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Doctor Gearbox's page

31 posts. Alias of Barbus Renwald.


Earth Pony ( Ws 0 | Ds 0 | Fa 0 | Cha +0 | Spd 6 (+d6) | Pry 5 | Tgh 6 | Bs 3)



About Doctor Gearbox

Name: Doctor Gearbox, aka Mandrake Heartstrong
Looks: Brown Coast, Silver Mane, and Blue Eyes
Breed: Earth Pony
Cutie Mark: A pair of interlocking silver gears


Charisma: +0
Pace: 6 (+d6 when running)1 = 1 inch or 2 yards in game
Parry: 5 [2 + 1/2 fighting]
Toughness: 6 [2+ 1/2 Vigor] (+1, Brawny)
Curious (Major)
-- Athletics---- Strength
d6 Fighting----- Strength
d6 Grace-------- Agility Clash of Wills
-- Healing------ Smarts
-- Intimidate--- Strength Clash of Wills
d6 Intuition---- Spirit
d6 Investigation Smarts
d8 Know(Science/Engineering)- Smarts
-- Leadership--- Spirit
d8 Nature------- Smarts
d8 Notice------- Smarts
d8 Persuasion--- Smarts Clash of Wills
-- Piloting----- Agility
-- Spellcraft--- Smarts
-- Stealth------ Agility
-- Streetwise--- Smarts
-- Taunt-------- Spirit Clash of Wills
-- Vogue-------- Smarts
Feat of Strength
Improvised Ingenuity (Club)
Studded Horseshoe x2 (20s)
Horseshoe x2 (2s)
Compass (15s)
Journal (1s)
Tool Kit (10s)
Repair Kit (15s)
Carpentry Kit (10s)
Pack Saddle (10S)
Rope, 20 yards (5s)
Matches x10 (2b)
Lantern (2s)
Canteen (2s)

Money: current 7s 6b
Doctor Gearbox was orginally born Mandrake Heartstrong. His parents, Timber and Nutmeg Heartstrong, were simple spice farmers, trading their crop for the other essentials that they needed. Although Gearbox was able to farmer, his real passion lay in building devices that could do the work for himself and his fellow ponies. After inventing a machine that could plow their fields, house, the city hall, and the local candy shop, in less than half the time that it took his family to plow the field, Gearbox knew he had found his calling. He now knew not only his mission in life, but the cutie mark that it left on him for all to see.

After he had finished "improving" (or destroying, depending on who you ask) his town, Doctor Gearbox decided that it was time to set out into the world to share his knowledge, and "improve" that he found.

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