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Doodlebug Anklebiter's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 6,453 posts (18,414 including aliases). 1 review. No lists. No wishlists. 2 Pathfinder Society characters. 27 aliases.

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From Down Under:

Factory Workers Continue To 'Occupy Dandenong' In Fight For Fair Wages

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mechaPoet wrote:
Thanks for the articles, comrade. I'll have to set aside some time to read these fully, but from that first one, it seems like one of the largest obstacles to overcoming class oppression is the lack of intersectional struggle against the ruling class(es).

Yeah, that's a lot of shiznit. Sorry about that. I got a little stoned about an hour ago.

To try to answer your question more succinctly, I hope: Yes, it's absolutely true. The greatest obstacles to smashing capitalism is the racial, sexual, whatever, divisions within the working class and that the only way to smash those divisions is for the working class to struggle against all forms and varieties of oppression.*

Workers of the world, unite!
Vive le Galt!!!


I just don't think manspreading is one of them.

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You should read your articles closer, Citizen Fergurg.

"By the way, if a man ever tells you that your snoring bothers him, what he really means is that he is uncomfortable with the idea of women being heard."

I'm not bothered by it at all. If it wakes me up, I just wake her up and then we have sex. 'S all good.

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Went looking to see if youtube would spit out anything for William Buckley and feminism, but I got nothing.

But a debate between him and James Baldwin on the subject Has the American Dream Been Achieved at the Expense of the American Negro? sure looks interesting.

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"Pull your pants up!"

[Punches Bill Cosby]

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I'm not really going to dig through the past day or so's posts, but Comrade BeeNee's point about bonobos living in chimp paradise (and I don't really know anything about bonobos except that they use sex as a conflict-avoiding mechanism, which is about the sanest thing I've ever heard) is kind of the point for us socialists who want to stamp out material scarcity.

For women's liberation through socialist revolution!
Socialism will get everybody laid!

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mechaPoet wrote:
I guess my question is: what makes you think that the condemnation of manspreading is largely the concern of (white) upper-class feminists?

Tales from the Shopfloor

I worked alongside Female Teamster today and asked her if she had heard of manspreading.

She rolled her eyes and said "Yeah."

Asked her what she thought about it, and she said that, from what she had heard, it was a comfortable way to sit. And that women would probably sit like that, too, if they weren't constantly chided to "sit like ladies" when they were young.

I commiserated, and told her about when I had been teased for sitting "like a girl" in first grade and didn't even put my ankle on my knee until I was a teenager.

She then said that she thought it was a dumb issue and made feminists look stupid. I poked a little bit with some of the class-war types of comments I've made above, and she agreed with most of them. She especially liked an observation of la Principessa's that working-class women beset by manspreading and bereft of a seat would be more likely to simply assert themselves and force the offender to desist.

I then shared my suspicion that this might not be about space, but, rather, certain prim and prudish women not wanting to see men so brazenly showing off their stuff.

"Yeah," she cackled, "They're just upset because they can't admit they're so turned on!"

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Been a long, long while since I've been over to the website of Comrade Longears's American co-thinkers:

After 26 years, government to end direct oversight of Teamsters

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In completely other news, I am up late tonight because I had a long conversation with la Principessa. She was crying, again, and, as I tried to make her feel better, I spoke over her.

Well, she stopped crying, alright, but only because she then yelled at me.
"I'm sorry, baby--" "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
"I'm really sorry, baby--" "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Anyway, I got off the phone, went on the internet and discovered that she had blown up my Facebook private messaging.

"I'm sorry baby, I love you, good night."

Convinced her that her thinking that I didn't listen to her was killing me, got her back on the phone, talked for another hour and a half, she finally apologized for yelling at me, I apologized again for speaking over her, and then made her giggle by telling her how Paizonians were repeating my line, via private messages, about putting hobgoblins in caves. "Oh, I miss you," she purred.


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Googled around a bit and ran across the following article which I thought pretty well summarized my take on looking at the pictures from the website Citizen Poet linked above. Saves me from having to look through more photos.

'Manspreading'? But women hog subway space, too

"In the past year, I've tried to watch for subway space-hogging patterns myself. The worst case I saw was a woman sitting at a half turn with her purse next to her, occupying at least two and possibly three seats. Granted it was in a half-empty car, but the same seems to be true in most photos posted by activists to shame 'manspreaders.' Incidentally, in some of those photos, you can spot female passengers taking up extra space -- sometimes because of the way they cross their legs."

(Emphasis added)

"Yes, men tend to sit with their legs apart. (Many will tell you it's an issue of comfort and, well, male anatomy.) I haven't seen many do so in a way that inconveniences others. Indeed, the supposed offenders in some of the shaming photos are clearly not spreading beyond their own seats. It's also worth noting that when criticisms of bad subway manners first began to show up on the Internet five years ago, no one seemed particularly exercised about male postures. When street artist Jason Shelowitz (or Jay Shells) surveyed New Yorkers about subway etiquette violations for a series of posters in 2010, nail clipping topped the list, followed by religion and noise pollution. "Physical contact" and disregard of seating priority were also mentioned, but with no regard to gender."

(Emphasis added)

Which makes me wonder, again, whether the issue isn't the taking up of space but rather the effrontery to petit-bourgeois feminist mores of males spreading their legs and showing off their crotch.

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Don Juan de Doodlebug wrote:
mechaPoet wrote:
I guess my question is: what makes you think that the condemnation of manspreading is largely the concern of (white) upper-class feminists?

Man-spreading, a transit controversy with legs

In this article, and correct me if I am overlooking something, the three anti-manspreading spokespeople are: a professor of English, a policy analyst and a president of an image management firm.

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mechaPoet wrote:
Second, the issue is one of excessive spreading, not to mention dudes taking up space in more ways than just manspreading. In that linked article, there is a blog mentioned called "Men Taking Up Too Much Space On The Train," which is either the source of this trend's blooming attention or a ready documentation of it. It is at least 50 pages long at 10 posts per page.

I don't know. I looked through some of those photos and, before I got bored, I realized that there were many, many photos of dudes only taking up one seat, but, apparently, running afoul of the mores of yuppie feminists who apparently think everyone should sit with their knees pressed together because...well, if I were to guess, because that's the way they sit in college-educated, upper middle class, yuppie (white?) circles.

"Oh, look there's a picture of a dude who's obviously coming from the airport and he has his luggage next to him! What an oppressor! And there's a dude sprawled asleep! How dare these lower-class riff raff with their exhausting menial jobs interrupt my commute to the investment banking firm!"

Down with liberal yuppie feminist gentrifiers!
For mass investment in public transportation and women's liberation through socialist revolution!

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Kshama Sawant Gives #SocialistResponse to Obama’s State of the Union Address

Sisters and Brothers,

Six years ago, Obama was elected on the hope that he would represent the millions, not the millionaires.

When Obama delivered his first State of the Union address, Democrats occupied majorities in both the House and Senate.

Today, after massive disappointment and disillusionment for the American people, he faces Republican majorities in both branches of Congress. Six years later, will millions of Americans finally get the president they voted for?

Some of the proposals Obama made tonight point in the right direction:

On taxing the rich, on providing free community college education, paid sick and maternity leave, and municipal broadband.

But how does Obama plan to overcome the inevitable Republican obstruction?

How will Obama get any serious measure to tax the wealthy or against climate change past the entrenched and undemocratic power of Wall Street and big business?

There is no answer to this from Obama.

He talked about the economic recovery.

But the truth is for the vast majority of us this has been a joyless recovery.
Americans face the highest levels of inequality in almost a century.

Under Obama the gap between rich and poor has only widened.

But the last two years have seen the shaping of the kind of forces that can reverse this stunning inequality – the historic grassroots movements for a $15/hour minimum wage by heroic low-wage workers taking strike action.

And we won a $15 minimum wage in Seattle – the first major city to do so – by building a movement of low-paid workers together with unions, community organizations, 15 Now, and others.

Critical for $15 in Seattle was the election of an independent working class candidate who boldly championed it, which forced the political and business establishment to reluctantly make a concession on this issue.

In contrast, Republican and Democratic politicians, rather than fighting to raise the minimum wage as we did, have instead been taking donations from the same fast food companies that workers are striking against.

Obama is pushing international trade agreements undermining environmental and labor standards that will further fuel inequality and environmental destruction.

This year also saw a $15 ballot initiative passed by a huge margin in San Francisco, and statewide ballot initiatives to raise the minimum wage pass by super-majorities, including Republican dominated states.

Our task is clear – we need to continue to build this movement and democratic organizations like 15 Now to make 2015 the year we win 15 across the nation.
Obama spoke about helping the middle class. He spoke about housing issues.

Yet while cities like Seattle have to deal with astronomical rent increases and gentrification, we are simultaneously facing cuts to federal funding for low-income housing.

Here in Seattle I along with public housing tenants and community activists just led a successful battle to stop a 400% rent hike for low-income housing in Seattle.

I hope this example of resistance and struggle can spread nationally where other cities are confronted with similar attacks.

Socialist Alternative, tenants, and I are campaigning for emergency measures like rent control to address this spiraling crisis.

But emergency measures will not be enough. The so called “free market” has miserably failed to provide affordable housing.

We need urgent public investment to build new affordable housing for working families.

I am working on a plan for the Seattle city government to build thousands of high-quality publicly owned houses to rent at below market rates.

But to win any of this, tenants and homeowners need to build their own housing justice movement, acting locally, but connecting nationally.

Obama´s pledge to say No to Keystone XL and to cap methane emissions are necessary first steps.

But let’s be clear: he has utterly failed to take on the power of the 90 companies who are responsible for almost two thirds of the climate emissions in history.

Instead he brags about being the “Fracking President.”

As Naomi Klein said, this is about capitalism versus the climate.

We need to act here and now. But we can only deal with climate change if we break the power of the giant oil and car companies who are determined to extract every drop of oil from the ground.

Addressing climate change means organizing society around the interests of the 99%, rather than around profits and fiercely competing nation states.

We need a democratic socialist society based on international cooperation.

Real progress is only won by millions stepping into action. We saw that with the tremendous People´s Climate March which had half a million people rallying in New York City. We need to take this forward and demand concrete action. In Seattle, we are pushing forward to ban oil and coal trains from passing through the city.

Last year saw the beginning of the most important movement against racial injustice in decades.

Every 28 hours, a Black person is killed by police or vigilantes in this country.

We live in the age of mass black incarceration.

The age of unindicted, unprosecuted, widespread police brutality against black people.

This is the age of economic racism, where the average income of a black person is one third less than a white person.

After hundreds of thousands of Black workers and youth campaigned to elect Obama, he has provided no vision to address racism in our society.

Why can’t Barack Obama say “Black Lives Matter”?

Black people, people of color, indigenous people deserve action.

They deserve action now:
•For full prosecution of all acts of police brutality like those against Mike Brown and Eric Garner!
•For an end to economic racism, for a $15 / hour minimum wage nationally.
•To finally address the gaping income inequalities that define race and gender in the U.S.

The Republicans elected in the mid-terms last fall would like to think they have a public mandate.

Nothing could be farther from the truth.

The pro-corporate, right-wing agenda of the Republicans is being roundly rejected in poll after poll. This was also evident with the many progressive voter initiatives that passed in the same election that gave Republicans their majority.

The only reason Republicans won is that working people, youth and people of color are deeply disappointed after years of the Democrats doing the bidding of corporations.

This is why millions stayed home with the lowest voter turnout since the 2nd World War!

Is Obama now prepared to challenge Republicans and big business?

I fear not.

Unfortunately, the financial aristocracy that funded Obama’s election campaigns and promoted him to the presidency have their tentacles firmly wedded in to every nook and cranny of the White House.

Let us not forget Obama has carried out unprecedented unconstitutional spying, drone strikes, and a ferocious crackdown on brave whistleblowers like Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning.

This is why independent working class challengers will be needed.

Candidates who refuse corporate donations, who are financially and politically independent of big business and their two parties.

We need to build our own political voice, a mass political party for working people.

Despite Obama’s speech today, bitter experience has shown we cannot rely on him to deliver.

We must work to build independent movements of working class people, of young people, of women and people of color, and the LGBTQ community.

To fight towards affordable cities, health care and education for all.

Towards a society based on economic justice, equal rights, compassion and an end to racism.

To challenge the domination of the 1%.


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And like a good communist, I don't look at the news, I start reading an article from over 50 years ago:

The revolutionary answer to the Negro problem in the United States

A report delivered by C. L. R. James in presenting the draft resolution on the Negro Question to the Thirteenth Convention of the Socialist Workers Party (US), July 5, 1948

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At Nashua Labor Council meeting:

Former (? I think) Democratic state representative talks up NH Rebellion "get-money-out-of-politics"/lame-ass/Lawrence Lessig bullshiznit;dances around the issue that last year (?) they gave money to local Libertarian candidates or something. "Yeah, there's some people in there I don't like, but, you know, unity..." [Paraphrase]

Labor Newsletter Editor: [Paraphrase] I'm kinda skeptical. I mean, yeah, I want to get money out of politics, too, but when they start talking about the SEIU, I get real mad.

Newspaper Guild: [Paraphrase] F!@+ them. They are liars and scabs. I will never work with them again.

Mr. Comrade: F$*$ them. Shills for the Free State Project.

Democrat Hack: [Shamefacedly] Yeah, okay...

LNE: [Paraphrase] Yeah, f%&+ them. I mean, I want to get money out of politics, too, [rambles] "...and get back to what this country originally stood for, you know, where everybody gets a voice."

Me: "Yeah. And slaves."

[Table laughs with varying levels of nervousness, except for Racist Raytheon Grammie who narrows her eyes and shakes her head]

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Btw, I've been trying to get Principessa Francesca to wear a hijab in bed ever since I saw that trailer. Got her to wrap up in a cashmere scarf, but it wasn't the same.

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Synergistic weirdiosity for Comrade Freehold--Co-star of Guess Who's Cummin' to Dinner? in the news:

Lebanese-American porn actress receives death threats in her family's home country after she is voted sex industry's top star

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A couple of events that I will be attending/organizing over the next two weeks:

Black Power Mixtape showing and Potluck Fundraiser

Pretty decent flick if you haven't seen it.

The following week should be fun as Lowell, Massachusetts gets its first Black Lives Matter-esque event, complete with commies and anarcho-syndicalists on the steering committee. I was still in Brooklyn for the first planning meeting (and will be returning to Brooklyn this week and will also miss the second one) but Mr. Comrade assured me that it was wicked exciting and there was even an undercover cop. Makin' a name for ourselves, woo hoo!

Rally Against Police Brutality and Racial Discrimination Lowell

Also attended a meeting of the Nashua Labor Council last night. It was fun, rubbing shoulders with various labor bureaucrats and Democratic party shills and nearly avoiding a meltdown with the head of the IBEW local of Raytheon workers over police brutality. It was rather comical, she was trying to make some comment about her son being a cop and then she blended Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Tamar Rice and two or three other incidents into one account. "He was killed by a black cop. How come no one knows about that case?" "You mean the case that everyone at this table just said they knew about?" "Yeah, but they didn't know he was killed by a black cop." "But he was still killed by a cop, right?" "Yeah, but it was a black cop. There are more black racists than white racists, you know." I'm about to explode when Mr. Comrade comes back from the bathroom. (Mr. Comrade is always going to the bathroom because he drinks, like, 4 liters of Diet Pepsi a day.) "What the hell did I walk into?" "You don't wanna know."

Anyway, ran into the Newspaper Guild dude I impressed with my tale of yelling at UPS supes for my love at the FairPoint rally in Concord; turns out he is dating the IBEW retiree who always hails me as "Commie [Doodlebug]" and is now trying to arrange giving us her former mentor's books about Eugene Debs and whatnot. I'm convinced they're all secret commies.

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Haven't been up to much commie shiznit, alas. Was supposed to go to a rally for postal workers this past Friday, but it was snowing in NYC and it was cancelled the day prior. Went to a Branch Meeting in Queens but,

a) did a bunch of childcare for a comrade's rambunctious son that I had met earlier in the week; this was a bit disturbing because I only met the kid once and he came running right over and sat in my lap and started tugging on my beard and trying to steal my nose; la Principessa later beamed that the kid never does that with people that he's just met. The disturbing part is that now la Principessa is running around, beaming, thinking kids love me. Great.

b) We had to leave early in order to get me on the Chinatown bus and back to New England.

Sounds like the NH comrades were busy while I was gone, going to Black Lives Matter-esque events, making more contacts with NH labor types and getting into squabbles with Comrade Longears' American co-thinkers.

Anyway, due to a dearth of commie postings in this thread of late, I bopped around my archives to find the first mention on these boards of Principessa Francesca:

Irontruth wrote:

Here's the thing about "not all cops": I don't care.
There are too many bad cops. Maybe you didn't see them where you worked, maybe there weren't any. I still don't care.
As long as there are bad cops, cops get to deal with a reputation that includes their bad actions. If you want a clean reputation, go Serpico on their asses.
Don Juan de Doodlebug wrote:

A comrade of mine is a member of the New York UFT local. The UFT endorsed Sharpton's march against police brutality in the wake of the killing of Eric Garner, which, apparently, provoked quite a storm of outrage among New Yorkers in general, and the rank-and-file in particular.

Anyway, a lot of her co-workers gave her crap along the lines of "Why are you so anti-cop? My brother-in-law is a police officer, he's a good guy, why are we going to an anti-cop march?" To which she responded, "This is a march against police brutality. If, in your mind, anti-police brutality equals anti-police, which of us has the lower opinion of police officers?"

Which was clever, I thought.

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[Tries to get la Principessa to ditch the party we're going to and instead go see Slick no avail.]

It was great meeting Comrade Freehold at the gaming store and the chicken place! After we got home, La Principessa wondered why we ended up talking about porn so much. 'Cuz you were surrounded by studly men, baby, you were out of your mind. To which she responded with an arched eyebrow [redacted redacted redacted].

I love New York!

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Irontruth wrote:

Please, go change the Galileo page on wikipedia. Tell us how long it stays changed.

1) I doubt your change will go through
2) If it does, it won't stay for more than a few hours, or even minutes.

For one, wikipedia does not immediately display anonymous edits. You have to register, sign in, etc. Second, if you aren't a trusted source (you've submitted information numerous times that has turned out to be true), your edits are not immediately displayed. The process of becoming a trusted editor can take months to years depending on how active you are in the wikipedia community.

Go test it. See how it turns out.

A friend of mine makes a hobby of defacing Wikipedia pages. I don't see the attraction, myself, but he likes it. Anyway, apparently you have to go pretty obscure to get stuff by. Like, making up false attributions of a speech by a Klan leader from forty years ago and linking it with David Copperfield (the magician) or some such.

I tried telling him he should get out of the house more, but he likes it inside.

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Pillow Talk Among the Ultra-Left Litterateurs

Don Juan de Doodlebug wrote:

For women's liberation through international proletarian socialist revolution!

Vive le Galt!

The chances that anyone is going to read this whole article are pretty slim, I realize, so I thought I'd highlight my favorite part:

"The Code also established the right of all children to parental support until age 18 and the right of each spouse to his or her own property. In implementing the Code’s measures, judges were biased in favor of women and children, on the grounds that establishing support for the child took priority over protecting the financial interests of the male defendant. In one case, a judge split child support three ways, because the mother had been sleeping with three different men."

Goblins do it in the factory barracks!

Was telling this story to la Principessa and then she said "What were their names?" "Well, there was Pavel the poet, a Pushkin scholar, Igor the Rough-Handed Peasant Lad at the head of the local Red Guard and Semyonov the Party Commissar." "Ooh, tell me about Pavel!" "Well...."

Later, I was delighted when she told me the story of Paolo and Francesca from The Inferno which led me to run home and grab a copy of Chretien de Troyes' Lancelot, the Knight of the Cart.

Nerds do it better.

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Love among the Ultra-Lefts

After spending the week in the basement with my hawt multi-orgasmic commie NY schoolteacher girlfriend, I have come to mistrust pc feminist codes of sexual etiquette even more than I did before. I'll spare you the gory details, but after one session of rutting on the futon mattress I said to her, "Baby, don't get me wrong: that was really f$$&ing hawt. But, uh, maybe you should talk to your therapist about this?" She looked at me, moaned softly and purred "I don't need to talk to my therapist, I only need you."

I'm sold.

Anyway, back when la Principessa was young, she was a big Star Wars fan. She bought the "Star Wars D&D" book, memorized it, found a group in her school that played, asked them if she could join, was subjected to a Star Wars trivia quiz in which she did better than any of the other participants and was still refused a seat in the game because she was a girl. :(

Tonight we're driving up to Goffstown to play We Be Goblins.

Yay commie nerd love!!

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For Christmas, I received a Red Son Superman hoodie, a set of "Revolutionary Fingerpuppets" (Trotsky, Che, Nelson Mandela, Gandhi) and an offer from my hawt NY commie schoolteacher girlfriend to move to Brooklyn, become a kept man, and give her babies.

Best Xmas evah!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I am almost 100% sure that I am going to be spending my vacation next week in Brooklyn with my hawt NY schoolteacher girlfriend. Any Paizonian comrades in NYC (and I can think of at least three) who would like to meet a commie goblin paladin, give a shout out here or in a private message and I will get back to you soon!

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We do it anywhere we can find a willing participant. I will try to cover as many of these places starting tomorrow when La Principessa arrives and ending when she leaves in two weeks.

Spent the evening stealing from It's a Wonderful Life.

In the "More Unity of Opposites" category, La Principessa, hawt militant NY communist schoolteacher, really, really loves Christmas, while the 'Rades and I are more in the Bah, Humbug! camp. La Principessa made some snuffling noises over the phone about missing all the Hallmark crap (not her words) and then me and the 'Rades sprung into action.

Set up a bed and put up a (fake) tree in the spare room in the basement, Mrs. Comrade decorated the room with snowflakes cut out of wax paper, I dug out the Santa Claus on a string I made out of paper plates back in the third grade, wreaths, cheap plastic snowmen figurines, etc., etc. Decided that ornaments with pictures of me as a baby were probably over the top, but Mrs. Comrade thought it was a cute idea.

Anyway, point being, yeah, I turned my friends' basement into a winter wonderland of Christmastime erotica, and, if I can get an appropriate hat (not the kufi) I might be stealing from Bad Santa by the end of tomorrow night. (NSFW)

Next morning (Christmas Eve) we're going to the FairPoint picket lines!

Vive le Galt!

(See you guys in January!)

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La Principessa: "Hey, on Tuesday, when I get there? I don't want to have to talk to [Mr. and Mrs. Comrade] about my drive up for ten minutes. You get there and you take me down to the basement!"

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[Looks about embarrassedly]

I don't know what you're talking about.

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Love among the Ultra-Lefts

After la Principessa made the ridiculous, but incredibly ego-boosting, claim that my voice has sonorities unmatched by either Barry White or Isaac Hayes, I kicked it to her.

"So, maybe we should talk about that. It's kind of like the kufi, and, uh, cultural appropriation."

"What, you mean, like, sexually repressed white people riffin' off the earth soul brother, 'black people are more in touch with their primitive nature', Kate Winslet mucking about on the lower decks of the Titanic to rejuvenate herself through dalliances with the proles, noble savage/Norman Mailer/"The White Negro" hipster chauvinism?"

"Oh, wow. Yeah, that."

"Lemme holler atcha, baby."

I can't wait 'til Tuesday!

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Alas, the thread with my tale of trying to get Young Black Teamster to go to Black Lives Matter-esque protests was in a thead that has since been locked, but if it were still active, I'd post the following under it: Two Women Who Met As Ferguson Protesters Get Married

Hands up, don't shoot!
Finish the Civil War!
Socialism will get everybody laid!
Vive le Galt!!!

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You be the judge...

I have discovered how to make secret posts on Facebook that only she can see, but I'm sure she won't mind if I share this one:

After prepping her via phone to deal with a certain situation all week, she exceeded my expectations by coming back and telling me that she ended up losing her shiznit and yelling at...well, you don't need to know who, but the fact that she screamed and yelled instead of breaking down and crying was a big step and, if I may be so self-centered, a personal victory. I was so proud of her, I talked to her on the phone until 3:30 in the morning. Got very little sleep. Went to work...

Edited Repost of Secret Facebook Post

Went into work today elated. Got there and was assigned to 128 Door with [Young Black Teamster] again. Also there were two new hires and [Widowed Teamster], a large, widowed mother of two who, as a worker, is next to useless. It's already a mess by the time I stroll in 20 minutes late.

I spend about a half hour or so organizing them to clean up the mess. In that time, I figure out what the strengths and weaknesses of the new hires are. [New Hire #1] is a bit of a Mongo, but strong, so I ask him to load the PD 11s and 4s. [New Hire #2]'s a lot smarter, so I ask him to sort. [Widowed Teamster] is useless, so I ask her to scan the ShoeBuys. Etc., etc.

Get the mess all cleaned up, everything's running smooth, [YBT]'s texting his b~@$%es, etc. Except that management has f!&*ed up and we're missing a truck. So all the stuff that's supposed to go into the missing truck starts piling up. I deal with that and everything's running smooth.

New truck shows up. I tell everybody to stop what they're doing, and work on cleaning up the mess and then we'll get back to the flow. Flow starts backing up, but that's fine, I say, when we're done here, we'll get that all sorted with and then everything will be fine for the rest of the day.

Flow keeps backing up. Young supervisor comes over and yells at [YBT} to get the flow running again. [YBT] says "[Doodlebug] said not to." Supervisor starts moving packages, which is Union Rule #1 No-No: Supervisors do not do our work. Not only is he not supposed to be doing our work, but what he's doing is messing with what I've got working.

So, I yell out "Hey!" and start walking towards him. He looks at me. "Stop doing our work!" He smiles as if he thinks I'm joking. I lose my s~~$. "What the f@$@ are you doing?!? Put that package down!" He starts talking about blah blah blah and I just scream at him. All my co-workers run and hide. I scream and scream and he keeps talking about the flow and I just keep screaming. Finally I yell, "Go get a steward!" "But, but..." "This conversation is over! Go get a steward!"

He leaves and comes back with, not a steward, but his boss. By that time, however, we've cleaned up the mess and are now working on the flow. I calmly approach the young supervisor, preemptively apologize for yelling at him and explain to him what I was doing. I apologize again. "We good?" "Yeah, we're good." "Good, now go get me a load stand." I then approach the supervisor's boss, explain that [YBT] had nothing to do with it, it's all on me, and, if he'll just give us a few minutes, everything will be fine and run smooth for the rest of the day. "[Doodlebug], are you okay? You sound like you were pretty aggravated." "I was up all night talking to my girlfriend, but I'll be fine. Don't worry, it'll run smooth." He walks away.

At this point, [Widowed Teamster] approaches me. "You scared the f#&!ing s*~~ out of me." "You know why I did that?" "To scare the s$*~ out of me?" "Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you. Do you know why I did that?" "No."

"Because I have a new girlfriend and the love of a good woman can turn a mild mouse of a man into a raging lion."

She looks at me blankly for thirty seconds, swallows, and says, "Holy s!#$, kid. You're killing me."

Hand over my heart, I didn't embellish a single word of this one. I'm going over [Mrs. Comrade]'s to talk about you. Love ya, baby.

Not in the story, but a couple of hours later, was approached by bosses' boss. "Hey, Doodlebug, it's kind of light today, you wanna go home early?" "Hell yeah, I wanna go call my new girlfriend."

Which should have been great, but in my haste to tell her the story, I overlooked the part in her private messages where she told me that she almost collapsed in front of her kids because she was up until 3:30 in the morning talking to me. (Damn, my love is potent.) Spent 4 hours in a state of extreme unrest as she fired off pointed private message after private message. Finally got her on the phone and she had already figured out that I had overlooked that part of the message. A bunch of baby talk makes everything better, I wake up and find a bunch of lovey-dovey stuff on Facebook.

Not to make too much of it, but, I'm starting to figure out, as she warned me, that she's crazy.


Crazy chicks are better in bed, I've always heard.

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Apparently, I am in danger of growing up and being domesticated.

I've heard love does that...

(We exchanged.)

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Thought of a half-dozen Charles Manson jokes, but none of them were in good taste, so I'll refrain.

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Noteworthy event

Apparently, Principessa Francesca had an anxiety attack yesterday because she couldn't believe something as "good as [me]" could happen to her.

[Shakes head in amazement] Man, I'm good!

I told her that after the giddiness wore off she was going to realize that I was just an infantile man-child who lives with his parents who was wicked into her, no biggie.

Tales from the Shop Floor

So, back when The Black Goblin got a new girlfriend and I was dallying with roller derby playing hussies, The Black Gob went into work and was having a typical Teamster New England ball-busting sessions with his boss. At some point, The Black Gob sez, "No, no, I've got a girlfriend now." Black Gob's boss responds: "Is his name [Doodlebug Anklebiter]?"

Anyway, fast forward a couple of days and I'm working with the Britishiznoid National Teamster and he's complaining about the way a boss was treating him. "Look," I say, "Bosses are like pedophiles" [Teamsters love this analogy] "They can look over a crowd of workers and instantly figure out which one they can get away with picking on. So you gotta stand up for yourself and develop a rep, and then they'll leave you alone." As I'm saying this, I see the Black Goblin's boss walk by. "Watch this...HEY! [BOSS]!" [Boss sees me and smiles] "What's this I hear about you going around saying [The Black Goblin] and I are gay?!?" Boss blushes brightly and hurriedly walks away. "I'm filing a complaint with H.R.!" He disappears. "See", I say to Britishiznoid Teamster, "That's how you do it."

Two weeks later, when I was hiding at the Free NH Goblin Man-Cave, I told the Black Goblin the story and he busts out laughing. "So, that's what that was all about?" "Huh?" "He came up to me yesterday and wanted to know why you were going around saying the he had said that we were gay." We both laugh for a while. "Hee hee! He waited two weeks to say anything? What a coward! So what did you tell him?" "I told him, 'Because that's what you f$$~in' said!" [Laughter] "What he did say?" "He just blushed and ran away."

Hee hee!

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Pardon the interruption...

[Conversation with Young Black Teamster with whom I've been discussing politics at work]

Me: Hey, you get down to any of the protests, yet?

YBT: Nah. I want to, but, I haven't had a chance. Man, f!$+ the p...

Me: Yeah, lissen to me, f+~@ all that, politics and shiznit. Lissen: I went to one of the protests and I now have a hawt New York schoolteacher girlfriend. Now, look, if two middle-aged white people can get together at these protests, what do you think's gonna happen when a young black stud like you shows up?

YBT: Yeah, yeah, I'll clean up!

Me: Yeah, you'll get all the pussy.

YBT: That's right! I'm goin' to the protests! I'm gonna get all the pussy!

Man, this organizing shiznit is easy.

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[Gets off the phone with the Principessa]

[redacted redacted redacted redacted redacted redacted. redacted redacted? redacted! redacted redacted redacted redacted. redacted!]

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Van Halen--"Hot for Teacher"

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Disgusting Tales of Goblin Love


Comrade Anklebiter wrote:
posted it on her page; it made her blush.

After posting the video, a comrade in Worcester shared it. She blushed more and private messaged the comrade that I had made the video for her and she wasn't sure I'd want it to be shared. Comrade replied that he didn't think I was very shy. Meanwhile, UE local president comes along and shares the video again. Goblin love gone viral! She blushes more.

After I posted the video, I left the Comrades' house where their ADHD-diagnoses means they are constantly on the internet and fled to the Free NH Goblin Hideout to confer with Comrade Omar and the Black Goblin, whom I haven't seen in a few weeks. While there, Comrade Omar keeps getting messages from Tia Stefanie. "She wants to know if you're here." "Ignore her." "Oh look", [reads stuff Female Comrade has written under my loveonthepicketlineagram, then turns to me and smiles]. "You're in like Flynn." Which was weird, because I was watching The Sea Hawk earlier in the week.

Anyway, stopped by the Comrades' on the way to work and Mrs. Comrade tells me that Female Comrade was talking about me all night. "Do you want to know what she said?" "No, no, well, okay, maybe one thing..." "She loves your 'dreamy Italian eyes.'" "I have 'dreamy Italian eyes'?" I ask, before I pass out.

After I come to, Mrs. Comrade congratulates me. "I wasn't going to say anything, but it was a pretty bold move. But you pulled it off. I wasn't sure whether she was going to like it or not." "Pfft. It couldn't have failed. How was she not gonna fall in love with a sexy commie with dreamy Italian eyes makin' a pass at her on Facebook via a victorious union rally video? She didn't have a chance." Mrs. Comrade gives me a look. "All right, don't let it go to your head, Casanova..." "Don Juan!" shouts out Mr. Comrade from the other room, "Don Juan de Doodlebug!"

Come home from work and find a series of private messages about her day ending with "You know what I hate? You working Sundays."

Talking on the phone was a lot more nervewracking, but even more exciting!

Man, I should've done this years ago!

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"Don Juan de Doodlebug" in another thread wrote:
Spent all day flirting with Female Comrade on Facebook.

Some of it was in private, much of it was public or in private threads with others.

Went over the Comrades' to plan our communist activity for the rest of the month and Mrs. Comrade 's all like "Look at you, Mr. Flirtypants!" I blush and ask "You think it's working?" "Ohmygod, how can you even ask? Where'd you get so good at that?" "I've been practicing for the last couple of years on Paizo."

Thank you, every Paizonian I have ever flirted with.

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What would the world after the return of my former Lord and Master look like?

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Kirth Gersen wrote:

5. Debbie Does Dallas (1978)

"Oh, Mr. Greenfeld!"

That one's on my list, too.

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They get away with it because of the reinforced racial divisions in the estadounidense working class, as these threads amply demonstrate over and over.

It's also why we don't have a Labo(u)r party.

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The 8th Dwarf wrote:

While you guys seem bogged down in race - The central core of the matter is why is it so acceptable for police in the US to kill so many Americans?

Why so many Americans?

You are at war with yourself...

From the Economist "British citizens are around 100 times less likely to be shot by a police officer than Americans. Between 2010 and 2014 the police force of one small American city, Albuquerque in New Mexico, shot and killed 23 civilians; seven times more than the number of Brits killed by all of England and Wales’s 43 forces during the same period."

If you are interested, Comrade Dwarf, I think this book does a pretty good job of explaining why the rampant brutality of estadounidense police is rooted in race even when its victims are white:

The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness

Here is a summary on ESPN of all places, but I haven't watched it yet, just saw it while I was googling: Why black folks can't breathe by Jason Whitlock

Mrs. Comrade, through the powers of the internet, has gotten into contact with a bunch of young black comrades in Chicago and I am supposed to give another class on The New Jim Crow in two weeks. Which is kinda weird, seeing as how New Hampshire is a 95% white state.

Finish the Civil War!
For black liberation through socialist revolution!

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For Comrade Fergie and other northeastern estadounidenses, maybe some Canadians:

Day of Anger: Millions March NYC

Which I won't be able to attend, even if it would bring me in close physical proximity to dearly beloved Female Comrade. Have to go to a UE rally instead, :(

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Juda de Kerioth wrote:
The world is in crisis, and we stills do nothing to help at all.

Waited until now before interjecting some shameless socialist self-promotion:

Spread the Protests!
Labor must champion black freedom!
For workers revolution to smash police terror!
Alas, I don't know any commie slogans in Latin!

Estadounidenses: Find a Black Lives Matter action near you!

Mexican Brethren: An article about the disappeared Ayotzinapa students; you can probably find a better article somewhere, but this one was written by a high school student comrade in New Jersey and her first article in the paper and we're all so proud of her. For the development of communist youth leaders!

Other Americans: You're on your own.

For workers revolution from the Yukon to the Yucatan! And everywhere else, too!

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Don Juan de Doodlebug wrote:

So, anyway, we've been really talking Comrade Omar up to him, how they're both "sand brothers" (one of Comrade Omar's terms), telling him about Omar's shady past and how they should hang out so that Omar can teach him how to meet girls and get laid, etc.

Finally got Comrade Omar and the Commandant together yesterday, and today I see the former giving the latter advice about affairs of the heart on Facebook.

Man, this organizing shiznit is easy.

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Go to the commie Day School yesterday dressed to kill (in a kufi), kick ass and take names all day, have a blast, go to the after party, get approached by not one, but TWO women (not at the same time), am too smitten with daydreams of snuggling with Female Comrade to reciprocate.

F&&*ing women.

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Noon on the picket line, the evening "dying in" in Davis, Porter and Harvard Square, just another Friday in gobboland.

Some speaker testifying at one of the pauses in the march:

"I'm f~*%ing sick of our people dying for capitalism!"

Vive le Galt!

In completely other news, after two or three days of exquisite mental torture and the most intense f*~$ing with me, Mr. and Mrs. Comrade let slip that Female Comrade likes me, too.

Oh, how happy I am

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I had a sneaking suspicion, so I looked in the archives, and, as near as I can tell, I invented the Book of Leafar on February 2, 2012 at 2:23 in the morning.

I'm not quite sure if I am bragging or apologizing.

All hail Leafar!

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