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DirkTyrant's page

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sortof what I said...

anyway... just to add to the original question: MMissle also gets better as your character progresses in levels. Ray of Frost doesn't ever get better... unless you Maximize or Empower it (perish the thought).

the easiest way to "set-off" an explosive trap is with the Open/Close cantrip on a door.... so, you can be away from the trap when it goes off.

any spell that says "ranged touch attack" or "touch attack" means you have to roll to hit with the spell. Likewise... Rays.

Just be advised that these spells are targeted against an AC with no armor - so, hitting is usually easier.

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Our house rules:

1) we don't keep up with arrow/bullet supplies
2) we don't keep up with spell components
3) we don't waste time trudging thru the countryside... we just call "cut" and advance the scene to some time later (unless a wandering monster appears)
4)when a PC is dying... he need only roll under his con stat on a percentile roll (rather than 10 for everyone)
6) whoever kills a monster(the last hp)... gets a Headhunter bonus xp of 10% of the full monster.
7) we don't allow mixed evil/good alignments in a party
8) the Host doesn't have to buy the snacks
9) No DM running PCs when players are absent
10) No NPCs can be party members
11) No "teleporting" to loot (guys that miraculously appear at every chest - even though their character was not near there just moments before)
12) Leave your character sheet with the DM after every session - so... if you are absent - someone can play your character.
13) no stealing from other party members
14) if you are getting bored with the DM's campaign... your character is allowed to go out in the forest and "bang pots together" (which hopefully attracts some monsters to kill)
15) we don't keep up with rations.... or ANYTHING else that slows the game down...

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hahahahaha much better to spend 600,000 plat on mechanical horses for the whole party (rather than a 30gp wagon) hahahahaha or even 2 gazillion plat on flying carpets for everyone!! wheeeeee!!!!! and beg the DM for favors beyond your current capacity... just to avoid having to THINK about using a wagon! Geeze, it's a wonder these folks ever got out of the Dark Ages... :) Most lvl5 parties aren't really ready for a full-on cavalry charge.... not everyone can put skill points in ride. Besides... wizards do not really want to charge into combat on horseback.


I have also re-thought about spider webs - they have the advantage of being quite fragile... so, if they disappear when touched... it wouldn't be unusual. Plus, everyone KNOWS there must be spiders around if there are webs... and, again, possibly waste time searching.

Thx for the suggestions.

I have thought of one more clever image - a gargoyle (since they are commonly know to adopt "statue" form) ... your image...might be thought more dangerous than other statues.

pour sugared water all around their camp... it'll attract ANTS... and no one enjoys living near those buggars. Also... leave raw meat around their camp... it attracts scavengers.

Put up a quarantine sign near their water supply.

Hire beggars to visit them.

Steal a bear cub... and tie it up near their camp... hopefully mama will want revenge.

Post notices in town of a Big Prayer Meeting... with the location of the bandit camp.


guys, guys.... you are WAY off base. The solution is quite simple and cheap - a wagon...

You summon ONE mount... hitch it to a wagon... everyone rides in the wagon. The wagon has the added benefit of Sides... which convey Cover in combat.

Clearly, mounted combat for the whole party is already a problem... just get a wagon, dude.

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I have seen these threads before and usually get disappointed... when guys list grossly elaborate combination of illusions... illusions upon illusions... pit traps over pit traps, etc., etc... that are WAY too complicated to get off at early levels... so, I am suggesting a few more simple uses... based on the Player being clever... and not conjuring up a relative circus:

1) a fake rock(or brick) wall - this is the most common... because in dungeons... walls are common... and seeing yet another one gives no cause for suspicion. An oldie, but a goodie. Same for Trees in a forest situation, thorn bushes, or spider webs(pre-supposes that there are spiders hidden)...maybe boulders in others. Although, a boulder at the top of a cliff... only requires the caster to point a quarterstaff at it's base and then threaten to Roll it off the cliff upon an enemy.

2) a skunk - humanoids are pre-conditioned to pause/panic at the sight of a skunk... and NOT GO NEAR it... consequently... no saving throw... and a delay for the bad guys. A porcupine might also work.

3) a shark fin - not a whole shark (not needed)... and when it disappears shortly after... what do people think? That's right - that it went UNDERWATER. So, you don't need to concentrate very long to sustain the illusion of danger. this trick also works with...

4) Pseudodragon - it is small... and more importantly... it can cast INVISABILITY... so, when it disappears moments later... the badguys think it is STILL THERE, but invisable... and continue to look for it.

5) stone statues - this works best in front of a dark cave mouth. Better still... use Dancing lights to make two Red Eyes... staring out from within the cave.... NOW, you have an illusionary Basilisk!! Run! Run away!

6) balista - for a pirate campaign on board ship. Fake balistas with real men with flaming torches ready to light them... just might garner the surrender of a whole ship. and again... because you are away from the target... they can't touch it, nor would they have cause - so, no save.

7) fake powder keg - works better if you purchase long, real fuses and light them. Who would ever run up to them... just to CHECK to see if they are real? Humanoids are pre-disposed to run away.

These are all VERY simple... and take advantage of psychology to make them work... not elaborate set-ups. Can YOU think of any?

You didn't mention the character's Dex. With Throwing being a Ranged attk... he won't hit unless you have a high Dex. I suppose there is a Feat... like... Brutal Throw? that uses Str to hit with... but it was not included in your list of Feats. Also... no mention of a "returning" axe. By level 8... you should have one of those.

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