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I dunno your average 2-h fighter focused on Str would be putting out somewhere around 2d6+6 upwards to +9 at first level granted the Fighter has to make an attack Roll vs the free hit of Magic Missile, but still not anywhere more powerful than a fighter can put out.

a twf fighter might have 1d8+4-5/1d6+2 which can still overshadow the damage a mage using magic missile might put out at first level fwiw.

Once the creature appears it has its own separate actions completely separate from the person who summoned it. I would treat it just as if you had used a Full Round Action & it appeared right before your turn on the next round.

Again I suggest creating a Challenge for a Min/Max player because they will usually take a minimal role like a bard & make it relevant in combat, but those same Min/Max players are often useless in a social setting as they min/max most often for combat which often means sacrificing social abilities.

Concentration is used to keep some spells active.

You would stop dead as the Levitate spell does not allow for Lateral Movement. However, since you are aboard a ship, it can be assumed you have a decent wind & therefor were you able to make a sail from clothing or whatnot you could feasibly sail along with the ship, or you could lift yourself to press against a Mast to propel yourself forward with the ship.

Note: Most of this would become DM Fiat unless you can find rules on sails & how they react to wind & their movement speed based on what wind.

The general rule (I believe) is that if an action is not stated in an ability assume it to be a Standard Action to use/activate it

Just a warning, since you will be using 8 newer players.

1. Study up on a lot of the basic rules as you'll likely be fielding the basics throughout the first couple of sessions.

2. Expect Combats to be slow...VERY slow, even a game with 8 experienced players can take a couple hours if the challenge is sufficient.

3. I suggest keeping your Encounter numbers small, with more powerful creatures as the more creatures you have the slower the encounter will be

4. Suggest the members think of their moves starting after their last turn, & make minor adjustments as they need.

Beyond that, I suggest making the encounters a few levels above due to the fact that you're using much higher stats across the board as well as an extra 2 players, perhaps +2 or +3 CR above what you might normally do to test the waters then adjust from there, being that your party is so large you'll need to test a few different CR levels & find what suits the group best.

Its useful in a situation where you are taking Total defense or the like, or if you've moved & are making a strike with a single weapon as a TWF rogue or ranger. There are a few situations that it has use, but more or less if you're using your offhand in anyway you generally don't get the bonus.

Robb Makes some good points in that if you modify the movement of a "5ft" step based on size, you're also modifying HOW the enemy moves in normal movement as each 5ft movement they move is much larger now. This can have a massive effect on many aspects of combat.

One thing to consider: a single power gamer in with a group of RP'ers can really screw up the power level of the overall play, one solution is to challenge the power gamer, give him a weaker concept to build on, which should allow him to build his power stuff but still keep in the level of most of the other players.

Just make sure to label the rings if you have a set for everyone in your party.

The argument of the Blood of dragons coursing through your body, the Gold Heritage helping to guide your Moral compass from an early age, steering you into the Arms of the Paladin brotherhood, then upon interacting with a dragon, something in your blood comes forth, either the hatred of a Mortal Enemy (chromatic) or the kinship of a fellow (Metallic) brings something inside yourself to life, suddenly an arcane heritage you had never known before begins to stir as memories of long dead Dragons before you rise in your mind.

You begin to study these memories in your nights, discovering you have the ability to cast some arcane spells, then discovering you can help your god even more you embrace your Draconic Heritage, gaining many aspects of the Most Honorable of the Dragons, the Noble Gold. Now not only do your enemies have to contend with the powers bestowed upon you by your deity, but now they have to contend with the power's that caused your deity to choose you originally, the Draconic heritage that flows through you.

tl;dr a basic story/fluff aspect that can explain service to a deity & the desire to be a DD based solely on the character's possible backstory.

Each use of Judgement lasts for an entire battle scenario, as long as you are "In Combat" as in, wielding a weapon against an opponent you can switch judgments as often as you like, however once that combat ends your judgement wears off & the next combat you use a Judgement is a second use of the ability.

If your battle has 10 opponents, you can target any of the opponents during the battle with the judgement.

Lesser Restoration can be used on Wands, you can always purchase scrolls & have a Rogue use UMD, to try & Mimic the Spellcasting aspect to try to cast the spells. Scrolls while they can be expensive are capable of allowing you to have a few emergency spells & as long as someone with a good UMD skill is around you can use them generally speaking. There are also Staves that can be crafted with higher level spells if you have the money to fork over also capable of being used with UMD

Its situational at best because unless you happen to fight Archers & Gunslingers nonstop in almost every battle, you're unlikely to use the spell that often.

You could also carry around a pair of gauntlets/Spiked Gauntlets if you want the "unarmed combat" flavor, d6 damage etc, but they'll deal normal damage against undead in a pinch if you can't find a way to boost your normal damage, also would still allow you to sneak attack normally. They could also be imbued with Bane:Undead for a +1 enhancement bonus (+2 total) which will add an extra 2d6 damage that stacks with everything else & adds an additional +2 to hit & damage against undead as the Bane quality makes weapons act as +2 higher than its real bonus.

The most comprehensive list I know of is on, while it is not 100% official, they have pretty much all of the Combat Styles listed out with the feats, you can also find them all on Paizo's site, but they have them separated by book, but still pretty easy to peruse, just takes a bit longer.

Ranger Entry on d20pfsrd.

Well assuming money is not an issue he could feasibly buy scrolls of the appropriate spells & use the scrolls to craft the item.

I believe the rules on Vestigial Arms prevents it from "Wielding" something in the V.Arm only "holding" is allowed, so you could feasibly hold the shield, but not wield it.

The only problem I have with that interpretation is that it gives 2-handers a larger advantage over 2-handers, it may be negligible in the long run but it can start to make a larger impact over the course of several attacks.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Lets look at similarities:
Haste Grants an extra attack due to an increase in your speed & action of movement (despite weapon)

Blessing of Fervor can grant an Extra attack do to an increase of Speed & Action (similar to Haste, also despite weapon)

Speed property allows you an extra attack with a weapon do to the weapon being faster & increasing your action.

By the logic you're using 2 speed weapons are 2 separate sources that are not "similar". By that Logic does that mean Haste & Fervor should stack? they are more likely considered separate sources than 2 weapons of Speed.

If the Answer to this question is yes...congratulations you just made a house rule that ignores RAW enjoy it, have fun, More power to you.

Each of these effects is similar in that it manipulates speed in a localized area to give you an extra attack, this seems to be a logical, balanced way of interpreting the rules as they stand.

strictly RAW? no so it would be purely a GM house rule at that point.

Actually if I recall a player with Two-Weapon Fighting that has more than 2 hands automatically gains Multi-Weapon Fighting upon obtaining more than 2 arms so its not about taking a feat, its about automatically getting it once he gets his first Vestigial Limb, however you take large penalties when your offhand weapon is not light so keep that in mind.

Also note that the spell can be used by another caster, held on a scroll that you purchased or several other methods, so not always a bad thing to think about.

For the Record an Inquisitor serving the God of Thieves (Likely Mask if you're using Forgotten Realms) would make for a nice starter build, not to mention any game can benefit from someone having healing especially if you plan to have combat of any kind.

The Benefit of Inquisitor is that they get half their Inq Level on Intimidate rolls as well as Sense Motive, so if you're using this character as sort of a Face...thats a bonus to be sure.

Mind that if the party triggers AoO's they could defeat this plot unless the opponents give up all AoO's. Though it seems as though they would stack, but the need to be in fairly close proximity means that unless the party is all mages, they still have the frontlines to deal with.

Its a shame you don't qualify as having the TWF feat for the purposes of feats as I could easily see Two Weapon Rend being added to this build at some point to boost your offhand damage to full STR to damage. Perhaps another reason to look at the Unarmed Fighter Build for a second option

Do fighter's really need to resort to exploits of such random abilities & abuse of such things for people to find them useful? I would love to play a fighter, but they are well used by many fellow players so often I am placed into other roles for the benefit of the party.

Fighter's while not the highest damage class in the game still have such a wide diversity that they do well in their place, without a few front lines those Wizards will never get far after all.

When adding any magical weapon property you need to have it as a +1 weapon first. Just something to keep in mind.

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The problem is you're looking for the books to be able to address EVERY possible outcome in a game where a player's cleverness is a general benefit, however, Paizo cannot address every possible reading of people in every possible way unless you want 2000 page books...those are lawbooks not Core rulebooks for a role playing game, besides the rules in the books are Guidelines, they are not hard ^ fast rules, a GM is welcomed to change anything he e or she wants.

You are literally quibbling over something that is in the purview of a GM to say "No, get over it, lets move the game along". It is unreasonable to expect Paizo to answer every possible interpretation if the rules they have written because of a couple of words here or there.

The rules are meant o be handled in a reasonable manner that makes sense, if a particular reading of the rules doesn't make reasonable sense, then perhaps you're reading the rule wrong.

Also you have to make sure you pay for the right bow, the Amount of damage a Composite bow adds depends on the rating of it, the price increases based on the amount of Str you want to be added.

Ancestor Mystery

If I recall the Swift Action was introduced in the Miniatures Handbook, Swift Actions were a way to add an extra action to account for tactical actions in Miniatures combat.

As an inquisitor player I do wish we could get multiple swift actions, but that's from the maximist in me to get both bane & Judgements out int he first round of combat lol.

As soon as the weapon leaves the hand its considered dropped, it may be falling, but it's still already been dropped.

When the spell activates & when the monster appears. basically as you're casting you're also selecting the target & as you finish your final targeting decision is where it goes as far as I recall.

I think your GM is having an issue with the Visual implied by the use of the disarm & that is making hi see the extra action needed, phrase it as such "As I Disarm him, as the weapon is falling but before it hits the ground you grab the weapon & now have it in my hand, no action needed as its happening all in a matter of a second or 2 as I'm attacking"

I envision the unarmed disarm as forcing the weapon from the hand & more or less catching the weapon with the available hand.

I agree I was mentioning where Nephril mentioned feats mostly, I agree that getting into a Prestige Class without normal means you're not likely to benefit from it as much as if you had gone through the normal means.

That's not entirely true, there have been a few mentions from Devs that many bonuses if held for over 24 hours become permanent & can then qualify for feats, such as a Str belt helping you qualify for Power Attack if it brings you above Str 13.

The PRD is not Fluffless, that entire paragraph is pure fluff used to describe & help the player bring to mind the image of the typical Knight on his horse & in the course of so they use words that do not interact well in the rules section of the game. Fluff should not factor into rules which is where many players see them sometimes going, but its sometimes hard for writers to completely detach descriptive text from the rules.

Regardless something that is mostly just descriptive text is not a hardcore rule, unless there is a great deal of the mechanics system involved its likely fluff/descriptive text.

Personally, if there were any ac adjustments to be made during mounted combat I imagine it would be mentioned in the mounted combat section, something like that seems rather important to the very fundamentals of Mounted Combat as a whole.

Also would you mind telling me where your quote came from? that personally sounds more like fluff & not an actual rule quote.

From the standpoint of multiple attacks a repeating crossbow gives you 5 attacks at once, strictly speaking unless you have 5 attacks a round you won't be using all 5 in a single round even with 2 attacks at low levels you'll only be spending 1 full round action for every 2.5 rounds & a crossbowman generally won't get anywhere near the amount of attacks as an Archer, however a Crossbowman can use 2 repeating crossbows for 10 arrows if it is a major issue.

a Crossbow Fighter at level 6 can have 3 attacks which means a reload every other action, unless they have 2 crossbows in which case they could have 4 attacks a round which means they will spend 3 bolts from their primary crossbow & 1 from the secondary, then on the next round they can switch weapons around as a free action & fire the same way getting 1/1 left in both crossbows.

Because its meant to refill a container that contains ammo, the reloading crossbow is a special case as typically a crossbow has a container with bolts that would be refilled, much like a quiver of arrows, held to the side of the person firing the weapon. The major thing is that since the "container" that contains ammo for the reloading crossbow sits on top & essentially feeds into the weapon via gravity kinda like a reverse clip if the spell is cast on the clip as the bolts come out of it they would in theory be replaced inside the clip.

Think of it like a regular gun clip we have now, if this spell were cast on a clip, then after every shot a bullet would magically be created at the bottom of the clip & refilled inside the clip allowing for essentially infinite ammo.

That puppy in the hands on an inquisitor/alchemist with 4 arms &..&...oh forget about it.

Basic info about all Archetypes & the basic rules associated with them can be found in the APG where Archetypes were originally introduced I believe, beyond that you'd want to check each archetype for its specific rules.

I'm pretty sure most Archers are still taking Precise shot as that nasty -4 penalty gets in the way too often for most archers.

Also I was mid typing when everyone else posted & then I recalled after the post that it usually is a houserule so I do apologize.

Martin that is not 100% true, assuming you are a Firearm/Archer/Crossbowman who is firing into melee without Precise Shot, you suffer a -4 penalty to hit your target, many GM's will say that if you miss by 4 or less you will hit your ally instead.

There is also a section on "Squeezing" that you might look at it should give you some ideas as well.

Certain classes do get some spells sooner than others I believe there are a handful of spells that an Inquisitor gets sooner than a cleric simply because they have a much smaller listing of spells to choose form so they get them slightly sooner, but the question is, would these class abilities be able to override your primary aspect.

If you used it as an improvised weapon you would likely receive the same -4 penalty as most improvised weapons, being that you likely have proficiency I might houserule a -2 instead of a -4 but I would allow it to be used as Lethal & not non-lethal.

As far as your situation & Lethal/Non-Lethal I understand that Lethal is a requirement since if I recall undead are immune to non-lethal damage. so this seems to be a nice compromise to me.

actually Mojo, the feat has a special advisory on it that says "IF" the GM is using Death From Massive Damage rules that the "Clustered Shots" would qualify

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