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Diego Rossi's page

Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion, Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber. Pathfinder Society Member. 10,541 posts (11,116 including aliases). 1 review. 1 list. No wishlists. 7 aliases.

Wishlists and Lists

Wishlists allow you to track products you'd like to buy, or—if you make a wishlist public—to have others buy for you.

Lists allow you to track products, product categories, blog entries, messageboard forums, threads, and posts, and even other lists! For example, see Lisa Stevens' items used in her Burnt Offerings game sessions.

For more details about wishlists and lists, see this thread.

My List

(8 items)

1.  Toff Ornelos
Candlemere Tower
Thread (76 posts),

Useful for kingmaker

2.  Pathfinder Adventure Path #33: The Varnhold Vanishing (Kingmaker 3 of 6) (PFRPG)
Kingmaker: Iobarian Timeline
Blog entry,


3.  Varisian Wanderer
Re: What would make High Level Play (12+) easier?
Post, by Aelryinth

4.  Abadar
Question for DMs: What spells from APG and Ultimate Magic are now must haves for your optimized casters?
Thread (41 posts),

5.  Glass Dragonfly
Making Caravans Profitable
Thread (14 posts),

6.  Tarrasque
Let's talk about Stealth and Perception
Thread (161 posts),

7.  Adam Daigle's private flumph
Re: Android Race from Inner Sea Bestiary
Post, by Adam Daigle

8.  Dwarf
Re: Noble House Statistics
Post, by Diego Rossi

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