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Doodlebug Anklebiter's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 6,947 posts (19,792 including aliases). 1 review. No lists. No wishlists. 2 Pathfinder Society characters. 28 aliases.

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Striking Verizon Workers Win Big Gains

Haven't looked into it yet. Hope it's true, but I'm a bit cynical. As I recall, the Fairpoint strike (phone workers in NH, VT and ME) was called a victory, too, despite huge losses. We'll see.

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I'm not sure if this is new or if I just missed it before:

Dungeons and Dragons and Philosophers: The Battle of the Five Philosophies

Featuring Marx and Stirner (amongst others).

[J-PS,IT]Including my lady love.[/J-PS,IT]

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Etta James--At Last!

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Verizon Strike:

What Happened in the Philippines

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Stole it for Facebook, comrade, thank you.

Pride and "Red, Black and Queer" were successes, especially the latter, with over a dozen attendees in a sweltering room listening to a septuagenarian gay communist give a slideshow presentation about organizing trade unions and hanging out with the Sandinistas.

I was a bit disappointed that we didn't get swarms of gay and trans kids who wanted to collect money for the phone workers, but me and Mr. Comrade compared notes and noticed that, of all the people we gave flyers to at the transgender rights thingy, we got a cis het Latino immigrant male to each event.


We'll take 'em.

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Activist Friends of Mine in the News, well, Counterpunch

So, a couple of months ago we met this couple, Alex and Alex. He is from El Salvador; she is f~@#ing gorgeous. We ran into each other a couple of times, they came to one of our events, etc., etc. Then, back on April 14th, we ran into her down in Boston at the $15 rally in front of the state house. She found out about our bus back to Lowell, hopped on, and we got to chatting.

Turns out, she works with something called the Chelsea Collaborative and their contingent was bringing attention to sexual harassment at some shop downtown (I forget which right now). It further turned out that she is second-generation celebrity labor leftie royalty. Her dad is Steve Early, who, among other things, was a CWA legend, an architect of the 1997 UPS strike, and the author of a book that was making the rounds in the last five years, Save Our Unions, a Counterpunch preview of which I remember cribbing heavily from for a branch meeting once.

Anyway, I friended her a while ago on Facebook, but I never got around to friending the other Alex until I ran into him at the transgender rights demo last night. When he accepted my request, I discovered that she is too modest to promote her own articles via Facebook, and she's written quite a few, but here's the latest:

Hillary Lost My Vote in Honduras by ALEXANDRA EARLY (I'm guessing this is rhetorical and Hillary never had her vote)

Her pops had one published yesterday that looks pretty intriguing to me:

Left Cover for Hoffa? The Rise and Fall of a Model Teamsters Local by STEVE EARLY

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Many happy returns, CC!

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For International Day Against Transphobia and Homophobia, the Lowell City Council entertained a motion to ask Massachusetts not to include transgendered people among the categories of people it is illegal to discriminate against.

CAJE helped turn out 50-75 peeps to voice their displeasure and the resolution was shut down. Then a resolution endorsing the Massachusetts decision to include etc., passed 8-to-1, including the councilwoman who seconded the original resolution.

Best of all, the Lowell City Council rounded up all the politically minded gay people in town so we can invite them to our Pride screening on Thursday or "Red, Black, and Queer" on Friday.

To stay on theme, I think I'll got a Chelsea Manning demo on Saturday.

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Don't remember if this made it to the WPZO thread before, but just saw it again on FB:

Monkees/Iron Maiden mash-up

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Was at work yesterday and saw a leaflet on the floor announcing that our brothers and sisters at ABC Supply were on strike (great way to spread the word, guys!) and me and Mr. Comrade went down there today.

Got home and discovered an article about one the fast food strikers I've been rabble-rousing with.

Comrades of Mine in the News

Meet the 25-year-old fighting for a $15 minimum wage

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Straight Outta Hogwarts

Gangsta wizards wear their seat belts, apparently.

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This 90-Year-Old Lady Seduced and Killed Nazis as a Teenager

Hats off.

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Web comic about the Bronte sisters

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It is and I am. Even sez so on my profile.


Happy Birthday, Comrade Longears! May all your attempts to seize the means of productions be successful this year!

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Never mind the bus pass: punks look back at their wildest days

Lesley Woods from The Au Pairs ended up a barristed; Terry "Tory Crimes" Chimes from The Clash, a chiropractor; Steve Ignorant from Crass, a lifeboatman.

I don't know what a lifeboatman is.

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Merle Haggard and the Strangers--Sing a Sad Song

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Not sure if it's the same thing, but here's the last three articles on the "UPS Management Is Total Scum" fb page:

Looming German Airport-Staff Strike Threatens UPS Operations

UPS Airlines mechanics plan to picket proposed health care cuts

Fayette judge denies contact with jurors in $5 million UPS verdict

I'm not sure if the FB link will work if you're not logged in, but I will try nonetheless:

U P S Management is Total Scum

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Epic Rap Battles of History: J. R. R. Tolkien vs George R. R. Martin

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I missed Int'l Jazz Day, but for today's

Monday Morning Jazz Brunch it's

Dexter Gordon--Go

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Happy May Day!

Going down to a rally for Verizon strikers before I head off to work.

Yesterday's Boston Socialist Unity Conference was fun. Ran into a lot of old friends and new, including a guy I was in the Sparts with 20 years ago.

Haven't done the leftist bingo tally yet, but I'm sure there were lots of points, especially since celebrity leftist Vijay Prashad is reported to be a member of the Communist Party of India (Marxist).

U.S. Imperialism: Past and Present

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Some Captain Beefheart

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Bob Marley and the Wailers--African Herbsman

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One of my faves...with Muppets

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From one short horndog freak to another: you will be missed.

Ryuko wrote:
Worst part is that since he hated streaming and free video I can't even listen to him in remembrance today.

This site seems to have the goods.

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After a month or so, I think La Principessa and I are back together.

[Erases any mention of Amy Berard in this thread]

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Well, all my local environmentalist buddies who've been working on this are calling it a success:

Kinder Morgan Suspends Work, Spending On Pipeline Project

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Fergie wrote:
This one was very different because the NYPD had the WHOLE area blocked off for the Bernie rally that was going on nearby in Washington Square Park

Comrade Kshama and La Principessa's Union Sister with the Impressive Collection of Dick Pics were among those opening for him in Foley Square today.

La Principessa's Single Mother Comrade and Her ADHD-Diagnosed 8-Year-Old Son came up to visit and tomorrow we're going down to hear a guy named Jeffrey B. Perry lecture on Hubert Harrison.

We've been trying to get him to come up to Lowell and we feel we've got a better chance if we bring La Principessa's Single Mother Comrade who used to date one of his union brothers back in the 80s when they were taking their postal workers union local back from the mob.

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I like hip hop, bubblegum pop and country.

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Fast-food protesters gather in Manchester

Here’s What You Need To Know About Today’s Nationwide Strikes

Photo by former Khmer Rouge enthusiast

Got to Ms. Dube's presentation an hour late. I went in with the Nigerian Princess while Mr. Comrade ordered dinner downstairs. The NP observed her for a while and then whispered, "This isn't good, Doodlebug, she's a La Principessa clone, if La Principessa was taller and a redhead. But she looks great." Later, the NP introduced herself, but Ms. Dube avoided eye contact with me, so I let the moment pass, and then she bolted and escaped. "Why didn't you say anything?!?" the NP chided on the way home. I hemmed and hawed and she said "You're shy, she's shy, this is never going to work. But she has amazing legs."

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In the fifties, the American capitalist establishment was willing to accept a strong, but defanged, labor movement. Partly because less than 15 years ago, mass class war led by avowed commies had broken out and scared the beejeezus out of them. Partly because they were flush with cash from the uptick in profits from the postwar boom that they could afford them. Partly because, as Comrade Jeff points out, they had defanged the commies in them through McCarthyism, etc. Probably other shiznit, too, but I've been drinking.

What else? In answer to Citizen Moonrunner's first question: Prolly not, although the anti-union offensive at UPS, for example, isn't terribly overt. In answer to Citizen Moonrunner's second question: For me, no, Bernie doesn't make the cut. Nor did Michael Harrington, although I found his The Other America a pretty powerful read and indictment of poverty at the height of the American postwar boom. The Democratic Socialists of America are a part of the Democratic Party and, despite the line coming out of Seattle from leadership, I still can't abide the Democratic Party.

Anyway, stopped by the Lowell Verizon lines on my way home. About 200 strong, shutting down all three entrances to the mall which, is, coincidentally, the same mall where the bus is going to pick up the fast food strikers to go to Boston.

Anyway, last night I played Thunder: Classic Role Playing. I was a hawt female fire mage named Zhasha last night. We had to save a lumbertown that were under siege by faceless grey reavers. At one point, I ended up in the boarded up church with some lumberjacks and I engineered a menage a trois with Sven and Olaf, who, later, received bonuses to their attacks due to the morale boost I gave them.

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The Kinks--Kinda Kinks

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Standing up to Verizon's war on unions

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More death:

Getatchew Mekurya, 81, Ethiopian Saxophonist With Global Reach, Dies

I had never heard of him, til I ran across his obituary, but I just watched a two-part video of him and The Ex.

It was pretty badass.

GÉTATCHÈW MÈKURYA & The EX (Ethiopia, NL) - LIVE - Gala Hala - 23.05.2009 - PART 01

GÉTATCHÈW MÈKURYA & The EX (Ethiopia, NL) - LIVE - Gala Hala - 23.05.2009 - PART 02

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Missed this til now:

Carlo Mastrangelo, a Doo-Wop Voice for Dion and the Belmonts, Dies at 78

"I Wonder Why"

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And, to continue a running theme from a ways back, more swords in the news:

Light Rail Avenger

God, I'd hate to have that guy at my table.

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Showed Let the Fire Burn last night and made $25 for the MOVE 9 (8) which is the least that we've made so far, despite it having almost twice as many attendees as any other film showing this year. Even better, one of the attendees was a dude I almost got into a fight with two Christmases ago.

We have learned that the international fast food workers strike on Thursday is going to be dedicated to Jeffrey Pendleton. On Friday, the Granite State Organizing Project is having a noontime standout in front of the Burger King where he worked and then, later in the afternoon, our rivals in the PSL are having an event in Boston:

From Boston to Brooklyn, From Nashua to New York: Justice for Akai Gurley, Jeffrey Pendleton & all victims of racist police brutality

And if all that wasn't enough, apparently, Wednesday morning, Verizon workers will probably go out on strike.

Verizon Workers Announce Strike Deadline of Wednesday, April 13th

Oh yeah, there's also a second Million Student March on Wednesday, too. Look for it at a campus near you!


Got an e-mail from the young Ugandan woman who staffs for the Granite State Organizing Project who wanted to meet up "one-on-one" for a half-hour/forty-five minutes. When I asked her what she wanted to discuss, she replied "I just want to get to know you better and vice versa." Oh yeah.

And on Thursday, after striking at six in the morning and going down to Boston to demonstrate all day, I have to schlepp back up to Lawrence by seven in the evening to see if I can successfully woo Ms. Berard. I hope I don't fall asleep.


After work tonight I'm gonna stop by a local gaming store to test run some homebrew system. I have no idea what it is. Saturday, hopefully, The Black Goblin will initiate us into the joys of 5e D&D.

I made a human paladin named Aloysius Ambrose d'Abelmarle.

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Muddy Waters--Electric Mud

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Fugazi--In on the Kill Taker

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3 people marked this as a favorite.

But I did have an amusing conversation with a union brother.

Kemal is a Bosnian who's been in the United States since the '90s. I was his steward a couple of years ago on another shift. He used to be a rigger in a different local, and then he started his own hardwood floor installation business and got a job at UPS part-time to keep his benefits and get pension accrual.

Anyways, Surly Italian Teamster, who's voting for Trump, was ragging on Muslims in the office when it occured to me there was a good chance that Kemal was a Muslim. So I started asking him about it, and he told me that he was, in fact, ethnically, or whatever, a Muslim, but that "Under Communism there was no religion" and he didn't practice or believe.

He talked some more about life in the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and the conversation turned to me asking him what he thought of Bernie Sanders.

"Too socialist," Kemal said as he frowned and shook his head no. He then launched into a panegyric about the values of hard work and personal initiative, etc., etc., I'm sure you've heard it before.

He then went on to say that he wasn't hard-hearted*; he liked "non-crazy" Republicans like John Kasich, but Bernie Sanders wanted "to give too much away for free". In his opinion, the only things that should be free are: education, health care, and day care. "Day care?" I asked. "Yes, you know, for the kids, so the parents can go to work."

Free education, free health care, and free 24-hour day care. I'm pretty sure Bernie's only calling for two of those.

*And it's true. A further irony is that Kemal keeps giving money to Lazy, Hardly-Ever-Comes-To-Work, Probably-A-Welfare-Cheater-But-I-Try-Not-To-Judge Teamster when she gets behind on her bills, even though she hardly ever comes to work and has two grown sons who don't have jobs.

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Conservative Anklebiter wrote:

As a voice of reason, I don't think you're supposed to say your unintelligible word, phrase, and or noise, and then aim it at a current candidate or politicol group or figure as some have. Keep it like this...


[Smacks Conservative Anklebiter]


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How the Teamsters pension disappeared more quickly under Wall Street than the mob

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I want to rock and seize the means of production!

Tonight, meeting at the Nashua Labor Coalition to build for Justice4Jeffrey and the April 14th strike, tomorrow the Granite State Organizing Project's Manchester meeting.

Glad to see another J4J event popped up on the coast, even if I can't go:

Justice for Jeffrey Pendleton

and our first Monday Night Movie:

Let the Fire Burn--Monday Night Movies

[DJdD]I invited Ms. Berard[/DJdD]

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Think I'm going to skip the events in Boston. Kinda tired, kinda broke, kinda need to do my taxes.

Film showing last night brought in $35 for Ed Poindexter.

The Forgotten Panthers

Wopashitwe Mondo Eyen we Langa, 1947—2016

“When It Gets to This Point” by Mondo we Langa

We're reconsidering Friday Night Films for another day of the week. Maybe Monday Night Movies? Tuesday Night Talkies? Thursday at the Theatre? Not sure yet.

Anyway, after the day of airport worker strikes and the day of Chicago teachers strike (Ms. Berard put a photo out of her wearing red high heels and a sexy red skirt to show solidarity with the CTU--yowza!!!), April 15th is going to be the (inter?)national day of fast food workers strike, except in New England, where we do it on the 14th to not interfere with the Boston Marathon.

This year, we're organizing the bus stop in Lowell.

Get on the bus!

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Yes, welcome back, Rad Soph!

2 people marked this as a favorite.

This Mashup Video of the Muppets Rapping Warren G and Nate Dogg's "Regulate" Is Amazing

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Was scheduled to leave work early today, was kinda panicking, the disc of The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution that I had ordered from Netflix started skipping around the one hour mark and the replacement disc may (or may not) arrive the day of the film showing. Dropped by Barnes and Noble to hopefully pick one up with the gift card that I got for Christmas. They didn't have it, but maybe their store in Burlington had one. Wait while they make phone call. Clock is ticking to get to work. They're supposed to have it, but the clerk can't find it. Checked at the Newbury Comics and the FYE. Neither of them carry it.

Was racing to get to work on time, got a text from my boss saying take the whole day off. Relief. Still anxiety-ing out about the movie, though, so I drive to Burlington. Clerk asks me if I need any help. I say, "Well, you probably just received a call from Nashua..." "Oh yes, I couldn't find it." He tells me all the places he looked. I tell him thank you, but I'm going to look anyway. Five minutes later, find it. Anxiety level goes way down.


I saved the film showing!

Now, just chillax until it's time to storm the police department...

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