he called me that, but it'd involve telling you my real name.

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Ooh ooh!

Cornel West and Noel Ignatiev!

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Funk for Friday!

Rufus Thomas
Freddie King
Buddy Guy and Junior Wells
Johnnie Taylor
Big Star

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thejeff wrote:
Comrade Anklebiter wrote:
thejeff wrote:
For the record, while I don't expect this to be quick or easy, I also don't expect it to turn into another occupation
No, I'd imagine not. Obama's all about the lean, mean, drone strike and JSOC assassins machine.
Which is still better than full scale war. I know some people think that drones are somehow especially evil, but I'd far rather see drones and the "JSOC assassins machine" used than a hundred thousand troops.

Yes, all the benefits of high-tech imperialist terrorism, none of the domestic drawbacks of American GIs coming back in body bags.

F~!* that shiznit.

Smash US Imperialism!

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I came by to catch up on my Curtis but got distracted by hawt Swedish commie rapper chicks thanks to Comrade Lunzie.

And while I'm here:

More Vive le Galt! rap

More guillotines

Even more communism

And more Babymetal

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Male Goblin Druid 4

Mystified by the multiple gnomes, Cricket swings wildly at one of them, yelling in Tuelvi:

1d20 + 8 ⇒ (7) + 8 = 15 1d8 + 3 ⇒ (7) + 3 = 10

Wolvie attempts to eat one of the gnomes.

1d20 + 8 ⇒ (20) + 8 = 28 1d6 + 4 ⇒ (2) + 4 = 6 plus trip

EDIT--To confirm critical bite 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (17) + 8 = 25 Extra critical damage: 1d6 + 4 ⇒ (5) + 4 = 9

I hope Wolvie bit the right one!--EDIT

If anyone can understand Tuelvi they might be confused as to why Cricket is yelling I can't believe I wasted so much time reading those lousy books!

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Krensky wrote:
Not enough pickles, huh?

I don't understand what all the pickle references are for, but, seeing as how we're in a thread about Israel, for the record:

Kosher dill is the only way to pickle.

Sweet pickles are gross, but not as gross as Caesar salad.

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I remember one of my Argentine comrades complaining that you can't get a decent Caesar salad in the U.S. because no one uses raw egg yolks anymore.

Personally, I've never liked Caesar salads.

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Comrade Anklebiter wrote:
Hands up! Don't ship!

Part Deux

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I don't know. Sounds practical to me.

Working-Class Challenges to Big Business Democrats

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Irontruth wrote:
Hey you, we got your war - the musical interlude

I was rewatching this video and I realized I had forgotten to post about Boots on Fox.

Not long thereafter, Omar the D&D Hating Terrorist was pleased to have a comment favorited by Boots on some anarchist Facebook page.

Vive le Galt!

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More Husker Du Live

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I am favoriting the hour of the very best of Curtis Mayfield on principle, although, alas, I haven't gotten around to it yet.

Funk for Friday! comes early this week!

Vive le Galt! soul song and then the whole hour and a half of
Soul to Soul: Live in Africa 1970 which, as far as I can tell--I'm only up to about the fifteen minute mark--means Ghana.

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Kingpinmaker, Game N + 2, Part Two

So, the rest of the night was taken up with the Assault on Devil's Tor, which, like a lot of encounters that I make up rather than stealing from Paizo books, suffered from a lot of flaws in design. These were compounded by a few flaws in execution, for a very long, frustrating fight.

Barbie led them to the secret tunnel into Devil's Tor where the party, precariously picking their path through a floor of razor sharp stalagtites (? -mites? whatever), upset a bat stirge swarm.

I had originally planned on them encountering a bat swarm, and then was going to reward Genny's player with a giant heaping pile of bat guano from which to make gunpowder, but the Black Goblin's player received a package from Frog God Games earlier that day and in it was a copy of Tome of Horrors 4. I decided to teach the Black Goblin a lesson about his profligate ways and decided to use a monster from the book, found stirge swarm and, voila!

Well, those stirges f++~ed them up good. I think only one, maybe two, characters avoided their blood drain and poor Giles O. Beck, I think it was, lost 10 points of Con! There was much gnashing of teeth and consternation, especially with the movement reduction, and the party was only saved when Symoreel pulled out some spell I'd never seen from one of the splat books that created a mini-maelstrom of electricity like out of Terminator 2 that drove the stirges away.

Finally, the party found themselves near the bottom of a giant crater in the middle of Devil's Tor. Below them, they could see a giant pool of white putrescence; above, they could see a winding path to the top of the tor, some caves, and two shelfs near the top that jutted out into the center of the crater.

From one, they could glimpse the harpy from the earlier encounter, banging a ritualistic rhythm on some drums; on the other they could see a wooden scaffolding. As the party scouts watched stealthily from the bottom, they saw two flying strix carry out a naked Toby Poodlecock and hold him in place as a eight-foot-tall strix wielding a nasty-looking falchion tied him to the scaffolding so he was spread-eagle, facing down, his lashed limbs the only things keeping him from falling into the roiling puddle of poo.

By the banging of the drum, and the gathered strix celebrants the party scouts could make out, they realized they didn't have much time. Potions of invisibility were quaffed, the stealthy party members started stealthily sneaking ahead, and the clanky party members waited and readied their ranged weapons.

And then Brother Makao stepped out into the crater and rolled a 1 on his Stealth check. Now, I know that a 1 doesn't automatically mean a failure, but Brother Makao didn't have a very high Stealth modifier and the players all drew in their breaths in nervous I had the strix notice them, interrupt the ritual, and attack.

Here's where all of the design flaws came into play. First off, I am nowhere near good enough of a DM, nor mathematician, to pull off a 3-D fight with many different layers and over 20 combatants. Second off, I had looked up some irl tors and had come up with a height of 800'. The party started the fight 500' below where the sacrifice was and, in retrospect, never had a chance. Third off, I had forgotten to tell Barbie's player a couple of things. Fourth off...well, I could mea culpa all day but essentially:

An invisible Giles started climbing directly up to the shelf with Toby. Barbie and Genny snuck out and started walking the path that led around the edge of the crater. An invisible Esmerelda snuck out after them. Brother Makao stepped out, tripped, and dislodged a large rock that crashed down the inside of the crater, alerting the strix. Brother Makao starts running DOWN the winding path towards the poo, hoping to distract the strix from the sneaking party members who were already climbing up the path. Buck Rogers, clanky as all get out, followed him down. I don't remember what Symoreel did.

For the first couple of rounds, the strix attack Buck and Brother Makao down below. The giant strix cleric summons a gigantic vulture demon which menaces the party doing some kind of crazy dance before Esmerelda dispels it to shouts of victory. The harpy flies out and sings her captivating song. Giles climbs invisibly. Genny and Barbie reveal themselves and shoot at the harpy. More strix show up, but attack Genny and Barbie. Symoreel blasts the harpy with a fireball The giant strix cleric casts some more spells. More strix show up. Giles, this entire time, climbs invisibly.

At some point, Barbie realizes that there are two different types of strix, ones with a blackish-blue coloration and ones with a purple-red coloration, like her dear George. Then she realizes that the next band of strix warriors flying down are LED by George! Ohmygod! They squawk at each other in strix as the demon-summoning and fireballs exploding all around them and Barbie learns that the all the strix tribes of Devil's Point have been strong-handed together into a giant confederation of all the winged devil tribes that is ruled over by--a cult of Pazuzu! But George isn't happy about this, and he is easily persuaded to call upon his brethren to revolt against the tyranny of the Black Talons! Birdman revolution!

Meanwhile, Giles keeps climbing. Around this time, Brother Makao, who has the Run feet and can move at 250' per round starts running up the path. Barbie and Genny jump on the backs of Symoreel and a strix and they start flying about, fighting Black Talon strix in mid-air.

Meanwhile, the eight-foot tall demoniac of Pazuzu with the falchion has been preparing his ritual sacrifice of poor Toby Poodlecock and, as Giles finally, invisibly makes it to the top of the ledge, disembowls poor Toby whose entrails spill out dangling down into the crater. The demoniac plays in Toby's viscera and blood and channels Toby's ebbing life power into summoning another vrock! which would have been a lot more ass-kicking if Esmerelda hadn't dispelled it again! Huzzah!

Anyway, I know there's a lot I'm missing in here, for example, at one point Buck Rogers summoned an angel, but to wrap it up, demoniac of Pazuzu kills Toby, flies away. The party, with their new friends in the Red Banned Band, kill all the Black Talons. Giles spent most of the game climbing the wall and Brother Makao spent, I think, four or five rounds just running. Design flaws. :(

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Huh. There's even a wiki page about him/her:

Riot dog

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I usually hate dogs and horses, but...

[Clenched fist salute]

Loukanikos, the Greek anarchist dog photo gallery

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Comrade Anklebiter wrote:

Couldn't find the book I wanted to read next (or a copy of How the Irish Became White for that matter), so I read the Introduction and first chapter of Michelle Alexander's The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness and, although I'm not sure yet, I think the answer to your question might be in there somewhere.

So when I wrote this, I was lying. I hadn't yet finished the first chapter,

Now I have and all I can say is if you like reading Comrade Anklebiter's posts on American history and race relations, you will probably enjoy this book. Starts with Bacon's Rebellion, moves quickly through Reconstruction, the defeat of the Southern Populists, the erection of Jim Crow, penal servitude, the Civil Rights Movement, the Civil Rights Movement backlash, Reaganism and ends up with a delightful quotation about how "In so doing,"--she is referring here to Slick Willie's 1994 crime bills and welfare reform--"Clinton--more than any other president--created the current racial undercaste."

As for Comrade Jeff's question above, Alexander locates the birth of "law and order" rhetoric among Southern segregationists as a rallying cry against the Civil Rights Movement (the passages where she quotes Southern segregationists about civil disobedience and crime being one and the same thing should raise the nape hairs for the anti-police faction of the thread), traces it through the Republican Southern Strategy, the Nixon administration and the Reagan years* and the declaration of the War on Drugs, two years before the crack epidemic (which, Alexander claims, was mostly overblown by the Reagan administration and a servile press), Willie Horton and Ricky Ray Rector.

So, Citizen Pres Man was right: somewhere after 1973.

One intriguing story from the illustrious reign of Reagan that I don't think I ever heard before, but maybe I just forgot:

"For example, when Reagan kicked off his presidential campaign at the annual Neshoba County Fair near Philadelphia, Mississippi--the town where three civil rights activists were murdered in 1964--he assured the crowd 'I believe in states' rights,' and promised to restore to states and local governments the power that properly belonged to them. His critics promptly alleged that he was signalling a racial message to his audience, but Reagan firmly denied it, forcing liberals into a position that would soon become familiar--arguing that something is racist but finding it impossible to prove in the absence of explicitly racist language."

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Focus on this finger: [Makes obscene American gesture]

I'll leave to the pedants whether they feel it is worth arguing about "starvation" vs. the following:

“'He had eaten almost nothing at home,' Mr. Nikas said, sitting in his cramped school office near the port of Piraeus, a working-class suburb of Athens, as the sound of a jump rope skittered across the playground. He confronted Pantelis’s parents, who were ashamed and embarrassed but admitted that they had not been able to find work for months. Their savings were gone, and they were living on rations of pasta and ketchup."


"Last year, an estimated 10 percent of Greek elementary and middle school students suffered from what public health professionals call 'food insecurity,' meaning they faced hunger or the risk of it, said Dr. Athena Linos, a professor at the University of Athens Medical School who also heads a food assistance program at Prolepsis, a nongovernmental public health group that has studied the situation. 'When it comes to food insecurity, Greece has now fallen to the level of some African countries,' she said."


"Now, several of Evangelia’s classmates are frequently hungry, she said, and one boy recently fainted. Some children were starting to steal for food, she added. While she does not excuse it, she understands their plight. 'Those who are well fed will never understand those who are not,' she said." (all from the first NYT article).

In the meantime, I shall amend my original statement that irked Citoyen Banker's Mouthpiece so:

No, I've never been to Portugal, but I am wondering how wise a choice it is to join the EU when so many of their member-states' populations are being given the choice of emigrate or be evicted, go dumpster diving and risk passing out from hunger which, of course, isn't anything like starvation.

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Angstspawn wrote:

Nice photos but nothing more; you could take the same in any of the five richest countries of the world.

I saw a documentary about the US a few month ago, people were coming from hundreds of mile to be able to access to free medical care or dentists. I was amazed! In France medical access is almost for free and homeless have access for free to dentist.
If someone was taking photos, some people could think France is richer than the US, but no...

I've no doubt you've got a lot of nice books describing the world Anklebiter, but really, you should travel. The world is not perfect but it's nicer than what you can usually read.

I wonder if you have lost track of the exchange, Citoyen. You said "nobody starves in EU," hence the pictorials.

I'm not really sure how pointing out that there is poverty and hunger in even richer countries is a counterpoint, but, then, I rarely understand what you're saying.

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Angstspawn wrote:
Comrade Anklebiter wrote:
That's the most ridiculous bullshiznit I've seen in quite a while, Citoyen Banker's Mouthpiece. How old are?
I'm 45 Anklebiter and paying taxes for the last 25 years.

Well, your "soft-bellied communist" screed sounded like the letters by 15-year-olds I used to read in punk rock magazines complaining about Rage Against the Machine's major label record contract.

Anyway, I don't buy $30 RPG books, but if I did, I'd make sure they were printed in the People's Republic of China.

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Angstspawn wrote:
Comrade Anklebiter wrote:
How long ago was it that the Portuguese government advised young people that if they wanted a future they should leave?

It's an option Portuguese use from time to time. Most of people from Portuguese origin we have in France came during the 70s and 80s. It's the way they do, more so considering the rate of development of some of their former colonies (still Portuguese-speaking) it would be stupid for them not to get advantage of the situation.

But considering Portugal, I'm sure you directly experienced how was the life there before entering the EU and how it is now.

No, I've never been to Portugal, but I am wondering how wise a choice it is to join the EU when so many of their member-states' populations are being given the choice of emigrate or starve.

But you may be right. International financial capitalism, or, imperialism in V.I's phrasing, doesn't really leave many options for weaker, client countries. IIRC, he covers that in Chapter 5: Division of the World Among Capitalist Associations.

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Angstspawn wrote:
Comrade Anklebiter wrote:
Earlier this year, I lent $300 to a co-worker that I'm never going to get back, so I'm afraid I can't lend you billions of euros for you to spend on my products, Citoyen BM. It's true, though, I am quite supportive of Greece cancelling their debt...and other things.

How generous from you Anklebiter, but you're still very greedy for a communist, you had to give him (and not lend) half your salary to your friend. How much money you spend in RPG and egoistic leisures and activities while people all around the world need money just to survive.

Yes, you enjoy your confort. You support if it doesn't cost you too much... Soft belly communism is nothing but hypocrite capitalism. How many time you decided to purchase a colorful game book knowing (or purposefully ignoring) $30 is a monthly income for many people on that planet.

$300 is someway what I gave to Greece through my taxes, what about you? How much did you give to the country beyond empty words of support?
It's not enough to get dress like a rebel to be one...

That's the most ridiculous bullshiznit I've seen in quite a while, Citoyen Banker's Mouthpiece. How old are you?

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Angstspawn wrote:

All this for 7.1 billions euros, are you serious? Do you mean France and Germany gave Greece several dozen of billions to get 7.1 billions? Do you mean two countries whose economy represents 6,000 billions are risking to see their economies crash for 7.1 billions? Really??

That's 7.1 billion euros in one field in one year, Citoyen Banker's Mouthpiece. I wonder, but don't know, how many billions they spent on French and German armaments in previous years.

Citoyen Banker's Mouthpiece wrote:
If you're so much supportive my dear Anklebiter maybe you can give me a bit of money, or accept to back me up for a loan. I'll pay back with smiles.

Earlier this year, I lent $300 to a co-worker that I'm never going to get back, so I'm afraid I can't lend you billions of euros for you to spend on my products, Citoyen BM. It's true, though, I am quite supportive of Greece cancelling their debt...and other things.

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Angstspawn wrote:
Which investment? It was just for the country to raise to the level of others, we asked them back nothing in exchange but to modernize their country. After 30 years they still can't raise taxes in their own country!

I'm always a little unsure of who you mean when you say "we". The entire continent of Europe minus Russia? All of Europe minus Greece? Or are you speaking on behalf of the banks of Europe?

Anyway, here's an interesting paragraph from the African anarchist (admittedly, years-old) article:

"The fact that continued self-interest is driving the French and German ruling classes’ position towards Greece, can be seen in the fact that while demanding that the Greek state cut social spending, no demands have been made for it to cut its military spending. The central reason why is that the Greek state is the largest purchaser of weapons from Germany’s arms industry and the third largest customer of French military exports. Consequently, the French and German states have placed no brakes on the level of the Greek state’s military spending. Thus, the Greek state has continued with high levels of military spending: in 2010 alone it spent 7.1 billion Euros on its military."

I don't have the knowledge or interest to go digging around in the financial press about the arrangements of French and German capitalism but if the French and German arms manufacturers aren't in some way connected to the French and German banks (a la Comrade Lenin's pamphlet), I'll stop posting in this thread.

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I'm reading The Swords of Lankhmar in the second-volume of a two-volume semi-omnibus (no Knights and Knaves, so there will be no 55th sentence from page 55, I'm afraid.

In lieu of which:

"With a happy roaring shout that only he could hear, blood rushed through the Mouser's arteries toward his center, reviving his limp manhood in a mere moment, as a magically summoned genie offhandedly builds a tower."

Hisvit is hawt!!

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Hands up! Don't ship!

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You know, I don't agree with this at all, but even so:

pres man wrote:

“In the United States at present, only whites can be racists, since whites

dominate and control the institutions that create and enforce American cultural
norms and values . . . blacks and other Third World peoples do not have
access to the power to enforce any prejudices they may have, so they cannot,
by definition, be racists.”
--from EDUCATION & RACISM, National Education Association. 1973

Also, I wonder what is hidden beneath the ellipsis.

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Fake Healer wrote:

Yup, this is has become a "all cops are racist pigs" thread crying about how being black is being a victim. The blacks I know are far different from this breed of cop-hating, poor because whitey-makes me so that is taking everything said to the contrary as a racist white point of view. They are fun, cool people who have ordinary interactions within society. We joke at PTA meetings, laugh at movies, roll dice and share stories of our kids....they also don't hate white cops, or white people in general.

Being racist is a funny thing....even black people can be one.

"Some of our best Negroes are our friends."

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Freehold DM wrote:

That said...

The issues with the storied n word in the African American community have a lot to do with generational issues more so than racial ones directly. It's a complicated and complex matter, far more than one might think, especially on the outside looking in. I know I don't use it, and few black people in my age range do. Everyone younger than me does.

A whiles back, I was sitting around with Mr. and Mrs. Comrade watching a Katt Williams stand-up special. Mrs. Comrade, a nice Portuguese girl from outside of Lowell who had fallen in love with Cornel West (she ended up getting a selfie taken at New York's Left Forum earlier this year), asked "I don't get it, how did black people go from calling each other 'brother' and 'sister' to 'n%!$%' and 'b~~**?'"

Mr. Comrade and I looked at each other. He was too busy coughing up cannabis smoke, so I replied "Thirty years of job loss, declining living standards, mass incarceration and a war on drugs that teaches them that their lives are of little value to the surrounding society."

Probably not that articulately, though. I, too, was busy expelling cannabis smoke.

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Fake Healer wrote:
Freehold DM wrote:
I do hope you come back Fake Healer. There is more to learn here than white people's past and current sins, and putting your fingers in your ears only ensures that there will be another incident like this is in the future.
Why would you want me come back?

Yeah, Comrade Freehold, why would you?

After allegedly listening to both sides clearly and impartially he starts with "The shooting of Michael Brown was justified."

Then he goes on to refer to Brown as a four-time felon, a smear which I hadn't heard, but then again, I don't get the WCC newsletter.

Then he blames it all on the media, which Comrade Jeff demolished.

Then he comes back writing in mock Ebonics and complaining that blacks are uppity and ill-mannered and cause half of the crime in every country where they rub shoulders with non-black people, not to mention the way they wear their pants.

But of course, he has friends from all walks of life.

"Some of our best negroes are our friends" sang Phil Ochs back in the day.

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Two articles that risk trying the patience of Comrade Freehold:

N. TX demonstrators protest police shootings

"Earlier Wednesday, other demonstrators held an open carry gun march through South Dallas to protest against police shootings.

"Organizers there said the show of force served as a reminder of the right to bear arms to protect themselves from criminals and from police.

"About 30 men and women with the Huey P. Newton Gun Club rallied through the streets, focusing on deadly police shootings from the Ferguson, MO shooting death of teen Michael Brown to shootings by local police.

"Some carried long guns, rifles, shotguns and AR-15s, while others carried signs others and wore messages.

"'I think it's a good thing,' said Reginald Cofer with Mothers Against Teen Violence.

"'They are trying to protect the community,' said Jacey Cofer with Mothers Against Teen Violence. 'At the city hall meeting the other day, we got no answers. It's been a bunch of murders, the cops are not being accountable for it, and we want answers.'

"The marchers entered a south Dallas restaurant with their weapons, where Dallas police officers inside were finishing eating lunch."

[Clenched fist salute]

And in the complete other direction, Iceland grieves after police kill a man for the first time in its history

I didn't realize that Iceland didn't become independent (from who? Denmark? Norway?) until 1944.

Learn something new every day in the OTD!

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drunken_nomad wrote:

I still see 3packs of cassettes in Dollar Stores from time to time. Im not sure who buys I know! Its Doodlebugs.

We goblins, of course, love your pinkskin trash.

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I haven't, alas, been able to follow the news as closely as I would like this past week--busy with Anklebiter clan shiznit mostly--so I hadn't yet seen any Cornel West commentary.

Cornel West on Missouri: "Obama reeks of political calculation not moral conviction" - Newsnight

Hee hee! I haven't even finished watching it yet and I already love it. Had me at "Obama reeks."

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Krensky wrote:
thejeff wrote:
ShadowcatX wrote:
yellowdingo wrote:

national guard

executive order 14-09 can be downloaded here.
So much for constitutional accountability.

Deploying the police force with military grade equipment is one thing, but rolling out the actual military against our own people is a whole 'nother thing indeed. Bleh. From bad to worse.

Maybe. Maybe not.

It can be bad. Thinking back to the 60s and Kent State and other uses of the Guard against peace protesters. OTOH, I also think back to seeing the Guard used to defend desegregation. Honestly at this point, them just not being cops might be enough.

* Gives jeff a cookie.

Most people forget that the Governor of Arkansas called out the Guard to block integration and it took Ike sending in the 101st Airborne Division (an elite regular US Army unit for those around the world) and Federalizing the whole Arkansas National Guard.

The danger of using the National Guard these days is that they really aren't weekend reserve soldiers any more. Most of them are relatively battle hardened veterans of urban asymetrical warfare. This can cut both ways.

Back in 1955, veteran American Trotskyist Richard S. Fraser made the point that Eisenhower only intervened and sent in federal troops after the local black community organized itself and started fighting back.

I can't see any parallels with today at all.

[Stomps on cookies]

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Doodlebug Anklebiter wrote:

I've been reading Louisa May Alcott's gripping sword-and-sorcery saga Little Women.

Just got to the part where the paladin (Beth) and the barbarian (Jo) have met up with Sir Laurence and they stormed the Moffat Castle to rescue Meg. When Beth rammed the candelabra through Ned Moffat's skull in revenge of his horrendous treatment of Hannah, the loyal family slave, I almost wept. Can't wait to see what they get up to in the Slough of Despond. I bet Mr. Brooke gets his.

[Rough sketch for a re-write of Little Women.]

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Aranna wrote:

I have to admit there is a LOT of media bias out there Comrade Anklebiter... I still wonder why I didn't hear about the police shooting dead that vagrant while I hear from every source about this shooting.

I'm going to guess because the riots have gone on for longer and have been more destructive, but it's just a guess.

A second, darker, guess occurs to me, and that is that this story might be more likely to be picked up by certain media outlets because it allows people to call black people "animals" and get away with it.

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[Tries not to be ill]

So, what's the status of the smear campaign now? Last I heard, the Confederate-flag flying police chief had held a press conference where he said that even if Brown had been trying to steal cigars (is that the WCC party line?) it had nothing to do with his killing.

But, admittedly, I am the type of person that the phrase "policital correctness" was invented to describe.

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thejeff wrote:

Yes, race is at the heart of it. But that's not because people only get upset when white cops shoot black people and they'd be just fine with black cops shooting white folks. It's because we keep seeing cases where white cops kill black men under questionable circumstances and we don't hear nearly so much of the other cases.* Add to that the widespread perception of racial harassment of minorities by police, both in Ferguson in particular and more generally across the country. It's all the same

*As Comrade Anklebiter keeps linking there are cases of questionable shootings of white men, that sometimes provoke protests and even riots, but they're often of other marginalized groups - homeless or mentally ill.

I, of course, would be the last to deny that race is at the heart of it:

America: Young Black Men Have No Right to Life

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

“They can be arrested for nothing, or shot down in the streets with impunity.”

There are lots of pictures coming out of Ferguson, Missouri, a two-thirds Black town just outside St. Louis, where a policeman shot down Michael Brown, this past weekend. The 18 year-old’s last words before dying were: “I don’t have a gun, stop shooting.” The cop kept shooting anyway. The pictures show Brown’s body in the middle of the street, where it was left for four hours in the baking sun.

Other pictures show Brown’s grief-stricken mother, and his stepfather carrying a sign that said, “Ferguson police just executed my unarmed son.” There are plenty of images from the two nights of disturbances in the town, where there isn’t really much to loot. However, I think the most poignant picture shows young Blacks blocking the street in front of the Ferguson police department, their upraised arms signaling surrender, just as young Michael did before the cop administered the coup de grace.

How different that picture would have been in 1966, when young Black people in California responded to murderous police violence with armed patrols of their own, under the newly formed Black Panther Party for Self Defense. The Party declared that Black people had just as much right to defend themselves as white people, including the right to defend themselves from the police, who act as an occupying army. Which is, of course, a self-evident truth.

The Mass Incarceration State

The Black Panther Party’s vigorous assertion of the right to self-defense prompted the U.S. government to double-down on its monopoly on the use of force – first, with a massive campaign of assassination and false imprisonment against Black radical leadership, many of whom still remain behind bars. Then, as the decade of the Seventies began, mass Black incarceration became the universal policy of the United States – north, south, east and west. A new class of Black politicians filled the void that police repression had created. These were men and women who were quite amenable to corporate rule and made comfortable homes in the Democratic Party. Even as the prison population rose to nine times 1970 levels, the Black Misleadership Class blissfully celebrated its own upward mobility.

Meanwhile, the Mass Incarceration State consumed millions of Black lives and consigned most Black communities to Constitution-free zones, where young Blacks could be arrested for nothing, or shot down in the streets with impunity, as was Michael Brown, and as happens to other young Blacks every day of the year.

The people who rule America no longer need Black labor. What they do need is a class that is forcibly anchored at the bottom of U.S. society, who can be scapegoated for whatever is wrong with America, and whose very presence serves as an excuse for massive urban dislocation and the steady erosion of civil liberties. Michael Brown and countless others have died in order to keep America deeply stratified. That’s the only use the United States has for young Black men.

For Black Agenda Radio, I’m Glen Ford. On the web, go to to sign up for email notifications of our new issues, each Wednesday.

BAR executive editor Glen Ford can be contacted at

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Aranna wrote:
Again I argue calm... does any one think there would be ANY of this craziness if the ethnicity of the teen or officer were changed?

I never tire of linking the police riots after demonstrators took the streets in New Mexico to protest the police killing of a homeless white man.

Albuquerque protesters angry over James Boyd shooting get tear gassed by riot police

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Thanks, Andrew, I was wondering what I should listen to next.

Criminal Minded

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