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Doodlebug Anklebiter's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 6,515 posts (18,631 including aliases). 1 review. No lists. No wishlists. 2 Pathfinder Society characters. 27 aliases.

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Exchange of the night:

FHDM: "If performing cunnilingus is wrong, I don't wanna be right!"

Pretty Girl at the Bar: "Hi, hello, what are you guys talking about?"

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Last couple of days have been pretty harsh as La Principessa alternately rages and cries about her freeloading alcoholic previously undocumented Northern Irishman estranged husband and his unwillingness to pay his fair share of the taxes. As Comrade Omar once told me, "You gotta get rid of this clown; if anyone should be mooching off of her, it oughtta be you!" Comrade Omar, of course, is an incurable romantic.

Anyway, I was bored earlier today, waiting for her in-between class phone calls and wandered through the Gay Gamers thread, which I haven't visited in a while. While there, found an interesting article with an interesting inset. Wondered how I'd do, so, lessee:

For men male humanoids who haven't a clue


1) Check, although it was only this morning that she told me that you're supposed to take out the teabag prior to serving. Apparently, she's been swallowing a lot of bitter tear for love, but ironically, she hasn't once made me a cup of coffee. Also, instant coffee with almond milk and honey is terrible.

2) That's what I use Facebook for. I've also found that copying out Petrarchan sonnets with "Laura" crossed out and replaced with "Francesca" will work in a pinch. Other details sometimes have t be altered. For example, she's never worked as a shepherdess.

3) Being sartorially challenged myself, I need to work on this one. Although I often tell her how much I like seeing her in boots...and nothing else.

4) I tag along when she walks the dog. Nothing says romance like "Penny, do business!"

5) Hug, kiss, fondle, fornicate. Check.

6) She doesn't have a dishwasher. But I do at least 75% of the dishes.

7) I'm broke. Although we did go see Mockingjay together. It kinda blew.

8) We're both not terribly good cooks, but today I chopped the onions for the chicken tacos and the other day I had to visit three bodegas to find tomato paste. Why are there so many poorly stocked bodegas in Brooklyn?

9) Yeah, no. She's thirty-eight and was trapped in a sexless marriage for years. I can't even touch her shoulders without her wanting to do it.

10) Her car wash is on strike. Also, I'm terrified of driving in NYC.

11) She thinks manicures, spas, etc. are "bourgie."

12) Fifty times a day at least.

Gonna have to find another list.

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Hell is--other posters!

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Tels wrote:
Doodlebug, I really have to wonder... are there any walls in your house, are they all just bookshelves?

Hee hee!

I had been telling my hawt commie NYC schoolteacher girlfriend that she should start filling the available wallspace in her apartment with shelves now. When she came up to visit, she looked at the books in my room and said, "Yeah, I don't think all of these are going to fit." When she asked why I was making such a hangdog face, I replied "I've also got 14 boxes stashed in various attics across New England."

I didn't even bother showing her my record collection.

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Not Spoilered For Disgusting Goblin Sexiness

I have been privy to a few conversations between female comrades (mostly Mrs. Comrade and La Principessa, but not limited to them) in which they agree, and say that many of the other female comrades agree, that leftist men are, by and large, useless in bed.

I don't know if it's the demographic of nerdiness that often goes along with leftism, or if it's something about dudes who are down with women's liberation through socialist revolution, or what, but apparently the male comrades are largely incapable or unwilling to engage in the kind of Mick Jagger-esque rooster-y swagger that appeals to their baser instincts, nor the "slam me against the wall, hold me down" ravishing that, apparently, a great many of them crave, with or without the influence of Fifty Shades of Grey.

I'm learning as I go.

Anyway, I believe it was Citizen Home above, in a summary of the rape fantasies that he's read about, who brought up the whole "I'm so hot, he lost control of himself" thing, which, IIRC, is what Freud referred to in female sexuality as narcissism, but anyway, that's been a big thing with her, too. "Oh, Doodlebug, when you touch me, I lose control of my body, I want to do that to you, too." "Baby," I reply, "I'm just happy to be here."

Anyway, she just got back from walking the dog after we got back from the Newark commie rally, so, uh, I gotta go...

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[Adds to list]

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Well, In These Times seems to think it was a victory. Good enough, I guess. Four for four, baby!

New England Workers Win Largest Telecom Strike in History

[Reads first section]

Man, what a shiznitty contract.... :(

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Like I take cool tips off of you.

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Coriat wrote:

You'd probably like a quote from '56:

Wiki wrote:
As the Ideal-X left the Port of Newark, Freddy Fields, a top official of the International Longshoremen's Association, was asked what he thought of the newly fitted container ship. Fields replied, "I’d like to sink that son of a b$~@@."

Vive le General Ludd!

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Pfft. I've been posting about The Wire my entire time here. Came up in the first politroll conversation I ever entered, back with Comrade Derek back in '0whatever.

As for Wire, the band, c'mon, Comrade Meatrace. I've got ten years working in used record stores under my belt.

I'm cooler than all of you!

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Thread I mentioned earlier

I linked to my summation post; there are posts before and after. Also, of course, I don't claim to be any kind of expert, it was just the result of googling shiznit as the conversation went on.

Although, La Principessa and I were talking about Patricia Arquette and the gender wage gap and then all of a sudden I saw her regurgitating my talking points on Facebook. I kinda cringed a little and thought "Ooh, baby, you should probably research that stuff before taking my word for it."

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I'll work harder to provide for your needs, baby.

[Waggles eyebrows and does warm up callisthenics]

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I think you guys should start arguing about Patricia Arquette's speech at the Oscars. At least it's about the movies instead of this academic bullshiznit.

School sucks!

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Black Lives Matter: Northern New England-style!

Yes, the "Black Power" banner was carried by three white dudes.

For black liberation through socialist revolution!

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Boston using prisoners like slave laborers to shovel snow in back-breaking conditions

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Up real early to get things going for the last day of prep for the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Malcolm X rally and just saw this:

FairPoint, unions reach deal to end strike

No details yet, but hopefully it's some kinda win.

Partly for selfish reasons: One of Comrade Longears's American co-thinkers (and an SEIU organizer) made a comment a whiles back that my local commie branch is kinda like a good luck charm for strikes; thus far, with a record of three for three (Insomnia Cookies, Lifelinks, Weir Valve), any picket line that we visit wins.

It'd be nice if that kept being a thing.

One day longer/One day stronger!
For workers revolution!

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It's been a while, I admit, since I've carried a sign that read "For Open Admissions, Free Tuition and a Living Stipend for All Students!" but I have been encouraging my hawt commie NY schoolteacher girlfriend to start an "opt out of Common Core testing" campaign.

It's either that or listen to her scream "Why won't they let me teach!!!!" every time I go down to Brooklyn.

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Anyway, I know nothing about 50 Shades of Grey, the book or the movie, nor do I care.

However, being lucky enough to have recently fallen in love with a hawt militant commie NY schoolteacher, and, even luckier to have her fall in love with me, and listening to her tell horror story after horror story about either her past lovers or the lovers of her union sisters, I can understand the popularity of 50 Shades and can only rededicate myself to the cause of women's liberation through socialist revolution.

In the meantime, I totally support people squeezing out whatever pleasures they can during their short stay on this miserable f$~*ing planet. To each their own.

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Freehold DM wrote:
Doodlebug Anklebiter wrote:
Sissyl wrote:
Be assured that we would. Recognition and treatment of blacks has come a long way, but they are not yet seen enough as people to be allowed to be villains in movies.

Missed this before and it reminded me of an exchange from two years ago:

Madame Sissyl: A related issue to "all the people of this race are evil and bad" is "all the people of this race are good". Quick, name five black villains in major Hollywood movies, made 1980 or later.

Me: Marcellus Wallace, Samuel Jackson in Unbreakable, Samuel Jackson in Django Unchained Denzel Washington in Training Day, Wesley Snipes in New Jack City.

Did it a minute, no internet searches.

Bow before my cineaste excellence.

good memory.

However, two of those movies used the same actor.

Later in the same thread, we came to the conclusion that Samuel Jackson is evil.

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Bad Meaning Good: Top 10 Black Movie Villains

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Well, if it ever stops snowing, we might have a rally this Saturday:

Malcolm X Assassination 50th Anniversary Rally & March

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I'd expect Frenchies, even ones who's nation didn't modernize until the '60s, to be less sexually repressed than Anglos any day of the week.

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Valentine's Day Musical Interlude that I originally secretly posted on Facebook for La Principessa's benefit and then later reposted for the whole world.

After one trip to the Christmas Basement, we were socializing with Mr. and Mrs. Comrade and the song came on. "Oh, I like that song," La Principessa said. "What a surprise" I quipped and then she hit me.

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To Comrade Longears
c/o Olympia Press

Dear Sir,

La Principessa read the excerpts from The Teamster and the Termagant back before I tried to kick it to her and, occasionally, asks me when she's going to get her own "piso erotica short story."

I suggested that instead of a short story, she deserved a six-volume novel entitled 50 Shades of Red. She practically swooned.

I hate to impinge on the creative process, but if you could include the following acts, she would be much obliged:

Spoilered for Disgusting Goblin Sexiness

--[redacted redacted]
--being [redacted] and then [redacted]
--[redacted redacted redacted]
--looking up in hot lust and saying "[Redacted redacted redacted redacted]!"

Thanks in advance,
Don Juan de Doodlebug

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Funk for Friday!

Band of Gypsys--"Them Changes"
Boogie Down Productions--"The Bridge Is Over"
Gil Scott-Heron--"Whitey on the Moon"

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Went to a NY branch meeting where, apparently, there was quite a row.

I didn't notice 'cuz I was too busy doing childcare which consisted of acting out tales from In the Beginning: Creation Stories from Around the World.

Most amusing bit was when he was Zeus and I was Pandora and he invited me up to hang out with him in the clouds. "Why would Pandora go and hang out with Zeus?" I asked. "We have a playdate!" he shouted gleefully. "Yeah, I hear Zeus has a lot of playdates..."

Second most amusing bit was reading a story from the Kono people of Guinea about Sa and Alantangana and he shrieked with mock terror, ran into the meeting and, when approached by La Principessa, confided that there was a "terrible old skullface in the hallway."


"In the beginning, there was chaos and darkness. And then there was death!"

"What were you doing to that poor boy?" she asked afterwards.

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Love Among the Ultra-Lefts

So, La Principessa had a bunch of bad days culminating in a post-therapy session where she texted me saying I shouldn't call because she was crying so hard she couldn't breathe, nevermind talk. So I called her anyway and listened to her cry for an hour and a half and told her funny stories about all the pets I've ever had until she passed out. The next morning she called me and told me that I was the best man in the entire world and she didn't know anyone else that would've done that.

I'm not entirely sure that's true, but anyway, I spoke with my mother about it and, while sympathetic, she asked "Are you really sure that you want to do this for the rest of your life?"

And I thought about it and I realized that the answer was "F@%* yeah!" so I called out sick for the rest of the week, hopped on a bus to Brooklyn and showed up on her stoop unannounced.

[Cellphone conversation (yes, she made me buy a cellphone)]

"Hey, baby, I got two questions for you: How many essays did you grade?" [Long, rambling answer] "Okay, second question: do we have any condoms left?" [Long rambling answer] By this time I had navigated my luggage through her building, her elevator, and ended up on the sixth floor. "Hey, baby, I've got a confession to make. I lied to you. I didn't go to work today." [Knocks on apartment door] "Hold on, baby, someone's at the door. Who the f&+~ is knocking on my door this late at night, it'd better be good--" [Girlish shrieks and tears]

Long story short, I was all like, "Baby, I don't have a ring, but I do have a well-used copy of The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State. Will you marry me?"

She melted, but wouldn't say "yes" because, a) she's a communist and doesn't believe in marriage; and b) she's already married (I don't think I've mentioned that before--long story that I won't go into).

And I was all, like, "Look, you're a mess down here without me, and I can't get anything done up there without you, so, I'll have to talk to my steward, but I think the only conceivable course of action is that I go get tested, come back, knock you up, get married and then apply for a hardship transfer." She still wouldn't say yes, but was overjoyed nonetheless, and cried a little because nobody had ever asked her to get married before, and then we did it, twice.

This morning, before she went off to work she said, "I love you so much. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. It's gonna take some time to get some things worked out, but when they do, if you still want to, of course I will marry you."

F&~! yeah!

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I will not be going this year, alas, but Iron GM IS the awesomest evah. If GM Chris Pierce is competing, I highly recommend playing at his table.

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Harrassment--Well, I don't think I do that.

Baiting--Guilty as charged.

Profanity/Vulgar Speech--Ummm [Looks around]

Malicious Speech--Well, I do advocate class war quite a bit...

Impersonation--I only used my Evil Houstonderek avatar four times!

Personal Content--I prefer to let it all hang out.

Spam--Does communist propaganda count?

Illegal Activity--[bubble bubble bubble]

I can't believe I've been on here for, like, five years now, and I've never read that document. And now that I've read it, I can't believe I've been on here for, like, five years.

Mea culpa,

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Comrade Anklebiter wrote:

From Down Under:

Factory Workers Continue To 'Occupy Dandenong' In Fight For Fair Wages

Workers Win Four-Day Factory Stand-Off For Better Wages, Conditions

That was quick.


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(My b-day was back on 12/28, so drinks at Bon Choi (?) counted even though you didn't know.)

After phone-based hobgoblinry, I sent her a Shakespearean sonnet. I just grabbed it because the first couple of lines sounded hawt, but then she made me analyze it and it wasn't so hawt after all.

"This is one of the most desolate sonnets in the entire series."

Stupid Shakespeare.

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From Down Under:

Factory Workers Continue To 'Occupy Dandenong' In Fight For Fair Wages

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mechaPoet wrote:
Thanks for the articles, comrade. I'll have to set aside some time to read these fully, but from that first one, it seems like one of the largest obstacles to overcoming class oppression is the lack of intersectional struggle against the ruling class(es).

Yeah, that's a lot of shiznit. Sorry about that. I got a little stoned about an hour ago.

To try to answer your question more succinctly, I hope: Yes, it's absolutely true. The greatest obstacles to smashing capitalism is the racial, sexual, whatever, divisions within the working class and that the only way to smash those divisions is for the working class to struggle against all forms and varieties of oppression.*

Workers of the world, unite!
Vive le Galt!!!


I just don't think manspreading is one of them.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

You should read your articles closer, Citizen Fergurg.

"By the way, if a man ever tells you that your snoring bothers him, what he really means is that he is uncomfortable with the idea of women being heard."

I'm not bothered by it at all. If it wakes me up, I just wake her up and then we have sex. 'S all good.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Went looking to see if youtube would spit out anything for William Buckley and feminism, but I got nothing.

But a debate between him and James Baldwin on the subject Has the American Dream Been Achieved at the Expense of the American Negro? sure looks interesting.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

"Pull your pants up!"

[Punches Bill Cosby]

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I'm not really going to dig through the past day or so's posts, but Comrade BeeNee's point about bonobos living in chimp paradise (and I don't really know anything about bonobos except that they use sex as a conflict-avoiding mechanism, which is about the sanest thing I've ever heard) is kind of the point for us socialists who want to stamp out material scarcity.

For women's liberation through socialist revolution!
Socialism will get everybody laid!

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mechaPoet wrote:
I guess my question is: what makes you think that the condemnation of manspreading is largely the concern of (white) upper-class feminists?

Tales from the Shopfloor

I worked alongside Female Teamster today and asked her if she had heard of manspreading.

She rolled her eyes and said "Yeah."

Asked her what she thought about it, and she said that, from what she had heard, it was a comfortable way to sit. And that women would probably sit like that, too, if they weren't constantly chided to "sit like ladies" when they were young.

I commiserated, and told her about when I had been teased for sitting "like a girl" in first grade and didn't even put my ankle on my knee until I was a teenager.

She then said that she thought it was a dumb issue and made feminists look stupid. I poked a little bit with some of the class-war types of comments I've made above, and she agreed with most of them. She especially liked an observation of la Principessa's that working-class women beset by manspreading and bereft of a seat would be more likely to simply assert themselves and force the offender to desist.

I then shared my suspicion that this might not be about space, but, rather, certain prim and prudish women not wanting to see men so brazenly showing off their stuff.

"Yeah," she cackled, "They're just upset because they can't admit they're so turned on!"

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Been a long, long while since I've been over to the website of Comrade Longears's American co-thinkers:

After 26 years, government to end direct oversight of Teamsters

1 person marked this as a favorite.

In completely other news, I am up late tonight because I had a long conversation with la Principessa. She was crying, again, and, as I tried to make her feel better, I spoke over her.

Well, she stopped crying, alright, but only because she then yelled at me.
"I'm sorry, baby--" "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
"I'm really sorry, baby--" "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Anyway, I got off the phone, went on the internet and discovered that she had blown up my Facebook private messaging.

"I'm sorry baby, I love you, good night."

Convinced her that her thinking that I didn't listen to her was killing me, got her back on the phone, talked for another hour and a half, she finally apologized for yelling at me, I apologized again for speaking over her, and then made her giggle by telling her how Paizonians were repeating my line, via private messages, about putting hobgoblins in caves. "Oh, I miss you," she purred.


4 people marked this as a favorite.

Googled around a bit and ran across the following article which I thought pretty well summarized my take on looking at the pictures from the website Citizen Poet linked above. Saves me from having to look through more photos.

'Manspreading'? But women hog subway space, too

"In the past year, I've tried to watch for subway space-hogging patterns myself. The worst case I saw was a woman sitting at a half turn with her purse next to her, occupying at least two and possibly three seats. Granted it was in a half-empty car, but the same seems to be true in most photos posted by activists to shame 'manspreaders.' Incidentally, in some of those photos, you can spot female passengers taking up extra space -- sometimes because of the way they cross their legs."

(Emphasis added)

"Yes, men tend to sit with their legs apart. (Many will tell you it's an issue of comfort and, well, male anatomy.) I haven't seen many do so in a way that inconveniences others. Indeed, the supposed offenders in some of the shaming photos are clearly not spreading beyond their own seats. It's also worth noting that when criticisms of bad subway manners first began to show up on the Internet five years ago, no one seemed particularly exercised about male postures. When street artist Jason Shelowitz (or Jay Shells) surveyed New Yorkers about subway etiquette violations for a series of posters in 2010, nail clipping topped the list, followed by religion and noise pollution. "Physical contact" and disregard of seating priority were also mentioned, but with no regard to gender."

(Emphasis added)

Which makes me wonder, again, whether the issue isn't the taking up of space but rather the effrontery to petit-bourgeois feminist mores of males spreading their legs and showing off their crotch.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Don Juan de Doodlebug wrote:
mechaPoet wrote:
I guess my question is: what makes you think that the condemnation of manspreading is largely the concern of (white) upper-class feminists?

Man-spreading, a transit controversy with legs

In this article, and correct me if I am overlooking something, the three anti-manspreading spokespeople are: a professor of English, a policy analyst and a president of an image management firm.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
mechaPoet wrote:
Second, the issue is one of excessive spreading, not to mention dudes taking up space in more ways than just manspreading. In that linked article, there is a blog mentioned called "Men Taking Up Too Much Space On The Train," which is either the source of this trend's blooming attention or a ready documentation of it. It is at least 50 pages long at 10 posts per page.

I don't know. I looked through some of those photos and, before I got bored, I realized that there were many, many photos of dudes only taking up one seat, but, apparently, running afoul of the mores of yuppie feminists who apparently think everyone should sit with their knees pressed together because...well, if I were to guess, because that's the way they sit in college-educated, upper middle class, yuppie (white?) circles.

"Oh, look there's a picture of a dude who's obviously coming from the airport and he has his luggage next to him! What an oppressor! And there's a dude sprawled asleep! How dare these lower-class riff raff with their exhausting menial jobs interrupt my commute to the investment banking firm!"

Down with liberal yuppie feminist gentrifiers!
For mass investment in public transportation and women's liberation through socialist revolution!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Kshama Sawant Gives #SocialistResponse to Obama’s State of the Union Address

Sisters and Brothers,

Six years ago, Obama was elected on the hope that he would represent the millions, not the millionaires.

When Obama delivered his first State of the Union address, Democrats occupied majorities in both the House and Senate.

Today, after massive disappointment and disillusionment for the American people, he faces Republican majorities in both branches of Congress. Six years later, will millions of Americans finally get the president they voted for?

Some of the proposals Obama made tonight point in the right direction:

On taxing the rich, on providing free community college education, paid sick and maternity leave, and municipal broadband.

But how does Obama plan to overcome the inevitable Republican obstruction?

How will Obama get any serious measure to tax the wealthy or against climate change past the entrenched and undemocratic power of Wall Street and big business?

There is no answer to this from Obama.

He talked about the economic recovery.

But the truth is for the vast majority of us this has been a joyless recovery.
Americans face the highest levels of inequality in almost a century.

Under Obama the gap between rich and poor has only widened.

But the last two years have seen the shaping of the kind of forces that can reverse this stunning inequality – the historic grassroots movements for a $15/hour minimum wage by heroic low-wage workers taking strike action.

And we won a $15 minimum wage in Seattle – the first major city to do so – by building a movement of low-paid workers together with unions, community organizations, 15 Now, and others.

Critical for $15 in Seattle was the election of an independent working class candidate who boldly championed it, which forced the political and business establishment to reluctantly make a concession on this issue.

In contrast, Republican and Democratic politicians, rather than fighting to raise the minimum wage as we did, have instead been taking donations from the same fast food companies that workers are striking against.

Obama is pushing international trade agreements undermining environmental and labor standards that will further fuel inequality and environmental destruction.

This year also saw a $15 ballot initiative passed by a huge margin in San Francisco, and statewide ballot initiatives to raise the minimum wage pass by super-majorities, including Republican dominated states.

Our task is clear – we need to continue to build this movement and democratic organizations like 15 Now to make 2015 the year we win 15 across the nation.
Obama spoke about helping the middle class. He spoke about housing issues.

Yet while cities like Seattle have to deal with astronomical rent increases and gentrification, we are simultaneously facing cuts to federal funding for low-income housing.

Here in Seattle I along with public housing tenants and community activists just led a successful battle to stop a 400% rent hike for low-income housing in Seattle.

I hope this example of resistance and struggle can spread nationally where other cities are confronted with similar attacks.

Socialist Alternative, tenants, and I are campaigning for emergency measures like rent control to address this spiraling crisis.

But emergency measures will not be enough. The so called “free market” has miserably failed to provide affordable housing.

We need urgent public investment to build new affordable housing for working families.

I am working on a plan for the Seattle city government to build thousands of high-quality publicly owned houses to rent at below market rates.

But to win any of this, tenants and homeowners need to build their own housing justice movement, acting locally, but connecting nationally.

Obama´s pledge to say No to Keystone XL and to cap methane emissions are necessary first steps.

But let’s be clear: he has utterly failed to take on the power of the 90 companies who are responsible for almost two thirds of the climate emissions in history.

Instead he brags about being the “Fracking President.”

As Naomi Klein said, this is about capitalism versus the climate.

We need to act here and now. But we can only deal with climate change if we break the power of the giant oil and car companies who are determined to extract every drop of oil from the ground.

Addressing climate change means organizing society around the interests of the 99%, rather than around profits and fiercely competing nation states.

We need a democratic socialist society based on international cooperation.

Real progress is only won by millions stepping into action. We saw that with the tremendous People´s Climate March which had half a million people rallying in New York City. We need to take this forward and demand concrete action. In Seattle, we are pushing forward to ban oil and coal trains from passing through the city.

Last year saw the beginning of the most important movement against racial injustice in decades.

Every 28 hours, a Black person is killed by police or vigilantes in this country.

We live in the age of mass black incarceration.

The age of unindicted, unprosecuted, widespread police brutality against black people.

This is the age of economic racism, where the average income of a black person is one third less than a white person.

After hundreds of thousands of Black workers and youth campaigned to elect Obama, he has provided no vision to address racism in our society.

Why can’t Barack Obama say “Black Lives Matter”?

Black people, people of color, indigenous people deserve action.

They deserve action now:
•For full prosecution of all acts of police brutality like those against Mike Brown and Eric Garner!
•For an end to economic racism, for a $15 / hour minimum wage nationally.
•To finally address the gaping income inequalities that define race and gender in the U.S.

The Republicans elected in the mid-terms last fall would like to think they have a public mandate.

Nothing could be farther from the truth.

The pro-corporate, right-wing agenda of the Republicans is being roundly rejected in poll after poll. This was also evident with the many progressive voter initiatives that passed in the same election that gave Republicans their majority.

The only reason Republicans won is that working people, youth and people of color are deeply disappointed after years of the Democrats doing the bidding of corporations.

This is why millions stayed home with the lowest voter turnout since the 2nd World War!

Is Obama now prepared to challenge Republicans and big business?

I fear not.

Unfortunately, the financial aristocracy that funded Obama’s election campaigns and promoted him to the presidency have their tentacles firmly wedded in to every nook and cranny of the White House.

Let us not forget Obama has carried out unprecedented unconstitutional spying, drone strikes, and a ferocious crackdown on brave whistleblowers like Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning.

This is why independent working class challengers will be needed.

Candidates who refuse corporate donations, who are financially and politically independent of big business and their two parties.

We need to build our own political voice, a mass political party for working people.

Despite Obama’s speech today, bitter experience has shown we cannot rely on him to deliver.

We must work to build independent movements of working class people, of young people, of women and people of color, and the LGBTQ community.

To fight towards affordable cities, health care and education for all.

Towards a society based on economic justice, equal rights, compassion and an end to racism.

To challenge the domination of the 1%.


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And like a good communist, I don't look at the news, I start reading an article from over 50 years ago:

The revolutionary answer to the Negro problem in the United States

A report delivered by C. L. R. James in presenting the draft resolution on the Negro Question to the Thirteenth Convention of the Socialist Workers Party (US), July 5, 1948

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At Nashua Labor Council meeting:

Former (? I think) Democratic state representative talks up NH Rebellion "get-money-out-of-politics"/lame-ass/Lawrence Lessig bullshiznit;dances around the issue that last year (?) they gave money to local Libertarian candidates or something. "Yeah, there's some people in there I don't like, but, you know, unity..." [Paraphrase]

Labor Newsletter Editor: [Paraphrase] I'm kinda skeptical. I mean, yeah, I want to get money out of politics, too, but when they start talking about the SEIU, I get real mad.

Newspaper Guild: [Paraphrase] F~%+ them. They are liars and scabs. I will never work with them again.

Mr. Comrade: F!#+ them. Shills for the Free State Project.

Democrat Hack: [Shamefacedly] Yeah, okay...

LNE: [Paraphrase] Yeah, f~~@ them. I mean, I want to get money out of politics, too, [rambles] "...and get back to what this country originally stood for, you know, where everybody gets a voice."

Me: "Yeah. And slaves."

[Table laughs with varying levels of nervousness, except for Racist Raytheon Grammie who narrows her eyes and shakes her head]

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Btw, I've been trying to get Principessa Francesca to wear a hijab in bed ever since I saw that trailer. Got her to wrap up in a cashmere scarf, but it wasn't the same.

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Synergistic weirdiosity for Comrade Freehold--Co-star of Guess Who's Cummin' to Dinner? in the news:

Lebanese-American porn actress receives death threats in her family's home country after she is voted sex industry's top star

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A couple of events that I will be attending/organizing over the next two weeks:

Black Power Mixtape showing and Potluck Fundraiser

Pretty decent flick if you haven't seen it.

The following week should be fun as Lowell, Massachusetts gets its first Black Lives Matter-esque event, complete with commies and anarcho-syndicalists on the steering committee. I was still in Brooklyn for the first planning meeting (and will be returning to Brooklyn this week and will also miss the second one) but Mr. Comrade assured me that it was wicked exciting and there was even an undercover cop. Makin' a name for ourselves, woo hoo!

Rally Against Police Brutality and Racial Discrimination Lowell

Also attended a meeting of the Nashua Labor Council last night. It was fun, rubbing shoulders with various labor bureaucrats and Democratic party shills and nearly avoiding a meltdown with the head of the IBEW local of Raytheon workers over police brutality. It was rather comical, she was trying to make some comment about her son being a cop and then she blended Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Tamar Rice and two or three other incidents into one account. "He was killed by a black cop. How come no one knows about that case?" "You mean the case that everyone at this table just said they knew about?" "Yeah, but they didn't know he was killed by a black cop." "But he was still killed by a cop, right?" "Yeah, but it was a black cop. There are more black racists than white racists, you know." I'm about to explode when Mr. Comrade comes back from the bathroom. (Mr. Comrade is always going to the bathroom because he drinks, like, 4 liters of Diet Pepsi a day.) "What the hell did I walk into?" "You don't wanna know."

Anyway, ran into the Newspaper Guild dude I impressed with my tale of yelling at UPS supes for my love at the FairPoint rally in Concord; turns out he is dating the IBEW retiree who always hails me as "Commie [Doodlebug]" and is now trying to arrange giving us her former mentor's books about Eugene Debs and whatnot. I'm convinced they're all secret commies.

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