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Distant Scholar's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 589 posts (620 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 1 Pathfinder Society character. 2 aliases.


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One of the more prominent third-party publishers (Frog God?) has a campaign setting that they're just getting around to publishing now. They've set various adventures and such in the setting without a full-blown campaign setting.

The lesson: If you publish good adventures, you can build up a reputation with them, and also tease info about your campaign setting, so that people will be a little bit familiar with it, but also wanting more.

[I don't know if this was that 3pp's strategy, but I think that's how it turned out.]

I was able to visit Noble Knight's actual store in Wisconsin when I was selling off a bunch of game stuff. They seemed like nice people, things went quickly, and again, the price was reasonable.

All the LRGG stuff got (temporarily) taken down; there're some OGL issues that need to be fixed.

Desidero wrote:
Squid Girl of Squid Girl: Half Squid Ranger 3 with Favoured Terrain: Beach and awful attribute scores across the board except for Charisma maybe.

I'd give her a pretty high Intelligence, especially considering how she learned Japanese (and math).

Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail: The closest I've gotten is an elan soulknife/aegis/metaforge. Still doesn't quite cover it.

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Wait ... I thought we already had these?


For me, the (x new) takes me to the post before the first new post in the thread.

What's up with the hoodies? Are they trying to be the Assassin's Creed guy?

Are you always throwing just one monster at a time at them? I'd suggest using at least two, otherwise the PCs will get too many actions compared to the number of actions the monster gets.

Bill Webb wrote:
My dungeons are not video games where you "clear levels".

That would drive my completionist/quasi-OCD side crazy. (Gotta catch 'em all!)

Apparently, a fatal computer crash. Fatal as in "Clockwork Gnome Press is going dark" fatal.

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Halflings are oviparous, like any other monotreme.

Elves have pouches.

Vardlon backs up out of the canoe and on to the shore, pulls out his two-handed elven curve blade, and hurls it at the nearest crocodile. The sword dances gracefully back to his hand.

Move action out of the canoe, Free action with move to ready sword; Standard action hand of the apprentice, targeting Croc1, presumably.

Hand of the Apprentice: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (10) + 8 = 181d10 + 2 ⇒ (4) + 2 = 6

The above assumes Point-Blank Shot works with Hand of the Apprentice, which I think it should.

Talon Shadowblade wrote:
of course, following Bikmalu boating order suggestion, Talon will wait here until you guys come back?

At least you're on the map. :-)

I can help row, if you like; I should be able to contribute, even if I don't have a weapon ready.

If we're headed in to the dangerous land of dangerous danger, Vardlon would have cast his mage armor spell. He's more of a ranged person than a melee person, so it's probably better to put him towards the back.

I don't have a complete write-up for him yet, and not all details are settled, but here goes:


Male Elf Wizard 3 / Fighter 1 (Wizard favored: to hp)
Str 10, Dex 19, Con 12, Int 16, Wis 10, Cha 10
AC 18 (22 with shield), hp 25 (assuming average)
* elven curve blade +7, 1d10 damage (+1 arcane strike, +3 bull's strength), 18-20/x2 crit
* longbow +7, 1d8 damage, 20/x3 crit

Abilities: Arcane Bond (ring), Hand of the Apprentice 6/day
Feats: Weapon Finesse, Scribe Scroll, Arcane Strike, Arcane Armor Training
Skills: Knowledge (arcana), Knowledge (history), Spellcraft, Linguistics, Perception
Languages: Elven, Common, Draconic, Celestial, Sylvan
Stuff: masterwork elven curve blade, masterwork longbow, mithral chain, rapier, 1000 gp in spells/potions/scrolls, 125 gp in misc. supplies
Spellbook: 0th: All; 1st: Shield*, Enlarge Person*, True Strike*, Color Spray, Ray of Enfeeblement, Magic Missile, Shocking Grasp, Feather Fall; 2nd: Blur*, Bull's Strength*

I'm interested, and I'm new to play-by-post here, so I apologize if I'm overstepping or not following protocol, or something.

My character idea is an eldritch knight (sort of an "old school elf"). I'd intend him to be more martial than wizard, although that can be adjusted, if necessary.

What sort of character creation guidelines should I aim for, if I get chosen?

I'm much the same way. If several people say positive things, and one person says a negative thing, my mind will focus on the negative thing, as though that one person must be correct, and the several others must be wrong.

No. Logical. Basis. I have to keep reminding myself of that. Sometimes, it even helps.

Umbral Reaver wrote:

So, I just got a strongly negative comment in my main thread. I couldn't make much sense of it, but it still hit me hard. I shouldn't respond so emotionally. It's just one comment and it doesn't even say anything useful but it makes me feel worthless.

Damn this depression! It makes me feel things that have no logical basis!

Does this mean he's the one I'm supposed to stick it to?

Edit: And now I can't find my glue. Great.

Hexographer can do what you want, if I'm understanding you correctly. Then again, I'm not all that familiar with the "features ... that are used in the Kingdom system", so I can't be sure it's exactly what you want.

By game mechanics, the second one doesn't seem more powerful to me than, say, flesh to stone. It takes a character out of the game permanently.

From a player's point of view, they may see it as their personal character getting defiled, so there may be more bad feelings than if the character were simply killed.

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Marthkus wrote:
Nicos wrote:

I am totally for changing snowball, not sure how that can be irrelevant. In the same token I am in favor of making golems inmune to snowball, acid arrows and and glitterdust.

It woudl be a good errata for those poor golems.

And that somehow makes martials more fun?

Yes. It would make them feel less irrelevant. If you don't see why, take a look at this video.

(Okay, this was mostly an excuse to post a link to the video. I'm kind of surprised no one's brought it up earlier.)

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Why wouldn't the fast dismount itself draw an AoO?

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Paizo's sister was mugged by a bear. Who was a monk. And probably used psionic power points.

Weirdo wrote:
Distant Scholar wrote:
A lot of times Evil is the fastest and most efficient way to do things. Is your neighbor's late-night guitar playing keeping you up? I'm sure an Evil solution would be the fastest and most efficient solution.
I am walking at home alone at night in a bad neighborhood and am accosted by someone who threatens to harm me. I have a gun and a can of pepper spray. Should I shoot, or try the pepper spray and hope it causes the assailant to back off?

I was unclear in my post; when I capitalize Evil, I'm referring to the in-game concept of Evil, not real-world evil. There are actions in the game world that are Evil that I would not consider evil in the real world, and actions in the real world that I consider evil that the game world does not consider Evil.

elijahmarcus wrote:
Why do all spells that cause pain have the [Evil] descriptor? Causing pain is one of the fastest and most effecient ways to avoid a confrontation.


The Empire Strikes Back wrote:

Luke: Vader... Is the dark side stronger?

Yoda: No, no, no. Quicker, easier, more seductive.

Causing pain intentionally, as the main goal, is Evil. A lot of times Evil is the fastest and most efficient way to do things. Is your neighbor's late-night guitar playing keeping you up? I'm sure an Evil solution would be the fastest and most efficient solution.

Also, I don't think I'd classify causing pain as avoiding a confrontation.

I'm not personally familiar with the mad dog barbarian archetype. According to, it's from Paizo's Animal Archive. It looks like someone's done a little bit of work on the book for PCGen, but not enough to make it into the full release, and not that particular archetype.

Edit: ninja'd.

The text ", or from the list of powers of your chosen discipline (if any). You cannot choose powers from disciplines other than your chosen discipline" doesn't appear in any of the three Dreamscarred Press published sources for the Vitalist. It appears that someone at d20pfsrd did a copy-and-paste from the psion and didn't edit it carefully enough.

The original sources stop at "from the vitalist power list."

William Bumgarner wrote:
I tried making the modification, Mr. Bender, but then I got an error whenever I tried to load PCGen [...] And does spacing on the tabbing matter?

It matters quite a bit.

Ray of Frost.MOD<tab>CLASSES:Witch=0

I'm guessing you have extra spaces or something in your line. There should be (at least) one tab between the .MOD and the CLASSES, and no spaces.

It doesn't matter which line it's on, as long as it's on its own line.

Ray of Frost already exists in the data as a spell, so you don't need to re-type all of that in. You just need to MODify it to add it to the Witch spell list.

There are lots of programs better than Notepad. :-) I currently use Notepad++ on my Windows machine when editing PCGen files. Good old Notepad works well for quick edits, though.

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You might as well link to Dawn of Worlds directly.

You want free reign?

Cute and Fuzzy (Cockfighting) Seizure Monsters was a supplement for 2nd edition BESM where the characters all had a pet monster, fully customizable by the player. (BESM is a point-buy based game, not a level based game.)

I think all the mechanics got transferred into BESM 3rd edition, but the original supplement has things like story hooks and campaign ideas that should be good for whatever game system you want to use.

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MichaelCullen wrote:
If the discounts stack, then they must be different types. ;)

I prefer to think of them as dodge bonuses for my wallet.

(For those having trouble, I suspect they might not be able to be resolved until Monday morning PST.)

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None. Show enough confidence in your products to fund their conversion yourself.

Thanks for the information, each! It sounds quite intriguing.

[And sorry for the delay.]

Looks like CalethosVB just missed out. I'll get these out to you soon, I think.

I own Campaign Cartographer (and used it, until I switched to Linux). It will do all of those things. It has something of a steep learning curve, though. I think there are some pretty good tutorials available online.

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I think I'll join in on the fun this year.

I'll be gifting six (6) copies of the Psionics Unleashed PDF. First come, first served, assuming I can figure out this "wish list" thing.

Note that I have an ulterior motive: I want more people to try out Dreamscarred Press psionics. So, no exchanges for Psionics Expanded, Psionics Augmented, or other products. :-)

For those who know: how much of this overlaps with Tome of Horrors Complete?

Matt Thomason wrote:
insaneogeddon wrote:
It was poor form of dreamscarred press to use the title 'ultimate psionics'. They lost me there! Pity as they have done a good job of sticking to the 3.5 psionics base.
While I admit I get a little turned off when I see "Ultimate" anything in a non-Paizo Pathfinder compatible product, due to feeling it's a cheap way to make a product appear more legitimate and associated with Paizo's own "Ultimate" range in people's minds rather than letting it stand on its own merits, I wouldn't go as far as to say "poor form".

Personally, I equate "Ultimate X" with HERO Games. I've heard people around here say they want an "Ultimate Skill", and I keep thinking, "There already is one of those."

TriOmegaZero wrote:
Harmonic convergence. The spirit of darkness is freed.

Quasi-Obscure Math Joke:

I keep waiting for the Alternating Harmonic Convergence. For, y'know, something that actually converges.

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Owen K. C. Stephens wrote:
This is, most likely, the VERY LAST 52% off Genius sale.

This got me to buy a bunch of stuff I'd been just thinking about. I hope you're happy with yourself; my wallet isn't.

Quintessentially Me wrote:
Actually I think it may be worse than master_marshmallow represents. If they accepted DSP psionics as "canon" and started building off of that, they become beholden to a 3PP's source material to define things that form a foundation for Paizo products.

I imagine that if Paizo used DSP psionics, they'd "take over" the system (preferably with money), so they'd be in charge.

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Makarion wrote:
It sounds like a full druid-level animal companion with full ranger Bab, plus bonus teamwork feats. I expect no spellcasting at all to be honest.

It seems odd to me that mixing a caster and another caster would lead to no spellcasting. Doesn't mean it won't happen.

Lakesidefantasy wrote:
I have a question for the statistically minded: Does limiting the range of results actually reduce the standard deviation?

Usually. It depends on the shape of the distribution as well.

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chopswil wrote:

Flea, Mammoth p. 99

stat block order: it's Feats then Skills not Skills then Feats as in stat block

Ninety-nine pages in, and there's only been at most three actual errors, with the rest being minor typo/formatting stuff? I think that's a record.

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JohnF wrote:
Lakesidefantasy wrote:
I would be interested in finding methods of rolling ability scores that narrow the standard deviation, thereby reducing the chance of such a wide disparity between player characters.

Oh, that's easy.

"Best 4 dice of 20d4" is going to have a very small standard deviation.
That doesn't mean it's a particularly good way of rolling characters.

Or you could go with 18d1. That would have a really tiny standard deviation.

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Tin Foil Yamakah wrote:
*Waits patiently for the get off my lawn joke*

Lawns? Bah. Back in my day, we didn't have lawns, and we liked it that way! You kids and your new-fangled lawns ...

Oceanshieldwolf wrote:
Distant Scholar wrote:
I don't know how well this Kickstarter's going to do. It's not even at 75% yet, and there are only 25 days left to go.
Umm. Is this really really dry sarcasm?

Possibly. It might be camp. I'm never quite sure what camp is, though.

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Wait ... someone releasing a new Pathfinder product without a Kickstarter? Is that even allowed any more?

A new spell level is stronger than any feat I can think of. This is roughly equivalent to "spellcasters get no feats" ('til late in the game).

I don't know how well this Kickstarter's going to do. It's not even at 75% yet, and there are only 25 days left to go.

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