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Priest of Desna

Donkor Sooron's page

427 posts. Alias of Mr. Monotony.

Full Name

Donkor Soroon








5'9", 184 lbs










Common, Osirion

Strength 14
Dexterity 7
Constitution 16
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 17
Charisma 14

About Donkor Sooron

General Stats:

HP: 83 (current 61)(fav class:+8. toughness:4+4. con:+24)
AC: 20 (Touch: 9, Flat Footed: 20)
Fortitude: +10, Reflex: +1, Will: +10 (all get bonuses from cloak)(+2 vs.charm/compulsion - Birthmark)
Base speed: 30'
Base attack bonus: +6/+1
CMB: 8 (+6(BA),+2(STR))
CMD: 16 (+6(BA),+2(STR),-2(DEX)+10)

Abilities 20 pt buy
Str 14: +5 pt buy
Dex 07: -4 pt buy
Con 16: +5 pt buy +2 racial selection
Int 12: +2 pt buy
Wis 17: +7 pt buy +1 at level 4, +1 at level 8
Chr 14: +5 pt buy


+1 Morningstar: +9/+4(d6+3/d8+3/x2)
Dagger: +8/+3(d3+3/d4+3/19-20/x2)

Dagger: +3 (d3+3/d4+3/19-10/x2/10')

Racial Traits:

+2 to one ability score (Con)
Base Speed: 30'
One Extra Feat at Level 1.
Additional Skill Rank for Every Level.


Languages: Common, Osirion, Ancient Osirion
Diplomacy:.................7 +2(CHA),+2(rnk),+3(cs)
Heal:.....................11 +3(WIS),+5(rnk),+3(cs)
Knowledge (Arcana):........5 +1(INT),+1(rnk),+3(cs)
Knowledge (Dungeoneering):.6 +1(INT),+2(rnk),+3(cs/Pharasma)
Knowledge (Engineering):.. 5 +1(INT),+1(rnk),+3(cs)
Knowledge (Geography):.....5 +1(INT),+1(rnk),+3(cs)
Knowledge (History):.......5 +1(INT),+1(rnk),+3(cs)
Knowledge (Local):.........5 +1(INT),+1(rnk),+3(cs)
Knowledge (Nature):........5 +1(INT),+1(rnk),+3(cs)
Knowledge (Nobility):......5 +1(INT),+1(rnk),+3(cs)
Knowledge (Planes):........5 +1(INT),+1(rnk),+3(cs)
Knowledge (Religion):......6 +1(INT),+2(rnk),+3(cs)
Linguistics................5 +1(INT),+1(rnk),+3(cs)
Perception:................5 +3(WIS),+2(rnk)
Perform: Act...............5 +2(CHA),+1(rnk)
Profession: Soothsayer.....8 +3(WIS),+2(rnk),+3(cs)
Sense Motive:..............8 +3(WIS),+2(rnk),+3(cs)
Spellcraft:................7 +1(INT),+3(rnk),+3(cs)
Survival:..................8 +3(WIS),+1(rnk)+1/+3(cs)(poverty stricken)
Swim:......................3 +2(STR),+1(rnk)...-6w/arm/shield


Dual Channeling: Can channel negative or positive energy.
Extra Channel: Channel energy 2 additional times/day.
Selective Channeling: Choose Whom to affect with channel energy.
Toughness: +3 hp, +1 per hit die beyond 3.
Turn Undead: Channel energy can be used to make undead flee.

Birthmark: +2 to save vs. charm and compulsion, use as holy symbol.
Poverty Stricken: +1 to survival, plus survival is a class skill.

Cleric Features:

Hit Die: 8
Simple Weapons, Light Armour, Medium Armour, and Shields
Spells: Listed Separately
Channel Energy: 8 times/day(5 used) (3,+2(CHA),+2(Feat) 4d6 healed or inflicted(to undead) within 30'. Can be selective and choose two people only. Also causes undead to flee.
Spontaneous Casting: Use Cure spells instead of prepared spells.

Domain Abilities
All knowledge skills are class skills.
Lore Keeper: With touch attack, gain information as if made knowledge skill check.
Remote Viewing: Use clairovoyance/clairaudience as a spell-like ability using my level as caster level. 1 rd/level - not consecutive - per day.
Manipulate water and mist and ice.
Icicle: As standard action, fire icicle from finger, any foe within 30' as a ranged touch attack. Does 1d6+4 damage (1d6 +1/2 levels). Can use 6 times per day (3,+3(WIS)
Cold Resistance: Resist Cold 10


Orisons: Detect Magic, Light, Mending, Detect Poison

Level 1 (5+1): Sanctuary, Doom, Endure Elements, Protection from Evil, Hide from Undead +Comprehend Languages (cast)

Level 2(4+1): Grace, Lesser Restoration, Shield Other (cast), Summon Monster II, +Detect Thoughts

Level 3 (4+1): Stone Shape(cast), Dispel Magic x2 (cast 2), Prayer, +Speak with Dead

Level 4 (2+1): Blessing of Fervor, Freedom of Movement, +Divination


Gold: 1400
Handy Haversack
+1 Morningstar
+1 Breastplate
+1 Metal Shield
+1 Ring of Protection
+1 Amulet of Natural Armour
+1 Cloak of Resistance
Wand of Command (50 charges)
Decanter of Endless Water
Wand of Cure Light Wounds (50 charges)
Holy Symbol (silver)
Spell Components (hoping I do not need to itemize this.
Daggers (x3)
Chalk (x5)
small steel mirror
silk rope (100')
Flint and Steel
Flask of Oil (x3)
Cleric's vestments
food/rations (2 weeks)
Paper (x10)
Pitons (x10)
Sewing Needle
Acid Flask (x3)
Antitoxin (x2)
Healer's Kit
Spell Component Pouch
Magnifying Glass
sand goggles

Anytime Donkor casts the spell divination:

He may ask 2 questions instead of one and get two answers.
The second questions is not a follow-up question, he has to ask them both at the time of casting.
The questions need not be related in any way.
Here’s the tricky part. If at any later time, Donkor takes an action that is directly in furtherance of following the advice given, or that has as its goal to make Pharasma’s prediction come into effect, Donkor gets a one time bonus of +4 to a single d20 roll.
Figuring out what the above means is going to be brutal – but we’ll get through it. The GM will be the arbiter of whether Donkor’s action qualifies for the bonus. You should not hesitate though to point out where you think it should apply.
That +4 bonus is only a single bonus, not one for each of the two questions and answers. If Donkor later casts divination and he hasn’t yet used the bonus, it is lost. The bonus applies for the new questions. Donkor can’t rack up multiple bonuses in reserve.
And that is Siasmae, lapis lazuli finger ring of the Star Tribe, the eldest tribe of the janni of the Osirion desert.


Donkor was born in a small, impoverished village. His family was caring, but unable to care properly for him, and he did difficult labour for not enough food for his early life. When he was 10 years old, disease came to the village, wiping out every person except himself in about three days.

He traveled to the nearest village, and found it to be untouched. They had no succor for him, so he continued traveling onward. The next two villages also were untouched. The fourth village was slightly more prosperous, and he was able to make himself useful enough to stay there and eke out enough food to survive. After a week in this village, the disease struck once again, and he watched all if his new neighbours begin to die.

On the second day, a priestess of Pharasma happened to pass through this place, and with her miraculous powers, she was able to cure almost half of the people who would otherwise have died.

As Donkor spoke with the priestess, he learned she had traveled the same way he had, and had found four dead villages behind him. Thus he was guilt-stricken that he had caused the same death and destruction to others that had destroyed his life.

The priestess? words of explanation about fate were a true blessing to him then, and he listened to her eagerly, soaking up her philosophy and using it to compensate for and lessen the guilt and grief he felt.

She agreed to travel with him, and they spent the next year on the road together. He showed strong aptitude for everything she had to teach him, and eventually she left him in a temple for formal education in the clergy of Pharasma.

He focused primarily on three areas: healing, philosophy (fatalistic theology as a focus?) and foretelling. He believes that, although Pharasma and the other gods have fated things to happen, sometimes they work their plans through him. And if he can advise people of their future problems and suffering, perhaps they can be guided to avoid it.

When he had taken his final vows, and went out to minister to the people, he took this foretelling mission with him. It was his intent to find a village or town of his own to care for. Unfortunately, as a fortune-teller, he was very honest and accurate. This, combined with his willful refusal to occasionally heal someone of an injury or illness that he was certain Pharasma had ordained caused him to be invited to leave many towns. So he became a wanderer.

Soon, and almost in spite of himself, his wanderings turned into adventurings, and now he seeks fortune and knowledge along with so many countless others in Golarion.

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