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Dissinger's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 705 posts (718 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 3 Pathfinder Society characters. 1 alias.

Dark Archive

First off, I apologize in advance if I am not as...vigilant about answering things that crop up. I intend to try and be a sort of guy answering questions on the class I'm about to lay down. Following in the vein of the Gunslinger, the Ninja, and the Samurai, here is the Chaplain, and alternate Cavalier;


BAB: Full
Fortitude: Good
Reflex: Bad
Will: Good

1: Aura +1, Auras 2/day, 1st Aura, Devotion
2: Devotion Ability
3: Die Hard
4: Auras 3/day
5: Aura +2, Fiery Oratory
6: 2nd Aura
7: Auras 4/day
8: Devotion Ability
9: Litanies of Hate
10: Aura +3, Auras 5/day
11: Stalwart
12: 3rd Aura
13: Auras 6/day, Master Orator
14: Carry the Colors
15: Aura +4, Devotion Ability
16: Auras 7/day
17: Heroic Defiance
18: 4th Aura
19: Auras 8/day
20: Aura +5, Avatar

Role: Chaplains form an elite fighting force designed to function near the front lines of battle. If the Chaplain is not leading the charge into battle, he is directing the charge. His role on the field of battle makes it such that he often serves as an inspiring symbol on the battlefield, his firebrand oratory heartening his allies while hindering his foes. Chaplains are often the most charismatic members of their task forces for the fact that they often also serve in a spiritual role, guiding those about them as a shepherd leads the flock. Chaplain is an alternate class for the cavalier.

Alignment: Any
HitDice: d10

Class Skills: The following are class skills for the Chaplain; Climb (Str), Craft (Int), Diplomacy (Cha), Handle Animal (Cha), Knowledge (Religion), Perform (Cha), Profession (Wis), Ride (Dex), Sense Motive (Wis)
Skill Ranks per level: 4 + int modifier.

Class Features

The Following are class features of the Chaplain.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: A chaplain is proficient with all simple and martial weapons and with light armor, medium armor and shields. (Except for Tower Shields)

Auras (Su): Starting at first level the Chaplains presence on the battlefield presents a tangible aura of energy that inspires and bolsters allies while occasionally hindering and consuming enemies. These are represented in the auras a Chaplain can call upon when on the field of battle. Auras are always 30 foot range unless stated otherwise and activating an aura is a swift action. A Chaplain can change auras as a swift action, but this counts against the daily allotment of auras. Unless otherwise noted auras last only until the battle they are activated in ends (GM discretion) and affect only the Chaplain and those he considers an ally. These are considered sonic effects and are nullified if allies cannot hear the Chaplain. Only one Aura may be up at a time.

Starting at 1st level the bonus these auras grant is a +1, at 5th level and every five levels thereafter this Aura Bonus increases by a further +1.

These auras can be used twice at first level and for every three levels thereafter gains another use of auras. At first level a Chaplain manifests their first aura, at 6th level and every six levels thereafter the Chaplain learns another aura from the following list;

Battle: By shouting words of both encouragement to allies and hate filled vitriol at the enemy a Chaplain creates a dominating presence on the battle field. Add the Chaplain's aura bonus to all Attack, Damage, and Save rolls made by allies. Allies must be able to hear the Chaplain in order to benefit from this aura.

Vigor: The Chaplain calls upon his allies to greater haste and creates a sense of urgency in allies. For cha modifier + aura bonus rounds all allies are under the benefits of a haste spell. The Chaplain must be fifth level before he may select this aura. Allies must start their turn within the aura's sphere of influence in order to gain the benefits of this aura. If an ally moves beyond the range of this aura they retain the benefits until their turn ends.

Resilience: Allies gain DR /- equal to the Chaplain's charisma modifier that stacks with other such abilities. (Such as Barbarian Damage Reduction)

Awareness: Allies gain the aura bonus to Perception, Survival, and Initiative Checks. This aura lasts for one check per charisma modifier. (Minimum 1)

Resolve: Allies gain the aura bonus to Concentration Checks and Saves versus Fear, Sleep, and Paralysis.

Spite: Allies gain the aura bonus to caster level checks to overcome SR.

Devotion(ex): At first level a chaplain chooses a devotion that defines how he goes about the battlefield. These devotions grant a bonus feat at first level and abilities at 2nd 8th and 15th level. These Devotions are detailed at the bottom of this page for ease of reference.

Die Hard(ex): At 3rd level the Chaplain gains Die Hard as a bonus feat, even if he does not meet the prerequisites for this feat.

Fiery Oratory(ex): At 5th level the Chaplain learns to draw out the hidden wellspring of stamina and vigor even his flock did not know existed. once per day as a standard action the chaplain may begin a fiery oratory designed to renew the spirit of his comrades and help them renew the fight against the enemy. The Chaplain and Allies within 30 feet of the Chaplain gain temporary hit points equal to your Chaplain levels. If they are below half their maximum hit points the number of temporary hit points doubles. At 14th level a chaplain gains a second use of this ability, and at 20th level he can preform this deed a third time.

Litanies of Hate(ex): At 9th level a Chaplain learns that even the strongest of warriors can fail. In channeling and directing their hatred he creates a warrior that will not give up simply because his first attempt failed. Whipping his flock into a frenzy the Chaplain leads the charge using a curt phrase or stern admonishment to cause his allies to fight on with greater fervor. A number of times equal to your charisma modifier each day, a chaplain can, as an immediate action, allow one ally within 30 feet to re-roll a single failed attack roll. You must take the second result, even if it's worse than the first, and you may not use any other ability that grants re-rolls to roll the dice a third time. The ally is so consumed by rage and hate that they are unable to reason until they have ended the attack.

Stalwart(ex): At 11th level the Chaplain learns to use his hate and fury to focus his mind and cleanse his body of sinister magics. Anytime the Chaplain succeeds on a Fortitude or Will save that has a lesser effect upon success (such as disintegrate) they instead suffer no ill effects. If they fail they still suffer the full effects of such spells.

Master Orator(ex): At 13th Level a Chaplain doubles the temporary hit points gained through the use of Fiery Oratory.

Carry the Colors(ex): At 14th level the Chaplain is granted the ability to carry the colors of their organization. Such an honor is not without it's burdens as the chaplain must protect the colors they bear to battle as dearly as their own life. A chaplain that represents an organization may receive a standard from their superiors or if they belong to no organization create their own battle standard by spending 1,000 GP on materials. The standard may be born to battle, taking up one free hand to do so. As a standard action a Chaplain can plant the colors, granting all allies with line of site to the standard the Die Hard feat, even if they do not meet the prerequisites. The chaplain has decided this is where he shall make his stand, and this is where he shall die if fate should decide it.

An enemy may attempt to spend time pulling the standard out of the ground and throwing it to the floor. This is a standard action that provokes an attack of opportunity. If the Chaplain (and only the Chaplain) connects with an Attack of Opportunity, this defeats the attempt to lower the standard.

Heroic Defiance(ex): At 17th level, Chaplains gain Heroic Defiance as a bonus feat, even if they do not qualify for it. (See the Advanced player's Guide for information on this feat.)

Avatar(Su): At 20th Level the Chaplain has become his organization incarnate. Taking the teachings he has devoted his life to, it has allowed his to transcend normal mortal flesh and to ward off the effects of even the most devastating magics. The Chaplain is immune to Death Effects and Aging effects. When the Chaplain has reached the end of his life, he still dies, he merely does not experience the downsides of aging. (He does experience the positive effects) His devotion also grants him an ability that recreates him as the crowning pinnacle of his devotions.

Chaplain Devotions

Chaplains devote their entire lives to a cause, never once questioning their faith. While others may have petty things such as doubt, the Chaplain knows that to wander from the path is to invite destruction. A Chaplains devotion cannot be changed, and if the chaplain suffers from a lack of faith, he may lose access to his devotion's abilities until such time as the spark is rekindled.

War Devotion

Chaplains or the War Devotion gain Knowledge (History)(Int) and Perception(Wis) as class skills.

Bonus Feat:(ex) At 1st level Chaplains gain Heavy Armor Proficiency as a bonus feat.

Chosen of War:(ex) At 2nd Level a Chaplain of War may spend a standard action to allow an ally to attack a target next to them. The ally must spend their immediate action to do so, but the opponent is considered flat-footed as the Chaplain shouts down the enemy, creating a small opening in the enemy's defenses. Allies must be able to hear the Chaplain to benefit from this ability.

Champion of War:(ex) At 8th Level the Chaplain learns tactical precision needed in the chaos of war. By spending a standard action the Chaplain grants the use of a single Teamwork Feat to his allies for Charisma Modifier rounds per day. As a free action on your turn you may instead of spending a round of duration end the effect. These rounds need not be consecutive, and each activation of this ability allows you to select a new Teamwork Feat. Allies must be able to hear the Chaplain to benefit from this ability.

Herald of War:(ex) At 15th Level the Chaplain learns to lead the charge into the throngs of the enemy. Once per day by spending a full round action the Chaplain calls the charge and invites other allies to join in. If an ally spends an immediate action, they can join the charge so long as they can make a legal charge to the enemy. Once this is accomplished resolve the charges as normal, and all allies gain your Charisma modifier as a morale bonus to the damage dealt. Allies must be able to hear the Chaplain to join the charge.

Avatar of War:(ex) At 20th level as Chaplain of War has seen everything war has to offer, and still cannot get enough. A chaplain of War is considered proficient with every weapon in existence, and even improvised weaponry. Nothing in his hands could be considered a nonlethal weapon, and his expertise is such, that they become Immune to Disarm attempts as well. All critical threats automatically confirm.

Pestilence Devotion

Chaplains of the Pestilence Devotion add Knowledge (Dungeoneering)(Int) and Heal(Wis) to their class skills list.

Bonus Feat: (ex) At 1st level Chaplains of Pestilence devotion gain Intimidating Prowess as a bonus feat.

Chosen of Pestilence: (su) At 2nd level Chaplains of Pestilence are immune to the ravages of nature, and even those of magic. They gain Immunity to disease.

Champion of Pestilence: (su) At 8th level a Chaplain of pestilence exudes an aura of foul disease. This aura is separate from the auras a chaplain has access to and does not count against the one aura limit at a time. This aura affects friend and foe equally, and were it not for the immunity to disease a Chaplain of Pestilence enjoys, they too would be more prone to illness.

Infectious Aura - Creatures within infectious aura suffer a penalty to fortitude saves versus disease equal to your aura bonus.

Herald of Pestilence: (su) At 15th level a Chaplain of Pestilence is further blessed, learning how to bring about pestilence in his foes. Choose a disease, this choice cannot be later changed, when you strike your opponent with a melee weapon you expose him to this illness. Additionally for every strike that hits that turn, the DC of the Fortitude save to resist increases by 2, and culminates in one fortitude save taken at the end of your turn. At the end of your turn, this bonus to the save DC resets.

Avatar of Pestilence: (su) At 20th Level a Chaplain of Pestilence creates an aura of infection about him. This speeds up the process of disease and those struck by the Chaplains Herald of Pestilence ability find the disease strikes much faster. Incubation times from your Herald of Pestilence strikes are reduced to 1 round, and each round you may change the disease you inflict upon your target.

Famine Devotion

Chaplains of the Famine Devotion gain Knowledge (Nature)(Int) and Survival(Wis) as class skills.

Bonus Feat: (ex) At 1st level Chaplains of the Famine Devotion gain Endurance as a bonus feat.

Chosen of Famine: (su) At 2nd level Chaplains of Famine find that their need to eat has been entirely removed, and that less sleep sustains them. Chaplains of Famine need not eat, and only require 2 hours of sleep each night rather than the full 8 hours of rest.

Champion of Famine: (su) At 8th level Chaplains of Famine gain the Consumptive Aura. This aura is added to the list of Auras a Chaplain may manifest, and follows all rules for auras. (Except for the exceptions noted in its entry.)

Consumptive Aura - A Chaplain of Famine may create a consumptive aura in a 20 ft. burst centered on him. Any creature that begins its round in the consumptive aura must make a fortitude save (DC 10 + 1/2 chaplain levels + Charisma Modifier) or suffer 1d6 nonlethal damage and fatigue from extreme hunger. This Aura lasts 3 rounds before dying out. Creatures immune to starvation are immune to this aura's effects.

Herald of Famine: (ex) You gain the Rogue Trick Crippling Strike, and may make use of this trick in any circumstance that sneak attack damage would apply.

Avatar of Famine: (su) When using the Herald of Famine's ability, you may target any ability score, not just strength.

Death Devotion

Chaplains of the Death Devotion add Knowledge (The Planes)(Int) and Heal(Wis) to their list of class skills.

Bonus Feat: (ex) At 1st level Chaplains of Death gain Toughness as a bonus Feat.

Chosen of Death: (su) At 2nd Level a Chaplain of Death is under the effects of a Deathwatch spell permanently, the effective caster level is equal to the Chaplain's level.

Champion of Death: (su) At 8th Level the Chaplain gains the Gaze of the Grave. Activating the Gaze of the Grave is a swift action, and the Chaplain may use this gaze attack For charisma modifier rounds a day. These rounds need not be consecutive. Ending the gaze is a free action at the start of the turn.

Gaze of the Grave - Cower d2 rounds, 30 ft, Will DC 10 + 1/2 Chaplain Levels + Cha mod. Mind Affecting, Fear, Supernatural

Herald of Death: (su) You are under the effects of a permanent Death Ward. Additionally, 1/day you may channel slay living through your weapon as a full round action that does not provoke. The Save DC is based off your charisma, and the caster level is based off your Chaplain Level.

Avatar of Death: (su) You have ascended beyond the petty concerns of the flesh. You are immune to ability damage and drain, and are immortal.

Heroes Devotion

Chaplains with the Heroes Devotion add Knowledge (History)(Int) and Acrobatics(Dex) to their class skills.

Bonus Feat: (ex) Heroic Chaplains gain Iron Will as a bonus feat.

Hero of Fate: (ex) At 2nd Level Heroic Chaplains know that there is nothing to fear, and therefore fear nothing. Heroic Chaplains are Immune to Fear Effects.

Hero of Time: (su) At 8th level Heroic Chaplains can attempt to save others through their sheer determination. When a Saving effect includes the Chaplain in its area of effect, a Chaplain may spend an Immediate action to grant allies to choose between taking his save, or their own. This choice must be made before they roll, they cannot change their mind after wards. They may use this ability Charisma Times per day.

Hero of Destiny: (su) At 15th Level when Planting the Banner, you cannot die from hit point damage. So long as the battle continues any hit point damage is still kept track of, but is ignored for the purposes of staggering or incapacitating you. So long as your standard remains up, this effect continues, or until the battle is over, whichever occurs first.

Hero of Legend: (ex) At 20th Level when Planting the Banner you may as an immediate action make use of the Step Up and Strike feat in reaction to anyone attempting to attack an ally, or knock over the standard. This counts for the Chaplains ability to foil attempts to lower the standard.

Noble Devotion

Chaplains with the Noble Devotion gain Knowledge (Nobility)(Int) and Bluff(Cha) as class skills.

Bonus Feat: (ex) At 1st level Noble Chaplains gain Mounted Combat as a bonus feat.

Noble Scion: (su) At 2nd Level Noble Chaplains gain the Cavalier's Mount special feature.

Noble Paragon: (ex) At 8th Level a Noble Chaplain gains Leadership as a bonus feat.

Noble Exemplar: (ex) At 15th level a Noble Champion may make a noble sacrifice once per day. When an adjacent ally would be the target of a spell or attack that requires an attack roll or CMB check, you may switch places with them, and suffer the effects of the attack or spell. You may declare this after the hit, but before the damage or effects are resolved. This is a free action.

Noble Avatar: (ex) Noble Chaplains know that their cause is true and that their faith is infallible. You gain Immunity to fear effects and in addition, never fail a save on a roll of a 1. If you fail to meet the save DC you still suffer the ill effects, but a roll of a 1 is no longer automatic failure.


Ex-Chaplains are the bane of existence. When someone so devout falls, it invariably corrupts them against their former devotions. However, some Chaplains return to their devotions after a time, the disillusionment being seen as nothing more than a test. A Chaplain that breaks from their devotions in a rather flagrant way loses access to their Auras, Fiery Oratory, Litanies of Hate, Carry the Colors, and Avatar abilities. Further their devotions cease to empower them as they used to, and so they only retain the class skills and bonus feat of their devotions. If they atone for their loss of faith and go an entire month devoting themselves to their old cause, they may regain their lost powers. This use of attonement does not require a quest.

Dark Archive

But is there any official word on if Clerics are the only ones to get the sub-domains? I mean I, perhaps hastily, assume that anyone with access to domains can take them, am I right?

Dark Archive

But when I was looking over the Inquisitor (Thinking of pulling one together to get a feel for the building of one.) I noticed under True Judgment it mentions that while it eliminates the bonuses of all your judgments, that the Slaying Judgment doesn't get reduced.

Is this supposed to reference the Smiting Judgment, or was the Slaying Judgment removed and this is now a bit of dead text?

Dark Archive

My party just hit endless night, where they get to explore the drow city a bit, and find out things. Being that I created this kind of off the cuff, I realized that perhaps other players wanted to do the same thing. Let me set things up...

The party cavalier (Elf) goes looking about the city before he comes across a performance artist basically advertising the arena/galleria. Going there he encounters the first Irnakurse the party gets to see, and finds out about what flesh warping really is. Of course, being an elf and seeing the Inrakurse he decides he has to put those elves out of their misery, but finds out that a few elves had been sitting in the flesh pits waiting to become more irnakurse.

So of any cavalier elf, he decides he has to free his fellow elves.

I also pretty much figured out that since Breathless is displaying her art, that she was the ones morphing the elves, and rather than drag the entire thing out, I decided to make a mini dungeon that allows the party to basically run at the flesh pits and free these two elves, and get a shot at taking out Breathless, if they're smart about it.

That of course lead to me statting up Breathless and I decided to share her with you guys, and see if the stats are off.

CE Medium Humanoid
Female Noble Drow Bard 8/Rogue 4
Initiative: + 4 (4 dex)
Senses: Darkvision 120 ft. Detect Magic, Perception +17
¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬_____________________________________________________________ ___________
AC: 21 (10 + 4 Dex + 6 Armor + 1 Dodge)
Touch: 15 (10 + 4 Dex + 1 Dodge)
Flat-footed: 16 (10 + 6 Armor)
HP: 96 (12d8 + 0 con)
Fort: +4 (+2 Bard 8 +0 Con + 1 rogue 4 +1 Resistance)
Reflex: +15 (+6 Bard 8 +4 Dex + 4 Rogue 4 +1 Resistance)
Will: +8 (+6 Bard 8 + 0 Wis + 1 Rogue 4 +1 Resistance)
Defensive Abilities: +2 vs. Enchantment, +4 vs. Bardic Music, Sonic effects, and Language Dependant Effects, Uncanny Dodge, Evasion
Immunities: Sleep
CMD: 26 (10 + 12 BAB + 4 Dex + 0 Str)
SR: 23 (11 + 12 character levels)


Speed: 30 feet (6 squares)
Melee: +13/+8 +1 Elfbane Rapier (1d6+1) 15-20 Crit
Ranged: +13/+8 Hand Crossbow
Special Attacks:

Str: 10 (+0) Dex: 18 (+4) Con: 10 (+0) Int: 15 (+2) Wis: 10 (+0) Cha: 22 (+6)

BAB: +9/+4 (+3 Rogue + 6 Bard)
CMB: +9 (+9 BAB)
Feats: Weapon Finesse, Dodge, Brew Potions(1), Eschew Materials(3), Combat Casting(5), Defensive Combat training(7), Mobility(9), Improved Critical (Rapier)(11)
Skills: Appraise + 17, Knowledge (Nobility and Royalty) +21, Knowledge (Local) + 21, Bluff +17, Perform (Oratory) + 20, Craft (Alchemy) +17, Spellcraft +17, Perception +17, Sleight of Hand +11, Stealth +11
SQ: Poison Use
Bardic Music as a move action 23 rounds a day
Bardic Knowledge +4 (Bonus to knowledge checks, may make them untrained)
Lore Master 1/day
Sneak Attack + 2d6
Trap Sense +1 (Bonus to reflex saves and AC against traps)
Find Traps +2 (Bonus to perception checks to find traps)
Finesse Rogue – As Weapon Finesse Feat.
Combat Trick – Bonus Combat Feat (took dodge)
Combat Gear: +2 Mithral Chain Shirt, +1 Elf Bane Rapier, Potion of Heroism, Cloak of resistance +1
Other Gear: Headband of Charisma +2

Spell Like Abilities: (CL 12)

At Will: Dancing Lights, Deeper Darkness, Faerie Fire, Feather Fall, Levitate
1/day: Divine Favor, Dispel Magic, Suggestion (DC 19)

Spells: (CL 8)

0 Level Spells (6 known / At Will) – Lullaby (DC 16), Mage Hand, Open/Close, Read Magic, Message, Prestidigitation
1st Level spells (5 Known / 6 a day) – Hideous Laughter (DC 17), Silent Image (DC 17), Ventriloquism, Grease (DC 17), Cure Light Wounds
2nd Level Spells (4 Known / 5 a day) – Heroism, Cure Moderate Wounds, Invisibility, Mirror Image
3rd Level Spells (3 Known / 3 a day) – Good Hope, Haste, Confusion (DC 19)

Bardic Music Known (23 Rounds a day) – Countersong, Distraction, Fascinate (DC 20), Inspire Courage +2, Inspire Competence + 3, Suggestion (DC 19), Dirge of Doom

Dark Archive

So, I'm working on a campaign and in the world I have people who by hook or by crook get possessed by demons. Fair enough it happens, and if the possession isn't necessarily a mutual exchange the normal rules for possession in Hordes of the Abyss work great.

What I'm looking at is something more, symbiotic. I'm not looking for a prestige class that deals in demonic possession, but perhaps feats that you can choose to take. The idea is that some kind of deal could be worked out, where the demon and the possessed work out an agreement. The demon begins to gift some of its powers to the mortal, and the mortal does things occasionally for the demon. High role play opportunity, with the gift of a feat chain they can take.

This is where you guys come in. I've been doing 3.5 for over five years but my grasp of overpowered/underpowered isn't quite there yet.

I'm looking for a chain of feats that allow you to slowly take certain features from the demon. The idea being not unlike that of the exalted feats (without going as crazy as vow of poverty, nor as underwhelming as the abyssal heritor feats), with an introductory feat, and feats you can grab every so often.

Dark Archive

So, we had a situation where our players were stuck with using spell like abilities in combat, and they were threatened by a menacing otyugh. The problem wasn't that, we were more than certain they provoked and we didn't know if it disrupted, so we just assumed it didn't and moved on.

I now know that was wrong, but that's not the problem...

The PROBLEM, is that those spell like abilities that domain powers and wizard schools get, don't list a spell level. SO how do you determine the DC for the check on a disruption roll?

Is it spell level 1 or 0?

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