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Count Saleno

Don Walker's page

FullStarFullStarFullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 1,240 posts (1,241 including aliases). 1 review. No lists. 1 wishlist. 20 Pathfinder Society characters. 1 alias.

Grand Lodge *****

I was surfing the web and came across this "creature":

Brocken Spectre

It would be an awesome new monster to add to a PFS scenario - especially considering the name.

Grand Lodge *****

I've been asked to step down as Venture-Captain of the Boston Lodge.

At first I was surprised by the request, but after the initial surprise, I felt as if a heavy weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I applied two years ago because the program had been up a year and our closest VC was Art Lobdell in NYC and he was being stretched pretty thin at that point. I wasn't confident in my ability to meet all the expectations of the position, but I felt the Boston area needed a VC (especially for convention support). During my interview I said that if I could not meet the expectations of the position of if someone better suited was found that I would be happy to step down. That time is now.

Both Mike and I agree that someone else should now have a chance.

If you are interested in the position, now is the time to get your application in.

My last official day is Sunday August 25th, 2013.

Grand Lodge *****

I'd like to congratulate the two newest 4-star GMs in the Boston Lodge (central and eastern MA, NH, and RI).

With the advancement of Mark Seifter (Rogue Eidolon) to 5-star status and the promotion of VL Myles Crocker to Venture-Captain of the Green Mountain Lodge (Vermont and Western MA), we were left with no 4-star GMs. Now thanks to the tireless efforts of two others, the region has two 4-star GMs again.

Mike Adams (Ulserad) has been with the campaign since 2008 and #1 Silent Tide. He has served as the PFS coordinator for several New England conventions early on (Carnage, TotalCon and OGC) and is now the Store Liaison for Pop Culture in Raymond, NH. Since Mike became a Store Liaison he has been running games non-stop - clearly evident since earning his 3rd star only three months ago.

VL David Montgomery joined the campaign in the Fall of 2011 shortly after the Boston Lodge was founded. He was appointed a Venture-Lieutenant in April of 2012. It has taken David a mere 16 months from GMing his first PFS table to reaching 4 stars.

Please join me in congratulating both Mike and David on their accomplishment.

Grand Lodge *****

5 people marked this as a favorite.

I've just been told that Rogue Eidolon (Mark Seifter) has been approved for his 5th star and as Venture-Captain of the Boston Lodge, I have the honor of making the announcement.

Mark has been there right from the start of the Boston Lodge at our flagship store, Pandemonium in Cambridge, MA. Since our first weekly game in October 2011 he has been there every week, missing less than a handful of games in order to attend a major convention or family event. He took on the role of Store Liaison for Pandemonium in April 2012 allowing me to support other venues and has increased our player base there tremendously.

As a GM Mark's rules knowledge is amazing and he often knows the abilities of a player's character better than the player after just a few minutes of game play. But he does not run a GM vs. players game. He is quick to point out any options a player has if they seem to be unsure of what to do. His portrayal of NPCs is highly entertaining as well. While he can be a very challenging GM, he is always extremely fair.

Please join me in congratulating Mark on his accomplishment. For those who would like to talk to him in person, he will be attending PaizoCon in July.

Below are some quotes from our local players in support of Mark's 5th star:

"He is an extraordinary GM."

"... thoughtful, always prepared, extremely knowledgeable, ..."

"He is very balanced in how he manages the possibility of player death, not pulling punches, but not being unnecessarily lethal. There is always a sense that all of our actions have consequences and I thoroughly enjoy sitting at his table."

"Not only is he incredibly knowledgeable about the game, he has an infectious passion for it."

"Mark has also been super responsive to questions via email. Whether it was a question about a rule, a character build, or module prep. He's an invaluable resource."

"... a genuine sense of fun and joy at every moment of every game ..."

"Mark has been a perfect host at his tables, and at events he has coordinated. He is always anxious to make sure that each person – old and new – has the best time that they can."

"Every session that I play with Mark, I feel that I absorb a new technique that improves my own GMing. He has basic inborn talent to GM, and has clearly worked hard to develop those skills to an art form. I count myself very fortunate to be able to play at his table with some regularity, and cannot think of a person who warrants the honor of a fifth star more."

Grand Lodge *****

I'd like to welcome a new Venture-Lieutenant for Providence, RI.

Adam Freed

He's been running games for the Boston Lodge for about a year now and expressed interest in getting PFS started in the Providence area.

Adam has shown he's worthy and is the newest officer of the Boston Lodge.

If you'd like to meet him visit our scheduling site:

And find an event he is attending - which shouldn't be difficult.

Grand Lodge *****

I'd like to point out the latest 4-star sighting in Massachusetts ...

Rogue Eidolon, aka Mark Seifter just earned his fourth star on December 29th, 2012.

Congrats Mark! It is well deserved.

Grand Lodge *****

Register here:

10 am 2-13 Murder on the Throaty Mermaid [1-5]

3 pm 3-23 Goblinblood Dead [1-5]

Grand Lodge

How do I get to the PFS FAQ now? There used to be a link on the main page on the right, but now the only way I see to get to the PFS FAQ is by going to the main FAQ page and finding the PFS FAQ there.

Shouldn't the PFS FAQ be referenced in the PFS section?

Also, I find the Player Resources and GM Resources categories confusing. There are items in each category that would be useful in the other. It might be better just to list PFS Resources and combine the two.

Also, now, with the sub-pages it requires a second page load to get to some items rather than just linking from the main page on the right.

And shouldn't a link to register a new character be on the main page real easy to find for new folks?

The My Pathfinder Society link is buried at the bottom of the Get Involved column. This needs it's own column of text explaining what it is - basically the heart of the PFS site - and what it is used for.

I'm probably just used to the previous version, but I'd be happy with parts of the previous site back.

Grand Lodge *****

2 people marked this as a favorite.

I'm starting this thread as a place to post links to useful resources for PFS players and GMs. I want to thank Venture-Captain Kristie Schweyer for the idea, which I totally stole from her.

Use this thread to link to PFS flyers, reference sheets, websites, apps, whatever you find useful when playing and managing your PFS games.

For any fan created content, please remember to follow the Paizo Community Use Policy. Thanks!

For the first submission, with the help of Venture-Captain Russel Akred's artistic polish and input from other Venture Officers, I have created a

Fast Play Character Creation Guide

for new players (or players new to PFS) who want to create their own character as quickly as possible (instead of using a pregen). While this guide streamlines the process, I don't recommend handing it to someone as they sit down to play. That's what the PFS Pregenerated Characters are for.

If you download the file, the background layer may be turned off to reduce ink usage.

Grand Lodge *****

In Nashua, NH on Sat June 30 at The Comic Store we are running the following games (free):

10 am: 3-15 The Haunting of Hanojai [levels 5-9]

2 pm: 0-08 The Slave Pits of Absalom [1-5]

To register, sign up here:

Grand Lodge *****

We are running the following scenarios at Pandemonium in Central SQ, Cambridge, MA at noon on Sunday June 3rd:

0-06 Black Waters [1-5]

3-12 Wonders of the Weave part 1: Snakes in the Fold [5-9]

We currently have 3-4 seats available for each game.

Register at:

Grand Lodge *****

This Saturday May 19th at Scholars in Bridgewater, MA I am running the following scenarios:

3-15 The Haunting of Hanojai [5-9]

5 pm
3-19 The Icebound Outpost [1-5]

If you don't have a character in the level 5-9 range you can use a level 7 pregen and either hold the Chronicle until your character reaches level 7 or use the Chronicle for a new level 1 character.

You may register here:

Hope to see you there.

Don Walker
Venture-Captain, Boston Lodge

Grand Lodge *****

1 person marked this as a favorite.

OK, Dice. We all use them. Well, except for maybe the online gamers.

As a GM I see a lot of dice infractions that, for the most part, I'm sure are completely unintentional. Still, nobody likes to be the bad guy and these dice disses put the GM in the awkward position of just letting them slide or making a fuss so that proper dice respect is observed.

So here are some suggestions on proper dice etiquette for PFS:

1. The GM is above the law. It is the GM's table and the players are either willing to trust the GM's rolls or they shouldn't be playing at that GM's table.

2. If the players are not willing to accept #1 and the GM is cool with it, then the GM should follow these suggestions as much as the players do. However, #1 is assumed unless otherwise discussed at the table.

3. Dice must be readable from across the table. This includes:

3a. No micro dice.
3b. No swirly dice where the numbers are not easy to read.
3c. No dice with extra graphics that hide the numbers.
3d. No clear dice without numbers filled in with a contrasting color.
3e. No dice with a logo where the '1' (or any other number) belongs.
3f. No dice that the player has to pick up in order to read the number.

I'm sure there are other additions to #3. Feel free to add more.

4. All dice rolls are made in the open, in full view of the GM.

4a. No rolling behind your books.
4b. No rolling in a box or tray that the GM can not observe.
4c. No rolling across the table to a spot behind another player's books.
4d. No rolling off of the table onto the floor and having another player confirm your roll (because it was a good one). On the table or it doesn't count.

5. Dice must come to a rest and not be touched for at least 3 seconds or until the final number is determined and told to the GM. In other words, no rolling and picking up the die to read it before it comes to rest.

6. Dice may not be thrown into the air above the player's head. It is a dice roll, not a dice toss.

7. Dice may not be tossed across the table beyond the reach of the roller requiring others to return the dice.

8. Dice may not be rolled into the middle of the battlemat taking out mini's in the process.

9. No rolling with an App on your laptop, tablet, phone, etc. The exception is online play of course.

10. Dice will be rolled. Not spun, not dropped, not flipped, not shaken in the hand and then slammed down onto the table. The use of a dice cup is acceptable, but only if the die is allowed to visibly roll for at least 4 inches across the table.

11. Cheat dice are grounds for ejection from a PFS game.

11a. No dice with the high number in place of the '1'.
11b. No cooked dice.
11c. No lacquered dice.
11d. No fixed dice of any kind.

12. Consider replacing your 4-sided pyramid dice with the "barrel" style 4-siders. They hurt much less when you step on them barefoot.

13. It is perfectly acceptable to commiserate on how bad your luck is when rolling dice. It is not acceptable to throw those dice away at such speed that they are capable of achieving a low earth orbit. A gentle toss into a nearby trash can is acceptable, but consider recycling them as a green alternative.

14. Never leave dice in the middle of the battlemat after rolling them.

15. Do not use dice as a substitute for a mini or to indicate a special condition (like flight) or a spell effect. Dice work hard for you and deserve more respect.

16, Do not bring every dice you own to the table and spread them all out in front of you. The ones you actually use are special and deserve a little space. Don't coup them up with all the dice you own. Give them their time of glory at the table. Make your other dice covet a spot "at the table". If any of your all-stars fail to perform, send them back to the minors and give some other dice a chance to sit at the table.

Anyone else have any suggestions on Dice Etiquette?

Grand Lodge *****

Check out our Southeast New England PFS games here:

Grand Lodge *****

TotalCon 2012 in Mansfield, MA will run THUR-SUN February 23-26.

I have set up a poll on our yahoo group:

Please vote for the scenarios you want to play. This will help me determine which scenarios to add or remove from the schedule. Some scenarios on the original Warhorn schedule were not listed because they will remain on the schedule regardless of poll results.

Please sign-up to play or judge at:

Venture-Lieutenant Myles Crocker had to cancel and there are several open tables now. If your table does not have a GM and we don't get one by the con, you will probably have me as your GM.

I will be sending in a final GM list to TotalCon staff soon which will determine who will have a registration packet ready for them at the con.

3 slots = free badge
4 slots = con t-shirt (include size)
5+ slots = prize ticket

We also have 1 GM hotel room for those who need crash space. Access will be based on the number of slots you sign-up to GM. If you want space in the GM room, let me know.

In the meantime, please vote. Thanks.

Don Walker
Venture-Captain, Boston Lodge

Grand Lodge *****

Now that you can use a Beginner Box character in Pathfinder Society Organized Play see this thread. I'm curious to see who has tried this or been at a table with a BB character.

Personally, I haven't had the opportunity to play a BB character in PFS yet, but I have created two so far. An Elven Wizard (universalist) and a Dwarven Cleric (of Sarenrae). I've used GM credit to advance them to 2nd level. The free Hero Labs BB program has been useful, but it doesn't handle PFS additions to the standard BB character.

For those of you trying this, how long before you dip into CORE rules? I wanted to purchase some masterwork armor to enchant later, but it is not a part of BB rules so I'll probably go with a masterwork weapon instead.

Has anyone found any issues using BB characters at a PFS table?

Grand Lodge *****

1 person marked this as a favorite.

This thread is for players in southeastern New England. Let me know who you are and where you are so I can support your area.

You can reach me at:

The Boston Lodge is:

If you join the Boston Lodge, you can sign up for games at:

I'm based in Boston and initially plan to cover the area enclosed by:

Manchester, NH
Worcester, MA
Providence, RI

So who is out there? Where do you play?

Grand Lodge *****

I want to use this thread to find out who is playing (or wants to play) Pathfinder Society games in southeastern New England.

You can reach me at:

The Boston Lodge is:

If you join the Boston Lodge, you can sign up for games at:

I'm based in Boston and initially plan to cover the area enclosed by:

  • Manchester, NH
  • Worcester, MA
  • Providence, RI

So who is out there? Where do you play?

Grand Lodge *****

To register for a Pathfinder Society gameday in Boston, MA on Saturday, March 27 for adventures 12 and 15 please sign up at:

That is all.

Don Walker

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