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Barzillai Thrune

Dieter Stolzdorf's page

365 posts. Alias of Tanner Nielsen.

Since an awesome blow combat maneuver is separate from a bull rush combat maneuver, it does not benefit from the bonuses provided by Improved Bull Rush (prerequisite) or Greater Bull Rush. Nor, it would seem, does an awesome blow combat maneuver benefit from any racial or trait bonuses to a bull rush. But it is a combat maneuver, so shouldn't it have 'Improved' and 'Greater' feats associated with it? I've tried my hand at searching, but is there such a thing as Improved Awesome Blow or Greater Awesome Blow?

I am currently playing a Swashbuckler from the Advanced Class Guide beta. A question was raised after I declared the Total Defense action, and whether or not I could activate Opportune Parry and Riposte if I was attacked. Here is a summary of what we discussed so far.

- When you take the Total Defense action, you no longer threaten adjacent squares, which is a prerequisite of an attack of opportunity.
- However, the class ability states that it expends a use of an attack of opportunity, not that OPaR is an AoO itself.
- I believe its purpose is to limited the number of OPaRs that can be made in a round. Just as I can only make a number of AoOs in a round equal to my Dex modifier, I can only make a number of OPaRs in a round equal to my Dex modifier, regardless of the number of panache points I have (the ACG notes that grit feats apply to panache, so I could take Extra Grit (Panache) and have panache points exceeding my Dex modifier).
- Also, the Bodyguard feat likewise allows the expenditure of an AoO without actually making an AoO, or even being eligible for an AoO due to distance.

So for both Opportune Parry and Riposte and the Bodyguard feat, do you have to satisfy the requirements of making an AoO in order to expend an AoO?

For reference:
Opportune Parry and Riposte (Ex): At 1st level, when an opponent makes a melee attack against the swashbuckler, he can spend 1 panache point and can expend a use of an attack of opportunity to attempt to parry that attack. The swashbuckler makes an attack roll as if he were making an attack of opportunity. If his attack roll is greater than the roll of the attacking creature, the attack automatically misses. For each size category the attacking creature is larger than the swashbuckler, the swashbuckler takes a –2 penalty on his attack roll. The swashbuckler must declare the use of this ability after the creature’s attack is announced, but before that attack roll is made. Immediately after a swashbuckler performs a successful parry, as long as he has 1 panache point he can make an attack as an immediate action against the creature whose attack he blocked, provided that creature is within her reach.


1. An inquisitor with the conversion inquisition uses his Wisdom modifier for Bluff, Diplomacy, and Intimidate checks.

2. The ruler of a nation in Kingmaker uses their Charisma modifier for bonuses to various rolls.

Would it be reasonable to allow the above-mentioned inquisitor to use Wisdom instead of Charisma for the ruler bonuses?

And if this has been answered before, my apologies in advance.

I have a question regarding this archetype ability:
Holy Shield (Su)

At 4th level, a sacred shield can channel her faith into her shield, protecting any nearby allies. All allies adjacent to the paladin gain a shield bonus equal to the sacred shield’s own shield bonus, including any increase from the shield’s enhancement bonus. This bonus does not stack with any existing shield bonuses. The paladin herself radiates light as a light spell while the shielding is active.

At 11th level, this protection expands to cover any allies within 10 feet and the radiance increases to the effects of a daylight spell.

At 20th level, any allies within 20 feet are protected. Using this ability consumes two uses of the sacred shield’s lay on hands ability, and the effects last for 3 rounds plus a number of rounds equal to her Charisma bonus (if any).

This ability replaces channel positive energy.
I cannot find anything on Paizo or the boards stating the duration or cost of using the 4th-level and 11th-level abilities. Can someone help?

On page 80, under the Animated Object entry of the Bestiary, it says:

Animated objects have a number of Construction Points (CP) used to purchase abilities and defenses in addition to those presented above. A Medium animated object has 2 CP; differently sized objects have CP totals as detailed on the size chart on this page.

I can't seem to find a size chart anywhere. Can someone help?

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I've seen much discussion regarding the amount of space devoted to iconic PC stat blocks in Adventure Path issues. Many people find them to be useful and interesting, but others voice that it takes up valuable space that could otherwise be devoted to advertising or content. I think there is a solution.

Tanner Nielsen wrote:
Every iconic at level 1, 4, 7, 10, 13, and 16. Free pdf download. Done. Forever.
F. Wesley Schneider wrote:

We've talked about doing this for a long time and I think it's a great idea. So does everyone else here. The trick, though, is that while we're a crushed by our schedule as we are and frequently miss as many deadlines as we do adding more work to the staff is not an option. We've made some changes recently that seem to be helping with this and still have a job opening for a new developer, so I'm hoping that in the next few months here things will get easier around here and we'll have time for more fun bits like this. But until we get the products we sell under better control, free products are going to be few and far between.

That said, it's Tuesday and the design staff do a new design blog every Thursday. If you start making some noise in some of the RPG General forums you might be able to convince Hyrum and Jason and his crew to start tackling a statblock or an iconic every week. It would take a bit, but at the end that's something we could pretty easily compile.

But, one way or another, it's not going to happen unless folks say the want it, so if you do, it might be worth heading over to those forums and making some noise!

So, Paizo Community, if you want to see this accomplished, please make your voices heard. Even a simple '+1' would be great.

Chapter 1 - The Haunting of Harrowstone

Dylexes the Younger, of the First Era, states quite clearly that an adventure can only truly begin three ways: by death, by slur, or by letter. To begin without one of these is to be relegated to the status of an indiscretion, or, at best, an escapade. Properly then do you embark, your foundation laid with the last, and best, of the three: the letter. Invariably the most seductive catalyst of all - and thus the most powerful. Each of you has received a letter from Kendra Lorrimor, daughter of the late Professor Petros Lorrimor. In it she states that you have been named a beneficiary in the late Professor's will and requests your presence for his funeral. For reasons varied and numerous, each of you decides to attend, making the journey to the once-proud realm of Ustalav.

Perhaps I am missing something, but is the GM supposed to make the players aware of the trust points mechanic and whether they gain or lose them for various actions? Or simply use flavor text to describe NPC reactions and possible benefits/penalties?

*Character Creation*

25 point buy.

2 Traits (1 regular, 1 campaign). Those selecting the Heirloom Weapon trait do not gain proficiency in the weapon through the trait.

Any race.

Any class from Core, APG, or Ultimate playtests. (fyi, I don't like Summoners or Gunslingers)

No evil characters.

Maximum starting wealth.

I happened to notice someone in the 'Carrion Crown: Who are You Playing?' thread mention the PbP game I will be running and the character he plans on playing. It got me thinking about ninjas and rogues and sneak attacks. Usually these thoughts give me a sense of warm satisfaction. Because after all, who doesn't love a little stabbity-death? This time, though, the thought was followed by slightly concerned thoughts regarding the immunities of undead creatures. Undead creatures who will undoubtedly be prevalent in this Adventure Path.

I realize that different campaigns and settings are more conducive to certain classes than others. This is to be expected and enjoyed, since it is what gives the adventures flavor and flair. Usually it tends to reward those who tailor their characters to the demands of the Adventure Path, which is what I have seen reflected in the games run on the Paizo boards. For this upcoming Adventure Path, though, I'm worried about my friend and his ability to use sneak attack.

So here's a question for any Paizo Grand Poobah out there (or any knowledgeable member of the peanut gallery); since undead are rather impervious to a major combat strength of rogues and ninjas, how much of the campaign will leave our sneaky friends feeling less than effective?

I'm okay with a ballpark estimate at your leisure.

Hey everyone. Here is an idea I had for a new weapon. Let me know if you think it is balanced or needs adjustment. Thanks.

Martial Weapon, Light

Cost - 12gp
Dmg (S) - 1d3
Dmg (M) - 1d4
Critical - 18-20/x2
Range - None
Weight - 2lb
Type - P
Special - You get a +2 bonus on Sleight of Hand skill checks made to conceal a stiletto on your body.

I noticed 'Create an Archetype' is going to be the focus for Round 2. While I'm sure that specifics will be announced in the near future, could someone answer two short, tiny, itsy-bitsy questions? It would certainly help my mental noodling.

1. Are we looking at archetypes for only Core classes?

2. Can archetypes be for the Cleric class? Or will subdomains be the rule for customizing Clerics?


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Here is a visual reference for the hierarchy of buildings available in the Kingmaker AP (with a nod to every Civilization game I have ever played). Buildings higher on a branch enable you to build buildings lower on a branch for half-price. Please feel free to download and distribute at your pleasure.

Looking to play Legacy of Fire? Look no further.

Our gnoll druid just went AWOL and we're looking for a new player. We're only on the second encounter, so you don't need to worry about having missed anything.

Here is copy-pasta from the original recruitment page:


1st level, average starting money for class

25 point buy

2 traits

Any race or class combination (even things like aasimar, kobolds, goblins, etc.)

No evil characters

+Special Notes+

- If you take the Heirloom Weapon trait, your character does not gain proficiency with the weapon. You still get the masterwork quality for free and a +1 trait bonus to attacks.

- While any class is available for submission, I will let it be known that I am not a fan of Alchemists and Summoners. Just an fyi.

- Gnolls will be allowed as a race for characters. Here is my version:

No racial HD
+2 Dexterity, +2 Constitution: Gnolls are fast and hearty.
Darkvision: Gnolls can see in the dark up to 60 feet.
Canny: Gnolls gain a +4 racial bonus on Survival checks.
Languages: All gnolls begin play speaking Common and Gnoll. Gnolls with high Intelligence scores can choose any of the following bonus languages: Abyssal, Giant, Kelish, Orc, Sylvan.

I'm looking to choose a new player this weekend. Thanks!

Part 1: Howl of the Carrion King

In the beginning, when Rovagug perfected the way of destruction, the lands were littered with the dead. Crows, maggots, beetles, worms, and the other crawling things of the earth complained to Rovagug. “You destroy and maim too quickly!” they cried. “We cannot devour all the meat you give us! Please, destroy the people of the earth more slowly.”

“What?” shouted Rovagug, in a voice that toppled pillars. “My glorious destruction shall never cease nor slow!”

Yet in the dark, delighting in the destruction god’s slaughter, watched Lamashtu, the Mother of Monsters, and she heard the base things cry. In those black days when all the land was covered with death and all the air stank, she watched as a few tribes of men, her followers and devout worshipers, ate the flesh of corpses as the crows did, plucking out eyes, savoring the bloodiest cuts. To these cannibals she led packs of hyenas, and their ways became as one. Of those louse-ridden beastmen rose the first gnolls, half-hyenas who love the stench of carrion and praise each corpse as an offering to their dark mother. And the demon queen delighted in her own perversion and reveled in these monsters’ terrible howling songs.

Born of devastation, and insanity, and the corrupt of soul, the man-beasts spread upon the world, and where they prowled they indulged in their hunger for murdered flesh. Surely, they are to be despised by any sane god, and so we make ceaseless war on those who seek to feed on the bodies of heroes and innocents. And somewhere in the madness between the stars, the Mother of Perversion and the Mistress of Insanity still laughs her wicked laugh, as her ravening spawn, the bone gnawers and carrion eaters, grow fat off our flesh.

Gnolls are among the first abominations, and their death is a blessing. Remember this when their laughter haunts your steps.

Please post to confirm and get your dot.

Discuss party tactics, resources, backgrounds, relationships, etc. Most importantly, finish your character sheets. The game will begin Saturday morning-ish.

Since I assume all of you have had a chance to look at the Legacy of Fire player's guide, I would like to see everyone brainstorm how your party ends up on that camel ride out into the desert together.

Please feel free to ask any questions you like.

Character Generation for DM Tanner's Legacy of Fire PbP

1st level, average starting money for class

25 point buy

2 traits

Any race or class combination (even things like aasimar, kobolds, goblins, etc.)

No evil characters

Number of players: 5

Characters for the game will be chosen Wednesday evening.

+Special Notes+

- If you take the Heirloom Weapon trait, your character does not gain proficiency with the weapon. You still get the masterwork quality for free and a +1 trait bonus to attacks.

- While any class is available for submission, I will let it be known that I am not a fan of Alchemists and Summoners. Just an fyi.

- Gnolls will be allowed as a race for characters. Here is my version:

No racial HD
+2 Dexterity, +2 Constitution: Gnolls are fast and hearty.
Darkvision: Gnolls can see in the dark up to 60 feet.
Canny: Gnolls gain a +4 racial bonus on Survival checks.
Languages: All gnolls begin play speaking Common and Gnoll. Gnolls with high Intelligence scores can choose any of the following bonus languages: Abyssal, Giant, Kelish, Orc, Sylvan.


I have yet to receive Pathfinder 38 in the mail. I called customer service a while ago and was told that an email confirming delivery delay would be sent. I didn't get that either. What's up?

The Elsir Vale rests in the cradle of the Giantshield Mountains within the northern frontier of Taldor. The Elsir River runs from West to East through the Vale, around ancient Dwarven and Human ruins alike. In roughly the center is the largest city in the Vale, a confluence of merchant routes known as Brindol. To the east of Brindol lies Drellin's Ferry, which is not further much further ahead, if the roadsigns are to be believed. Numerous other small settlements dot the landscape between these two human populations.

Your group is currently traveling to investigate possible employment through the Lord of Brindol. Messengers have posted bills in nearby cities looking for adventurers to investigate the possibility of a goblinoid surge in the Western Vale. Your destination is Drellin's Ferry, where you will receive initial payment and a description of your duties.

Traveling east along the Dawn Way, you are now on the outskirts of the Elsir Vale, at the very southwest end of the valley. The afternoon sun beats down on you; the air is hot and still. The sparsely settled lands of the Vale are starting to grow monotonous, with a seemingly endless line of dusty flyspecks of towns. Ahead a stone on the side of the road reads "DF 5 mi".

Please introduce yourselves to each other and decide your marching order. I meant to include a map of Elsir Vale, but Photobucket is being difficult this morning. I will be back on at 6 pm EST.

As soon as everyone confirms their selection, we can start playing.

Please feel free to discuss strategy, ask questions, or just chat.

Character Generation for DM Tanner's Red Hand of Doom PbP

5th level, 10,500 gp in gear

25 point buy

Gestalt. See rules here. Any classes from core rulebook or APG. No combination of full-caster classes.

2 traits

No evil characters

Number of players: 5

Characters for the game will be chosen Sunday evening.

Thank you all for the feedback from my previous thread. They are all so great, it's like choosing which of your children you love the most (shame on you if you have). I liked the idea of running a shorter module rather than a full AP. I plan on running Masks of the Living God and City of Golden Death after this, so it is halfway between a single adventure and a full AP.

So please feel free to submit a character or ask any questions you would like! Characters will be chosen in one week.

Game: Crypt of the Everflame
Level: 1
Players: 5
Abilities: 20 pt buy
Classes: Any from core rulebook or APG
Alignment: Any
Wealth: Average by class
Background: Short and simple, 150 words or less.

Note on Evil PCs:


Here are my rules for evil PCs:
1. No sexual assault. Threatening sexual assault may be used in vague allusions.
2. No PC drug use or abuse. Buying and selling drugs is permitted.
3. No attacking other PCs. Nonlethal duels may be allowed by the DM.
4. Do not attack or kill any named NPC that has a picture/artwork without DM approval or if they agress first. They are important to the storyline!
5. Everything else is fine.

Good luck to everyone!

So I find myself with extra time and am noodling around with starting up a campaign on the Paizo boards. The problem is that I have all of the published Adventure Paths, but they all look so fun and exciting I don't know which to consider.

Is there an AP that has received less attention, or is in particular demand right now? What do people want to see?

Please let me know. Thanks!

*bump* Anyone? Anyone on the Paizo staff know the answer to this?

I've never posted here at Paizo, so I apologize in advance if this is the wrong place to ask this question.

Where would I go to find people interested in a Pathfinder PBP? My local gaming group is currently infatuated with D&D4E (yuck) so I am looking for some interested parties.


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