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Doc_Outlands's page

919 posts. 7 reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 1 alias.


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One of my favorites was Christopher West's "Guildsport" from Dungeon's "Maps of mystery." Itgot me hooked on his art-I-mean-maps. I plan on using it as a Sci-Fi frontier town.

Congrats to the 32+4!!

Name of the Rose would be an AMAZING adventure! That is the gold standard I hold my own investigation efforts up against!

Jacob Trier wrote:
Well, almost all of Paizo's official products, except the rules line, are set in Golarion, and the grand prize of the contest is a contract to write an adventure for the module line. Those have, without exception, been set in Golarion. So it really shouldn't come as a surprise that demonstrating knowledge of the official setting is a significant part of this contest.

All very good points, which I have a tendency to forget. *shrug* Means I'll have to learn more, faster.

And many thanks for the wiki link - I'm sure I will use it rather prodigiously over the next few days!

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Maybe by Tuesday I will have gotten some rest and be mentally more functional than I am today.

Of course, this is ASSUMING my [REDACTED] makes the Top 32 and I advance to the mapping round!

But I absolutely shall. I have confidence.

But DANG. Golarion? Really? Crud, I don't play in the default setting and don't have much in the way of resources to cover it. Oh, well ... I'll come up with something!

I think at least one of those has already been done...

Dear Mr. Still-not-my-friend-right-now,

When I saw you had given us THREE DAYS!!! for the map, I thought to myself, "Oh, just like a REAL writing gig..."

And since my entry has been spotted post-cull, I still hate you. Passionately. Because you are making me THINK. Making me UNCOMFORTABLE. "Everyone knows" you get all the time in the world to make Genius happen! These last-minute format changes and impossibly-tight timeframes for contest entries can't be realistic!

And if I get fired for working on my Round 2 entry on office-time, I'm moving in with your cat.

I'm going to advance to Round 2.
I'm going to obsess over the map entry.



3 people marked this as a favorite.

My voting was affected more by my multiple hats than by anything to do with the contest itself. Working 7 days a week. Trying to be a full-time dad and husband. Pushing a small handicraft hobby-business. Trying to move that business into a full-time gig. Trying to design 3d models for said business. Trying to follow the contest. Trying to plan new game-related writing projects.

I kinda forgot to vote regularly.

Brigg wrote:

My heart genuinely goes out to those whom did not survive the cull. Just remember:

If it is your dream to write and design for fantasy roleplaying, or to write and design for anything for that matter...

...your dream is to have your name on a front cover, with the confines of the book's bindings relentlessly teeming with the fruits of your labor and the shimmer of your creatuve prowess...

...or even if your dream is to be that guy behind the scenes that grins in satisfied modesty as hundreds, if not thousands, of people fervently discuss something of your design...

...mark my words:

Once you have that dream, nothing can stop you. So keep reaching for it, and let nothing hold you back. It takes a special bravery to put something you've created on display for the world to see. Be proud of yourself: you have taken a step that countless others fear and wouldn't dare.

This, utterly.

I saw an item in the competition very similar to one my gaming group collectively designed several years ago, but to my knowledge we never statted up. They leave their "great ideas" for me to beat into shape, so since I didn't like it, I never did it.

GM_Solspiral wrote:
Amazingly clever weapon nice job... I am Groot (only hint)

I loved that one!! I had the exact same reaction!

GM_Solspiral wrote:
I'm just short a walkie talkie item for my bingo card

I seriously considered - for a brief, fleeting moment - adding a walkie-talkie ability to my entry. Then I laughed hysterically at myself and said, "NO."

1 person marked this as a favorite.

The majority of what I'm seeing are solid concepts, definitely. Most of the issues I have are "needs a formatting pass," "missing a construction requirement that is otherwise called out in the description," "works better as a different type of item," or "has unneeded history attached." Quite a few could be tightened up with a rewrite for polish, also.

But overall - some very solid concepts in play! It's making me kinda nervous!

Oh - the comment wasn't strictly good or bad (some of both), but it referenced some of the same thoughts I'd had about my item in language fairly close to what I used myself.

...and it gave me an idea for at least one related follow-on item...

I'm with Jeff - just read at least one comment that I can see being totally about my item.

.....aaaaaaand there goes a fingernail!

2 people marked this as a favorite.
GM_Solspiral wrote:
Ok you're weird but I like you

Pretty sure my wife says that about me at least once a day...

I'm having more fun reading the snarky thread than I am voting, I think.

I keep seeing comments that could easily apply to my item. It makes me both elated and nervous at the same time. And I'd REALLY LOVE to ask questions ... but I must sit on those until after judging!! :D

I tried really hard to be sure my submission followed the template. I made use of the gracious offer by Template Fu *and* ran it past two other highly-knowledgeable people. I previewed it multiple times.

All this to say, the effort it took to actually follow the template was minimal compared to creating the item and it is ... vexing to me that SO MANY DIDN'T! I am very seriously tempted to downvote every item I see that is improperly formatted.

Yes, I am a curmudgeonly old fart. At a surprisingly young age.

Yes indeed - based on the voting pairs I have seen so far, I'm golden.

Is there like a "Cliff(side) Notes for Map-making?" I mean - mine look better in crayon, right. Yes, I've seen the "review past 'encounter with map entries'" advice. But I'm thinking ... in the last several years, someone has to have compiled a bullet-list of skills to make decent maps and pitfalls to avoid at all costs. Given my 14-hr-EVERY-DAY schedule, such a list would make sure I had a teensy shot at advancing, since I'd say I'm starting my map-skills from virtual scratch.

I am very interested in seeing such a staff, to the point I'm going to work on them. Pricing will get kinda dicey, I'm sure. We'll see.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

I do like my item. My pit-crew was merciless in reviewing it, exactly what I wanted/needed, until I turned in a solid entry.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Wait until you are about to upload your first product onto or or Paizo ... paranoia levels skyrocket...

...and I hear it doesn't necessarily get better after the 400th...


Owen K. C. Stephens wrote:
But no, there is no formal DQ notification process, at least in part because we're doing blind judging, and maybe a little because sadly that is also often part of the freelancing experience.

And there's the answer I was looking for - there is no formal notification process for DQ.

Anthony Adam wrote:
I get the feeling your worry is not any of those.


My widget is in the wind, now, and the voters shall have their way with it, regardless of my rational or irrational fears. It shall stand or fall on its own.

Or so I tell myself! ;)

I'm not worried about the *rules* for disqualification, as I compared my submission against them twice before hitting submit, and I assume my rather more-seasoned pit-crew did, as well. I'm interested in the *notification* of disqualification. Totally different animal. As such, Anthony's was the more useful answer. Long answer short - "you won't, really."

I asked, because I'd seen a few comments by submitters saying, effectively, "aaaaand, I'm DQ'd." I assumed there was an official channel by which submitters were notified if it was found they'd inadvertently breached the DQ-list and was interested in knowing what that was.

Nice list. :D

CalebTGordan wrote:
Also, second what others have said. You don't need to reach top 8, or 16, or 32 to get into writing. Using this an opportunity to make connections will move you further.

+1 I've already made some great contacts out of this!

(While this is my first time to actually enter, I've watched RPGSS with varying degrees of intensity since the very first one. I'm not an early adapter, what can I say. But I always knew I would enter.)

But there's the AFK E&E to soothe the commute home...

...and there's the bell...

If our item is DQ'd, how will we find out?

Andrew Black wrote:
I'd bet we will see at least one Captain America type shield.

I considered it, along with various magical firearms replicating Star Wars blasters...

...fortunately, I moved on quickly to better ideas.

First-timer. I blame Owen and his foul twist. That and my ideas for items are generally *not* Wondrous Items, so I was already "in the groove," as it were.

So - TAA-DAA!!

3 people marked this as a favorite.

My 9yo was designing a quiver last night... :D

Pricing is - based on what I have seen and heard and met head-on myself - part formula, part art, part guesswork, and part sheer audacious chicancery.

Orloff, I'd collect those, too ... but only after I glutted myself on SW. There are some *marvelous* Trek ship designs - I'm a fan of the Reliant and the "Federation tug" style, as well as the Cardassian ships, the Runabout, the Defiant, and whatever the Maquis ship from Voyager is called. Amongst others.

Then I would have them fight each other in mixed fleets...

...and it would be glorious!

Full-contact "Settlers of Catan" level "particularly interesting," I hear...


1 person marked this as a favorite.

I toyed with all the above, but with the Technology Guide now, opted not to. :D

Clay Clouser wrote:
My nightsbane quiver from last year for example could have been made into a bow with very minimal effort.

I get the impression that "industrial knock-offs" would be rather common in a fantasy setting - "I love that quiver, make me one!" "Hmm, I can't make wondrous items, but I *can* make a bow and make it do much the same thing." "But I like my bow..." "Give it, ya whiner..." :magicmagicmumbomagicjumbo: POOF! "Here, meet your bow, now known as Nightsbane, capable of everything that jerk's clever quiver design could do, but IN A BOW! HA!"

(Wizards ... oneupsmanship victims to a fault...)

Anthony Adam wrote:

That's an interesting idea there Nazard...

A fighter based staff with fighter based powers... very unique possibly?


But yeah - having submitted my item for this round, this intrigues me. I may have to chase this rabbit a bit...just to see what happens...

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Snorter wrote:
If the game were being built from scratch, and crowdforged among the player base, I'd be pushing for feats that followed function, not form.

You know you *could* write that up as a variant and submit it to a 3pp known to handle variant magic systems...


::makes note for PaizoCon 2015::


Don't mind me, dying over here in a puddle of sheer jealousy.

I need the X-wing game like ... um ... Okay, I *DON'T* need it but DANG!! I WANT.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Dear Owen,

I hate you.
You talked me into this by turning it on its head this year.
You convinced me I have a chance. So, I'm taking it.

And since I entered, I guess I really DO have more of a chance than I had before entering.

I still hate you. Kinda. Have a cookie.

(WHEW!! Realized I'd failed to send you hate-mail yet!! Had to fix that!)

2 people marked this as a favorite.

I have allowed a significant amount of time to pass before announcing - I have submitted my item. I refuse to fret, worry, stress, second-guess ... largely because, well, I have a day-job that eats 14+ hrs of my day and needs my attention. BUT! My item has in fact spawned a plethora of thematically-linked items in my mind that I may have to pursue professionally! So that means it is already a good item.

I do blame Owen for dragging me into this. Had he not gleefully announced the 11th-hour twist of item-types, I would have stayed away. But no - with the shift from Wondrous Items to "anything but a Wondrous Item" (not really, I know, but close enough), he convinced me that I was now on equal footing with people who had spent the year prepping a plethora of Wondrous Items to select from for this competition ... we would ALL be scrambling at the last second!

So ... I'm here and it is all Owen's fault. And my wife's, who has told me for years I should try. And my players, who have told me for years how awesome I make their game-sessions. And a pair of awesome gamers who acted as my pit-crew to help me refine and polish. And YOU! Random Pathfinder gamers who are going to eventually give me feedback on my item and help me get better!

This is all y'all's fault ... let the games commence!

Jacob W. Michaels wrote:
Doc: What if they're done with grit? Or luck? :)

Well-played, sir! Well-played! :D

Panache. A cliche done with panache feels new and entertaining.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Churchill carried a Mauser C-96 "Broomhandle" pistol in the Boer War. You know ... what they made Han Solo's blaster out of...

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