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Dr Davaulus

Doctor Abner Svengalu Toffitt's page

3,114 posts. Alias of Saint Bernard de Clairveaux.

Full Name

Doctor Abner Svengalu Toffitt




Barbarian (Urban Barbarian) 1, Alchemist (Internal Alchemist, Vivisectionist) 15

Init +12 | Per 22* | F +17* R +19* W +10* | AC 35* (t20* f27* i22*) +1 crwd | CMD 34 | *many buffs




Apparently ageless

Special Abilities

Rending and reknitting of flesh; medicinals


Neutral Good




Cauldron, for now


Common, Elvish, Giant, Draconic, Celestial, Undercommon, Goblin, Gnome [headband]



Strength 14
Dexterity 22
Constitution 13
Intelligence 18
Wisdom 14
Charisma 12

About Doctor Abner Svengalu Toffitt


Active effects/conditions
+ Ablative barrier (15)
+ Ant haul
+ Barkskin
+ Death ward
+ Endure elements
+ Freedom of movement
+ Haste
+ Heroes Feast
+ Heroism
+ Improved invisibility
+ Mutagen
+ Overland flight
+ Perceive cues

Init +12 Perception +30 Sense Motive +29
AC 45 / 46 crowd control (21 touch; uncanny dodge)
10 +8 dex +9 armor +2 ring +9 nat armor +1 haste +4 shield +2 fervor

CMB +15 CMD 35 (+13 BAB, +8 Dex, +2 Str, +2 Ring)
HP 169 / 169
Fort +21 Reflex +23 Will +14 (+2 v. enchant)
Immune Poison, disease, nonlethal, cold, sleep, paralysis
Other Defenses -4 to ability damage, -2 to ability drain, 25% chance to avoid crit/precision damage

Weapon Equipped None
Mutagen ACTIVE (+4 Dex, +6 Con, +4 AC, -2 Wis, -2 Cha, 16 hour duration)
1 Ant haul ACTIVE 32 hours
- Endure elements ACTIVE 24 hours
- Enlarge person (Finneas)
- Shield (Finneas)
- Shield ACTIVE
- open
2 Ablative barrier 15 hours ACTIVE
- Ablative barrier 15 hours (Atol)
- Barkskin +5 (Finneas)
- Barkskin +5 ACTIVE
- Perceive cues ACTIVE
- open
3 Heroism ACTIVE
- Heroism
- Resist energy, communal
- Fly (Finneas)
- open
- open
4 Echolocation ACTIVE
- Freedom of movement ACTIVE
- Greater invisibility USED
- Greater Invisibility ACTIVE
- open
5 Delayed consumption (death ward) ACTIVE
- Overland flight ACTIVE
- open
6 Heal USED

Eternal Potion Haste
Hero Points 1
Controlled Rage 5 of 5 rounds used
Healing touch 15 hp of 80hp used
Boots of speed 0 of 10 rounds used
Boro Beads, lvl 1 0 of 2 used
Boro Beads, lvl 2 0 of 2 used
Boro Bead, lvl 3 0 of 1 used
Boro Bead, lvl 4 0 of 1 used
Preserving flask Shield
Wand of fireball 22 charges
Wand of invisibility 30 charges
Wand of Shield 20 charges
Wand of See Invisibility 1 charge

Stats & Saves:

Saving Throws
Fort +14 (20) +12 +1 con +3 cloak (+3 mutagen +2 heroism)
Reflex +19 (22) +10 +6 dex +3 cloak (+2 mutagen +2 heroism)
Will +12 (+14; +2 enchantment) +7 +2 wis +3 cloak (+2 heroism)
Immunities Poison, disease, cold, nonlethal damage, paralysis, and sleep.

Armor Class 28 (10 + 9 armor +6 dex +2 ring +1 amulet)
Touch AC 18
Flat-Footed AC 22 (uncanny dodge)

CMB 15
CMD 33

HP 118 (12 barbarian +80 alchemist +17 Con +9 favored)

BAB +13
Initiative +12 (+14 with mutagen)
Speed 30 ft. ground

Feats & Traits:

Suspicious (+1 to Sense Motive > class skill)
Elven Reflexes (+2 to Initiative)
1: L & M armor & shields
1: Martial weapons
1: Brew Potion
1: Exotic Weapon Proficiency: Dueling Blade
1: Weapon finesse
3: Weapon focus: dueling blade
5: Quick draw
7: Iron will
9: Power attack
11: Improved initiative
13: Lunge
15: Furious focus
17: Extra discovery (Eternal Potion)


Acrobatics +27 (17r +8a +3c)
Appraise +4 (0r +4a)
Bluff +1 (0r +1a)
Climb +6 (1r +2a +3c)
Craft (alchemy) +22 (15r +4a +3c)
Diplomacy +18 (14r +1a +3c)
Disable Device +12 (1r +8a +3c)
Disguise +1 (0r +1a)
Escape Artist +8 (0r +8a)
Fly +25 (7r +8a +3c +7sp)
Handle Animal +1 (0r +1a)
Heal +24 (3r; sub Knowledge Nature)
Intimidate +1 (0r +1a)
Knowledge (Arcana) +9 (2r +4a +3c)
Knowledge (Dungeon) +4 (0r +4a)
Knowledge (Engineer) +4 (0r +4a)
Knowledge (Geography) +5 (1r +4a)
Knowledge (History) +4 (0r +4a)
Knowledge (Local) +9 (2r +4a +3c)
Knowledge (Nature) +24 (17r +4a +3c)
Knowledge (Nobility) +8 (1r +4a +3c)
Knowledge (Planes) +5 (1r +4a)
Knowledge (Religion) +5 (1r +4a)
Linguistics +9 (2r +4a)
Perception +24 (17r +2a +3c +2r)
Perform +1 (0r +1a)
Profession +2 (0r +2a)
Ride +12 (1r +8a)
Sense Motive +23 (17r +2a +1t +3c)
Sleight of Hand +8 (0r +8a)
Spellcraft +10 (3r +4a +3c)
Stealth +8 (0r +8a)
Survival +6 (1r +2a +3c)
Swim +6 (1r +2a +3c)
Use Magic Device +21 (17r +1a +3c)

Special Abilities:

Controlled Rage +4 morale divided in +2's between Str, Dex
and/or Con. 4 + Con Mod rds/day. Fatigued x2 rds after.

Crowd Control No move penalties moving through crowds; +1 to
attacks and dodge AC if adjacent to 2+ enemies; +1 Intimidate to
control crowd.

Disease & poison immunity

Mutagen+4 alchemical bonus to Dex, +6 to Con (usually), +4 to Nat. Armor,
-2 to Wis + Cha; 1 hour/lvl.

Poison Use

Sneak Attack +8d6 to damage.

Breath Mastery Hold breath 1 minute/point of Con. (or 1
hour/point with full round action). Survive 2x on food. Place self in
suspended animation as move action.

Uncanny dodge


Lvl 3
Infusion Extracts can be used by others.

Lvl 5
Spontaneous healing As a free action once per round, he can heal 5 hit points as if he had the fast healing ability. He can heal 5 hit points per day in this manner for every 2 alchemist levels he possesses. If the alchemist falls unconscious because of hit point damage and he still has healing available from this ability, the ability activates automatically each round until he is conscious again or the ability is depleted for the day.

Lvl 7
Healing Touch (Ex)As a standard action, touch humanoid and apply 1 round of spontaneous healing. Daily limit for spontaneous healing = 5 × his alchemist level.

Lvl 9
Preserve organs light fortification (25% no sneak or crit damage)

Lvl 11
Mummification Immune to cold, nonlethal damage, paralysis, and sleep.

Lvl 13
Crippling strike

Lvl 15
Greater mutagen See Mutagen above.

Lvl 17
Extend potion Double duration of potion (#/day = Int bonus)
Eternal potion One potion at a time is permanent.

Formulae + Elixirs:

1st: Ant Haul
Comprehend Languages
Cure Light Wounds
Disguise Self
Endure Elements
Enlarge Person
Expeditious Retreat
Touch of the Sea

2nd: Ablative Barrier
Alchemical Allocation
Cure Moderate Wounds
Lesser Restoration
Perceive Cues
See Invisibility

3rd: Arcane sight
Draconic reservoir
Gaseous form
Remove blindness/deafness
Remove disease
Resist energy, communal

4th: Air walk, communal
Death ward
Freedom of movement
Greater invisibility
Spell immunity

5th: Delayed consumption
Dust form
Overland flight


Possessions & Wealth:

Current Encumbrance 24.5 lb. (50 / 100 /150 lb; 150 / 300 / 450 with ant haul)

Dueling blade +1, agile 3 lb.
Masterwork silvered light hammer, 2 lb.
Holy adaptive composite longbow +1, 3 lb.
Arrows, silvered blunt (40) 6 lb.
Arrows, cold iron (20) 3 lb.
Arrows, cold iron, ghost salt blanch (10) 1.5 lb.
Arrows, cold iron, adamantine blanch (10) 1.5 lb.

Mithril shirt +1, 10 lb.
Masterwork Buckler 165 gp, 2 lb.
Amulet of Natural Armor +2

Potions, Oils & Elixirs
Oil of greater magic weapon +3 (4)
Potion of clairvoyance/clairaudience
Potions of CMW (2)
Potions of CSW (2)
Potion of comprehend languages
Potions of enlarge person (2)
Potion of haste
Potions of lesser restoration (2)
Potions of invisibility (7)
Potions of fly (2)
Potions of gaseous form (2)

Magic Items
Belt of dexterity +6, 36,000 gp, 1 lb.
Boots of speed 1 lb.
Boro beads, lvl 1 (2), 2,000 gp
Boro bead, lvl 2 (1), 4,000 gp
Cloak of resistance +2, 4,000 gp, 1 lb.
Formula alembic 200 gp, 2 lb.
Handy haversack, 2,000 gp, 5 lb.
Headband of intelligence & wisdom +2 [UMD, Gnome] 10,000gp
Ioun Torch 75 gp
Preserving flask, lvl 1 1,000 gp
Ring of inner fortitude, major, 42,000 gp
Ring of protection +2 8,000 gp
Wand of fireball
Wand of invisibility

In Haversack
Small steel mirror
Explorer's Outfit
Healer’s Kit 50 gp, 1 lb.
Surgeon's tools 20 gp, 5 lb.
Chirurgeon’s mask 50 gp, 2 lb.
Portable alchemist's lab 75 gp, 20 lb.
Soul stimulant (2) 600 gp
Chalk 1 cp
Pen & ink 8.1 gp
Formulae book 1 lb.
Scroll of find the path

Background & Description:

Excerpted from "On the Alchemy of Man-Beasts and Living Liches"

The horrific, ungodly nature of the craft helps explain its emergence
in many disconnected islands over the last two centuries. Of the many
inventors, only one was reckless as to publish his discoveries: Doctor
Abner Svengalu Toffitt.

Little is known of the early life of Dr. Toffitt. The first records of
his activities place him in the city of Cauldron shortly before its
doom. Alchemists of Infamy describes him as being wracked by a
dread curse that filled his mind with bestial impulse—a form of
lycanthropy known to infect inhabitants of the Amedio Jungle.

One can only speculate as to the reason Dr. Toffitt refused divine
treatment for his curse, although he is said to have been wracked by
crises of faith.

Beloved, Lukhaj. I had hoped you would die in my arms. Instead you
died at my hand. Despite your many offerings to Olidammara and Rao,
the beast ate you from within, as it still threatens to consume me.
Your faith, my love, both too weak to save us.

A willowy man, to be sure. He has the look of elves in his features,
making it difficult to determine his age. Twenty? Fifty? When he
smiles, he is almost abnormally long in the tooth, and there is a hint
of the feral in his features.

His eyes unsettle. One is the color of leaves. The other is the pale
yellow of a panther, ready to spring.

His bearing shows him to be a man of letters. Which is to say, one who
must work for his station. His attire bespeaks a more rugged
lifestyle—well worn but fine traveling clothes, overlain with
protective leathers that bear a myriad of fanciful studs. At his waist
rests an ornate dueling blade. Small bottles peak out of a pouched belt, at
which also hangs a fine buckler.

Level 9:

Alchemist lvl 8
+7 HP
+1 BAB
+1 Fort
+1 Reflex
+1 2nd level extract
+1 3rd level extract
+6 poison & disease resistance
Feat: Power attack
Formula: Fly
Discovery: Preserve organs

+1 Acrobatics
+1 Knowledge Arcane
+1 Knowledge Nature
+2 Perception
+2 Sense Motive

Level 10:

Alchemist lvl 9
+7 HP
+1 Will
+1 1st level extract
+1 3rd level extract
+5d6 sneak attack
Formula: Awaken
Formula: Baleful Polymorph
Formula: Draconic Reservoir

+1 Acrobatics
+1 Diplomacy
+2 Knowledge Planes
+1 Knowledge Nature
+1 Perception
+1 Sense Motive

Level 11:

Alchemist lvl 10
+7 HP
+1 BAB
+1 Fort
+1 Reflex
DIsease and poison immunity
Extra discovery: mummification
Discovery: crippling strike
+1 4th level extract
Formula; Greater invisibility

+1 Acrobatics
+2 Bluff
+1 Diplomacy
+1 Knowledge Nature
+1 Perception
+1 Sense motive

Level 12:

Alchemist lvl 11

+1 Str
+7 HP
+1 BAB
Sneak attack 6d6
+1 3rd level extract
+1 4th level extract
Formula; Greater invisibility

+1 Acrobatics
+1 Diplomacy
+1 Knowledge Nature
+1 Perception
+1 Sense motive
+2 Survival

Level 13:

Alchemist lvl 12

+8 HP
+1 BAB
+1 Reflex
+1 Fort
+1 Will
Feat: Cleave
Discovery: Improved initiative
+1 2nd level extract
+1 4th level extract
Formula: Air walk (communal)

+1 Acrobatics
+1 Diplomacy
+1 Knowledge Nature
+1 Knowledge Geography
+1 Perception
+1 Sense motive
+1 Survival

Level 14:

Alchemist lvl 13

+7 HP
Sneak attack 7d6
+1 5th level extract
Formula; Delayed consumption

+1 Acrobatics
+2 Diplomacy
+1 Knowledge Dungeoneering
+1 Knowledge Nature
+1 Perception
+1 Sense motive

Level 15:

Alchemist lvl 14

+7 HP
+1 BAB
+1 Reflex
+1 Fort
+1 4th level extract
+1 5th level extract
Formula; Dust form
Feat: Extra discover (wings)
Discovery: Greater mutagen
Persistent mutagen

+1 Acrobatics
+1 Diplomacy
+1 Knowledge Nature
+1 Knowledge Engineering
+1 Perception
+1 Sense motive
+1 Survival

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