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Amin Jalento

Donovan Lynch's page

130 posts. Alias of Spartakos.

Full Name

Donovan Lynch




Rogue 1 (Thug) / Monk 1 (Martial Artist) / Fighter 2 (Brawler)










Fairly agnostic




Professional Troubleshooter

Strength 18
Dexterity 18
Constitution 12
Intelligence 13
Wisdom 14
Charisma 12

About Donovan Lynch

Modified Ability Scores

STRENGTH 18 (20 with belt)

Combat Stats:

HP = 28

BAB = +2
--Fists are +8 for 1d6+5/20x2
----Flurry of Blows +7/+7 for 1d6+5 each
--Revolver is +6 for 1d8/20x4
--Guisarme is +7 for 2d4+7/20x3
--Knife is +7 for 1d4+5/19x2
--Sling is +6 for 1d4+5/20x2

----Can Fight Defensively (using Dan Bong) for -4 to attack and +4 AC.
----Can use Combat Expertise for -1 to attack and +1 AC.

CMB = +7
--Grapple +9 (+11 with Dan Bong)
--Trip +9 (+10 unarmed)
--Drag/Reposition/Bull Rush +8
CMD = 23
--24 vs. Drag/Reposition/Bull Rush
--25 vs. Trip/Grapple

AC: 10 + 4 (dex) +2 (wis) = 16
--touch = 16
--flatfooted = 12
* With Mage Armor, it becomes 20, 16 touch, 16 FF

--Fort = +5 (base) +1 (con) = +6
--Ref = +4 (base) +4 (dex) = +8
--Will = +2 (base) +1 (wis) = +3


(Skill, rank, class, ability, misc, total)
--Acrobatics 3 (+3, +4) = +10
--Bluff 3 (+3, +1) = +7
--Climb 1 (+3, +5) = +9
--Disable Device 1 (+3, +4, +2 mw tools) = +10
--Intimidate 4 (+3, +1) = +8
--Knowledge: Local 1 (+3, +1) = +5
--Perception 3 (+3, +2) = +8
--Sense Motive 1 (+3, +2) = +6
--Sleight of Hand 1 (+3, +4) = +8
--Stealth 4 (+3, +4) = +11
--Survival 1 (+3, +1) = +5
--Use Magic Device 1 (+3, +1) = +5


--Human Feat: Combat Expertise (-1 attack, +1 AC)
--(swap 2 traits): Combat Reflexes (6 AoOs per round)
--1st lvl: Improved Trip (+2 CMB with trip)
--Ftr1 bonus: Weapon Focus (unarmed strike)
--Mnk1 bonus: Improved Unarmed Strike (1d6 damage)
--Mnk1 bonus: Stunning Fist (1/day, DC 14)
--Mnk1 bonus: Improved Grapple (+2 CMB with grapple)
--3rd lvl: Strangler (deal Sneak Attack damage with grapple check)
--Ftr2 bonus: Vicious Stomp (when adjacent opponent falls prone, AoO with unarmed strike)

Special Abilities:

--Sneak Attack +1d6
--Frightening: whenever demoralizing a foe, increase duration by 1 round; if 4+ rounds, can make Frightened for 1 round.
--Flurry of Blows: 2 Att per round using full BAB
--Zen Defense: +Wis to AC
--Bravery: +1 to saves vs. Fear
--Close Control: +1 on CMB/CMD for drag/bull rush/reposition

Gear and wealth:

--Clothes (trousers, tall boots, shirt, waistcoat, leather coat, gloves, hat; 15 gp)
--Belt of Giant Strength +2 (4000 gp)
--Potions (2 of Cure Light Wounds, 2 of Enlarge Person, 2 of Magic Fang; 300 gp)
--Wand of Mage Armor (25 charges; 375 gp)
--Revolver (1000 gp)
--18 loads (metal cartridge, powder, bullet; 6.75 gp each, total of 121.5 gp)
--6 silver loads (in a leather pouch; 190.5 gp)
--6 adamantine loads (in a leather pouch; 406.5 gp)
--Guisarme (9 gp)
--Switchblade (5 gp)
--Dan Bong (1 sp)
--Sling (1 sp)
--10 lead balls (1 sp)
--Backpack (2 gp)
=Bedroll (1 sp)
=Canvas tarp (9'x9', waterproofed, 9 gp)
=50' silk rope (10 gp)
=Tinderbox (1 gp)
=2 Torches
=2 Candles
=Manacles (15 gp)
=10' chain with an average padlock (70 gp)
=Mess kit (tin plate, knife, fork, bowl, cup; 1 gp)
=Sewing kit (5 needles, spools of thread and wire; 5 gp)
=Canteen (1 gp)
=5 days trail rations (2.5 gp)
=Shaving kit (small steel mirror, razor, soap; 11 gp)
=Burglar's kit (masterwork thieves tools, flask of acid; 110 gp)
=Healer's kit (50 gp)
=1 Smokestick (20 gp)
=1 Sunrod (2 gp)
=Spare clothes (explorer's outfit; 10 gp)
--Packet of quality cigars (5 gp)
--Survival kit (fishhooks, 50' cord tightly coiled, 5 tindertwigs, folding knife; 8 gp)
--2 Thunderstones (60 gp)
--Dress uniform (not carried; 30 gp)
--2 chests (not carried; one has average lock, the other good lock; 124 gp)
--various personal effects, stored in chest (~50 gp value)
--Light warhorse (roan gelding; 110 gp)
--Military saddle, bridle, and saddlebags (26 gp)
--Ring (silver & onyx, 85 gp value)

Weight: 10 lb worn; 12 lb in hand; 43 lb. in pack (90 lb total; light load)

(has a month paid up at a good rooming house, with stabling; 45 gp)
(904 gp remaining; some locked up in a chest in his lodgings, normally carries a handful of platinum and gold on him)


Donovan is a lean but broad-shouldered man with steely gray eyes and close-cropped reddish-blond hair. He typically wears a long leather coat, fine leather gloves, and a peaked cap (reminiscent of the one he wore in the service as an MP). He only carries his polearm if anticipating combat; most of the time he appears relatively unarmed (all his weapons are in pockets or under his coat, though he may sometimes have a short wooden truncheon hanging from his wrist by a sturdy cord). He looks to be in his early thirties.


Donovan grew up on rougher side of Croydon, a port city in Cygnus. His father was a stevedore, when he was sober enough to work...which was rarely enough. His mother worked in a factory, but died of tuberculosis when he was 8. Unsurprisingly, he spent as little time as possible at home, the better to avoid his father's casual violence.

Instead, he opted for the casual violence of Croydon's dockyard slums, where at least he had a better chance to fight back. He ran with a loose gang of young hoodlums, cutting purses and snatching goods from vendor carts, and occasionally putting a brick up someone's head when it needed doing. When he got a little older, he got his growth early, and by the time he was thirteen he was six feet tall and hard as a coffin nail. He took up a new pasttime, one at which he came to excel: fisticuffs. There was a fairly lucrative underground bare-knuckle boxing circuit in Croydon, and Donovan worked his way up it, becoming fairly renowned...until, at sixteen, he was pinched by the Cygnan military recruiters, and sent to do his five years for king and country.

Surprisingly (to everyone, himself included), Donovan did quite well under military discipline. He was quick and strong, and his talents at hand-fighting did not go unnoticed by his trainers. Deciding he could serve his country best by killing its enemies in an up-close and personal fashion, he was trained first as a trencher, and then as a commando, learning all the various forms of armed and unarmed combat they could drill into him. He spent a few years crawling around in the dark, garrotting enemy sentries and stabbing them in the kidneys with bayonets, and took a few serious wounds before they rotated him back away from the front...they decided he could be more useful passing on some his extensive knowledge of mayhem to the next generation of budding soldiers. He took to this task with enthusiasm that bordered on delight. When not acting as an unarmed combat instructor, he served as a military assignment to which he was curiously suited, considering his background. He knew a great deal about the criminal mind, seeing as he possessed one. And while he could be as tough as he had to in order to deal with hardcases, he also knew about the sort of lives these people led, and the brutality they had to deal with.

Donovan retired after ten years in service, at the rank of sergeant major and with a few medals to his credit (the Crimson Feather for wounds taken in the line of duty, a Silver Swan for valor, and the crossed-daggers badge of a weapons expert). He found, however, that a lifetime of crime and violence had prepared him rather poorly for life in the civilian world. He works now as an freelance private investigator, bounty hunter, bodyguard, and general muscle-for-hire. He has forsaken his lawbreaking days, though, and only takes legitimate jobs...though he might drift into grey areas here and there.

He primarily resides in the capitol now. And recently, he got word that a certain ex-pirate was putting together a mercenary crew...small and elite, the sort of thing where Donovan might be an asset. He knew Cassian by reputation, and thought, "Why not?"...


Donovan tends to be rather cynical and jaded...he's seen a lot in his years, from the poverty of his youth in the slums to the bloodshed of the battlefield. He has a wry wit and a sarcastic streak, but when it comes to blows he is a consummate professional. Donovan is not what anyone would call particularly kindly or sentimental, but there is a solid core of relative decency. He primarily looks out for himself and his friends, but his years in the service have given him a patriotic bent as well, and he has neither love nor tolerance for the vicious or cruel.

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