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Distant Scholar's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 641 posts (690 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 1 Pathfinder Society character. 3 aliases.


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LuniasM wrote:
The worst roll you could possibly get is all 1s. While that is nearly impossible, let's say that someone does get this result. At Level 14, this means you've rolled 14 1s.

Actually, the worst roll you could possibly get is all even numbers. That's an autofail.

Edit: Whoops, I'm wrong. I forgot about division. Still, I'm not convinced all 1s is the worst roll. Not that it makes much difference; the worst roll is still pretty good.

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Evil Midnight Lurker wrote:
But where's the Gonzo Journalist base class?

I was looking for the Gonzo the Great base class, myself.

Well, of course I outpost Kickstarter. Kickstarter hardly every posts here.

Oh, wait ...

Alzrius wrote:
Actually, psionics debuted in First Edition. It just didn't get its own book, being integrated into the PHB and DMG. You can even find entries for psionic abilities as a standard part of the stat block for 1E monsters.

Actually, psionics showed up in Eldritch Wizardry, the third supplement for the white box. And I'm not going to guarantee that's the first place they showed up, either.

James Jacobs wrote:
(see Iomedae's flaw about not having a lot of patience for rabble rousers [...])

We prefer the term "community organizers".

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This has been noted before. Personally, I'm hoping for an AP about it. (Now, where did I put those theses?)

Rogue Eidolon wrote:
Distant Scholar wrote:
Did the Sensei Monk archetype ever get updated so that it's actually possible to take it? (It gives up a bonus feat at a level where the monk doesn't get a bonus feat.)
If you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him.

Is this a "no"?

If both sides are measurably Good (that is, both sides register on a detect good spell), I imagine the two sides would be much more likely to use diplomacy and compromise than in our more nebulous world. But "much more likely" doesn't mean it'll never happen.

I think the next Pathfinder module is named Stalwart Bastards of Carrion.

Interjection Games wrote:


That math works if we disregard the possibility of getting two swaps to happen in one move from the sliding effect.

I forgot about the sliding thing. Whoops.

I like the disclaimer. Lots of good names in the credits, too.

[No, I haven't gotten very far into it yet. :-)]

If I'm understanding the rules correctly, I think I can prove it's impossible. (Edit: Then again, this is 6 a.m. math.)

[getting past the avatar picture]


  • Looking at the 1 and 2 entries:
    • Column 1 needs to have a net swap of one 2 for one 1, so column 1 must be used an odd number of times.
    • Column 2 needs to have a net swap of one 1 for one 2, so column 2 must be used an odd number of times.
  • Looking at the 3 entries:
    • Column 1 needs to not be used a multiple of 4 times (which is even).
    • Column 2 needs to not be used one more than a multiple of 4 times (which is odd).
  • Since column 1 needs to be used an odd number of times, and not used an even number of times, there must be an odd number of moves total.
  • Since column 2 needs to be used an odd number of times, and not used an odd number of times, there must be an even number of moves total.
  • Whoops.
  • Now that I've proven it to be impossible, someone will go ahead and do it. :-)

    Kryzbyn wrote:
    Is it pronounced DAY-gle or DIE!!-gle?

    Die, Glee!

    (I actually have no idea.)

    So you stuck with Alhandra, eh? I hope people don't get confused.

    Lyra Amary wrote:

    It's not that it's badwrongfun, but more that epic levels would be pointless.

    Paizo has already established the strongest power levels in the system. CR 26-30 is demigod power. Above CR 30 is deity power. Considering that level 20, 10 mythic tier characters can obliterate CR 30 monsters, which are on the cusp of god-hood, further increasing PC power levels would really just elevate them into a level where there is no challenge, because you can just blow away everything in your path, even gods.

    Considering that mythic level play sort of does that already, epic levels on top of that would only be increasing that problem.

    Only if you consider that a problem. Some people may want to play characters who can defeat the published gods. And "above CR 30" is a big range; I'd imagine some gods are more powerful than others. There may also be creatures (out in the vastness of the planes, perhaps) that are to gods as a t.rex is to us humans.

    If people enjoy that sort of thing, why call it "pointless" and a "problem"?

    Splode wrote:
    20th level is not enough for some players? The game is absolutely ludicrous at those levels. Add Mythic levels onto 20th level, and it gets ever worse. I guess there's never enough power creep for some folks.

    So, badwrongfun then?

    I'm not sure you're using "power creep" the way most people use it.

    Edit: Also, if you're into epic, I don't think you'll be creeping up to power, but grasping it with both hands!

    Little Red Goblin Games made Legendary Levels, but I'm not finding it on the site now. Maybe they're still working on the OGL issues they had?

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    Jeremy Smith wrote:
    Evil Midnight Lurker wrote:
    Is the su-monster included?
    The what now?

    Relevant thread is relevant.

    Edit: And I don't know why I keep posting about su-monsters. It's weird.

    1.01 cubic centimeters is 1010 cubic millimeters, not 10.1 cubic millimeters. A US quarter is less than 1.01 cc in volume.

    1 person marked this as a favorite.

    Huh. I've never run across anything like that, at least not any time recently. What's the last version you tried? (They're on 6.3.1 or .2 now.)

    Do you mean buggy, or slow? I haven't had any speed issues with it, myself, but I tend to only have one character open at a time.

    1 person marked this as a favorite.

    If you used PCGen long ago, it's much better now. It has most of the core hardbacks (not Bestiary 4 yet, I think), and many of the other books, as people write them up.

    Did the Sensei Monk archetype ever get updated so that it's actually possible to take it? (It gives up a bonus feat at a level where the monk doesn't get a bonus feat.)

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    Nakteo wrote:
    Yep, pretty sure Golarion mosquitoes are from the Worldwound. Or at least Hell. Since a relatively small swarm of them can outrun most medium-sized prey, and murder the hell out of said prey in a matter of under 30 seconds.


    ... Is that a SyFy movie?

    Oddly enough, the su-monster isn't in the XPH; the su-monster was skipped over for 3rd ed.

    The Dungeons & Dragons monster has a bit of history behind it.

    The succarath, sometimes called a su-monster, isn't much like the D&D version.

    Ah, yes, Tamamo no Moe, er, I mean Mae. Would be an interesting write-up.

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    "Still use" XP? You make it sound like getting rid of XP is a logical, natural extension of roleplaying, and that if one "still use[s]" it, one is an immature RPGer. I don't particularly like the implications in that statement.

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    thaX wrote:
    I want the Soul Knife class and Pyrokinetisist PrC, without the horrid Power Point (Mana) attatchment.

    But, neither the soulknife nor the pyrokineticist use power points in their class features. Can't you do that now?

    ericthecleric wrote:
    There must be a mathematical way to determine this.

    For full generality (and for more than just the mean), you'd want to use order statistics.

    Draco18s wrote:
    Thus giving the desired result.

    What's the desired result? Why is this the desired result? What are you trying to model here?

    If I'm understanding your notation and limitations (all numbers are either 1/X or x/1, with x and X positive rational numbers never less than 1), and using @ for your operator, and * for real-number multiplication:
    (3/1 @ 1/4) @ 2/1 = (12+1-1)/(2*1*4-1) @ 2/1 = 12/7 @ 2/1 = (12/7)/1 @ 2/1 = (12/7 + 2 - 1)/(2*1*1-1) = 19/7

    3/1 @ (1/4 @ 2/1) = 3/1 @ (1+8-1)/(2*1*4-1) = 3/1 @ 8/7 = 3/1 @ (8/7)/1 = (3 + 8/7 - 1)/(2*1*1-1) = 22/7
    Your @ operator isn't associative. Which is fine, if that's what you're going for.

    Thanks. That helps quite a bit.

    I think I heard somewhere that NeoExodus might be getting some sort of update/overhaul? Maybe some of this could be more prominent in the new product description.

    Milhar Korashi wrote:
    This fight is tough.

    Yes. Yes, it is.

    Inspired by a recent thread, I went looking at NeoExodus again. It's been in the back of my mind for a while, and there are parts of it that seem interesting. But, when I read the blurb for it on the online stores, I can't tell what the setting is about. Other than a few clues in the description, I don't know what makes it different from a standard fantasy setting.

    So, sell me on it. Tell me what makes NeoExodus special. Tell me what it will give me that no other setting will. Why do I want to buy it?

    Assuming it's not for identifying a magic item...

    Spellcraft:: 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (8) + 11 = 19

    Hmm. Predictable. Of course, there's not much I can do about it down here...

    If you go to the main messageboards page, click on the "My Campaigns" tab (near the top), and hide a thread there, does that remove you from that campaign?

    I didn't realize hiding campaign threads took you off the campaign.

    I was hoping for the flan familiar, myself.

    2 people marked this as a favorite.

    May I suggest you start a new thread entitled something like "Little Red Goblin is Back!"? It's probably better PR than bumping "Little Red Products Temp. Down" over and over again. :-)

    Oceanshieldwolf wrote:
    Christina Stiles wrote:
    Smoo979 wrote:
    Will there be a magic item section? Cauldrons and such.
    Yes, that is definitely in the plans. :)
    Yep. And legendary, run of the mill and deep dark athames/ritual witchknives...
    Carpe Jugulum, by Terry Pratchett wrote:
    "Any fool could be a witch with a runic knife, but it took skill to be one with an apple-corer."

    Milhar Korashi wrote:
    Milhar grabs a rope and heads for the lizards, he uses his innate agility and tries to head for the lizardfolk above on that ledge.

    Lizardfolk? Where?

    jimibones83 wrote:
    I gotcha, it has to work like this so people don't just edit their rolls over and over until they get one they like

    Now they can edit the order of their rolls to get the one they like. :-)

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    There is a psionic version of the adept, the augur. It's 3.5, but I don't think the NPC classes changed much from 3.5 to Pathfinder.

    I've had some recent good results with Dungeonographer for dungeon maps (actually a map of a mansion). There's also a Hexographer for wilderness maps, but it's hex-based and not freeform so much. I haven't used their Cityographer.

    You can use all those for free; there's a one-time charge if you want to buy it and get some more features.

    I used to use Campaign Cartographer for large-area maps, but then I switched to Linux. I wasn't ever any good at CC.

    1 person marked this as a favorite.

    One of the many campaign ideas I have has a spiritual system inspired by athroposophy[1].

    There are two superior beings. One is Lucifer, who embodies light, insight, and spirituality; and the other is Ahriman, who embodies darkness, intellectualism, and physicality.

    They're both evil. The good path is the path between them.

    [1] Actual anthroposophy is more complicated than this.

    williamoak wrote:

    So, I was watching Xena, warrior princess a while back, and one of the cooler things she did was take a swig of oil, spit it over her torch and basically create a cone of fire. I was thinking it might be cool to include that as a homebrew rule somehow. My question is how? One way would be a feat:

    Requirements: Con 16
    You can spit fire. While you hold a torch, you can, as a standard action, drink one unit of flamable liquid (a bottle of oil, a bottle of spirits). You can then spit it out into a 15-feet cone in front of you, doing 2d4 damage to all within the cone.

    Is this too much? Are such things too crazy? I just thought it was kinda cool, so I was wondering what others might think.

    It is kinda cool. It's also nearly equivalent to a 2nd-level wizard casting burning hands, if you add in a reflex save. And you can do it as often as you want until you run out of oil/booze/paint thinner. I think some sort of level-based requirement is in order: something like 3-5 ranks in Craft (alchemy)?

    Huh. I didn't know such a product existed. Now, where's my credit card ...

    Matt Thomason wrote:
    From a publisher POV, one of the biggest problems with making everything OGL is that before you know it, someone or other has published pretty much everything the average player needs from your entire product in their own product or website.

    Apart from near-comprehensive web sites like, has this happened? I don't recall seeing a product someone has physically published that does that, but I don't get out much. I don't recall any electronic product that's for sale that does that, either.

    Does ask permission from publishers before putting their stuff up? I know legally they don't have to. I know that the computer program PCGen asks publishers if it's OK to put stuff in their program, even though they may not legally need to.

    Monkeygod wrote:
    So basically this whole thread is some people are upset that Kobold Press has kept some of their licensed properties inaccessible to others, but only in regards to publishing said material themselves?

    Like I said in the thread title, I'm not upset; I'm disappointed.

    One of the main reasons I'm disappointed is that I really like the Words of Power system, but I think it needs improvement. Deep Magic expanded upon the Words of Power system, but made that expansion closed content. By making it closed content, other publishers may be more wary of publishing their own expansions, to avoid being accused of stealing Kobold Press' closed content, or having to re-invent the wheel, or the like.

    This affects my ability to enjoy Words of Power, even though I am a player and not a publisher.

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    Marc Radle wrote:
    I certainly respect your opinion, but I would point out that Deep Magic is a HUGE book and close to 300 pages of it ARE open content, compared to less than 76 pages which are not. That's a pretty big percentage of Deep Magic that is open content.

    Not compared to pretty much every other third-party publisher I can think of.

    If Paizo got the Order of the Stick avatars from Dragon magazine, then Redcloak might not be available. I don't think he showed up in Dragon magazine.

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    Apparently, 21.2 miles. Assuming you're on earth. And not looking at space.

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